Secret #57: The #1 Way To Get Thousands Of People To Join Your Membership Site Fast

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Secret #57: The #1 Way To Get Thousands Of People To Join Your Membership Site Fast

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This is the marketing secret I’m dusting off from the archives of one of the greatest campaigns we ever ran.

On this episode Russell talks about going old school with a technique he used to use that worked every single time. He gives all the information you need to be able to do it for your business. Here are some cool things on this episode:

-How Russell used to use this technique back in the day.

-How you can use it to build curiosity, which translates into people signing up for a membership site.

-And why Russell himself hasn’t used this technique in a while, but why he’s going to use it again very soon with ClickFunnels™.

So listen below to find out what awesome technique Russell used in the past with massive success, that he plans on using again.

what’s up everybody russell brunson welcome to the marketing secrets podcast I got something inside and I’ll share with you right now so the big question is this power entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way that lets us get our products and our services and the things that you believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright everybody so on something I’ve talked a lot about in my inner circle recently and like a lot of people launching membership programs membership sites and if you guys everyday I think we’re like you did something really successful for a long time and then you for some reason you stopped doing it and you don’t know why you did so that’s one of these ideas that came out and so I shared it with a bunch of them and they’re all going crazy and a bunch of are trying out right now and I was like man they should be marketing to GU share everybody else so I’m bringing to the podcast so this is what it is this is the way if you got a membership sites like stimulate growth really really rapidly like help you get a hundred signups in like a day or two hundred or thousand depending how big your thing is how do you get a whole bunch in really really quick and I have not yet done this with ClickFunnels™ but I’m going to do empty anyway first anyway I don’t know but I used to his back to me other membership sites and I saw initially personally modeled who did this first was a guy named alex mandossian and they did it to fill up a hold people in their in their software programs which is kind of cool and so I watched them do it and then I did it for five times afterwards and it worked amazingly well every single time then for some reason I stopped doing it because that’s what we do right when things work we just stop doing it sometimes the ad dienes of an entrepreneur’s mind anyway so this is a really important and really cool one so this is the strategy okay I’ll walk you through all the pieces and then hopefully gives you guys a tool you can use anytime you want like sell some stuff really quick so what we do is we promote it and I did it back and they would tell us seminars I think it would still work with tell seminars affects almost mic anyway who knows but definitely with webinars as well or Facebook lives or a lot of fun ways you can do it but the big key is like you’re promoting an event right and the event is to talk about something cool like a new discovery you figured out that that’s brand new to whatever it is you do right there’s different ways of position if you read the doc on stickers book there’s five different kiosks we have in there but my favorite one for this is like oh my gosh I figure this new thing I want to Sochi has live she had to be on this thing cuz I’m gonna teach you or show you were walking behind the scenes of this new thing that just came out right and so a new discoveries like the hook that I love this in the most right and so um for example the last time we did this was back when we had when we’re focusing more like business opportunity seekers as opposed to entrepreneurs and we’d figure out a way to generate leads was really cool we were doing like CPA networks and there are these offers or getting you know thousand sales a day and the people that these offers was actually selling the lead so it’s not a strategy I believe it or I recommend anybody ever do but it’s a really cool thing right so we were like tapping into these CPA networks to the offers and we’re basically someone would opt in for an offer and then they would buy that person’s product but then we would get the lead put into our autoresponder like Oh Reds but a little different and we were getting you know a couple thousand leads a day coming in and it was really really cool I poached it told you that now some you guys and they teach us that but don’t it’s a horrible idea it’ll get your autoresponder shut down it’s people won’t know you are it’s not spamming was as close as you can get without like having a legal issue so I don’t agree I don’t do it it’s bad but back then it was like the new all the new opportunity rights new thing I was like oh my gosh this is amazing so I did is I did this this teleseminars like hey I’m gonna I want is jump on I’m gonna show you this new way that we’re found out to get an extra three thousand leads a day and it’s happening every single day it’s crazy and people like what they’re going crazy they want they want this thing right and so they get on and this is a mini it’s not a perfect webinar so don’t think of it as a perfect webinar this is me talking about a new discovery I just