Secret #23: Two Marketing Tricks From Some Old School Marketers

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Secret #23: Two Marketing Tricks From Some Old School Marketers

what’s up everybody this is Russell and welcome to today’s episode of marketing secrets is in the rain here in Kauai so the big question is yes how are entrepreneurs like us you didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pocket how do we mark it in a way the left-half see our products and our services and the things we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing speaker alright everybody so unwelcome yesterday’s episode marketing secrets it is raining on me right now and if you see that over here if you’re watching the video version but it’s beautiful here and I wanted to do it episode oh man this is really really good I like to come and hide into the bush or something ah anyway I’m just gonna say here we go wet anymore fun this way alright so uh we’ve been in a whi for almost a week now on my 15 year anniversary which is amazing being married to my beautiful wife Colette’s this long and I’m trying to get her to do an episode with you guys hopefully on the flight home or something that was like living with Samia married to an entrepreneur at our we’re trying to pick our keynote speaker for this year’s pinaki live and it’s funny because we had tons and tons of people voting for everybody and someone posted Oprah and some Russell’s wife and my wife got more votes than Oprah which is pretty exciting so try to get her at least to jump on the podcast that’s the that’s the goal in the game plan but I’m sure with you guys today um has I’ve been Oh wouldn’t why the rains gone that fast although just there’s a bird’s-eye view anyway so uh my phone off real quick alright so what I wanted to share to you guys I’ve been listening to a whole bunch of cool marketing stuff between like the long drives around the island all kind of the cool stuff we’re doing and the course I was listening to was PJ roll letter TJ no TJ he’s like one of the legends in our business he is the one of the Direct Mail kings he’s in the biz op world and he teaches become a friend came to speak one of our events a while ago which was amazing and what’s interesting is at the course listening to it’s like how to become super rich in the opportunity market me teach people how to make money in the like heaps of people how to get rich market but was interesting as I was listening to it if you read the expert secrets book and I talked about those three core things do you got to do to have build a mass movement right number one number one yet have the attractive character the charismatic leader number two to have a future based cause number three it’s have a new opportunity what’s interesting as I was listening to this he’s talking about like how to sell opportunities like basically if you’re doing a mass movement we’re talking about like it’s always a new opportunity like it’s like if he’s talking about the opportunities the way he kind of positions where like how to get rich how to make money house like here’s the opportunity market as he calls it but in my mind every markets the opportunity market so I’m going to see if I can interview T Jane at dig deep neck and the stuff was brilliant it was all targeted towards telling people stuff like how to make money how to make money but if you look at through the lens of X or seekers book then it kind of works for all of them right because every single opportunity everything you’re selling should be a new opportunity and it was anyway so I’m going to try to see if I can do that plus TJ so like this is he monsters company he lives out in Kansas and he actually bought a hospital and renovated the whole thing and that’s where he on that’s where he runs so company have an old hospital which is kind of cool I kind of want to go down there see his ville operations so it may come to an episode of fun rocket TV soon where I go down there and tour his hospital and see his his whole organization the last 10 years they sent out nine like ninety five hundred different direct mail campaigns which is crazy he says some people will get on his list and they may get between two and three hundred letters in the mail per year depending on what sequence they take what offers to say yes to and notes and all sorts of stuff so anyway it’s super inspiring but what I want to talk about is couple of core things I learned from him that he were really good for all you guys effect the first was actually not from TJ it was from Bill Glaser thing I was listening to so bill was partners Dan Kennedy at Glacier Kennedy and he was like my my marketing dad four and five or six years I was inner circle and one things was cool as studying from Bill this week Bill’s talking about how they have like the very in the year they know that they’re big things wrestle ated to events here they did info summit and super conference for me I do fall hacking lives like that’s my big king and they said they they categorized all the promotions based on the important so number one were there two events number two was this number three and then they have it all mapped out and then they mapped out the entire month or shooting the entire year the promotional schedule begin a year to make sure they fill the events and all the other things kind of fit in there now see that like what about you guys but I’m not super good at mapping out my promotional calendar and schedule and things like that I kind of just like go week by week month by month and do stuff and what bill does in this course again this is an old of course but he maps it out and then they do fit everything and so I started thinking about this one of our inner circle meetings Justin Williams was talking about with his with his step now is you guys know if you’ve been listening to our podcast for any length of time you know the two magic things that marketers have or urgency and scarcity so he started in his he really launched different courses throughout the year and they’d opened him and closed him right so they can have the urgency and scarcity close that’s where most of the cells always come in is during the closing of the thing also if you listen to in Stu launch try he’s talking about Michael Hyatt when they launched his membership site the big speaker they had was like opening and closing so the twice a year they opened up memberships items close I start think about that magnet like right now most of our programs are open all the time which is good but the urgency and scarcity is not there so I was like I think what I’m going to do is I’m gonna start calendaring it out we’re twice a year are things are available so twice a year people can buy CF can buy our certification program twice a year people can join formal University twice a year then get so your funnel twice you so I all of our core