Secret #17: Why Are Vacations So Hard For Entrepreneurs?

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Secret #17: Why Are Vacations So Hard For Entrepreneurs?

Clickfunnels™ Entrepreneurs Vacations – Why is it hard to have one

Clickfunnels™ Entrepreneurs Vacations: I think I figured out why it’s so hard for all of us to go on vacations. On today’s episode of Marketing Secrets Russell talks about why, as an entrepreneur, it is so hard to go on vacation, and how he gets through it. Here are some of the cool things to listen for in this episode

Clickfunnels™ Entrepreneurs Vacations: Marketing secrets podcast

what’s up everybody this is russell brunson and welcome to the marketing secrets podcast so the big question is this power on true errs like us you didn’t cheat and take our venture capital we’re spending money from our own pocket probably market in a way the left-half see our products and our services and the things we believe in out of the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question and the podcast will give you the answer my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secret everyone I hope you’re excited for today I’ve got this weird thing I think a lot of entrepreneurs suffer from this is me but today I’m going on vacation for week I’m actually like looking

forward to it but the same time it really stresses me out and I it’s one of those things like it’s funny because everybody always tells me I’ll see you on the vacation you’re going to burn out if you keep doing the stuff you’re the pace you’re doing all sorts of stuff but it’s weird because like when I’m whoa sorry try to do the new camera tripod while I’m driving it’s weird though because like when I’m at the office and working and being like doing my my thing like I never feel stressed everything under stress you overwhelmed like not really like I feel like I’m I’m kind of like in my in my flow my motion whatever you want to call right when I’m on vacation I get like super stress and anxiety and like sitting there and not doing stuff like it’s really really hard for me good that’s why I like reading on

vacations but we stuff like I’m like something’s progressing it’s interesting I’m at the Pirates Club mastermind with Alex sharpen come and help him to kind of figure out how to monetize his entrepreneurial personality type content which I’m excited for but it’s funny cuz I told him I first heard him speak by two or three years ago long nails for a personality type it was amazing I thought I connected with and everything I was like okay now when I hear some light that I want to give somebody money or something and I like there’s no way for me to give him money so that’s what I actually I asked him if I could buy the part that punched her personality type from him and he’s like no and he’s like why am I know exactly what I do my hat I can get crap ton of money with it he’s like all right enjoy the

Clickfunnels™ Entrepreneurs Vacations: Get inspiration for business

coachee process right afterwards so I can help them do it’s like it’s kind of fun we’re helping both of the props now he’s gonna kill it it’s exciting but one thing he talked about them interesting about entrepreneurs if you have studied Alex’s stuff like it’s worth it and it’ll be soon in the format it’s going to be a podcast let me train your progress with a bunch of stuff that he’s kind of going to expert seekers process now to figure out how to take in something and other

side when it’s done I’ll be the first customer and I think that all you all because you’re all like me shouldn’t as well but sailing for a personality title he’s talking about like different traits of entrepreneurs one thing that it’s kind of weird I think I’ve heard give the presentation three times his core kind of main presentation and all three times he says one party talks about how entrepreneurs don’t identify was happy or sad and I was like whatever identify with

that and then like the more he started the more like he started talking about the more I was I thinking I’m like what am i happier sounds like people I said look happy but I’m like I’m just kind of happy person it’s funny I am I should probably more personal you guys want to know but what got my testosterone taken actually three years and we launched a clip from came back like 160 which the doctor literally told me is like your grandma higher testosterone in New York and then like six a month later I did again I was like 350 and I got done this week I was like I was like 450 but every time I got it done the doctors always told me like how are you standing here you should have no energy no motivation as I know it’s like the opposite like I like I’m so much motivation so much energy that smells something like you like you feel higher mic like well I was like tired right now sometimes it’s like you feel like did

