Russell Brunson Hosts The First Ever Marketing Secrets Live Show – Ep. 1

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: This is my show

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: Welcome to the Marketing Secrets LIVE show! In our very first episode, I will be taking you through all things sales funnels, marketing, and entrepreneurship. We’ll cover sales funnels for beginners, traffic, motivation and so much more! And if you love bloopers, you won’t want to miss me trying and create intros and outros for all our content.

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: The future of marketing secrets

what’s up everybody this is russell brunson welcome to the future that marketing secrets live show this is the first time we’ve done this live live live and I’m so excited we got a bunch of cool things are we talking about a lot of fun segments when you’re going through with you guys today but to kind of kick this whole party off I wanted to go to a question that I’ve gotten from from you guys as a community we asked last week in the Facebook group and said hey if you guys have questions for Russell please post them down below we got a whole bunch of amazing questions back and I wanted to pick one to answer because I thought it was I thought it was how to be fun with I’d be timely and good for everybody here so the question for community that they came through that one

answer says now that you run a company worth nearly a billion dollars remember say billion you have to do this thing with your pinky from Austin Powers I’ve was a 90s kid so now that could be worth nearly a billion dollars do you have to make a concerted effort every time every day to remain humble or do the new challenges you face keep you humble so I think that question was really really cool I wanted to address that one because I’ve been in this industry now for an over 15 years and in that window of time I’ve seen a lot of people who have come made a whole bunch of money and then people who’ve crashed I’ve seen people who have gotten really big egos people you know and all sorts of stuff and and I’m not gonna I’ve gone through a cycle as well myself I think there’s times

when you drink your own kool-aid and you think you’re amazing and I wanted to address that because it’s something that I’m actively always trying to work on I think everyone should as well but before I go deep into answering that question this is a sign that Todd Dickerson sent me this is a Christmas Christmas or birthday or some kind of president he sent me Todd’s my co-founder and ClickFunnels™ he’s the genius who actually coded ClickFunnels™ the very first version of it and this is a quote that if he hasn’t seen the social network that it’s one of the best lines with Justin Timberlake’s character he goes and meets Mark Zuckerberg and I’m talking about how we’re gonna make millions of bucks and he goes no no he’s like he’s like a million dollars isn’t cool you know it’s cool

a billion and they’re like the whole thing seems stops it’s like oh and so when we launched ClickFunnels™ initially was like we want to make a million dollar company and then there was a point where like a million dollars in pooi no it’s cool it’s a billion and so Todd sent me this as a gift and it’s been hanging on my wall over since then every day I come in look at that ice okay that’s the goal that’s the vision that’s we’re trying to create something that we have created so much of value in the marketplace or worth billion dollars and ClickFunnels™ is not there yet I’m working my tail off every single a to get there but this is a constant reminder for me so what I actually wanted to do is I wanted to give one of these away I got this one from Todd and I want to give one

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the podcast app and subscribe okay so that’s that I’m gonna talk about this question so I kind of reframe this question into something like like how I would kind of rephrase it somebody so the question was like well how do you remain humble and then I wrote with my sub headliner and I wrote a KA don’t drink your own kool-aid anymore the biggest problems and I remember this vividly like like 15 years ago I got started like I spent the first two years in my basement like grinding this thing out it was lonely and everything I was crazy and people made fun of me and like all those things right and and the citizen I’m success thing part of you gets this especially as an entrepreneur especially is like an athlete for me it’s like you get this like like when you’re having the success it’s just like you want to kind of like prove to them that they’re wrong right and so I think my head start getting bigger I thought like I was I

thought I don’t drink my own kool-aid I read my own bio and and and luckily for me a couple years later multiple times now my company’s crashed and burned and as painful as that that process was it helped me understand something so I wrote down basically five five things to help you remain humble that I would share the other five things that go through my head all the times I’m trying to make sure that that I’m very careful on this on this path I feel like you know for any of us if we’re not careful if we do our heads get too big we stop being humble like all these things we’re trying to do can be taken away from us and I I very much believe that to be true just because of my cycle of every time that my head gets too big I seem to get humbled and so these are the five points that’s number one I want everyone understand is that when you take on something like this that you are called to serve an audience right it’s not about you

making money like that’s how we keep score say how much money my business man I hate to comma Club my name – comma Club X like like we’re always looking at those those benchmarks to have something that we can we can track our results on that’s not why we’re in this game like we are called to serve somebody right like any of you aren’t spinners who were here today like you’ve had that calling you’re like oh my gosh like I’m here to serve this type of person or this person or this was me five years ago I figured out how to solve this problem I’m here I’m called to serve that that per that that audience right so firstly understanding is that you’re not here is like look how great I am it’s your you it’s literally for me I believe that entrepreneurship is a calling and and it’s calling that you’ve been called to serve this group of people and you think about it that way it’s different it’s not about you it shifts the the focus

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: A lot of things can happen

million things that could happen from some years remember to click funnel spray like we were a year year and a half into click funnels and I was flying to London to go speak at this event and when I landed the plane I got off and initially I didn’t have internet because I didn’t I get a international chip in my phone I plug one in soon as I did my phones blowing up and ClickFunnels™ servers were down we were down for like seven or eight hours we were like on the brink of losing ClickFunnels™ the whole entire thing four years ago like when we first started this whole journey we almost lost the entire thing we would’ve lost the company because of a database issue that happened now since then we’ve gone insane and hired insane amounts of people and infrastructure stuff to make sure that stuff doesn’t happen again but it could happen for any of us right any of our businesses we could lose it and so it’s understand like this can be taken away at any given time and it could be you know a million different things I’ve had close friends in the last couple months that have passed away

from from health issues that was taken away from theirs there’s government and interactions there’s their server there’s a million different things and so if you think it’s all you I think a lot of times that’s when we get humbled I’ve had multiple times my company has crashed and I realized you know you know prior to I’m a genius look how great it is and when it’s taken away it’s like wow it really wasn’t me there’s so many other things that we need to be grateful for that are happening that keep us to keep us moving so that’s important you can be taken away number four is that none of this stuff really matters when all sent down like it doesn’t matter as much fun as entrepreneurship business businesses always kind of things like he doesn’t really matter last eyes with my kids I had a wrestling match I remember going there and watching it and both my kids did awesome with they both won their matches Dallin had he was wrestling the the kid who was the district champ last year down one out there one we’re going crazy we’re screaming and I was like a sitting there I’m like this is what matters like me sometimes my kids my family that’s what matters it’s not this you know I’m on Instagram I think two or three times or last month I’ve made

posts where I’m just like like business is what you do while you wait for your kids to get out of school this is what you do while you’re waiting for your wife to come home like like this is kind of the thing to keep us occupied have some fun hopefully serve some people but like when it all comes down to the thing that really matters is our families and so I think when you realize that that none of this stuff really matters that much it gives you different perspective and the number five and this is one that’s really hard is don’t pay attention to the fans I think sometimes as you start growing people or I start talking how great you are and used to be very very careful it’s like one of the mermaids the sirens like the sirens who are in the water and they’re seeing this beautiful music right and you get closer and closer and then they come and they eat you and they destroy you we were anyway that’s the long story I just tell my kids about that and we were in a swimming pool and I was like scaring him and it was really funny but that’s another story from the day we get to be careful like like the the fans the people who you’re serving will look at you as if you’re something great something special and they will tell you that over

and over and over again as much as I love hearing it it’s like listen to it next like I have to like put it on the shelf you can’t if you if you do that you keep if you keep listening to what the fans are saying it becomes very very hard and it’s funny Sean Stephenson who’s a close friend passed away a little while ago I remember we were joking one time we’re hanging out and we’re joking about our wives and right we love our wives and said one of the the things about our whites is like our wives aren’t fans it’s like they fell in love with us and they love us but they’re not our fans it says it’s nice did you come home and you feel like you’re all awesome then there’s your your wife who loves you but she’s not a fan and she’s just like hey and it changes like it instantly changes this whole thing and I’m so grateful for for a wife who’s not a super fan who’s who’s realistic who’s just like this is what it is and so I think that it’s important for all of us to have people in our lives around us who are fans who are like the people who love us because it helps take the ego

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: First Segment is so FUN!

see every question in the comments no all right so that was the first segment of the show we gets things so far that’s kind of fun all right very cool Kenneth subscribe congratulations Kenneth you are in the thing Glen is subscribed whoa all right well we had an iPad like three comments for Sophia this is episode number one as you can probably tell so all right while they’re figuring it out ooh their segment number one all right I’m a desk up a little bit okay we are going am I going to keep going okay hey everyone alright so we are back right now we’re gonna move to the next segment the Showtime really sigh force is called tales of a funnel hacker this is what I’m pulling out really cool stories in the community these sometimes are people who who speak it for hiking live or maybe they’re mannish circle maybe I hung out with them at the restaurant there’s just a cool story that I want to share and this one is someone who doesn’t I’m sharing this yet so I’m kind of excited but the idea is no I have my own inner circle coaching program it’s fifty thousand dollars a year we had a hundred people in it and this year actually shut it down which if you listen to the marketing sneakers podcast you’ve heard that story before which was a

really hard and painful thing for me shut down but it was something we needed to do to focus on on where we’re going but basically every single entrepreneur that group gets to come they have 30 minutes on stage here or office to present what they’re doing their business stuff like that and I want to share with you guys a little clip from my friend Annie grace she is one of my favorite people in our in our inner circle and she she shared something that had such a huge profound impact on me I remember after she said I just sat there I was like oh my gosh I kept thinking about next day I thought about it next day I had heard like there’s another group that came in I had like retell it again and I want to share with you guys cuz such a big important thing for those who don’t know Annie Annie she’s read a bunch of her books I can’t tell you I have another cool announced about her I can announce yet but yeah I can’t yet know okay I was God Rubble no she’s awesome but I’m sure a book called the alcohol experiment she has one called the naked mind and she helps people to break the chains of alcohol addiction and her books are amazing even for non addicted to alcohol they help you break the chains of any addiction cuz helps you understand the

psychology behind it and NLP and all the all the stuff that affects your brain that gets you that causes an addiction and she is just an amazing person who’s changing still in people’s lives and and inner circle she’s talking about her business and she’s trying to help all these people and she’s talking about she’s got a certification program coming and all these things are doing and you know she’s got she’s selling thousands you know thousands of copies of her books and she’s on TV like all these things that are happening and I think sometimes we’re all excited but then you see like man I’m suddenly things not everybody’s having success and you get frustrated they’re like there’s always at that piece of it and this insight she shared has such a profound impact on me I wanted to share with you so I’m gonna show this clip it’s about two minutes long if you guys want to see it right now this is from aunty grace during her inner circle presentation this year really I have been struggling a lot with this idea of a funnel since the very beginning on a personal perspective so you know I’ve sold

multiple hundreds of thousands of books and I’m like oh my gosh of all those you know 250,000 books how many people actually read it right and then how many people do they finish it and then how many people does it touch and how many people in it and it gets so small to the point where like the people who need you and the people you’re impacting feels so so so small and so Brian was like well it’s kind of like the parable of the sower like you you sprinkle the seed and some of it falls on it’s just how the universe works some of its gonna get choked out some of its going to you know spring up some of its gonna do these things so it’s like okay it’s just how the universe works I just have to make peace with this idea and we just open this naked mine Institute where we’ve certified 60 coaches to go and and kind of do this work in the world and I was driving back from that training I just dropped my team off at the airport and I was really thinking about that and I said oh my gosh even in that room you know 60 people came but like how many of them are actually gonna create these

