Secret #18: How To Make It Rain

everyone’s russell brunson and welcome to insanely late night marketing secrets podcast so I am here for watching this on TV I’m in the car over there she is Norah it is late same late fact in one minute it will be midnight here and I will have to take yours on a very special marketing secret so the big question is this how we’re entrepreneurs like us we didn’t cheat and take our venture capital we’re spending money from our own pocket how do we mark it in a way the left-half see our products and our services and the things we believe it out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question and the podcast will give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing speakers [Music] alright everybody so hope you guys are doing amazing so right now my little baby nor and I are on a mission it’s a secret mission to get her hopefully fall asleep we started weaning her off a bottle about a week ago before I found the vacation so that is so much nicer than a bottle on this trip that was the good idea Honora but what we did think about was the fact that she’s a saint and now she’ll go to bed at all so she won’t take nap since her naps happen where she finally passes out today basically we go back to the lake when I was on vacation I’m on Lake and he’s cooking tonight and then and then she would fall asleep and we’re driving back forth finally like let’s go to sort of buy something for dinner cycling back she passed out and she slept like three hours she so be a Mitchell about the national anthem and so this is the second night in a row last night is also out driving until midnight 12:30 so sleep last night so it’s 12 o’clock right now hopefully in less than 30 minutes she will be asleep but I am on vacation having a good time and if you listen to my last marking seekers podcast that talked about how vacations can be soaked it can be really tough for entrepreneurs is not it it’s like we’re moving is no momentum we’re kind of just stuck in this spot and so that’s somewhere that I definitely feel that the most notification is if I also hard make some psyche I think you got stuff to do people that people see these places to go and and actually was interesting as I was packing the carbon I was about to leave you know between like hiking stuff in and out of the car and everything I was just checking Facebook as interesting there was a friend who I don’t guess seen him anybody last time we talked honest it was like in elementary school remember sixth grade it’s got a funny story sixth grade we were like moving these big huge boxes and I remember he had this big box and he dropped it I don’t know why he would remember this for him saying the super-embarrassed he dropped his box of stuff and he was saying some day this is the real thing people remember me by I remember that one day you drop this wig a huge box and I’m everything that was really really interesting in now so he was 30 years later didn’t think I remember that day is kind of funny but anyway they got I remember he was in junior high I was in high school but he was a basketball players wrestlers really to pass the law but I knew who was in the group in elementary school my respect for him and everything and when the book of faces came out Zuckerberg it was kind of fun to go back in thanks remembering our high school high and elementary school friends and people to wrestling and all the aspects you like mr. Adam on Facebook you know so he was my name is popped up years ago and you know I had him in and then hadn’t got much more about it and every ever fly Solveig posts from him so I tend to use a little boating student but not a lot just kind of knew that you should you know it is his job or business must clear a couple times and and just make you having a lot of success and remember something like last Christmas or something posting something really negative I was just like I guess felt bad for him it’s also those things that it’s weird when I first started my business started learning about entrepreneurship it certainly has self means my all this world became open to me I remember at first I wanted to kind of share with everybody and I did I tried to share my friends my family members people at church my like everyone bumped into us so excited I might ride told us this day way that I’d learned how you you know and I was so excited I was shared every single person and was so mind-blowing and the most people just I thought oh cool yeah tonight I know you understand it’s not just nice like did I eat on it was so frustrating for heated but it but it’s just funny cuz like that was like I always tried to change everybody and save them and help them because I thought like that was what I’m supposed to do and I’m after a couple years I realized that most of people actually not people I ever tried to help ever doing the venomous this really depressing to me so that’s when I shifted back and start doing the business for a long time and I think it got into coaching because I wanted to share and it was cool to start coaching people because like people with common people who was there I did firstly came to me to learn how to do it make those who I could roll like a leg hope and I can change because they had the desire first right and so it’s because I’ve been very cautious than the last decade in my life going out of a way to talk to people about the supplements they raise the hand first right and so I saw him last December say something I just like I could sort of ice my spot to say things like same thing and then hey as we were leaving I was just going to Facebook to get a pack of cars and you know something nice you know you as you do it well I’m looking for work when I see this post from it was this long pulses it gave had a negative thing he’s talking about of course you’re struggling and like try make money and I all these things that I think he said the last year I made $25,000 all that and now it’s going to make the entire year and I’m usually struggling and he was trying to like better things for his family and for his life and first wife and for like all these things can figure it out as frustrated it is kind of Benjy he did Nora she took you back there David smoke fix it anyway and and I fell for my just like to say something why not and whatever reason I decided every Johnson I just like hey man like the problem we’re talking like 20 plus years I don’t know if you remember who I am but like the problem is like you’re all folks in the right scene and he wrote and I was like like I could help you but like say I don’t want to want kind of in true like something I might my business like I could help you I know it’s wrong like please fix I was like in the last you know year house in two years we hope you know at middle coach over 200 almost sort of people now from the millionaire and you know thousands tens of thousands of people make hundred thousand dollars in more in here so like I know the game