Russell Brunson’s Insane “$3 Million In 3 Hours” ClickFunnels™ Goal!

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Russell Brunson’s Insane “$3 Million In 3 Hours” ClickFunnels™ Goal!

Come watch ClickFunnels™ along with sales and marketing expert, Russell Brunson, as we wipe the calendar clean for 2018!

– A fresh new Expert Secrets book funnel has been launched!
– Operation Underground Railroad videos have been filmed to aid in the end of human trafficking, more details to come at Funnel Hacking Live!
– Funnel Hacking Live plans are being made!
– Dave has a BIG idea for Russell’s presentation at Grant Cardones 10X event coming up!
– And … Melanie boogies on down for us all!

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 80 – Russell Brunson’s Insane “$3 Million In 3 Hours” ClickFunnels™ Goal! (Behind The Scenes Show)

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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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we clashes event we grossed like a million the goal of this year’s is I want to net a million dollars an hour so the do that means that make three million dollars in ninety minutes anything to you updated extra secrets with the Thank You page webinars officially launched and live I just need some sleep so 2018 a little business [Music] it’s been a while Christmas is done New Year’s is done sickness if flu is almost gone and today’s gonna be a fun day so we’ve got coming in Tim Ballard from oh you are and we are gonna be filming up cell courses to help save little kids to be awesome so it’s happening and then I’ve got a big huge box from mr. Dana Derek what is this let’s see what it is [Music] early data sent me it’s a didgeridoo thanks I feel to play did you do now [Music] [Applause] awesome we film the first part of oh you are documentary and our in here what’s up this is the gun scenes camera what’s this my behind the scenes camera what’s up guys [Music] all right throw two days ago we had our funnel mapped out oh you are and today we’re Dalton pieces and start over the stretch so but good news is definitely back here it’s gonna be awesome so we’re gonna show the team right now in the bat-signal meeting and get them all on board it’s not works we’ve got our marketing team show you guys here okay so go to voxer number one is I click on the gif and type in bat-signal and I just said the bat-signal to the group boom now they all got it and then drop in the link and then two minutes everyone’s gonna be on the back line hey everyone wants to hi it’s a fun locker TV what’s up everybody so we got a Jen and Julie and other people they’re all hiding we all just have this room open all the time and we can watch each other I pick our nose and do awkward weird things and so it’s really just a granola cutter oh she’s pretty awesome and so that’s what’s happening and then that’s just kind of opened it over his desk tops and if I have a question we can say jump in it feels like we’re in the same office more that way which is kind of cool I always forget that like I’m on a camera so I was like I keep like almost picking my nose like oh wait everyone’s watching oh and I was like totally something and I look over I’m like they’re watching me film something this is weird you’re still here so yeah if I offend you please let me know in advance it’s ours worse than me so [Music] check this out we are erasing the board it’s all going away this is all the craziness over the last year but wait to prepare because this is the beginning of next year already blocked out before even started so it’s time to begin the migration of the calendar 2017 you are amazing thank you for everything you did I just need some sleep so 2018 yeah a little bit check it out the whole thing is now empty it’s like a hole in my soul that’s lost oh you’re my life [Music] [Applause] all right so check it out James P frill got a new key chain yeah look at this millennium falcon bottle opener keychain like how amazing is that that’s super not nerdy that’s totally nerdy I’m not a nerdy level that’s totally normal for humans to happen that’s pretty awesome actually what is we have all morning before they get in there just see drop each other seeds and basically have do not open it so after Brad speaks boy first thing in the morning yeah yeah hmm that could be sneaky yeah they prove that man I’m in they will not approve it they will not not so it some background I just got phone with Grant Cardone steam they are doing their 10x event which how many want to give you that this year eight thousand six hundred there 8300 seats already sold and they stopped four weeks – that’s crazy so what’s insane about Slash’s event we netted very gross like a million the goal this year is I want to net a million dollars an hour so the do that means that make three million dollars in 90 minutes to net moon that is the goal if I do that then I’m gonna drop like a literal mic somewhere that is the goal all right so right now we are working on the phone rocket TV episode four who Robert Jones Robert Jo why this episode important so this one is actually really cool because Robert Jones has his own software but he’s been doing makeup for years and it’s gonna be really cool this is actually my second favorite episode coming up really for Jeff ever when you think the first time is very first almost cool just cuz it was the the first one we kicked off but also we did so many components that went into it it wasn’t just like we filmed in one day it was like remember it’s like a year process or something like that so yeah it was really cool yeah – what’s happening my pleasure [Music] updated extra secrets with a Thank You page webinars officially Lawrence and live the first run-through on new agency which was pretty cool and then I just finished getting all the stuff for the Robert Jones video now I’m gonna go and actually film all the voiceovers for TV that episode and then after that I’ve got 23 minutes and then we have our next meeting which is all about post-mortem after our launch to see what worked or didn’t work we need to fix in the process crossed our fingers that’ll all work I’m gonna go run in there Brandis must be getting everything set up to be able to do Robert Jones filming my little things balloon together the episode so that’s the game plan this is all stuff I gotta say on camera I hope that brands that set up to came they four hours little film they had also work to do to get it ready to film and now got 23 minutes left their plotting scheming for locking lives so great fondoo that all you do is write 22 presentations they do all the work yourself that’s good that’s nice so what’s happening we are about to call these just the talking head videos so we are in copy Marcus lemonis he has to glue together all his storylines are incomplete exactly we fill a bunch of stuff but then sometimes to the viewer they might not know what’s going on so that’s what they need Russell for is to glue those pieces together we’re gluing it what’s this light called again this’ll add 200 it’s the lab you have to be a celebrity to use them though this is correct we bought it for when we did Tony Robbins he is the real celeb and then this one right here makes my hair glow right so that way you’ve seperation off the back otherwise my hair’s black that also you see my head here and then it disappears to the black here so this light pops my hair pump it makes my head glow it’s like like an angel anyway that’s what’s happenin [Music] all right it’s been a fun week the extra seekers phone will be launched to mush of stuff and the last things were reorganizing the office my wife got new carpets in here and you first you’re coming and I moved my desk you may have remember I wrote extra secrets book the desk right here now it’s over here yeah it’s like a big of a deal but it’s huge so that’s about it tomorrow we’re flying out to San Diego his dad’s the son Chandler’s getting married more than one of the wedding she’s kind of fun out bringing is long and I’m pretty good so we got good night [Music] you [Music]

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Russell Brunson’s Insane “$3 Million In 3 Hours” ClickFunnels™ Goal!

Russell Brunson’s Insane “$3 Million In 3 Hours” ClickFunnels™ Goal!