offers are only open two twice during the year and they’re closed down other than that which is kind of fun because they’ll have urgency and scarcity and build up the hype and the buzz and it just needs month something to focus on this month is funnel you month okay we’re going to open it and close it the next month is this is going to open it and close in all content all things can be related back to that that one thing so that was the first thing I kind of sorry thinking through on runs listen to Bill glacier talk about how they structured the promotion around their events I was that’s first cool thing now with TJ a couple cool things that he does I think man was just good for me to hear again I think it’s good for all you guys to hear again so TJ again he’s in the business opportunity market mostly through direct mail and so he has 50,000 letters emails every single week week in and week out just consistently they know 50,000 letters go out every single week all for new customer acquisition that’s it new customer acquisition 50,000 letters every single week and that’s just that’s the schedule and I think for a lot of us we get in this thing where like we have a friend and funnels our breakeven songs were moving people into me of our monetization funnels I think a lot of us we create one really good webinar funnel it’s a and then that becomes our focus and that’s it and we’re driving traffic and and that’s like the business right and tjp look at this again he’s got his front end lead gen offers and he’s the only 50,000 pieces a week and I said it at his peak you sell him he was selling $50 course from his front end lead gen stuff he said he would spend up to five hundred dollars to sell $50 course and then from there they go to all the back end funnels right and the back end things he was selling but had this consistency 50,000 pieces every single week I start thinking about that like man he’s milling 50,000 new names every single week but what’s the what’s the equivalent for my business okay I need to make sure that I have something consistently doing that every sin week to one front offer and he talked about one of the big things also is like he’s not mailing two different things or three things that 50 thousands like they’ve one offer the hottest converting one and that’s what drive all their energy all their money all everything and so for us I think all of us we have our hot offer we need to be spending as much as we can to get people into that thing consistently every somebody just knowing I spend 50 grand a week at 10 grand a week go thousand bucks a week whatever it is for you into that front end thing right if you break if you think about this if you break it down there’s kind of two sides of this there’s or three sides if you find how deep you want to get with we talked about this this upcoming funnel hacking live but there’s a process there’s basically kind of three types of enols there’s acquisition funnel so getting people in there’s Ascension funnels of sending them up within your your your membership and there’s monetization funnels but for this argument for today I’m going talk about – so there’s acquisition funnels right so so what is your one acquisition funnel you can consistently do X with right so for me might be I need to make sure I sell at least a thousand books a week or and you spend 10 grand a week or whatever that thing is for you right you snow that you get you have to do it consistently and we have still thousand books weekend that we should build a whole team people at entire gold sell thousand books a week or five thousand books whatever that numbers for you background I call center that’s how was we had free plus shipping leads and we had to get things eight thousand leads a month to get enough leads for ourselves floor if that became the focus of the business okay and so for you it’s like think about TJ right like what is the front end offers consistently bring people in cab and then from TJ like so crazy I hope and I can go down there and film his operation for us I want to see it too but like I said sue someone gets the front end then he’s got all these direct mail campaigns that go out offering to step things so he’ll send out a letter for free CD about whatever to these existing customers K so the only say that people who already had already bought his fifty dollar saying then I put them onto a sequence that says he gets free city if they if they respond to the free CD they put them a sequence to sell the things that free CD upsells to then he put sends out the next offer in the next offer and he’s putting out always front end lead gen I guess it gets like their acquisition or modernization letters to the buyers of it’s $50,000 weakening rights fifty thousand or a week ever since bringing people in and after they come and they bought $50 saying then you start sending these letters trying to get them to raise your hand about specific opportunities that he’s going to sell them and they if they respond on those then they go into a whole nother sequence they might get ten fifteen twenty letters to sell like a two or three or five thousand dollar course on the back end and that’s kind of this process that he does over and over and over and over again and so for me what I’m looking at what I want my focus to be is somebody comes in to my world and again I’m focusing way more effort consistently on this on this you know I’m gonna I’m going to call it the fifty thousand letters a week but you know for us we’re not doing direct mail right now so it’s not that but you know that that’s the concept the front-end league acquisition and then if they come in then we’re taking our core courses and we’re opening them and closing and opening and closing them opening and closing them throughout the year so those are our monetization funnels after people come in and so that’s kind of kind of the game and I’m really excited for so that’s the game I’m gonna be playing and I hope you guys model model that the other cool thing we’ll be doing and think a lot about this for last two weeks started scout campus and I might even here as we’ve been in this beach house is is having like one really good follow-up funnel sequence that takes people through my offers in a very strategic way so we have ignite ignite your funnel comm which is right now we’re using something pleat different let me change that to where this is an opt-in form believe people opt-in to and then it’s can take them through sequence where and I haven’t quite mapped whole thing out but firstly I want them to buy is what my business firstly was funded by his extra secret something they have a video me explaining why they need expert secrets and wise to step number one actually set them step back step in one’s not cutting the book someone is going to be on the podcast she has heard a little while ago the the two episodes on your