you know I know what takes what it doesn’t take and I look at things like I said no I don’t that guy who’s like it’s like and I said some like that and then my next blog post was like pick up cigarette I was like and I’m not trying to pitch you on some mental and like that somebody my honest he’s like if you want help I can help you to know what’s wrong and he was like really like yeah what I want to I want to know it so it’s like actual my I told a couple things and I said that if you if you do those things and I’ll do is I’ll record a podcast you are on my trip kind of going into more detail and last like three days thinking about that I’m excited so that’s what I’m actually in right now and I hope it’s a benefit for all of you guys because I think for most school they’re stuck like it’s not something that you need to it’s not doctors I think like our situations unique it’s not as a pattern as how’d it happens over and over and over again and the key like breaking patterns is recognizing it at night realizing what the crack pattern is replacing so like it it’s not hard it’s just it’s hard for the first time most people go through personally it’s so like anyway so that’s kind of the context so I just want to share kind of this message is really for him I’m not going to go super specific by thing gonna be help refer for everybody and a little bit typical people I talk to in this podcast are people who are entrepreneurs already and this is kind of a guess or someone who’s that on that line between like like the job maybe and the entrepreneur I like that line right where it’s like you’re not in fluid on to preneur running this way but you’re struggling up with job thing you’re coming in between that’s what this podcast is for it’s like all right so with that said I’m interrupted so the first thing that I can told him this message I said all right first thing is you’re focusing on the wrong thing as I wasn’t focusing on like perfecting my craft and just kind of some perspective he’s the industry’s going into like simply trying to do movies and videos and all that stuff right so he’s like one I’m focusing on I’m getting better at my craft and I’m also doing a lot of networking this way okay yes so you are completely focusing on the wrong few things you’re focusing on things helping you better you’re staying but as like you have shift your focus to making money and that’s that’s a weird concept because I it’s something like I remember the first time I had that epiphany like I need to learn how to make money I was in school and I’m learning all this crap and I’m looking at the stuff I’m studying and I was like I’m not actually learning how to make money I still remember I learned my biggest gripes with college so I took two semesters accounting in two semesters to finance and they never worked I knew your own taxes say insane school sucks anyway throw that out there for those who are wondering I talked about the whole thing but it’s crazy like the fact that they don’t teach you that thing right and I rise you know like I’m not learning how to make money here in school and I started studying like how to make money was interesting how how different was right like it’s not it’s not what you’re learning in school and now fast forward things been seen it’ll be my 15 year anniversary like a month from now we got married a year left to school for like 14 years whatever I’ve been graduates in school so kind of looking back on it now from this side so I’ve four stop sign there’s the furthest up life business stuff latest stuff space nor still awake anyway so as I look at it now from this Lanza looking back it’s interesting like like a lot of times we want something right like I remember growing up you always hear your parents people say like hey you got to get a good job so you can go to school seeing a good education so you can make good money right like we all hear that like that’s like a famous parents say a lot all right and so we assumed that like those two things cones I like good job good education equals more money but not necessarily like now they look at it again from my perspective you know fifteen year and 1415 years later it’s interesting for I was thinking about this a lot of last Tuesday’s especially like if you want it’s not looking like the structure of how people make money because because that’s one me but there’s places you make money those places you don’t in most places where folks are like he said I hope saying any better my skills network you make he’s focusing on something that’s good but it’s not making money and so I’m gonna start the top so the top is like a pure entrepreneur ice on top of business lay like a hierarchy chart I can boom the top is like the entrepreneur who starts the business right and typically at least the offers I like to work with that entrepreneurs who are passionate about something but they’re mostly passionate not just about that thing or the passionate about getting that thing out to people right that’s what defines an entrepreneur okay if you have abs read the e-myth by Michael Gerber he talks about well you know what happens with a lot of people so the things are entrepreneurs I like they they get a job at a bakery shop and start baking cakes I see the visual always a bakery shop and they’re like this guy’s an idiot I can be better than him and what Michael Gerber says is that they have an entrepreneurial seizure and then they they say I’m smarter this person I’m going to make you so they start their own bakery he said the problem is they’re not actual entrepreneurs they’re a technician so there’s somebody who’s in the business who’s doing it right like they’re making the bread they’re making the cake they’re making the stuff that’s oh but they look at the entrepreneur thinks an idiot and so they say if they have the entrepreneurial seizure they’re they decide they want to get on sure then tho happen to start their own business and there’s I can make bread better than anybody else or whatever I can make cakes and they’re passionate about the thing and they create this business and what happens to this business fails this was like whatever 90 plus percent failure rate of businesses because it’s its technicians it’s people who think that the key is the same okay they think that the cake is what runs the business they’re passionate about the cake by the creation of the cake then arsenic that’s not the business with the business the entrepreneurs job is be passionate about getting the cake out to as many people as possible that’s where the money’s at right and so that’s where most businesses fail it’s not natural entrepreneur running it it’s someone who had an entrepreneurial seizure and is a technician who’s trying to do that thing that things that they tear start a business because of it okay so my first question for you for everyone list is like are you a entrepreneur and out the good news is we go deeper this old Gallagher’s process and cross the path