Secret #36: The REAL Secret To Going From 7 To 8 Figures

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Secret #36: The REAL Secret To Going From 7 To 8 Figures

what’s up everybody this is russell brunson you guys are catching me at a rare time I’m actually doing housework my wife is gone cup my kids are now some birthday parties and I gotta do couple tours so I was working on a most in podcast thinking and all sounds like I gotta share this so we’re doing impromptu marking suits podcast so the big question is this power ons Brewers like us you didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable alright guys so um I’ve got someone in our coaching programs who I love and care about and respect and someone who has had a lot of successes you know two comma Club winner for sure and sorry my wife’s license plate thingy broke so you swap it down and it’s been like six months and she keeps hinting towards the fact that it needs to be fixed so finally take him thank you and I love you alright so I’m fixing her thing while we’re talking anyway so this person launch – launch webinar got to million bucks and then kind of transition to and like I think love the market and the the thing initially and then and then kind of fell out of love with it and so because that transitioned to a new product created the product did the did the ads launched another webinar had success there and another one it kind of has kind of transitioned a couple and that person is kind of frustrating cuz there I go I’m stuck it I’m stuck it you know million bucks a year and they want to be it they want to grow they want to get a 10 million bucks not because of the money but because the impact they want to grow so there’s goals and you know how do I get 10 million bucks a year and and they’re frustrated and I was just like thinking they messaged me yesterday and so I was talking to him and kind of thinking through and then for last day or so it’s just been like in my in my mind resonating like what like what’s wrong Inc this person has all the skills that they have all the talents have all the abilities like why why did they not why are they not getting next level like what’s the thing I start thinking back about what I’m gonna be speaking a lot about if I’m hacking live but the process going from zero to million million to ten and ten to a hundred sorry I’m such not a handy man I can’t figure out how to get these things to work anyway um and so that was my thought sounds like well cases we know that from going 0 2 million it’s all about figuring out the what and the how what are you selling that people actually want to buy and then how he some it’s like you go to a webinar are you doing through you know Amazon is it what’s the thing and after you figured out the what like this is what I’m selling and this is how the how the people want to buy it what typically happens is in your business boom explodes really fast I tell people that they know when they’ve hit though they’re what in there how because they’ll go from zero to a million dollars really fast Dan Henry’s a good example if you guys what is how from zero to a million in five months like it’s pretty pretty simple concept so but it takes a while initially some people spend their whole life trying to figure out the what now telling people what to sell like oh I forgot the coolest product everybody can’t figure out how to sell if you know how to sell based on the right product things like that and so for this person they done that multiple times they forgot what now hit up two million dollars and then they and then they they shifted the next thing and and I was in that cycle fright twelve years so I’m probably good coach for this cuz I attended a lot a lot of a lot of good businesses nothing that was great right and so yeah I can’t face license plate I’m giving up you know I tried I get brownie points for trying right so the wasn’t Hal right and so I started thinking and I was like okay from zero to millions what now from million to ten it’s all about like the back end and the front end funnels the front when I was bringing more leads in back in funnels go deep inside of that thing and also some had the Epiphany I was like oh my gosh this is it so start thinking about click funnels rise to click forums for example um you guys know the thing I think I had five or seven funnels I had tried before we had the one that hit right and the one that hit was the funnel hacks webinar I was just like boom it blew up fast for now cliff Franz has been alive for a little over three years almost wait is it her breath it’s almost three years I don’t know something like that so almost three years and what’s interesting if you if you look at it if you do the actual math of the funnel hacks course 997 dollars we sold about 10,000 ish copies a little more than that but let’s say ten thousand four numbers say K so that means ten million dollars were made from the webinar which is awesome right anyone else at 10 million I’ll webinar that’s that’s great but emulator webinar like comes and goes like I say it’s probably one of the best or the best in our industry but that would have been that good of a story we’re awesome a 10 million bucks if you look at that now we will we’re now we’re in September October by November click phones well past one hundred million dollars in collected sales I know because I have this countdown clock where every single day my accountant lets me know how much further we are away from that because I want to know how long should I just go from zero to a hundred million dollars and we’re closed so I will have this year for sure it’ll be November and so that’s exciting right I was looking like the webinar only made 10 million means the extra 90 million came from something else so where that stuff come from and that’s where I keep something like going deep right I’m going from from the from zero to millions all about the one