Secret #25: Road Trip Rant: It’s Time To Get Real About HOW To Have Success…

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Secret #25: Road Trip Rant: It’s Time To Get Real About HOW To Have Success…

what’s up everybody this is russell brunson and welcome to a special edition rupture preferred version edition we’re going to call it the marketing secrets podcast to like Brunel’s for a long time friends and followers like a marketing your car but that a long drive ahead and now I’m working at the podcast so the big question is this how we’re on true errs like I didn’t you take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pocket how do we market in a way the left top get our products and our services and the things we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in the podcast will give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing today [Music] errata right everybody I started a super long road trip ahead to Burley Idaho is my wife’s grandma’s 100th birthday and so and absolutely birthday party’s been crazy 100 years old which is really fun and my wife and kids actually left and a half ago adding some stuff done not pinned down to the party and basically I elected to our road trip and had to work outside in and I totally unprepared I forgot my camera to record podcast I’ve got my little head gear but I’ve got my sunglasses oh well what can you do my battery 200 my phone oh well I’m so excited so head down and ask the time thought to yes I want to share some cool things first off one thing we’re working on is as you probably heard we’re about to launch our viral video with the Harmon brothers that guys did squatty potty and burying all the other the other awful things and what’s funny everyone’s ass today call for a higher than Jesus that’s awesome like how much the cost and I think people think the clothes give a 10 or 15 grand or something but it’s actually half a million dollars higher than a 30 minute video before it’s not cheap we paid a lot of money to get this video created and then and that’s like that most smoothly do a video and then they launch you the kind of just hope it goes well sometimes it really does not like if we don’t watch someone’s much like behind it is it’s humanly possible so I let need to a launch party so now it’s kind of the first time and I’m like well how do a launch party I’m like I know they’re done one before but nothing’s coming regular party and like maybe we should get like some cool speakers gives me four cruisers and fillings out here it’s like be fun to have it they go very technical stops thank you for not July but you can really cool a sit for this for this event to call them up she said yes it came about a hundred grand come to Boise speak the right where Boise as they cool enough to actually host an event like this there’s not a lot of cool hotels so on Boise football stadiums are speaking uh like the skybox there it’s kind of quarrels like thirty foreigner people so I call do this around the skybox and they’re like who’s going it and filings we might Thanksgiving is really cool I think I was out sharp and talking is anonymity it was basically the arts producers that they like to create events out of everything making memorable for them and to everybody else so I think event so and so anybody be bigger bigger so the write better quite our affiliates that’s kind of fun we go might punch them like coughs goodbye to can share this video and so where I going to bite people that aren’t necessarily like our affiliate link to other influencers who they share the video with scooter magnet boosted so what is that’s we accepts event I was the speak our brothers we Jerry’s no speak and then service out influencers that I literally care about people speaking like on a party right gonna be kind of a fun party hit we’re up on people as I know it would be a real party site I don’t throw a real party so we start this kind of brainstorming and what came out of the brainstorm was what if we rent out the actual football stadium and then if we played and then we late try to play Bubble soccer and I gladly ratified would have successfully both soccer okay trying to play the biggest game of soccer and ever and I won that against little records come in anyway so I was kind of initial crazy thought and then they would like Cameron figuring I think this works Aviv spent the next two weeks on the phone Ian because for the rules records they given going to stateless come there’s a licensing fee the like it’s been this insane project kinda lie down the right rabbit in the influencers from Concord we’re investing nights a lot of money with no it was actually coming and I was like okay old school and to that satisfy freaks so last two days I sat in this car I recorded I almost 200 videos personalized videos for all these influencers who thought of work I made a page 200 pages 400 for affiliates or influencers and now on Monday we process contact y’all providing the search party anyway it’s been crazy and none of them may come hopefully will but it’s going to be resolved a fun party where is that guest book world record room on trial video and that’s one of the many things that we’re doing we also have 12 events the next 43 days happening in Boise what I’m just got done is an action on 11 Monday we haven’t decided on what we got 35 is coming out we were busting out of Duke templates for the new marketplace that’s launching during the return the new onboarding everything’s online but funnels when the viral video hits in about a billion others big it’s crazy then connects 45 days probably be the most stressful crazy in my life so if we can pull it off I keep saying that I did the same thing with the book launch I think there’s something about me I think something’s wrong the wiring my head were like I was thinking that like after that’s been life will be normal and but then it’s used actively gone I think part of is just like momentum it’s hard to get momentum a lot of people who have momentum like don’t want to slow down so I keep riding over the way right and so like I feel like I’m like 14 minutes into my 15 minutes of fame and I’m enjoying the ride I don’t want to slow down so like these keep rolling stuff out if we’re launching a new book that I don’t have your cookbook month crazy anyway and yes he was actually happening and see now that you’ve actually believe it but a hacker team you started going act want to show people but that still stick lives like it could come collected is actually nothing it’s us but yeah alright so for you guys I want to share something a lot about this last night I was working super late and and I was like why am i here’s the chance and Robin you’re tight 2:30 in the morning and I’m loving it like I outside waking up my kids there’s like nothing else I would rather do than that and I’m like how do I get people to weather this passionate about what they do and their business is they’re selling it and I didn’t want guess the long-ago talked about like the number one today that down between Oscars are successful most are and the biggest tre is that the ones who are super successful they’re the ones who are extremely passionate and not just about the product but about the marketing of their product leaders they start eking out on the market at six kilos who those who obsess with the margins are the ones that most successful which is why like for me is that a big day like in our world the dot-com singles book the experts seekers book quite as events and all the stuff I do because mine’s like my goal is to give you guys I want to make marketing and sales fun like if this is something that you guys might make this like the entertainment like study and learning geek out on the marketing the – that’s the my mission on this earth because I was learning the stuff I it was exciting for me but like honestly it was kind of boring with the people teaching you talking to Marty oh they were boring and and I haven’t weighed through a lot of boring crap and now I might try to make it exciting and I’m trying to bring my raw passion to you guys I hope it I hope and doing my job I’m doing my best because if you get pumped up and fired up about marketing of your thing then that’s how you get the ability to make money free yourself and give you the ability to not just make the money but now to impact more people and certain more people and that’s the goal it’s on thinking like outside of me just every day try to can you guys pumped and excited and fired about how much fun the marketing of your thing can be I was like I was thinking it up last night like run away cattle I just take that part of my brain out and shove it your brain so you’re fired up I started thinking about it and I was like I think that the key for someone to be truly passionate about the marketing and selling of their thing they first have to be truly passionate about their thing did you think about that like I talked about than the expert seekers book initially they kill make up window I think I did the most people know and maybe that was my gift or whatever but but most of the wake up excited like I’ve gotta learn how to do market like this of the thing that pumps people up but there’s something else happens I think there’s something they you got excited on your life give you a book you read the audio can be video to be just a weird things like I don’t know whatever it is that your thing is right hey everyone as if our thing right you’re thinking something so you’re seeing we got you pumped up whatever that was what do you think about that because that’s the key that’ll awesome the first you get excited by that thing because it’s exciting to you right and you go through this list this time of growth and so you start studying and you learn and you peek out and you start growing and growing and growing and growing and and at first its it honestly it’s kind of a selfish thing there’s nothing wrong with that like what’s the the dudes wall street’s they green is good like initially it is I think not long term the short term Green is good right like the Reed is what gets you to light unbalanced your life in a way initially not long term initially of an unbalanced your life to focus on a theme did have greatness come right like when I met my beautiful wife and I wanted to fall in love with her for me to be successful in that I had to be greedy Ida like I had to shit all my time and all the other stuff I was doing and other people another thing thing I had to balance my life focus everything on that relationship so we can fall in love and get married right maybe happen with business and the afterwards wrestling like when I started wrestling I had to be greedy about that thing I think is so unbalanced and every other seek my life and focus on that thing because that’s what it takes to be great anything right that raw passion so first the green like that thing if you desiring that thing is what initially starts right he has weight loss because of biohacking someone finance of the end with history I think doesn’t matter like whatever it is unique out about right and so the creative the excitement you feel initially that being of what basically you can completely unbalanced your life and absorb it and go into that being right and that’s that’s the first king because to be an expert to be able to share your best saying all those things to talk about to actually care about the marketing of your being you’ve got to be ridiculously passionate about the thing first otherwise you’re not gonna wade into the territory and you’re going to go to all the pain of being an entrepreneur acting at the house the world because I know the bottom of famous views that your entrepreneurship eventually but initially it not initially it sucks initially you have to go through so much it’s like giving birth Riley like my wife has given birth five kids four times one time was twins right so like giving birth is not pleasurable thing the initial like the thought of it fainting creates the baby like that’s pleasurable it’s like your business and thought imagine like all this is exciting like the ropes drove romantic about the thought of this thing you want to create sorry my Jeep is super loud and I go to overdrive anyway like that’s pleasurable like we all enjoy Valley like I enjoyed would’ve took to get my wife prizes I got awesome I enjoyed what to do to create the seed of click models and the business right and that part’s fun and then there’s after the romantic side happens Bennett’s light burn for pregnancy there’s nine months of like paid right for the woman thing my wife I watched her go through this for time she’d waste fell for was felt sick she was throwing nothing same way like after you go through the the romance the romantic part now it’s like pain point is that to work hard can’t sleep because