there there are ways to make money not as an entrepreneur in a business it’s not where you probably sleep that they are a lot of things bit anyway I am sticking for example I the doctor I like doctors make good money like like how many times here I get to a doctor make good money or a dentist to give good money right so like those those people make but make good money but not like like there’s no limit to your income money right because the doctor is a technician right this happy highly paid technician Law School your things go into it looks like but there’s still a technician right there not entrepreneur they have a state of definite capital on their income growth always and so just depending on what technician you pick it to the say you’re going into two company to get a job I like you’re tapped by the earning potential of that of that role you take on right if you’re a doctor if your dentist if you’re a baker if you’re a support person if you’re like whatever like your capitulate whatever that that that thing is which is fine it’s just as knowing that like that’s where kind of capped at right you want to cap the first spot year look at me an entrepreneur but to be an entrepreneur you have to understand it’s not being passionate about the creation of a thing that’s being passionate about the selling of the same okay there’s big reason why I read the expert I wrote the extra secrets book because typically experts who are really passionate about their topic are also passionate at you the topic out okay by definition they’re entrepreneurs because they’re they’re trying to get the message out about that scene right they own the baker they make the cake but the more said about telling people about the cake like that’s what makes them successful entrepreneurs typically so I love working with experts okay alright so there’s the top of the car around getting out of no-man’s land now um that’s the top of this why don’t we call a pyramid scheme of business cuz with your club but the entrepreneurs the top right and it has almost a look at bygones favors person makes all the money but also the people have to risk all of everything right so entrepreneurship is like scary thing because like you have the know or earning potential on top but you also want to like all the risks on your back and for a lot of people you can’t just go out there do Cumberland remedial II especially if you have a wife and kids and things like that okay because you have to have security here so like there’s a huge jaraguá with people who are up who have entre knurl desires but they also have the security needs between their families so it’s like that’s a hard thing to go and gamble just jumping again I’m going to tell the entrepreneur and so I understand that so watch out of the entrepreneurs it’s not the first the first place we but I feel super blessed I started my entrepreneurial journey by the time I met my wife and and I was able to do a lot of things because she was supporting I was going to school we have kids and have all of it if we didn’t have this need for security at the point that I was getting started which I’m so grateful for I have so much respect for those who stepped in the entrepreneurial role when they have all those things because it’s so much harder so yeah so it’s always easier to start being on to risking everything you don’t have wife and kids and things right and it’s that’s kind of one thing so that that’s one spot case so again there’s different places and make money couples there’s the best spot right that’s may not that’s why that’s one spot as the entrepreneur at the top right all right so that’s number one then underneath the entrepreneur inside an organization there’s got to be the technicians that people doing the thing right instead of people baking the cake so dy cleaning the T exact people cutting the people open ok the technicians right and so technicians this is what’s schooling actually but like the only reason why schools actually good is because it creates technicians right so if you want to come a doctor you have to go to school you want to be able to drill teacher to go to school if you want to go to Baker if you are become a butcher baker candlestick maker I don’t even know any profession under the tutor Stram is limited here the faculty scary but any any profession that there’s like that’s what school is for and so when you want to school yoga that you’re saying okay like any major just let it go after like there’s kind of an Associated salary that range that you’re going to fit into right and sometimes is big like doctors make good money but like you’re always kavik a technician will always be cab by definition of what they are okay you just you are like and so if you’re coming into a business here I’m a technician looking at this I keep your cat like your salary account okay so my friend who’s doing the video stuff like you what you looking for jobs in a business that are that are this base to technician rights like so again you say is post like you makes you making emails where by thousand dollars last years I hope the reason why is because the need that you are fitting inside whatever company you’re trying to plug into like that’s what they got budgeted for that some so you’re able to make like you like your cap you can’t you can’t go above that right this work for hours for days right if somebody find another company that’s a bigger budget it’s like that’s another thing and that’s okay there’s nothing wrong with the technicians just understanding like that that they did there’s a salary set for that thing there’s a budget set and like and and and that’s where what happens right the goal of a business is not to make the technicians wrench I had a finance teacher at Boise State say what like most teachers I had it in school we’re always like what’s the job of the business like Oh to create jobs and to stimulate the economy and like they always have this like happy-go-lucky tree-hugging attitude about business right and this one finance teacher so the only goal of the business is to make the owners money that’s it if the entrepreneur the owner is not making money the border tractor whatever whoever running it we’re gonna make you money business dies like that’s the only purpose and only point of a business is to make you entrepreneur money like never understand that view the technician there is no desire for anybody if you make more money than what your salary is now doing to find entrepreneurs and like in my company I’m very compassion towards people and I love what they do and I like crazy things about salines for people in my coming incentive plan but happen for the most part like like you’re kind of like as a technician here you’re in that that range so you understand if you’re going to school like that’s the earning range are going to be in are you okay with that if you are then cool go for it like and that’s that’s awesome but don’t complain later when you come back like I’m not