Secret #55: Why I Don’t Do Payment Plans

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Secret #55: Why I Don’t Do Payment Plans

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If you structure your value ladder right, you’ll never have to do a payment plan.

On this episode Russell answers a question posted on Facebook about why he doesn’t do payment plans. Here are some of the awesome things he has to say in today’s episode.

-The reason Russell doesn’t have payment plans, and it’s not only because he doesn’t sell to broke people.

-Why being handed an already successful business that you didn’t have to work for will usually cause it to fail.

-And how Russell justify’s giving away stuff for free and what his philosophy about it is.

So listen here to find out why Russell doesn’t usually give an option for payment plans.

what’s up everybody its russell brunson welcome to marketing seekers podcast tonight we are gonna be hanging out with some cinnamon toast crunch so the big question is this power arch Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the less husky our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright so why am I talking about quiet because it’s late at night and wife and kids everyone’s asleep why am i eating cinnamon toast crunch because I have committed that by phone hacking live I’m gonna be in shape and so barb Miller who helped me dress me at last Funaki live he’s with his big body transformation got ripped in the 6-pack and everything I was like alright Bart we’re gonna do it scheme in shape so we’re gonna do it but it doesn’t start till the day after Thanksgiving so I got a week to garbage and so I haven’t even really help people last like six months right now I’m gonna go unhealthy as possible so I’m eating cinnamon toast crunch at like midnight how great is that I’m pretty something about that all right some I wasn’t on the Facebook right now and somebody asked a good question I said how come are be assuming that’s me hopefully why does it Russell use payment plans about anything and there’s a funk sauce and all that everyone’s kind out there there guess why did he gotta use payment plans and stuff like that so I’m just a why so a couple things first off I don’t so if I don’t believe in payment plans um I think a lot of times you make more money when you offer payment plans but there’s just things about it that drive me crazy especially like online like one of them was a big ones drive me crazy is the fact that like there’s no repercussions somebody signs up for your thousand dollar course and your three pay you know whatever they do one of the three payments they don’t do anything else like there’s nothing you can do you can’t go after me and it’s not like it’s kind of frustrating you know and digital unfortunately a lot of people who we get one payment through the go through some the course then they feel okay not doing it and there’s kind of bugs me but that’s not really the real reason you know the real the real reason why I don’t do them for the most part and I don’t say well I won’t do them cuz they’re lovely situations I’m sure I will in the future one of our new hiring coaching programs will be having a program which I’ve never done that in the past but we will be just help people cash flow and stuff like that but majors I doubt it’s because it’s a one-person comment they said rustles and do it cuz Russell’s rule is don’t sell to broke people and well that’s mostly true something I don’t like broke keyboard I don’t want to help them right people but if you study my stuff so she doc I’m secrets the book I talk about the value ladder right where I’m taking people up a value outer and I know full well people like to go to my world and they don’t have money when they first come in so I’m like okay how can I provide the most value possible so they have everything need to be successful right and on the friend and I are my books on my perfect webinar training I things like that that are free plus shipping a really low price and I don’t hold stuff back on that get dan Henry’s a good example he struggled for years you’re the doc home seekers book learn how to my webinar did it made a million bucks in five months right so and I’ve been giving away the perfect webinar now for two or three years just like the script in the video and PowerPoint slides and people always ask me why do you give it away for free I think your best stuff Mike because if someone uses it to make money thank you for my expensive stuff so for me it’s like that’s written my it more my goals I want people come in and I want them to use the stuff I have and it makes them more money and then they can come to the next things and they’re jumping up like four or five tiers if they have money that’s fine taking shortcuts success but I almost flake sometimes it’s not it doesn’t serve your customer shortcut their success we first started doing final active TV the very first time I’m just taking businesses do I like the people like entrepreneur but they weren’t having a success yet the company’s doing all the work for him launch their businesses and we found these people weren’t ready for them and we launched and it back to him and these people that get these businesses they didn’t they hadn’t learned all so they needed to to have success with it and they struggled and like despite the fact that I gave the keys to a Ferrari like they can dry the Ferrari I think sometimes we do ourselves to service a nice people just jump too far too fast they spend much money I don’t have and then they try the thing he doesn’t really work because I’m in the foundation stuff they need to get there right business is all about for us is like increasing our capacity right I went first start business you have a big capacity to do a lot of stuff right like I didn’t I got started like my capacity was like you know I I struggled to read a book and then I read a book and I was like well the book was awesome then my capacity expand a little bit and it’s the morning expanded and more and expanded now you know 15 years later we’re running a huge company were you know on the top by 2 or 3 and also there’s websites in the world make a lot of money doing lots of stuff helping a lot of people like all those things like and if I would have been handed this 15 years ago yeah the problems you have to destroy like max I wanted to because I wasn’t ready for it and I think a lot of times I mean I I know I could sell more stuff if I awfully excuse pay plans let people in but the reality is one comes in on a payment plan they can’t afford and they’re trying to learn stuff and they can’t afford it and you know then you go by traffic they need other things they need doing they can’t afford it like it doesn’t really serve them or or me so I want people to to to grow with us alright so that’s what we do stuff away stuff loading stuff no tab Mattila tear high tear things like that right and that way people come in they learn they apply and then if they get value then they should naturally send up right it’s kind of like in my stack I have a line that I say in there it’s funny cuz it’s really good closing line actually not people block it off since I started using it but it’s true for me right and for me it says I was philosophy here my company and if I can’t make you money that I don’t deserve yours and I honestly actually do believe that which is why I don’t just go and hard close it when I excuse payment plans and I see a lot people do product launches they’re still in 2000 our core source or three you know 12 payments at 300 bucks I’m like he was three bucks like I’m ever me in those days that was like but it’s a lot of money right and like it almost doesn’t disservice it’s like hey if I had to open his 300 bucks like wouldn’t you know 12 months now that all my stuff in place like start buying ads again cuz I had this huge budget of 301 my thoughts um so yeah hope that kind of helps again it’s not that I won’t do payment plans I will do in the future there’ll be times the seasons algún a lot of businesses I recommend him so it’s nothing against my just for me personally that’s my goal that’s my vision I just try to blow people’s minds every step of the value out her if I do that correctly then they’ll be able for the next thing and the next thing the next thing you know I mean I could tell you probably a couple dozen examples of this began Henry’s in my favorite joining a circle and he posted on Facebook he was like I don’t know why I joined Russell in a circle if like I got he’s like you know I I made a botch money everything I don’t really need to be I don’t really want to be in it I feel like I owed Russell 25k for all I got from the free book I bought so like how cool is that every customers fill away like now I got so much from this I feel like I owe you like I need to gonna invest your higher check your thing so I got so much room down here that’s what I’m trying to create so there you go hope that helps you guys hope hopes you think in you know I’m still talking about this Formica in my business which is teaching business owners how to grow so it’s like it’s very applicable because it’s like hey make money here and grow bit the same in any business to say your business is helping marriages right like you give them something free in these you know it increases the spark in the relationship or fixes something up they feel better like man they will want to give you more and follow you further and all that kind of stuff so anyway it’s fun gaming play I love it appreciate you guys as customers as friends and subscribers as listeners and hope that you got some good ideas out of this I’m gonna get back to you in my sim toast crunch before it all gets cold and soggy little soggy get ready so I’m gonna go and buy like you my available sexy I promise you guys I was six pack you’ll be awesome if not then I won’t say anything else about it everybody thank you soon bye would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF oh no hacker TV

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Secret #55: Why I Don’t Do Payment Plans

Secret #55: Why I Don’t Do Payment Plans