Secret #12: The #1 Way To Know If You’re Going To Succeed Or Fail Before You Even Start

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Secret #12: The #1 Way To Know If You’re Going To Succeed Or Fail Before You Even Start

Clickfunnels™ Succeed or Fail: The #1 Way To Know Before You Even Start

Clickfunnels™ Succeed or Fail: After working with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, there is one common thing I’ve found that will instantly let me know if you’ll succeed or fail.

Clickfunnels™ Succeed or Fail: Marketing Secret Podcast

hey everyone’s russell brunson and welcome to the marketing secret podcast tonight i’m going to show you guys the one cal tell signs no three to be successful in business or not and it works 100% of the time so the big question is this how are entrepreneurs like us he didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets probably mark in a way the left has get our products and our services and the things we believe in out of the

world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast will give you the answers my name is russell brunson and welcome to marketing secrets [Music] everyone’s russell on so we’re on like day four or five of like binge all-nighters where my wife and kids are away out of town now my wife doesn’t get back to hell couple more days with to my kids legacy come back tomorrow which i’m so excited this is comeback today and then they didn’t so now give

me one more day to pull an all-nighter so it’s one o’clock now today we have built and launched one two three four funnels and responding is that none of our new funnels they’re all just rebuild of existing funnels and this is hopefully less than forty all because i hate all my funnels even though they work pretty good but they’re still not done but guess what i did i launched a measure of money with them and now I’m fixing again I’m probably fixing him later and I just keep getting better and better better but I’ve never done so don’t be like oh my funnels not ready I can’t make money I just do it just launch it make money and then fix it along the way and keep fixing it and ready firing

quick phone gives that ability to change things and make him better and better so that’s what I did that’s we should too alright so before I pass out because I’m kind of like giving a loopy it was fun I was assuming I spent like 30 minutes weary and tired and then I gave him an internet marketing history lesson according to Russell Brunson I showed him all my old sites and wayback machine my first product my second my first three software products I showed it was fun with Phil most of its hopefully it’ll show up on funnel a car TV button also seen on while we’re talking it was funny he was talking about how like in the past he’s a lot of business partners and things and how some

Clickfunnels™ Succeed or Fail: How to find target audience

people basically like all business parties had like none of them ever kept successful and he was like kind of woman that came out the end that that was and he was in his wife are discussing like why did that happen why didn’t it he’s saying that I remembered something and I stole my bike and I it obviously nowadays didn’t people come to our events now it’s different like because we’ve raised the prices and we’ve attracted real entrepreneurs and things like that but first men are sisters might of my company we were selling to beginners and we were breaking my cardinal rule which is uh don’t sell the broke people but we were so we had these events people come in and nothing they’re

all broke right here some amazing people came through it but it was definitely different different audience different crowd and I was telling my so that I would walk into our events with smaller events about forty fifty people and and I welcome everybody I’d have everyone introduce themselves and within five seconds them introduce themselves I knew with 100% certainty and accuracy who’s in succeed and who wasn’t was crazy and I was feel guilty like Dwight like I think just enough should I tell my kid there’s no way you could ever be successful like in this business you should leave or should I like let them go through you know like part it’s like to do body because they want success and goodbye because I want me to tame it they want the excitement they like they like chasing the dream bike the

idea of the dream and so I feel like that’s sometimes more about as valuable more valuable than what you give them if that makes sense like like like I know what was it Cameron who had learns from her where I heard it it was really good but the concept was it was basically there like some it was from a TV show someone shared it but basically like a lot of people like they don’t want to take the lead to actually do the work it doesn’t make sense because those of you who are producers like you’ve actually thrive off producing and doing it like moving forward but a lot of people they don’t want to take that leap because they had this dream this vision what’s going to happen in that they do take a leap and if it if it fails then they lose their dream right and so for me like you know I know that that this life is shortened

Clickfunnels™ Succeed or Fail: How to build your sales funnel

for a lot of us history there’s a lot of things I do that I spend money on that are never going to be real but I enjoyed it gets me dreams lets me dream in to think about something gets me excited like it’s that’s part of it so so I never like told those people majors it’s like there’s no way you’ll be successful you should leave because again I feel like you know there are other things I don’t try to impress like sometimes for us like and everyone you’re listening is different like some of you guys like success is the reason why you do this and like that’s your value that’s what you’re looking

for and sometimes we try to force our values on the people my mastermind group my inner circle you guys know about that people a twenty five grand a year and some people come because they want to learn the XUL do companies want to hang out and if I try to push them to learn to execute it bothers them and they leave because like they like they say they want success they don’t really want success they want the network you don’t want the people who want a friendship they want connection with other people like them and I totally respect that now I used to struggle that when I was first getting started but but people give you money for different reasons and most times it’s

not for why you think so don’t push your own beliefs on them because it can screw things up so anyway so people come in and I would know that and and I assume I’m like do you know how I could tell curious if you would know and and so my question for you is that like how like how did I know what was the tell-tale sign that with 100% certainty and accuracy I knew then a second if people could be successful or not in in this business not in life they’d be successful a lot of things but in this business here’s your thoughts are so think about it for a second because I’m going to tell you what the answer is and I’m a little nervous to tell you some of you guys going to like crap that means