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: First Segment is so FUN!

businesses that do something and go somewhere in the world and it’s just gonna get smaller and smaller and there’s probably only gonna be like five of them that are like the breakout people that impact other people and then all of a sudden I just remembered the second part of that first it was like but the seeds that actually spring up will reproduce 30 60 100 times and so all of a sudden I saw that it’s not a funnel it’s an hourglass and I I wanted to share that because that’s what Russell’s doing – right like it’s there’s you know of all the people Russell touches there’s only a few but then you look at the people in this room and we’re the hourglass you guys were the people who are like and and then the next thing I wanted to share I think so good for me and it’s it’s

something that like I remind myself of all the time as entrepreneurs we are as Alec sharpens has momentum based beings we are forward focused we want the next thing we are going to the next place and a practice that like I do and then something that just really speaks true to me is his this quote and I think if we can just say this to ourselves and have the tension of wanting the next thing but also knowing that in this moment we have arrived in this moment we are here in this moment our destination is in each step in each moving forward it’s so powerful and sometimes when you just get stressed and thinking about the next thing just remember like we’ve already arrived you guys we’re already here this is the stuff so I wanted to share those things who isn’t that an awesome message I think that you know I’ve felt that some times before it’s just like Matt we’re doing all these things were trying we’re spending so much money to put our voice out there our message out there and and sometimes it is discouraging me look at like Carl but like you know we sold you know I see people a lot

of times in the the click phones face for group like this 250 thousand people in our buys only a hundred thousand members what’s wrong to everybody else or you know if we sold I don’t know three or four hundred thousand copies of the of secret extra seekers books it’s like but why a cow house only a hundred thousand members then from those members like how many are having success and like and you look at that and it can be it can be frustrating sometimes and then when she pulled that out said no it’s not a it’s not a funnel it’s an hourglass that the people who do take hold those are the ones that grow like that’s that’s what gives you the inspiration that’s really what I think for all of us like our calling is to go out there and and be as loud as we can’t put our voice out there put our products our services like putting it out there and and try to change the make people’s life as possible but the ones you do touch the ripple effect from that that’s why we that’s why we do this and so anyway I hope that that helps any of you guys who are going through this process who may be struggling or maybe maybe haven’t figured out like like you know you I think especially like if you guys taking the disc profile like I’m very high why is that my highest value I need to see return on investment or else I don’t want to do it for any you guys do sometimes get frustrated like I create this

video I post it and we had like 13 people watched it or whatever hat you know in your fresh because it’s like you’re not getting the traction you want yet it’s like this okay like yeah I keep putting the message out and keep putting out and keep putting out there because you’re sowing all these seeds you’re selling all these seeds and the right people are gonna find it they’re gonna hear your message they’re gonna take that thing and that’s what’s gonna blossom that’s what’s gonna change the world so that’s my message to you guys from Annie and I’m gonna continue to do Mark and see your slide and try to find some these cool experiences like that where there was 30 people in the room there with Annie to heard that but it’s like something I want to share with the entire world when I try to find some of those segments to share with you guys to really really give you impact so hope he has enjoyed that if you did post down the comments down below say Annie thank you so much for that for the hourglass and all analogy I think it’s amazing and and that’s it for the second segment of the marketing secrets live show we need our drum we need a band we definitely live band right now they want seditions to be our live band there’s comments

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down below anyway I can’t all right he has raised the next segment are people liking this so far oh sweet let me do a call action because this still is the prize if you guys have not subscribed yet and you want to win this poster from me all you do is go to the podcast app on your phone in the iTunes directory go search for marketing secrets go subscribe to the podcast and come back here in the comments down below say I’m subscribed you can enter a drawing to win one of these things and we thought I’ll be late don’t sell these local you get to ship them from Hong Kong correct or China or something and so there’s nothing like Kmart there’s something magic that only I can send you because I know the secret Hong Kong address I’m she I’m sure you could buy him yes yeah yeah subscribe any place and then let us know you subscribe and you’ll have a chance to win this and we’re here waiting fun giveaways like this every single week so all right sweet okay through the next segment all right here we go our a race the next segment show is called the ask Russell anything where you guys can literally ask me anything and if you have any questions how do they ask me I will let you know in the comments um anyway I’ve got two questions in the

community I think are really powerful it hopefully will be super helpful for you so I’m gonna actually play the video of the question then I’m gonna respond to it on my phone and the reason why if you guys listen to my podcast episode a couple weeks ago we take these and we turn them into Instagram posts that are really really cool if you can follow me on Instagram you’ve been seeing these where there’s video side by side with one person asking question one person answering that’s we’re creating now so I’ve got two really cool questions from our community but I’m going to listen to with you guys and then we are going to answer live so my first question today is from Dan Locke Dan is what we call an OG original gangsta back when I got started in his business 15 years ago Dan was in my very first people I knew when my first partners that we did project way back then and now I look 15 years later how both of us evolved I become the sales funnel dude he’s become the the closing dude now the copyright he’s just an amazing marketer super close friend it was a my inner circle last year as well and he submitted the question so I’m really excited actually hear from Dan his questions so here we go hey Russell this is Dan lock out of the thousands

and thousands of funnels that you’ve build and and help built what do you think is the key difference between a funnel that generates seven-figure in revenue versus an eight-figure revenue what’s the quote has some of the key components alright okay someone answers on my phone what’s up Dan make you so much for the question and I think that’s actually a really smart question people rarely ask that they’re usually what funnels gonna work and your question obviously is someone who has gone to eight figures and beyond is looking like what are the the differences and it’s interesting the the companies they’re winning two comma Club X Awards like you and like the other ones it’s not so much they have a super complicated funnel it’s not like all they’ve got 500 different funnels most of them have like two or three funnels but they and they’re not complicated they’re very simple their systemized and they and they convert right they focus more on like on on selling at each page in the funnel they focus more on like coming better at telling the story be coming to have better doing the webinar

like the focus is in the creative inside the pages of the funnel not so much the funnel so it’s not like oh they had 45 steps and 13 upsells and 20 down seven nineteen different follow-up funnels and sequences one smear to hear to hear it like that’s not what there during their like I’ve got a funnel with four pages it’s a free plus shipping off right there free book shipping offer there’s my upsell my down selling my and my other upsell and then they focus insane on the conversion each page like how do I make this convert higher what I need to do on this page where I need on this page and they just focus on that it’s like the little tiny levers its swing huge doors right and they have a front end funnel then they have like an upsell funnel and most most of the companies that are intent like into Kabul Club exit they’ve gotten this huge award right here thank you on this one Dan I know you got one last year anyway this is the two comma Club X award the X stands for ten million dollars but most people who stay on the stage again it’s they have two or maybe three funnels and there’s three funnels in the value add or it’s like a free plus shipping funnel to get people in and they have a webinar funnel there’s no high ticket thing and again they obsess with the webinar they do it live over and over and over and over and over again to make sure the pitch the presentation they offer is perfect and

that’s where the focus goes to and then they have a high ticket thing on the back end but like that’s the the focus is not a million different funnels its focusing on the creative inside of each funnels focusing on the message they like that’s that’s the difference between some of these got you know an okay funnel to a seven-figure funnel to it to be on cuz they become really good at at the copy the creative the selling like that part of it is the most important part so I hope that helps and excited hopefully Dan to give you another one of these two comic of X Awards and next year’s for knocking live in fact next one I like live we reduced into comic clubs see award because we have much people who are creeping up on a hundred million dollars inside of a funnel and simple is the key to watch their funnels as well they’re all very very simple alright thanks man makes the question talk soon boom there was the first question from Dan alright and go to question number two question number two is from a man John Lee Dumas jld from entrepreneur fire podcast John is probably one of the coolest guys in our industry super fun to work with super relaxed just an all-around cool guy and I had chance earlier this year to actually spend time and feed you with him and his question actually ties back to when we were in Fiji with him and xx Robbins and everything so let me listen his question and then I

