Project “Mother Funnel”

Project “Mother Funnel”

A quick glimpse behind the scene of what’s happening here on our biggest, most crazy, funnel to date. On today’s episode Russell talks about the new Project Mother Funnel that should be rolling out in the next 30-60 days. Here are some of the awesome things you will learn about it in this episode:

  • What Project Mother Funnel is and what it’s designed to do.
  • How it will help decrease churn rate by weeding out the customers Russell doesn’t want.
  • And how it will help new customers stick.




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Project Mother Funnel

What’s up everybody this is Russell Brunson welcome to the marketing secrets podcast if you watch this here on youtube I encourage you to like subscribe and comment read all comments and we are gonna chairs to do some really cool stuff so the big question is this power on viewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the lets us get our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets alright ready so I want to talk today about internal project we have called project mother funnel and I’m really excited about it and I think I’ve told you guys a little couple little secrets about it but today Brandon pullin from a lady boss weight loss asked me like what is what is a mother funnel tell me about it I want to know and so I started telling him I was geeking out and I’m like alright I’m gonna do podcast list today cuz there’s some cool strategy behind it and what we’re doing now I want to preface this strategy may not be perfect for all of you guys or at least not all of you yet but long-term it’s something that is really really cool so we as you know launched click funnels and simmias for my store before it took us five funnels before excuse me six the sixth funnel is gonna finally took off and and then we took off it was awesome and it’s grown and it’s been nuts it’s been literally Christmas every day since!

Todd Freakin’ Notredamus

Well no oh my girl a there’s a couple Halloween’s in there but for most part Christmas every single day but it’s been awesome and was interesting those when we first launched click forms like our goal was like conversion conversion like how do we as many people in as possible and that was always the thing was really at the free trial we have like high converting landing pages and like you know all that kind of stuff and it’s been really really good not talking down against any of that but it’s interesting as we’ve grown I remember when we first launched and clickfunnels, Todd told us he’s like based on how many people were adding he today he said as soon as we get to the point where out 60,000 subscribers he’s like we won’t be able to go anymore because based on our chair numbers like I don’t know the chair numbers they like let’s say 10% of people turn each month at 60,000 members that’s 6,000 people a month at our journey it’s a guiding 6,000 people in future needing like whatever anyway whatever the numbers were at about 60,000 members that’s when we stopped growing we’re just it flatlines and I didn’t make any logical sense to me until we got 55,000 customers and then it started even slower than 56 took way long than 57 took way longer and we’ve been sitting out with 57 for last couple weeks and Ike we were getting close to 50 a but it’s like everything slowing down to a screeching halt and I’m like Todd Notredamus Todd was right once again how’s he know everything all the time drives me crazy don’t tell him I told you that but he seems to always be right and he’s right again

Preframe bridge Motherfunnel

And so on on our side on my okay what do we got to do so obviously we’re doing a lot of things we’re fixing cleaning up on board and cleaning up the user experience UI some cool UI still coming out you guys the next couple months which is so exciting but all my sites that have any skills to do anything other than like the sales funnel so I might okay how do we do the sales phone change it out because interesting is we had this thought of like the problem is like we’re have conversions so high that everybody can come in and sign up which is good as we’re growing but now it’s what we’re like actually hurts us because some people coming in and all that kind of stuff so like how do we flip this around malla same time with some testing we felt we were looking at are all our different fronted offers different books and things like that and I did a podcast on this I believe but there’s a huge a huge difference in what products simply purchase immediately before they join clickfunnels and and then their their stick rated sure their churn rate like there’s a direct correlation so if they buy this product first they’re gonna be there and say wait longer versus this product I mean less so I was like holy cow this whole pre framing pre suasion thing that we talking about is actually true like it’s it’s a legitimate thing the preframe somebody enters your world and we’ll have a hundred century with how long they stick what they do how they buy how they send everything it’s like gang so we need to focus more on on on architecting the pre-frame right and

Project mother funnel in our Trello board

So that’s what project mother funnel came about and it’s something that this is not new it was called project super funnel last year and we just didn’t have the team the people in place to do it and after surveillance agency finding out the point we’re like we have the team now we’ve got the copywriters the designers the programmers like the developers like all the people we need to actually make project mother funnel become my in fact one of them my camera who was it was one that coined it like it’s like a mother funnel I’m like that’s the new name so it’s literally called project mother funnel in our Trello board anyway so this is kind of the the gist of how it works the goals are to think number one is to actually decrease conversions to weed out the people that are most likely gonna churn anyway and then – after we weed out those people than to significantly affect the pre-frame that somebody goes through before they sign up for the trial there’s the concept right how we doing that so when somebody comes you’ll see this live in my next 16 30 to 60 days now sixty the live events in like 28 days that’ll be hopefully if we get done really soon in that maybe we go off live after the event anyway becomes a landing page and on the landing page they’ll be video and then it basically asks you at which one of these markets you know we’ve we’ve kind of broken clickfunnels down into ten segments now and so some of those self-select like oh well i’m an agency or oh i’m in this i’m in this no they’ll select like the type of businesses they’re in.

Project Mother Funnel Explanation!

After then we’ll redirect them we’ll get them to opt in it will take them to a sales page that’s specifically written for that market okay this is the pre frame we’re trying to adjust and and affect the pre frame so they’ll go through to see this pre frame of this page that’ll show them how click forms works for them number one cancellation reason we have outside of it’s too expensive is which by the way it’s not about excuse so I don’t believe it they’re number one valid excuse people have what a cancel is because they can’t figure out how it actually works for their business or their industry or whatever and so this page will identify which one these ten markets you and then it specifically sells you on that’s like oh cool your in retail let me show you how funnels work for retail it sells them specifically where they are so it should be a frame that’s gonna increase their their their stick rate because they come through this frame it helps matter said how click on was actually for their business and then they sent for the trial so we lengthen the process decrease initial conversion pushed out a lot of those who would just turn out anyway and those who we who are gonna churn now know who they are and we increase the likelihood to stick because of the pre frame we took them through and and then after they they they either sign up the trial they don’t then they get three emails afterwards each email has a case study if somebody in their industry I showing how it works for them specifically and it pushes them back to their specific sales letter

Awesome – that’s Project Mother Funnel

So it’s three of those in a row and then and then other testimonial sub s but as a whole sequence fall up sequence down specific to them and their market their situation as well and so that is kind of what project mother funnel is and it’s exciting and I’m pumped for us so anyway you guys will see the fruits of it here in a little bit but that’s the concept behind it and I hope that me explained that helps some of the wheel has been again I don’t necessarily say let’s decrease conversions on our page make it harder but sometimes that there’s a point of like segmenting the audience weeding out the people you don’t want and then increasing the the pre frame to make that person stick longer and I think it’s amazing so there you go it could’ve completely flopped though for all I know it’s awesome hope you guys loved it if you um again if you aren’t listening or following if you’re on iTunes please go subscribe comment let other people know about the podcast if you are on youtube watch this now please click on the like subscribe follow our channel we got whole bunch of cool stuff coming and new videos that you guys are gonna love appreciate you all the a summer paying attention listening in and why he has you consumed by want more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm then book number two is called dot-com seekers and you get your free copy at com secrets calm inside these two books you’ll find my top thirty five secrets and we’ve used to become the fastest-growing non VC vac SAS startup company the world!

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Project “Mother Funnel”

Project “Mother Funnel”

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