Secret #60: What We Learned From Our First $100,000,000 In Sales…

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Be a fly on the wall during the ClickFunnels™ partner meeting and hear the #1 thing each of us learned on our journey so far.

On this episode we get to hear from the entire ClickFunnels™ partnership team. They all share the big takeaways they have received as they have watched the company soar to over a hundred million dollars a year in revenue. Here are some of the cool things you will hear.

-How Russell learned that having a great partnership and team was better than being on his own.

-Why Todd thinks it’s important to have someone who is obsessed with the product you’re selling.

-Why Dave thinks the Dream 100 is so important.

-How John prioritizes and delegates to make sure everything is done by the appropriate people.

-Why Brent thinks it’s important to stay small and nimble as long as possible and why you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.

-And why Ryan believes that constraints are not a limiting factor, but what helps you focus and succeed.

So listen here to find out what the ClickFunnels™ partnership team members have learned that have lead the company to surpass their goal of a hundred million dollars in revenue a year.

what’s up everybody this is russell brunson welcome to marketing seekers podcast today is a special episode we’re here above the ice that’s right here there’s hockey happening down there we’re in our partner planning meeting right here all of the co founding partners of ClickFunnels™ hanging out plotting world domination and the theme of today’s event and the theme of this podcast is this it comes from social network millions dollars isn’t cool you know what is cool a billion dollars so the big question is this power entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the less Huskie our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing success [Music] all right everybody welcome back worksite have you guys here so we’ve been here it locked up in this awesome office for the last day and a half planning world domination how to make Lufthansa better for you as user how do you get more of you as users so we can serve more people more audiences and more entrepreneurs and that’s been really fun and we’ve been going around plotting and scheming and planning and creating and doing it a whole bunch of really fun stuff so I thought we’d take a quick like 10 minute break here and I thought it’d be fun because we actually had call yesterday with its gnarly competitors good cool company they like what they’re doing right we’re attention like maybe buying them or whatever it was funny because they’ve been watching what we’re doing obviously and he was like oh yes he is what Timlin dollars your revenue I think no so in case you just wondering we passed him Allen dodge arrived new year one where year three so what I want to do is I wanted I thought be kind of fun to look at this like a a little like a month ago two months ago we passed hundred million dollars remember zero two hundred million dollars in about three years and I wanted to say like what was the biggest aha each of us individually got from that we’ve learned in that process so you guys get my ideas from everybody inside the the team here so just a really quick intro everybody and I’ll share my AHA and we’ll move on so I’m Russell I’m the nerd who is like the dancing monkey you guys talk about click phones all day long who that’s what I do here this is Todd dickerson yes he is the genius that built all the original click funnels and look at that beard so manly here’s Dave is all business development stuff he’s got the retro click funnel shirt on then over here is John he’s all over ads and if you see us every day on every platform it’s because of that guy Brett he does all robberies or something he’s trying to steal bunch of our it’s gonna be cool and this is Ryan with Ryan is the genius who is always coding alright so I thought be finally can different people’s perspectives because obviously we’re all in different parts of the company lifting different parts and doing different things so I thought it’d be us to hear everybody’s ideas so I’ll start with mine so I think the biggest takeaway I shared this last night at these guys is um as I was growing my business initially the first eight or nine years I was very like I don’t know what the right word is like scarcity mindset or whatever whereas I’m Russell I am the leader I own the company and like all these things and it’s and I had he got one or two deals with partners that went sour and it’s like because I was like I will never have a partner I will only be me and it’s funny like with that mindset and the attitude we were able to get to like this level and we kind of capped out there and lucky for me Todd came in Trojan horses way in where he basically worked for free for entire year which was awesome and then I and then worked together for a couple years you know how many years was ahead of time two or three years before that and then when we had dated four ClickFunnels™ and we were sitting in an office in Boise we bought the domain we were gonna call something different and then we finally found ClickFunnels™ about the domain and then we greg mapping out on the whiteboard everything and the end of the week and this is like to kind of take you back like this is on the back end of like we had a hundred employees holding collapse with fire eighty people like I didn’t go from a 20,000 square foot building to 2000 we could barely afford the rent like it was like the most humbling painful time of my life right and and I think that the Lord or whoever whatever you want to call it humbled me to a spot where I was willing to say yes to this and I am so eternally grateful I did but at the end that week Todd’s like okay I’m gonna go back to last I’m gonna build this I’m gonna build this things ClickFunnels™ thing it’s like but I don’t want to do as an employee they only do it as a partner and the Russell two is three years earlier than that would have been like nope this is the Russell show I need to be a poet I need to be the you know and I would have done something stupid like that but luckily I was a point where I was sufficiently humble and I was like you know what I’m gonna do that and I’m so grateful that I did because then Todd bill ClickFunnels™ cycle seriously it’s insane and then after that