Secret #22: Beware These Two Things…

what’s up everybody this is Russell and welcome to a special Hawaii edition of marketing seekers podcast so the big question is this power on CH Brewers like us you didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we market in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets everyone so uh we wife and I are in wire now Hawaii actually on our 15-year wedding anniversary well at next week’s technically anniversary but it’s in fifteen years and we’re here somewhere friends who’s also that fifteen year and it’s been really great we didn’t do hotel this time we actually air being beat it so I’m gonna see back here I’ll show you the house we Airbnb for those who are watching on marketing seekers calm you can see the video if you got a podcast you can’t see this but it’s crazy this is the Airbnb rented it’s like five or six thousand square feet right here on this private beach from Beach sit down he right now hanging out we just got done wipes got soaked away he’s got done getting massages and I’ve been kind of in my for a little bit I’ve got some content going out when I’m gone but last week I had scout camp so I was gone scout camp all week and had little access to anything and then this week their Hawaii and I should have done so I was gonna do some more stuff but you know trips it’s just interesting I really it’s really difficult for me to unplug and now that I’m a plug to sleep me to want to plug back in to be approved like it’s okay so anyway it’s it’s definitely interesting but having a good time here there’s dudes out kiteboarding out of here’s their kite boarded before but like right there I’ve always wanted a kite before so let me try that’d be kind of fun actually so about what I can share with you guys today some inspiration or thought or an idea for how you can better market bar marketing business things you’re doing it’s open try thinking about that like what’s something that would be the biggest biggest value for you guys and I think were the biggest problems people have and I’ve seen this like ten times since we’ve been here in Hawaii is that they place their own ability to purchase their purse the way they make their purchasing decisions on other people for example one of the things I had a GoPro here and I brought the GoPro and I had it all handled I forgot those screw things screws the GoPro to the handle I was like ah dang it so go the store I go in there and I was like hey I need to buy one of those screws and I call gonna sell the screws and I was like we have those handles right and I’m like yeah my cake me handle in and he’s like he’s like but you just need to screw right my guys like might but just give me a handle on I’ll just you know I’ll do that he’s like dude it’s like 47 bucks for the handle is a if you go down the road like two or three streets down there’s a place and they might sell screws there I’m like no dude just give me a handle or he’s like there’s 47 bucks I was like I don’t care I don’t want to drive through three streets down the road to try to find place have myself screw and have not come back like for me the $47 is so much cheaper than the opportunity cost me to go and do that thing right this is kind of funny and then it’s just like so many so many things happen like that were we tried to buy something try to do something and people are putting their purchasing decisions on like they would never do that they’ve never spent an extra 47 bucks just to get a little screw because for them they do other things I think a lot of times we get that cop that way in art with our customers in fact I’ve had people before who like Oh like like I think they’ll never buy that like I’ve teaches you know there was an expert seekers and they’re creating courses like own or whatever p90 97 for that no one ever paid 400 hours without a 500 hours for that whatever and I’m like don’t put like don’t put your your purchasing this is the way you logically do things on somebody else it has nothing to do that like you look like what is your customer want it gives them they really really want where what you creating is worth more than what it is you’re getting in return the money then they’ll buy it now if you crease up sucks then it’s not gonna happen right it’s got to be type of something’s amazing but that’s that’s the the thing and so so many times I think that people don’t sell stuff they don’t sell stuff whether it’s worth because they in their mind that I don’t think I would might pay for that which is another problem that’s a mental thing you got to go over as well you got to be willing to buy stuff too but it’s just interesting how how about such a barrier I remember when Justin and Tara who are inner circle and two comma Club winners when they came in their circle they had their real estate program there’s some $2,000 and they pay 25 grand remainder circle and the first meeting all he basically told was like you should sell like a $25,000 thing and they’re like how my people won’t pay that I’m like you paid it and they’re like huh you’re right we did pay you $25,000 they revalue that like they may not value the real estate education that much because they already know it they’re to do it but they the education they wanted they were going to pay for that and because they were gonna pay for then they were like then they were able to ask fat so they sent email lists and so they 18 people 25k the next week it was crazy it was just like a little mindset shift it’s interesting also I have a lot of people I know who will try to sell thousand or ten thousand or twenty five thousand our thing but then they’re not willing to like to buy that from somebody else I think there’s a lot of ancient currency and it’s really difficult to sell a $25,000 thing when she bought one before big reason why I joined Dean gracio sees and Joe Paul shows hunter Kate group because I knew that in the future I might have a hundred Kate group and I wanted to I wanted to make sure that I’ve been willing to invest myself that much before ever ask somebody else to and it’s the same for you if you’re not if you’re not it’s just weird karma thing like if you’re not willing to invest in yourself in your business people it makes it a lot harder to invest into your business I think the reason why it’s easy for you to sell books cuz I buy a lot of books I love buying books and so it’s easy to resell books people who struggle with that like I whenever bought that in the past like well here I’m gonna buy it the New York in love like something looks like I buy precious say it’s on camera but I spend two or three thousand dollars a month on supplements pending on a month and if I’m refilling stuff and so for me it’s easy to sell supplement of supplements and so I’m congruent seems all these things that a lot of people don’t have so make sure that you’re you’re buying stuff make sure you’re not putting your you’re buying beliefs on other people make sure these are all such important things it takes out a little swing from our from our tree here but these are just things that I think are important they’re polite five times there’s been awhile items they wanted to strangle like try and place their binders on me like let me give you money like I just I just want this thing thank you which I talked me out of it anyway so that’s what’s happened here in in Kauai Hawaii Hawaii on our anniversary and we heading home next week so by the time you guys watch the Frog be home back at it which is having a lot of big things coming up the viral video will be created with Harmon brothers launching on September 15 we’re throwing an epic party which will be streaming everywhere so yes they’ll see it but we’re literally gonna be trying to set a Guinness Book of World Records at the launch party with a whole bunch of influencers and other stuff so crazy this way we’re planning this and Dave Woodward had all these like crazy ideas that weren’t really logical or possible and then that’s where greatness usually starts from this from an idea that’s not logical or possible and then he went figured out a way to get it done and now we’re gonna be doing it so it’s crazy I’ll share more details as it gets closer but uh yeah that’s kind of what I got for you guys today so beware we’re putting your purchase decisions on other people and number two is beware of asking people to purchase things that you aren’t willing to purchase again if you’re a real estate coach the product gonna buy real estate coaching for you you might if you’re like me i buy every marketing coaching program on earth I’m obsessed with it but I also invest in other things those types of dollar amounts and so I I’m not it’s not in congruent for me to ask people for those things as well you’re not investing yourself it’s really painful and hard and no need to try to get people to invest in your stuff the money universe doesn’t work that way very well for whatever reason so anyway that’s what I got you guys hope you’re enjoying your day as much as I am and we’ll talk to his Olga soon hi everybody would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF unlocker TV

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These two things are probably keeping you from charging what you want and selling what you want.

On this episode Russell talks about people pushing their own purchasing decisions on you, and why you shouldn’t do that. Here are some of the awesome things you will hear in today’s episode:

-Why you shouldn’t push your own buying decisions on your customers, because people spend money differently.

-And why you need to be willing to spend the amount you are asking others to pay for your product. Hint, it all has to do with karma.

So listen here to why you gotta spend money to make money and why you should never force others to spend money the same way you do.

Secret #22: Beware These Two Things…

Secret #22: Beware These Two Things…