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: Entrepreneurs Amazing Tips on how to sell

and then we will give him an answer hey what’s up John Lee Dumas here of entrepreneurs on fire in Russell it was absolutely amazing getting to hang out with you in Nam Ollie Fiji Tony Robbins private resort for four days getting to mastermind with you dean Graciosa lewis howes obviously Tony Robbins Jenna Kuchar so many amazing people absolutely loved it in my question for you is what was your biggest takeaway over that four day mastermind that we were at from Tony Robbins from Dean Graciosa from Jenna from Lewis from whoever it might have been what was your biggest takeaway from that mastermind you can pass along to myself and anybody watching this video take care brother and stay on a fire alright here we go what’s up JD first off I had so much fun in Fiji with you hanging out and there were so many so many cool conversations that happen from you know like in the actual master I mean where Tony Robbins is sitting there like looking at us all like telling us what to do to like all the individual ones we’re hanging out at the spa or hanging out just walking down the path or

like bowling or just all the fun things but I think of all the things that had the biggest impact on me at my my stage right now in this in this businesses marketing game is when Tony looked at me and he said Russell you are the operator of your business so I was like yeah that’s what I do I’m an entrepreneur I’m operator I run this thing he said the reason why that’s all you’re able to do is because you’re an operator like you’re your whole life is sucked in there until he’s like I came from how many he’s like I own 50 for companies Russell he’s like I’m the owner of all of them I’m the operator of none of them he’s like that’s what I’m able to own 50 companies have a billion dollar net worth like all these kind of things that are crazy he said because I am I’m the owner I’m not the operator and he said if you really want freedom Russell if this transition from like I am the best operator in the world I’m the CEO I’m gonna like bla bla bla bla BOTS like look like there’s a time and a place in a business for that well you got to be the CEO it’s got to push it to a certain spot but he’s like there’s also time you have to step away and become the owner of the company get on the board of directors you said if for personal advice he

gave me was like step away from from being the CEO they become they go on the board of directors be the owner of the company not the operator find the right people who become operators put them underneath you and and that was the biggest piece of advice for me that was the most timely for me now obviously it might not be the best piece of advice for everybody there’s that there’s a point in your business when you’re the entrepreneur and you’re the one that’s gotta like push it up the mount and do everything there’s when you have become the CEO like there’s there’s different seasons in life but for me that’s definitely seasonal midnight now is like how do I transition from being the operator of the business to the owner where I take something pressure and stress off focus on the vision and and be able to do that as opposed to being so deep in the weeds every single day where you’re just doing the thing all the time and so that was for me the biggest aha I’ve been sitting back now over the last you know month or two since have been home to I figure like how do I actually execute on how do I do that I think for a lot of you guys who are listening to this to start thinking about that as you’re as you’re going through this this evolution of

your business things you’re not there yet knowing like that’s what I’m gonna be someday I gotta get prepared for get ready for that because someday I’m gonna be the owner of my company and not an owner operator but just an owner and that is really freedom that’s what we’re trying to get to inside a business so I hope that helps thanks Jay LD for everything you’re amazing man and I will talk to you soon all right that was fun I hope you guys enjoyed I enjoyed the the Q&A stories those will show up on Instagram here in the near future so you’ll be able to see how we’re using that those as well all right we saw people hanging out holy cow there’s a lot of you still hanging out she has liking this so far there’s no carefully over-deliver just kidding kinda okay I’m scared to scroll up cuz I’m afraid to drop the the comment I pad latias are subscribing I’m gonna shout back out for a giveaway okay if you if you um if you want to win our amazing poster this is the same poster this is what Todd sent me two or three years ago it’s been sitting on my wall ever since then every day I walk in I

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said you know what a million dollars isn’t cool you know schools a billion dollars and it cast a vision for me of like I want to be able create billion dollars in the universe and so free for someone here all you gotta do is go to the podcasting app on your phone and subscribe the marketing Seekers podcast and then come back and comment down below and say I subscribe but we can put everyone’s name who said I subscribing to a randomizing thingy murder the click of button and it pops out a name and whoever that is we will ship you out one of these amazing signs to help motivate you to go create a billion dollars with a value inside of the world just like it’s been motivating me as well okay all right we’re gonna move to the next section of the show I like to welcome you guys now to the section of the show where I’m going to be talking about this is like class time I’m gonna be professor russell brunson and today we’re we talking about the evolution of marketing and I’m really excited we have some fun pictures i’ma talk you guys about how funnels came to because some of you

guys like Russell when did the funnel get invented is that last year like know that this is not something we just invented so we’re gonna go back it’s a very very beginning of time back to prehistoric bartering time okay so if you watch this later this is prehistoric bartering back then the way that people trade his stuff is they bartered this dude’s got a goat she’s got some fish and he’s like I really want to eat fish tonight I want some sushi and she’s like sweet I need some goat milk is that really a thing and so they traded it straight across and it was bartering and bargaining was awesome except for the fact they’re like well my goats really cool I need like 400 fish to like and they’re just it got kind of complicated but that’s where it all began was with prehistoric bartering okay the next phase about 5000 BC is with the very first time they started find the actual like the archaeologists have found coins at least metal objects they believed were coins right and so this is when instead just bartering you can actually create value a put value inside of a coin and then you say hey I want this Goku I’m gonna give you ten coins and now you could now money started becoming a thing and made bartering so much easier because wasn’t like I

don’t need 400 fish dude right for my goat and said you’re I can’t here’s five here’s five bucks here’s your go and then you can go buy fish with your money and you buy the things of the money and that’s what happened next was the bartering system okay after that in the early 1700 1800 s this is where the snake oil salesmen began so this is the dude in the snake and there’s a really good Dan Kennedy book that everybody should read if you go to Amazon it starts today and Kennedy believe I make them please call make them bleep that’s what’s called make them believe about traveling salesmen I don’t think I can tell you guys what he sold on the show cuz its rated like not G but you should go read the book it’s really fascinating but this was next face 780 hundreds this is where salesmen started using a sales pitch where stead of just bartering they would go together and get a whole bunch of people in the crowd to come around and then they would then present something to them right like the farmers market model right like Here I am get a bunch people when I can sell instead of selling

one-on-one now I sell five people over time or ten people time or hundred people of time so traveling snake oil something went out there start making some money by doing a performance again the crowd all excited just like we do when we sell stuff online right okay fast forward now to the 1800s this is where the gold rush started happening and what was interesting in the gold rush is that the people who made the most money during the gold rush were not the people panning for gold right it was the people who were selling the shovels panning for gold in fact well my favorite stories about this was a guy named Sam Brennan it was in San Lou the San Francisco during the gold rush and Sam was really smart he saw these things all these people coming to California to go pan for gold to make a much money he was like wait a minute instead of doing that what if I what if I sell the tools that picks in the shovels and so he went around all San Francisco bought all the picks and the tumbles and short in the and the the the tools brought in his own shop and then he got a little bit of gold and he started running through the the streets in San Francisco saying there’s gold in the American River there’s gold the American River and people start freaking

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: Be the first Milllionaire

out like oh we need to find some gold and they’re like we need shovels he’s like oh i selling shovels over here and Sam Brannan became the very first millionaire in California history so that was when the gold rush happened people started learning man there’s a lot of money not just in the thing but in the selling of the tools of the thing now in a fast-forward to 1830s we have PT Barnum who is my man he hasn’t seen the greatest showman there’s a story about his life he’s run so many amazing books Joe vitality wrote a book about PT Barnes life called there’s a customer born every minute was one of my favorite books but PT Barnum really was one of the very first people to really start doing a lot of advertising and things like that he didn’t just like have a show he was like putting out leaflets and flyers and pamphlets that he may have been one of the very first people ever to set to send out unsolicited mail aka spam he was spam people’s mailboxes if you read them there’s a customer born every minute there’s so many crazy stories about how he marketed his business in fact my favorite one from PT Barnum two days before he died he sat down and he wrote his own obituary and he posted it in all the newspapers and he wasn’t dead yet

and people became like why did you like why in the world did you like like publish your own obituary and his quote was like like the coolest thing ever he said I thought that the I thought that they announced my death would help sell tickets to the circus I was like I love this dude so I’m hoping that on my death that I can promote something to you guys as well because I respect PT Barnum all right next 1886 822 this is we’re selling at the started this is John H Patterson was the president of National Cash Register and sent from going to some of what went to people he would go find an organization he would sell the person the top ago and convince them to everybody they lo them needed goats and he was and so he just make one sell the influencer and then the influence would then start selling everybody else in their in their in their company and their team whatever that might be and so that was kind of when this like something to the top became a thing then we fast for now to 1898 this was the invention of the very first funnel so 1890s is way before I was born kissing was

wondering how old I am so Ally st. Elmo Louis he had a rabbit at a agency and he came up with this first concept of there were four stages of awareness in figure this is AI da and there’s something we still used today in direct response marketing it was very first funnel say okay at the top of the funnel you I get someone awareness you even exist then you have to create an interest like oh I’m interested in that then you create desire like oh my gosh I need that thing and then you get someone to take the action okay AI D and this is still principle today we think about we talk about all the time in fact if your marketing struggling it’s probably because you’re going straight for the action right by my crap by my crap and you like what you have to get them aware of like hey I got some cool stuff like okay cool and then you have to get them interested like hey you know I this is awesome because it’s gonna change your life like I am interesting that then you create desire like let me tell you stories about how it affected this person’s life and this person all these different things they create desire and then you ask for them to take action okay so even today this principle is extremely powerful and that came up in 1898 which is

pretty cool alright in the 1920s we started taking marketing and business and promotion to the Airways 1920s radio burst on the scene Adelle Carnegie wrote how it went from the friends and influence people which is an amazing book by the way that taught the importance of relationships and people and in the 40s out raveling sales people were seeing going door-to-door selling stuff that way as well in 1940s and 50s this is where video killed the radio star so where TV came out and I when you read the traffic secrets book actually to have a whole case study about this but Bulova watch was the very first TV commercial everywhere ever TVs were getting put out everything all over the place and then during in the World Series games both the watch came on and it was in ten-second add that cost a nine cents and it was the picture of the watch that said the world runs on Bulba in fact if you google or if you go to youtube and search Bulova ad you can actually see the original ad it was like the worst dad ever but it was the first ad like interrupted people while they were watching

