Secret #30: 68% Of Your Visitors Never Even See Your Funnel…

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Secret #30: 68% Of Your Visitors Never Even See Your Funnel…

what’s up everybody’s russell brunson and welcome to the last of the seekers I want to share with you from the affiliate mastermind this one has to do with page low tens so the big question is this power on sewers like us you did cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way to let us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in outs of the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets okay I hope you have enjoyed some of the recap soup here to share this week there’s one more cool thing I want to share with you I’m not gonna actually the video clip of it but I do want to explain the concept because I think it’s pretty I think it’s valid I think it’s interesting and sometime gonna be testing it’s worth it for all you guys as well so it’s actually from Trevor Chapman and Trevor is were made of circle members who was there and it’s interesting he was talking about he was doing officer stuff with his funnel trying figure things out and he I’m starting put Google Analytics on stuff to look deeper at everything and as he was looking analytics he was trying to figure it out and couldn’t find someone so he’s like I gotta dig deep in this inside to figure some stuff out and a couple of things he found were interesting that again I think it’s worth listening to so number one he said that basically the 68% of visitors were ly I don’t those his page was this is an industry staff from Google Analytics but sixty percent people leave the page before finished loads to see your ad that they click on it come onto the page page starts loading and 68 percent of them leave before the page finishes loading which is interesting and so he started going back in and start saying okay my page loads you slow what I needed any like increase my my page load speed because I get more you know if I’m losing six to eight percent people with four paging loads like like that’s more you know two-thirds of my traffic or whatever that whatever the algorithm that never you see my ad and we start doing stuff to lower the lower things like lowering the image size is lowering you know page size and page structure of a buncha stuff like that and increasing how faster the page loaded and he got his from whatever I camera how much how much he decreased the low time but for Mike 25 30 seconds down to ten seconds down to five seconds and he did that he like two to three exes income not by changing the page or the ad or anything just by just by reducing like increasing the page load time which was like super fast and in fact he kind of mocking he gotta tease me because the click phone is like on one page right now I think I robbed my cells the images but takes almost 30 full seconds to load the entire page and he was like I make 60 if some people never even see that thing like that sucks and so it was kinda interesting that he made another observation that for me a super fascinating we talked about how people like me a lot of time to say well ugly pages convert better or your pages out and like webinar registration pages without a video on it in Crete you know increased conversion it’s all sort Stephanie’s like you say how thought it was because you know because of whatever like ugly pages convert but it’s like no the problem is like a lot there’s pretty pages take way longer to load right like the beautiful size the background images and all these you know video files a lot all kind of stuff just takes longer to load and that’s why people are leaving where the ugly ones it’s just like HTML code there’s images or there’s text and some stuff they load faster therefore therefore you know instead of 60 if some people leaving maybe drops down to 23 you see it like twice as much traffic just by increasing loads of speed time and I thought that was fascinating and interesting so I’m gonna be doing some more testing but I wanted to show you guys with everyone as you didn’t because I don’t know 100 cent of you know I would say I take everything a grain of salt but I do think he’s onto something I do think the page load time is interesting I do know on the click from side this is something should be comforting to you guys Todd spends time every single month trying to decrease the page load speed on our side of doing stuff to optimize the pages get the code out fast like all those kind of things for the page loads having faster in fact I’ve seen over the last in probably a year I’ve seen him shave like the cross-network wide the tens of millions of pages a week people view every single day in ours shaving time off by multiple seconds and so we’re always optimizing our side but you guys that you’re building pages and click phones just know that know that like man if I have a background image like how big is that file if it’s three Meg’s I got three those things that’s nine Meg’s just in background images that’s not good especially pulling on your phone or multiple it gets really in fact we just created a new tool inside a phone the university fills your family members it should be there by the time you’re here but it’s an image resizer I had Dora on my team bill a little software app or basically you take background image you throw in this thing and we’ll do it’ll take an image that’s like 3 or 4 Meg’s you click a button and it’ll pop the image back out looks exactly the same but it decreases the image size like 3 or 4 Meg’s like 300 megabytes whatever so it’s like 1/10 the size and so I’m going back to an all my old image just like my Ecover image is my picture image like all any image I’ll uploaded click funnels I have on a page I’m putting back to that thing you know and and shrinking the size of it to increase page load time and so just know those are things that you should be looking at because and if you can increase your conversion by 10% 20% 30% just by a limit just loading fast right that’s a lot of money without having to learn a write better copy or do any of those kind of things just page load time so church Adam thanks for bringing that top of mind to me and hopefully everyone’s listening on the podcast something definitely worth doing and something it should all look at so with that said I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of marketing seekers podcast if you love this episode couple things number one please go and share with those who love tell them to go subscribe and listen number two please leave a comment I do read the comments over to iTunes comm leave a comment let me know and number three the best thing you can do to increase us right now at last I checked we’re number five in the business category for me number one it’s all about listing time the more you listen the higher we get ranked so go and binge listen go back to episode number one click play and let’s catch up on in the last five years together basically since we started launching click funnels about time launches podcast and you get here the ups and the downs behind the scenes everything we did to go from 0 to 100 million dollars in sales and it’s all free here on the podcast you just got to go binge listen at the very beginning so come back to episode ones have some fun and I hope you guys appreciate I hope you guys enjoy the podcast appreciate has been on here and you soon bye want more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm then book number two is called calm sea and you get your free copy at dot-com inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets and we’ve used to become the fastest-growing non VC back-sass startup company in the world

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It’s amazing that marketers don’t discuss this simple and lucrative funnel fix more often…

On this episode of Marketing Secrets, we have the last bit of knowledge Russell wants to share from the affiliate mastermind. This time it is a tip from Trevor Chapman. Here are some of the super informative things you will hear in today’s episode:

-Why knowing that 68% of people leave a website before it’s finished loading is significant.

-How you can increase conversion just by making your page load faster.

-And how ClickFunnels™ can help you decrease your page loading times.

So listen here to find out how making your page load faster could significantly improve your conversion rates.

Secret #30: 68% Of Your Visitors Never Even See Your Funnel…

Secret #30: 68% Of Your Visitors Never Even See Your Funnel…