Secret #28: What Are The Rules You Filter Your Opportunities Through?

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Secret #28: What Are The Rules You Filter Your Opportunities Through?

what’s up everybody this is Russell I want to welcome you back to the marketing secrets podcast this episode I’m gonna be talking about some of the rules you set up before you say yes to any project so the big question is this power ons Brewers like us you didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that you believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright so for today’s podcast again this is another cool thing that we got from the flip mastermind group so one of my friends his name is Garrett Pearson he runs a bunch of cool companies and we’re actually launching company soon together which I’m really excited for I won’t ruin the surprise for yet but it is amazing and you’re gonna go crazy and should I tell you more after you see the webinar you will want to create a software program inside of your company that’s why I’m giving you okay what that said so um Garrett came he kind of showed the the the business we’re building together kind of presented to all the affiliates because again I think that every affiliate I think every business should have software component to it I think you’re kind of crazy if you don’t of all the businesses I’ve been and I’ve been in supplements info products ecommerce like everything like by far my favorite business ever is software which is probably why I love software as you can tell but one thing that Garrett talked about is they have a list of rules that they before they see a project cuz he said he’s like I have a new idea for a new software product every hour and he’s like if we didn’t have a filter and first when he got started he didn’t he just would create everything and he said we created this filter and so I asked him if he’d share that filter with everyone during the mastermind event so I’m gonna have him share that filter i’ma show you guys that clip right now and his folks are maybe different than your filter but listen to this because you need to create your own filter and I struggle with it as well so many Co opportunities come by and I’m just like yes yes yes I gotta say yes and it’s like no you have to create a filter otherwise it’ll consume your whole business in your whole life and something working on and so it was a good reminder for me and so I want to hear you guys hear Garrett’s his filter he runs things through before he jumps in and says yes to a project so let me show you that clip right now we had to come up with a way to to stop us from doing too much because you have to focus like Russell said you have to focus so here’s how we we stay grounded and we don’t we don’t do a software if it doesn’t pass all of these things Kay so is it sexy does your project feel a need or want in a desirable attractive way I mean it’s pretty obvious right you’ve got to find something that people want more importantly in the software world is it sticky okay so in the software world if you want recurring billing you want recurring revenue you need somebody that’s gonna pay you over and over and over again month after month okay or year after year so is it sticky is it going to be difficult or painful for a client to stop using our software so ClickFunnels™ is a good example I don’t know what Russell’s churn rate is and that’s people that stop using it but what the amount of users he has it you know he that’s just part of doing business in the software world but it’s super sticky because if you’ve got ten funnels you’re not gonna leave right huh even if you exactly you’re not gonna leave right and so are our shopper approved software it’s a rating and review software free for ecommerce companies they start using us they they get even 50 reviews they’re gonna stay with us forever and keep paying us and paying us paying us okay so is it sticky that’s really really important so for example with with allison’s it’s it’s definitely sexy right it’s definitely sticky because you’re gonna keep using it over and over again hopefully and so that people are gonna keep paying your month after month can you charge recurring billing we don’t do anything unless we can charge recurring billing and so it’s very very important because the recurring billing is where software’s as we’ve already talked about today where why it’s the ninth wonder of the world can you sell it via call center now this is for us these these can be different for you guys we’d love to sell our products in a call center and and so for us if we can’t sell it in a call center now for example where something wouldn’t work for us if it’s 47 bucks a month because we can’t sell that in a call center because our guys won’t make enough money right ourselves our sales team won’t make enough money so if we can’t sell it in a call center then we don’t generally do it can you promote it to your existing customers target market now this is for us because we already have software in different in certain niches right so we try and build stuff that we can sell to our existing customers or that market so we don’t if now this this software funnels is an exception but sometimes you gotta make exceptions right is it programming programming excessive if it takes us more than six to eight months to develop with one or two programmers generally we won’t do it okay is it customer service friendly it’s got to be customer service friendly or it’s going to be a nightmare to to work with over time right so those are the things that we go through and if it doesn’t pass those we don’t do it alright so to recap what Guerra said is it sexy is it sticky can you charge recurring can you sell through a call center can you promote to existing customers is that a it’s a programming excessive and support friendly like for them those are the filters they need to have maybe you’ll have to have the same filters for you something I don’t want to call Center me that’s the opposite feels like it cannot be sold the call centers gotta be sold all night but you got to pick like your rules like these are the rules of what I’m willing to do and not willing to do otherwise as I found in my life and I still struggle with it’s like I said if you’re not careful you would committed to too much stuff if you suffer from over-commitment that’s the problem and I would definitely say that I fall in this trap if I just been interesting in the last two weeks two people have been placed into my life it’s been interesting one from some I haven’t seen in 16 or 17 years a spiritual leader do I have so much respect for I haven’t heard from this they get six or seven years I hear from him and like a couple weeks later he’s in my office sitting there talking to me and then he’s gone and then just today happen again again some I respect a ton and both one basically almost word-for-word so the same thing like Russell you got to slow down you need to be in this for the long haul that’s like I think God is telling me something consistently and I’m hearing it loud and clear and now I’m trying to figure out myself like okay I gotta create my filters I got to create these rules for myself because as you guys probably see I’m running faster now we’re doing a lot of stuff which is good it’s fun I love it but same time I can find my care if I’m gonna burn out and I need to be in this long haul for myself to keep me happy long term in my life for my customers for my partners for our employees for for everyone so just a good reminder for me and hopefully for you as well thanks Eve listening to marketing series podcast I hope you appreciate it if you do if you learned anything please share this with your friends please come into iTunes come comment let us know and we’ll talk to you soon bye everybody would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually 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Do you say “yes” to too many opportunities? If so, this episode is for you.

On today’s episode of Marketing Secrets, we hear another excerpt from the affiliate mastermind. We hear Garrett Pearson go over the rules he must follow in order to see a project through. Here are some of the awesome things to look for in this episode:

-Each of Garrett’s rules to follow to take on a new project, and why.

-And how the rules may vary in different businesses, but why it is important to figure out your own rules.

So listen here to find out what rules a project must fall into for Garrett to take it on, and why you should be doing something similar with your own business.

Secret #28: What Are The Rules You Filter Your Opportunities Through?

Secret #28: What Are The Rules You Filter Your Opportunities Through?