Clickfunnels™ Succeed or Fail: Advantage of sales funnel


I’m not going to be successful and I don’t think that that means are you successful but it does if you have shift what you’re chasing what you’re thinking about because everyone I know lives been successful it’s many office sites like again I would come in and after first session a day okay here’s our three people are you be successful and everyone else in the room Beck yeah I don’t know how how like I still that too and I kind of identified so this was a difference those who [Music] who never had success when they introduce themselves when they talked about what they thought about or whatever they presented anything they were in the business because they wanted to make money

those were people have failed here you listen I want Russell we all want to make money that’s why we got this distance right that’s why I’m here that’s what I’m starting you Russell because you keep people on make money and I want some of that right he’s number wedding singer when I favor movies all time when Adam Sandler like would drew Barrymore like goes Mary whatever so he’s all mad so he goes to the bank he’s trying to get it trying to get a loan or try to get a job at a bank to like make money so that you like him and nor McDonald no no McDonald I love Disney he’s the banker and he’s like wife you know he’s asking like his qualifications and and sounds like well I like

money I like some more of it you’ve got some money it is just like this anyway this funny thing so I totally slotted it but it’s really funny to watch wedding singer edu it’s really terribly late all right so where did I leave off okay all right so the people who were not successful people at that wanted to make money the people who were successful are people that were passionate and excited about the marketing was the key not weird those who are excited by the marketing were the ones who were successful was weird I remember a now dating Smith one time and you see he

Clickfunnels™ Succeed or Fail: How to start your business

told me said he said when he shifted from like not being successful to be successful when he got excited and passionate about the marketing became obsessed with it and it’s interesting because the business owners that I like to work with the entrepreneurs with on first-run business why because like they become passionate about the marketing of the thing whereas like bigger businesses they think they’re in the business of selling the sink okay like Apple you’re not in the business of selling iPhones you were in the business of assuming you’re not in the iPhone business you’re in the business of selling iPhones like that’s what Steve Jobs understood so I was a big deal so I the

keynote speech that’s why all the things happen because he knew he was in the business of the selling of the thing not of the thing and that’s what I found he wonders themselves like I’m studying rustling and look like geeking out read the books I love the markings so excited I’ve got a passion that I want to sell it might do now guys may be successful that girl’s gonna be successful they come in like hey yeah so you know I have a job and I really want I really wanna make some extra money and whatever I or hey I’m just happy where I’m at I want to make extra money for day everybody was like money focus they failed their time it was reading stuff I’m excited so hopefully because

unfortunately most educators make things really important I feel bad through my college and high school careers most teachers really boring I’ve tried my best to make marketing exciting because it is exciting is exciting for me I actually started this one Sunday I recorded I decided I’m going to start a religious podcast and record the first two episodes and it’s hard like I listen other religious podcast and like they like they bore me and I’m like.he like how are you just boring do you don’t understand like like what is happening I love religion because like the greatest act in the

history of the world happened there was this guy in Jerusalem it wasn’t just a guy but they were like this thing happened it is so exciting we understand it what it means and I and so I’m timing my podcast as a psych because I was excited about that about marketing it’s like my goal has been trying is to try to make the marketing exciting for you because I know that that’s what gets people into it it’s not the thing it’s it’s being excited about the marketing of the thing and that’s the moral of today’s lesson and so for you if you’re struggling I think better than like like the best

Clickfunnels™ Succeed or Fail: How to market your sales funnel

advice I can give you is become obsessed with the marketing become cest was reading the books and understanding the stuff and how it works I you come sets with the marketing that’s that’s gonna be successful so don’t dabble go deep get excited get obsessed hoping my book through that went podcast with funakichi that’s where I put out so much content cuz I want you guys so much fun this can be like it’s exciting so most exciting thing in the world most exciting business in the world most exciting time like you originally can have your own TV channel on a phone like

that’s insane okay like like we’re such an exciting time and I want you guys all to be excited so hopefully I’m exciting enough well that stuff like actually need to go to bed Stevie’s new so bad it’s 108 and I won’t be in that but one way it’s not that big a deal it’s so the fact it’s like five nights in a row or more anyway I’m gonna go but I appreciate you guys get excited by the marketing and if you do that it’ll all work out it always does but you got to be passionate about the marketing and it’s true anything in life right like red extra secrets you don’t talk about it the external the internal

journeys those who focus on external journey the ones that that typically sales the internal journey right making money is external they say the marketing changing through life serving telling stories that’s the internal okay so let’s you read the book that that’s a clue let’s turn everything right weight loss I’m losing weight okay you’re going to lose weight probably are going to do it just so you know yeah so hit so what’s the opposite of what’s the internal what’s the internal thing that didn’t even passionate about that excited like that then you’re gonna lose weight okay if your goal is to take any marketing whatever the external goals that’s your real driving passion you’re not going to succeed

sorry sorry to break it to you okay because I want to lose weight for a long time I didn’t guess why so I’m excited I losing weight anyway there’s a hit hopefully that helps alright so when I go to bed thanks guys appreciate you and purchasing one more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called expert secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called calm secrets and you meet your free copy at Calm secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets to leave you to become the fastest-growing non vc-backed fast startup company in the world

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After working with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, there is one common thing I’ve found that will instantly let me know if you’ll succeed or fail.

On today’s episode Russell talks about how he could tell with 100% certainty within seconds of meeting an entrepreneur if they would be successful. Here are some of the interesting things to listen for in this episode:

-What quality does Russell see that successful entrepreneurs have and unsuccessful marketers are missing.

-Why Russell thinks that most people don’t want to take the leap required to be successful.

-And find out how all this can also relate to other areas in your life besides business.

So listen below to find out if you possess the quality that equals success or if you need to switch your focus in order to become successful.

Secret #12: The #1 Way To Know If You’re Going To Succeed Or Fail Before You Even Start

Secret #12: The #1 Way To Know If You’re Going To Succeed Or Fail Before You Even Start

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