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: This is the beginning of success

a sporting event interrupted them and created desire for a thing which was the beginning of all interruption based marketing which is what made Zuckerberg famous and all of us rich so when you read traffic seekers book that part well make a lot more sense all right 1960s this is the rapid evolution this is where tell mark you started coming out 1-800 numbers multi-level marketing people started using all sorts of a selling techniques there’s a really good book called spin selling that came out where instead just going and I trying to sell stuff spin selling got people thinking differently like hey instead of me selling something I need to look at myself as a consultant and it starts shifting the way that they sold things to to create desire and to become a consultant and became just a better way to sell it happen 1960 to 1980s 1990s this is where the internet started coming about we started surfing the web and you seen the picture of the goat here is on a surfboard and this is where things really started started transitioning the power of the internet made it where instead of

just the big brands like the Procter & Gamble and people who could spend you know a million dollars on an ad on TV the internet gives gave the Billy where people like us can spend a little bit of money and get exposure and eyeballs and be able to like target directly the kind of people we’re looking for nineteen nineties how it’s happening the 2000s this is where it became easier easier this is where you know tools start coming out CRM marking systems email autoresponders things like that that made this whole marketing game even better and then 2010 this is where funnels started becoming a thing companies like HubSpot popped out other ones we start building tools they start taking people through processes and then 2014 so where Influenster start popping up all over the place people who become skinny goatee I love the designers weaving the ghosts through everyone these images makes me really happy so influenced to start

coming in where they can now affect product sales wasn’t just you buying ads from Zuckerberg was like you by asking people all directly all sorts of people and 2015-2019 this is where we help create the future da comp secrets which is my very first book ever came out team talking about funnels ClickFunnels™ came out about the zack same time as well people start building phones online and now we are five years into this whole mission and we are at the casa a hundred thousand active members last week which is insane so one hundred thousand entrepreneurs using this and is growing we’ve we’ve sold what’s the staff 4.1 4.2 billion dollars to the processor ClickFunnels™ the we can track it is insane and that is a history of funnels in a nutshell i hope you guys enjoyed that section because now we’re gonna move on to the classroom i mean a drink of water first we’re gonna go that history lesson now you guys all know the history of

marketing you guys will see in that traffic seekers book i share a lot of i share a lot of the history of stuff Kalaa people are like they come into traffic like oh google ads or oh facebook ads was like i’ll you understand me these are all just just the new iteration of direct response and door-to-door and like all these different things and we show the history lessons behind them all how they relate back because any understanding the history where they came from then you can understand where we’re going in the future okay all right we’re gonna move to the classroom I’m going to drop this down we’re going to teach okay you guys ready for this oh yeah okay um make sure I have everything ready for this can we live on this camera now okay hey everybody this Russell Brunson and today we’re talking about sales funnels tutorials for beginners and to do that I want to show you guys my very first sales funnel I built as a beginner in fact this is a picture of me here on the slide this is me as my shaved head making a potato gun this is the very first one of the very first landing pages for how to make potato gun calm and there’s a doodle of me shooting potato guns because I am a potato gun expert but we’re talking about just the basic concepts behind the sales funnel because I think at first people get all complicated I was can be really difficult to be hard when I understand this is really real simple as I’m going through this in the comments down below I would love if you’d be like oh my gosh like I get how this works for me okay and and like for

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: How to sell anything to anyone

put the product ok and and I put it online and I didn’t know how to sell anything so I just have like a basic website the website was like hey come and buy my thing and then I went to this thing called Google you guys may have heard of it before and on Google they had these things right here and on the side there were these ads and so I would pay for the Google Ad so I’m gonna click on the ad they come over here they would see this thing and they like oh my gosh I must buy this DVD so I can learn how to make potato gun and some of them would give me money initially when I first start selling this we were selling it for 37 bucks apiece and so people would buy that and that was my business and I remember putting the ads up and I was spending about 10 bucks a day let me do the math of here so I spending ten dollars a day in ads over here and from that was averaging about one cell a day okay now as a college kid I’m looking at this and said okay I give someone Tendo I give mr. Google ten bucks and then he gives me back thirty seven means I got 27 dollars to put in my pocket next day I gave mr. Google ten bucks he gave me back thirty-seven up to 20 cent my pocket I kept doing this I was like I am the smartest man alive I figured this thing out it is amazing I was freaking out it was like the greatest thing ever right and then something evil happened the guys over Google decided they want to make more money and so they changed their algorithms I’m not gonna get into that but it changed their algorithm and so no longer was like I spent ten dollars and they make 37 instead I started spending ten dollars excuse me like mad costs when I’m stressed Fernet spending fifty dollars a day to make one cell okay now

I’m not the sharpest tool in the toolbox but I gave Google fifty bucks and they gave me back 37 and I was like wait I I lost money and I getting 50 and then Oster said that’s three or four days like wait a minute this game sucks I’m losing and so I turned my ads off Mike I can’t play this game and I remember thinking the time I was like I was like I missed the internet boom like the bubble popped I remember hearing on the news the time people talking about the the the online bubble popping I was like I missed it I missed the whole whole thing I mean I’ve never felt that way before we like I missed that I missed the big thing if your phone that way comment down below bag I’ve felt that before it’s frustrating right so I remember I turned it off and I was like great I gotta go back to school and start paying attention again cuz I thought I was gonna be rich now I’m gonna be broke and never being frustrated and then one day I got a call from my friends and my friends had a similar business to me he wasn’t selling potato guns his product was not nearly as cool as that but he was selling products and he had the same thing he got the Google slap and stopped working and he called me one day and he said hey Russell I think I figured it out I figured what out he’s like he’s like I stopped it he didn’t called the fun’ll he’s like he’s like I create this thing called an upsell he called an OTO one-time offer he said what I did is that every single person about my product and then up sold him something else I was like well why would I do that he’s

like well if you ever been to McDonald’s before like yeah he said we know you got a McDonald’s you go through the drive-thru like hey um I want to order Big Mac and the dudes like cool do you want to supersize it you want fries and coke with that and he starts offering you upsells like yeah he’s like if you look at the math he’s like McDonald’s actually loses money selling a big mat but they make all their profit and supervised the fries the coke I was like okay he’s like right now you’re losing money selling your potatoes on DVD you Scott still these days fries and a coke and you’ll be profitable like I still don’t quite get he’s like well what like he’s like what are you like if someone buys this like what’s the next thing you can do if you’re trying to serve this person like what’s the next thing you could serve him with I said well when someone buys is give you the most know anything and not have to go to Home Depot on that to buy the pipes and to cut them and like all this stuff to make this amazing gun he said well what if instead of you telling him to go buy the stuff what if you up sold them a kit that did this whole thing I’ve no idea this is gonna show up on camera now I thought it kind of cool and so he started make it up sell where you sell them the kit so here is here is the kit and and so I did some I did some math and I start calling around and I found these guys Nolan Idaho

can I kind of do this with I said I think I said well what if I did this in in speed-reader I met a guy who was the world’s fastest reader Howard Bert and so we set up a funnel for speed reading and it worked and we said well if we did this in the dating market I found some was a dating expert we plugged in well if you did this with supplements what if we did and we started doing this and the funnels obviously tweaked every single time but the concepts are the same and I became obsessed and over the next five or six years I launched over a hundred different funnels in 104 markets and became obsessed with it and it became so much fun but this concept of a funnel works in any business and so what I wanted you guys understand is this how simple it really is it’s not some complicated

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: Dont make things complicated in choosing products

thing sometimes we get all complicated it’s very simple is like we buy an ad to sell something right somebody buys that thing then what’s the next logical thing they need well they bought potato gun the next thing I need is they need a potato gun kit and that becomes my my funnel and that’s kind of where take people through okay and so that’s the basics of a sales funnel for all you guys who’ve been wondering what it is now I’m curious for all the extra lists are now if you can think for yourself like what is was a funnel you could create for your business okay and everyone here listings got different businesses obviously but post down below like what could you actually do let me know and and I will be reading your comments love to hear what kind of thing you could plug into what kind of funny you could create for your business as well that worked there you go there’s a sales funnel tutorial alright okay the next one I got another another fun tutorial like that I’m gonna raise the people still pay attention what’s up guys oh it’s grown rough 500 people now day oh all right so much fun okay they shoes off hanging out while I’m getting stuff for the next show segments don’t forget we’re giving away a free one of these things right here this is a a million dollars of cool you know schools a billion dollars the way you can win this is super simple i editors go to that i go to your phone subscribe to the mark and secret show come back in the comments and say i’m subscribed we randomly picking one person who subscribe to podcasts weekend i’m

going to send you guys out of this canvas print in the mail that will serve as a reminder for what you were trying to do you are not going for a million million dollars is cool be what’s really cool so that’s what’s happening anything before I move next segment segment all right okay I’ll resize this one this is Li fun any comments at home before I get part fish uh partying in yeah oh by the way if you let me take this funnel hacking live yet imagine this on steroids for four days funnel hacking lab calm all right Ken here we go debri ready oh yeah okay all right everyone is Russell Brunson and today I want to go through seven simple sales funnels marketing tips to help increase how much money you’re making inside your sales funnel now if you don’t have a sales funnel yet that’s okay this is new ideas like oh my gosh I could do this I could do this like it is if you do have a cell phone on it’s not doing that well these seven tips are going to be ideas how to tweak them and change them to make it even better I think you guys are gonna love these so I’m going to jump right into them right now as you guys are hearing you don’t want you to vote down below what is your favorite tip okay there’s seven each ones they get a little bit more complicated as we go but down below let me know if it’s if it’s number one you like number three like only is all voting on which one is the coolest tip I tried to find some really cool fun exciting ones some of you may have heard it before some may be brand new regardless hopefully you guys all get something

out of these seven simple sales funnel marketing tips all right you guys ready for this number one you need to add more curiosity to your headlines to increase conversions okay this is what my friends Mike and AJ they’re in my inner circle and with interestings they came into circle in like Russell we have this webinar and it’s sucking I’m like what do you mean like it’s horrible like right now we’re spending $24 85 cents to get somebody to register for the webinar and the only 22 percent of people actually show up like how do we fix our webinar and I was like I don’t even touch your webinar because I’m just gonna tweak one little thing I said when I read your headline it says how to add six figures to your web design business by copying my secret method for helping companies get more real five-star reviews without selling spending a lot higher money I said when I read that I know exactly webinars about your webinars gonna show me how to get reviews for a cut for local customers and if I’m like I think I know how to do that I’m not going to show up and so that’s why your add cost is so expensive and that’s why your operates soloqueue mic I’ll register but I think I already know so I’m not gonna make it that important for me to actually show up okay because I said all you do is just add more curiosity or headline just don’t tell me what it is tell me what it’s not okay the

if you like that you should go read my book called double your dating click here and then people go buy the book okay but it was a page where they give me your email address okay you’re become a lead I’m gonna give you this lead magnet which is getting it’s not there’s not be this huge complicating it can be a two or three paragraphs giving them out aha and from there it pushes them now to go by the very first product in your value ladder and they took that little concept build a 20 million dollar business from it okay so number two the seat or two is you got to create a lead magnet to grow your list okay so here’s like number two post down below but number two was amazing I love it ah okay he’s right for number three so number one was add more curiosity to your headlines number two was a create a lead magnet degree list number three is build your sales pages for optimal conversions okay is something that I assumed everybody understood until I shared on my team and they’re all like what if you look at when we sell anything there’s three phases of selling okay the first phase is emotion okay that’s why I tell us story all mostly engaged and the majority people will buy off of motion but there’s some people like and mostly you sell them they’re like a band they start logically trying to justify right so we start with the motion then we shift to logic and then we move to urgency and scarcity right people who are fear-based like I do you have to push him over the edge okay if you look at any sales presentation that I do you always see is you’ll get the email sequence I do I always do this right the first email is a very emotional base the second emails are logical basis the thirty melts our urgency and scarcity in fear base okay every sales process of your sales funnel we take people through we take them through the same journey from emotion to

