Rachel Pedersen, The “Real” Side of An Entrepreneur

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Rachel Pedersen, The “Real” Side of An Entrepreneur

– Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Rachel is crushing it with Social Media, but it wasn’t always that way. She reveals the “REAL” side of life as an entrepreneur. She has a ton of energy and cares so much for the success of others that you feel her connection through this podcast. She reveals what it takes to be successful on social media and talks about her 5 day Twitter Challenge.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their market and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward well I welcome your excited thank you John Mark for setting this up we did it I mean we did this don’t welcome to funnel hacker radio this is I’m so excited is our very first time we’re doing this with a zoom call Rachel Peterson is on you guys if you don’t know her I don’t know how you don’t just have to meet that one computer this is like the beauty of Facebook live everything that can go wrong will yes this is real live you can tell us that we’re figuring this thing out on the fly as we go so excited out Rachel I can’t this is set to treat for me so again Rachel welcome to funnel hacker radio our podcasts we’re doing this energy click follows group first time we’ve been asking people what they wanted to know about you but before we get going I just love having you on and you’re just like the epitome of a person’s massive action taker remember of our inner circle group two comma Club way I mean sure you’re just crowd not yet soon complete the work but the plot agrees with all mclubbe later so Rachel for those who make I don’t know how they wouldn’t know you but if they don’t just give a few few little things about you and work it we’ve got so much fun stuff to talk about as one side right into it well first and foremost I have to say it if you ever hear Dave introduce you he makes you sound so much cooler than you actually are it’s amazing gonna pay this man to write your BIOS so I’m Rachel Peterson glad to meet anybody who hasn’t yet seen my million ads that are always running I’m a social media manager and strategist as well as an educator for social media managers I have 2,000 my business I have a marketing agency where I work one-on-one with incredible clients and I absolutely love and the other side which is the education piece is the University where there are over 400 students from the world and I have the opportunity and privilege to lead them and serve them every single day teaching them feed best social media tactics I love it and if you haven’t seen any of our stuff you the best part actually being in your group and literally just seeing the love that everybody who follows you has for you I mean they’re just so complimentary Rachel I’m so again do you want to learn Facebook rachel is the queen Facebook person to go to definitely take a look at all the stuff she’s got going on but we are so excited because we’re going to talk about a topic we normally don’t talk about we’re trying to figure out fashion what should we talk about this so we’re asking to talk about the real side of things that’s how we’re going to make a mistake so we’re talking about the real side of things and what life is really like as an entrepreneur so with that said maybe what’s going to dive right in when you say the real side of things let’s just talk about first of all your hair you have to okay this is this is bad here at all times yes then you have your beautiful flowing Goldilocks blonde hair going and but you only wash once a week so yes so that’s one of the things that I think is really important to talk about yes I know it’s super you know superficial and talking about hair but it’s kind of a metaphor for everything is an entrepreneur so I wash my hair once a week and that’s it like I don’t have time to wash and blow-dry my hair and the funny thing is Dave I think sometimes we get this really glamorous idea of what an entrepreneurs life is like the reality is if not jets on first-class and luxury all the time the reality is sometimes your kids get sick and you’re taking conference calls your kids like throwing up upstairs and you’re like quiet client throw up more quietly you know there’s so many things that are just real life and if it’s rise ugly it’s super messy but that’s one of my favorite parts about this is figuring out how can I be like a real normal person a mom a wife you know a family member and a friend well you know trying to also build this massive business I love it I know that’s been one of the main things we’ve been trying to show through our funnel up behind the scenes as far as fun hacker TV and it’s been really fascinating for us as we take a look at just the chaos or things that happens I was talking someone yes with regard to some of the crazy things that happened during our expert Secrets book launch when all these facebook lives and one of the things with the internet crashed on us and like kidney how could this have happened and so but that’s part of life as an entrepreneur and we just got back a couple weeks ago from Pirates Cove we were down there and I had the opportunity got my kids my wife was there with me and you know yes people are I mean crazy crazy success but the part that no one ever understands is yeah that overnight success you’re hearing about that was about twelve years in the making overnight success and so I want to kind of talk to you more about your life and your experience as an entrepreneur I know you’ve had the ups and downs but people see you just blow it up right now and think oh this I could never do it because I’m not Rachel it is kind of interesting I will say everything has happened pretty fast for me I’ve only been an entrepreneur and now for less than two years and