like deprive yourself of friends and family and night and like in like all the pleasures of life to perv this thing do you have and most people give up during that during the birthing process – this sucks with a baby I know – you know obviously like the baby’s coming whether you wanted to or not but the the birthing of a business it would be an entrepreneur like it’s so painful most people make it through it those days like whatever one out of my 100 businesses succeed but the reality is like one out of a million businesses everything gets fruition because the idea is planted but the birthing of the thing never happens because it’s so painful and so like if you’re not obsessively insanely passionate about your thing I got a probably ranking to you it’s going to be hard to birth it because those hard times come and it sucks so I think that not only do you have to be compassionate about the marketing and I pretend make them part fun so the birthing process is actually fun right but maybe I’m like equals when the might be hypno birthing class I got leave my wife I didn’t get no mercy for the last kid was actually really cool if you did classes and like determining or literally fun so baby I’m like the hypno birthing coach right I think this process of birth fun for you even though you know it’s still going to suck but maybe you can like have a good time long way right but you should it is really fun but I was like if you’re going to go through that birth process like you happen he’s so excited about the baby that’s I think that’s the key right like my wife and I was so excited for the twins or so that the other kid and that’s why I she was waiting for that that pain because we’re so passionate excited about about things a kid so for you it starts with I think that before you can beam onto the freaking furthest they give me and say meet a shit about your thing and the people tell you otherwise they go no it’s mad all I don’t know I think you can make money not sow passions but you can’t you can’t leave a legacy you can’t do what’s really important about it okay so my next my next phase of this we have long road trip eons hope you don’t mind the next phase of this and then they can kill how do you become passionate about this thing right now gross I see you you’re jumping around screen and excited all like every single day all right from the morning I’m tired I leave in the morning a lake I know I don’t always feel that passion and I get that I don’t want to want to share some stuff this is maybe like this is personal development according to Russell I got aunties personal development and probably never will but I have my thoughts on I have a feeling so I do a lot of it myself something to you during our fun road trip together to some of my thoughts and and the first of all the stuff that I had to go through and we have to go through and hopefully suddenly things well get ice number one the first thing is all Giants you gotta quit being so then that’s the official turf war yeah all right my daughter’s pick up a little monster mask so to you in the till then that’s what most people ordered you guys will see us are doing like classic we work on your like – I just got to be excited you listen to a podcast man Mike like 300 episodes ago I didn’t I didn’t want to talk to you about being awesome people always ask you how you do it ever goes alright I’m you’re okay okay first out of your okay meet your life sucks okay you need to stop it I’m here okay okay my kids I told him to make one somebody ask you how you’re doing you never say you’re okay I’m doing good like good is the enemy – great okay so if you’re doing good that’s not a good thing okay if you change the world you can’t be doing I’m doing good it’s alright notices everybody will ask how you’re doing and you obviously didn’t get first thing to change you are no longer doing good you are doing awesome all the time I can’t but yes how you doing awesome yes meeting I don’t awesome and you need a reprogram your brain for doing like on their right to being awesome okay like people ask you that now on this is rule number one you have to say you’re doing awesome okay it may seem like a dumb thing but you’ll see how change people around you say to inject you an awesome right really huh nobody ever says that okay you say you’re doing good like uh but you did that then okay did you pulled an Ellie on him monster Ellie on you know is my daughter than that then get so no more live you’re doing awesome dead and you’ll feel awesome guess what the first steps does awesome is saying that you’re feeling awesome kid okay number one number two stay control alright if you ever told your Abba commit what you should if you don’t you’re saying um I’m not allowed to say it but you may or may not be hanging out here at our next we’ll add five of it but regardless you should go to at least upw you get a walk on fire and hopefully you can’t do a date with destiny as well if you if you really want to have shit in your life Tony is personal take you in ships that’s why I don’t eat personal development because Tony has the best world I could I couldn’t do better should remotely cause so I’m not even gonna try it if I felt like I could I probably would go and register that market but Tony’s the best so I’m not going to so Eileen it’s Tony and alpha Brendon Burchard Brendan’s the man I anyway Tony Brendon those dudes will shift your self persons about why so go and study that but Tony especially his watch Ian fires insanely cool but well the main things you learn David St is they called state controls of state is this thing that you are in as you are doing something right pleasure to have you stand out happy state state right and most of us we live our lives in a good state right and you have to learn how to change your state like this okay across the guy learn from Tony that I actually control the state that I’m in and I don’t think most people understand that you control the state you’re in you can change it you can be depressed you can be happy and you can change it that fast and when I learned that and I came aware of it it was insanely cool I would I would have a long horrible day in the office when you beat up the tired worn-out I come home and as most people do I can walk through the door inject me a bit of dad I was like no I don’t want to be a plaid so walk in tired beat up angry sometimes frustrated like all the crappy goats are sometimes for today I get to the door and I say I can walk in to be a dad or I can change my state so I’m like what I’m gonna do I’m a freakin change my state and so I doin Tony Robbins talks about there’s three things I’ll just try it making three chips my in my in my life a physiology my focus my media shit those things and boom that fast I walk in and guess what I’m not a good dad I’m a frickin awesome dad and I thought of my kids I played my kids and they’re gonna remember that okay we’re walk in the office sometimes I haven’t slept more than an hour I walk in the office guess what I feel like my psyche I want to die sometimes I’m so tired I walk in activate then right but guess after my walk in and I walk in and ask data my bed just happens all people around me they will match my state because I’m the leader and I’m walking I’m glad they will all become black right and this is the official term by the way now is blend so if I walk in and blah they’re all gonna be blocked if I walk in and I’m at a free content they are all going to rise to my level to my state okay state controls huge you can control your own state with other cool things that you can control a steer the people that are around you most of our office and right is it always like this the answer is yes wise like this because I’m freakin setting the pace my walk into them in the day I walk in knowing that the pace that I said is what’s good everyone’s going to match me at that pace if I come in blood they’re going to be blind okay I working with other companies and partners and friends and people had and what’s interesting is like we will work with employees of a business owner and whatever is that the state of the business owner is he no have I seen their videos and they’re all their stuff the entire company match to that state and thing and so if I want to dominate the world I gotta learn change my state so understanding state control it is shoot and it’s so much more simple anything ok Tony Robbins talked about the well it go to UVW so anyway there’s three things called to try and rise those three things involved state control I gotta go through the puppies slaughter and so go study Tony worst case go who go to youtube and type in Tony Robbins State Controller something I’m sure you get the videos in teaching as well but a tryouts first thing this three things got changed right the first thing is your physiology is your body this amazing gift they got has given us functions it drives everything right you have no suppress people they look depressed right that people want to do it looks sad their body their their body matches and mirrors how they feel okay a lot of you think I’m status my body’s like just my shoulder drooping with the case tonight the rebake because your body drooping that’s why you’re sad I just changing your physiology changing your state changing how you you hold your body will actually change how you feel is insane I’ll be talking about that there was a group of people who were clinically depressed not just on depressive said clinically depressed they were in a clinic they were in rehab because they had such bad depression because this group of like 50 clinically depressed people and they took them off all the depression medication which all men occasionally does to change your state features of physiology honestly club in a minute but it takes them takes them off of to piss them off all their meds and make some stats from a mere four 13s a day with your shoulders back to smiling even if it’s like a fake smile or a gag but makes them smile for 30 minutes right and guess what happened just by changing the physiology and force itself to smile for 30 days every one of the people who are clinical depression with we’re healed they were miraculously saved from their depression okay now there are times when and I have friends that I members that deal with the precious I’m not I’m not shortchanging that but I promise you that by shifting your physiology you can shift effort everything that gets used I got seen I’ve seen people who are depressed shift their stage of their body and then they get under privates it’s crazy okay so if I want to be in a happy mood if I want to be in a good state my kids my wife my liver and the ones who meaning if I’m going to whatever I state and how I hold my body has a ton to do I would say 50% of how I enter a room has to do with the outcome of what’s going to happen and I son scientifically-proven that’s just what I’m estimating based on how I laugh and so that’s a big thing so figure that out how do you control your body okay look at what depressed people look like and if you if you holds your body and where the depressed people hold the body you’re going to be depressed you hope the body ways that people hold that you’re going to be sad hope there’s a way to happy people you’re happy okay look at me right now and Relic happy ah like the reason why I’m doing this and to watch bond tonight watch Russell so excited because when I’m in excited mood know better I get more done I get people around me it raised my level vibration and they get excited as well okay this is weird thing and this is scriptural clothes who are the church-going folk and those who aren’t it doesn’t even matter okay like cleaveth the light darkness lea cleaveth the darkness right one of my coaches Tara will talk to us on that by vibration like if like I said a good five she’s got a good vibe sense the vibration right and you think that’s like tuning fork say if tuning fork here and you end you want to like get to 2d force next to each other it will eventually like match their vibrations as a high pitch one loaf it’s when they will meet in the middle because vibrations they match right likely that the light dark the dark and the safety happens with you like if you come in here tuning fork in your vibrations high your people can just suck you down though and you’ll be depressed or you come in and freaking just blow their mind with a level of like energy or vibration and everybody will rise – you may have to understand that they’re going to suck you down you’re going to ride them ok let’s see if that’s one part of station talk this is is understanding that your body it has so much to do with them Ted now that you understand that how else can control your body ok this is why us nerdy entrepreneur vile hacking people talk about like the ports of our body