Russell shares embarrassing footage of first time on stage and how far he’s come 1

Clickfunnels™ Embarrasing Footage – I was Bad

Clickfunnels™ Embarrasing Footage: Russell Shares Embarrassing Footage Of His First time On Stage And How Far He’s Come.

Clickfunnels™ Embarrasing Footage – Proof of how bad I was at speaking before

we are almost I like we’re taking that for something but that we are live what’s up everybody embarrassed think I just found earlier today and not gonna lie it’s so embarrassing um in fact you guys want to see it I’m gonna show you guys kind of a sneak shot in this real quick I just want to show to you guys that was not but I’m about to show you guys undefiable proof of how bad I was at speaking I’m not gonna lie I’m sold had shake head because that was what I thought was cool I wore these awesome glasses had my tie because that’s what business people do who are sure to wear ties I didn’t have please they said it was uh it was pretty awkward and pretty bad so but I wanted to show it you

guys I think the biggest thing is that a lot of you guys not in the same way don’t think of ourselves as like I’m not just bird right there was a time when you could just go put up a storefront somewhere else and hopefully make sales but today like if you look at how traffic is driven you look at how sales are made communicative persuade and get people to buy our products and you guys moved in presentations all the time you’re doing Facebook labs like I’m doing right now you’re doing Instagram labs or YouTube lives or and today’s today’s world all has to do with you presenting and your presenting skills and how you do it and so um the TEDx seekers product which has been going live is last week and he has a signed up which is so exciting it is disappearing Sunday at midnight I want to come on here and just give you one last push if you haven’t got it yet it’s time to get it but then just to give you guys some

some hope and some faith suppose you guys like I’m not speaker on my ever gonna be speaker I want you to meet this guy right here his name was rusty Brunson he is my health there you go and so I’m gonna just show you guys a clip of this and hopefully you can hear and they crank up the sound to make sure you can so listen listen to how good I was listen to the speed of how fast I talk there’s no engaging I was I’m entertaining my stories were those things gonna haunt me someday in the future I’ll make my funeral new is gonna show this video in their horrible Russell alright here we go so this is because I love you guys not because I’m proud of this so here we go 15 people so this will make you look scary but if you guys have questions along the way raise your hand ask them afterwards if

Clickfunnels™ Embarrasing Footage: Internet Marketing Business

you have long questions will be out and around for a couple hours so be sure that grab me anytime during the weekend or tonight and we’ll try to answer them but what I wanted to talk about tonight is kind of a broad overview to the whole internet marketing business this weekend for those are here for the internet marketing stuff there’s gonna be a lot of different sections that you’re gonna learn about like one guy’s been talked about search engines I’m going to be talking about affiliate marketing if someone else will talk about pay-per-click something else to be ad copy that be fast we’re moving slow more of his trainers that twenty to thirty thousand is a good time to know it’s a good marketing jump into but I really wanted to make the potato gun products I was literally talking about potato

gun way back then this was light years though maybe fifteen years ago we had long had the numbers it was close to like to six hundred so one in six word I think is one in six were actually submitting a question this was actually pretty good thumbprint commercially yet these questions that by the way these questions have changed this is the same question I get today embarrass the anyway you keep coming down so this is this is Russell the very first time he ever presented I guarantee that most of you guys are already like 5 10 15 years pass of this version of Russell that’s where you’re picking up your conversations greet me sales letters let’s see the products people are selling and

and at the time I was like in high school or junior high so I’d have money divert invest and the advice would love to read these sales letters and they sold letters their whole goal is hey if I watch if I just show you guys except the funny thing couple things number one I did the traffic secrets event like two weeks ago and like that I the same story I was telling Russell how you down the story told 15 years yes first off with the true story second out I keep telling the story I keep telling the story I keep telling the story your 1 2 3 or 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 down 15 years into this I told the story so many times I know how to tell the story if I you guys the problem you have is you want to get this business you your first facebook line to get your phone out on the Nerdist yeah I good you tell the story that was horrible I quit I’m out it’s like you can’t stop yet this is the very beginning I would if I could go back to this Russell neg look man