just over a year full time so everything’s happened very quickly but part of the reason I think that it’s all happened so fast is because of like you said what nobody sees and it’s the two hundred hour work weeks every single week for like two years on end and you know your family is like hello are you still alive it’s really really tough and so I think that’s one of the things that most people don’t realize that if you’re willing to put in the work you literally will have success in whatever it is that you’re working on as long as you put in those hours nobody’s working two hours a week and having massive success you have to work hard now I will also say I’m not a huge fan of promoting the hustle lifestyle because I think it’s not necessarily very balanced or good like it’s been crazy I will say too I’ve lost a lot of weight because I forget to eat because I’m working so hard why that’s not something I necessarily promote for everyone it’s just something that I personally really like I love working and so you know it’s been hundred hour work week for almost almost two years now but like you said everybody just sees the high as they see the pretty they see the good and it’s like no there’s been a lot of ugly servants like ugly cry days on this dirty love is so I think that’s important of the people in understand that I know that if it was really kind of interesting for us last year at our frontal hacking live when Russell went through and kind of talked about his in almost declared bankruptcy a couple different times and the ups and the downs it’s really what kind of connected people with Russell even a deeper level than they already were and I know for your community it’s been that way as well that they they know your backstory they know your origin story they understand where you where you come from I think because of that it resonates with them but what would be some of the tips that you would give to people who aren’t quite as level of successes you’re having right now but want to get that oh one of the biggest things it sounds so cliche but is to take action and I mean big action every single day the fear doesn’t go away you never feel ready it’s never going to get easier if anything it gets harder and bigger and scarier and before you know it you’re taking on bigger tasks but if you can take action in your business every single day whether it’s doing that thing that you’ve been pushing off we’ve all got it just finally taking it on and making it happen or you know sending out those emails with people you know you’re supposed to email if you take that action every single day and maybe even two to three times that amount of action that you were planning on taking oh my gosh you’re going to see compounding you know result it’s crazy like it starts out growing you know steadily and then all of a sudden you see that X is an exponential result of compounding action I love that that compounding accident think it’s apart most people forget about they keep starting over and starting over and starting over because they never get that momentum going behind them I know for you it’s been neat for me to see you in our inner circle and things and to see the massive action that you take which again it’s way outside your comfort zone and on yeah that’s the part that’s been so cool is to see you do you get way out there real quick Rachel and I want people to understand when we’re talking about getting outside your comfort zone how outside your comfort zone you’ve actually gotten oh my gosh okay so my comfort zone is like karaoke and like a local BNI meeting speaking at it you know it’s simple you know it’s my comfort zone is having a party with 20 friends and you know being the social person there so let’s talk about outside of the comfort zone I’m talking messaging influencers and then starting conversations with them I’m talking trying to gun for the top 10 and expert secrets when my list is like this thing I was like what am i doing this is insane good I did it and the biggest thing is just saying like okay everything that I thought were you know I thought these were my limits before and reimagining new limits I just did this yesterday my husband and I just got back from a vacation which was wonderful but we wrote down all my goals and I took the initial goal and I wrote down all these goals and I said okay what does 10x that look like and I rewrote it so now the goals that I first set are considered the low end of the goals and then the ten times that goal is considered the new role and so it’s like if I don’t hit this I’m not doing anything in my business this is the new standard every single thing that you think you can do in your life multiply it times three times five times ten and go for it you know if you want to get someone on your podcast go big ask some big names you never know who’s going to say yes what’s the worse that can happen that’s awesome yeah so we were trying a couple different things here today and some of those have been asking me going out to people and asking them for questions so we’re going to try this little differently and so Akbar chief when very first thing says that why are you so awesome oh my gosh I could have answered that not now but I’ll let you answer that well first and foremost because I get to work with people like Dave and Akbar he’s amazing he’s somebody I actually worked with and really really respect but why am I so awesome maybe it’s because I’ve just retained being like a super goofy person you know what I mean I never became refined I’m still this major goofball and you know I’m not scared to hop on a Facebook live with no wake up with my hair slicked up in a bun in my sweat and even like there may come a day where I make ten million dollars a year guess what I’m still going to show up with no makeup with my hair up in a bun you know that’s never