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: Dont be afraid to failed

logic to fear know a lot of people understand is I do the exact something on the actual landing page okay if you go to any of my page like here’s the dot-com secrets book right or the expert seekers book in any of those books the land that this page here the whole top section is all focus on emotion okay the hook is emotional of videos emotionally everything here is like emotion that’s my best selling technique is the motion so the top third my page is all focus on emotion okay and for the majority if you put like a heat map on this and you watch it like ninety percent people like see that and they go and they buy right all the emotional buyers like I mean let’s go do this thing okay but then you have the next group the the logical people right there motioning I want this but like does this really make sense is it okay for me and like they start logically trying to justify everything right so what happens is that those people like they need more information to start scrolling so then they start scrolling the page and they go down a little bit further and now we started having this easily logically okay the second section is logic we give all the logical arguments like you’re gonna learn this you’re gonna learn this you’re gonna learn

this logically understand that you need this to grow your company logically and like we did we speak to the logic of somebody in the second section in case my scrollers are my logical buyers so if you want your heat maps there’s no sir in this section people are scrolling a bunch of people start buying these your logical buyers who like okay that that was the thing I needed right there to get me to go and buy okay they just go even further then I moved to last thing which is urgency and scarcity okay some people just they have to be pushed over the edge like they need that last little push the last bottom pages all focused on urgent and scarcity this is why you need to buy it and why you need to buy it right now okay so whatever your urgency and scarcity limits are some people looks like you don’t have X amount of products there’s a time line like I don’t care what it is you know figure out the true real urgency and scarcity to push people over and that is how we structure sales page emotion logic and fear and once again if you look at this path you’ll notice this is how we how we break down every single autoresponder savings the first females are motion then logic then fear every product launch every video every webinar like that that

pattern you’ll see over and over and over again and when you read the traffic seekers book I talked a lot about as well so that’s number three having it’s like number three emotion illogical fear as it relates to to your actual landing page you like that one let me know down below in the comments I want to hear it and I want to start seeing your votes is the one better is three betters to their like let me know which one is the one you like the most alright number four offer an order form bump to increase sales this is one of the things that seems so simple now but literally 10 years ago we kind of discover this changed all of our businesses forever okay the order for bump I want you to visualize imagine you’re at the grocery store right and you got to go buy some stuff so you’re the grocery store you’re buying hot dogs and catch up in buns and chips and you get all the stuff for the big game coming up and then you’re checking out the checkout stand and you’re walking to checkout stand you sure look you’re like oh National Enquirer like the world’s largest baby that’s hilarious and

you grab it you throw anything like Oh take tax my breast things the orange ones taste really good so you’ve got some tic-tacs and some gum and a Snickers bar and like the things you’re grabbing as you’re checking out that is your order form bump okay I know this is true not somebody told me this once so I’m gonna I’m gonna quote it in a manner may not be true but somebody told me that a grocery store like they don’t make their money selling groceries they make their money at the checkout stand like the profit of a grocery store comes from the checkout stand whether that’s true or not it’s very true here at online marketing okay so somebody comes with my pages they go and buy something they’re buying some stuff and for years we would just sell them the product I’m gonna have up sells and down sells but somewhere along the line I saw a page somebody had as a big company and they had this thing and what happened is right after somebody puts in a credit card and this is essentials assets in their credit card but before they click the submit button hit this little block right here that I started calling up an order form bump and now as all these other companies called that that was my turn to see y’all know unless you can prove me otherwise but I’m pretty sure I mentioned that that phrase anyway um because uh there used to be phone calls on a phone that we do the bump cell on a phone

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: Telemarketer start doing this

did a telemarketer so we start doing this I said it’s like an order form bump anyway so here’s the order form bump but the key is this after some put another credit card before they put in the thing you have an offer that’s really quick there for seventeen dollars twenty seven dollars thirty seven dollars an impulse buy if it’s something needs to be explained over like ten paragraphs it’s not the right thing it’s you’re at the checkout sanjay tic tacs that’s you’re looking for an off here like if you’re selling a book like hey do out the audiobook or if you’re selling like a training course they hate you on the templates I guess it’s kind of an impulse buy it you add right there and in most of our funnels the profit that comes from this covers our ads spin it covers the Google ads the Facebook ads or whatever that thing might be and so it’s one of the most powerful little ninja Stealth things you can add to any funnel that literally will cover all your ad costs now everything else you sell in the funnel becomes pure profit it all comes down to this one little block right here the order form bump that happens between the credit card number and before the submit button right there and it is magic so there’s order form bump if you usually click funnels it is so simply just click Add or form up and boom it’s there and you’ve got it working for you so that’s secret number four what do

you think I’ve done before okay so now we got one two three four we got curiosity number one number two I can’t remember a more hopefully you guys remember at home and you’re casting your votes alright number five as we were creating upsells this is one of the biggest problems people may command upsell somebody’s buys your product and you’re the upsell page right with the biggest mistake most people make is the upsell page happens and they say thank you for your order we have received your order and they close the loop okay soon as you close like thank you so much for your order we’re excited to ship this out to you whenever you just close the buying loop in their mind okay and then in their mind it’s over okay and as soon as you do that your your conversions on whatever happens afterwards will dramatically decrease this is based on thousands and thousands of tests the the goal on the upsell page you have to keep the buying loop open so if you notice any my up still pages never say like thank you so much for your order it always stops this is like wait your orders I a complete douche up this page down I’d keep the binding app open like it’s not done yet we need to customize your just want to add some of the cool thing shorter before we close this thing out okay I do not close the loop I keep it open during the upsell process okay I’ve had people before who come to us for consulting and I

can have this upsell and the only thing we change is from like thank you for your order it’s like waiting your orders are complete and increases convergence dramatically so number five is keeping the buying loop open to identify your hyper active buyers don’t close that keep it open for them don’t tell themselves over say it’s not over yet and they keep them keep the loop open as you’re going through it that’s number five number six after some goes through your funnel and land on your Thank You page you can create what we call an offer wall and an offer wall is how you can push people into your other value ladder so for example listen right here this is Thank You page for buying one of our products and down below so by the way here’s a lot of cool stuff you could join our funnel University you get the document secrets book you under a split test book and all this is free traffic it comes to you case awesomes gone through your sales funnel and they lie on your thank you page don’t think that i’m buying what typically happens is that it’s a lot of people especially the hyperactive buyers like this is awesome they start looking for more stuff to buy and they buy from your competitors and other competitors you’re like you lost them so why not just allow them to continue with you in the process so Thank You page make an offer wall where say here’s other cool stuff we sell feel free to come jump

in these funnels as well and yes you’ll be shocked at how much additional revenue sales come by just adding this thing on the thank you pages of everything you sell that’s number six and I got one more use right for the last one there’s a little bit more of an advanced tip but it works really really good what we do is we add a webinar to the Thank You page to increase sales okay so if you look at a bunch of our funnels the very last page it’s like make you so much for ordering the the product now I want to start your training right now okay the products is being shifting the mail you’re gonna get it we’re gonna start right now and get into business and we start teaching right away and this Thank You page is the webinar okay so I thank them for the order and that transition to teaching I give them the the one thing I give them a three secrets and the end of it then I make an offer for my high ticket high ticket product okay and that is one of the most powerful things we started doing is adding the Thank You page webinars we’re now a percentage of all the people who buy one of our free plus shipping books start buying our two thousand dollar product sell at the back as well and that is what a Thank You page webinar is so there are your seven tips oh no which we’re gonna do eyes favorite I’m all go through them all getting really quickly number one I want you to vote for your favorite and comments