Clickfunnels™ Embarrasing Footage: So awkward Moment


this is so awkward for you this is so pain look how introverted I am I was like the pain I went through this moment I want a crab cake dude get first off I know this is horrible II this is not in your comfort zone you do not want to do this like this is not what you like you hate wearing your shirt like I hate wearing shirt I then as much as I do today right I would go back and I would grab him by the face big Russell this is the deal this sucks right now this is painful okay but don’t stop like there are people whose lives they don’t even know they’re gonna need a business they don’t even know that we do like in five years not 10 years time 15,000 people that you’re gonna be over the fact but the only way to do that is to keep telling your story and keep telling your story and keep telling your story and matter how awkward out weird how horrible it feels you gotta keep telling your story and keep telling your story and keep

telling your story now so tell that guy right now because that guy now 15 years later is running this come cliff Ellis who’s helping tens of thousands on traverse who’s who’s doing his best to to change the world but it’s because I didn’t stop okay a lot of using out of the spot where you’re saying I don’t I don’t want to speak I’m not ever gonna speak it’s not my thing Russell I don’t like I feel awkward I feel nervous I don’t want to do it I just want to go and like self stuff on Amazon I’m talking or whatever it’s like you don’t understand like you may not be the person who let me now you’re not Russell’s gonna step onstage make nine three million dollars ninety minutes okay and I don’t want you I don’t want that comparison if you look at Mike I’m not even gonna do because it’s not worth it I want you to come back and think about this okay because I’m you guys this is this is your pop in right now I had like 30

people in room I scared to dead and that was my platform at the time and I could have just shut my mouth I probably should have liked by all logic this dude should never be speaking ever ever ever like he should ever been talking you shouldn’t talk about these things like he was awkward and bad and embarrassing like look at me I should have been wrestling that’s what I should’ve been doing right but because I knew like I had that feeling in my heart like I need to get my message I need to share this I need to figure this thing out because that I started this journey I started working on it so if you guys right now like who were in whatever situation it is at I might have like awkward introverted Russell’s who Russell today we did three million dollars 90 minutes there’s like this this

Clickfunnels™ Embarrasing Footage: Comma Club Awards

timeline and all of you guys are somewhere in that time line right and so you guys are maybe before me miss them you guys read where I’m at now so because they keep saying wherever you right now like you got a look at that say okay I’m starting this journey and maybe in the next year I’m not gonna become a bajillion I’m not gonna win 22 comma Club Awards whatever but but I got to start the journey right Tony Robbins said this he said he says all time you said people were always under s or overestimate with a new new year and the unrest over they knew ten years okay this rough right here that is going to be a multi kajillion error like within three months of this video I guarantee

that’s where the way my brain works right I didn’t hit it right and I had some ups and downs some ups and some reuleaux downs and vice versa but in ten years and what that little dude right here who’s super awkward nervously accomplished is huge right and the same things for you guys like we do know accomplished next twelve months since product Li what you’re dreaming on but next ten years will do so much more especially if you’re educating and you’re trying and you’re testing and you’re doing it and you’re doing it and you’re doing it and you’re doing it I told my potato guns story this is the first time I’m ever told it I probably told that story at least a thousand times not

more then right here I was telling the direct-mail story I told us that’s that story at least a thousand times if not more and so if you’re right Russell will yours gifted you’re talented I know I was not look at it like let’s watch few more seconds of this and this this is there any more expensive than your product every time nobody laughs it’s delicious I didn’t land me do I want to run right look at my face I want to run into Hydra now go back afterwards yeah you’re keeping a turnout come people if not feel good just nice so why do I keep doing it hopefully that nobody does my first product it’s sold nobody remembers it well dr. Mike me he’s listening he remembers like he’s in the air

time I see nobody else remembers it it was my first product because I did it I put it out that I could do it it kept doing it and kept doing it he kept doing this want to see his video in this entire maybe I’ll post in the comments in fact how about this if you guys do a comet rally if I get at least by you at least 500 comments down below in this Facebook live here I’ll post the link to this video ideas can see it that’s a lot of comments over how about this that or 100 shares so either way if you guys are sharing this I need a hundred shares I’ll post this entire video so you can mock me publicly in any form you want or at least 500 comments so whichever one comes first so I’ve known I can’t

see comments or shares right now from where I’m focusing but if he is listening I’ll post in the comments if you get that many people who want to see it now that’s really cool I would much rather not have this be public on the internet unlisted on YouTube because I my brother found it and he showed it to me so ah all right okay a couple of things I want to talk about this very important number one the 10x secrets product launch and Sunday at midnight okay and Sunday midnight the product disappears will be a page saying products sold out coming soon in the future and you have to sign up and you have to wait for whenever we have it in the future and yes we do this all the time but 30 days launch launch we closed it down it’s been closed like six weeks now people are freaking out no you

