Secret #16: Confusing With Activity With Achievement

Clickfunnels™ Activity Achievement – Why we got confused?

Clickfunnels™ Activity Achievement: On today’s episode Russell talks about disagreeing with a designer on what a customer needs from Clickfunnels and how they were basically saying the complete opposite of each other. 

Clickfunnels™ Activity Achievement: how are entrepreneurs spend earnings

except everybody’s russell brunson welcome to the marketing series podcast take one so the big question is this how are entrepreneurs like us you didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pocket probably marketing away the left half pay our products and our services and the things we believe in out of the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question and it’s podcast give you the answers my name is Russell

Brunson and welcome to marketing speaker alright everybody welcome marketing secret so I’m here today inside the ClickFunnels™ kitchen its first time I’ve ever filmed in which I’m actually excited you can see quick view of the kitchen looks like oh there’s Dave hey we got our cool stuff and we actually we actually built this kitchen on because a lot of products work with some user logon kitchen scenes you always rented different kitchens and then where we build the kitchen make sure we have a good seems we actually film stuff so we do and what’s crazy is since we’ve had

it we’ve never used it for filming so anyway but today I want to share you guys something kind of interesting and I want to make sure when I say this but it doesn’t come off bad because it has a good purpose but it’s import because understand so some of the kind of background behind this to set it up so that all makes kind of sense yes so we had a designer to work for a while to come on and help with user interface UI UX those type of things click funnels and really smart guy and what he liked to do is he liked to call and actually interview customers which first I was like really excited so you only call on a 40 or 50 customers and the energy and finding out what they want what they didn’t want all kind of things which I thought was kind of cool we’d never done that before and something as native

Clickfunnels™ Activity Achievement: Know your customer feedback

actually talked to us it’s pretty cool the based on that was trying to build UI and structured based on you know customers feedback on a couple things I kind of found with it one is like and it was kind of almost a frustration because murky cadence in case this what I want to have done and he treated me kind of like as if I was the customer I can’t cool those were good ideas I’m like no like like this is what we like you need to do this because am I asking you I’m telling you this is not I’m not a survey and when I was kind of going back and forth and his his mind says like we need final customers well which I agree with then also coming back to the Henry Ford’s whole quote about like you know if I would ask my customers what they wanted they would said they wanted to faster horse I guess it

also understand like customers don’t always know like the vision we’re going that’s why we’re crazy some 100 visionaries like we know where we’re trying to go right kind of mission so he no longer works with the company still an awesome guy like but but that was kind of this this frustration I had and I remember for a long time we wanted to update our onboarding and click funnels and one do a whole bunch of really cool things we haven’t been able to do and that this week is actually fun for me because we’re focusing on that another side story I was listening to a Girl Talk or TV there’s interview with the guy that that bought the warrior forum you also own freelancer comm a bunch of other companies and he’s talking about they grew to a billion dollar valuation and one interesting thing

you said is that they they they buy these companies whatever and then they look at the traffic coming through they spend a lot of time often is a optimizing the processes of Splendor processes to make more money from all the traffic coming which kind of phase word right now is we have anywhere from 800,000 new people a day it’s not as quick funnel just organically they’re coming from who knows where and thank you for coming I don’t even where he came from but grateful a be here and and they’re coming in and we lose a bunch from the first month right there’s big drop-off in and that’s that it stays really steady but there’s big drop in immediately and so we’re trying to figure out that process how do we capture people keep them in there’s a lot of cool on stuff we’ve done the decrease our churn rate which is the number of metric look at it increased our retention but right now in a big we’re big overall right

Clickfunnels™ Activity Achievement: Create a signup process for your funnel

now like how we simplify the signup process and how do we make everything easier and how do we anyway so it’s funny as let’s see some new stuff coming in quick phones here the next within the next 60 days lots of new stuff will be coming live that’s just to simplify the process and make quick little easier to use so we’re excited for that I was listening to this guy as you talked about like that’s what he was doing was a simplification of the or they just worked on the optimization of signup flow and national companies blew up and they really focus on the traps things other things we’re always focusing on traffic and sometimes it’s like how to make sure that the funnels right so that we’re not losing you know people out of holes in the bucket so anyway so that said like there’s much boring stuff that I wanted to do I know Todd wanted to do and so we can try and get this guide to do that like we want we want a prize

