Secret #59: Being An Introvert Inside Of An Extrovert’s Calling

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Secret #59: Being An Introvert Inside Of An Extrovert’s Calling

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Interesting thoughts after my whirlwind week.

On this episode Russell talks about what’s it’s like being an introvert in an extrovert’s business. He shares how you can still be successful while being introverted, just like him. Here are some interesting things in this episode:

-Find out why Russell loves speaking in front of thousands of people, but can still be awkward one on one.

-See how Russell is able to get past his introverted tenancies to still be able to sell a room.

-And find out why you just need to start sharing your message and with consistency you will find your voice.

So listen here to find out how an introvert is making it in this extroverted business.

hey everyone’s wrestle brunson welcome to marketing seekers podcast today we were talking about what it’s like being an introvert inside of an extrovert and extroverts calling here we go so the big question is this power on CH Brewers like us you didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that you believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright so last week was a little bit insane I think I only slept about two and a half hours last night and I am really excited falsely the kids are almost all in bed but one of their homework sounds like you know I’m gonna sneak away talk to you guys before I pass out and then go back if there’s no home that’s why we’re here right now so last week there was an event I wanted to be after a long time and got invited past six or seven months ago looking forward to and then after someone else I invited speak a lot event sign unfortunates they know it emotions because it’s just hard to leave and travel and be away from family so it’s not typically worth the investment or the you know the time away especially this level in the business is tough who’s like someone I’ve had people come back like hey hope you hundred thousand dollars come speak I’m like Mike if I could jerk but it’s like there’s Dave travel there being there daily travel back it’s like it’s not I can do a webinar you clear away more than that you know I mean and Bill go sleep a little better at night and be with my kids that nice so just tough unfortunately but someone asked me where my friends James malechek a smiie and since I was already gonna be at speaking at Warrior Con which is get white speak about that super excited speak at James was the same city so it’s like sweet dude I’ll just drive over and we’ll do this whole thing then we’re then like him I’m gonna be in LA might as well like what else does in LA right Tai Lopez in LA which you I think I’ll tie and then like Justin Terry Williams are in LA so we should hang out them and turned out to be rude cool here comes Bodog he was been working on homework say hi to everybody so um anyway so the vacation was crazy so basically what happened is Dave and I jumped in a plane and we flew out there to LA and then that night we got the word event and so we decided sneak in and we were in the back and and we had white shirts on and everyone Warriors got like black shirts on to say warrior on it and I wasn’t speaking likes Dave I walk in and they came grab shirts like oh please on right now so they also are shirts on so we could fit in with ah so you fit in with the whole culture that they’re building over there was just cool and then that night was gonna working slides I super tired so it went to bed welcome to morning and there’s work on slides and I’m super tired so we didn’t got massages don’t tell mom massage is really good daft massage was I was gonna work on slides and then I didn’t and then Justin Terra came for lunch we hung out there for lunch was awesome and then it was like the ninth hour her twelfth hour however that works so I had to go get slides Dunst went from room got slides done so I cabin Addison she does all her photography V stuff he came to come film and Brandon Fisher was there as well there’s all brother for video stuff so it’s kind of cool that had those guys come out as well and they were they were filming the room walking around getting a bunch of footage of everything which is pretty sweet so you probably see some of the some fun a lot of TV soon the best night was happening and then woke warriors insane 600 man just like insane everyone dressed in black and it was really cool cuz I was teaching a lot of expert seekers book stuff but as I was teaching it to them was also showing how Garrett had done it the process care had done to create a warrior movement it was really kind of cool big here’s this piece of it here’s how I did it here’s what Garrett said here’s what you need to do and then kind of go through the whole thing so I think everyone thought was pretty cool with problems like so bad I start the presentation that I could come up you know Garrett does Houston he ever pumped up a excited I come onstage and then like start my slides my slides aren’t working and it’s like and my first and I had all this research to find out like the day we launched click phones and was it was like a hundred thirty eight days later that he launched his had the date at the time also from first slide so it wasn’t like I could just be smoe first three or four slides I like the pictures and the day to kind of like well huh so super anti-climatic the first five or six I probably should make it an hour probably first two is minutes and then like then they came back that’s kind of like you know you get kind of thrown off it took me like five or six key back on and then I think the rest of presentation went pretty well after that and that was awesome and then we got done and we supposed to leave it had a tie Lopez his house which is like two hour drive I think but I also Stu McLaren was doing a charity event and this is