Secret #53: Beware Of All Platforms… Except This One

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Secret #53: Beware Of All Platforms… Except This One

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A podcast from Russell and Todd in a private plane.

On this special private plane episode Russell and ClickFunnels™ co-founder, Todd Dickerson, rant about troubles they’ve had with different platforms, most recently iTunes. Here are some of the interesting things you will hear on this episode:

-Find out why Russell is not longer getting subscribers for his podcast, and how all efforts to fix the problem have been fruitless.

-Hear Todd tell a story about a friend of his that basically lost his business when Amazon D-listed his product.

-Find out why YouTuber, PewdiePie pretty much lost everything after using an offensive term.

-And discover how we can learn from these examples to make sure we don’t have all our eggs in one basket.

So listen here to find out why it’s important to have a back up plan when it comes to social media platforms, as well as merchant accounts.

everyone’s russell brunson welcome to marketing secrets podcast today we are taking this whole thing is happening on a private plane with so the big question is this power on CH Brewers like us you didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in outs of the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright so right now we’re you see this those are watching this listing we’re private plane we’re like in the air we just left Atlanta Georgia we left them to our land to be left here Cherokee County been in the air it’s kind of cools it’s gonna get now and we had supposed to be her exciting as display it’s supposed to be a beautiful girl right there and a beautiful girl right there and then Todd right there but our beautiful ladies make ary he’s like you’re not interested so Todd’s daughter got sick last two days so this works like I can’t make it and then my wife said well she’s not going and so now you’re under a romantic sugar together with that for me buddy booked the flight you did so okay guys here’s the mood [Music] yeah there’s those who are watching this there’s pitchy the moon in the end and all is so cool beause yesterday you have no idea we were say but you’re totally missing out go to marketing secrets calm and you can watch the video verses as well anyway we’re legit alright suppose yes you don’t know Todd yet you need to know him he is the brains behind ClickFunnels™ he’s the one who built in all initially and he was the landed George I’m trying to avoid Z now for in six years they told me no so finally the spirt I feel bad because boys like every order months yeah the person woke up to a tool and hang out embassies out a chance without him in his home there’s family is amazing and tell them all about who you are oh yeah [Music] anyway and I never actually had doubt you to conversation or beach water beach an email marketing conference we Ashley’s top secret we’re not allowed to say we’re list oh yeah we can’t talk about oh by the time it comes out you can yell me anyways so let’s we’re doing it we’re putting this long scene show you guys it’s happening but checking it out it’s so cool anyway so I don’t know exactly we’re going to talk about so many things we talked about when we run the planes to podcast I want the I want rant about and then while I brandy have another dog talk about about whatever you want because I want you guys all to get better so my my rant today right now I’m recording my podcast now it’s me as know I’ve been doing a podcast marketing secrets she was working your car first and I popped my ear so I’m new to weird stuff so we launched that podcast and ran for almost six years every survey in my car podcasting podcasting but by putting in the time maybe everybody in the word for the big following and then about a year ago we rebranded as marking secrets and since we’ve rebranded we had 3.5 million downloads and the top 10 business podcast for the entire hear our video podcast is the number one on a bike in the business generated our video podcast number one be apart yet in all of iTunes right I think these eyes should like this yeah your things right but apparently they ten days ago they decided they didn’t like it and so what they did is they shut down they basically you’re subscribed on podcast you eat eating our stuff but nobody knew can subscribe and like we’ve been like appeal each overriding from that I’m sorry like Wyatt Wyatt we keyed out right there just kicked out like why that would tell us why they said you’re out and it reminded me about something I wants to talk to you guys about this very important and it’s never never never trust a platform okay if you’re building your business on a platform just prepare to be to lose it all very very soon I’ve done this multiple times and now it’s not me I choose I’ve lost whoever almost a dozen times I contact at least I had to campaign well cheerful times hold the line again recently just again they did it again Facebook like Yudof at least two Orioles in – you’re literally gonna consistent recently Eastern I’ve kicked me off I got back your monthly Google keeps us off like the decade ago we never got evacuated then you do buy what I watched we have one video of it that and the internet marketing Illuminati and they canceled our account he’s just crazy and so all of us like we put like over eggs in this basket like many today over doesn’t mean that it can’t be a Masai Channel that’s also bullying itself you cannot have to be a writer it’s crazy and so I just want to react sighs this to all of you guys if you’re building your business the hardest on Facebook I got bad news for you Zuckerberg doesn’t care about you he doesn’t you know so I paying a thousand are saying face because he doesn’t care you know a little bit we’re spending you can say it amounts of money and they don’t care they don’t care about you that they’re I mean that’s never any of us all they care about is their customer I can’t make sure about who’s happy and guess what I shareholders a platform doesn’t like people like us it’s like that’s just you’d be aware that iTunes apparently now that I know they don’t like people like me I don’t know why I just kind of you know I had another publicity their platform added thousand fewer millions of downloads and they just one day I was like oh my no it’s crazy sweet pumpkin I won’t even tell you mine yeah they ask advice guys support you they get we cancel as you’re caramelizing steak is having clothes like you won’t even tell me why like I don’t know what to do and so a couple of things isn’t I’ve seen the merch against before I had nine merged internal my fortune emerged she has to one bank and all not shut down the same in it’s like one is a very very