Secret #58: End Of The Year Planning Meetings And Simplifying Your Value Ladder

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Secret #58: End Of The Year Planning Meetings And Simplifying Your Value Ladder

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The two most important things your can do between now and the end of the year to double your business for next year.

On today’s episode talks about his upcoming meeting with his partners to plan next year, and goes on to explain why he’s simplifying his value ladder and his life. Here are some awesome things you will hear in this episode:

-Why it’s important to have a planning meeting with your partners to decide what you want to achieve for the next year.

-What kind of things Russell is doing to simplify his value ladder and why he’s doing it.

-And why Russell is turning off two programs that each do well over a million dollars each year.

So listen here to find out how you too can simplify your value ladder.

what’s the bear vase russell brunson welcome to the marketing secrets podcast so the big question is this power entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets everyone so I’m out walking the garbage out if you look out here is getting close to Christmas time Thanksgivings over those who are watching the video these are the lights we have wrapped around our house lighting up for the Christmas holiday which is kind of fun so I’m just gonna walk around here she hasn’t seen my face get enough light to connect on camera but folks are listening in hope you guys had an amazing holiday Thanksgiving getting ready for at the end of the year um end the year is always fun time for us marketers and entrepreneurs because it’s the focusing and planning for the beginning of next year which is coming soon right so it’s kind of fun we got not this week the next week Todd and Ryan and everyone’s fine here to Boise and we’re gonna be doing a big partner meeting and planning out the rest of this year in world domination for next year sort of big hags or big hairy audacious goals and figure what we’re gonna do and then how to reverse engineer not to make it possible is kind of fun I was I was watching last year podcast at Alaska that basically said these were our goals and so here’s the five Hail Mary passes we’re gonna do to try to hit those goals okay if you have a list that podcast rewind about a year ago and listen to it and that’s what it’s gonna be the goal of this meeting is when I said our big goal we’re trying to do and then I’m not gonna like one execution plan but here’s four or five things when try to get that goal and if one or two of them hit they will hit these crazy big goals and so that’s what we’re doing not this week but next week so I’m sure I will be doing podcast from there talking about it but I’m excited for that if you haven’t done that yet make sure this year before than the year you spend some time and block it out with your your team and and do that and figure out again what’s the big goal and the reverse engineer what you got to do to make that happen and then from there you know figure out three or four different big Hail Mary passes that you gotta throw to get your big goal so that’s kind of we’re gonna be doing I’m excited for it and it’s been fun so what I want to share with you guys tonight real quick before I head back in it’s a really beautiful night it’s not too cold and it’s just kind of nice for a walk around the yard so what I’ve been working on on my side and I talked about a little bit after the inner circle meetings is one of the big my big aha is it’s kind of funny how you go through cycles right like we know things we forget them and you really realize them but the doc up stickers book will talk a lot about value ladder right and it’s funny because ever since we launched expert seekers haven’t talked about as much about that cuz extra seekers all about figuring out like the first part like – who in the world like the one in the house he’s Mike like what are you selling and how are you selling it so it’s like you figure out how to create your offer how to position yourself and create your mass movement and figure out what you believe in what you don’t believe in it what’s your future based cause and who are your people and like all those kind of things right and then you create a message a presentation to get people to follow you to sell your products and that process takes a little while right you got a reader your presentation four or five or six times so you get it perfect and then you’re driving traffic and then you keep doing that and eventually if you do it enough times if you follow the process you do a webinar live every single week for a while and you keep tweaking and changing base what we talked about in the in the book eventually hit it and you know you hit it because you go from zero two million dollars fast right it asked me figured out the what and the how what is this you’re actually selling and how do you sell it right so that she had that figured out now the next phase is really shifting back to dot-com secret stuff right so now you got customers coming in and this is where entrepreneurs start freaking out right because then they start talking value I need up cells and down so some and back ends and front ends and and they start going crazy and and what I wanted to talk about is just kind of the big AHA had from inner circle meetings I’m watching the people that are crushing it and the ones who are struggling and the consistency amongst the people in inner circular killing it is that most one came in they had one thing figured out and they got that working now it’s about time to join their circle right and because people need be making about a million bucks a year to be in there so it’s kind of like the fit right so they come in their group then and then they’re trying to figure out okay what’s the next house it’ll work and really interesting is that people that are growing the fastest what they’re doing is they’re very systematically