homework last minute we’re almost done by then you can Ken so um when stupid-stupid Clara’s are all in charity events so I supposed to an interview for that so jumped on the hotel before he left and of course Hotel internet goes out keeps going in and I was like all anyway but did our best there and win it raised like 20,000 bucks I think for that charity event which is really sweet help some families out there having struggle with hurricane stuff and then jump in an uber drove Tai Lopez’s house they asked us from that’s right what’s your hard leave time I’d wait to leave at 11 o’clock sharp think okay so we ended up being there till after 1:00 1:30 I think we filmed two infoproducts there a dinner with Thai and then did an interview with him but she hasn’t seen yet its online and it and it being handed me in almost two hours long it was really good I’m gonna see if I can get it on the podcast though I may I may play it here for you guys to here I think she got really cool and if I do that I’ll explain some of the reasons behind of the podcast then glad of that like one of the morning they jumped in uber got home but arrested a new hotel somewhere else by two and then passed out and then woke up at like six because I still have you slides next day’s events what kind of slides all day they got damn get on stage at James’s event clothes like 30 percent the room on our package and do the whole thing and then but having left we were drying the airport I just like I can keep my eyes open I’m so tired we try the airport fly home and it’s interesting because in this situation like I’m on stage hundreds of people ever it’s cheery it’s like I love that that’s me is Russell the extrovert right I love that like my calling in life and in businesses like requires me to do that be good of that right because I gotta stay on stage for always people entertained and inspired hopefully give them the tools they need to be able to move forward but a lot of low knows that’s not natural to me I’m not naturally very extroverted in fact my whole entire life up until yeah probably 10 years ago when I kind of started starting to this business and wasn’t when I started this business was his way into the business before I learned like realizing how to start learning how to speak and talk but I was super introverted in fact still am very very introverted but when I’m in those situations like I’m at an event and I’m onstage like I just it comes out I mean I just I love it like I really enjoy it but it’s funny because Dave who’s there as always events like he’s like you’re not staged like you’re in present you’re like doing your thing you’re like lovin in the offstage it’s Mike I asked you a question and you just like shrinking this weird introverted like you tell like I’m not comfortable in that kind of a situation and James malechek said it’s funny because I haven’t spoken event like that way speaking cell and then keeping actually questions out for us for a long time and it was just tough because I come in the back of the room and pie for hour and a half my people ask me a question after question after question which is like super uncomfortable for me typically and the introverted Russell was really really struggling and this finds like a home we flew with took uber home flew home we got back in the house went midnight in the next morning it like 8 o’clock leaves big church Christmas party that my wife is in charge of such a crazy week and so we get there and there’s you know all entire shirts all these people and all the stuff on there with the kids because she was getting stuff ready so bring the kids in and it was just interesting because I come in and totally like the introverted Russell took over like not come from that situation I kind of sat on the table of my kids and there’s all these amazing people that go to church with us that I know who they are like them I gotta come a lot and there’s such a bunch of guys I really think are just awesome and it’s so weird how like how much fear I have to go and just go say hi to him like it’s like I hated about that’s one thing I really frustrated myself because in in my element right it’s it’s easy to go out there and make people come to me cuz you know it’s whatever it’s the brand I built you know so I go to events people come they want to ask me questions so it’s really easy it’s very naturally come to me and I can like talk to Michael in these other places where no one really knows who I am it’s just I’m a person and it’s hard I don’t know why I struggle so much to go and like walk up and just say hi to him and talk to a minutes and so anyways it’s interesting how much that introverts cited me how much I struggle with that and I sitting there the hold of Christmas party looking around seeing all these amazing people and like people that fascinated by that’s like go talk to that person and go ask them a question I wanted to do whatever and just honestly have so much fear inside of me that no it drives me nuts all this fear that keeps me from going and just like going saying hi and just going and talking to him and then really do come say hi to me or whatever it’s just it’s just weird like I’m really gonna carry on a conversation when people come and ask me questions you know but when it’s like we’re on neutral ground they really know much about me or whatever I really struggle like that like I was try things like I need to be interesting to ask some questions about themselves then anyway but I’m just not as good at that it’s just fascinating it was just the contrast of like the night before I was on stage for all these people and like people chanting my name and screaming going crazy and people crying and like this whole thing and then the next day I’m around people that live near me and I can’t even like anyway it’s interesting so that’s a little glimpse of what it looked like something introvert and extrovert its positioned or calling so unless you think that I’ve got