one funnel and I’m going to show that video to build connection with people immediately after they opt-in and then from there I’ll film get expert secrets book and then from there say what they need next now logically build out a really long sequence it’s going to be this this ascension funnel that takes them up through our core offers in the middle and then the big thing that our teams can be focusing on is our KPI it’s how many opt-ins a day are we getting inside of the about your funnel funnel ignite your funnel ascension funnel so send them through all of our offers right and I’m pretending I was hoping all works together it might be when someone opts in the very first time they go through this Ascension funnel that all those offers will be open to them open and close like like an evergreen format and then after the bump up to monetization funnels or mud it you know like our longer-term email sequences which then they’ll be on when we open and close them each each month not positive yet on that so figuring out all details just but it’s fun to think through it right anyway so that’s kind of game plan so those are some fun things I learned and thinking about well I’ve been here having some fun in Kauai on my 15 year anniversary so I hope that gives you guys some ideas and some things to think about so kind of recap the important things number one is focusing on consistent just consistently bringing new blood into your business okay fifty thousand letters a week rule let’s call that fifty thousand letters a week rule consistently bringing new blood in okay i’m eric garrett white last funnel hacking lot to talk about people can make it rain the rainmakers are the ones who this world in this business so you’ll be focusing on making it rain if you want to learn how to make it rain right now the program is closed but depending on your listeners might be open is our fill your funnel course an affiliate funnel is all about how to make it rain how to get new customers into your funnels right so that’s number one then number two is in as they come in then what’s the monetization so maybe number two is the ascensions funnel which is for me than that ignite your phone takes them through our offers in a chronological order of where I want them to see things opening and closing on like an evergreen format and then that then put them into our monetization team – Jason funnels which would then be taking our course six offers and opening closing them twice a year and that’s going to be the business that gets me really excited really really excited so anyway that’s the game plan guys I’m glad I had a chance talks out to you guys it’s making it clear clear in my mind so I hope you guys got something some value that – like I said I don’t practice I don’t just talk about kinda stuff I practice what I preach so you’ll see me implementing these things in the very near future and hopefully as I see them and you’ll enjoy them and you will model them and funnel hacking for it you guys are gym coz I know this that’s going to be amazing so that’s why I got you guys anyway here’s one last view this is the beach house we’ve been staying in it was an Airbnb we’re gonna get a hotel and we looked at Airbnb and we found this every beer VR be our cameras won the states like 5000 square feet my wife and I are up here brent amber are over here there’s all open space and there’s even like huge guest house we’re here we got massages in the other day that’s crazy and then we’re literally this was like this is our Beach it’s just ours and it’s crazy I was flying the quadcopter today I learned how to find a class quadcopter check it out over everything so if you’re watching put on a TV hopefully you are you’ll have a chance to see above this place and beyond but it’s it’s insane it’s probably a little expensive but for 15 and verse 3 you go all out right look at that that’s our beach we rented these paddle boards to I guess be listening on the podcast you can’t see this but a couple cool things also just so you guys know so this obviously is on the audio podcast I will try it out as of today we’re number five in the business category which is awesome still killing there we just were also released this as a video podcast so if you go into iTunes and the very top there’s audio podcasting to switch – video podcast we also have marketing secrets of the video podcast now – so if you wanna watch the videos or if you watch the videos you learn marketing secrets calm and they’re all listed there along with the transcripts so if you want to listen to what I’m saying and read long transcription marketing secrets calm as well with that said I would love it if you guys could give me a review and rating over iTunes I said number five in the business category that’s it guys about me some more ratings it’s not fair I’m killing myself giving you guys the best stuff I got I need some more ratings so if you can take five seconds out of your busy day stop everything over there leave a rating and review tell me what you think about marketing secrets let the world know had be awesome and then the other thing is uh please subscribe the video podcasts as well and feel free to watch the videos there if you want that way you can see some of the beautiful scenery behind me yeah that’s why I got you guys so thanks again for listening an amazing day and we’ll see you guys soon back in Boise next week back to normal schedule and got some cool stuff on publish and share if you guys but I finished my anniversary and then get back to you guys soon so appreciate y’all we’ll see you guys soon bye one more marketing secret if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling book books number one is called experts secrets you can get a free copy at expert stickers calm and book number two is called calm secrets and you get your free copy at com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top thirty five secrets that we’ve used to become the fastest-growing non VC vac fast startup company in the world

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There’s no school like the old school…

On today’s episode Russell talks about plans to use what he has learned from TJ Rholeder while on an anniversary trip in Hawaii, in his business once he arrives home. Here are a few interesting things you will learn in this episode:

-How Russell is able to still learn while on an anniversary trip with his wife, and make plans for business once he’s home.

-How Russell plans to use the 50,000 letters a week rule in his own business.

-And how he plans to add urgency and scarcity to his core products.

So listen here to hear Russell’s upcoming plans for his business, or watch the video version so you don’t miss out on the beautiful scenery of Kauai.

Secret #23: Two Marketing Tricks From Some Old School Marketers

Secret #23: Two Marketing Tricks From Some Old School Marketers