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: Setup an upsell product

down below so number one it’s not cool slice here number one was increased more care or add more curiosity your headlined increased conversions number two is create lead magnets grow your list number three was build your sales funnel page for optimal conversion having a motion logic in fear number four is adding order for bumps increase sales number five is creating an offer wall to send people up your value added to your other products and services and number seven if I skip one biggest gift one oh yeah number five keeping the buying loop open in your upsells number six was off for a while number seven was adding an Thank You page webinar to automatically sell the next product in your value add or to people and that is what is if you like this down below again comment down below subscribe let us know and and I hope you guys liked that session twos winning was to in circles believed market that was too easy seriously that’s

amazing alright number two keep on voting all right people so here Hank this is awesome thanks you guys for hanging out risk number ones in here looks like there were threes I’m a – very cool okay all right what’s fun I’m gonna let my can drop that yet ten couple more segments you guys keep hanging out with us get some more fun stuff happening okay this is called picture time with Russell just kidding let’s see how she does no one at a time one at a time Russell you will be fired alright I’m glad this is a live show that’s like broken this segment so I can catch my breath between him Jimmy Fallon’s got commercials what do I got nothing okay all right okay for his next session a session segment okay all right this next segment I’m gonna be going through and sharing a bunch of pictures and stories behind the pictures with you guys and reason why I’m doing this is in the traffic secrets book the section on Instagram I quote super heavily from one of my friends who is one of cool people I’ve ever met her name’s Janet Kuchar a lot you guys know already follow her and she does the process called the JK 5 where basically says ok on your Instagram profile or when you’re and honestly this works than anything in your emails and your blogs and

everything is like instead of just like always talking about the one thing that gets really really boring you look like a one-sided person she says like pick five categories of things you’re interested in and then rotate your poke so she has this thing called the JK 5 method where she’s like I five categories of my life that I focus on and it rotates through my pictures on Instagram through these different five things and I thought was really powerful I’ve been trying to get in my podcast and my just all different aspects of me publishing is rotating through five different categories so I wasn’t sure if he has my five categories and then show some pictures related to those five categories this is my fun so my five categories our family funnels faith entrepreneurship and personal development these are the five things I’m kind of the most passionate about and so the pictures I was sherry the podcast that all things are doing I’m rotating through these different five different topics I’m not perfect like I’m always like this must be family and fun but like you’ll see this this this

trend of these categories and everything I’m publishing rotating over and over and over again so I’m gonna start at the very beginning with my favorite topic which is my family so we just got family pictures that’s me and we got the big fat head in the middle it’s my beautiful wife Colette and we have twin boys Dallin and Bowen then we have Ellie and we’ve got Aiden and we’ve got Nora so these are my my five kids and my beautiful wife and these are the people I mean the most in the world to me and it’s been fun in fact one of the things we learned from Genoa in Fiji she said a lot of people family pictures like once every 2 or 3 years there’s so much stress and headache and I of all people I know how horrible family pictures are but she says she said every single quarter you should get family pictures I just hire it can be a basic photography something fancy but get dressed up and get pictures and and just do it once a quarter and if you do that what happens is first off the stress of taking pictures will godowns it’s not like the saw the frazzle of Eternia pictures on but number two is

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: Add more pictures to your site

you have more pictures of your kids throughout your life and looking back in a year from now five years know ten years fail you’ll be super grateful so we got back from Fiji I was a very first thing my own planet from Jannah we call it the photographer we got our family pictures done this is the first one family pictures you probably see a bunch from the set posting on Instagram and Facebook different places cuz I’m so excited but this is my family and I wanted to share swear initially because I think so many of us we get into business initially because like I want freedom saying spend more time my family then we get into business it’s so much fun we get addicted to the significance and the certainty and all the things that come with with being entrepreneurs mean business owners and what happens so often is we are pursuing this thing we forget about the reason why we started this thing and I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs who who achieve everything they lose their family in the process and one of my favorite quotes is from a from a man named David O McKay so the no success can

compensate for failure in the home and so I wanted to start the session by showing this picture of my family and to remember this last night I had a chance to go with my entire family to bone and Allen had a wrestling match I had a chance to go down there and to coach them and and and you know all the kids were in the stands cheering on their brothers and it was just such a fun unique experience and this is why we do all these things right this is the most important most vital and most powerful part of what we do so so I’m sure that beginning is the no success can compensate for failure in the home all right second picture our show ties back to funnels so this is a video or this is a picture from the day that I taught gary vee about funnels so we did when we launched the click photos viral video the very first one we do at the Harmon brothers we did a big huge party we’d ran out boys a football stadium we find a ton of influencers to to come we a set a world record doing bubble soccer we we had the biggest bubble soccer game in history of the world got against burger world record for it and we slide invite Gary Vee to come speak because he is obviously someone who’s who’s a big influencer and it’s interesting because Gary’s all

about branding and things like that and I don’t think he spent a lot of time thinking about the metrics and funnels and and you know someone it’s interesting because I people all the time you talk about the difference in median Gary they’re like Gary’s all about brandy and you’re about direct response marketing and I think the reality is is that both those things are essential in today’s mark right just having good direct response and funnels is half of it having really good branding and storytelling is half of it and when you blend these two things and weave them together that is the power and so this is actually a picture of Gary watching the viral video with us and the ClickFunnels™ bubble soccer event we did two years ago and just kind of one of my my favorite pictures is we’re introducing him to the world of funnels they still don’t have very many funnels over there vaynermedia but I’m guessing eventually they’ll have to open a division because if their companies really want to grow they need funnels so there you go there’s a picture of me and Gary Vee this is a picture of me dressed as Prince Charming with my beautiful queen and my end princesses so this is obviously there’s Colette my wife and a Nelly and North Canarsie upside

down this is a earlier issue a chance to do a fairy tale experience with one of our minor circle members she’s the fairy godmother and she doesn’t experience it so she brought her whole equipment up to Boise and let us come and do this thing and I want to show this picture for a couple reasons number one it’s just a really fun day I had with my with the women in my life that are so important but number two is I wanted to talk about like whenever were as entrepreneurs like we have to like what to visualize state like we have faith in this thing right like we have an idea like I’m gonna build this thing called click phones I want to sell this up but whatever it’s not really yet right it’s fake it’s like when we did this picture here it was interesting because we’re holding this this ball and it was like a black ball I was just saying we’re holding it and she’s like you shake visualize like this thing is glowing and so we’re trying to like look at this thing and it wasn’t glowing yet we look out as if it was glowing and get that that look on her eyes we believed it was actually glowing and so we did that try look like oh my gosh is so excited and she took the picture and then in in in post-production she added the sparkles and the thing that made it look beautiful and amazing right and I was I was looking at thinking about the analogy behind just the fact that like so many times it’s like I haven’t idea for this product but it’s not really it’s just a black ball and you like but if you treat like a black ball you’re not gonna have success with it

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: Visualize your goals

I get to visualize like oh my gosh this is amazing like when we were building ClickFunnels™ I remember sitting I taught my co-founder who codes the he’d fly to boys and we’d spend all minors for a week or two at a time sitting there in this room and like it wasn’t really it we had a visual of like it was real we talked about getting imaginable using this in a building funnels like this becomes the thing people have to use to grow their businesses like we had this vision of it like we saw the sparkling ball even though it wasn’t sparkling yet all right I think for all of us we have faith in something bigger than sweets have faith and the thing we’re trying to create otherwise you’re never gonna actually create it and so that’s why I want to show this picture because it was such a tangible experience where we literally did that with this black ball and then she made in After Effects in post-production made it look all beautiful and shiny and that’s any idea inside yourself is have faith in this thing you’re creating it nobody else can see it except for you and then sometime a year from now two years now five years from now when it’s blossoming there but has a chance to see it they’re like oh yeah of course that makes a lot of sense you like why I knew it before it was a thing I had faith in it back then when it was just this this rock so there is the story behind this picture so this is a picture of this is the Golden Gate Bridge right here and we had a really cool experience last year to go to Dreamforce and Dreamforce is Salesforce’s big

event they have over 170,000 businesses that come to this event and your sales force think they’re like 10 or 12 billion dollar your company and they’re growing rapidly and I remember I remember going there and looking at Mike seeing like this is this is this is what we’re trying to go for so we’re looking this is we’re looking to compete with right and and sitting out there and this was a morning we went after the event happened we went to we went super early in the morning just go look at the Golden Gate Bridge we got some cool pictures while we were there I remember as I’m sitting here thinking about like like visualizing like okay this is this is what we have to create if we’re gonna win right like it would became very very real and remember I told the story on a podcast episode but I remember when I was wrestling growing up my dad took me to the state tournament my probably two weeks in my resting current state term and I saw and I saw someone Wednesday and I was like now that I’ve seen it now I can visualize now I can go and do it I can become a state champ and I did and I remember later in my life want to become a national champ and I never had a chance to go to the National turn it every and I went at high school when I took second place the nation high school in college and ever I never went thence a tournament and and I never I never saw that I remember I had a friend though

whose dad would take him to the national tournaments and he told me like I said he said I don’t even care about being a state champ I just want to be a national champ because I had seen it I saw what I saw that was there it was possible like he was just people just like me because he was able to see it he was able to go and get it I think for me this picture really represents like us being there and seeing sales for something like oh my gosh like they’re not anything special I think different than us they’ve just been doing this long they’ve been doing a couple things different we can learn from them we can girl for them I have to see it first to understand it so for all of you guys I think the big lesson is like okay like I need to go psych they figure out where you’re trying to get to like who’s already that level and go and pay them if that’s what takes go look at what they’re doing watch them see them study and figure them out because say did you do that you’re like oh my gosh it’s just people like us that person’s not that much more spectacular than what I am there’s just a different level and now I know what it looks like now I can go and get it okay if I hadn’t seen the now fighting on the NCAA tourney when I was in high school now my whole vision would’ve been different my trajectory would have been different because because I had seen something different instead of

my trajectory is I gotta be state champ guy be state champ and I got it but I missed the next level because I never seen it before so always look what’s the next level go look for that figure that thing out find it and then after you seen it now you can go you start working towards it okay so there you go for all the entrepreneurs this right here is my friend Steven Larson and I want to show us this is him at his last event it’s called off her mind and he had he invited me to speak and I chanced at the end he could sit on stage with him and do Q&A on the white couch which was really really cool so we sat there doing uh doing the Q&A and I remember I don’t he talked about here I remember hearing Steven talk about us a lot of times he worked here ClickFunnels™ for a couple years and that two years ago he left him on his own and I remember him messaging me a couple times throughout saying he said man he’s like he’s like he’s like starting your own business is like the biggest personal development course in the world he’s like all of your flaws something get pushed in your face all of your things you’re not that guy gets shoved in your bag you start seeing him in real time right up up close and he’s like when you when you when you started that journey and I think this is really fun for me to see him on stage in his element and look at how much he’s grown in last two years since he left click funnels to kind of go on his own I think for all of us you have to understand that like this journey is not going to be simple it’s gonna be painful all of your flaws as you are going through this journey are gonna pop up in your face but starting a business and finding an audience to serve and

