Secret #54: The Bigger You Get, The Bigger Your Problems Get

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Secret #54: The Bigger You Get, The Bigger Your Problems Get

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A quick play-by-play of the last 24 hours of my crazy life.

On this episode Russell talks about the last 24 hours of his life and the events that made it feel crazy. Here are some of the interesting things you will hear in this episode:

-Find out why Russell is being sued by a ClickFunnels™ customer.

-Hear about some other legal problems that Russell has been dealing with for quite some time.

-And find out why Russell and his family had to take trip to the ER.

So listen here to see why Russell’s last 24 hours have been such a stressful roller-coaster ride.

What’s up everybody so Brunson and welcome to the marketing secrets podcast tonight it’s gonna be a late night reflections episode so the big question is this power on Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way that lets us get our products and our services and the things that you believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable this podcast will give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright so I don’t know if that’s really a thing a reflection episode but it’s been the last 24 hours my life has been insane and I learned some really good lessons along the way and yeah so I just want to see here and talk it out with you guys if you don’t mind hopefully you get some out of it so on some of the back story we are in November those who are watching or listening just later and it’s almost Thanksgiving about a week away and but interesting working a lot of really meet amazing projects and some things that I feel are part of I don’t know sounds like cliche but like part of my mission in this life it’s not building well just it is indirectly well his building funnels good but it’s for who we’re building for how we’re doing and what we’re trying to accomplish with it it’s things that are really good in life and what’s interesting I know everyone listening Zhai different beliefs it was interesting whenever you try to do something good the adversary can call whatever you want fights against it and as I started this project with a screw but we believe in and start kind of moving on this path I was warned by a lot people over in this project saying as you start trying to move forward towards the same the adversary whatever you want to call it is gonna fight against you and just like okay bring it off and it’s crazy cuz I’m starting to see maybe it’s not maybe it’s just my mind but as we’re moving towards this thing and just know seeing a lot of more stuff happening so last 24 hours is crazy it’s right now it’s things 11 o’clock at night just got my kids to bed in about probably twenty six hours ago slow longer today twenty four twenty five hours later was a little bit awarding a go I just got me a bed as well and it was just normal I I’d I was gonna be simply working because my wife had just left at Disneyland yesterday she’s out with her girlfriends from Disneyland and it slides like quit some time to work catch up on some projects and I was gonna start on him and all the time has got two kids down and I was about to come and start working I got a text message from Melanie saying hey this weird things happening and it’s kind of cool some of my inner circle saw something were basically losses when you filed against us and they’d seen ahead of time we got spies everywhere around the world anyway so we looked at it and it was basically was it was kind of violation somebody was basically somebody had gotten we found out later now it’s been you know 24 hours but it was a text message that they’d gotten that they said that they did not want received from it so instead of just being like a normal human being and she’s like oh I don’t want to see this text message it’s persons lying filing his huge lawsuit against us it’s crazy and so we got the name the number officer stuff is crazy somebody’s somebody center ClickFunnels™ with like a fake credit card slitting a real credit card right logged in twice never logged in again their credit card failed and so our system when your credit card fails oh actually when you log into ClickFunnels™ there’s a little thing saying hey if your credit card feels like it’s text you so what number is the type number right and so the credit card fails the text I’m saying hey many websites to go down you should log in your click on scout you should upgrade your you know add your credit card so you don’t lose your websites we sent two text messages this is like two or three months ago so this person it’s insane gives these text messages and and files a lawsuit against us a lawsuit for crowd from irreparable irreparable damages and also like like just nuts nuts so it’s funny cuz I always heard about frivolous lawsuits and it’s just like I’ve said those like I I couldn’t fathom those a real thing that human beings were like that but it’s just like I just saw I’m seeing right now I’m like holy crap and it’s funny cuz like it’s interesting like you know when you’re when you don’t have money or I was like oh if I’ve had money all my problems would go away I got bad news for you guys the problems don’t go away they just turn into different problems more annoying problems we’re literally people were like shooting at you and attacking you huh like it’s nuts if I get that text – or I get that message about that sorta do some research and I can’t figure out oh my god I mean I can’t I can’t be honest I got too much stuff to do so it’s kind of put on the back border sat down the computer right there’s my core computer where the expert seekers a book was written sit down at the more computer check my email and there’s two emails first emails from this this or relation we’re working with to try to do a lot of good in the world and save