going to change so I think that’s huge for painting who you are no matter what your level of success is because it’s where you started is what causes people to fall in love with you I love that set authenticity we talk a lot about and the importance of really being authentic through the whole time and I know that’s again one of the things that people just resonate so well with you because you maintain that for sure another one people have asked here as far as what’s been their most successful guerrilla marketing with ClickFunnels™ that’s from a jodean Bergstrom that’s a great question there are a couple different things that I’ve done and this is kind of cool I have this theory that sometimes if you don’t ask for people information payment whatever it is if you slow down that process and really nurture the relationship you can get a lot further so one of the things I’ve been doing is testing out giving amazing value and content for free to see what that’s like bringing people into your circle so I don’t know if you knew this things but I actually have a group right now it’s over a thousand people where I’m teaching them completely for free how to build their email list whoa I don’t know that it’s a full-on five day course with everything like split files and people are like why are you doing this for free this should be like hundreds of dollars and I’m like why not you know like this might be really cool or this might be really stupid and it never does anything so just kind of this idea of like putting stuff out there that doesn’t make sense where people are like why would you do that it was like well why wouldn’t I’m going to test it out and see how it works and that’s done really well so you know I was able to create this group of over a thousand people who are new to me and new to the world of what I teach and they’re able to get just the best taste in their mouths about what you know the Rachel Peterson brand stands for you know that’s really fun that is really cool I’ve been amazing again it goes back to your giving personality which then basically resonates so well people just fall in love with you so that is super cool these are people so one of the Scott Lucas want to know what are your favorite traffic hacks Oh a traffic acts okay so this isn’t necessarily a hack but it’s kind of interesting so many people jump straight to pain traffic and I love paid traffic don’t get me wrong Facebook ads are one of my favorite avenues but most people totally neglect organic social media and the other thing is that and this is so funny to me people ignore organic and it’s free you’re starting your business and you’re like I don’t have money to invest into Facebook ads social media is free learn it you know use it it’s incredible and States I think you know a little bit of my story but when I started we barely had anything extra to invest into this business you know five years ago I was a single mom on welfare so stressed out you know a couple three years ago we actually had to move in with family because we went through this you know this horrible white court case and stuff we have no money and so that has affected us for years to come so I had to get you in social media because it was free so I was like okay you know this has to work with my skinny pants I can’t afford Facebook ads and guess what it does it’s so powerful you know rage so I think that’s the part about your your history in your past and for tonight I’ve had the opportunity hearing that from you at other times and other people and I think it’s because you’ve been there that’s your message resonates so well of so many other people had you had it real easy and everything else it wouldn’t mean as much as it does knowing that you did you’ve overcome a lot of things to get to where you’re at right now and I think that is why I was Sony when I heard you were on a trip with your family really just got your first vacation a long time yeah absolutely it’s so crazy and you know I actually I’ve always journals my whole life and so I’ve got these journal entries from four or five years ago I was struggling to try to get like this business as a hair stylist you know going I wanted it to work so badly but I remember days like I didn’t have a car I was living sharing one bedroom with my daughter in a house just renting one bedroom we had our beds in opposite sides of the room and we would take you know the bus to Goodwill to buy a dollar ninety-nine shirts meant like you know stitch up the holes myself because I just wanted to look presentable I wanted it so badly and we could barely afford it it was so it’s so interesting yeah go ahead not just so cool I’m just I’m just so impressed just so impressed with you and your story and your total dedication to no matter what it’s going to take I’m going to do it I just that’s just amazing absolutely I think there’s part of you that when you go through those types of trials you understand what it takes I’m going to make this happen at any you know at any cost while still maintaining my integrity but how can I make this happen and that was what I did over those years you know I said at that time I was like I’m going to be a stylist at one of the top salons that’s all there is to it how I don’t know I can’t afford nice clothes you know but I went and implicated all the top salons and ended up getting accepted to the one I wanted to work at but there’s always been kind of this idea of it’s not a matter of if it’s a matter of when so I’m going to make something work and it finally did so what took you from there to Facebook how come he came a massive Facebook guru it is actually funny it had all had to do with the highlights so one day I was working with one of my clients and she had noticed that I was doing a really great job of marketing myself on social media as a hair stylist and she said could you help