Secret #20: You’re One Funnel Away – Part 1

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Secret #20: You’re One Funnel Away – Part 1

hey everyone russell brunson welcome to a special marketing secret episode right guys see behind the scenes at one of our presentations from last year’s final hacking lab so the big question is this how are entrepreneurs like us you didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pocket how do we market in a way the left half see our products and our services and the things we believe in out of the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question the podcast will give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing speakers [Music] alright so this presentation is is one that I was really nervous like giving it was called one funnel way which was the whole theme of the last fun live event and it’s something that I want to share my failures my bankruptcy stories the ups and the downs everyone here talks about the highlight reel I wanted to share the other side of it I don’t typically release sessions from live anywhere but this one has such a big impact on our audience and help people know that everyone clean me especially me pick up some big downs yet we’re just one fun away from success each time so as we were preparing for an extra steam live which will be coming live soon at photo hacking I was kind of watching the presentation the sauce when I was like I want more people to have this so when breaks an episode into two episode this is episode one go check it out and leave me a comment if you like it please subscribe tell the people about it and hopefully give you some hope and faith the path you were on is right and that this process is going to get you what you want and what you desire and let you have it serve other people so that’s the game plan now check out this episode and out to you on part two tomorrow ok so what I want to do is I want to go on a journey with you guys my journey which started way back over here on my timeline and my backstory so those who know me or have heard about me or know anything about if I got started initially I started learning about business when I was a 12 or 13 year old kid sitting there with my dad and he was watching the news and I was watching with him and I was sitting that I’m like I can’t believe he hasn’t told me to go to bed yet coolest thing in the world and the news was on and then when the new ended then mash came on and I was like I don’t you must think I’m asleep or something like he hasn’t told me go to bed and I’m sitting there like trying to move it I want him to know is I’m watching mash with my dad I was a coolest thing in the whole world and then when mascot done like he’s still liked in the same thing but he’s got to be convinced I’m asleep this is so cool and then the next thing came on it was infomercial late-night infomercial with Dawn the pre how many guys remembered on the pre yes just amazing person and he had an infomercial and I was so grateful for him and for his passion his excitement talking about he was doing and he was talking from verses out how to place tiny little classified ads you can make a fortune right and it was called as the coolest thing I’m ever sitting there listening to him and I was like this makes so much sense I’m looking my dad like you paid attention to what’s happening like this guy is a the whole thing made so much sense to me said I took a class I took a classified ad I put in a newspaper and I made $30 and I told my friends my family I started a business I made $30 this week and they all laughed at me he’s like so then I took that same ad and I ran it in a thousand newspapers the next month and I made thirty thousand dollars and I was just like mind blown and I’ve been just I’ve been ruined from that day on when it came to the world I’m like I can’t I can’t not do something like this I was so excited I saved a bunch of money mowing lawns and everything in the venture I bought down the priest kid on the infomercial I read through it all I learned it and I wasn’t able to actually do anything though because and have money to do direct mail and all sorts of things like that that’s how I first heard about direct response marketer after I got Donna fries kid I got so excited I was at the grocery store with my mom one time and we’re walking out and on the checkout stand there was a magazine it’s called small business opportunity magazine had a whole bunch little cartoon people in front of how many have seen that magazine before that’s in this is like the greatest like swipe file of direct response ads ever so I know at the time I was just like there’s like 30 things I’m out to get rich quick and I like sweet I want to get rich quick that’d be awesome so I had my mom buy me this magazine I went home and if you look at it’s like 140 pages of ads and four pages of articles it’s pretty awesome and so I’m looking every single ad I’m like oh my gosh I can still gold chains at the mall and make money it’s like calling someone a number for free and book a – Mike yeah free info kit sent my house in the next page it’s like something else and page after page all 140 pages I call every single 800-number to request the free info kit and about a week later I started getting these gifts in the mail first was like two or three letters then it was like 10 or 15 letters and was like 60 or 70 letters and I think those people start selling my name’s other mailing that soon became like hundreds of letters and the mailman could not physically shove the junk mail in the mailbox anymore there were so much coming in so I get home from junior high and I come home and I walk into the house I see on the the bar I see two or three letters from my parents and rustle stack of junk mail and there’s junk mail I was like Honda take in my room that opened I like read these