making what I want like well you picked a profession you picked your technician you pick this piece and that’s all it’s worth doesn’t matter which school we went to I was time and effort you could enjoy like like that’s what that task is worth to the entrepreneur so you understand that okay so technicians but they’re essential to a business and they need to be there and that’s what colleges and universities and programs are all created to to create those people and those people are 40 but again that’s kind of the pros and the cons of that now guys look at this flip it over she’s asleep who’s 12 19 so the good side let’s applaud yes madam three hours long now she’s asleep otherwise could’ve been a really long one anyway hi so there you go entrepreneur unlimited potential tons of risk and the the role the reason why not to prove you’re successful because they’re passionate about the selling of the thing getting the message out not just message right not just a short baking cakes the passionately cakes in many people’s mouths as possible because they’re assessed with the end product right that’s the difference okay they’re not sirs to level down in this pyramid is the technicians who are the ones doing the jobs to make this whole thing happen super essential but have huge earning caps of in depending on what technician role you pick depends on your ernie cap can there’s one more spot and this is the spot on everybody understand because this is the other spots out of company where you have no earning potential excuse me so don’t give no earnings ceilings you have unlimited earning potential scratch that I could have been a really bad mess of the whole thing you have unlimited earning potential literally the sky is the limit and that last piece so we have entrepreneurs and technicians and then a third are the rainmakers there are people that make it rain there are people to breathe leave and money the business the rain makers now entrepreneurs love rain makers why because they make a rain is understand that like like stats The Seeker sauce now most technicians don’t understand that because all innos like I wore to school to learn this thing to do this task and they do it they go in and they do it okay but the person that is that they get rewarded the most outside of the entrepreneurial company are the rainmakers typically in most a lot not and almost like a lot of businesses that that I own I’m involved with the rainmakers Law Center are entrepreneurs who who maybe if they would have started their entrepreneur journey ten years earlier like they would have been the officer in the business but whatever reason they’re not it’s okay because they they can have what has long intrapreneurs like like in the in their role the company like they have the ability to grow and expand as much as they want okay because the Rainmaker so so what do they do they make it rain they bring in then bring in customers and they make money right they bring money it’s like a company so if you look at this from them from an outside perspective like if your sums up like in college terms it’s like marketing in sales marketing bring people in fill takes their money right like that’s kind of that’s kind of what it is right and and it’s funny because I don’t learn was even like like most technicians like if you go to school details of each one of yourself versus what like you could boy the viewpoint or even like marketing I’m in marketing or I’m in sales the technicians there are ones who I was like look down on take a lemon doctor like oh well I’m a blonde ik they look down on the rainmakers because they think it’s like it’s like a sub or whatever it is they think it’s like not as good or not as big to fight or whatever well then our stand is like the rainmakers make the money okay it is the most dignified most important position in the entire company without the rainmakers the technician has no job okay that’s what I’m bringing people into your business and then getting the money from those people there’s nobody that should be a technician to you make a makes you want but some do did not bring those people into the store and take their money they’re not going to take their not going to buy a cake is the most important role in the business outside the entrepreneur recessive initial risk to to get it going right and so even though the technicians talked down on us marketing and sales people it happens to be the most important role every single business can do you tell when businesses are stupid when on the recession’s company Karthik they cut their marketing team they could have their self scoops it’s insane to me I had a chance in my life to lift through one of the rest sessions the whatever 2008 thing ever do and I had a bunch of friends who I can marketing job that they were making a reign for a company the company start struggling so they cut the market you know I’m like here and say you’re not good by cut the technicians they don’t do anything like they don’t cut here the blood coming into your company like marketing itself is the blood it is the rain like the rain makers are the key chemical so rain makers they don’t have a ceiling okay in most businesses nowadays okay especially if you become good at it and not like a little bit good but really good you have to come in so I can bring in eliminates for you guess what they’re going to do they’ll give you anything you want all companies need it neatly doesn’t you need they need sales okay they need to take those leaves and turn them into cash to turn them into money okay that’s how they don’t turn against a it’s not the ignitions get paid is by the rainmakers bring you people in taking their money like that’s it we can try to be romantic about it but that is it you guys like it understanding if you want to be if you want to be wealthy and we’re talking about like making a good income as a technician because you can do that again go to school that’s not you want to make you become wealthy become rich you want to make a lot of money to shift your focus for becoming good at being a technician shifting your focus to understanding how to make a rain if you can make it rain in the business you are infinitely valuable ok this technician you’re only valuable as that task is to the person to the company right ok and they know they got a budget for it ok so there you go so like if you work at a company like hey I do video but guess what they have a budget for that leg cool we pay video guys three bucks an hour full bucks now whatever it is right it’s 20 bucks an hour a my friend and make become these working for they save budget twenty five grams that’s all the money you’re able to get because you’re a video person right your commodity instead of how about technicians their commodities understand they’re like there’s funny my sucker my sister the other day here at our family vacation whatever and CGC piano lessons and I love my sister she’s I honestly probably my top three favorite