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: Develop your yourself as a person

figuring out the best way to change their life and to do those things is one of the most powerful ways to develop yourself as a person I talk about this all the time like this is your process of becoming who you need to be and you learn it by going through the pains and the struggles and the trials of entrepreneurship and so that’s what I want to share this picture with you guys because I’ve watched Steven as he’s grown up seeing this thing and I know that all of you guys who are taking that leap are now you’re leaving the job you hate you’re trying the new business you do like whatever that you’re building your first funnel you’re trying to launch it man there’s gonna be so many things that come up in your face and a lot of people you’re gonna want to shrink back like oh this is this is too hard this is too painful this isn’t fun and I understand that but I don’t want you guys stopping all I understand like those are good things this is how you refine yourself when you become better how you become who you need to be to serve the people you’ve been called to serve okay if I would have launched ClickFunnels™ ten years ago man out of bankrupt the company within the matter of weeks right but luckily had ten years of me trying to

launch we were failing and failing and following my face and follow my face and follow my face so when I was given this gift of like hey here’s this movement here’s this thing you can now run with I had been prepared and same thing for you like all these things you’re doing all the struggles and frustrations that following on your face are all because it’s helping you become he need to be so you can serve for you’ve been called to serve and so that is the the next picture here as it ties back to personal development all right I say we skip next five pictures reading into this next thing cool we got more next week so pay attention okay I’m gonna move then to so much fun okay all right this next segment is show a couple more segments you guys hope your hope they’ll enjoy next time a show calling is called words of wisdom and this one want to share some quotes of people that I respect I’ve learnt a lot from that have had messages that have helped me during difficult times of my life were times where I needed the next to get the next level so the first one here is from my man Theodore Roosevelt and Theodore oh that said if you how to read these easier he said the only man who never makes mistakes is a man who never does anything and so this is just a such a cool quote and it reminded me of another one that’s quotes it’s even longer so I’m going to read it instead of posting it on things it’s too

hard to read but it’s the the quote about the man in the arena so this is what the quote says it says it’s not the critic who counts it’s not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of Deeds could have done them better the credit belongs to the man who’s actually in the arena whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood who strives valiantly who airs who comes short who comes short again and again because there’s no effort without error and shortcoming but who does actually strive to do the deeds who knows great the great enthusiasms the great devotions who spends himself in a worthy cause Who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst if he fails at least he fails while daring greatly so his place will never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat so I’m sure that you guys because so many of you I know this I’ve gone through this as well you’re out there you’re trying and you’ve got people who want you to fail people you love who just want you to go back to normal life and they’re hoping you like then why you fall flat on your face but they’re hoping the year just that you’re that they I don’t know how to say nicely they they want you to live a normal life and as you’re trying to do things beyond yourself they they honestly like I kind of hope they fail or the people who aren’t

gonna like you there’s your haters who really do I think when you understand this this is something that’s got me through so many times in fact that man this the the last of it here it says that that if he fails least he fails while daring greatly so his his place will never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat like for all of us you guys as entrepreneurs or another work rating we’re trying we’re challenging we’re doing things we’re trying to create you were gonna fail over and over and over and over and over again and that’s okay because you just need the one success if I could show you guys how many funnels flop before the click funnels funnel not just the quick I mean went six variations to click falls funnel before it took off but fryer to that 100 plus 120 130 plus funnels I did in a dozen different markets ahead of time that didn’t work but you guys understand like wow this is ok it’s not a

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: Always offer a free gift

bad thing to fail it’s a gift that we have to be the fail to learn to grow and we keep doing it then we come who we need to be to go serve people wouldn’t call the serve so there you go Theodore Roosevelt this is Dan Gable he is our Michael Jordan he is he uh in high school and college lost one match ever they wanted Olympics won the Olympics and nobody even scored on a Dan Gable is the man his so many good quotes one thing he says the gold medals aren’t really made of gold they’re made of sweat determination and a hard to find I’ll alloy called guts from Dan Dan Gables so I share this one because I think a lot of times especially our community we’re looking for the two comma Club award looking for Khan club backs looking for all these kind of things and and I think coming back to this understand that gold medals are not made of gold right they’re made of all the stuff you put in to earn it okay the sweat the determination the

hard to find out like all I can say word all the way call alloy called guts so if you really want to get those things you want the gold medals want the records you want the prize you want the the money you want that whatever you’re your driving forces you understand that that’s what it’s made of is this the blood sweat and determination so thank you Dan Gable for being the man and for sharing the quote for today Vince that practice does not make perfect only perfect practice makes perfect recently I did a podcast episode kind of ranting on a coaching client who was not doing things right and I kind of you know I may have got that person will offended and I think that somebody’s it’s hard to be coach because like you tell people what they need to know even they don’t want to hear it right in fact recently I was coaching Meyer and Gould and Myron is like one of most coachable people and he asked my advice I gave my advice and was completely different we thought I said sorry I know you’re asking for his like no that’s why I’m paying you he’s like if I knew it you were gonna tell

happening in our business and then at the very end we always share a story from some of our community and there’s so many these amazing stories I’m like man I want everybody to hear these stories because I think if people are to show what’s happening in the community and how people’s lives are being changed they get more and more excited so I decided I’m gonna start grabbing some these every single week do we do this show and share some of them so I’ve got three or four in fun way stories to share with you guys today I’m a mess of people’s names I so apologize in advance that happens but the stories are what’s powerful and if you got some cool and fun away stories please share them in the comments down below and maybe we’ll pick you for next week tell your story alright so the first one is Jacque has Hopkins I’m gonna read the story from from him right here so we said my business is called piano in 21 days it’s an online piano course and this different way to learn piano than most of the proaches out there it’s something that I came up with myself and it’s designed helped regular people learn to play their favorite songs on the piano and as little time as possible cliff Rose just made everything easier and more effective I was able to get rid of three or four services and just you should click funnels before click funnels I probably stole 50 copies of my piano courses since switching things over around three years ago I’ve sold 3,500 copies quit my job and now make more money from teaching piano than I did as an electrical engineer

congratulations to you that is exciting and amazing and I love when you can take your your passion and and your hobbies and turn them into your career so congratulations – that’s a right jock Eze Chuck okay congratulations that is amazing I love your story all right up next this is Long Tran he said my dream is to travel around the world become an entrepreneur and a self-made millionaire and I did it with ClickFunnels™ here’s my story I’m a high school dropout I barely speak good English never had good grades in school but I had to dream at a young age and I wanted to be a self-made millionaire and started online business where I can be able to travel around the world and live the freedom life I wanted there that was always on my mind no matter how hard life got how many times I felt in business or even when everyone was looking down at me the one thing I’ve always had is the motivation and belief myself that one day I would get there and that is what actually matters no matter how dumb you are young you may be or how old you may be never give up on yourself don’t let anyone tell you you cannot do this as long as you take action never get up on yourself that is what matters most it’s the reason I’m successful days because I believe myself and I take action all right so congratulations too long take out that to combo Cup trophy I love it if you don’t have yours yet this should be

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: Do social media marketing

like every I don’t fuse member a couple years ago Dana Derrick’s did not get one of these in front like Eli you went home got a magic marker on his white on his wall he drew a picture a really lopsided picture too of this and your two commas it with a circle he said I’m gonna look at this every single day till I have my award hopefully you guys are just like lawn here and strive this award okay because as much fun as like making million boxes are getting an award like this Ward represents so much more it represents tons of people’s lives you’ve changed because of the products and services you’ve created alright the last one we share with you guys this one I’m really proud of a really excited for this Shimane Van Gundy so here’s Jermaine and I’m gonna tell you guys her story she just set I believe we have fact checkers here I think this is real now she’s awesome so ever since we launched the the two comma Club people have been trying to get there the fastest and there’s been a lot of races and people going through and so I know she may instead I’d go a little while ago to to to get the

fastest I believe at the time we wish make an official work that some athlete we should we have to clock everybody though but the I believe at the time was 47 days she came in last month and said I’m gonna beat it and in 21 days she want herself a tu calma Club Awards so congratulations to me which is exciting on top of that another cool thing about her is those who are at fun Hawking live last year we did a big charity auction where this is my mom my mom made this really cool funnel hacker quilt and we we were raffled it off for charity for oh you are and she main ended up winning that and helping things like over 40 kids to get out of out of slavery which is amazing so she’s amazing person she’s giving she’s sharing she’s sending ClickFunnels™ records and she’s amazing person and just grateful for her having her in our community and she’s somebody has to all look up to someone who is killing it and having a ton of fun and giving back in during the process okay weird to the last segment of the show who write my missing anything alright last second out alone his desk them because

York psyched house an amazing experience I don’t know what it is okay alright so podcast ones are first the first this is mostly just audio babe Brendan said something would do any other camera oh I can see I can see it again I knew that podcast audio since it’s gotten only get some did you that yes okay ex person was the question that went through area what’s up everybody this russell brunson welcome back to the marketing secret show I’m so excited you guys here and this episode is gonna be fun one so recently we started a new marketing secrets live show and this is a segment from the show that we actually are gonna be posting here the podcast it’s called it’s titled how to remain humble or aka don’t drink your own kool-aid I’m gonna go through five things you can do to make sure that doesn’t get too big as you are as you are growing your company and so that’s been kind of fun I was at set of a Cuban theme song and we come back we will jump right into that segment from the show Scott let’s call that one how to remain humble and then the description be don’t drink your own kool-aid to do that let’s easy cool hi number two it’s an you guys just got second one it’s called this one is it a funnel or an hourglass coma or question mark and then a message from any grace about about about the deeper meaning behind a funnel some of that yeah hey everybody this russell brunson welcome back to the mark you seekers podcast today I’m really excited cuz where I’m gonna actually share with you guys a video from behind the scenes of the inner circle meeting so some

you know pops up there watching it like what can they expect why you try to get watch time you’re just trying to get them they’re like put into watch it okay any recommendations this russell brunson are we talking about the evolution of Marky how went from when the bartering system to funnels and everything in between hey this is russell brunson welcome to my son’s dumb panel hey this is russell brunson and for the next take three hey this russell brunson and for the next few minutes i want to walk you guys through the evolution of marketing i’m gonna walk you to everything from like the bartering system to sells funnels and all the cool stuff that happen in between say anything else is that good okay in the end want me to say something to do next so do you have a moment that’s gonna go with it so it’s like so at the end in time okay guys you make sure you watch this next video and then you know get more marketing tips right here we’re talking about the doctor up skiers book in the video can be big we have a copy the documents book anywhere my man basket captain all right hope you love the evolution market if you want to get my copy all right I hope you love the evolution of marketing you learned a ton from it if you want to get a copy of the book I talked about dot-com secrets book where we start talking about sales funnels and how they work you get a free copy go to dot-com seekers calm on top of that make sure if you aren’t getting more cool videos like this click on the subscribe button make sure to subscribe to turn your notifications that way we’ll get a bell every single time a new video comes out thank you so much for subscribing I would love to hear your thoughts down below let me know we think about the evolution of marketing what things we should have added what things I shat in the future in other videos let me know and