that’s when we brought in these other guys as partners as well and and they’re all rock star people it wasn’t just like I’m gonna give you a base salary was like hey come in become like a partner in this thing and for me it’s like as you find the right people and incentivize them like if I was ever built a company again I would never build a company well Russell’s the thing I would and we wouldn’t watch Justice League last night so maybe this is because it’s my head Justice League Avengers whatever like oh yeah like I would literally if I ever build a company again the initial thought will be I’m gonna build my Avengers see my Justice League okay I’m Batman there’s Iron Man we’ve got you know everyone’s got their spot and I would I just want to look like Aquaman that dude was ripped but if I ever start a company again the the first the first thought will not be they what products they sell it’s going to what teams to assemble and then I would carve out where everyone’s role is going to me I’m not gonna be CEO next time so any of you guys can pick that like I’m done after this but we just pick our different roles and then from there collectively we like what should we create what should we build who should we serve and then we’d go from that so my biggest takeaway I’ve been laughing going to zero to 100 million dollars is definitely like like give up control build your Avenger team ahead of time because russell brunson could have never gotten here it took these guys and the teams we built underneath that so anyway there’s my number one so I’m happening on to Todd now to share the biggest thing he’s learned knowing zero to a hundred million dollars so it what’s funny is that I was actually thinking about saying very similar things right like the one of the biggest thing is the team right like it’s seeing how to build a team around you and actually do things as a team as opposed to by yourself independently that’s how I’ve always done things in the past is on my own more or less in the same type of scenario but I think something else that stands out to me is having someone that is obsessive about the product itself so we always talk about how marketing is the big thing and it is but if you’re focused on the marketing you still need someone on your team that is obsessed with the actual product in making sure you’re delivering the best possible thing to people so when you sell it to them they actually like it and they come back and they want more they do yeah so that’s that’s my other big epiphany I think that I’ve had over the past first time you know our rule our rule that Cameron’s obsessed in the marketing rightfully so what do you think you the marketing and the product if you’re doing both is really really hard yeah because like I tried to a software come he’s the pastor I was like the marketing FS was like trying to convince the developers had to do it was like this like you were able to run the product I can just fake it sell it yeah absolutely so that’s why I think that’s worked as a great partnership like Russell focus is on the marketing and I focus on the product and I think having that really makes a difference so we’re passing on to Dave here hey there so we talk about this all the time and it’s I cannot express the importance of it and that’s the dream 100 as I take a look back on everything that’s happened as far as first of all have an amazing product and then amazing leaders and Todd and Russell me the two of them amazing together I think the the part for me is I look at everything that we built over the last three years now is the importance of the dream 100 and originally was dream 100 just as far as affiliates and even most recently when we did the book launch what I really learned a lot from that was the importance of understanding it’s a dream 100 per platform as well so as far as your influencers where are they out are they on YouTube are they on Facebook are they on Twitter are they an Instagram wherever that they might be and then even most recently as far as a new dream 100 as far as higher-end partners that you really want to end up working with long term and so for me I think the most important thing is when you start looking at building something is really identifying your dream 100 and then being very very consistent in continuing to mail out every single month to them and that established the built that relationship with them they get used to seeing you it’s been fascinating for me as we’ve gone out and we travel and go to these different places and people remember the boxes and things that have been sent and they’re like oh how do I get on that list and if they’re asking to be on the list it’s I don’t need him on the list basically but but the reality yeah basically says it actually works so I would say in building a 100 million dollar company or any size company I would definitely say dream 100 is one of the most important things John up to you all right so really interesting journey we’ve been on it’s been so much fun so yeah one of the things that I’ve learned which is it’s just huge is um prioritizing your time and your tasks I mean especially when you know we’re all internet entrepreneurs we’re on the computer and it’s so easy computer is gateway to anything right so a huge thing for me is to before even like opening up the computer like physically write down or use your phone or use something else that’s not your computer to like structure out I mean we all do this Russell does this I do this we structure out like what we’re gonna do right like what are the next things I need to do because if you can get that like basically spiritually created if you can get that like thought through before you actually begin then then it changes everything I mean then you’re actually you’re getting through stuff instead of just like fumbling along I mean it’s so easy because we’re all bombarded with a million different things we could be paying attention to a million different things only some of which are really gonna move the needle right and the other thing is especially as you as you grow your team as you as you get more people working with you it’s about so like I build out that list and then the next thing I ask myself as I go through that list is like okay who can do this okay who can I get to do this who can I get to do this and that specific question as I go through the list is who can I get to do this that allows me to go through and delegate