my husband and I out with our social media presence our business and I you know I didn’t really think that much of it but I said yeah I’ll definitely do that so I went over to her house it’s like a Saturday or a Sunday because we only have something’s off in the hair industry so I went over and I helped them set up all of their social media and I didn’t know a lot about social media I just knew more than her that was key I just knew more than her so I was able to help her out and when I came home I remember setting down all my files on the table and my husband and they looked at each other and I was like I kind of had this feeling he’s like I know I was like I think it’s going to be marketing and usually I know and so we just kind of were like freaking out because we were like oh my gosh this is the potential for something massive and it was that is so awesome I love that love that stature it’s just so cool well Daniel McSweeney wants to know what’s the best to come oh my gosh there’s many amazing things already um to come that’s such a good question I think one of the highs already so far it was just this last month we put an offer in on our dream house and it is beautiful we’re you know we’re moving in over the next month I’m really excited about Ojai I feel like they’re gonna be so many you know what I mean there are tons of things I’ve written down that I know will happen I know that they’ll come to pass it’s just a matter of when like someday I want to start doing tons of speaking gigs someday I want to you know be on TV someday I want to work with a ton of celebrities actually this is cool for anyone listening you know how I said get uncomfortable and reach up to people that seem bigger than you I actually reached out to Rufio the actor who plays with CEO in hook and we’ve been Facebook messaging and so we’re going to possibly work together on something but there are just so many different you know different things that I see and I think they’re gonna happen faster than I assume they will but that’s to come yeah just everything I can’t pick one for sure yeah are just want to know how do you keep high membership retention rates whoo this is something I’m actually working with inner circle member Brian Bert on poison partnering up in Mike yeah we’re tag-teaming on this one of the seats is to really know every single person who’s a member I think that’s huge so as I go through my list of my 400 students and like okay I’m going to take the time to get to know each person so I go into their Facebook profile I look at what I can see you know learn a little bit about them so that I have reference when we don’t refine to them in the group and so I’ve actually been sending them messages one at a time a video message personally where it’s greeting them okay I hope you’re doing great I noticed this recently I just want to let you know to keep it up it’s about this deep deep personal connection and it kind of over arches it precedes whatever else is lacking you notice your trainings aren’t the best relationship takes everything so much further I love that it says those personal video messages I actually just made a note that permit Dutch to add down on them I know you do a lot with influencers we’ve talked before about that and I know in reach now it’s a lot of influence if you’ve mentioned even on this podcast or Facebook lad whatever we’re doing here a couple times is that the idea behind it is that potential of really connecting with people in a unique way because you know them instead of just reaching out that hey I’ve got this opportunity I want to do this I mean I get hit up with those a dozen times a day but you know whatever does their homework to find out well what’s they really like or what’s what’s he interested in or how could I do that and you’ve got such a great job with that with your influencers and I think that those personal video messages I know what the Alex Kamoze he did that all the time on his sales calls for audio messages for for texting type stuff so I think being able to connect with that you’re right that relationship makes up for a whole bunch of stuff so super cool idea yes well the other thing Sam Padgett wants to know is where was your business at when you clicked your 9 to 5 and how to know the timing was right do you ever know the timings right no no they said when I left my 9 to 5 I want to say I was at five to $6,000 months which is a lot as an entrepreneur I was about six months in and I submitted my one month’s notice I was so scared because this is like uncharted territory for me I was new to the world of even entrepreneurship didn’t notice was like a thing and so I was really really nervous and actually the day after I submitted notice my biggest client brought social media in-house so I lost 50% of my revenue and income at that time and I was so scared so was I ready not at all but what I have to say is that the action that I continue to take even when I was scared and I was like do I go back to my job do I find a new job or do I just keep trying to make this work that made such a difference you know and from from where I stand at this point I don’t recommend leaving if you don’t have a safety net in place or at least a really solid plan and things are starting to come together unless you can handle that if you’ve got a family you’ve got bills be careful about making the decision to jump unless you are very very certain that things are coming together the way that you envision them coming together so I’m not somebody that preaches to jump before you’re ready but you will never be truly ready so I would say I was at five to six thousand dollar months and I wasn’t ready and then I certainly wasn’t ready as soon as I lost that client and then I just made it happen no I think that’s part of it sometimes you just really have to make it happen I don’t there’s