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: Create product videos

amazing bonuses and on top of that I want to watch the next video I’m gonna go through seven different sales funnel tips help you be more successful with any any funnel since you know I’ll subscribe ok these youtubers make it hard excuse me who I was live on air I apologize to everybody who’s still watching it whew okay alright I hope you love that TRO about how I turned my potato gun DVD into a funnel how you turn any of your ideas or your hobbies into a funnel as well if you don’t have it a funnel funnel account okay alright I hope you loved that tutorial about how I turned one of my hobbies into a sales funnel turn into money and now you can do it as well if you don’t have it click funnels account yet go to I 11 click funnels calm get a free trial along with a whole bunch of other really cool bonuses and you are gonna love and on top of that always stay tuned because the next video is coming up here about 5 seconds Milwaukee is through seven different sales funnel secrets help increase the conversions and how much money you make out every one your funnel so that said let’s watch the next video let’s go I can never tell Joe’s making fun of you if you actually like I mess up a lot you guys just you know some sales funnel tips right 7 tips I got 7 tips like that you want turn if you want to turn your funnel in the more fun or return your money into more money your funnel in the bigger if you hunter near what’s what’s because after you watch this already the cell phone’s not working you confuse it how to fix at least 7 set to make it easy to fix okay hey miss Russell Brunson and I really cool tutorial if you haven’t walked through seven different sales funnel marketing tips I wanted to give you as because if you have a funnel it’s not making you money yet it’s usually not a big thing it’s use like one of these little tiny tweaks you got to make so I’m walking you seven tips that you can add any of these seven to your funnels make more money have more success with that said let’s jump into the tutorial right now what’s my call actually in this one all right like that then just annex is not making it a subscriber anything yeah alright I hope you love those seven

different secrets if you like those please let me know in the comments down below and I will give you some more in fact if you want ninety nine other marketing secrets that will change your business and they might change your life I’ve got a free pdf all you need to do is go to marketing secrets calm / black books you’ll get that PDF and and it’ll give you even more marketing secrets you can go and implement into your funnels with that so I think you can so much for listening and I cannot wait to show you guys the next video if you’re not subscribed go subscribe because next videos coming up right now I’d probably go the next video right are we using those do those Mewtwo videos which ones you know which ones that would be I think will be good for you too we could try the quotes yeah I mean I don’t know I do we could try but if you just say one thing intro I share with you yeah like one video yeah or two with them like some some you know some words of wisdom that help me become my business we had me the three quotes shot putting it on air we three quotes are coming to been doing I did I did Roosevelt Churchill gable omits before Vince right Vince I basically beach personally had alright sometime do I send my name each time as a matter no okay sometimes entrepreneurs we go through hard times they’re difficult I think for a lot of us there are quotes that get us through our share for quotes they’ve helped get me through the hard times get me motivated to go out there and to create more things for people to be more awesome mister okay take two is that hard time so we’re talking about were talking more like just like to get momentum get motivated alright I know sometimes entrepreneurs we are out there trying to change the world we get stuck against roadblocks and things are hard there’s ups and there’s downs and and I think for most of us a lot

times return to quotes to get us excited and there are four quotes that I found this week that meant a lot to me during times when I was struggling times and I didn’t want to wake up in the morning your times I wanted to go to the next level so I’m sure the guess for my favorite quotes that hopefully have this big an impact on you as they had on me and I recommend watching these over and over we gonna attack some down below who you know is in the thick of it who needs some help use that little push over the edge and I hope these quotes will help you as much as it helped me I told him to do something in the comments I suck it up part case you’re wondering no entry right now we do need to make ads anyway that’s the distort in the day we need to update all of our ads for that book oh what’s your favorite quote post the comments down below oh my gosh super now yes again Ken all right so those are so those are for my favorite quotes I

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: Marketing Secret to Success Sales Page

would love you take five seconds and post your favorite quote that’s gotten you through tough times down below so I can read them so the entire community can read them anyway let me know your favorite quote down below and I’ll see you on the next video yeah yes I do again I didn’t hear me start talking in the middle I can do it when I’m quiet on the set alright I hope you loved those four quotes if you did I would love you do really quick it’s fine your favorite quote that’s meant the most you post in the comments down below so that I can read our entire community can read it and it’ll course help so many of us to hard times so let me know your code down below post in the comments and and go give some likes and thumbs up to everybody else who’s posting comments as
stupid way better the first time let’s do with an 8 with the word skip I don’t know where that’s living I know that’s living how much was that with the brand do you – they are boring how to stuff so who are the podcast subscribe when you’re saying that fer yes a call to actions I don’t know it’s you know let’s cheat or so if you want to see like subscribe tell your friends and family about the podcast you know I just insert those that was like a whole different ads ok we know something has to be scripted out ads need to write stuff ok do you want to like swipe ups like Swiper to listen to podcast ups you know actually

yes that’ll quickly swipe up so you me stand skinny cuz you’re gonna tap choppa sides swipe this way so hey here’s a podcast about okay we can do it makes your Scott knows getting random audio clips out true in truth hey Scott we’re gonna try to weave at the end of last podcast the like something to pull him to the next podcast so I’m gonna do one for the last two so the first one so the podcast coming up is the nether you run a company worth nearly a billion dollars Oh so yeah hey on tomorrow’s tomorrow’s on the next podcast okay hey on the next episode I’m gonna be answering a question from the community it says now that you run a company worth nearly a billion dollars do you have to make a concert concert it’s like a cosmic game alright on next episode of the Marquis secrets podcast we’re gonna be answering a question for the community the question was now that you run a company worth nearly a billion dollars give make a concerted effort every day to remain humble or do you have new challenges to keep the face east ad and they tend to miss it okay on next episode of the marketing

secrets show we’re gonna be answering your questions when community the question was this now that you run a company worth nearly a billion dollars you have to make it comes I’m fired where’s my again yeah on the next episode the marketing secret show when we answer your questions in community somebody asked Russell how in the world do you remain humble after durian company that’s big and so I’m gonna talk about how to make sure that your head doesn’t get too big and if it does how to shrink it back down and you hear that and a whole bunch more on the next episode of the marketing secrets show and then the next one on the next episode of marketing secrets show I’m gonna be taking you guys inside of my inner circle room to a private conversation from one of my favorite people our names Annie grace she’s gonna be sharing her story about the difference between a funnel and an hourglass stay tuned for an episode you were gonna love it and it’ll probably change your life those will be like the pre-recorded things we plug inside no we need to make them but not like live will do that those are all scripted things we need to still make you need to call action yeah so just like are these things today you won’t see the swept it up oh it’s too wide huh okay we’re gonna swipe ups gonna my phone your lasts I have a bun tries to punch my pops real quick I’d be eating this easier free segments so these gonna be swipe ups to pop an Instagram when each these episodes we’re pushing into whatever it is I just got done recording the marking stickers live show and

Clickfunnels™ First Ever: Start podcasting

it’s now the first segment is all in the podcast where I answer a question from our community about how in the world can I keep my head from getting too big he’s kind of big already but anyways want to hear how to keep your head small and you’re growing a company really big swipe up right now I think you there it can be it can be multiple it’s fine it can be two or three maybe two three B’s oh yeah I’m gonna do it again I just finished recording an episode of the am i doing clean Instagram I’m holding it down below the energy didn’t video hey everybody just finished recording episode of the marketing secrets live show and now it’s live on the podcast where you go here so swipe it right now I will take you when you get there make sure you subscribe the podcast and listen this episode it’s very important for you it’s about how to remain humble as you’re growing company really really big okay then tell the phone hacker it was temporary yeah something bad I just posted a tail from a funnel hacker I’m telling you as a story about Annie Grace who is amazing and about the concept different a funnel and an hourglass so I put right now I’ll take you there so good swipe it up you were gonna love it dozens don’t need to be YouTube I just post the video on YouTube called the evolution of marketing we talked about everything from like the bartering system up to funnels and a whole bunch stuff in between you watch that video YouTube right now swipe it up I’ll take you there you’re gonna love it let’s go alright I suppose to the sales funnel tutorial

for beginners I talk about my potato gun DVD and actually making potato guns though it’s oh crap other stuff if you want to watch this video right now with slapping her right now I’ll help you figure out turn your hobby into a business how to plug into a funnel swipe up right now and I’m gonna repair my ceiling so I just put a potato gun hole right in the top so swipe up and go check out this new video okay you have a different goofy face for pattern interrupt so she has notes when I’m doing the weird thing Kevin he’s what backwards – oh well hey that number looks backwards that’s a 7 ice went through seven simple funnel trips to increase your conversions they are insane I posted on YouTube you’re gonna freak out in love I don’t know which one of the seven or your favorite stuff right now and go and vote each one will increase your conversions use all of them game over so swipe right now check out the video let me know what you think the dorkier the better I think that’s it record skipping I recorded you straight my ceiling for that one I hope I record it alright if you like the marking stickers live show please let me know it on the comments down below also like and subscribe that way when the next show comes out you’ll get notified you’ll know it’s coming you’ll be prepared for it and again let me know your comments down below what you like what you want me to add to it and appreciate you guys listening thanks so much for everything and I’ll see you guys on the next episode


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