people on planet earth and anyway said she teaches piano and she’s like I’m so busy I can’t publish the answer will we should double your prices she’s like I can’t have my prices like why not she’s like couple things first off like my double my price level is half my people are like can you lose half your people you double the money in each get get double the free timing same amount of money so if I can’t do that because you know that’s like the set price where people charge panel lessons where I live so if I raise my price let’s go somebody else I speak is your commodity I’m like like as I guess how much people paid for like marketing consulting advice and I don’t know I might need either I know that like I don’t look like a rails charges in charge the same thing I charge the most I possibly can for example today we had somebody who contact our office and want to do a one-day consult and I was like I don’t have time for one day console and then I go how much would it would it cost so I told Brent on my team as I told one hundred grand and we’ll get and they can do eight hours with the Boise and I’m going home at five o’clock and I would be my kids and he’ll I should tell us you like they wouldn’t say yes that right and then he went to pitch it to me came back right 5 mins letters like they said yes but there you go run why I’m not a commodity when you are a video person here at commodity when you are any type of technician to our commodity Kate you are a doctor you are still a commodity because guess what those articles long and he’s better than you less expensive than you whatever they they can replace you with the other person because you are a commodity okay the rainmakers are not commodity I guess we have to understand okay the rainmakers are unique because I understand something that that they can’t just learn in school all right you know how to get in and I in especially in school because there’s no school that I know of yet teaches a marketing program it actually is good okay so there you go so if your school trying to come alright maker like you should drop out today your RV technician stick in school you’re a maker assembly okay other than if your school light on please if you’re trying to support that’s why I was in school like do that you’re trying to get find a beautiful spouse like great place to be great-looking women and probably good-looking that I got no idea but I like that’s a good spot to be a technician and should be at school but just so you find yourself then leave like it’s time to go if you want to make it rain it’s time to go okay the rain makers are the ones that are not a commodity okay there’s no cost associated like you won’t budge that out but I don’t know like okay how would you like psyching the company of my hate all right so I’m gonna build you guys a sales funnel and this funnel its potential to bring you on the leads for forever and you know make you up in amount of money like well how much how much does that cost right well I wish don’t want to charge you for a they say they can’t go cry shot be like how you gonna pressure I’ve got Russell Brunson charges 100 grand for a day like like you price shot that go to somebody else askgaryvee like what do you cost and he’ll give you his price like you can she’s way too fat I and like if you want what I got like I’m the only justice got it right and so you got to pay me like what I what I want charge you for it like I’m not a commodity okay sitting if you’re a great salesperson like you’re not a commodity right like great cell c4 a rare so if you’re an amazing salesperson you walk into any corner they say look hand me your lead I just want 20% of everything in DL now he would I kill on the page where it’s over I kill and there’s no business on earth that I know that if you walked in and said look don’t pay me Pena’s komyatti leave or 20% of what I kill almost almost they ask that saying cuz you’re a maker so you have no feeling just go kill a whole bunch of stuff and you get you get your con right same thing with the with a person’s taking the reins bringing the leaves in the door said and so a lot of times Jake will Russell on the video guy Russell I’m whatever I am NOT I don’t I don’t I don’t know how to make it rain my mama like right now I’m basically I’m a technician like I’m not plugged it was technician – yes – look yes our study not how to become a technician like you got to come go to your craft yeah I agree your daddy out of them obsessed with it we have to become to understand how to make money okay the study of making money is the key okay so how do I make money well it’s understanding I compared video person doing videos with commodity if I understand they use video to bring in lead change things now I’m not a commodity okay I’ve got a friend charge the hundred thousand dollars making video plus temperature of any my head video ever makes you okay now technically he’s no better than anybody else fact that that’s an argues a lot worse in video close to people but he knows how to trick that video and how to turn it into cash bring in customers I don’t use it to make it rain alright absolutely it’s in my world I’ve got some tools help you learn how to take whatever technician skills that you have learn how to make it rain okay so I told my friend are you able to advise us as this on all recording this podcast you gotta do something spring first the first thing you need to go back to this podcast which Edition is called marketing in your car first hundred episodes there’s a really cheesy jingle next two episodes there’s a less cheesy jingle still little TV and then recently transformed into the marketing singers podcast whatever like that name and the new jingle is freakin amazing three on screen so we got that we’ve got that one I said go and listen to every episode start up someone and go through all them and I said what’s going to happen is you’re going to immerse yourself in how to become a Rainmaker I said you’re a bunch of random crap and I’m just going to tie together but it’s going to get your mind immersed in this this mindset okay and if you hide me or my voice like you can go find somebody else but find some is obsessed marketing itself and like arrange the stuff that people pay unlimited money for and start immersing yourself like listening to it all day every single day so your minds just wrapped into the concepts okay I said with geeking out and like going through my podcast your minds can get into it we aren’t have a blueprint right you’re just going to have like all these thoughts I’m sorry to go through your head it’s kind of like all over the place and it’ll be like a path but it’ll be immersion right it immerses the key like you got to get your mind so like is you I mean Tony Robbins talks about this a lot and I’m a big believer in pretty much everything Tony says because he’s a giant and he’s got stage president like nobody else and he’s amazing and like a billion other reasons right