no other way of doing it I mean my personal stories that way where it’s like you know what okay it is what it is deal with it move forward and make it happen oh absolutely Dave and I’ll tell you that after I lost that client I was like ugly crying for days I was like what did I just do like I just turned down this amazing job like is this the biggest mistake of my life it was really scary and I wrote a book during that time because I was just I had to mourn that idea that I would never live a life of security ever again it’s risk from here on out so there was this mourning process that I went through and when I look back over the last I’ve only been about a year a year and maybe two months year in three months you know we just celebrated our first $70,000 months on my business and I imagine what if I would have gone back to that job and said just kidding I want to stay I never would have experienced this kind of exponential growth massive congratulations $70,000 and month-out is killing it it really excited for you that’s just awesome thank you things I’m so I just love I get goosebumps every day but I do too much are you doing it’s your bank account now Mike I know but what are some of the most useful ROI measurements to share results with clients that’s your Mylene clear Perry well I mean the thing with ROI it’s different for social media than it is for Facebook Ads if you’re running Facebook Ads you can straight up track the actual ROI the revenue that you are generating from every single dollar of advertising but if you’re using social media it’s tough because there is no perfectly trackable ROI but here is what I am going to say about social media and this might be one of my snarky comments that ever made in my life it is not not geared towards anyone in general but any person who says there’s no ROI in social media you keep doing it without social media I’ll keep building with social media and you let me know when you’re ready for a job at my company because we’re going to go yeah social media cannot be ignored whether there is you know a trackable ROI or not it’s something that’s determining the businesses that are thriving and succeeding in a time where tons of big-box retailers and everything are closing down well with that said are there certain platforms do you prefer over the others absolutely I am a huge fan of Facebook Facebook is my favorite I love the groups I love the page I love everything about Facebook is awesome but that things that I also really enjoy Twitter I found it a great place to connect yes you Peter dinner oh my gosh I’ve never been able to figure twitter out ever I should put you through my five day challenge you’ll have I do yeah you’ll have one to five thousand more followers by the end of this of the challenge so let’s get you on that but Twitter is so powerful Dave it’s great for connecting with people I’ve found that when you ask the right questions and put the right content on Twitter you get an amazing response like I tested it can’t live without Twitter I’m just kidding it’s Twitter and Facebook are my two absolute favorite crazy eyes yes that’s where I’m definitely in your challenge so signed me up for sugar is definite so I think that’s it mate tell me as you as we look at kind of the direction when you’re working with your clients how do you find out what is the right approach as far as where do you start with the client is each client totally different you kind of have a roadmap you start with yes yes and yes okay every single client is totally different one of the biggest things though everyone gets so hung up on like strategies and platforms and all of these different things and the reality is all of these platforms are just channels to accomplish goals so I start with everything one of my clients looking at their goals what are their goals and how do we determine what success in partnership is if we’re able to determine what that success in partnership looks like then I just get to pick the platforms but I want to use for that every single social media platform can be used to success and that’s why I think it’s so hard to pick one we also use webinars like use Instagram use Twitter Pinterest is the new you know Google and there’s all these it’s so distracting but the reality is every single platform has the ability to create success for your business it’s just a matter of picking which ones are the most efficient so I start with looking at their goals before I create any strategies but then from there I create a road map for each client’s it’s completely customized I love that well this is gonna be totally different question and that is I’m really curious to find out because I get this asked all the time I’ve been an entrepreneur for forever basically I go I get asked all the time far as well how do you work my wife I’ll be celebrating 24 years this coming November and so it’s one of the things how do you work together with a spouse who has a wife like so your husband based how did your husband work with you and how do you work with your husband and maintain a happy marriage and raising families and keeping the balance even though a balance doesn’t exist now it does exist I love what Russell said on his podcast recently where he said great things don’t come from balance and it’s really true so a lot of people watching this might relate to this my husband is not an entrepreneur there’s no part of him that wants to be an entrepreneur there might be time for he’ll try things but that’s just not who he is he is the consistent he likes consistency he’s like the foundation the rock in our house where I’m like whoo let’s do I’m crazy but of course that yields itself to so many challenges what happens when your spouse doesn’t see everything that you’re putting in and how it all pays off especially in the beginning and you’re comfortable working 100 