lot of kids lives and I’m just the sting that we’re moving forward on trying to you know do the ultimate good and then the email that came in like literally like a minute before after that one another person I’m not gonna tell the backstory behind this because it’s just it’s not important but from a person who I dealt with like three years ago the shoe team I’ve heard I’ve heard from over a year huge email huge email talking to like like going on about how they’re gonna sue me for all these crazy things like and I’m just like I can’t even I don’t know how to handle this right now like it was just crazy and so um I did best handle em I gotta get some of Mike’s I get some stuff done so I was like taught two o’clock last night working passed out and kids up this morning at like six yes I have four hours yeah forever sleep last night got up and got kids ready cuz my wife’s gone and I would likely have helped the nanny comes it helps it helps the kids out the door and everything’s school and then in the office and you know have a ton of stuff going on obviously we’re trying to coordinate yeah so much stuff I wish I could he said it glimpse it all the stuff we’re doing it once um I don’t think people believe it but there’s a lot happening obviously it happened to try and change the world right it was fun we got it did a podcast with Nathan black at the top if you let her his podcast it’s really good and I did a podcast 18 months ago with the MU did another one fall from now so we’re 5x we’re at 18 months ago which is insane it was just really cool it was like recapping all the positive growth what we’re doing and it was cool when the questions he asked me and he’s like you know most business owners reinvest their profits back in the company that’s lien highest return on investment blow I’m like where you read where do you invest your money Russell and I had laughed was like you know you know we reinvest money back in the company but you know for me I I started business to reinvest the money back the company he’s like so what is the real estate is where you’re investing your money like no not even vesting anything like I’m investing my kids and my family I was like right now we have a acre and a half two acre lot next to our house it was just kind of full weed so the summer we we knocked down all the weeds we put in a full half structure of baseball slash soccer field we put in nine underground trampoline it’s a volleyball court a baseball field a full basketball court and a track that wraps the whole thing because likes I’m investing my money back in my kids like I want to spend weekends and nights with my kids playing games like that’s why I got to business hey the cash flows nice but like that’s that’s what I’m reinvesting my profits back into you know anyway so just kind of it was kind of just a fun to answer except sure the most people in business podcast don’t don’t think that way they think about anyway whatever business real business people think about right anyway so it’s kind of fun and stuff and and then I had a deal with the issues rights way to deal with this dude who said who got two text messages after he told us to text him and he didn’t update his credit card and I started really since we started learning all that though do not call this and they do not text less always it’s just crazy basically we broaden all these lawyers and companies all scrap and last all day it was just crazy but we found out what’s interesting is like these text somebody’s there’s 150,000 known people who if you guys if they you text message from you they will spy lawsuits like that’s all ideas so they get text once they get blocked across like all these things so now it’s like we’re tapping let’s the API so we’ll pull all these known complainers and stuff but it’s the same so all these guys do is they go out there and they they sign up for things and when if you text them that’s it okay this is the real thing like you hear about this I always thought like there’s no way that people are that evil but they like this is a real thing again what’s happening is happening to me right now well so now we gotta fight this whole thing it’s just nuts like time and energy and money wasted for some moron who’s just going out there looking for lawsuits like that’s it that’s it’s crazy so there was number one in the 90s number two it’s all about our lawyers came in and lawyer basically you know this this this deal from three years ago that I’ve heard from in over a year the lawyers just like shocked I can’t leave her here make us insane and sat down with me and once we everything again he’s just like you guys are in the right like her burst on the right like he’s like I he’s like my authority as your lawyer is that we need to go and just destroy this person and like put him out of his misery he said nicer that but not much but I was just like so misunderstood in the meeting and everything and then I think was Dave or bring some of my team asked me like what what does your gut tell you Russell and I was like my gut tells me that I just need to do whatever takes to make this go away and I listen to my gut a lot because I don’t think my god I think there’s its other things telling us stuff anyway so and I told my lawyer that he’s just like he’s just like it is funny because like I had this really rare chance to try to learn something today something I teach my kids all the time like my kids will get these arguments right with each other and like especially like my little like seven year old and my 12 year olds right or eleven and a half years old right they’ll get these arguments about things and the older one is like so mad cuz they’re trying to prove their rights the younger one I’m like it doesn’t matter just stop it doesn’t matter that you’re right or wrong just stop fighting like please just stop fighting like but but he’s wrong I’m like I don’t it doesn’t matter I just it does not matter