very scary number in in business and if arguing it was like always smelling having multiple things right I have any multiple ways you are collecting money you’re able to like money making sure you kind of source of different platforms make sure the way you’ve message your customers there’s multiple platforms in fact we talked about the showers and stuff secret top secret still it’s still top secret yeah yeah we can talk about this part of it yeah but do you still have daddy’s lead towards us what we already do with my action epics on some level the channels definitely nice stuff is gonna be coming into the news yeah because I don’t want everyone again if you’re relying on side email you could be in trouble with that yeah like it’s heard me multiple times I think it’s a probably conservative about 20 times I’ve lost main office writer and I’m not an aggressive girl made I’m addressed it professionally I may be aggressive I’m not an F I can follow the rules of everything right so it’s just it’s just kind of crazy so a lot of things were do like like if you’re at last year’s thought like you I’ve talked about the big benefit of using action XT plugging your innocence in P think it’s a good shot you getting plugged a new one but we still keep your accounts like we’re trying to be a platform that’s not shooting our members down so you have acts like some bad happens you can plug it up at other things it’s the new thing with the custom domain so I’m not sure like so now with action etic table have your own custom domain for everything so mean tracking goes to your custom domain your unsubscribes go through your custom domain everything goes there custom domain so you don’t have a relationship to many other people reported us so if you get in trouble or someone else in whatever it’s a trouble it doesn’t affect anyone else which that’s not the case the reason why a weber won’t let you import people into their platform it’s because if you have poor people and spam them and there’s everyone on a level that’s no longer gonna be the case in the elections but you are super isolated so it’s only gonna affect you if you cause a problem same thing with image hosting everything it’s all gonna be under custom domains now which is actually already like CP ever said that up go set up a custom of a we’re giving everyone bringing us new domains waste like make it so that we hear about you guys customers want to pretend to your businesses and so try to make both each of these are you how to multiple SMTP is multiple ways like money both ways to mess is just like not herbs that rely on an email both like there’s just a lot of cool things that are coming I’m sorry I always tell people stuff before there are any time you say I’m gonna be careful but that’s like where we’re going and I just want to like re emphasize for you guys like if you’re relying on one platform is Zuckerberg is the way your entire business runs like now is the time to diversify don’t diversify in six months in our years now okay my guess is that Windows not gonna be that long about a year and half those who when they switch are sitting in our accounts down I was like we Smith’s made that face was over some reason they loose evacuate they want tight grip on people they loosen backed up but he knows him come back if you saw Google Google bit I have friends who are making millions at million dollars a month whoo-hoo but the choke hold out ain’t never recover think they’re doing their work a McDonald’s I don’t know where but they’re not doing their business anymore and so if you want to be around in a long term it’s very important to understand that might look I had like Facebook’s right I still think you should start with the platform I started Facebook start with you know whatever it is and go there but they might be very aware like since that’s working then it’s like he knows if we need to add a second source the soon one disappears where I need to merchant accounts in two separate base I mean they look like money do always just is one drives up one goes away or make sure Hodder and SMTP all those everything is very very important just don’t don’t rely on a platform the platform will spear you over they do not care about you or me knowing care of themselves and their customers but they think that forever easily because of something we produce it does it affects the experience of the customer gone.we the shareholder the here already simple ever let me see the same time again yeah the reason why we let you guys go out to take a b c money because we want to be able protect you guys which is like I talked to a god my last pot yes maybe that was why I don’t know this guy’s a huge you like which I came out [Music] famous Takashi became well there’s a beautify he was like fifty million followers I mean to be fair he didn’t say something so they should have said but like instantly they shut down his business yet there were dozens of employees everyone he has a pewdiepie he I figured by this as well and it’s crazy and like usual I like this stuff on YouTube that’s so super offensive but his something honey no he said but he said something said some of its news from it was really really bad really bad yeah but nevertheless like maybe just like crush you like a grape and they don’t care yeah but dude like you know I put it I put in five million dollars here at your platform like this happened by a member way quitting Google stop there favors like so shocked that I spent a hundred grand a month on Google Ads they’re like you’re one of our smallest clients isn’t like yeah you could talk to you if you’re spending that yeah make this until I might to over the UH since but to them ins they don’t they know they don’t even look better in care they’re just angry that you interrupted the customer experience and so it’s just something to be very very very wearable if you’re selling on Amazon if you’re building your business on any of these platforms that’s fine but you need to also be expanding I need a building that customer less you need to be building your email list building your different chat list every building your different communication channels of this billion additional business that you’re able to keep things going and Amazon just decides to show you about tomorrow [Music] so there is your warning you have been warned thus saith the ClickFunnels™ be careful because they will screw over again one last thing for his podcast toss working on something can’t talk about it what are you most excited about the new stuff from click but now I’m most excited about this thing that I can’t tell you about it it’s sorry it is so awesome so he showed me on the screenshots today so yeah there’s there’s the potential to basically 2x probably the results that you’re getting from different leads that are coming out on