half a million to ten is about it’s about the front end and the back end funnels right so friends more ways to bring leads in right so we had the books expert seekers talk on secrets perfect webinar things I have to bring leads in to the business click funnel columns the front end you know all this stuff like that then you’ve got the backend funnels are going deep right and so what’s cool about as I started selling you know other things relate to funnels so some stuff I could share yes but if you’re the extra seekers book talked about opportunity switch and then opportunity stack right so each business every business should only have one switch so I switch people into funnels and I stack things within that market let me do this correctly you have compounding interest I’m gonna spend here in a minute but I switched over there so like what someone comes in have click funnels then we’ve got other products and services to help help help them better at that thing that that’s the opportunity switches them into right so some into funnels and then we’ve got funnel scripts we’ve got fill your funnel which is our traffic course we’ve got our certification program we’ve got our clicks to our funnel for app union started click phones we have ClickFunnels™ there’s software for crying out loud we have all these other things excuse me that are all tied back the ho to funnel right so that’s how we’re able to go super super deep and for this person the problem had is that they got they got two million dollars and they just switched and then they got new million dollars and they switch and they keep the kind of switch the opportunity on person they switched what they’re doing they’re switching their focus switching their branding and nothing against that like I did that as well like if I would have if I was stuck with the very first thing that I ever did you know we never would have ClickFunnels™ probably I don’t Todd we figured out eventually I’m sure but but like that’s that’s the thing like you gotta figure out that one how not only not just for your customers cuz part because again you feel for your customers boom you’re a million bucks fast but that’s like this business I want to be in forever because I didn’t want to be teaching micro continuity forever you know I didn’t want to teach 12 month millionaire forever and he’d steal my million-dollar and first million dollar projects like there was a whole bunch from right there seven eight million dollar winners in the early days we hit a million bucks but then excited al and it was like and I switch the next thing the next thing and the next thing and to get to from a million to the ten and to the hundred it’s not going focusing deep and the rihwan of the baby main major reasons why number one is because of compounding interest right like again I’m not a finance guy so my finance people out there know this women are me but some famous dude said that the grace invention the world’s compounding interest right and Sydney’s truth like compounding customers right like every single person that buys the extra seekers book the Kama Sutra book or watches the webinar by click funnels like I’m switching all those people all those the goals every single one of them just to be completely transparent with no hidden agenda the goal of all of those the scheme ins people that their new opportunity their vehicle is funnels right so I’m convincing you hey you’re an expert you need a funnel hey you have an internet business you’re a doc I’m serious book you need a funnel hey perfect webinar you need a funnel hey click follows you to funnel like that’s my only goal like I want to be completely up for like all my friend and funnels like that’s the goal there’s to give its people at wherever I’m grabbing it that they need a funnel in fact I’m working right now on a new report called network marketing secrets calm yes I own how cool is that and that’s the whole reason that friend instrument every network marketer that they need a funnel and I’m gonna same thing for other markets like like that’s my whole thing right now soon as someone believes that they need a funnel which they do then now I’m stacking I’m compounding on top of that right so then I compound excuse me I compound you know hey if your funnel you need funnel scripts hey if you have funnel you need to traffic to fill your funnel you need maybe become certified you may need this I mean it’s like everything else is just is opportunity stacking within the opportunity I switch people into and so building your business and you’re stuck at one two three million bucks which is kind of where a lot of you know I was stuck out for a decade and so I understand the squirrel it’s because we keep switching our customers to keep opportunity switching and we’re switching from opportunity to opportunity opportunity opportunity and what happens after a while they kind of lose faith in you they’re like oh this person’s like tell me all these other things like the reason why we’ve done more in the last three years than the prior decade times like five right is because everything I’m doing is like people look at that I know Russell’s keys still preaching the same thing funnels are the key there’s this other thing that how do you trafficking your funnels oh yeah that makes total sense oh here’s the live event teaching more funnels like everything we’re doing is stacking upon that and so it’s not like I’m switching people from opportunity opportunity I’m saying no you chose the right Road this is this is the path this is the new opportunity to focus on now I’m gonna give you more tools more assets to amplify your experience and make it better for you and that’s how we get from through a million to ten to 100 is is that part right cuz funnels are awesome but make my knife click funnels to make money off funnel scripts make for like all these other pieces that that lead more people into it and so that was