who’s right who’s wrong way it does not matter at all right um and and I tried to eat just my kids over Dorgan like they just walk away from I just let it go does not matter and it’s funny cuz like after I after we had not the whole lawyer meeting and stuff and and I wrote this person back and just said hey just you know you can you know just here’s the lawyer yes and figured all the stuff out and that person went back and said he’s gonna call and that’s like I gotta want to guns call like like I just I don’t I don’t I don’t want his call and so for me I kneel down I pray and I was just like what should I do and I was like like asked me for help because I knew that that I wanted to be like my twelve-year-old make no you’re freakin wrong and like yell at this person but I knew that that wouldn’t solve anything would just hurt everything and so I prayed for humility and like prayed to like to know what to do and how to do and like I was this like this frustration anger so I take the phone and call this person and other some of the line is this person you know basically starts yelling at me telling me all these things that he thinks I’ve done wrong and it’s just like at every point like I want to just like fight back and be like this is not true that is not true I prove that’s not true and like everything I just sat there like bit my tongue like I just pray my head like like let me know what to do let me know how to handle this and what to do and just like and just sitting there sitting there taking and taking and taking and taking found just like like what like dude what do you want like what’s like what’s the real story like just tell me and we talked about it and I think we figure out a way to solve it and and it sucks it’s like my little kids you know it’s like like like legally people get judged my lawyers like say justice needs to be served like you were in the right here this is not your fault and and I’m looking at this from another angle saying like like there’s two laws right there’s justice and there’s mercy right there’s these two things and legally we always want justice for everything there’s that there’s other side of mercy and I don’t know about you but there are things in my life where I make mistakes I mean a lot of mistakes and made way too many mistakes to brag about especially on a public forum like this but there’s times my life when I needed mercy from people or from yeah from things and there’s time the mercy came through me and it saved me and it helped me and in my physical life and my spiritual life and different things like that and I’m just grateful for times I was extended mercy and I think today for me was the time of just like they keep you don’t have to have a perfect justice like extend mercy here and and it’ll make everything better I don’t know that’s always the case but definitely was the case for me today so that was first two issues but then I’m exciting like it’s a wrestling match tonight so leave yeah this all happened by three o’clock today and I’d leave to go to wrestling match some of the wrestling match we get there and work my kids cuz last week they kind of beat up a little bit in terms of all weekend long I worked them in the wrestling room in our house and I got them better and better and better neither my first and so down my oldest my twin sister smashed he wrestled just like ah the perfect match was so awesome also if we worked on this weekend he was doing it and it was just like it was really neat really special to see that and he won and it was just so exciting and then bo would had next match but looks like the end of the night so anyway so he’s warming up and you know goofing off and having fun and Dallas do the same thing and and then brandy who’s our nanny she brought all of our kids luckily and this turned out to be a huge blessing brought the kids the wrestling match it was kind of stressful so I’m with Norah holding a little baby Norah and the other ones running around and all sorts of crazy stuff and then and then buzzing closer to warming up so I gave all the kids back to brandy and I was another side of Matt I started getting more bone all warmed up and downs they’re kind of goofing around because he’s just you know between his match having fun and he goes over to the to the the bleachers on the side of the bleachers and he saw somebody jumping up doing like box jumps up on this this sledge there’s like a metal strip across this ledge he’s some doing box jumps he’s like I’m gonna do it he’s kind of bored sitting around so he goes to jump to do box jump he misses it he hits right below his knee and I should show you guys this those who are those for watching this is like parental discretion advised these images are kind of freaky but uh if you’re listening you can’t see him but he hits this lady comes I was like oh that hurt is I got fine and I look at him and I’m like dude you are not fine it was like the deepest cut I have ever seen in my life so if you can see this here so I was watching like that’s his knee like you can see the bone like if your listen you can’t see but it’s Oh like I want to throw up with something it’s like the deepest cut ever I look down I was just like oh my gosh like I can think I don’t even say you can see all of it to the bone under this cut like it is huge and and then there’s like blood just pouring everywhere all the mass all the thing I’m like I don’t I don’t know what to do here I’ll keep some pictures learn how to do this like I don’t I don’t know what to do or even how to handle this like this is the head so I’m kind of pulling him out of the rest of my gonna try more of a bone on side of madam now I’m pulling down out his blood just oozing everywhere like my wife’s not there are no to do there’s no one I I don’t I do and like I kind of it in the hallway luckily on the the wrestling coach he’s got some kind of medical doctor I’m not sure exactly he was there I’m