things like it’s just so cool and all these money-making ideas so that happened at a young age I’m forcing again I couldn’t do anything well I tried once so this one person convinced me that like direct mail was the key and I all you do is you get a list of buyers who bought similar products and you write a sales letter and you mail it tells people a percentage will buy Oh Mike awesome only problems I can’t afford a mailing list and I know any stamps or any envelopes anything and so I done something I’ve made a little bit money doing some chores and I asked my mom to go take that money and instead buy stamps and bring me home stamps so she brought me home 38 stamps that’s how much money I had made I had 38 stamps I was like this is so awesome I used to tell my my brothers and sisters and parents always just a tease all my parents to tease me my brothers my sister did because I’d always like I’m gonna be a millionaire any minute now I’m like this is going to work and they psycho are you a millionaire yet oh and like totally make fun of me right so I had these 38 stamps I’m like okay if I can get 10% of people say to buy that’s three people if I sell a $50 products $150 I was like going I’ll be rich so I don’t know what to do and so they talked about sales letters and so I was like I rise levels I printed out on blue papers from a blue paper you’ll be more likely to read so I I had one of my parents computer I wrote a little cells that I printed out 38 copies of it I couldn’t four new envelopes I just folded it and stapled it and then I didn’t actually have a mailing list so I just opened the white pages and flip through and randomly take 38 names like this is going to be huge so I wrote it for my stamp on and all my savings put in the mailbox and I was just like I am going to be rich this is going to be amazing I sent it out told everybody like when this comes back it’s over like I’ll be able to move out on my own house is going to be amazing and unfortunately nobody responded so that was the only time I was able to invest I didn’t have the money even by a classified ad in a newspaper so I just kind of asked I just kept reading all these these uh all this junk mail and learning from all these people and then a couple years later I got into wrestling and I kind of forgot about making money but there was a seat that had been planted so I wrestled through high school had a lot of fun got a college scholarship I wrestle to college and I was going to college at my insanely beautiful wife and most of you guys not she’s right here hiding so and met her and fell in love really quick and I spent the next like three or four months trying to convince her in fact it was probably hard to sell I ever had to convince her that I was the right one um luckily she said you see that picture I was kind of a geek not gonna lie anyway convinced her to marry me and it was it was amazing and about time we got engaged um I realized my dad said well when you get married like I’m not going to keep supporting you like that’s when you become a real man and you have to like like what I want of I’m the dad like I’m wrestling and the covering my school but I like you’d always send me money to pay for food and stuff and he’s like not like if you get married like you’re kind of on your own like Minecraft I want to get married but I don’t want to like grow up yet um ping it and my wife was fiance timewise now she was working and she was making money and she got a second job to support us and I was like wrestling I’m like I don’t have any money and so I’m like I gotta do something and then luckily the greatest thing the world happened it happens to a lot of us I was up late at night stressing out about this and then this little thing pops up on TV it was an infomercial and was this guy talking about how people making money with these little websites and that they were doing an event at Holiday Inn like the next day and you can come and get tickets to I’m like oh this is it so I like call the number get my tickets a holiday and I show up the Holiday Inn it’s like a little tiny room with like 50 really really like desperate people sitting there and I get in then there’s the dude on stage who’s all like in a suit and tie and I’m like well that guy looks rich and then he started doing his thing and within like five minutes he closed me on like this $50 thing so I ran the back and I like haven’t I had my one credit card I think had like a $300 credit like that was it also I had earned so far so about my $50 thing I ran back to my closet I’m gonna make so much money with this and then he pitched just on a website which was like 3 grand and I was like oh and everybody back buying website to make I can’t afford a website dang it and they pitched website hosting at $80 a month and all these things and so like and then they’re teaching like hey if you call your bank to your credit extend down my call suite I don’t know that’s I’m calling the bank like hey can you make my car $2,000 learning all these things and so get my credit card bigger and which is kind of cool and then I bought everything he told me I need the whole thing so I buy it all he convinced me is like PayPal’s evil he’s like you have to have a merchant account there’s six thousand dollars for merchant account Mike I don’t have $6,000 yeah it’s like well you can’t make money online without a merchant account six grand oh my god but I couldn’t afford that but everything else the night I went home I was like cool I got a domain name I got hosting uh you know thousand dollars worth of Internet web stuff and I was jumped online I was like I don’t have a website and besides I started googling some things and eventually within about 15 minutes I realized the website hosting is not $80 a month I realized that the domain name is not like $1000 I was like oh yeah I got taken like for all