the front or from a communication perspective double the double open race double click rates that kind of thing on much what you’re currently seeing through your primary channel of communication and never being super like low-balling double in four generic low-balling but it’s way more than that yeah it really is probably it really is probably way more than and there’s also some cool things with payment processing that word maybe testing right now sure the literally instantly double yeah I mean can you be in this one again so Apple pay Android pay and PayPal all of them push push to order so the results that we’re saying preliminary release on that based up it’s literally you go online you add you click Add Apple a to your thing you press your thumb on it and it said everything works with upsells though Te’o’s your mobile you’re on your phone and some of those would be your frequent shipping offer and they bind like exactly only they only literally had to order one so they order in your primary order for one time just like you would instead of typing their car number then we have their thumbprint hope it’s ordered and then on an upsell they can just click one button just like you would if they had a put in a credit card number we in charge of a little process do everything we need to do same thing for Android then that’s the other sexy part that just recently came out like brand new Android like google play or something but everything calling me but be also supporting that as well so you’ll be able to have Apple and Android which for the longest time most the other platforms out there at least they give they do support its on the Apple those stories is home I think those who ourselves on mobile II it’s to make your mobile experience so insanely good people go there like I don’t know I never buy things on my phone hey later I had my therapy so what I do is I like I was eaten all myself the link is someone’s advice I don’t give up what you forget about where’s this now there’s like oh and they click their little thumb break and they take their card and then eat it upsell upsell upsell so I’m a problem site I don’t we should profit that’s kind of sacrilege is that what you shut down I’m going to forecast is that a better forecast let’s I’m gonna forecast the future of were things of ourselves sequence Saturday Ilya always designed websites for desktops are usually wide is like multiple columns and so by that more of my work the future of where website design is going is in centered not a sermon but single column narrow width pages if you look at dollar if you get a dollar shape of the order form this is the best example you have page in the workrooms like this why go down the middle and then fields are all centered and like very very clear and it works really good mobile I think that’s gonna be a feature of like we’re even desktop is all the side that’s my that’s my forecast I’m guessing so no sir she knows clickers one of our order pages right now is greatest Rob Morrison Blake with that I think that’s where futures things are going to be and needs to resize down the click roles that are you easily do that just jump into mobile mode build it first in bubble boat click desktop and you’ll see it above though it’s like a great thing about any lame literally I throw design at once you might change some font sizes or show some images on desktop details short moments sneaks up like that machine customized but in reality like you’ve been to at first I think I think people read more about the videos to know you yeah there’s a guy movie I’d ever Chris plan a video on mobile by the self anyway and I’d always read which is why also things like the blend of video plus text is gonna be more more important maybe though our semester gives the video me pitching it then below this the copy of me pitching it so it’s like because the video I’ll see the play button Bell did we hear I get the bathroom or something this is my phone and so anyway there’s some forecasts like this but nice without for you guys so hope you guys are doing fight we’re probably halfway to our destination already remember is first off don’t rely on one platform for anything you’re advertising your messaging to your customers your merchants in only one platform you should ever rely another percent is ClickFunnels™ because we love you guys full with everything so you plug it on there but you allow you to plug in every other platform out there so that’s why we build a flavor so we’re only ones love you enough to these you just focus on us but then I said our focus one big things that we’re moving forward it’s like building and all the backend so you can plug in backups for sub you have both ways to message people outside just email in case email gets shut down well it works against case we merging out should shut down way all those kind of things but don’t forget on the outside on your podcasts I like all those things my podcast downloads Rock because I’m no longer listed which drives me nuts and nobody can subscribe my podcast now so now I gotta go to work anyways just to know a new annoyance is happening there’s always a workaround like do you hear Facebook now shut down I don’t just walk away but apparently I broke through this is a thing that drives me crazy I remember you premise lot in the SEO days like people are like when I can’t is co they’re like we don’t want to excess against Google’s Terms of Service and it’s like Terms of Service they’re coming to your website and spidering you you can do whatever you want on your website like it’s it’s it’s this weird thing and so it’s a me like you go get their Facebook and Facebook an outside down by now it’s over I come down like it’s not fair it’s like no don’t understand like this is your bit like this is war if they’re coming out are shutting you down like you did it like fight back and get back in and like and I keep going back it’s good that they don’t just get knocked down like that if I that would happen to us but we lost our businesses decades ago decades ago but we’re fighters and so get back up and we keep going so you’ll see my podcast back very very soon so no links I will lose all of my free anyway but leave it at it’s all it’s all fun games it all said that doesn’t matter try to change the world then these guys get away the platform will get in your way try to keep you from master just ignore him keep moving forward they show you down come back make some tweaks changes keep going keep serving your people because they’re there it matters it’s worth it maybe I’ll say my words see you guys hi everybody would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF unlocker TV

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Secret #53: Beware Of All Platforms… Except This One

Secret #53: Beware Of All Platforms… Except This One