Mike I need hope he’s like oh my gosh like yes put him down so he puts him down some more pictures Oh anyway and luckily I got I was shocked and I what to do so he goes and like gets uh you have someone go grab some gauze and stuff and they wrapped the wrap the knee up and I was like we got taking the ER like I don’t want to do like I don’t want to miss Bo and smash cuz they close the training there’s Oh deep that is Oh so on Sunday coach is luckily there helps me wrap this thing up and then I ran over to brandy our nanny who’s over there and here’s a little here’s buddy in bed smiler the slain in the hospital that smiling during surgery there’s him all stitched up at the end there Oh anyway so he’s uh he’s laying there uh so I’m gonna wrap grab brandies her nanny and I said down cuz leggo because I go to the ER so she grabs all kids and comes back and I was like I don’t do and bones I’m warm he’s also you know frazzle because of that so like so me and the coach pickup down and we run him out to the car which is it’s like at least half a mile and where’s the car get in the car and brandy blows up all of our kids plus her kids and heads off the ER then I’m Rebecca and I’m trying to like I don’t have my medical cards are me of course because that’s how I roll so try to find medical stuff and sent it him and then bones warming up his mask he’s all frazzled because he’s his brother bleeding to death he says yeah sure his brothers gonna dice when brother’s about to die and just like so then he gonna focus right warmed up and he goes out there and wrestles and portal do like he’s the trying so hard and he’s doing so much better but he got thrown the first like ten seconds to pin and he comes off just crying his eyes out and I think he’s more upset about his brother but just all the emotions of that and a little little dudes right now oh I was emotional and then trying to find downs backpacks in the bleachers and bones get them all out the door then racing over to the to my car and then speeding off at the hospital I remember leaving all the kids were like we’re starting we’re starving at the wrestling match I make my kids haven’t eaten yet it’s like six o’clock six thirteen I like it’s a race in the hospital I run off to like this fast-food restaurant this is a crazy story I’m sorry I’ve no to talk to you my wife’s gone tonight hopefully guys don’t mind so I race to the so race to the gas or to uh to like this fast-food restaurant i order food am I going to drive here Mike I need 10 hamburgers and 10 drinks and and a kid’s milks I got a little baby daughter so the poem through and then the lady’s like hey the manager wants to see if he does want ten ice cream cone or ice custard ice cream things I’m like you know what yes that’d be awesome so this car full of hamburgers ice cream and waters me and Beau and racing back to the ER we get there and then find Brandy’s all the kids I give her the keys like go feed the kids in the car and then I run in and downs in there and he’s about to start sir you know all the stuff to get his knee all cleaned up and poor little dude they could be cut was so big and they’d get like a needle to numb and probably shot him I would say conservatively about thirty different shots he’s just screaming like he was so tough oh but oh and they sawed up it was just forever and and brand Joe gets home they came home did homework and did anyway he got him all the bed and been doing homework till almost 11:00 go to bed that’s the last 24 hours of my life so it’s been crazy so I also just tell me as that as a fun story just some of the things some of the lessons of today I think that I learned is number one whenever you are moving towards things that are good the adversary or whatever you want to call it he’s gonna fight against you and that’s okay it’s normal so it’s gonna happen and I know the lot of you guys and a lot of listeners or people who who believe in God who think about God and if if you’re not like I just recommend remembering and there’s a reason why the things happen is – I believe – just remember God so first off remember God number two is there are evil people in this world for those people who are just out there – – just to steal money and they’re there and the bigger you get the bigger target you’ll become so just be aware people and just protect yourself anyway as you can we’re try to just a whole new line of Defense’s for us and so know that the three know that sometimes if you want to have mercy if you want people to have mercy on you sometimes in life don’t always fight for justice in every situation like be okay letting somebody else yeah it’s Tok give me some else mercy sometimes because that’s the right thing to do you know it’s not it doesn’t give you justice and it may hurt and may suck but if you ever want to receive justice your mercy and your life it’s worth it to give other people it’s important and then the last one I got the moral story the last minute other than it was just a lot of stuff and yeah that’s about it so I hope helps you guys hope you learned something hope you got something not yeah don’t worry about it kid though please show this video or this podcast with somebody love you care about and I appreciate you listening yeah it’s a huge she’s asked me to have you guys listening to all the stuff that we share and I hope that it helps so that’s why I got my initiate you all have an amazing night because he has all again tomorrow I want more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm then book number two is called dot-com secrets and you get your free copy at dot-com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top thirty five secrets a weave to become the fastest-growing non vc-backed SAS startup company in the world

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Secret #54: The Bigger You Get, The Bigger Your Problems Get

Secret #54: The Bigger You Get, The Bigger Your Problems Get