Secret #31: The Four Levels Of Value

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Secret #31: The Four Levels Of Value

what’s up everybody this russell brunson welcome to a very special impromptu marketing seekers podcast it’s got an inner circle call and it was so awesome I wanted to share with you so the big question is this how are entrepreneurs like us you didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets so I’ve monitor circle call inner circle are my 25 k members and there’s hundred of them and we have with group close to hundred people and one of my so every once month I do console calls with altom and one of them today was with Myron golden who is one of coolest people in the world and in the middle of this thing he dropped like 10 12 minutes of the coolest thing about how income in the different levels of income and like it was so good I I want to share so that after you hear he tripped on it for like 15 I was like okay put that on the podcast and he was like sure man so I’m like ah so I’m doing this real quick for a jump on the next call I’m gonna plug this clip in here this hope you understand the levels of income and if you’re stuck and where you needed shift and like what those changes are for you to get to where you want to be from income from finance standpoint and it’s awesome so listen right now and I hope you enjoyed this episode of the marketing secrets podcast there’s a reason people who make a lot of money make a lot of money there’s a reason people who make a little money make a little money and because income is the result of value created and offered in the marketplace right so value is what creates income and there are four levels of value and if you’re operating on one of the lower levels you can only make so much money alright so the and I’ll just tell you what the four levels of value are so you can kind of wrap your mind around you’re there for a bet there are four levels but there are five resources the top level of value you have two resources you can use so every level has one resource but the top level has two resources so the lowest level of value is implementation that’s the lowest level of value that is the people who do the thing so if you do the thing you’re the person who does you make the least amount of money and and I basically tell to you from the presentation if you’re an implementer I know how much money you make somewhere between minimum wage and $80,000 you make minimum wage if you’re like working as housekeeping staff at a hotel or McDonald’s or whatever you make 80,000 a year if you’re like a mechanic that works on Rolls Royces or Bentley’s or something right so that’s your income window and then the next level of value and by the way the resource that you use at that level is your muscles you it’s your muscles to make one by the way I shouldn’t show that on a camera but to protect anyway anyway part of my corn I’m a corny dude what can I say Sarah so so the resources you use your muscles to make money in the whole premise of the concept is that money is spiritual in nature it is not materialistic in nature right and so if you’re using a physical resource like your muscles to make money then your income is going to be limited if you want to make more money you have to operate at a higher spiritual value a higher spiritual level does that make sense so far okay so the next level of value which is the second to the lowest the two resources there or muscle and what was the other reason there’s only one resource at that level that’s your muscle right the top level has multiple resources the bottom levels only have one then we sent okay so the lowest level is implementation the second to the lowest level is called unification that is you Germanic the resources your management skills you use your management skills to make money and you’re you don’t do the thing but you manage the people who do the thing and so you make more money than the people who do the thing but you still have a limited income you’re gonna make somewhere on the low end in between forty thousand dollars a year on the high end a quarter of a million forty thousand if you’re a manager of Taco Bell high end quarter of a million you’re a middle manager or vice president something at Lockheed Martin let’s say okay so that’s your income window you want to make more money than that like working harder in the same level doesn’t make you mama right so the next level is called communication second to the highest level of value communicators are some of the highest paid people in the world I’m not talking about people who communicate a message from their head to somebody else’s head but people who communicate a message from their heart to somebody else’s heart they can make they use their words to make people feel something you know exactly what that looks like because you do it all the time right so so you’re communicating a message we use your mouth to make money on the low end you’re gonna make 100 grand on the high end you might make hundred million low in 100 grand parse your you sell cars you make $100,000 a year higher than hundred million you’re an actor you’re an a-list actor you might make 100 million dollars a year you’re Robert Downey jr. you’re a you’re a Vince L Washington you’re an a-list actor you’re a singer you’re an a-list singer you produce albums you’re a J CDs you’re an usher you are Beyonce you’re communicating you’re either an author you’re speaker you’re an actor you’re a songwriter you’re a playwright on your sales person you you you launch this business called ClickFunnels™ even though you know how to program but you know how to communicate the message hashtag just say it okay how’s that just say so communication is the second highest level of value and people who don’t get really good at communicating can making a lot of money people who resist communicating and if I might quote a friend of mine who lives out in Boise Idaho they just hate money so communication is the second highest level of value and use your mouth to make money that’s the resource you use your mouth and it almost doesn’t even seem fair because fares not in fares not a real concept doesn’t seem fair that people who talk make more money than people who move things and hammer nails and dig holes but they do I these guys come out here and look at my roof today the guy told me he’s been working for this roofing company for 40-something years and the skin was all leathery and he’d like sores on his head oh my goodness it’s so painful he uses a muscle to make money and he’d been doing it for 40 years anything so just thought about that just now it’s like sometimes people will be physically diligent so they can maintain a state of mental laziness right so they get they can’t work hard at learning a new thing but they’ll work hard at doing what’s already not working so anyway so that’s the kind of the progression I’m taking people and the highest level of value are you ready drum roll please okay highest level of value is imagination you use your mind to make one that’s one of the resources use your mind the other resource you use with your imagination to make money is money so those are the two resources use your mind to make money way like are there people who make money trading stocks and options and commodities and all stuff are the people who do that yeah absolutely right well are there people who lose money doing the same thing yeah what’s the difference the difference is how they use their mind so your mind is your greatest resource for creating wealth but most people we’ve been programmed by a whole life not to think right and most people don’t think they think they think so they just think they think so what they really do is they’re really they’re really regurgitating pre-programmed responses that were programmed to them while they’re plugged into the matrix and they think they’re having a thought and so mind over money mastery is a program where I teach you how to use the three highest level resources and the two highest levels of value lets each have to use your mouth mouth mastery I teach you mine mastery and I teach you money mastery that’s why it’s called mind over money mastery so that’s the that’s the thank you one more marketing secrets if sold and go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called calm secrets and you get your free copy at com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top thirty five secrets we’ve use to become the fastest-growing non vc-backed fast startup company in the world

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You can also get the transcripts to this episode here:

Behind the scenes call with Myron Golden and Russell Brunson.

On this episode you will hear Myron Golden talk about the reason’s people make a lot of money versus a little money. He goes through the four levels of value for creating income and explains each level. Here are some of the insightful things in this episode:

-What each level of value is and what resource is used.

-Why each level of value is where it is, even though it may not seem fair.

-And why there are actually two resources in the highest level of value.

So listen here to find out what the four levels of value are and how much money each level is worth.

Secret #31: The Four Levels Of Value

Secret #31: The Four Levels Of Value