Secret #26: Creating Your Perfect Listener Or Customer Avatar

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Secret #26: Creating Your Perfect Listener Or Customer Avatar

what’s up everybody’s russell brunson welcome to the marketing secrets podcast today take you behind the scenes of our recent affiliate master line talk about building out your customer avatar so the big question is this power entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright everyone so this last week we did an affiliate event for my top 20 affiliates for the expert seekers book which is really cool Malphite I heard of boys and we hung out we shared ideas we talked and it was really really cool in fact the next few episodes of the podcast I’m actually gonna do right here my home office I’m here right now and I’ve got my notebook with a whole inch of cool stuff and there are a whole bunch of really good takeaways that I think we’re value enough to share with you we all stopped in to film the event so I’m gonna get Brandon on my team to grab some those clips and plug them into here so you can actually see some of the footage of some of the ideas and the concepts I think are really really important I know the last few podcasts I’ve done have been someone who looks like hour-long many minutes and so I’m gonna get back to a shorter form and to share some of the really really cool things so first time I talked about is on jld John Lee Dumas from entre Ron fire who is I think the number one click Falls affiliate right now he’s gonna be the first affiliate and cliff phones making million dollars himself that’s his goal and he’s killing it he’s also probably the lowest maintenance if not the lowest maintenance affiliates I’ve ever had and partners like he’s just awesome dude and love him love working with him and it’s awesome in he was at the event and it was cool that we hadn’t could do some Q&A with the group and somebody asked him said hey I’m building a podcast and first thing jail they asked like what was it for and then I quote for this kind of person this kind of person this kind of person he’s like there’s your problem he’s like you need to identify exactly who your person is and then he went to this like state where he just shared exactly who his dream customers dream client was and I’ve never in the history of me doing this business which is now 14 or 15 years hurts someone more perfectly explaining their customer avatar then jail deeded at that moment I’m so glad we got on film so I’m gonna play that clip for you right now so you can see exactly what you said and as you’re listening this I want you thinking through that because that is how clear you have to be on exactly who your customer is and that way you create your product your podcast your whatever it is you’re doing you match it to your customer and that is a seeker so let me show that clip right now so who’s your perfect listener our perfect listener would be a business owner or an entrepreneur or a real estate investor so that’s really vague like perfect listener should just be that that one individual that like you would see is like the perfect ideal client cuz once you’ve kind of made that that step in that decision as a podcast host everything changes so like for me when I was trying to figure out like what I wanted entrepreneur fire to be I was overwhelmed because it was really hard for me to kind of find what that path that I wanted to take my listeners on and when I really sat down and said okay my listener is my avatar is Jimmy he’s 37 years old he has a wife and two kids ages three to five he drives by himself to work every single day so 25-minute commute to work he gets to a cubicle the job he hates for nine hours you know just done with his job drives home so 35 minute commute homes he gets stuck in a little bit of traffic get some home he hangs out with his kids has dinner with his family was his kids Abed hangs out with his wife and then he has a little Jimmy pity party at the end of every single night because he’s sitting on the couch saying why do I spend 90% of my waking hours doing things I don’t enjoy doing commuting to a job I don’t like being at a job I don’t like commuting home and only 10% of my waking hours doing things that I love my explaining time with my kids and my family and Jimmy is my avatar like he’s the person that as he’s driving to work should be listening to entrepreneur on fire so that when my guest is sharing their worst entrepreneurial moments he can understand that it’s okay to fail and like that you can learn lessons from failure and that when he’s driving home and my guest talks about their aha moment he can talk about how you taken aha moment and turn it into success and then instead of having that pity party at night you know by himself on a couch he can listen to lightning round where my guess is showing their best advice they’ve ever had their favorite book their favorite resource and so we can start to put together the pieces of the puzzle and so for me now whenever I come up to any question I have about the the direction of my podcast I go to my avatar and I say WWJD like what would Jimmy do and like I know from that one answer like that that’s the way that I got to go so if you sit down and you really say hey this is the one perfect listener of my podcast then you’re gonna know that person is that now you’re gonna know where that person hangs out what facebook groups are in what LinkedIn groups are in like how to advertise to them like what lead magnet is gonna be appealing to them on Facebook that’s gonna get them to download it and be able to to be promoted to your show and again this is your ideal perfect client like you could probably picture right now this person that whenever he sits down in front of you just like dude you’re like my favorite client and he’s like I know I’m your favorite client and like that’s the person that like you want to be drawing in so like if you sit down and really just figure out who your perfect one ideal listener is everything changes from that point forward and all the decisions you make are based off of that and so every piece of content you make for your podcast is speaking to that avatar that one person every every call-to-action you give in every intro and every call-to-action in there the outro is for a specific purpose so for instance in my podcast entrenar fire you’ll hear me I have seven rotating calls to action on my intros and outros ones gonna say hey this is John Lee Dumas I’m entrepreneur on fire where I interview the world’s most successful entrepreneur seven days a week by the way if you’re struggling with a goal right now you should check out the freedom journal because I teach you how to accomplish a number one goal in 100 days so visit the freedom journal com and that will be one call to action that will bring people down one specific funnel that will result in them purchasing my journal the freedom journal for $39 and then I have the call to action in my outro that says hey guys hope you enjoyed the chat with Russell today he rocked the mic as always oh by the way if you’re thinking about creating your own course your own podcast I have a free course called free podcast course that will teach how to creates grow and monetize your own podcast in 15 days and so then they’ll go to that URL there sign up for the free podcasting course which will lead them to my free master class which I do every single every two weeks which is live and then that master class will lead to me pitching them podcasters paradise which which is what we have for our premium podcasts and communities so every single call to action I have is for Jimmy to take them into one of my seven or eight functioning funnels that I have to result in some kind of revenue being generated at the end so I think that the steps you can and should take is really nail your avatar understand who that person is as an individual and then start creating one two three calls to action that you’re using in your intros in your outros that are getting them into the beginning part of a funnel that’s going to result in your ideal action which might be a phone call which might be you know whatever that you know investing their first dollar with your company whatever that result is but that’s the funnel you’re taking them and does that make sense I hope you guys loved that it was like as he was talking I was like trying to take notes oh my god no good we’ve got a video so it’s pretty powerful and I want to make sure you guys all know your customer avatar that clear as well if not it’s time to do homework stop the podcast and go think through that because as soon as becomes that tangible where you know who they are everything else becomes easier so that’s that makes you have so much for listening and we’ll see you on next week’s episode of the marking seekers podcast would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF uh no hacker TV

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You can also get the transcripts to this episode here:

In my 15 years of doing business, I’ve never heard this critical business concept explained so perfectly.

On this episode of Marketing Secrets Russell lets you listen to how John Lee Dumas describes his ideal and perfect customer. Here are some cool things you will hear:

-Why you need to be able to describe your ideal customer in detail in order to appeal to them.

-Why it’s a good idea to make decisions based on what your ideal customer would like.

-And why creating a few calls to action based on your customers needs will be beneficial.

So listen here to find out what John Lee Dumas’s perfect customer is like, and how you can nail yours down as well.

Secret #26: Creating Your Perfect Listener Or Customer Avatar

Secret #26: Creating Your Perfect Listener Or Customer Avatar