Russell Brunson and Tai Lopez: How To Start A Online Business That… | Part 2

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Russell Brunson and Tai Lopez: How To Start A Online Business That… | Part 2

Clickfunnels™ 20 Million Business – Start Online Business with Russell and Tai Lopez

Clickfunnels™ 20 Million Business: So many entrepreneurs are wanting to know how to start and online business that can actually make them money. In part two of our five-part series with Tai Lopez and Russell Brunson, the guys are not only explaining how you can do just that but also showing you how to do it quickly.

Clickfunnels™ 20 Million Business: Interview with Tai Lopez and me

– Hey, this is Russell again and welcome back to part two of my exciting interview with Tai Lopez and me. And, excited to have you guys here. If you have not yet subscribed, make sure you’re subscribing so you can get the first episode as well as all the future episodes coming out of this amazing interview. Now, today’s interview was kinda fun. Tai was interviewing me and he started asking me about, like, how do people launch funnels? How does it work? And, so, I tell a story here at the very beginning that you are gonna love about one of our ClickFunnels members, who basically went and said, I’m gonna launch a funnel every single week until one of these things blows

up. He launched the first one, the second one, the third one, the fourth one, the fifth one, and then something amazing happened, and I’m gonna let you watch that in the interview. Cause I don’t think you’re gonna believe me until you see it here. I know Tai didn’t believe me. And then the very end of this segment, I actually show a really cool way where you can build a membership site, even if you don’t create a single video, a single product, a single anything, just by copying and pasting. When I shared this, you saw Tai’s mind just go boom! He was excited and you’re gonna be excited as well. So, with that said, let’s jump into part two of the interview and hopefully you love it.

And, again, if you do like this, subscribe and share this with other people. And we’ll see you in the interview. (explosion) – I wanna throw this at you and get your opinion, cause. Number two for me would be the ability to test new concepts. – [Russell] I have such a good story on this. – [Tai] Let’s hear it. I’m so excited. – Okay, so one of our members, he’s actually right now the person who’s processed the most money inside of ClickFunnels. I know you guy are gaming, or not gaming, working to beat… – Yeah, we’re gonna beat ’em! – You’re gonna beat ’em. But the guy right now… – Mentor boss. – He’s got the record. His name is Trey Llewellyn. And, what Trey did is, he came to

ClickFunnels and I met him right afterwards and he’s like, he was selling t-shirts at the time through, I can’t remember, t-shirt sites, and he’s like, I’m gonna use ClickFunnels. I don’t know what my thing is, but I’m gonna launch a funnel every single week until one of ’em works. And, he’s like, okay so this first funnel I’m gonna put out there, he launches it, and it was just like uhhh. Next one, put it out there, launched it and like… – T-shirts? – Initially it was t-shirts, and those were kind of okay. And he tried a couple other things, and, some started having some marginal success. And one thing he tried to sell in his past were these flashlights. He had literally a huge closet full of flashlights. And one week their like, what should we build this week? And he’s like, let’s build a flashlight funnel. And so he got a flashlight, starting taking pictures of them, and his buddy, they were joking, and like, we should call

Clickfunnels™ 20 Million Business: $20 million selling these survival flashlights

these survival flashlights because this is, like, the cool new thing. So he put, like, survival flashlight, and they launched this survival flashlight. It was like funnel eight or nine in this thing, right? Launches that flashlight funnel, and, in like a two month period of time, there’s $20 million selling these survival flashlights. – Two months? – Had no idea. It’s the biggest funnel I’ve ever seen in my entire life. – Wow! – Like, blew up, and just went crazy. So, it’s like, but he could’ve, like, for me before we had ClickFunnels, it took us on average about three months, I had eight full-time developers and designers, it takes three months to get one funnel live, right? – Yeah. – And, so, we’d do about one every single quarter, so four a year. And usually one out of four would work. So, three out of four were

completely fails. But, like, one a year we’re hoping for a home run. It’ll pay for the rest of the year. With Trey, using one a week, like now in our team we always, we spend a lot of time thinking about the idea, and then we actually sit down to build it. We usually can get done within an hour to an hour and a half, the whole entire thing. – So, you can go from idea… – We can test things so fast. – So, people watching, cause I feel like people get stuck still. Like, people are still in the old modality of business, which is, think the thing through, write an elaborate business plan, (laughter) raise capital, hire, you know, a team, da-de-de-der-dah. – [Russell] Creating words. – Yeah. One year later,

go broke, have a great story about how you went broke, and do this, and, by the time you’re 96 years old, you’re wealthy. And, what you’re saying is, well, you’ve condensed the cycle. – Test the market. – You can have a business up, running, fail or succeed, within 24 hours. – So, the way this Trey guy, the way he did his test, (laughter) I kid you not, this is a real thing. He would walk across the street to Walmart, he would walk around the aisles. He’s like, this looks like it would sell. He would take it off the shelf, go back home, take a picture, make a funnel, and it didn’t work. So, he would walk away. But, the ones that did work, then he would go and like find someone in China and source, or whatever, all of things to get the actual product. But he wasn’t spending all sorts of time and money ahead