right Alex sharpen it the Pirates code mastermind he said it he said from any of you entrepreneurs who aren’t treating your body like like professional athlete you’re insane does you’re doing seeing the professional athletes aren’t you’re trying to accomplish things that they they can’t even fathom if you’re on taking care of your body like you’re insane right and it’s surely what you put into your body affects your physiology ok when I eat crap guess how I feel crap ok why do white people that’s a variety so we supplement it different substance I think that type physiology now I have rules my supplements on most you all know I’m a Mormon therefore I don’t do a lot of things I don’t alcohol tabacco copy see any other like crazy stuff and so I don’t do a lot because there’s some there’s some stuff like that you take because they affect my physiology okay I do take some caffeine because caffeine affects your physiology take it it increases your energy like your physiology changes what helps me get into a state faster okay there’s other stuff aside takes a lot of eyes and I could go days on supplements but they’re things I take – they affect my physiology just things they don’t eat because they they affect my physiology okay look how I eat I usually don’t eat breakfast okay reason why is this breakfast to be giving me hope sluggish entire mythology goes down okay I usually one huge meal a day when I’m in the office Mel that makes me this huge salad it’s got high fats that tons of vegetables I eat it and there’s almost no carbs outside the cars inside the vegetables because carbs makes me feel sluggish and tired I don’t want to feel tired so I just eat the vegetables meat and fat because that keeps my energy connected the ology good again when I’m when I’m at home if I’m going to eat like junk typically I eat it like at the end of the night about to go to bed because at that point I don’t care about my physiology but fall asleep right but if I don’t eat dinner like I usually won’t eat all the other nice stuff I’ll go and I’ll take the veggies cook meat off what am i right wait makes the heat that cuz I know that made the rice is carved by that cuz happen my physiology drain then I’m and then I’m gonna be worse to ask my kids like I know how it works so if I want to stay in a pink state my kids I have to stay in a human physiology go and so I’m very careful what I eat then now sometimes I’m not as I’m not as good as like water about acting buddy like sometimes I just screw up and then like in my physiology this is probably a bad thing this is the negative personal development but if I see something if I crap my quo until I clap I’m gonna like that matter what might as well make my case but still good so I go all out and I like if I have a bad day I have a really bad thing coz of my physiology Jack anyways have fun so there you go either one number two side of the pillar of his Cody’s triad and is shifting what you focus on and you notice that I depress people focus on depressing things if you notice they’re happy people focus on happy things but Russell there’s so much bad things happening in the world I know there is but guess what I don’t focus on the sad things are happening or guess what I don’t watch the freakin news guess what wonder why you lose focus on depressing things I don’t want to be the press on so depressing things I try to focus on people and things that get me pumped up Podcast people inspire me to get me excited I’m reading they be excited I focus on stuff gets me excited okay in Macbeth s crappy stuff happens every single day I tell you what when you go for a million dollar company to attend to a hundred the level of crappy crap that comes up every day exponentially increases okay they say someone’s will the other day that every three months on fitters focus with a decision to either make or break them okay that’s true when you’re running a million dollar business your business are you running one hundred million dollar business that happens a lot more often I would say probably every three hours I’m not kidding okay there’s a lot of crap that hits me in the face every single day and if I focus on the negative I would be in a state of depression right now okay I’d look at it like all sucks all right this is the answer and I turned my back can I run from it I do not focus on someone five seconds all right I will lose my state okay what are you focusing on okay why do you guys get overwhelmed his stress here I do not think I get overwhelmed I have 12 events happening in the next forty seven eight we’re doing the biggest launch in the history of the freaking the internet renewing include complete onboarding process I just wrote a new book in the last 30 days there’s not a tiny book it’s a freaking cookbook 2500 page cookbook we’re gonna design it on tomorrow in June if you knew how much stress out of my plate I don’t know like I’m pretty sure most people would crack under the pressure and shock that I have yet but the reason why is because I keep moving on Dan Gable the greatest wrestler in the history of wrestling moment uh grace anymore but he is the legend right he is he is the Michael Jordan of wrestling Dan Gable become an Aston one-time because he yeah he went to all college never losing a match was very last match he lost we have so pissed off limit our training the Olympic and he actually became with the champion and not a single person scored on who was crazy while he was training for the Olympics it’s so crazy so the Russians actually said they came out publicans that we are going to train it asked with the only goal is to beat Dan Gable American and Dan was like no I am the greatest wrestlers ever with nobody’s going to beat me right so what did Dan do even worked seven hours a day working out seven hours a day preparing for limping then he go to bed at night and went to bed at night he laid there in bed saying the duty in Russia who is China Bibi is awake and he’s training right now and that pisses me off it freaks me out so what did dad gable do woke up at midnight Eagle run he knew his opponent was with completing his training and it stressed him out knowing that this deponent is born with wake while you sleep and I like that we got to care for now okay now that’s Esav I guess he cracked him the pressure itself he wasn’t a vixen was not a single person toward a point on him see that’s that’s their cables all right now someone asked to give a person into a silence entiendo is Owen and a poor Dan went on to have a head pressing Ohio ha guys one like Mort and see a champ chapters in Rome I think anybody any sport I believe any way you can save and someone asked daddy offense until you so you believe it pressure dad like yeah I believe in pressure it’s everywhere he said the difference is that that’s compulsive-like fit underneath the pressure they think sometimes they I believe it I so put myself underneath it and step aside I hope so when I need to get done most of us does that same way like not really that’s so much stress so much pressure I like about your crack and then hot that’s like just in our heads all ul sounds kind of paper but she’s come in the night when I can’t sleep let’s add a paper I’ll write down like what am i stressing on I write all those things down me write down this like oh that’s actually not as bad as I thought and then you fall asleep in yourself out of the pressure so sometimes we’re focusing on all the pressure and the stress on stuff that’s we don’t think don’t do that like write it all down and then they prioritize as they became I can’t control I can’t control remove forward how the pressures go and sometimes I don’t you’ve got done I’m sure that all the stuff I’d be done between now and our viral video launched those who is not going to get done a lot of a will goes to over sometimes you can’t you can’t affect suit is what you do whatever you can and then issue your closer close to deadlines all of the non-essential start falling away and then you skill is essentials and that’s how the game is played all right let me 132 minutes you guys will be on fuck all right I don’t know that SOB geisha physiology ships your physiology number two where you’re focusing on and there were three like what’s the meaning I think number three meeting is not even teach the sarong or thinking about wrong nor threes the meaning we’re catching the feeling that something bad happens to us and we catch these weird meanings to it and we is really cool like we have this unique ability is human to attach meaning to things right and most usually what happens is it’s subconscious like we don’t know we’re doing something right I still punch does the date and subconsciously our body attack to the meanings that K so by attacking like this versus Anatomy it so we asking anything like I need advises thing to say look at starting to step back color punch that’s right our meaning maker attaches of me if you think that versus Madison us fight them back so my gods like when I try to find someone okay or so they punched us and maybe the meaning is like oh this person’s going to kill me that’s the meeting we attached limit I can leave run away hey or is also the invite would think everything today something’s happening and we’re attaching these meanings to it in the meaning directly where we’re going with with our thoughts and the actions everything else right but it is you’re aware of this you can actually change the meanings that are coming to you right so a national this is actually part of the triad it may not be I can’t remember now go go YouTube Tony Robbins regardless I’ll talk about meetings means a big thing when you’re aware of this it’s kind of cool because now it gives you ability to shift meetings right so like with somebody with somebody we’ve had some morons and they are morons this week that if I bend attacking ClickFunnels™ and at first I like just suddenly I don’t want to kill them now apply the house and beat them because that’s like the wrestler in me right and then I’m like because my body has to be attached the meaning to what they’re doing that was cool 20 times means technically you stop it right ok what if that’s not the meaning they’re attached with that’s actually this meaning and you ship like the meaning that maybe they’re attaching and it gives it the meaning associate with the experience it’ll change your perspective which changes everything and so we got to become good at like and consciously picking the meaning we are attaching to feet okay if someone screws is over we can attach to me anything now person or person are trying to screw me over but if you catch that meaning be careful because as soon as you attach that meaning to something guess what happened now the situation you enter the state winter is going to be based on that meaning and it can get really bloody and really bad and things can turn really bad it’s going to increase all these other pressure noise and all the other bad stuff right but if you come in and say look that first of the total douchebag I don’t face it on TV I apologize again and what efforts is a horrible person but then maybe have a bad day today maybe they’re struggling maybe financially or whatever and you attach and different meaning to the situation then you come into night men like that person toys should be over but you know this is probably what this is probably why he did it why she did it you catch that meaning it gives you a different set of tools to deal with the situation and so on what happens now in my life something happens in it instantly the meanings attached by my brain and what I found is that most the time the instant meaning that’s attached is gonna leave you in a really negative path it’s weird how it works and so you often I’ve run down that with that negative meaning that’s a meaning a meaning meaning and bad things happened so I try to consciously stop and I try to take the exact opposite I remember Tony that date with destiny does the safest mind experience your life that pissed you off okay so I remember for me with something with my wife and my wife was at the event medicine separate succinic for anatomy and there’s experience and they said write down the experience I wrote it down and said write out write down all of the meanings that you attach to the experience I’m like my wife feel Anatomy she’s she she doesn’t love me she doesn’t I’ve been all these different meanings I had attached to that situation and it in turns to kit right a big wind down the down the side of the paper he says the next to each of the meetings to attach that situation I want you to write the exact opposite of that thing so I was like okay my wife my wife being my wife is it mean to me or whatever right now side like Jackie lovely and they’re like my wife super selfish like no she actually so so giving this