but Tony is the man ain’t on me like emergency but learn something don’t dabble like there’s dabblers out there all over the place to dabble him and my guess is the things your life that you struggle that are things you dabbled with and things are like you to sell out or things you would Merce yourself in right that’s just how it works right and so if you want to learn how to make it rain you’ve got to immerse yourself into the concepts of people that are making a ring hey number two I told my friend I said there’s two books you gotta read my ship amount to him the first book is expert secrets okay now in this business there’s two sides of the business there’s the art and the science ok the art is like how to like the art really is kinda like the the the selling in the sand like the messaging and positioning and all those kind of things of storytelling that kind of piece is the art so I said read the expert seekers book first that’s the art and the second read the dot-com seekers books that’s the science kids they are emphasized making a ring okay so when you read both those books you learn like the student perspectives you’ll fill in the book like ones are very much like here’s the structure of how like the science that mr. dot-com stickers but the science how this game is played and then edge versus the art okay now a lot of people think is like eyes are going to master all this and you don’t okay especially if you are someone who would love being entrepreneur but your whatever reason you’re able to you are being intuitive company’s safety I’m gonna go into a company make an intrapreneur for a company and then look at that it’s okay I don’t even know all this stuff I can understand it all I can understand the art of science and then with that there where’s my skill set fit into that case my friend that’s doing video stuff like you have a skill set in the right hands worth a lot of money in the wrong hands is 425 Randy here okay you find a company that’s growing you find the right the right company that I personally plug in to come and say look I wanna make a rain for you okay Brandon Fisher who started a video stuff for us to announce three years ago he came in select and I met him and you know my brother’s gonna stuff me and like I didn’t really need another video person they came in two mediums like hey like I want to learn you’re doing I was the video stuff for free for umi-car eyes we started video stuff for free and and and just just an amazing stuff it sorry and like start capturing stories for me I’m like you captured a Liz betty story of course Hillary her her experience in her circle like basically like he he he wasn’t the economy as a video guy human it’s like I can capture the story that makes your company look a million times better she’s to make array to capture the story of Lisbon and we took that video put on the website start driving traffic to it that Lisbon II video I haven’t I could try it today that probably made me I’d say at least two million dollars not more okay that video helped me to make it rain that video asked us to me what more twenty-five thousand dollars a year it was just a heck of a lot work because it helped me to be able to create customers and convert those customer to get money from those customers right okay but you didn’t come to me as I’m gonna be a video guy you came to be like let me search first okay the best thing about rainmakers is if you’re good at what you do which is why it’s important you talk about really like it’s important to get really good your crafter I think that is important I’m obsessed I literally become so obsessed with what you do become the best robot right or at least the best that that person has ever matter I like become obsessed with that like that’s important the second thing is like is like figuring out how to use your skill to make it rain became obsessed with that because that connection do you think that’s the missing key right then yin commands foreigners you’re in a company making the company and don’t come in and I try to negotiate a huge fee for a couple reasons number one you try to go she ate a huge fee the first thing you’re going to do is you’re locking yourself in as a technician okay technicians get paid a salary okay first and that way so soon a negotiated you lock yourself in and then again you’re there you come in the other ways look I’m going to work since three I’m gonna make it rain and then ice one of these what I think what I bring to you and you bring it that way and you come in and you help make it rain there’s three different Jai Ram when the greatest marketing strategic minds of all time here’s all that you can the company so I’m going to come in I work for free as well traitors to the increase come to yes 30 50 should be 40 50 60 100 million dollars accompanies tutorials on aprons that’s what rain makers do as themselves to believe you are creating opportunity you’re creating money for them take instead it was great that’s the key you guys that’s the key how to be an entrepreneur inside an organization and have no have no limit okay guess they don’t fire in a company first that makes it rain you come to a company and you make it rain that’s it write your own paychecks 9.4 okay so how do you get everyone immerse yourself and how to end in the stuff in the marketing and sell okay immerse yourself I would recommend do it to the podcast that’s I think I’m obsessed the podcast is the best way to have it ring to your mind all the time I say start at episode number one of my podcast click Play and go until you’re done and then a lot of you guys start over I think it’s not my own ego partially alright parsec my ego but mostly it’s for you guys okay and again some reason I talk too fast or I’m annoying or whatever I don’t care plug in to somebody putting a grant cardone or Gary Vaynerchuk or plug it into John they do but I don’t care find some taps or whoever you resonate with plug in and go and don’t unplug like every single day like all your free time you’re driving you’re walking your bathroom breaks you should be listening to podcasts like constantly Kay that’s going to give you the immersion submersions the only way if you give the connection to my quote this connects to this that I get start seeing the big picture number two is they need a strategy and a blueprint okay so for each of you guys there’s two books I’ve ever and I put in my heart my soul I’ve read thousands of books sold is like hundreds of millions or some stuff to be able to figure out like what actually works I put into a book you can read in like a day so read the expert seekers book number one and then during the dot-com stickers book x4 singers teach you the art da computer science okay we need look at what your skill set is and where does that plug into the art and sign you don’t do everything to figure out what you are good at okay and then what I recommend doing this kind of next step of it is like lotions on to my Certified