we want to go through t-shirts wear our new badges we want to do all that gamify the process and he’ll come back saying like well we can like I was getting find the process to help people get the end result like we need to get people to the end result and this is just like keeping them busy in the middle and it’s funny Todd kind of mentioned that this morning to me and and I walk stand back and I was like there’s this quote from Dan Kennedy I heard back in the day that actually ties this I couldn’t member exactly what it was so I end of Akhmim I’m gonna find the quote we’ll come back to you so identifying the quote and I posted it there in boxer where the quote said is um if you got you’ve got to probably mess this up now confuse activity with accomplishment okay now I’m going to be careful

when I say it’s me I was going to look at that be it might be frustrated or confused whatever so I post that man the thing it said it said Dan Kennedy said you getting yet you have to get your customers to confuse activity with achievement and so Todd read that first if we list in my box and he thought I was saying like oh this designer was right like that’s just going to get people confused like focusing on activities as opposed to achievement in this in my boxer was actually the exact opposite was kind of funny as me and this UI designer both said the identical thing but for the opposite sides of the argument you saying you don’t want it you don’t want to confuse people activities like that they keep them from the achievement and I would say no you want to give them activities so that they feel

Clickfunnels™ Activity Achievement: Set business goals

achievement so someday they get to achievement so you want to you want to confuse activity with achievements that makes sense and so Kennedy said that basically like as the retention strategy people come in and we’re going to leave he said no you need to give them things to do so that so that they have activity that’s happening because that activity is what keeps them engaged like we look at our quick final stats right now and our numbers and things like that the interesting parts like people at stake are people that they have a custom domain they log in at least two nine times per per week there’s all these staffs of people that that sticker people that are going in and doing stuff

consistently and so we know that’s the metric is that people logging in and using it are the key so how many to log in and we use it well just like telling them I go bit of a funnel and you’re gonna have achievement you’re in achieve long funnel doesn’t like that people will try a little bit and they’re going to because I didn’t achieve anything because it goes like this huge thing right the goal is is you got eat this whole entire cow right like that’s the goal and so if you’re giving your customer here’s the goal you I need a cow the problem is going to come in if they don’t eat a cow really

quickly make hut and they’re going to leave so you have to do is you have to confuse achievement with activity I to give them activities to do to make them feel like they’re achieving something along the way right so they come in you set the table you give them their appetizer to eat that and they achieve something right breast or gamey find the process you come in you watch the video you build your hero finally send you a t-shirt right so you got it you have activity and so you felt that you know you should see the thing you want yet you felt achievement which then drives you forward to the next thing and the next thing and the next thing and so well all of us want our customers to have

Clickfunnels™ Activity Achievement: How to achieve your business goals

the achievement at the end the problem is that they sign up and then there’s the achievement there’s a huge gap in the middle they’re going to fall into and disappear and die okay because that we have to confuse activity with achievement cuz that activity makes them feel micro achievements which then will get them to the big achievement at the end so that’s the goal that’s the message for you guys as you’re creating your training programs or software your ideas your products or services whatever it is you’re creating and you’re doing why are you thinking about that you have to go and create activities that they get people to add to to fill small win small achievements that will drive them through this chasm through this gap to get to the big goal the big achievement you actually want them to have

if you don’t have those things if you’re not confusing activity with the treatment initially they’re never going to get to the achievement it’s that’s kind of message for today I thought it was kind of interesting and I think it’s funny that we both have the same argument for why we wanted to do this onboarding process but he was saying it was a negative thing and I was saying it was a positive thing and I think it’s very cause I think all this should can it should be using it so hope it helps you guys and with that said have an amazing day go back through your programs your products or service to your members area and figure out how you can weave those things in because as you give

people a little wind along the way it’ll get them the momentum they need to get the big wins and that’s why I got for you guys today thanks so much ring we’ll see you soon bye one more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies on my two best-selling book book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm book number two is called dot-com secret and you meet your free copy at comm secret comm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets that we’ve used to become the fastest-growing non vc-backed fast startup company in the world

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On today’s episode Russell talks about disagreeing with a designer on what a customer needs from ClickFunnels™ and how they were basically saying the complete opposite of each other. Here are some of the interesting things you’ll hear in the this episode:

-Why listening to what customers want is a good idea, but how it can only take you so far.

-Why giving you’re customer little wins on their way to their goal, will help them stick around.

-And some of the wins are that Russell is giving his customers to help keep them as members of ClickFunnels™.

So listen here to find out how to confuse activity with achievement to keep customers from leaving.

Secret #16: Confusing With Activity With Achievement

Secret #16: Confusing With Activity With Achievement

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