Secret #51: Focusing On Your UA, $100K-A-Day Role

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Secret #51: Focusing On Your UA, $100K-A-Day Role

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How we’re creating systems so that everyone can focus on their unique abilities.

On this episode Russell talks about being worth $100,000 a day in his business, but not being worth anything as an assistant wrestling coaching. He goes on to say why it’s important to focus on unique abilities. Here are some of the amazing things in today’s episode:

-Why Russell had to tell an old friend that he couldn’t come visit unless he paid him $100,000 a day.

-How Russell ended up being an assistant wrestling coach for free.

-And why focusing on our own and our team members unique abilities is a good way to grow your company.

So listen here to find out why Russell charges $100,000 a day for business consulting, but is an assistant wrestling coach for free.

what’s up everybody’s russell brunson welcome to marketing secrets podcast hope you guys that amazing they’d say cuz I got some cool my share with you so the big question is this power on CH Brewers like us you didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright everybody I’m heading back in the office last two weeks to penalize me is if you’ve been watching last week I rewrote a webinar from the ground up and it did really well over million dollars in sales the first week which is cool the coolest thing is like that now the asset is done and created it’ll be placed in different places including the home page click funnels and it should next year generate I don’t know I want anywhere from 10 to 20 million bucks so it’s like you do the work once and then pays you forever right now right now I’m writing a webinar this week for our new program called software secrets which is a brand new theme it’s always the last webinar I wrote from scratch but it was like the offer was similar to it I’ve done the past this one this is a brand new offer brand new everything and my kids started wrestling and I know if I told you is this already but my first day of rest and practice happened I didn’t know about it they I don’t know we just got the dates messed up my kids went and that night I came home and I was all excited to see him like how was wrestling and they’re all tears like we hate wrestling we never want to go back and I was like what Oh decided to call the coach and he was later I got called to be a sister wrestling coach so now every day at 3 o’clock I love it I can go dress in practice my kids so I know the problem is that this week was planned to be the software’s launch weeks doesn’t have a whole week to go the webinar prob is that now from 3 till 6:00 every night at wrestling so that’s out plus like drive times everything else it cuts up about four and half five hours a day so I really needed to get this new webinar done so then late nights and those it off still to last night I got probably there been 2 or 3 tonight and I do the webinar tomorrow morning live so but I think conservatively it’s an amazing offering it’s it’s really insane I’ll be shocked if you hundred million dollars during the launch week better this week during the webinar week you know and then that’ll go on and next year it could do who knows there were five to ten million bucks so they can do the work once and it pays you for the next five years which is cool it’s all about webinars all that effort you put into it and so it’s worth it’s worth putting in the the effort and it’s funny is as I’ve been doing this and thinking about it I had a friend old friend about 15 years ago call me and you know start office you know just kind of catched up then and I respect him for this but as a good salesperson does he wanted to sell me something and then he’s like yeah I can I’ll have to Boise and spend a day or two with you guys and show y’all stuff we have and all the stuff right and I was just like like how do you tell your friends this like awkwardly I’m sitting there I’m like like a man like I just leave so uncomfortable like how do you tell your friends no nieuw mean like when you were like just a punk kid I’m like I don’t how to tell you this nicely but I was like just you know right now like I bill out like if if you were coming for a day of consulting Lakehead bill out an eight-hour day at $100,000 so for you to come for you know two or three days like like the opportunity cost for me like it’s a couple it gets two or three hundred thousand dollars and so I’m like it’s it’s really hard for me to just block out that time oh my god like such a jerk telling you that but like you know and if you want come out and like we hang outs friends or something yeah after you’re like I would love to see you get in front like that’s super cool I’m just like to take like two or three business days like that’s the opportunity cost is not little he’s like what you serious yeah that’s kind of awkward right but you’ll get it like that’s what we charge in like in you know and I saw some today posting in our Facebook group like how come the Guru’s own just charge 150 dollars an hour so they can help everyone it’s like I wish I could like I wish there was more hours in the day that’d be awesome I was like literally like I’m spending three days to create this webinar that will make me a million dollars will be the first week and anywhere from five to ten million dollars I shouldn’t even more who knows it’s like I’m spending three days so three days of focus time and then in my pocket goes you know eight plus figures so it’s like 800 days actually super cheap like they discounted rate like you know I mean so it’s like I should I explain that I might how to say it nicely and like as a human if unifight you did one too many hundred thousand all day like the first leg openings probably five to six months away like my i’ma calendars insanely book so oh sorry that’s kind of that was that it was this awkward moment I’m saying I’m so sorry man like I just I don’t want you to think I’m a jerk or anything but like just that’s why I can’t just have you come out for two days and just sell me something just kid I wish I could so that was there step one and then it’s now I’m at wrestling practice with with my kids right and I’m sitting there I’m spending you know three to four hours a day now every day Rustom practice which again I love they it’s so cool like I remember when I was this age going to practice my dad