hours a week so for us the hardest thing was realizing that he wasn’t an entrepreneur and realizing that he does not fit in my business at all and nor should he we do not know that’s a joke would oh it was so tough but honestly the second we realized that I was trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and it didn’t work that was actually a huge relief for both of us so people ask me all the time he’s listening right now so he’s probably bring your mom okay he wants to like no he’s really shy actually on so people ask me what is your husband do it well you plays tennis and he plays go and no just kidding he also like picked up the girls and drop some mock waves to small kids and he is he’s kind of become like our household organization for now but my husband’s on this journey of figuring out what is his passion and because my business was taking off he has the ability now to truly take some time in Cisco what does he love he doesn’t even know yet you know what I mean I love that oh I love that sure you don’t want to say anything there he’s like hiding calm at all all right so I’ve got to know of course I’m just getting started here and Facebook’s going crazy so I’ve got a million things everyone wants to know about his five day challenge clear thing by the way okay I can put it together I add it as a tabbed in my website I don’t have it available for everyone it’s a part of actually social media United so that’s a part of the University the five day Twitter challenge and it’s something where you know that’s what actually grew me from two thousand six hundred followers to over 16,000 now Wow and keep in mind guys I’m still so new like I’m not anybody yet do you know what I mean so when I get followers I need to fight for them it’s not that I have some like celebrity or anything a lot of times people are like I have no idea where you are so I have to work for it just as hard as anybody who’s starting out so I love that so I’ve got one other things people are asking as far as what software you used to schedule your social media posts oh I have one that I’m absolutely obsessed with and that is post planner I love post planner I’m not a fan of HootSuite I’m not a fan of buffer post planners great for curating and scheduling content the only thing it doesn’t have is analytics but I just love it so much for the ease of curation of high quality content that I could never switch to another scheduler I love that by the way let your husband know that Catherine summer Dylan says I love her her husband is a fortunate man oh thank you he just said he agrees I mean I would probably have to have you on another time because these questions are coming in faster than I can answer them so thank you what I would do want to find out though as as you take a at at social media what are some of the things that you’re paying attention to as far as what do you see as new upcoming trends that people should be paying attention to hands-down one of the things I’m seeing is social media becoming a place where people who are authentic are really thriving because people are starting to really sense when something is a promotion or when something is manufactured I’m starting to sense that you know influencers are great if they’re being authentic but often they’re just getting paid for something and then they you know put the random product placement into their photos and what I sense happening is really really authentic social media being really prevalent people don’t want to feel like they’re being sold to all the time so relationship building through social media that’s what I pay attention to what an influencer goes into their comments and reply to people or even if it’s their social media manager doing that I still think that’s incredible attention to detail so really really building strong relationships please from a comment level is huge another questions come up and that is how hard advance you plan your posts usually no more than a week only because sometimes things can change really fast especially for me in my personal social media social media changes algorithms change text changes and it can all change so fast that I don’t want to be posting about one platform and then the next week is no longer there so I personally am a fan of scheduling one week out at a max connect going in and daily you know adding daily content so some people like to set it all up on a one-month plan and forget it I’m not a fan of that I really like having an interactive touch and feel with my social media the other thing two days I really look at Hawaii everything’s performing how and why and what was doing well on this how can we do more of that what was the emotion behind it let’s plug that into future posts so I am very like analytical from a social sense how is this performing what are people liking and that’s where I decide what’s going to come into play in the future and it changes now yeah that’s it’s funny I was talking with Brandon Hampton who you know built Tai Lopez’s Instagram up and all this kind of stuff and trying to give it you know formula you know two to five this is primarily Instagram you know two to five stories less than 20 minutes on its lives two to five two or three post into three videos and I’m writing all this down and basically says but reality is Dave all that changes tomorrow so don’t worry about it up much they already did right now my wife look I appreciate the fact you don’t go more than a week because it does it just changes and I think definitely it can be really authentic and I think more than a week you just there’s no way you can really connect with people no and I will say if there’s only one platform that I don’t use for my business necessarily and that’s Instagram so Instagram is a very real look at like my life it’s just all of the latest photos that’s the only one I don’t really