Secret #38: “99 Yards Doth Not A Touchdown Make”

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Secret #38: “99 Yards Doth Not A Touchdown Make”

Clickfunnels™ 99 Yards: Doth Not A Touchdown Make

Clickfunnels™ 99 Yards: In this podcast Russell is worn out and tired but he talks about finishing what he started even when he’s burned out. Here are some of the awesome insights you will hear in today’s episode: -Who taught Russell the concept “99 yards doth not a touchdown make.” and what it means.

Clickfunnels™ 99 Yards: Marketing secrets podcast

what’s up everybody’s russell brunson welcome to marketing secrets podcast today’s episode is called 99 yards death not a touchdown make so the big question is this power on CH Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the left Hoss get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question and this

podcast will give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets everybody so welcome again to the podcast without having us here and I’m doing this the day before the viral video launch and if I’m completely honest I feel like garbage I did not want to go to bed today I didn’t want to move can I give you some context of everything but there’s a lot of stuff on this side happened like we completely change a tire online sales process so new sales letters new sells flow to sells everything which you see it it’s pretty ninja that alone you know is usually a couple week project to get it right and so that’s been happening and doing all that this week number two as we rebuild our onboarding process you will see if you go to click forms calm and create

account or if you log in as of tomorrow you’ll see the whole hambre process we have an online game we’ve got these little walk video walkthrough that you get recorded and like 150 plus video system a walk through the process so we’ve been doing that getting that all programmatically created plus all the videos and the copy and everything that pumas number two then we’ve got the new online cookbook so we’ve created a funnel-like of cookbooks that book is launching this weekend we have 350 pages the cookbook and then this week I was like I need some training with this so we also happen to have had the fad event this week is

Clickfunnels™ 99 Yards: launching of New Sales Letter

still happening it’s a three-day event when people come and we bill entire webinar with them so Dave Ward I spoke on stage for three hours than went to lunch and then after lunch I jumped into my office with the blank slide deck and PowerPoint and I ended up creating over the next four hours two hundred and twenty two slides for a presentation to teach the cookbook that right then every dinner after dinner I got it up I set the entire kitchen and I would punch these big Legos as you’ll see and then we taught I did a presentation for two and half hours teaching how to use the cookbook and how it works with Legos and was it was really cool because in that training video then we took that and we’re chopping up into seventy four mini videos which Brandon Fisher was doing all day

yesterday which is crazy and then we still had this live event rice and yesterday I’m Steven was running the event which was nice like he ran the event all day while he was writing the event um I was working a sales letter I was working on a process and I realized that bunch of the videos I created for one purpose for that one boarding didn’t actually work for that thing so I went and recorded 22 more videos yesterday for that report of the videos plus side work and all the other stuff and then and then after that I had to go at home and I’m the Scoutmaster so I went to eleven-year-old scouts taught kids how to swim

yesterday and then came back to the office and fatum it was slapping and wakhan sage from nine o’clock till 12:30 at night in the morning teaching how to do the stack which is awesome and I just like oh so tired and then today’s happening and I woke up and I’m just like I’m dead like hosting an event and we’re launching an event and we’re launching a cookbook launching operating process new sales letter new demo of pages plus a lot mark a sequencing automation I still gotta create today attention I have my family pictures why anyway so what could stay just fill my crowd I still fight crap I got it honestly if I’m

Clickfunnels™ 99 Yards: Do more engagements at social media

weakly honest like the last thing I want to do today is everything gotta do today but as I woke up this morning I heard something ringing through my it was just quote I heard from a friend I’ll tell you about this from a teacher and it’s 99 yards death not a touchdown make now the back story behind this so I was I went to BYU Bergman University my freshman year and I was wrestler there and toward the end of it I decided I was gonna go serve a mission for a church and so I started to decipher some missionary prep classes so I still have some missionary prep classes and my missionary prep teachers name was Randy Bob he’s

written three or four books I’m like going on a mission and all kind of stuff right he’s in the class and he’s talking about how like four more missionaries you got for two years and you go through this whole process and you know for two years you knocking doors you don’t get it you call home on Mother’s Day and on Christmas you don’t you don’t get date girls you don’t gonna watch TV you just out there for two years right and it’s tough and anyway I remember he gave this last one time and he title this lesson was 99 yards does not a touchdown make I talked about how you go out there and you’re serving this thing for two