everything put together I still get scared to death one of my biggest fears in life is calling people like I hate calling people on the phone it scares me to death that’s why I use Vox or fighters circle members that’s why I never only phone call I ever answers for my wife every else I may go to voicemail and then I listen to voicemail and then if it sounds awesome that calling back otherwise I just don’t come back at all I’ll text him back and I’ll box them back just because I have this weird fears about that so anyway it’s not just me it’s it’s it’s everyone so don’t feel bad if you are like I’m too introvert I’m never going to be good of this business I don’t dare talk to people like I get that I get like still to this day I get so nervous behind it that’s when the powers and what the beautiful things about this kind of business I think a lot of my thoughts like we already introverted it’s really hard to do like face-to-face one-on-one selling and nothing scares me more than that like it’s funny how we built huge call centres and stuff like that and I never pick up the phone called someone who sold on the phone don’t think I would even have the guts to do that yet I you sat in for a room of a thousand people at 5,000 people and sell and like for example I was speaking at Grant Cardone event in February and they’re supposed to be summer between 8,500 and 10,000 people I’m so excited like that like the extrovert in me is like yes I’ll step on stage I’ll seep speak I’ll sell like it was so much fun and then afterwards in the hallway one asked me questions when I’m like I get all awkward oh man well hopeless and I figured out so hold my kids I’ll play ball one over here will never be nervous do you think you never start talking people at all what do you never stalking people yes do you nervous standing front a lot of people talking nervous yeah with more what makes you more nervous talking from a classical hunch people or just talking one-on-one with somebody interesting see for me I just told them for me like when I’m on stage with a whole bunch of people I feel comfortable but then 101 I get really nervous like it’s kind of hard because like if you mess up the already night except if it’s a lot of people they don’t feel it out oh man anyway so I just want sure – yes tonight I don’t see something anyone is gonna learn much from other than I’m hopefully give the introverts out there some hope that they can do this and people who are extroverted help them understand their superpowers allow those guys a lot better 101 and a lot of introversive seem like it’s funny kids it’s not just me they’re like so I can Frank Kern and Frank Kern’s like I love you big events but it scares me to talk to people afterwards like he’s super introverted anyway I think a lot of people in in these kind of positions are so it’s neat because something the introverts can thrive in in a mass situation but then they’re you know even within there they can still have success so hopefully help some you guys make your nervous system II think I can’t do this I can’t do this you know I’m not like Russell a people time well you know so I can’t stand up in front of people and just talk for hours Mike dude yep you can talk some face-to-face I can’t do that it scares the crap out of me I mean that’s bad word here his family scares the sometimes out of me that’s the worst of swearword to get here from Russell scared the crud out of me yes let’s play better good job anyway so hope helps those introverts out here to understand how it is you can still succeed in extroverts world I’m doing this stuff GeneXpert secret so that’s putting your voice out there putting your message out there because when all is said and done one thing really matters is the impact you having people’s lives so do it it’s worth it and at first you’re not very good but if you’re consistent with it you get better and better and better I think I told you guys Steven Larson told me he’s like because I started this podcast back before I knew how to Steve Hamm was listening to it so there’s four or five years I didn’t have it hooked to any kind of stat system and I’m glad cuz I didn’t know I just kept doing and doing it in steam Larson four more times that yeah the first like 45 46 episodes weren’t very good he’s like yeah that started getting really good though but that’s how it kind of works like it’s all about you guys get out there just sharing and sharing and sharing it eventually comfortable with your voice i swatched alice Scharffen he launched his momentum podcast after the Pyrus coke mastermind this year and he was passing at 80,000 downloads just awesome and what he just posted and Facebook about it was just like because he’d been he thought about doing podcasts forever and I was like do just do it like you’d be awesome at it I just jump off the cliff and he said that my doing it was really cool because I he’s like I found my voice I people found that start finding me other people refer people like and just like my audience grew he’s they got people listening my voice every single day is just like it’s such a good thing but again it’s all about just doing it and the more you do it the better your more your message we get clearer but I find your voice won’t comfortably go fill and the nice thing about these mass media things we have like podcasting videos webinars things like that is that even if you’re introverted you’ll still this because you don’t have to talk face-to-face to anybody you can do group selling group everything and it’s awesome so there you go so I got I’m gonna go get this kid to bed get home we’re done if I go to bed I’m so tired anyway appreciate is all foxie would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind-the-scenes reality TV show at WWF adele hacker TV

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Secret #59: Being An Introvert Inside Of An Extrovert’s Calling

Secret #59: Being An Introvert Inside Of An Extrovert’s Calling