this struggle resolutely that opposite of each of the meetings I had attached the situation it was crazy is uh after after handwriting out probably three or four of the thing I started crying and I started crying because I realized [Music] because I love my wife and I know her and I read that the true meaning of what she what happened that situation was actually the exact opposite of the meaning that i had attached to it and i instantly realized that i was in the wrong and she wasn’t and I broke down crying ugh like oh my gosh like where else my life is this happening where I’m attaching the meaning subconsciously to a big and I’m actually wrong and and I realized that that day like I have to I have to be I take control of my meeting maker the meeting I’m attaching to every single situation right something happens now and instantly I get the negative meaning because it just happens like that’s our brains are wired for some stupid reason that’s top of it and I clean what’s the opposite I wouldn’t what’s something that if I can attach a different nation or maybe look at this person through a different a different angle a different lens a different light and I shift the meeting and it’s just everything this is how I how I feel about the person is just how I approach them it’s just my response and to changed everything now I wish I say I am I wish they get the appropriate with it I am not too if you’ve ever been on the back end of a backlash from me for some I apologize I can get pricked sometimes I didn’t rise until the other day we have a bad about blue the contractor on he was killing himself for us right and I imagine gonna be a pain in the butt to be where he would be sometimes because I’m both I’m on TV I’m on Instagram I’m a husband and I’m ranting raving and talking about everything in and uh about thinking I just kind of shared you know publicly my thought and in parks could like I’m a media personality right if I just I came up like all the time nobody would listen right so I’m usually on the extremes I’m extremely happy or should we upset and so because that’s what’s interesting and so I feel backs I had published something it was negative toward towards that person and hadiya’s guide brought to my attention like while roughly versus really worked his butt off for you and you’re saying these things and like and underhand and had this like the moment and given I kind of broke down or slate Colin I’m a bad person sometimes and the meaning that was passion to all these situations would like they’re lazy they don’t care that are working are like whatever I am attaching on the meetings and I had fun little moments exercise where I was like okay what what if I Swiss the meeting I’d what was probably actually happening and I was like oh man I’m a jerk I realize that again and so I reached out person I apologize and I don’t make it better enough but I was wrong and and so at that other situations this week where again there’s this person who’s like honestly Inc it is always people we help the most so what do I helped a lot have a lot of success I have bent over backwards for them and now they’re publicly attacking me and us and it just and it’s punishment like the meeting either right now like that’s the meeting that I wanted to cast which is like like wants to be darling oh stop like just out of my frame because I know I know the reason why this person’s being a douchebag I’m going to use that word I apologize because you think I know the means I know the true meaning and it’s not the one that that makes me feel bad about myself which sucks because that makes me feel so much better about myself but it’s the truth and so I’ve tried to attach that meaning to it even though I’m sorry I think about situation I think my Bloods boiling thinking about it again I gotta go back to the meeting that I attached on purpose so the more you guys wear the stories affected that’s a part so yeah there’s number two first moment so where we got far talk about not being bad talk about shifting your state in a certain sense talk about shifting the meaning you’re taxing the pink all right those couple things all right yes we know 40 40 minutes but I still got an hour and a half drive we’re going to keep on talking like a wedding singer Chris one of my favorite movies of all time it’s remember when he’s all depressed after his girlfriend is married on him and he’s hosting the the wedding party they still always joke tonight the one guys like a wedding singer the West horse wedding thing I’ve ever heard it looks that he’s like well I have the microphone so you will listen to every word I have to say it was my favorite lines ever so that’s what do I now I have the microphone so you will have to do every word I have to say anyway I guess you can turn me off so hopefully well hopefully you can hear me this car so loud and we’re driving I hope that is coming through exciting some good stuff here for people health alright next thing so she talks about talk about D knob then talk about getting at stakes like that meeting like these are pieces that help you function better as a human being I always tell people like how much of an impact Tony Robbins had on me is because he made me aware of these things and there’s so many more I was saying I wish we can go you know you’d go to UVW go walk on fire and then you take a fight 500 to 1,000 bucks like if you were broken on the money go get a credit card finance if you’re broke you’re gonna become more broken freaking tears I used blue Lissa worst things gonna happen you’re gonna go bankrupt like dude you’re broke it doesn’t matter right I was behind you like I don’t anybody can invest like dude then we have nothing to lose because he get alone ca5 loads like do whatever you like who cares the worst case and hers you lose all give nothing did you have nothing I taught the the Cub Scouts the 12 year old at an entrepreneurship merit badge and now one of the guys out to think how old using his kid should start I was like they should start now I’m like I got a dozen friends who are teenagers we’re making insane amounts of money and the guy goes funny the guy at a gas they said yeah I sling because I just see all you kids though you have nothing if you lose at all you don’t lose anything so who cares anyway it always makes me laugh you bright when you can risk a lot because you have money to rescue Mike dude it’s way easier to risk when you’re broke – fucking worst case scenario you lose everything but everything is like a rent on an apartment like that’s not that big of a deal you guys okay when you’ve got 150 employees whose lives depend on you I promise you is a lot scarier to risk at that point nevertheless I digress where’s they going this kind of printer remember hopefully there’s something there value oh yeah okay so what I wanna talk about here is is you gotta risk our you gotta feel like like you’re crazy listen you’re giving birth you’re going into this thing right oh sorry I’ve ever fucked I was talking about like investing and you can see w talk about being broke go to UVW go today with destiny like investing in the bands because it’ll transform you it’ll help you to become super aware of of yourself and other people like that’s what Tony gave me that was so important to me is most of us live life on autopilot and we’re just going through the day bumping into things things are happening it and yours not aware of like of how we work and you’re we’re like how you work it’s like that night and affect things that can change they can’t we think I can I can change my approach I can change other people’s approach and reveal it it’s been huge understand me and people better so so yeah go go go to those things of course then on yeah so there you have a friend an Australian and now every otherwise Bob my head that he says he says if you’re Brooks I don’t have a problem get your bro they do have a property stay broke like this Julie opportunities in today’s world did you stay Brooks because you’re not trying make you’re just literally not trying so yeah anyway how do I said that but it pops my head therefore must been important all right especially we’re talking about okay so if you want to be successful in life the next piece outside of like not being bled and figuring out state control and catching meanings the right thing the next thing is you have to stop dabbling stop freaking dabbling okay school has screwed up all of us school has taught us how to dabble okay you sign up for college take 20 credits okay 20 cool things you want to learn about and then what they do is they supposed to be then force you to dabble over in a semester so they give you a oh here’s a little bit of information yeah in math then here’s the menu you spend 15 minutes ago decked out here’s a little bit of sizes Lebanon history a little bit as you dab the whole bunch of little crap you kind of try to remain retain all this stuff and then you go back to the next day and you dabble moments if you dabble in you dabble with eww dabble for like 15 years of our life again let there be no mistakes there is no you will never be hyper successful if you are dabble in okay dabbling is the opposite of what you need to do if you want to be successful if you want to be successful in something you have to go pee you have to immerse you have to be you have to be obsessed with that thing get I guarantee you the people are competing against right now in our business the reason why we’re kicking the crap out of all of them is because they are dabblers I promise you there’s not one of my competitors he spends much time in the last 48 hours in the last week in the last five weeks studying marketing and business and growth and personal development as much as I have okay and for most of them already way past and so why in the world like why are they not I don’t know but like they’re dabbling and that’s why I’m able to pass past okay when you start inversing and you go deep a couple really cool things happen first op you will start seeing Nexus you cannot see when you dabble okay I sucked in school because I’d never see the connections – been an hour in history than an hour and that that an hour in debate that an hour in logic I’m trying to figure out how to make the connections to go deep in something you can’t do it hey the reason why I’ve written two books it’s not like yes I like writing books is like sharing it but I write a book I have to go in such deep diversion that I start seeing these connection then you don’t you can’t see what you dabble okay pleasure write that for seekers book I was doing a whole bunch of things something’s consciously something subconsciously and as I started like focusing on this book and try to make a really really really good book in force me to read and study and eek out and immerse myself in a whole much simpler things and from that process I was not dabbling I was immersing and I don’t know if it’s God your brain but when you immerse yourself I feel like I think the reward for that is that all of these connections that you don’t normally see also star being open to you okay Howard Berkes you told me you the world’s fastest reader he said when he goes into a topic the most you’ll read a book and they may not think Oh a bag that made for their opinion based on one book they read he goes and he’ll read 30 or 40 bucks to get a really clear view of like oh this is the reality of the situation slip you know 30 author said you get a very clear view of it that’s a good like the first night would you immerse yourself do any listy study you read you like you’ve really geeked out as then become obsessed in your thing I guess that arm fits your brain if it’s thought of it’s the universe whatever you want to attribute it to I know why it’s for me to do but he opens up pathways open with connections for you unless you see a full picture and that’s your reward for aversion and and so that’s the next step in this you guys they should have to stop dabbling okay so first off first base this is for you because I believe being greedy right first phase is like figure out this thing you want to be obsessed with okay and maybe it’s not the marketing and that’s okay Kagan phase one is about being greedy and about like mastering it for yourself and becoming who you need to be to serve the world that you’re trying to serve okay so go and like now is the time okay the time become unbalanced in the Bible what Ulysses August included there wasn’t time per season there is a time that time under heaven for everything right I’m indices of everything right this is your season to immerse in your craft and become the best in the fricking world at your craft okay again this time to see them this is the time of the season right now for you to do that to purse yourself stop stage number one and that’s going to give you to do