building out the back into the value ladder okay and most about value allows are simple it’s like there’s a fact tradition most people who are making money that they folks on the middle first right like the webinar or something at that in the middle and they build out so they bill at the back end it’s like back in whatever that thing is and that’s done you have the middle and back end like it stops you don’t keep creating anymore back and stuff like that’s that’s the end of it and then what your business is moving forward is creating new front-end offers that bring people into the middle of value ladder which under send people to back in and I started looking at was interesting um I lost my way I’d forgotten these lessons that I fight it’s funny I kind of like creation the taco speakers look at I forgot some of them it’s been a while since I kinda revisited those those thoughts when I realize is that my value ladder was like it came up and it kind of split off and then it kind of broke off there’s like all these different things people could do it was we were monetizing a bunch of them but but there’s confusion right and so it’s interesting there’s actually two programs that we have both that do well over a million bucks here that I am turning off boom boom whoa not because they’re not awesome they are not cuz I’m making money they are because they don’t they’re they’re deviants they deviate off of the value ladder right my value ladder is very very simple moving forward and so the rest of this year I’m trying to get these P things in places to kind of execute on that but it’s very simple what it is is we have a webinar where I sell click funnels funnel building secrets which is the new funnel hacks funnel scripts and traffic seekers those full products bundled together on six full months of click funnels for two thousand dollars yeah that’s what I sell that’s the thing I did that webinar a couple weeks ago did really well that’s that’s what I sell that’s my middle my value latch two thousand or C and the back into that we have our two common club coaching which will be releasing here probably at the live event and that’ll be working room too and that’s that’s about that’s the back end inner circles full so not treat more people in there so we’re going to thousand dollars for ClickFunnels™ and then whatever the pricing is on the two comical coaching that’s coming up and that’s it and that’ll be and that won’t deviate that I won’t change that’ll be the same for forever and then all I will be doing in this point forward there hopefully the rest of my life and brush my business courage is craning cool front end so I have the dot-com seekers book which is a front end and we have the experts cute book which is front end eventual of traffic secrets the marketing secrets and other ones right perfect webinar all these other things I’ll just be having fun creating front ends but they only go the front end hits gay people then to ascend up to the two thousand in the 2002 column coaching and that’s that’s it that’s my business and I figure out the cool winning ways to sell front ends and that all I’m doing is selling front ends right that’s it and so it’s very simple so all your creative juices entrepreneurs should be on like figuring out the next then the next back in it all kind of stuff you should be simple should be just like what’s the cool front and we can we can drive them or people into and that’s kind of the game so I’m excited you’ll see this um some of the tweaks I’m making now is this severe hyper focus arm value ladder is okay somebody buys the extra secrets book okay if I know that this is my severe hyper-focus thing like what’s the process of taking they buy the book and they go upside down stop Rosten Thank You page I have a live presentation right there of me pitching the two thousand dollar thing right right there and now if they finish that that it’s like hey you want to apply for coaching come here and it’s just that’s that’s the process very simple very easy and we’ll just replicate it over and over and over again so anyway I’m some far my business and by my life and hopefully those users listen this will simplify earlier not later because sometimes we get all excited and the next thing we know there’s like a billion things happening and yeah so simplify now anyway that’s like I’m gonna go ahead in right now get to bed because we’ve got a crazy week starting tomorrow joke aside it forum but hopefully this gives you guys a couple things number one hopefully gives you guys some thoughts on doing your team core planning meeting with you and your partner’s if it’s just you and your employees or whatever it is just you your spouse or just you they sit down and plan next year’s goals figure out reverse engineer what you need to do to actually execute all that hit them to figure out what the three or four big Hail Mary passes are you gonna need to throw to get the big goals and then number two is really map out your value ladder and try to simplify it as much as you can and that’s what I’m doing so you guys will see it coming January first a bunch of new fun cleaned simplified things when coming out of Team ClickFunnels™ here so I’m excited for it that’s all I got if you have a very takes phone hacking live yet they’re getting close to being sold that was a ton of them over this last weekend so tickets yet now is the time go to fall hacking and that’s about it so that said you guys appreciate ya’ll thanks for listening thanks for subscribing and we will talk to you all again soon bye everybody want more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called calm seekers and you get your free copy at dot-com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets and we’ve used to become the fastest-growing non VC back-sass startup company in the world

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Secret #58: End Of The Year Planning Meetings And Simplifying Your Value Ladder

Secret #58: End Of The Year Planning Meetings And Simplifying Your Value Ladder