Clickfunnels™ 20 Million Business: Setup an upsell for the audiobook

of time. – [Tai] Yeah. – He was just, like, going to Walmart, finding what looked cool, try to sell it. If it sold, if the market’s like, yes, I wanna give you money for that, then he’s like, okay, I’m gonna actually build something behind that. If it didn’t, he’s out the 30 bucks the thing he bought at Walmart. And, you know, an hour of his time. So, it’s like, you can get speed so much faster going through this process. – He or she who experiments the most, wins. Have you done any paid advertising, and what have you learned about that? – Yes. So, I’m gonna tell a story that kind of sets this up though, but, so, when ClickFunnels launched, it started growing really fast. And what’s been fun is that we’ve had a whole bunch of VCs that have come and tried to give us money. And we haven’t taken a penny off them

and we don’t want to but it’s always fun to, like, let them come talk to you and tell you what they think you’re worth, because it makes you feel good about yourself, right? (laughter) – You go uhn. – So these guys come and talk to us, and so, we’re at lunch one day, and one of the VC guys is asking all these questions around numbers and trying to put them out there, and he asks the question, the same question they ask every single time on Shark Tank, right? Cuban’s always like, “So, what’s the cost “to acquire a customer?” Right? Every single time on Shark Tank. And so he asks me that. He’s like, “What’s your cost to acquire a customer?” And I was like, well, right now we spend about

$120 on Facebook ads to get a free trial. And that was, like, oh, he’s getting all excited, like, doing the math, like, “Okay, so we’ve already checked, $50 million you can get this many customers.” I was like, actually, you know what, we turned all the ads off. And he’s like, “Why did you turn the ads off?” And I was like, well, because I’m paying this out of my own pocket, like, this is me bankrolling this, like, we’re homegrown. And was like, “Well how are you guys growing so fast? “I don’t understand.” And I said, well, this whole funnel thing that we’re doing, we practice what we preach. And he’s like, “Well, walk me through the process.” So I walked him through, like, for example my book, right? This is the funnel that gets people into my world, right? So we sell the book – Selling the book, yeah. – So,

when I average it out, it costs me about $12 on Facebook ads to sell one copy of the book. And when someone buys the book we have an upsell for the audiobook, and then there’s a training program behind it. – Do you do the book free? – It’s free, they just cover shipping and handling. – Okay, and then you have a couple upgrades? – Yep. And so, on average, we spend $12 to sell a book, but I make $32 in the funnel. So everyone who buys the book, I net $20 that goes in my pocket, and I get a customer. And I tell that customer, hey, there’s this really cool thing, opportunity called ClickFunnels. And then they go to ClickFunnels. So, I explained to the VC guy, and he’s like, “That doesn’t make any sense.” I said, yeah, I get paid $20 net to introduce someone to my company. And I had to explain it three or four times, and I remember the fourth time afterwards he said, “If that’s true, like, that’ll change business

Clickfunnels™ 20 Million Business: Setup an upsell for the audiobook

forever.” – Right. – I said, that’s exactly what my whole message is, like, these funnels make it so that people like me, who don’t have any money, I don’t have to go, you know, get some venture capitalist guy to give me $10 million, $100 million, to bankroll and finance the growth. I create a funnel providing value to people, it gives me customers, and then I introduce them to the thing I’m really selling. – So one of the lessons is, create an introductory product. Instead of trying to go, it’s kind of like, you meet a girl, let’s say you wanna get married, I was just watching The Office. Andy Bernard is a dude who’s always trying to get married. (laughter) And he has no game, because he basically goes straight for marriage within, same with Michael Scott. So, what you’re saying is, go on a date, get your

customer to go on a date with you. So, book. What else have you seen do well? Flashlights. – Books are a hard sell because writing books is tough, right? – Yes. – So, a lot of people are like, well I can’t write a book. So, that’s tough. An easier one, one of my favorite ones that I’ve done for us is, I have a podcast as well, and I just took, like, my favorite episodes from the podcast, and I put ’em on a USB drive, and I added a couple other audios, and I did a free plus shipping these USB drives, it’s got all my best podcast episodes, plus these three other thingies you can’t get anywhere else. – That did as well as that? – It did, yeah. In fact, the best one we’ve ever done, this is ridiculous. So, we have, there’s this one sales script. The way I do my webinars there’s a script behind it. And it’s like one piece of

paper script. – [Tai] Okay. – And there’s a CD that explains the script, and that one took me an hour to record the CD, and I printed a piece of paper, that’s the best one we’ve ever had. – Wait, so… – Ever. – Alright. – Piece of paper. (laughter) – It’s filming you holding a piece of paper? – What they’re buying is a piece of paper with the CD that explains the paper. And that out converted all of my books. – What does the piece of paper say? One word? – It said the sales script for how, it’s how I structure my webinars. – Oh, and it’s like, kind of a drawing. – Step one, step two, step three… – It’s a drawing. – It’s a doodle drawing. I doodle all my stuff in the book. So it’s a doodle drawing. The