Partner Program is certify people that build sell funnels the words that are the most successful the ones that realize there are the best everything Henry Kaminsky one of my buddies he inner circle for uh for last year he talked about when he first came in he was accused of graphic manners like I’m a graphic designer he’s like I came in and he’s like I kind of come back he is saved this way but it’s like similar like he understood like art and science cake saying I’m really good at graphic design I lost other stuffs we start studying it and learning it and you rise like but there’s pieces to this like six next for secret super eyes like there’s there’s pieces right and you can go and come export all of it or well he said he’d is like I built a vulture on team and some of you guys if you’re if you’re if you’re young you know if Ultron is you go google it or me River Power Rangers might be a better one for you guys anyway there’s different versions of the Voltron basically there were like five and same with our interesting storylines probably same everything but there’s five people each have their own superpower right mouth and they were really good and then like maybe some big bag and always come and they couldn’t defeat him individually sense to to group together become Voltron and and all five pieces came together and then they go in a fight and then they can come and make it they could win right and so Henry stays like he said I was good designer I’m bad I’m bad a strategy so I had to bring a strip I had to find this strategy person to partner with so we partnered with with a strategy guide a var so no names like I need someone who’s good selling steak partner the sales person he part of three or four people they built this team as Voltron team and went out there in less than a year Henry made over a million dollars visible company right because we understood the art here so like we’re rainmakers and I’m getting this piece of it but I need a couple people together so we can really make a rain I think we can drive traffic from the do sell so they can do that how old is the art yeah you did that so for you guys and for my friends look and it’s like after you understand the art insights you’ve immersed yourself so you’re learning all these kind of things right then you buy the expert sinker some stickers book and you read both of those now you understand the art and science of how to make it rain now you’re looking back tsukino where do I fit in this where one of my passion about like whether the storytelling part am I good at the funnels am I good at this like I figure those pieces then you go to company and look at that say look I underly get this piece I I can bring this thing to you okay or find a part of antennas people come and say look like we can come and do this thing okay a good example this you guys don’t like I don’t want to share these kind of numbers but I want to just to just kind of help write some you guys have seen the Harmon brothers videos so he has know that we are about to launch our Harmon brothers video she was excited for but they did squatty potty poo pourri chapbooks fiberfix whole bunch of great videos right and and they make these these videos and that they’re good right it’s really good they go viral admit they’re amazing but if you look at the whole thing like actually lisa back so um i i wanted to hire them to do video for me so i message then two days after they’d actually messaged me which is kind of funny and they had this funnel the fiberfix funnel they said the video went viral but in the funnel is converting and they wanted my help and i was like funny i just want to you know you just CD do video for us and as i we got a phone to kind of talk through it and i was like in both of those red makers right like they look at that’s like our videos make a ring we know we know what they’re worth and so I was like well how much does it cost to create a video I was like I was thinking maybe 50 60 grand or whatever and you know the very straight face he’s like well we charged five hundred thousand dollars up front was 10% of Ajman I was like bro haha what hey looks me strange like he didn’t say this in so many words but in the words of this episode he said you know we know how to make it rain so that’s we’re worse than that’s what we charge and you know few months later I wrote up a check and now we’re going to make it rain for us right and same thing that came to me it’s a fiber fix funnel and I hate ways to expand on how much to the cost like we can hire someone in the most comical source ten grand but if for me it’s quarter million bucks he’s like whoa why are you so expensive as like I know how to make the rain okay and so then they did their deal right like because because it worked right and so and then as I as I went with the Homer Bose and we did the video I could spend the most amazing experience I can’t wish so he gets the whole behind-the-scenes video some clips on final actor TV little bits of it here and there but like it’s amazing like it’s like two brothers who do this whole thing right like it’s these guys who started the business and then when the process is really cool like when when we hired em to basically said okay we’re do writing retreat natsound three amazing writers to write three different scripts for us so we go to the cabin and they have three writers company to write or read their script and each script was like insanely amazing right but three different comedic scripts these guys again are writers they hired their sketch comedy writers station of three and then they came back and said okay and which is pretty like three which like the baskets would pick them like the baskets okay so all three guys and then when took those three this is this cabin way back and all three went and then they retook the best script and they took all the jokes we’ve known best jokes and wrote a new script we came back so just skin it was even more funny then went back and forth back and forth for two days to lay the script then after we had a script proof then they went and uh and then they so capable for the script to happen we have to have props they hired someone to build stage is named native videos and hired video people means if they hire those people to make this amazing thing and I last weekend when filmed it and then hopefully we’re about a little ways away from from launching it but II know what then there wasn’t just them like they’d built a Voltron team of people who could go and execute to make it rain okay to start understanding that I like again come back to where we started hierarchy of business right is the entrepreneur the entrepreneurs they’re they are obsessed with getting message out about their sing not about the thing about getting a thing into other people’s hands that’s that’s that’s why I love entrepreneurs because they’re they’re tied in this whole marketing thing like good entrepreneurs obsessed with the marketing and selling of you