coming and like watching and working out with me and it’s just cool it’s been a really unique time with with the twins and just just a cool thing to be able to spend time with them and I said they haven’t liked wrestling so I’m in there trying to make sure they’re liking and I mean they’re wrestling those time I’m drilling with them I’m helping them and just making sure they have a good experience so that you know they keep doing it and the next two or three years is they’re just in the you know beginning programs that they like it they companies like it so I’m gonna get hurt or beat up some is there to kind of make sure like it’s useless and moves things start beating kids you start beating do you think it’s fun so I’m just like I give to this initial like the pain of the beginning right and and I’m sitting there and you know I’m an assistant coach am I getting paid anything obviously and I was just like it’s so interesting cuz I’m like I was like you know in this in this area of my life like in business my time is worth a hundred thousand dollars a day I was like but in wrestling my time oh I think I’m getting paid for the three to four hours a day that I’m spending which is you know I’m not I don’t want to get paid for it but it’s just I had this realization it’s just like like over here I’m insanely valuable like monetarily over here I’m not you know like I like best-case scenarios say I was like even like the best wrestling coaches in the world maybe maybe clear six figures probably not most I’m probably 50 50 60 grand max right it’s like the bet he’s like the dudes like the Michael Jordan’s the world right the wrestling world so it’s like you know like my like let’s just say like I was at that level and I was getting paid that like I’d still be making what 20 bucks an hour 30 bucks an hour maybe and so it’s like you know the three hours it’s worth like 60 bucks 80 bucks 90 maybe a hundred dollars from my time and just like where’s that time spent over here is worth you know 20 grand an hour so we looking at 20 40 60 grand for that say the same time just where am i focusing yet and as I was thinking that I was like so fascinating how valuable I am here and not so much here and sure think about us as entrepreneurs we’re how often do we spend our time like we have we have a unique ability that’s worth a hundred grand a day right to our company in to us and to the people we’re serving right but then we go we started doing these like $8 an hour jobs because it’s like it’s got to be done so I should be the one doing it it’s like you’re not worth that much there it gets it’s it’s so expensive to have you spending time on the on a 1020 on our jobs if you’re if you’re making twenty thousand dollars an hour doing your unique ability and it’s been interesting is I’ve working with with Jeff woods and the one thing on on building things I’d like one of the big things I’m focusing on think if there’s like we’re trying to really systemize our business because it’s kind of an in point we need reset and we kind of redo all those things and as I’m thinking through it I’m just like I want to create the systems and my goal in these systems is to create the system so that if it forces me and forces everybody my team to only do their unique ability right because each of us have unique ability where we’re working a hundred thousand dollars a day know and then we have like things were good at they’re worth 20 bucks an hour right and it’s like if I get everyone focusing on their unique abilities where they’re worth a hundred grand a day versus they’re you know they’re they’re non unique abilities where they’re worth 100 bucks a day like man how much faster can we grow and can we scale and all this type of things and so that’s been my thought process like right now we’re gonna system risa summation of our company from now to the end of the year after software Severson I’m gonna take you take a little bit of the foot off the gas so I can like recoup restructure get systems in place and in January we’re gonna go crazy because let’s be fun but that’s that’s why it’s like I’m trying figure out how do I get everyone focusing on the unique ability and not focusing on on $100 a day jobs that they can do and they are doing but how do we get the world focusing on unique abilities and so for you guys or think about it like what’s your unique ability and pick through that and then figure out like okay now that I kind of know that like what are people my team’s unique abilities and how do I create a structure where everyone’s focusing up some time on the abilities and you do that you’ll see things start growing Dan Sullivan strategic coach calm if he has go there hee hee I bought every book on Webster sweet showed me a huge box because I’m about to immerse in some Dan Sullivan so like I don’t buy one book I buy all because of immersion but one of his books there’s about unique ability it’s like work looking everything so I’m ready yet but I know it’s awesome so check it out yes this is there is Garrett and there’s Scott those are partners soft for singers Lindsey they’ve been up here the last days camping out overnight with me getting everything ready for uh for launch tomorrow so if you guys are watching the video you just saw Garrett Scott and Lindsay if not you just saw me point in the air and you see anything feel listening so anyway I’m gonna jump in we’re getting launched I got five and half hours for wrestling practice and rest impression I’m come back for another five and a half hours so about 10 hours to gets webinar done before my body will shut down wish me luck and then tomorrow will be a million dollar day and then we’ll have an asset little pace for us for life so this is my unique ability so as you saw tonight I’m doing spend my time managing $100 an hour under dollar day job my time writing webinars I don’t run a day job so focus on my unique ability today which would be good so that’s all I got all right ready appreciate you all talk to you soon want more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies on my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called dot-com secrets and you get your free copy at dot-com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets we’ve use to become the fastest-growing non VC back-sass startup company in the world

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Secret #51: Focusing On Your UA, $100K-A-Day Role

Secret #51: Focusing On Your UA, $100K-A-Day Role