use a strategy on so it’s like the least engage you know it’s the worst platform by far but it’s one where it’s like I’ll put up a picture of my kids and you know sometimes they do that on my personal profile but not on all my other social media very cool well again people are just blown up how amazing you are here email listen to it Carlos Gonzalez or email list building party is awesome so cool that’s free the three course that I put together it’s so fun so I guess I guess if anyone wants to join it it’s all talking about you know how to use click funnels efficiently to build your email list how to you know set up Facebook Ads set up a lead magnet how to get your email automation in place for it so if people want to join I mean it’s list building party with Rachel Peters since that’s the Facebook group I guess I think that would be the coolest value gift that I can give to click funnels right now totally free awesome to use so yeah awesome well we gotta get close to wrapping things up here any other value bombs you know drop on our audience here oh my gosh well first and foremost this is kind of one of my favorites so one of the things with Facebook Ads that is one of my favorite things to do is completely selfish there’s no ROI in it it’s just really fun is to target people that are going to events that you’re going to and to create ads that are intentionally going to go to people based on specific criteria so for example this is so crazy I haven’t told that I’d cooperate but before my high school reunion I actually targeted everybody that I went to high school with in those same years and sent them my latest stuff that was going on so that I didn’t have well enjoy hahaha that’s the power of Facebook advertising you can get very targeted and look they don’t for example I’m going to podcast movement here at the end of August so what would be your strategy for me if I’m going to plot so taper gamble to people I want to connect with Amy Porterfield it was did a great job for us as far as expert seekers but I want to make sure obviously thank her for that and then Pat Flynn who’s I’ve known for a long time we’ve gone back and forth but his huge lead pages for him and I need to persuade him in a very kind gentle way that he’s going down the dark path to oblivion again thank you I can say a much worse word than that that’s a good one yes so you can get pretty specific with Facebook targeting there’s this amazing article if you guys are interested in this and this is like like I saw this is completely selfish really this keeps you interested in what you do but there is this article about a guy who priced his roommate by creating ads that completely were tailored to him so what you can do is it explains a couple of different steps that he did but he basically used his roommates interest or email even possibly to send his roommate really creepy advertisement that basically made it seem like he was stalking him which is hard so all those ideas with you later date they’re actually really cool will be on definitely for sure yes well again Rachel I know you got a lot going on and you’ve been so kind with your time and stuff I want to make sure as far as if people want to connect with you what’s the easiest place where we’re going to send them the easiest way to connect to speeds by far is my website which is spelled kind of crazy because my last name is is Rachel Peterson calm it’s all even Abby and I think you’ll post a link in the comments possibly absolutely perfect so Rachel in the Petersons PE d er Sen to those who are listening but again we’ll have it in the show notes for sure so Reitan I can’t thank you enough you’re just such a doll and such a wonderful person to hang out with I can’t wait to have you up here again and Boise soon and we’ll look forward to spend more time together sounds great thanks Dave and thanks everyone and ClickFunnels™ you guys are awesome go hacks and files Thanks see ya thanks for listening to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at bottle hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at bottle hacker radio.com forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to frontal hacker radio com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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-Rachel is the Queen of Facebook ads.

-Dave and Rachel discuss the REAL side of an entrepreneur’s life.

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-The compounding action of putting in the work for your business.

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“Sometimes I think we get this really glamorous idea of what an entrepreneur’s life is like, the reality is it’s not jets and first-class and luxury all the time.”

“If you’re willing to put in the work, you literally will get success as long as you’re putting in those hours. No one is working two hours a week and having massive success.”

“If you can take action in your business every single day, whether it’s doing that thing you’ve been pushing off, we all have it. Just taking it on and getting it done.”

“I have this theory, that sometimes if you don’t ask for people’s information, payment whatever it is, if you slow down the process and really nurture the relationship you can get a lot further.”

“I didn’t know a lot about social media, I just knew more than her. That was key. I just knew more than her so I was able to help her.”

“It’s about this really deep connection, and really it supersedes anything that’s lacking. Like if your trainings aren’t the best, relationships take everything so much further.”

“Everyone gets hung up on strategies and platforms and all of these different things when in reality all of these platforms are just channels to accomplish goals.”

Rachel Pedersen, The “Real” Side of An Entrepreneur

Rachel Pedersen, The “Real” Side of An Entrepreneur