had and I’m gonna teach them what it is okay I’m giving I said that with emphasis on purpose I’m teaching what it is what is the thing okay so it’s the what okay not to be different not to be confused with the how there’s a what and there’s a how right so this is the the what so this is what this new thing is and so 45 minutes I told a story about how I figured this thing out and where I met this person how it works and I show them exactly what it was and how here they offers the CPA offers they’re in there here’s how you plugged in an autoresponder and this is what it was and from there we’re getting three thousand leads today coming in consistently right and so I showed them what and and people are going nuts like oh my gosh that I want to do this I want to do this but the problem is that they know the what they don’t understand the how like how do you actually do it how do you find the offers how do you find the people how like how do you negotiate much it’s gonna cost like all those kind of things right so they know the well but not the how so you show them the what in a 45 minutes thing and it’s just basically telling the story about how you figured out the what right so you telling the story how you figure out the what and the result you’re getting from the what and they’re like what the dump and that’s the Brunson ISM I think what the dump and then at that point you step back and say it’s been in the clock so starting at the top the hour spent 45 minutes and then at that point and they’re like what the dump I need this you say wait I actually am NOT gonna show I don’t have time in the context to show you this right now but for all my members over here inside of ClickFunnels™ as out of my membership site inside of my whatever your thing is I’m gonna be doing a 90 minute breakdown i’ma show you exactly how to do this how HW b a capital how show you how to do this and it’s starting 15 minutes so if you remember congratulations log in the members area the callin number or the login number for webinar is right there on the dashboard it’s there just go log in and jump on the training this is the live training of new live I am not recording I’m not gonna share it ever again something I mean it’s happening one time one time only if you want it now is the time so go log the members area and go loggin now if you’re not a member yet you’ve got exactly fifteen minutes before this training starts means in 15 minutes the clock hits the top of the hour I pull it off the page and if you sent five minutes later you missed your shot it is gone forever the only way to ever understand what the hell on how to do this is to be on that live training in fact you have 300px purtz the people you need to meet the person who’s gonna help you get this thing start whatever it is is gonna be there on the call but this is the one time only not being recorded and it starts in exactly fifty actually it starts in fourteen minutes so you better hurry now go sign up right now for the trial or whatever comm right you push them into the membership site fast people freak out that’s 15 minute window to go sign up get their account get logged in get the download links like Nielsen on the special live train to show them the how ok so that’s because that’s the marketing secret that’s the trick you guys it’s like the coolest thing ever so again kind of recap you gotta have a really cool new discovery if you guys do discovery and you watch them what it is okay you get people come on neither the Facebook live the teleseminar the webinar it doesn’t matter the vehicle or that you’re doing it they’re just getting on a live event that’s happening so you build some curiosity anticipation get excited you get on there you say hey this is the what I’m gonna show it to you and you tell the story about how you figured out the what and you show the big result that you got from this what and you say look in 15 minutes for all of our paid members we’re starting the how training so go log in jump on the how training where to show you what to do if you’re not a member if you are a member congratulations and the members or if you’re not a member yet you have 15 minutes before this puppy goes live so now is the time to start running and go and you’ll watch your phone with all your stripe notifications ding ding ding ding ding ding ding I’ve seen times we’ve signed up four or five hundred people in 15 minutes for membership site which is the same so it works and let’s say you your list of smaller EULA set up a hundred people it’s fine like the conversion rates on especially we have a free trial for membership site the conversion rates on these things right fifty percent of people who are on your webinar looks like it’s crazy so again I’m not done for a long time but I’m gonna probably do it for ClickFunnels™ here maybe January that’d be fun anyway I’m gonna do it you’ll see me execute on but most you guys should have enough Intel to be able do it faster so there you go the what and the how it’s pretty awesome so hope you guys love it hope you guys use it let me know if you do and if you got any value from this please share this episode in all episodes with your friends your family members other marketers people you know can benefit from this again this is the marketing secrets podcast thank someone for everything and we’ll talk to you soon bye would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF unlocker TV

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Secret #57: The #1 Way To Get Thousands Of People To Join Your Membership Site Fast

Secret #57: The #1 Way To Get Thousands Of People To Join Your Membership Site Fast