think okay they are like the ultimate Rainmaker and number two is the technicians who do the thing which are central to the business but again you’ve got a cap right there’s an ear commodity so understanding your there’s a cap in your commodity but you’re in there right and you’re going to have a good typically secure financial thing like all settings like you the security you get things like that but your can have like I’m eliminating comfort then you got the rainmakers okay so for you guys looking it’s understanding what a Rainmaker does and what it is and how the process works and figuring out how to take your skill your superpower and uncommon ‘t eyes yourself make you unique make yourself aware make it so people pay you half a million dollars you make them a three-minute video is that crazy okay so give me a quarter million bucks right now to make them a funnel okay for me knots method it takes me that long I just know what order the pages need to go and what message is emitting space no no make it rain I said a successful thing for over a decade okay so if you guys it’s like it’s time to become obsessed become obsessed in your own company if you’re on fear in your company listening to this okay Hill obsessed okay you’ve got to be the Rainmaker okay fine attack just is plug in the right people and like I always say find a players not be a player’s thirty two hundred times more effective than the B players find a player technicians paying them well because you don’t want to go find other technicians like plugging the best technicians you can find okay and then go find ray makers and if you try to like cap rain makers they will leave you understand that so you as an entrepreneur like find ray makers and give them the ability to have an unlimited ceiling in their income they do that begin our Ray makers just an entrepreneur who forever reason life circumstances isn’t able to go I don’t want to do it which is totally cool is nothing wrong with that like one further all the intrapreneurs my business like our company is like 99% intrapreneurs it wasn’t for my entrepreneurs we would not be where we are today okay and I try to like create our businesses and ways that people can grow and have you know had unlimited earning potential it’s like that’s that’s that’s the key and if he is listening who who that’s you and and you’re maybe you’re stuck in a technician role or your or or you want more or you’re in the distinguish I wanted entrepreneur over you can or whatever like this is this is where to focus on learning how to make a trade and and then building team around you finding people find out that try the other pieces and networking not so much like finding jobs networking to find people that help you to be able to make it ring Suze you have teams is you personally or your team can do that you go to any business on planet earth and write your own paycheck okay then it comes down like picking the right businesses and that’s a whole another lecture for a whole other day but you know because I’ve seen some funnel control to go in and they’ll and they get paid ten thousand dollars to build a funnel other guys can paint a hundred grand the only difference is who they’re gonna pitch into right if somebody if somebody is in an interesting I was and I’m not privy to share of the details but it’s an honor brother campaigns right like you look at them what amongst purple mattress which is a thousand dollar mattress like because every cell makes them a thousand dollars at some of their most successful campaign chat books is an amazing we will play the most viral video they had but each cell doesn’t bring in you know that the value of each customers a lot lesson so it’s harder to pay to bring it’s harder to keep them to you make that one rain and so for industry are you guys like I come if the the customer the client that you’re working for if they’re if they’re average customer value is you know thirty bucks like we’re a restaurant like making thirty bucks it’s not a good week for company where each customers were twenty five thousand dollars it’s a lot easier justify what you want to charge people stuff like that so all right well it’s late it’s almost 1:00 we have like six hours to go to the water park I’m in phase podcast I hope that helps you can look at how business works and understanding that for you to be successful and make money if to understand how to make money you got to learn how to make money don’t some learn it your skill because if you said you’ll become a technician which is fine if that’s where you’re happy with if you really want financial freedom and wealth and no limits and no ceiling you want to go to grow it comes out of studying money and understand how it works understanding the marketing and sales getting people in the door and getting their money from them is the most valuable for any business I don’t care what the hoity-toity doctors tell you I don’t care what you know all of the people with school and colleges like it’s the most dignified I had most important role in business it wasn’t for it like business was stopped the economy would stop and so it’s figuring out how to plug in your skillset into that piece of business because that’s where the money’s made you’re part of the people making the money it gives you the ability have a percentage of that and yeah so the helps so my friend is listening if everyone’s listening once again immersion get the blueprint figure out where you your unique abilities and unique Carroll can plug in to that blueprint to make it rain for a company let me do that yeah we need know which one so holding ups you guys pull the helps buddy I’ll go say your name cuz you know but appreciate you and hopefully hang out someday again and everybody else have a good night thank you soon everybody one more marketing secret if so then go get your copies on my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at expert stickers calm and book number two in coach calm secrets and you get your free copy at calm secret calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets to leave you to become the fastest-growing non vc-backed fast startup company in the world

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A personal message to a friend who is struggling.

On this extra long episode Russell talks to a friend from elementary school about how to go from being a technician and having a cap on his income to being a rainmaker and having an unlimited ceiling on his income. Here are some cool things you will hear on this episode:

-What the roles of the Entrepreneur, the technician, and the rainmakers are in the business hierarchy.

-Why getting really good at being a technician is not the way to have unlimited earning potential.

-How you can use your technician skills and apply them into being a rainmaker.

So listen to Russell explain how to go from being technician to making it rain!

Secret #18: How To Make It Rain

Secret #18: How To Make It Rain