it to become who you need to be and if you’re going to become completely unbalanced your work life your social life your Hamlet has become unbalanced to that pier time but you’re going to be able to immerse yourself not going to dabble you’re going to unbalance become awesome at your thing okay and then there will be a transition phase where you’re going through in your gear you’re becoming so passionate about it whether it be this weird time where all the sudden thank you how it is like you can’t get filled up anymore for me like I was doing all this marketing for all of our businesses our companies that are doing that the neuropathy product weight loss the dating the coupon at all these different businesses and we’re doing it and like the employer like I stopped getting fulfilled by just doing the business and I know what it was like and I started going through the Fight Club I didn’t feel the momentum until the progress I was like I like I said fill it and and in that transition is because eventually you can’t keep growing in that emerge because eventually like you’ll see the connections here in the Univision just before there’s a person and then like like you all sailing not to become perfect ever become like more perfected in that being work it’s hard to you to squeeze a lot more oranges to get any juice out of it’s really like fill you up and that’s when I talk about expert seekers but that’s the transition from this grow it’s like the only way to keep growing is to transition the contribution okay and this is where entrepreneurship is born this is where you rise like the only way for me to actually keep sharing this and keep like by having that that juice is to start contributing and giving back and shared with other people the way you will find us the same as soon as you take this passion this gift this thing you’ve been eating out on even immersing yourself watch become obsessed with you’re sharing it like that you starts flowing again it’s like the next wave and it’s like like it’s so fulfilling that’s why I’m doing an hour-long podcast instead of just focusing on the road and listening that’s why for me right now I start listening to when I start doing personal velvet growths or learning and studying like as I do that I start like shaking to the mic I’m getting juice but Mike it shows that if you go out in ten times working right now that’s why I published so much do I share so much because I 90 did that contribution will fill you up more than the growth will eventually first you gotta fill up get the other come on bouncy become we need to be but after you hit that point and you’ll know it because you can’t get the same time you can’t get the same thing out of it we start contributing that’s logically we start shifting the contribution okay that’s when you step into like that these are became obsessed with the market as we start leaking out there okay and that’s the key that’s what it’s like that way you don’t care about the money as I talked about you podcast ago and people struggling people who try to make money okay when you’ve been geeking out on a thing and you have like build yourself up and now he ships the contribution you do not care about money I could not care less about money at this point my life okay it’s funny keeps track it’s like how we know that we’re doing well but like that like it’s that’s not a driving force you can ask I do not have login side making out I have no idea what’s there my count I always always like hey can I buy today like yeah my Oh giggle I enjoyed it my wife loss I don’t have access my bank accounts personal business I do not know what’s in there I don’t want to know it means he wrote to me at this point my life what do you mean maybe now this contribution like that’s what fires the episode on and that’s the stage they got the state you got and your business and on spirit of it those are the people are successfully coming and right mistake that I have this gets this thing I’m so passionate about it I have to figure out how to share with other people and then guess what’s going to happen then it becomes easy to be obsessed with the marketing because the marketing is a means for you to get your message out your product your service out and all of a sudden becomes exciting okay and that’s why I struggled to also much you guys like I would learn and I would read a book and then I would go and like I didn’t it didn’t matter to me right if you’re going into marketing and you’re struggling like sparks doesn’t mind I’m learning the stuff Russell ever learn about squeeze page are now trafficking and cover like we don’t cares because it’s like school like I said do you think I read a paper I don’t care about this paper there’s no point to it if you’re if you’re struggling study the Marquis there’s no point to it right but as soon as you find your thing and you set so that you grow it and you build yourself up and you sit the contribution now it’s like these are studying the marketing because it becomes alive and lights that becomes he kills the vibe again okay I remember fun I thought I always thought I was dumb I hated reading I hated studying it hated school he don’t think that I thought I was I honest as far as tough kid and I started my business I started selling the whole thing it was crazy seven Rustaveli I was selling some stuff in a blink not doing that well never very podcast with these 70s and telecentre exactly I started and our down below teleseminars and I would listen to the guy’s lame arm and for an announcement ocean and like those are the guys I was doing more on the sander sees the guy that was sued initially and I was listen to him and now my head but I burned Bernie teleseminars on CD and I put the scene I listed two miles on the wrestling trypsin and I would learn someone they do say to the mic huh that’s so cool I’m gonna go try to I would try it and then the craziest thing to happen I would try something and then I was making a load of money I’ll try it I would make more money I’m like are you kidding me that freaking worked I was like that like I gotta try something out my last note I guess I trust me other tell Serrano chili are you kidding me freaking work oh and another one it is I was like this guy wrote a book I read his book like oh he sure does that try it and I guess what happened I make more money I can want my thing regards more people like oh my gosh and all stuff like reading became alive for me studying a library marketing became alive for me remember copywriting I was like supposed to like my first website that set up an end house smell better someone’s like Tellez copyright me I was like alright you see dB that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of I’m not gonna write words I don’t want to learn that and I was like this thing I remember just like being angry because I didn’t want to learn coffee it sounded so boring and stupid and like and anyway so I like I tried to fire a cop car I tried to hire a copywriter right and the copywriter it was actually Michel Fortin with the first copyright I tried to hire and he just quote for me at the time was like I don’t think eight or ten grand or sometimes like oh I haven’t made that much money my entire life combined point I was like okay well then I tried to read a book on copy and again I was like horrible eyes red like that sucks another like I had to write my very personal cell there some kind of wrote it and then it was crazy to make money as like your son I start listing some copywriters the guys like I’ve ever Michael foreign accent this presentation gave a big seminar news right and we tested this thing and we turned out they read headline now converted a blue one or something so like huh so I say to my headline to read and sure hat sure enough it out conferred I was like what the crap I was like okay what else is this guy got so he’s like oh I’m every test like a brown background I think and they did better in this thing so I was like okay Avenue bound a brown background for Senate red and brown brown brown background and sure enough it out for the on my are you kidding me and all the sudden and he started I tried headlines then his headlights white behind always headlights I tried four or five headlines and one of them like dramatically together when I was like gosh I changed the headline and I double my income normal humans they want to double their income guess what they got to do like a doctor would have to go back to like 16 more years of medical school to specialize to double their income work about 15 years then maybe they would I like 13 words on a headline and all of a sudden guess what copywriting became alive for me you got exciting also wondering every frickin copywriting book I could find because every copy of a pain like I’d redo it like most of us garbage to rehash stuff and then I read one sentence it was like oh you should you should on any size the dot dot dot because it keeps the reader’s mind open and so doesn’t close out the thought and the more I couldn’t keep reading I was like prove it so that’s every single email every single thing I’ve ever written and I you’ve probably noticed that before and guess what happened everything increased I was like go on now sir go to marketing seminars I go to a five-day seminar and I listen for five days and every single speech speaker who’s talking I knew everything I done that knew that I heard that like three hard rehash rehash and then one speaker on day six would say one thing read like oh yeah this one time I added an exit pump where I gave a discount and like twenty-two the people took the exit pop I was like quick what if I go back to my thing and adnexa pop and my income would increase by like probably a hundred thousand dollars a month that one little thing and I remember I was like I thought – five days of crap and I got that one thing and it was so huge for me that it made the whole thing like worthwhile or I’d be at this event got nothing I goes I go out to eat with everybody and I’m the more of a new Drive every goes to the bar and I’m like huh I want to go the bar but you know who think I’m drinking I guess I’d go to the bar and I’m not kidding I’d order on milk because I I didn’t want to I don’t know we’re sprite people I think I’m drinking um I don’t want Williams drink sour milk right so I’m holding a milk and at the barn everyone’s drinking and right why you got a male coming I’m a Mormon Mormons don’t drinks I’m drinking milk and right that’s weird and then like they’re kind of drunk and the cool thing about drunk people is like Jonesy will go how many filters like like they lose the inhibitions like filter stuff man or whatever so I’m drinking milk totally sober there completer coming hey so looks like the biggest thing he figured out and the right oh man okay so we did this thing on our squeeze page where we did for a brother but he just told me that and like I would spend four or five hours in the bar drinking milk asking you a question than just like getting nugget your nugget after nugget I go back like I think at it and like sure enough and that’s the thing there’s like man Russell you gave yourself a $3,000 day you raise by doing this one little thing okay 3,000 is a million dollar raise okay average shooters get a million dollars a year raise they don’t they can’t it’s physically impossible to do that how did I do it some dude at a bar while he’s drunk off his butt told me this little thing and then I did it okay where do you think I got the perfect webinar from okay I am NOT a genius okay I guess when I went to all these events I saw speaker after speaker after speaker after speaker pitchy and maybe that what they said sucked but guess what I heard how they did it close I heard how they did a trial two in a row that I that’s one thing that guy said that thing okay all of the difference because funny conceived dogs like the rustling yellow socks are the rustlers and things Russell says that are so cool my presence I didn’t make most those things up Moses that heard another speaker say the mic that’s amazing I wrote it down cool that was worth everything it would make me laugh I go to an event and I would get one or two little nuggets like that I’d come back and it would give me give me a two two three maybe four thousand already arrays and I hear someone online complaining that if there was a pitch bed and I’ll they do this sell stuff I’m like you went out of bed you’re trying to learn how to sell things why do you hate money so bad like I saw the same thing you did I give myself a $4,000 day raise I don’t know what else to do it’s because they because they’re looking for they it’s because they haven’t figured it out yet like they’re going to school and they’re pissed because the professor bored them to death it’s like when you go with this different lens where