what I what I told this person I came back and said look I think the biggest problem is not you know the skills you do it’s not the amount of product you do it’s it’s that like if you were so passionate about that market when you hit a million dollars then you would around deeper Nike what software can create these people what certifications what events what are you would’ve gotten deeper trying to think of those things which is the back end funnels which where the the majority of the profit that’s where for me it’s where the other ninety million dollars came from but because they weren’t as passionate about it they gave me the million bucks and I figure out what and how for their customers but it wasn’t right for them if it would have been right for them they were sat there and all day long think about how I served as person more what else they need what else they want they would have heard the person’s voice over and over and over again and they would have known right like click rocks came out of me knowing if you hear people talk about finals all the time right all these other things like people are telling us over and over and over you what they want what they need so we just were creating those things for them and that’s how the business grows and grows and grows and so yeah I think that’s that’s the key is figure out what and how for your customer the house making shirts it’s the what for you cuz if it’s the wrong business for you if it’s not something you’re getting out about you’ll keep keep switching that’s okay there’s nothing wrong at that you want to hit hit the perfect business the first time a lot of times the first getting from zero to a million the first time is about you getting a skill set understanding the market and learning all these kind of things but same time if you’re going there and you need a million bucks you’re I’m not happy here like that’s okay like it’s okay to back up and shut it down and figure it out you got all the skills you got the hard part done it’s easier to refigure out he’s gonna figure like what is it that you’re so insanely passionate about what market segments what people what problems do you want to solve so much so that it’s gonna keep you up and I try to figure the next thing like what else right great what’s the next product what software do they need what what events like what like what are the training if they bought this course what’s the next thing they need like what’s that and just like that and that’s I think the key so anyway I just got excited because like I said I’ve stalking this person and kind of sharing out with them and just this whole whole i compounding interest you know that’s the cool thing is that every single person buys on my books they come into my world and now they’re gonna buy the next thing the next thing the next thing you look at like like all all the other revenue is all free they got off to re pay for that customer on after I always kind of think this so it just keeps growing and growing and growing as opposed to when you’re having things in different markets everything’s like that it doesn’t compound that was my problem before we had 12 companies we launched an in a 12 month period of time I wish it was once a month one a month we were launched tonight 12:01 so I was even worse but the interesting thing is just thinking about you know anybody who bought like the couponing product would never buy any other products that was the biggest mistake and then people who bought this the weight loss product never bought the other ones it was just like that’s the issues like it wasn’t compounding we had to recreate customers every single time and I think the big first time either so that was hanging I was Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher and they have a bunch of businesses and they fry I think they kind of straight from this because they wouldn’t deep in the survival market didn’t they did within the survivalist I buy that but but what Ryan told me said they st. I’m launching the business at one of our rules is that our existing customer base they have to be wanting to buy it so that way we’ve got free traffic free that we were everything’s compound here I have some advise this this from this business the male’s mindfulness as well yeah well I agree with that excuse me I’d go even a step deeper and not do it just just in the same market do it within or ya know not just parallel market so I’d say pick one market and then you get an opportunity stack all as deep as you can go so anyway that’s what I got it’s hard in the garage hopefully something echoey anyway I’m gonna go figure how to try to fix his license plate my wife so she’ll be impressed with me that’s the goal just all the women out there know the men’s only real purpose in life is try to impress their spouse that’s it we’re good with everything else so I’m gonna try to do that so when she gets home she’ll be impressed anyway appreciate you guys thanks for listening and I’ll talk to you all again soon would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF NL hacker TV

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What I realized that’s holding people back from taking the next step in their business.

On this episode Russell talks about what the secret is to go from a million dollars annually to ten million to a hundred million. Here are some informative things in today’s episode:

-What advice Russell had for someone in his Two Comma Club when it comes to making more than one million dollars a year.

-Why it’s important to opportunity stack instead of constantly opportunity switching.

-And some of the things you can do to go from 7 to 8 figures per year.

So listen here if you want to be grow your business from a million dollars a year to ten million and even one hundred million!

Secret #36: The REAL Secret To Going From 7 To 8 Figures

Secret #36: The REAL Secret To Going From 7 To 8 Figures