Clickfunnels™ Entrepreneurs Vacations: Be innovative in your business

you do have that like bad memory right now it’s like you still like depress make no like you feel like all the things and innovate he was like he’s like true why are you here my collection saucers reloaded you have no symptoms of that I was like because like everything’s so exciting right now and I start thinking more else with alec stuff like the entrepreneurs don’t really look happy you’re sad that’s kind of thinking like this sadness obviously and someone dies or things like that but like as a Holy Week in the morning it’s not like am I happy am i sad it’s still I was kind of confused and I was like I wonder how most people view happy and sad like it didn’t really make sense to me and then his next slide next portion he said he said a word and like for me I heard I got chills I was like well that’s what I do and he said the entrepreneurs don’t feel happy or sad what they feel is either momentum or a lack of momentum

I can move them toward something or they’re not and moving away from something and that’s what we relate to it if wouldn’t like what we relate happiness to is like motion forward and we’re really late sadness to wherever is is like not progressing not moving forward and I think it’s just I think it’s just fascinating like momentum movement like that’s what what drives entrepreneurs like that’s this is not a happier status its movement momentum and I think I’d say as I’m going to say keishon like it’s like the lean face like I’ve done all late last night I’m up early this morning

and I try to get stuff done because and like I almost like enjoy the process of ready for vacation hey so much stuff done for my freak-outs I gotta leave those times I’m running running around running and moving momentum and then like your vacation it’s like you stopped like everyone wants to just like chill out they want to sit and they want to just like sit at the beach like I don’t know what it is like I get I sitting in the beaches because it doesn’t do anything for me yeah it’s just weird so like for me it’s like I have to have momentum in this in this experience as vacation real from the drive rest of my family and friends and everyone is with us nuts and if I didn’t even know they should likewise wrestle switching over to the sides like because I need momentum I need something is like that’s obviously

great and I’ll read or I’ll be sitting there like they’re all talking about my thinking about something like what to do this I’m creating a creating one since they’re thinking because I make nervous and it’s just funny cuz my wife’s leg you’re on vacation I’m not talk about business I’m like so I don’t talk about business than like everything halts and stops progressing in my life and I lack a moment momentum lack of movement lack of like direction as well other than make me depressed and and and sad and like gap like stuck and so anyway it’s a funny funny line that we have to do especially all your entrepreneur czar out there because if we see the world a little differently and I know people think we’re freaks because of it but nothing bad with it like I think there’s something bad like it’s it’s like why

Clickfunnels™ Entrepreneurs Vacations: Find your business niche

businesses are created way but there’s momentum in the world I think it’s because entrepreneurs will poop dry the entire soul drive is momentum towards moving like like we have to have that so why would go on vacation because we love our wives and our kids and our family members I could see it’s probably the hardest most stressful part which is so weird because it’s like go relax go take some time you’re going to burn out it’s different so anyway so I’m

excited I’ve been plotting I have three vacations summer been plotting all of them like what books to read which order or course them a study like like what things I’m going to be movie I guess it’s funny how like that’s the most exciting for me is like planning what I’m going to do when when I’m not doing anything such a dirt anyway there you go that’s what entrepreneurs so if you’re not referring to her and you don’t really have your staff but you do relate with momentum and movement and you stressed out about vacations and that’s what I’m at and I relate with

you so there’s nothing else on your family vacations is summer when you’re stressed now because you do nothing I get you so while that’s happening think ponder vision the a dream like that’s that’s what at least for me keeps me going and lifts me function like a normal human being with everybody else so anyway that’s all I got you guys have an amazing day have a good vacation if you’re gonna want to and applaud you by would you like to see behind the things that what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so and go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF unalaq urgh if you need


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I think I figured out why it’s so hard for all of us to go on vacations.

On today’s episode of Marketing Secrets Russell talks about why, as an entrepreneur, it is so hard to go on vacation, and how he gets through it. Here are some of the cool things to listen for in this episode:

-What the difference between entrepreneurs and everyone else in regards to feeling happy or sad is.

-Why constantly having momentum and feeling like he’s moving forward is so important to Russell.

-And how Russell gets through down time when he feels like he’s doing nothing.

So listen here to find out why entrepreneurs don’t relate to being happy or sad.

Secret #17: Why Are Vacations So Hard For Entrepreneurs?

Secret #17: Why Are Vacations So Hard For Entrepreneurs?

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