Secret Meeting At Tony Robbins Private Island

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to be in Fiji with two of my favorite people, Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi. In this video series, you’ll get to be a fly on the wall for the mastermind from the activities to the sessions. You won’t want to miss a single video in this series! Subscribe:


For those of you that don’t know, I got to be a part of a release that Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi put together earlier this year called The trip to Fiji was the prize for the top affiliate marketing promoters for …which was the biggest launch the internet has ever seen (as far as we know) doing over 40 million dollars in its first week.


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(calm music)
– Hey, this is Russell Brunson,
and right now I’m in Fiji.
I’m in Namale.
So what we’re doing on
this trip, this is actually
the affiliate prize for
the launch
which was literally the
biggest launch in the history
of the Internet
as far as we know.
Close to $40,000,000 in
sales over like a week
and a half period of
time which is crazy,
and so the top 10 affiliates
all got a ticket to come here
and spend the week
in Fiji together.
– You guys either
did this because you
just had faith in us,
not because of previous numbers.
It was a whole new
world, a whole new genre,
a whole new product.
Some of you were just dear
friends and like I just want
to say how much we
both appreciate this,
and I appreciate that
you guys went in blind
and got so behind this, this
mission and this passion
Tony and I have in this.
So I just want to tell you
it’s really cool to be here
after just a whiteboard
discussion and a desire
to help make
self-education a new norm,
and I knew I couldn’t do
it without really great
strategic partners and
you guys are the partners.
So thank you so much,
we’re truly grateful.
Let’s have a great five days.
(singing and clapping)
– Tony likes to start every
event with a physical stretch.
Anybody walk on fire?
How many walk on fire?
Great, you’re only born
with two human fears.
You were born with a
fear of loud noises.
Second fear you’re born
with is a fear of heights,
and every other fear
you have was learnt.
There’s candles on
your table right now.
You’re scared of them
’cause they’re hot,
but you learned
that fear of heat.
If you got a kid that’s
two or four years old,
they’re scared of the dark.
At under two, they’re
not scared of the dark
’cause they haven’t
learnt that yet.
At eight or 10, they’ve
unlearnt that fear.
The fears we have about am
I good enough, tall enough,
skinny enough, smart enough,
pretty enough, rich enough,
all of those fears are learnt,
but the other fear you’re
born with is fear of heights.
Everybody has it.
And so we’re gonna go
climb some poles tomorrow,
and do some cool stuff.
– [Man] All right.
– That’s all I’ve got.
– That was kinda vague on what
the poles and rope thing is.
– [Man] Get yourselves
in a circle,
we’re gonna conspire
to beat the other team,
to be quicker, to have more
fun, to have more energy,
to be more inspired.
In your business, if you
bring energy and passion
to your business does
it change the game?
Yes or no?
– [Crowd] Yes.
– If you’re standing
here like “Holy (beep)”,
that’s probably not the
right energy you need
to bring to this experience.
In almost all of life, and
I learned this from Tony,
if you bring a sense
of fun and possibility
to anything you do, can you
guys make anything happen?
Yes or no?
– [Crowd] Yes.
– So get with your team.
In your team I’m gonna direct,
so get in a quick
circle right now.
(clapping and chanting)
– Let’s go baby, give me a jump!
(intense music)
– I’m so internally
petrified right now.
(intense music)
– Oh, one step at a
time, these are wobbly.
(intense music)
– [Man] And look he
can make it from there.
– [Man] Step on that pole maybe!
– [Man] Step up.
– [Man] Let’s go!
– Easy, let’s go!
– This is easy!
– Funnily enough, some people,
when they get on
top of the pole,
they see the trapeze,
and they think “Oh
what I’m supposed to do
is catch the trapeze”.
Some people in life
are chasing things
that they didn’t put
in front of them,
somebody else put
in front of them.
So if you get to
the top of the pole,
and you decide based
on where you’re at
in your life right now
that you need to stretch,
and you need to
push, and you need
to strive toward something,
great, go get the trapeze.
– Ready, alive, alert,
and enthusiastic.
(intense music)
– Okay, six and seven
should be getting geared up.
– Oh, I’m six.
– But for some of you,
you’ve already mastered
the science of achievement.
How many of you have mastered
the science of
getting (beep) done?
How many are gonna get
(beep) done, raise your hand.
So why are you here?
For some of you, the
bigger challenge will be
to climb to the top of the pole,
find your balance, do something
extraordinary, watch this,
do this, go (inhales),
look at the view,
and just take a damn
moment in your life.
Does that make sense?
For some of you
that’s your challenge.
And maybe not catch the
trapeze, but do this.
(intense music)
Let come up whatever
needs to come up.
There’s no right or
wrong, there’s no perfect,
there’s no do over, but
have a beautiful experience.
– Am I the last one?
– [Man] Oh look at that
shot, that’s professional.
– [Man] Oh, he landed it!
The only one who landed it!
– How many of you enjoyed
being supported by your team?
(cheering and clapping)
And I think that’s the
key lesson, I think Tony,
of all the things he teaches,
nothing of significance
in life is ever going to
happen without a team.
(upbeat music)
– Sometimes life is