as much as possible to team members and so then I become more of a leader right cuz it’s so easy just to be like oh I could just do it all well yeah you can do it all probably but maybe you shouldn’t be doing it all you know it’s something to think through so build out that list really think through it before you before you start to take action in the day prioritize it and then go through and just glean through the list and be like okay who can I get to do these things assuming you can yield to be doing none of them of course there will be a handful of them that you end up doing but that way that’s just a mindset that’ll help you get things delegated properly hey go Brent awesome hey everybody hey everybody good to get to connect with you I just want to express how much we appreciate you everybody who follows us who also you dedicate listeners of Russell’s program it’s funny more and more as we travel with Russell even locally here in the Boise area he’s getting like people recognize him all over the place like they see they see the jeep or they’re seeing him in the hallway the hotel like hey I’m your neighbor and you know just these these red albertsons yeah it’s just like this guy’s yeah it’s just it’s just funny and and anyways a couple of couple things I had the privilege of working for us afore over 11 years and the one thing I think that you just cannot replace or that is absolutely needed is hard work you just you have to be dedicated in getting to this business and and be willing just to you know sacrifice what you need to sacrifice to get going another thing I think we’ve learned through this this journey is stay nimble and small as much as you can don’t don’t go out and try to leave some big office space until you’ve got sales coming in consistent sales and you know that your business is in good good shape that way another thing that we can monitor we’ve kind of followed here and in our company is is we’ve been slow to hire and quick to fire building that a team in Russell just done it has done a tremendous job of just you know obviously we’ve got great partners here and then it has extended to our team members and again we love all of our team members we are essentially a great family of like money individuals who are focused on a goal and in the leadership in this company has helped us all work to achieve goals so that’s been awesome as well so stay small as long as you can’t be nimble be humble but kick you know you got to work hard and once you do those things no don’t swear with the small things I mean I think I’m just we’ve we’ve had different variations about Chloe handbook and I’m just finally getting it out here probably the next few weeks and we’ve been like business for three years so don’t don’t stress about the plus six and and I we were somewhere oh we were in an event in Denver a few weeks ago is related customer support and that’s very normal for small startups I mean that’s very normal that those things just come but don’t don’t worry about those little details they just they work themselves out and but work hard and you’ll achieve those that success so I will hand this over to my buddy Ryan so I love talking about this topic and I think it’s best summarized as worse is better you can do a lot more than you think Gary Vee told us that when we met with him on the social media side really we already do everything we are to do a ton we’re on everything he’s like you can do more and I think this is true and everything we do in engineering everything we do when it comes to you’ve heard it in every single answer from everybody to some degree but I think the killer underlying subtext all that is that constraints are not a limiting factor they force you to focus the focus forces you to prioritize that forces you to do the one thing every day that’s the most valuable so that you can compete with somebody who’s got 40 million dollars in funding and you’ve got three guys in an office trying to figure it out because it makes you laser focus on like the thing you have to do every single day that’s what enables you to compete at a higher level that’s what enables and I believe the most important thing we’ve done in our culture is force everybody from you know hiring decisions to business processes don’t worry about the handbook don’t you know don’t over complicate this simplify this because those constraints are what make us as powerful as we are and what enable us to be a hundred million dollar company with a hundred people to grow to a billion dollars with you know fewer resources and a fraction of the you know budget and everything else everyone else is competing with us they have no idea how we do it they’re all like wait how many engineers you have how many how do you do this what how big are you it blows their mind and I think that’s a thing they miss is that those constraints are what enable us to do it it bets our weaknesses are our strengths and people see them backwards and we see it the opposite and that’s why everyone’s so blown away and why nobody gets it and I think that’s our secret sauce in many ways so I love that that’s our thing that’s what I learned that blew my mind awesome well I hope you guys enjoyed episodes fun hanging out and we just want to thank you guys so much for allowing us to serve you and serve your audience we love what we do we’re obsessed with we’re passionate we’ve been up for the last two days going crazy trying figure out ways to do better and you know for us a lot people say you guys my hundred really that’s crazy it’s like that’s like step number one for us we’re just getting started wait to see what’s gonna be coming out next twelve months and beyond we love you guys we appreciate you we’re so grateful for the ability and the right and the gift we have to serve you guys in what you guys do so thanks again so much for everything and thought yes assumes hi everybody want more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies on my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy and expert seekers calm and book number two is called dot-com secrets and you get your free copy at dot-com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets we’ve use to become the fastest-growing non VC back-sass startup company in the world

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Secret #60: What We Learned From Our First $100,000,000 In Sales…

Secret #60: What We Learned From Our First $100,000,000 In Sales…