these and I was just like I was freaked out and so I end up calling next day I was like hey so my son is a miner and he I was at your event last night and he charged all his credit cards and he needs to be out of this contract and they they got me out of contract gave me my money back so that’s one trick if you ever need to get a contract um it’s worked almost every time ah so those are the real calm secrets all right so uh so I got a contract at that point like I was in I was like oh my gosh like I can I see self stuff on the internet so that started this thing about the time my wife and I were getting ready to get married and I was like trying to sell stuff and I was selling like all sorts different things I remember initially I thought maybe it’s eBay like people make money on eBay and I remember driving to the thrift store buying everything that I could find that thought was worth value and then like on my bike with like grocery sacks full of crap like driving my bike back home and I had remember I can about a Michael Jackson record so I’m like to record zero so all this has got to be worth like hundreds of dollars I end up selling it for thirteen seven thirty baby um so depressed anyway and all these things and I was like I was boxing him and I was shipping these things out and like when all said that I think I made like forty or fifty dollars but my costs were like 150 200 dollars and was like I was going to the pennant fine boxes de box all these weird things I bought and it was just horrible thing and I’m sitting in the post office with like 18 different boxes of weird things like records and all these things and there’s this dude standing there with a big huge like box full of CDs like hundreds and hundreds of CDs I’m here with like a wheelbarrow full of like odd boxes I’m like dude what are you selling he’s like I sell information products I said what does that mean he’s like all these CDs have info burned on people pay me and I stripped him a CD I’m like this is the same CDs like yeah I have see deeper night’s Birnam and then I put him any things and I send him out so he UT me they’re all the same size like like buy one box and just like it’d be so much easier and so that we start talk about information product sounds like I don’t know that was even the thing it’s like Alex type information product so I’m sure googling stuff it started learning about how information products I didn’t finding this CD was called it was a CD that had like 8,000 coloring book pages for kids and and I the guy was telling us I emailed them I was like dude the CDs cool like I was like can I buy the rights from the CD so I can I want to sell it and he was like I’ve never done that before but sure for 200 bucks I’ll sell you the rights and you can sell to in like sweet so I gave him $200 I didn’t have and he gave me the right so he had the CD and then basically all I do is I had to burn it on a CD burner I can mail out as many times as I wanted and he had a big long sales letter he let me use I put himself letter up and I started trying things and what was cool as I started making sales not a lot like every other week we make a sell for 20 bucks and and then I’d go burn a CD I put it in them blow up and ship it out I was just like this is so cool information products became like the thing and I was trying to figure out how that whole thing worked and and that’s why I start bumping into people like Yannick silver and on all these different internet marketing gurus and watching what they were doing selling information products and I was just hooked to that point and about that time I started watching what they’re doing started learning I started creating different things that my flashlight still on mr. Park about that and I started creating in fact one of my very first products ever is anybody in this room remember products aprender yes I think three people VJ does bug so I had all these info products and I was buying resell rights other people’s products I’m selling these things and I remember I was like would it be cool if there was a way where like when I said this file of this digital files of somebody it’s like when I first open it instead of just getting the file they’ve see an ad for my product and then they see the file and I was like that was my first like like lightbulb I’m like oh my gosh I was like it’s like zipping a file but use if it may be branded so they open it they see your ad first I think this is the like I thought it was it like that is my idea this was going to change the world as we know it right so I bought zip render comm and I remember armand morin at the time was one of the guys I was studying and like I was just like Armand is so cool like everyone was fights look very similar they’re so cool I’m looking and like armasight hit a big header graphic with his picture on his arm folded with the tight with the suit coat on I was like oh dude that’s what I need so I got a picture me like folding my arms and suit coat and he had this header inside a header looks just like his his was always like II covered generator and so I was like zip branded identical and then this is where like my funnel hacking started so he has a big long sales letter I like looks weird Garmin’s doing this oh I’m going to do it so like I looked in sales and I wrote my own based on that and and then I was like how do i how do I create this I didn’t know that and so my first thought is like oh well I should just become a computer engineer like that’d be the coolest thing I don’t to make software so I switched my major to like computer information systems like learn how to code right it was about the time that semester was changing so I get to class the first day and he should get up there starts talking about code and like databases and all these things structures as in there right okay nobody’s talking about not even