only fun if you do it
with some other folks and
you can cheer about it.
(overlapped talking)
(soft music)
– Praise the Lord, hallelujah.
So when we look
around, hallelujah,
we thank the Lord for everything
that’s surrounding us.
– Amen.
Meeting my wife was
my first prayer,
and amen, hallelujah, come on!
(upbeat music)
– That’s right.
– [Man] That thing is
a monster out there.
(upbeat music)
– [Man] Do you ever feel like
you’re in the dark (laughing).
(overlapped yelling)
– Like we really believe
the tide lifts all boats.
He’s had, Tony’s had
20 more years than me,
I don’t pretend that I’m
on the same level as Tony,
but second to Tony has not been
many people longer than me,
and done the revenue I do,
so between the two of us,
I think when we’re dead
someday and in 40 years
they’re gonna be like “Remember
when that shift happened
where people decided it was
okay not to go to college,
and it was okay to
do this”, right?
So everybody says “You
guys did that in 13 days”,
I said that last
night, it’s the truth.
It took us 60 years to
figure out how to do
40 million in two weeks.
You know?
But what I’d love to know,
and Tony asked me
this last night,
he goes “Did you ask them
‘What more could we do
for this group to help you guys
when we launch in February?'”
Cause you guys, you guys
really worked hard for us,
and we appreciate it,
and there’s a couple
things we’re doing.
This year besides Tony’s
dedicated to do more podcasts
than he’s ever done.
I’m gonna fly around the country
and do a podcast with
everybody I possibly can.
We’re also doing something,
Tony’s got the best
PR lady on the planet.
We’re gonna spend a
(beep) ton of money,
I kept talking about
omnipresent during the launch,
and we hit that just
like you wanna do
with your book launch.
We had eleven
hundred affiliates,
every feed you went on Facebook,
didn’t even matter if you,
every feed, everything
was about KBB,
every podcast that
launched was about KBB.
Every ad, it was just,
it was unbelievable.
This year we’re gonna
put in the element,
and we’re probably gonna spend
half a million bucks
on straight PR.
Get on the cover
of Fast Company,
get on the cover of Inc,
get on the cover of Success.
We’re strategizing that
right now, and the cool part,
Tony has access to all of that
and they all want it anyway.
So we’ll be on the
cover of everything,
and it’s all gonna
come out in February.
Tony’s so emotionally invested.
He’s in the Facebook
group non-stop
reading all these
positive comments,
The software, we
got, we’re spending,
I think we just got the bill,
the estimate is gonna be 620
grand on the software alone,
to build out all
these great features,
that I would want to
use for an X level.
So we’re gonna have a great
story on how we upgraded.
We’re gonna have, we’ll
be 25,000 people strong
by the time we launch.
But I just would love to know
what we could do for you guys,
if there’s anything we
could do to help you guys.
You were there for us, we
wanna give back to you.
But anyway, just remember
to keep freaking,
wherever you are just
keep pushing the notch up.
And, again, we were talking
yesterday and I meant that,
if you feel that you’re
a lifestyle entrepreneur,
it makes no difference,
sometimes I feel obsessive,
like every time I get
to a certain point,
I couldn’t spend the money I
have for the rest of my life.
I should be done, and I still,
I work like I’m a 20
year old and hungry.
I do, because I’m an
achievement based entrepreneur,
I just wanna keep
growing and achieving.
I have friends that I
love dearly that make
two and a half million
dollars a year,
and they don’t need a dollar
more, they love their life,
they golf four times
a day or they do
all the things they do.
For me, as long as I can be
a good husband, a good dad,
make an impact on the
world, the rest of my time,
I wanna just keep growing.
But maybe I’m obsessive,
maybe Tony’s obsessive.
Maybe half of you are obsessive.
Just identify either,
and if you’re a
lifestyle entrepreneur,
then do everything in
your power to anchor in
the right people, the
SOP’s, know your KPI’s,
be able to look in a glance to
be sure your company’s going,
and go travel the world.
Maybe be lifestyle entrepreneur
until you have kids,
and then you go
accomplishment based.
Just know that difference
because a lot of
this conversation
for someone like maybe
where you’re at Jenn
is like “I don’t wanna
do all that crazy (beep),
I don’t want 200 employees,
I don’t want a jet,
I just want to make 2
million bucks a year”
and that’s great, and once you
identify that then you know.
All right guys.
Hey, I appreciate
you guys, thank you.
– It’s kava time.
(overlapped chatter)
– So once again, welcome to
kava night, here at Namale.
Kava is a traditional
drink here in Fiji.
It’s a non-alcoholic drink.
It relaxes the muscles,
you’ll sleep like a rock,
but you don’t have any
hangovers having kava.
After they put the kava
into your kava cup,
you drink the whole thing.
And after you drink,
you clap three times.
Remember to clap
after you drink.
If you won’t clap, there’s
a couple securities around,
they’ll give you a penalty bowl.
See who can show us
the penalty bowl.
– We got to be in Tony’s home,
and his personal like world.
And one thing he
wanted me to share,
and I want to share
with you guys.
You got access to a part of Tony
that the world
doesn’t usually get.
(guitar strums)
So take that as a
really great compliment
for him to feel
that comfortable.
(singing and strumming)
Keep it with us so we can
have another great year
like this next year.
That sound good?
Thank you guys, let’s
have an amazing night.
We still got three more days!

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