Clickfunnels™ Embarrasing Footage: Webinar for us to sell quick funnels

watched your shot so um so is ending Sunday midnight if you missed it that’s what’s gonna happen okay so right now you need or 10x is calm a couple of really cool things flows you haven’t seen it I want to talk about I want to kind of recap the offer I’m actually showing you guys inside the members area does want to see inside the members area for those haven’t bought yet I’m gonna show you the members area here a second but we all have one other bonus for adding that’s just people not asking about this one thing a lot of you guys asked like rustled I know you’ve done the the webinar for us to sell quick funnels like over a hundred times live but we must see the progression like

when was the first time a second all services by that so I talked to my brother this morning and he’s going back in our own video archives trying to find a whole bunch of him from back in the day so like the very first time I ever gave the presentation my fuel sales event four years ago it was the the presentation that kicked off click funnels I’m trying to find that as well as a whole bunch of webinars throughout the years we’re gonna put those the members here as well so you see the progression of the webinar cuz I guarantee that when you saw the most recent isn’t the same one you saw four years ago and so some of you guys you want to see the progress I’m gonna be finding all

those that we can enlist them into new tabs you’ll have the progression of the funnel ax webinar so you see how we involved the presentation in no time alright so right now do 10x seekers calm here is the video if you watch us this will show you this is the Russell I’m proud of that’s the guy who did ninety million dollars in a it’s not ninety bit okay oh yeah that’s the dude who got me Ted 15 years later found his voice and haven’t seen us to share this stuff with you okay again this whole presentations I would get thirty three million by it’s been a long week and stories it’s been along so watches this thrust I’m proud of don’t watch this nerd but learn from him okay because he put in the time the effort to serve you guys today and you don’t have to go through 15 years of the pain that I went through

walking on stage awkwardly like this pinching stuff and bombing over and over and over right people didn’t give this guy money I had to learn how to tell my stories what did I get my energy levels how all these things that you learn in Tennessee because master class the culmination is having a three and a half million dollars 90 minutes like that’s the progression so come watch this Tennessee jerk on watch this video you’ll see behind the scenes of what happened at work and out here just page will explain everything and towards the bottom it’ll give you the offer so he’ll actually log the members area so you can see the offer it’s okay so become members here this one looks like oh how exciting okay right here if you go through so this is the video kind of welcomes you and then right here is

Clickfunnels™ Embarrasing Footage: Irresistible Offers

creating irresistible offers the first training is gonna show you guys exactly how to have the create an offer because having a really good presentation of crappy offer you’re not gonna make any money have an amazing offer with amazing presentation you will kill it okay so this is all about how to create an offer right have you create the product in a way that people will run to the back and they give you money okay so you have the video here and it’s more put on your your your phone listen while you’re driving it was also the iBook and mp3 versions do you listen to it number two is the new perfect webinar senators to ever stay the perfect webinar it has been evolving over last year’s

this is me taking the framework of what he has know as the perfect webinar in the evolution of it what we learned over the last four or five years working with thousands of clients with it this is that this is the structure and how it works out amplify it this is I hope you don’t set your presentation once again you watch the video now and half long and eclipse maybe three if you want while you’re driving you can internalize and aspect then number three this was like my favorite one this is how we this is me showing you guys step by step how we did it three million dollars 90 minutes literally this movie there’s videos three hours long so if you watch it click play there starts watching and

then you’ll see me doing the presentation that positive might this is why I did that there’s a riot there’s a method to the madness everything we did every slide what we did and why we did it so I could play I watched I posit this is why I did that play boom it’s kind of like he is imagining before to move a minute seeing him might pull a rabbit out of the hat right or making someone disappear or whatever and you’re like oh and then just like hey we sure I did it he flips it around and shows you like that’s what this presentation is this is literally be showing you everything idea why did it do you have no like wondering the thing that’s it just three-hour video this is like my finest work if you

don’t watch anything else it’s this this will change your business change your life it’s amazing next tab down here is the vent choreography so for my inner circle members they some of you guys don’t know this we did the 3.2 million at 10x and then exactly 30 days later to the day we did 13 million at final hockey live and people ask how did you do that and it’s all about how we choreograph the events okay it’s called event choreography so frame yes who are speaking in advance where you’re running your own event so I don’t know how do we choreograph those things this whole presentation is that it’s an hour half long it was just remainder circle members it’s kind of intimate setting so there’s something I’ve never shared before by thought you


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