you got something you were so insanely passionate about then there you go it like like all you care about you don’t care about making money with care spending my all you care about is figuring out how can I get this to more people I was when he was little Doug after five days of information that one thing does this huge thing I gots worth it and you’re still complaining they wanted forms like that event such as a pitch fest like I heard uh so before then she’s busy new or really is because is because they’re not relaunching like they haven’t found love with the marketing of the things if you fall in love in the marketing professional home of the Mark Taper thing okay it’s when you literally stop watching TV for the shows and you watch the commercial that’s how you know it’s when you listen to the radio and you raise the songs the ends you can hopefully hear a really good direct response radio ad okay it’s when you’re scrolling through your Facebook looking for ads it’s when you’re liking weird crap that you know you don’t care about but you’re praying that they will start retargeting you with their ads okay so when you log in your wife’s Facebook account not because you give a crap about what she’s doing or care to talk about but you know that she is seeing different ads than you are and you want to see those ads look like okay that’s when you know that you’re passionate about marketing that’s when you know you’re so you’re so obsessed with getting your message out there like it’s become like that’s the level you got to be at okay but I think that comes to grips now I think he just pissed me off people weren’t obsessing on marketing but now I think I get it like oh you can be obsessed about marketing at first until you have first gone through the growth phase for yourself and you’ve got to become a ridiculously obsessed initially with your thing so that’s the first phase right you got immerse yourself there and after you’ve done that then when you start shifting to the Entrepreneurship side the growth the contours to the contribution and sharing it that’s when you will become obsessed the marketing okay that’s when copywriting came alive for me that’s when split testing him alive that’s when all the geeky crap that I shouldn’t care about none of us should care about that’s when I started caring about it because we became alive that make sense you guys that’s what I can sit there for five days and watch the cells which I’ve smelled such after sales pitch and not hear a single word about what they said we just watch their hands to hand motions and how they’re aching stage with a point – and why and when and how and be excited okay when my buddies Darren Stevens he literally went to a twenty Robbins event and he lit he wets the entire thing I think him to told me if you watch the recordings of it or if you did it when he was there but he watched entire like week on xx Robbins event with no audio on no audio he said why would somebody do that okay Darren wants to be the best person in the world and controlling the stage and understanding how your physiology and your stage president how you’re inking the stage what you’re doing and why you’re doing how you’re doing it like why it works what he took the best person in the world Tony Robbins and he watched it he took out all of the audio because the audio distracts you from what he’s actually doing right did you I can’t tell you this enough like funnel hacking is not smell like looking at the outside itself about really understanding what people are doing why they’re doing it right like yes I’ve been selling products and services to you guys at the same time watch how I am doing it okay so Darren Whitney he watched 20 Robbins he wanted to see – his hand motion what are you doing why he’s doing how he’s doing it like and he wrote this huge right up for me he sent me it’s insane about like all the stuff 22 in like reading I totally found his chest at times why he wanted this why he’s doing the whoa yes that why is pointing to different directions as he anchoring and feeding in like all those things are not are not accidental like they’re real they’re purposely done when I’m on stage than Taj now stuff when I’m walking into parts of the states and eyes is accidental the most I like I’m drinking on purpose I’m I’m angling steak heart stage I’m taking on timelines that try to bring you back different places you get emotionally impacted they some things are happening since having in webinar tells the nurse not podcast but I’m just driving and talking maybe I am too no but way as a stomach I like all of these things are there for tech I spent 14 hours yesterday 14 hours going through every email I had ever said with swipe file squeeze page template and on every template ever had paid for design and because every time I design I went I had all these people is examples I fight a decade of fun hockey I went to yesterday and I archived all of it into Trello board based on page typing some funnel type based on all sorts of stuff and I’ll probably never use page begins I want to be able to see them and categorize say oh yeah that that paves relearn that page with ausmus’s event okay there’s actually this one little clock there’s a do to figure it out on these squeeze pages I’m not going to ruin the surprise for you but if you type in squeeze page warning those who are in the know will know that’s but there’s a student but it has squeeze page they taught me this warning blocked absent like warning Volvo that increased conversions on squeeze pages by insane amounts right and most will never move out and then he mentioned in one of these bike I think is the dating market best men students are dead a mastermind and then dozens and dozens of people got it most people never seen before right if you were to do it on your page right now it’s insane actually forgot about that so I moved my swipe on Michael oh yeah Sydney without anyway there’s so many things I think so many guys you’ll get so bogged down and like there’s other stuff that they forget about patent site chemist s the marketing go through our stuff and like legitimately do it is to make this to make it to respond to make their life you guys I want to give you a gift but that’s the transition so anyway guys this is a long one I hope you got a lot out of it I just want you guys I know that you have something inside of you I know that you have the ability to change people I believe that probably more so than you do at this period your life right if I didn’t believe that I would not be doing this stuff okay I make plenty of money running a software company okay like I don’t have to do all of this stuff I don’t have to talk outside books up to my like I’m gonna spot my wife now we’re like my contribution to get you off your butt so you contribute as well okay because I can’t I’m trying my best to touch as many people’s lives as possible through the things that I do but I just know that the clearest path for me has impact on the world is to touch you as an entrepreneur because you have the ability to affect more people okay you may not let me you guys notice so he has no and we have people that literally have hundreds of thousands if not millions people here they are touching and affecting if I can magnify what you’re doing just a little bit it amplifies that if I can show you a something it gets you to convert more people give you more money so that you can actually serve people the higher level that’s huge and some of you guys at the beginning of this journey are now and you’re like have anything Russell like like nah I’m not that passionate yet I don’t have a voice or I’m nervous and awkward like whatever like I promise you I I wish that I would have been I was about of a podcasting and vlogging 12 13 14 years when I got started man the rustle you see today was the most awkward nervous weird person on planet earth 14 years ago I couldn’t carry on a conversation with a human being let alone like with a camera for Howard eight minutes now at this point like that comes with a lot of practice but comes with comes with talks at the beginning it’s like unbalancing your life and becoming obsessed with something and I don’t show it that is for you but you need to do it like find something that fires you up today and the right doctor I have not that passion or anything like that’s okay finally they get they gives you little spark they initially it’s a spark right that goes attach the marking at first but there was a start we have a spark this I okay now let’s throw some killing on the fire there’s a spark or something go find other people that are obsessed okay you have a lower vibration right now they’ve got a higher vibration talk to us earlier go five people that are obsessed and get around them listen to their podcast read their book they’ve an event financed your house that you have to go to that event and plug into their vibrations so they will bring you to the excitement level today or app okay I am trying to everyday in my marketing you have not noticed okay most you guys you came in this book you do not know about marketing care about marketing you didn’t care about funnels that was not you get into this real thing I’m going to build funnels you either had a spark saying I want to make money you get a spark they want to share something you get it get a smart and for some reason you bumped into me because I’m so loud and obnoxious and annoying and everywhere you probably saw a YouTube video I stopped by anything I do to Russell but I’m trying to take your spark I’m trying to ignite it we’re trying to give you as much waves of excitement and passionate vibration as I can muster up so that your vibration will rise to my level okay so bu where do you have a spark find that spark and then find the people around you in that market who are on fire and plug into them give them any amount of money that they need okay I’m serious about it if you’re broke it does not matter you’re gonna be more broke it does I don’t want to get that thank you people watching I was at on Grant Cardone Levin and there’s like 2,500 people in this long room and you were seated based on how much money you spent people the Front’s that like 15 15 grand to be there in the back seat for like 500 bucks so the further back you got the less money you spend right what was crazy to me is when I pitched my product the people in the front Francis either than bought and the further bass you went the less and less people ran to the back okay you may say well Russell it’s because those people back didn’t have as much money therefore they did not run to the side and I would argue with you that you are wrong okay the people in the front have money because they have invested money okay they’re used to spending money in investing and then they have more success okay the people in the back are broke because they’ve never invested in themselves that’s it okay I got honestly it they are already provided my grant cardone said this man back said she’s like they don’t people’s back understanding if you’re already broke it doesn’t really more broke like it doesn’t okay thank you I don’t know if that’s financially irresponsible but I did I did a whole podcast on skull hunters scars scars Hey our founding fathers who I believe were inspired from God who created the Constitution of the United States okay they gave this this this thing okay because in this country we needed to give these feet we needed to give entrepreneurs the ability to risk everything and be okay with that because it’s if entrepreneurs didn’t have that ability this country would have stagnated and died like I I’m a huge believer in that right capitalism 101 like if entrepreneurs don’t have the ability to risk everything everything stops growing okay but if entrepreneurs have come have it out to guess what they can risk everything okay and so it’s scary at first but it promises a lot less scary to risk everything now then it is when you have a whole bunch of stuff and so now is the time for you guys to risk everything as you don’t have that much I don’t want to be a jerk but it’s true right now is the time to risk things it gets harder and scarier when you have people and pleasure always kind of things right I was tell people I give you like for you you have to be able to look at the like get beyond what is the worst-case scenario if you fail and yet you look at that thing straight to the eyes they I’m ok with that God that is the key to be able to risk this stuff right a lot of times in the sphere like oh there’s worst case scenario some bats can happen that I can’t be successful and so you got to stop in like X right now makes it for you be right now what is if you were to fail if you were to go again bunch of credit cards and blow it on mastering your craft and getting around the best people