a little bit and within about 15 seconds I realize I’m not a coder and never will be a coder could universe not even like I was a Spanish class or something I’m just like I don’t even know what he’s saying but I don’t know how to change my major again and I kind of a so I just kind of stayed in it and and a little I kind of got depressed or my class my one idea like I guess I can’t do it and then I remember I was listening to a teleseminar was on a wrestling term we were driving to California is like a 16-hour Drive I downloaded on my it was pre I pause it’s like this little tape player thing whole bunch of teleseminars arm and hit done I’m listening to these things in the back of the car where all the other wrestlers are like partying and having fun like listening to music I was listening to these seminars and they were totally making fun of me the whole thing give me in the wrestling buddies like they relentlessly made fun of me the entire entire trip like you’re such a nerd like you’re never gonna make any money I’m like where I will some list of these things the whole way and and in one of these things like 22 hours into this this thing I’m listing to arm and says like yeah I don’t code software I go to the time that’s called script plants go to script land I pay guys in Romanian India really like hardly anything to build stuff and I was like Harden is not a programmer I thought I played as a programmer there are people in India they can do this so I lived it and I jump on scriptlance and that and I and actually prior to that I tried to hire a company to do and they quoted me like $5,000 like okay well I don’t have that and so I took the same description I given these guys and I posted on scriptlance and instant I got a I got all these people started bidding on it one guy was like I’ll do it four or five thousand I’ll do for 2004 a thousand four five hundred four and came down to this guy named Cyprian in Romania said I’ll do it for 20 bucks I was like I got 20 bucks so I picked him and he’s like alright so this is how I’m gonna do it I’m like I don’t you’re talking about but just do it so he did spent like two days since the back he’s like here it is so I tried it and I like zipped a file I open it and my ads show up I was like cute is it oh my gosh he’s like yeah thanks twenty bucks sounds like no years like this is going to be huge like I’m gonna make millions of dollars I feel guilty give me twenty dollars can I pay you next 100 he’s like yeah so I gave me $100 so I felt good about it and that was my very first software product that we did and it didn’t make me Millions I probably made out of 10 15 20 grand with that product the first one I had a sales letter started driving traffic I was doing Google Ads I was finding JV parties are all these things I started selling it and that was like the first thing that actually made me any money not exciting how many as ones that render the first 30 people in the back of the skin okay I’m just doesn’t work anymore the coding all stopped working like ten internet’s ago so it’s done but that was my first software probably was so cool about that time is when i started learning more about info products that’s when the potato gun came out the alien DVD all these things I was just doing all these little businesses and none of them were like huge smashing like million dollar successes I didn’t pull down Henry and read a book and five months later made a million bucks like I was like hey I made five grand hero I made $200 hero and these little things kept kept happening it was so cool and and every project did a little better it was like kind of like slow momentum like everyone did a little better than the last one because I get more customers for coming in and more people and then and I kept just making things in different markets potato guns and um and all these sorts of different things and he’s going a little bit better and it was just fun I remember back then I started teleseminars and I was like I get like thirty people online and I talk about something that sell at the end and people go by it was so exciting and and that was like the start of this whole thing for me and then one of my friends BJ he’s sitting over here he use the wrestler Nebraska and I wrestled at Boise State is our senior year my senior year I’d made I made pretty good my probably 150 200 somewhere in there my senior year and he had heard about it and so Boise State or dressing Nebraska and we’re sitting there wrestling and we’re glaring each other because Rob’s two teams and afterwards he’s like hey man so sometimes you told me you’re making money is that true I was like yeah he’s like how you doing it how you doing it and so we kind of talked about a little bit and then you know we flew back to our places throughout college and we can’t talk back and forth a couple you know for a little while and then after college got and he’s like hey man um I want to do what you’re doing can I get a job I was like you want a job so yeah like what would you do all days I don’t know I’ll do what you’re doing like okay and we talked about marketing stuff he’s like I loved how about Mike so cool have nobody talk about this stuff like I thought it was just me I was like you’re like you’re actually interested in this thing he’s like yeah Mike okay yeah man I’ll give you job so come on out so he’s like alright so he jumps in a plane flies to Boise and moves like literally into her office slept in our office like six months and he gets there and he’s like okay so how does this work I’ve never had an employee before I don’t really know either and I’ll pay you and then we can talk about marketing there we’ll sell stuff and it’ll be awesome know me as an entrepreneur I was in this mode of I eat what you kill like I’d sell something make much money and I was like sweet and then we would do anything for