CD explains it. That one out converted any book, anything I’ve done, it took me an hour to make the whole thing. I did another one that was pretty cool. – Okay. – It was kind of stealth though. But this is if you guys are really lazy and you just want the easiest way. – Stealth, everybody close your ears, I wanna hear this and don’t want you to hear it. – Okay, so I just went to YouTube, and you can use any market. Let’s say you wanna be in the survival market, right? Go to YouTube and find, like, the 10 coolest survival videos. And then, sell, like, access to a membership site that has like the top 10 highest, coolest survival videos on YouTube. And you can look for them if you want. There’s billions of videos, good luck. Or, give me a dollar. – Oh, I’ve found ’em for you. – I will give you a membership site that has,

Clickfunnels™ 20 Million Business: Setup your facebook and youtube ads

embedded, the top 10 survival ones in the world, boom that fast. – Cause that’s, you’re basically curating. – Yes. – So that’s cool. Those of you listening could just get a compilation that you find of good content, put it on your own website, like there’s nothing against the law doing that. – [Russel] Yeah, they want you to. There’s an embed link on YouTube. – [Tai] Yes. – [Russell] (laughing) They want you to. – [Tai] And they don’t care if you charge. – [Russell] Basically, you need to figure out who, like, I’m a big believer in, like, who are your dream customers? Like, who do you actually wanna sell something to? – [Tai] I like future, can I use this idea? – [Russell] Yeah, it’s all yours, man. – Okay, deal. – Done. – Bye. (laughter) I got all I needed from this talk. – Roll. – We’re going to shut down, we don’t

need you anymore. – But anyway, figure out, like, who’s your dream customer, and, like, what videos do they actually want? And that way you get, when you’re going to Facebook or YouTube and you’re buying ads, you get your dream customers to raise their hand, like, oh, I want survival videos. And if you just happen to sell a survival course or product, now your dream customers are coming to you, and then you can introduce them to your whole product line like that. – Yeah. – So simple. – Sam Walton was doing this with Walmart before almost anybody. He’s was doing these kind of free trial thingies. Now you go to the store, you’ve never eaten their kind of corn dog, frozen food. They give you a little free one, and then you go, this is good, and you’re 10 times more likely to buy. So, you

give ’em a teeny sample, you charge a small amount of money. Is that to keep their credit card on file so you can one click like Amazon does? – Two reasons. One, big one is one click upsells. It makes one click upsells really easy in ClickFunnels. And then, number two is, I want people that buy stuff. – Yes. – Right? Like, I’m a big believer in, like, I’ve noticed this in my entire business. People who buy stuff buy stuff. – [Tai] Yes. – Right? And so, if someone’s not willing to pay five bucks to cover shipping and handling on a book, they’re never gonna give me 100 bucks a month for software. – Yeah. – And so, I wanna identify, of all the people coming to my site, like, who are the people that are

actually buyers, who are actually legitimately going to play this game. – Yeah. – They pay with a credit card. And I was like, okay, I will spend more time and energy marketing to this person, I’ll give them a better relationship, because they’re proving themselves as buyers. – They call that winnowing the wheat from the chaff. So, what you’re basically saying is, you have to have a filtration system with your customers. And, putting a payment wall, they call that, fancy term for a credit card page, differentiates. Now you’re just getting people pouring into your site that are willing to pay. – Yeah. And then they get this in the mail, and for me, for my business, they read it, and all the

sudden, they’re like, they build the relationship with me, they understand, like, the movement we’re trying to build, they understand, like, oh, this is why I need a funnel. And, like, just so many good things, like, to educate, indoctrinate people up front, and then when you have… – So, it’s 268, well, 259 pages. It took you only 10 years. (laughter) – Hey everyone, welcome back. I hope you enjoyed part two of the interview series. I hope you loved it, and got the wheels in your head spinning about the possibilities of what you can do with funnels. With that said, make sure you subscribe now down below, because video part three is coming out very, very soon. I wanna make sure you don’t miss it. So, click on the button down below, and I will see you guys on the third part of this interview.



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