in the world and I raise your vibration everything what’s the worst-case scenario worst-case scenario bankrupts right you’ll become what happens you can’t get a credit card for like a day or two maybe you can’t get a home loan okay well you can have to rent your rent I don’t know hopefully this program country I know I’ve rented people who I feel that their there are things right anyway maybe it’s maybe it’s financially responsible I’m not a financial planner don’t listen to me I’m just saying that I was in the same situation I was starting all over again I would worry about that would not worry about that I have I have built and lost everything twice now guess what it was all right yes it is it’s okay but today’s things that you’ll build something you don’t try silly to go deep on something then you never know you’ll never know so yeah anyway make sure close your spouse person to get there by and just say it those people in the back of the room make Grant Cardone cement if they had rats the back invested because some was two thousand dollars it’s not that much okay if they would have message two thousand dollars they would have got the exact same thing that Brandon and Caleb got those who listen to podcast you’ve heard me talk about that so Brandon came when they were down to their last money the network market they were into kind of all hardly stepped away from it they had zero dollars left in their account he had a credit card a couple those things and they saw my bitch unalaq’s it was a thousand dollars and they say watch the guy that’s why I went five thousand bucks they’re freaking out and I finally said okay we’re gonna buy it I wish they were on another story to stop they said they’re gonna buy it and silvana Brandon it was going to buy it was gonna buy and then he was tell he’s like I’m not gonna do it so he didn’t buy instead he went to quick falls calm and just ate a hundred or ClickFunnels™ near that can said I didn’t do it I just buy the hundred all day each like we said we were gonna buy it he’s like I know we don’t be mighty slick it doesn’t matter we don’t need money anyway like who cares him buy something I don’t have any money so what’s what like zero and zero and negative a thousand is pretty much the same thing like you know it’s not changing the quality of your life and so doing I can put my thousand are thinking excuse because actually now we were a thousand eleven hundred dollars and dad is supposed to one hundred and they guess what they did they had at the head of something or a fashion our she lost like 60 pounds she was weight like and she’s already passion about something she’d already gone through the grocery she’s already filled that now she was transitioning they were transitioning to like we need to share this those people and so what do they do it is similar to write it they well for them they didn’t learn it from this is my regular G as though they bought the funnel ox training and then they watched be a number one and I started watching it so they got anything they paused it and they did that thing it’s a play again because they’re doing they do that they made implemented within the closet that they push play pause play pause and buy two or three months of weeks I gave her how long was all they did is they put it all in place and then what was done they launched their business and there’s their initial launch they were driving against Thanksgiving or just as they were driving to their families and they were they told me that they end up the gas money thing is there but no gas maybe get back they fill the gas in the car to start driving and we got down to their family’s house they’re staying in a room and they started going doing they like they launched this thing and luckily for them they rolled it out and it made some twenty thousand dollars nothing if we got to get back and then they started eking out they started plugging in they started doing what I did again I didn’t want to learn copywriting but I found out that you change a headline you change 32 words and you give yourself a thousand-dollar day raise suddenly becomes really interesting and so they floods on the podcast and I watch these guys over the next year thanks to years and it was great because they would like I would do something I remember I did a podcast where I was on a webinar Jason flatland who was like when the best webinar presenters ever born I was planning and then the webinar Jason did this weird thing for 90 minutes I was so pissed that I still webinar self turns out he doubled our webinar selves and I Drive home I was like my podcast like holy crap Madeleine pull this thing out of his but he did this thing I didn’t never even heard of it double by literally 2×2 ourselves okay the podcast arrived the next day red indicating listened to the podcast they said are you kidding Toby says they say freaking russell brunson which is the same thing I used to say rather they freaking Dan Kennedy break-in Michel Fortin freaking John Carl thank all the guys I study we say so dumb little nugget I’m trying to fake so they said that do it back they had the same thing to the end of their webinar the message back is that Ricky and russell brunson we did four webinar double spells like are you kidding me and every seal thing like they listen to my podcast they tell me I’m gonna say something they take it I tried they try it he Brandon say said write a week behind your expectations you do it with them in a week later and what’s doing it we’re doing and we’re doing it and away as understand like and so that’s that’s where this game becomes fun when you realize the man listening to Russell rant about the stupid thing if I add this one compete all sudden I go from helping a hundred people they 220 people a day that’s pretty cool and my bank account goes from you know you know $1,200 state at $39 they gave us 100 all day raise today you’re kidding me people don’t do that we have a big mantra in our old office Gosei becoming like how to give her some raise thing how can give ourself a raise today it was like looking for that goal how to look at that little thing for that headline let’s have that tweet that idea that’s gonna be like what can we do is different now that’s how the hunter a split test book was born I was able to do a lot more split testing before Todd Baker Smith by my partner in crime of quick funnel we used to build the best selves not only could we get out there live free click run also the pain in the butt we build the whole thing out and get alive and the Tago bog in use a visual website optimizer is our split test until time you up like a thousand to test to try to keep my control and he always did pretty much every time and that was the goal like yeah I met the best verse we can talk to community test test test that they like beat it beat it beat it beat it beat it beat it man it was like every day how do you ever separate say that was the game we play that’s a 100 foot test book look for the cell half of life what I know about funnels was born during that time she lures testing every funnel variation I did landing page template I did I everything we can dream up write it two and half three year period of time and it’s how I became Who I am today is how I became the dude who probably those bored out puddles in any even be not hurt you I hacked were found by test smartphones we did more than anybody under that time of growth like that was like the growth time for us we were doing it on 12 companies we own we’re in for silicon which by the way yeah that’s the story 405 gets only 12 companies once that’s what we’re doing that’s how we mastered this crap that’s how I know more about funnel psychology than I believe anyone on earth because I did it I did more of it we tested so many things I was like holy crap I thought for sure this one a one but no this one and this didn’t win it this one but this one you know this helps our page warm debate page three conversion goes out of a like thank you I got my gift because of like the insane amount to work the taught and I did during that time gone by my entire team by the way of did okay and we didn’t have a nice like you guys have nowadays I went on a little round for my team the other day like could we get people now and come to click on it it just break yeah first off they don’t use click on wait mate please you’re serving bugs I want to run let us because give bugs because you’re trying to do craps because mom’s not made to do is you’re hacking any things you’re doing stuff like it’s use closed doors where worst is not bugs like I don’t have bugs my funnels aren’t know everybody’s bugs because you’re trying to do things that you think are going to be better and they’re not okay because you’ve been listening to the confusion soft gurus explaining why you need fifty five thousand different variations of funnel if you just learn how to sell all that crap would go away okay like every time I see people there’s always buzzing ClickFunnels™ I’m like I’m not seeing back because I built funnels on it every single freaking day and I’m not seeing the bugs okay there are little things here and there we fix them as they pop up but for most part the bugs are that you are creating bugs by trying to do something that does not matter there’s a rule number two you’re paying 100 between hundred and three dollars a month or the software we have a really really bad competitor come out which we’ve added as it probably at least thirty to forty quid bottles killers who’ve come out in the last three years as bugs but funnel they’ll come and go they always turn it under custom pricing and it’s just like and I was y’all keep like on our toes I’m coming out here here yo and I’m like you know maybe someday we’ll have a big competitor and you know and I’m excited that day I actually enjoy competitions on eBay probably have noticed I got no problems with that when I was wrestling all I tried to do was fly around the country to find investors in the world so I could learn how to beat him so I’m game so anyone wants to step up legitimately like please do but please will come in and disguise like we’re going to be to fight under training the prices like like everyone’s telling oh you’re losing your customers because they’re under K your pricing like are you kidding me the people who complain about spending $100 a month surround their entire company I don’t want them as customers in fact um we’re honest about like double your tripling our prices just to show like you get the virtual finger to like ever try to undercut us like we don’t want those customers you can go that you can’t spend $100 to run your company you should not be running a business at this point in time like like Auto stands how I feel I want to walk you through a walk down memory lane I how we used to build tunnels because this is this is the the reality of how it used to work okay we would have an idea I would then have to go funnel hat dozens of people to see like what would be the best thing so I probably spend I don’t that’s right two or three thousand dollars total hacking bunch of people think because I have way to mock-up templates I felt like I think tons of screenshots all these templates all these four pages and then I’d Twitter it to its design where my designers and Adam had once for the year some you know a bunch when I show my game this is the process I think is going to be best I think one like a landing tastier and this this and I think I want this from this guy’s funnel but like this or even this one on this from here then that felt kind of like the funnel process that wanted to test Ted and then by but I want this guy’s design but this over here it’s like you as a nightmare so designers will go and they try to create a page like now over this and then like it would literally be out of six to eight weeks let’s go back and forth just came to design and the funnel structure right okay and they had to hand code everything so we can all HTML done then we have to go and actually all the pages done so Lord good and then we’ve to go back to to our developers and say okay now here’s a lot of pages here’s the order forms and everything now you got actually make this work and so they have to go in at customs and go into the PHP in the coding that cyclamate aces can fill up so the order form actually word actual into a database and to make the security certificates that’s a setup call the API is to go to a whole bag to twenty or thirty thousand things we would sing it would take the developers now it’s another probably 30 days to hook up all of those things okay my cost just in like salaries at that point of time and we’ll probably add 15 maybe maybe 20 grand and salaries just to get all those things down that point then result at copy which is the bench today I start like copy fight a lot more about