like four or five months and we create something to sell it make much money and then that’s kind of the model that I was on for a long time right and then uh BJ came in he wanted to be an employee and I was like so excited like sure so he’s employing that and then the weirdest thing happened is every two week he wanted to get paid whether we made money or not I’ve never heard that but I was like okay so here’s more money and then two weeks later Ike more my like oh crap him stole anything for like a long time and so then and then he had some other friends that came along the Reich this is cool I wanna work for you too am I gonna come on over man let’s get jobs so I gave them jobs one of his buddies and his wife and some other people and so I got all these friends I want to talk about marketing with me is so fun and so we always feel coming over and then but the problem is like every two weeks they want to get paid and so what we were selling anything so I’d go lock myself in the back room I like don’t bug me you guys got to make money so we can all hang out again so I close the door and I start working and I’d be working I have you selling stuff and then they’d be out there like dude can help you Mike shut up like if you talking I can’t make money to pay you so just like go away and they’re like we really feel bad like we want to help you Russell Mike I don’t have time to train you because otherwise we can’t make money to pay payroll and so they just kind of and that was like this thing and what’s interesting is this is one of my when my first lessons an entreprenuer that it was tough right and so I had I don’t never had five or six people the time we heard this video guy that was in so many slides toward I can’t tell you all he was an Indian guy who had shorts went up to here and he had a braid that went past his shorts because he told me in interviews like a video guy Michael zucchini movies do videos and he’s like yeah I got sorts of video stuff so we hired him and then turned out he didn’t anything about video at all and writing dare to fire because I’d never fired anyone I was so scared like every day like I wish like you just quit I don’t know what her fire of like don’t you do like oh it was it was just all these weird learning things right and and so this went on for a while I was launching something like every week trying to make money to cover payroll is huge thing and it became like horribly not fun for a long time and I kept going worse and worse than worse until the point where it was December it was the beginning of December was freezing cold and I was looking everything in like every penny I’d ever made was gone every idea I had like how I could hustle and like sell things different markets like was gone and I was just like I just drained like Marino to do and it was Christmas time I was outside and I started going to go hang up lights around my house and I had this little something to send me like an iPod nano and Stu McLaren had actually done an event I’m a student knows this and he’d sent me the links to us I download the link since the van on this iPod plug into my ears I start like hanging up Christmas lights which I had never done before it’s horrible job turns out you can hire people for really cheap to do that and the the lights look really straight mine were like like it was really bad and I kept stapling through the wire which would then kill the lights and it was bad and my fingers were so numb I had this little light coat on I remember like all my fingers were so numb I couldn’t I had to have my gloves off to be able to like squeeze the thing it’s like I put it back in and get warm then I go back in and and I’d only wanna go inside and warm sighs so depressed because I knew that that like the next payroll was coming up like a week or so and I was like I don’t have money like I don’t want to do and like tomorrow I need to go in and tell these guys otherwise they’re gonna like it’s gonna be really awkward when your payroll does come in oh my god sorry guys so Mike tomorrow I have to go tell everybody this and so I stayed outside the Colts I didn’t want to go in and I just was trying to think and so I’m stapling these Christmas lights around the house so I’m listening to the audio and in the audio there’s two different speakers talking about different business models the back then we know what numbers call these things funnels but they talked about these different business models what they were doing and one of them was a was an offline guys name is John all and SM you guys heard me talk about him he’s got talking about tracted character and he said they like I have this thing that I’ve been doing where I I create these CDs and then I tell them it’s so controversial that I can’t put it on the Internet the funniest thing ever it’s like so because that you gotta pay me five dollars that will ship you the CD and they said what happens if I ship in the CD but then that customer financed me putting a set like sending themselves letter I was like dad is like brilliant I’m like we got to do that and I remember I filmed the CD like two years earlier or DVD and I was like we could do that we could burn that DVD we can start sending that out so I was first the first presentation was John all answers the next presentation was this guy named Matt bass act he’s become a close friend since then and now talk about his business Molly said right as I send out CDs that people buy disease I call on the phone and we sell I’m coaching I was like you can call people on the phone like I never I’m an internet nerd I’m like way you prepare like I was super scared but I knew that there was a guy that worked for me the time one of my five or six friends who had who had sold things on the phone before and how sometimes like oh my gosh like what is like what if like I quickly figured out something