years he says that you know let’s say you serve early admission in the last four or five months you can like I’m just gonna relax and take it easy you know and kind of goof off and whatever he’s like if you do that like it’ll it’ll like the destiny of your life will change because you decide to slack off send football game you can work your butt off drive you know 99 yards all across the field gets met the one-yard line and if you don’t kick that in if you don’t cover you across the goal I think I’ll make a touchdown you get zero points it’s not like oh well you know they did a really good job we’ll give him three like no we either make it or you don’t 99 yards is death not a touchdown mate you got a score touchdown reading at points and that was kind of the the moral that lesson and I remember that as I was on my mission switch towards the end when I was tired I was ready to get home and and I remember that ringing through my heads like hey 99 yards does not a touchdown make you’ve got to get in the endzone you got to finish this strong and so I did and then um you know I remember when I was wrestling at the same thing my senior year in wrestling I was wrestling a guy that was I think the time he’s ranked seventh in the country

Clickfunnels™ 99 Yards: Attract more customer by using sales funnel

and went out there and and I don’t think I was ranked at this time I lost some match selection of early so I dropped out the rankings and restless guy and like our paper I should not I beat him I went out there and I member rustling him and and at first he came out really hard and strong it was beating me and then I came back and it’s fighting back fighting back fighting back so eventually I had a tying him and we went into overtime and overtime thought the ring to my head was 99 yards that’s not a touchdown make like I’ve come all this way and killed myself you know a cut way to eat for a week I did all these things like the NASA fighting fighting fighting like fight if I lose an ally if I stop now like it’s over and I’m just like I can’t stop can’t stop I went out there and remember and over time I took him down and we were jumping around like crazy and the news was they’re so cool the news captured that and that night his on the nightly news was showing me taking Skye down and over time and it was it was awesome so yeah so it’s just interesting how that one phrase has helped me

and now I’m looking at today and I woke up and I’m just like I don’t want I don’t want to do this I want to go to bed I’m tired my nose of stuff I’m beat up you know today I’m gonna go I got five six hours to doing something I get back on stage in the two hours and present and no doubt I’m gonna go home and family pictures I’m gonna come back so everybody knows the stuff that you can hear I got to come back and I’ll probably be up here the office till 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning tonight and then tomorrow morning wake up and I got still to my presentation for my presentation tomorrow and we got 400 people coming and I got to speak and entertain and I’m emceeing the event and Gary Vaynerchuk speaking I’m speaking Harmon brothers are speaking and then and then we’re gonna launch

the viral video and then from there we’re gonna go down play Bubble soccer tell like 10 o’clock at night it’s a car’s gonna be tough too but yeah 99 yards does not touch time make I think a lot of times in business other things people work so hard they get so close to the end and then the end they take the foot off the gas and what could have been amazing and is it being good or not being anything at all and so for you guys I just want you think they’re just I want you know first off that even I get burned out like sometimes like today I don’t want to do this thing like there’s blasting I want to do is turn this car off and then walk in there but I’m gonna do it because I’m on the one-yard line and I know that the difference between champions and people who aren’t is this

last piece it’s pushing it over the edge just getting it out is the last execution where most people quit or they ease up or they step off the gas and instead of a step on the gas we’re gonna blow through this thing and freakin make it touch down it’s gonna be awesome so that’s what’s happening today hopefully this gives you some motivation those guys who were struggling or tired or worn out I understand I’ve been there push through the pain you’re almost there you’re on the one-yard line just get through it just push to the end 99 yards not a touchdown make that last yards the one that matters so don’t give up you’re almost there I’m almost there I’m almost there you’re almost there let’s do it together all right okay go to side you guys have some fun and I’ll see you guys on the other line I’ll see you as in the end zone hi everybody would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to go our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind-the-scenes reality TV show at WWF unlocker TV


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You can also get the transcripts to this episode here:

Russell’s thoughts as he enters the last phase of the viral video launch.

In this podcast Russell is worn out and tired but he talks about finishing what he started even when he’s burned out. Here are some of the awesome insights you will hear in today’s episode:

-Who taught Russell the concept “99 yards doth not a touchdown make.” and what it means.

-What other circumstances Russell has used that quote to help him get through.

-And why it is so important to give it your all until you complete something, even when all you want to do is quit.

So listen here to be inspired to keep going and moving forward and finish what you start.

Secret #38: “99 Yards Doth Not A Touchdown Make”

Secret #38: “99 Yards Doth Not A Touchdown Make”


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