myself but prior I start having a lot of copywriters I would spend on hours between 10 and 15 grand for every sales letter we write so somebody else ordered in my own time it would take me probably six weeks or so dried all the copy for a funnel can we then plug all those things in and we beat you know three three months conservatively three months usually will more than that and then you know conservatively about 30 grand per final hand before we can test it before we can test it okay so for you guys are this $100 I can only build 30 funnels and I remember then I start to get an SMTP Mueller to send the emails up I have no I have no like empathy for that non-0 I want you to leave us and go to your competitors please for the love leave us go for the $37 auction I want you to be their nightmare client I do not want you to be using ClickFunnels™ I don’t have any empathy zero that one iota an empathy for you you cannot pay a hundred even 300 you can’t pay $300 to run your company you are not an entrepreneur you should leave this business you honestly you should just stay as an artist and go to the beach and do your thing and have a hat out there and get tips like that is your level of being an entrepreneur like I don’t know what else to tell you my gosh please leave you can go you have my permission I do not want nor need your money okay but if you were trying to freaking change the world and sell stuff and make up business that’s what we’ve given you okay now if you want to super insane complex stuff you may have outgrown quit bottles okay that’s fine if you have no clean bottles go hire people the custom clothes I’m okay with that okay look at me I call your software’s buggy it’s like you’re trying to customize crap that you should be spending 20 to 30 grand on like we used to you can do that go for it we have my permission to leave I do not need your 297 dollars that bad today I promise you that like the headaches to go to some people who are trying to who are complaining to me about the bugs they find when they try to add that 47 up so on the 13th female singles if somebody clicks yes versus no twice instead of ones like that’s not what we’re made to do okay and the reason why is because after freaking testing a million things when you go back when you do the way that I had to do it okay that’s three months and that 30 grand was for our initial test they then tired up to a split test a whole bunch of things then guess what we found out how times look at the pages to convert but the funnel did wasn’t profitable so then that’s comebacks okay this is a tight funnel in works which rebuild the upsell down south silicon sealant so I had to go back to drawing board is not me spending 15 minutes and ClickFunnels™ like cloning the page Newton split has no okay it was me hiring another copywriter and your new verse another video sales letter it was me figuring out new layout and designs and functionality and trying to read custom freaking code all that crap from the ground up then it could rebuild the entire funnel then went to relaunch the drive new traffic we’re not the funnel didn’t work with others 10 to 15 grand in for the second test okay hello my $300 console box I can only do 400 Smith has to watch I got no mercy for you okay alright sorry for the rant but this is freaking important kit so alright okay so the reason why my funnels are simple I want you guys to understand this because your funnels need to be simple okay I learned this I learned this well I learned this from half the custom coast of if I made these complex freakin funnels that everyone thinks are so cool nowadays because because of confusion sauce and others they draw these little diagrams they try to like impress their clients by how complex their funnels can be like that’s not going to serve you at all okay I want you understand this this will not serve you it’ll stir you up and you’re going to be finding bugs and cliff bones because it’s not built to do what you’re trying to do okay with the design hackathon happening next week we are building out 30 types of funnels okay these are the funnel structures you should use you should work do plug the crap you are selling into these funnel structures not the other way around you should not try to say I have this good idea I’m going to do 14 upsells and then I’m having a mini survey on up still number two and then I’ll fill this like no just plug the crap you have into the existing stuff the tiny potential may be incremental sells you could get by tweaking this thing is not worth I said I promise you if you put the same effort and the same time and energy money into like hiring a better copywriter or mastering your you know I think there’s a dude who I pay $100 to write each headline for me so like when we have an offer I’ll give him a thousand bucks they write me ten headline like that’s a better investment of your time and trying to have like 16 different up stuff because having a different headline can change your concise that will do more for you than the complexity that you’re trying to do like I know it anyway my rant is over it gets over to be over I saw you guys understand that like like could funnel this bill for customers like me okay who want to get messed up quickly they want to take the best proven practices and then they want to focus on stuff they can control okay if you want a cheaper option because you feel like a hundred dollars too much to invest in the entire background and infrastructure of your business you have my permission to go and I hope you enjoy it and when your business makes enough money that you can switch we will gladly welcome back or you can do what the wise men didn’t build his foundation on a rock okay i don’t–hey has never had songs from sunday school but the wise man built his house upon the rock the foolish man built his house upon the sand and when the rains came tumbling down the Rays came down and the floods came up the rains came down and the floods came up rains came down the floods came up and the man on the sand washed away and the man on the rocks that still like primary songs 101 you guys if you want to build a house on the sand and you want to go to Chi pops and you should you definitely should yeah and when you want it what do I get super complex if there’s reasons those use cases they they click for another bill for like don’t feel bad you guys like I’m ok with that you can outgrow it ok the cuddle is a company that’s built for companies for businesses in this in the search range and I understand that and I respect that as we want to serve if we try to serve everybody we will not we will not succeed it either okay so a lot of times you guys come to up here I call it’s the bugs the bug the awesomes look at is not a bug it’s it’s it’s a limitation that we have put on our software because that’s not something that we want our users doing because we also have to everybody that adds a whole new level complexity like the phones already complex I do not want to add more complexity I want to make more simplicity my honestly if I would have a flooring and riots in the streets right now I would take away some of our features I would pull things out I would simplify a lot of stuff then you will notice over the next year so we have a bunch of new UI people that keeps coming in and our goal it’s simplification it kind of make things simpler and easier not more complex like Russell look to this teachers company ClickFunnels™ like there are some cool things coming out but they time a lot of its implication Funaki live we all put it back genetic and I said well some of message me that day and like No yeah like in Jana’s kulfi Jackson Eric’s it was like it was the best thing you haven’t yet pulled it away two weeks later I’m like is that why did you just do that like two reasons number one what people are doing is they were they were making smart lists they have like literally 800 different like things in there and like oh yeah I need to be all the sexy like I understand like is wondering segment if I promise you that’s that level segmentation it hurts you more than they don’t ever help you faking number to a light destroys our database like it’s it’s not good like we don’t if you want to kind of like complexity they please go and like built that on your own but like this is for the closest upfronts viewers to move quickly okay the opportunity like ubl launched two firewalls instead of one is the difference like I don’t think it’s that’s that’s the goal that so alright coming off a long time you have I don’t even what about hope I don’t have we’re going anyway I hope you guys enjoy the podcast a lot of fun I hope you guys actually listen to the old thing there are a lot of a lot of really cool stuff that I really want to share with you here and I will be a lot of value out of it and yeah so recap don’t be a plan build your empire jump on balance and focus on becoming you need to be and then after you’ve done that you’re a transition contribution that shifts your balance if you obsess with the marketing of it have fun with it this game is fun do you guys every day I wake up and really I can’t really get to do this I can’t believe I had a two-hour drive time I can’t even hang out you guys to share talking like and they based on my stats I mean between YouTube and and our podcast will have between 15 and 3,000 people you have to be listen to this whole entire thing it’s crazy without people if eg has got warm little nugget out of that big it gave 20 to 20,000 guys ability in effect an extra 10 people two hundred thousand people affected and ER able to get an extra hundred people has two billion people as able defect you get back south and twenty billion people I guess it’s insane the ripple effect and I hope that I didn’t wasting your time nobody has gotten something one or two or three little nugget but look at these things that way like go into this yes go to everything on your study time going to your podcast be like like I’m putting a lot of content okay and I’m hopefully making it entertaining and fun for you guys but you always look about little things like your hope that’s how Russell I probably doesn’t people message me when they saw how I did my probably one of the front of the TV episode and my expert seekers bored and I finished second speakers book and I closed the board and they saw them like that’s how you manage a project like now is getting it stuff that everything’s compartmentalize you have your team and project controls what you doing like that little thing was just like huge for people’s one little nugget and you know do you ever know we’re going to be picked up the arrow and go let me drop team crab is a plug-in immerse yourself in the stuff you guys I go leave your vibration up to mine see be as passionate as I am because if you are that’s here you can change the world that’s all I’m going to change the world and I can’t do without you so I need you guys there so step in plug in have fun enjoy the process to defy your funnel and build your builds your house builds your company upon a rock and that says you guys appreciate you all I hope you guys do hi everybody one more marketing secrets it’s so then go get your copies on my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called comm secret and you get your free copy at comm secret calm inside these two books you’ll find my top thirty five secrets that we’ve used to become the fastest-growing non vc-backed fast startup company in the world

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If you’re not as successful yet as you’d like to be… I know why. This episode I went off on a 96 minute rant that’ll get you back on track.

On today’s special road trip edition of the podcast Russell talks about some exciting events coming up, some personal development rules he follows, and why it’s okay for people to outgrow ClickFunnels™. Here are some of the cool things to look forward to in this episode:

-The viral video by the Harmon Brothers and the kind of party that is planned for it.

-Why Russell thinks studying, learning and geeking out on the marketing of your product is the key to success.

-Why it’s okay to be greedy in the initial stages of your business.

-How building and growing a business is similar to making, being pregnant with, and birthing a baby.

-What the 3 steps toward personal development that Russell follows are.

-Why you need to be willing to take risks.

-What some ClickFunnels™ clients are doing that they shouldn’t and why Russell is a little pissed off about it.

-And much, much more.

So listen here to hear this extra long, extra informative and extra exciting episode of Marketing Secrets.

Secret #25: Road Trip Rant: It’s Time To Get Real About HOW To Have Success…

Secret #25: Road Trip Rant: It’s Time To Get Real About HOW To Have Success…