we could do where we could like save this thing I did it might actually be possible I started more assignment crystal sites and lists and stuff I was like oh my gosh like this this plan it’s like funnel what’s going through my head I’m like okay I think I figured out like a blend of whether these two guys are saying could actually actually work and so my time I got the hang of crystal sites I texted all of them like you guys you don’t know this yet but we’re about to go bankrupt but I got an idea that I think can save it let’s meet tomorrow morning early imma walk us through what I think has actually saved this business send and they’re all like text me back like what hey guys come over through bankruptcy like oh yeah we’re about to and at luckiest okay let’s call come in so they all came in the next day I was like you guys I think I got a model this is what we’re gonna do I was like remember that DVD I did like two years ago and take that it’s going to be a free DVD we so controversial can’t sell on the Internet well charge I think was 495 shipping and handling and we’ll send this DVD out to them and then decide the DVD we’re going to have a sales letter where we’re going to sell a $5,000 actually was 5500 ollars I don’t know why we stood that price but some fifty five hundred dollars all right cool would we sell $5,500 something I don’t know what do you want to sell alright so we had our whiteboard meet on a whiteboard right well some of the names $5,500 like we have to be something amazing like what if we did this we’re like I’m innocent what if we did it and we made this huge list like two hours of like all the amazing it sounds like that would be awesome but I’m not willing to do half of that stuff so okay we’re not going to happen sleep in my house we’re not going to have him do it and kind of crossed out all these things right okay all right okay I’d actually be willing to sell this I think people would actually buy that like that would be insane and so we took that and then the same time we added a newsletter so somebody Baazi they joined a newsletter that was 37 dollars a month so he came from here and they join a new letter 37 dollars a month and that was the funnel the back then we have ClickFunnels™ so luckily we had one or two nerds still working for us we were able to kind of put these pieces together and we had this really rudimentary like horrible looking funnel but it was live within the day we said okay let’s try it and time I had a little tiny email list this is pre Facebook free is that myspace days so back then we pushed some traffic to this and we end up selling a couple hundred of these CDs and then in the CD we shipped out to inside the chemists cells letters talking about this and then it put people on a continuity program and then we called every bit about CD and said hey you buy the CD how would like to come to Boise and we’re going to give you this and this is our Hail Mary pass like please let this work and so we did that we focused on it we drove traffic to it and when all is said and done over the next like 2-week period of time we got 800 people to get our free CD from that way we used to do is everybody was on continuity since we had 800 people there runs $37 month continuity but was free for a month so we’re not make any money here but with 800 people’s phone numbers we were able to call and start calling them and we don’t know anything out phone sales or anything we’re just like hey man you bought a CD you want to come and hang out with Russell they’re like yeah and in that in that two-week period of time we sold 10 people at $5,500 a piece extended up being the 55k and that funnel saved Christmas that awesome dolphin I was able to pay all of our payroll we had some money left over it was awesome and the coolest thing is three days later than this cuff started and all these people are continuity and suddenly we had a business this is where I learned the power of continuity David Frye is one of my favorite people in the whole world he’s in the audience here somewhere I think he’s always stays like until you have continuity you don’t have a business I never stood that till this there’s David smiling over that I love that guy and and now I found out I have some of these people in there so what happened I don’t know the math 800 times 37 a month it’s like 25k a month we knew like we have continuity now every single play 25k that means I can pay for employees I can I realize like it’s hire employees for before you have continuity but now in continuity now we actually had people covered and we could actually focus and think and that was the first funnel that really kind of saved things and turned it around for us one more marketing secrets it’s so then go get your copies on my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets I mean get a free copy a textbook stickers calm the book number two is called calm speakers and you get your free copy at calm secret calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 speakers to leave you to become the fastest-growing non VC back fast startup company in the world

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You’re just one funnel away…

On this special two part episode you will hear the first part of Russell’s “One Funnel Away” presentation from Funnel Hacking Live. In this episode you’ll hear:

-What the first product was that ever made Russell any money and how he only had to pay $20 for someone to write the software.

-How Russell first hired employees and what he learned about having to actually pay them.

-How Russell and his first team were able to make $55K in a two week period just in time to save Christmas.

So listen to this first portion of Russell’s story, and don’t forget to come back for the second half.

Secret #20: You’re One Funnel Away – Part 1

Secret #20: You’re One Funnel Away – Part 1