Project “Mother Funnel”

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Project Mother Funnel

In this post, we’re giving you a look behind the scenes of project mother funnel. ClickFunnels™ brought out a project last year called project mother funnel where you can get fully built funnels shared directly into your account. In this post, we’ll look at:

  • What is Project Mother Funnel is and what is it for?
  • How will project mother funnel get rid of unwanted customers?
  • How will project mother funnel make new customers stay around?




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Project Mother Funnel

Project Mother Funnel was launched in 2018. The guys over in ClickFunnels™ brought out a range of fully built funnels that can be used in anyone’s account. You simply click on the funnel type you want and it gets imported directly into your account! How cool is that?

What is Project Mother Funnel

Guys I just wanted to talk to you today about mother funnels and this is an amazing project that came out last year in 2018. OK, there’s loads of people getting really excited about it and basically inside mother funnels, you’re able to import fully built funnels in one click and it just makes your job as a funnel builder so much easier. So what they did is they looked at some of the best funnels out there and they thought to themselves how can we make these easy for other Funnel builders to really quickly import them into their account. So they started this project called mother Funnel and this was originally called project super funnel and somewhere along the line they changed it to like project mother funnels. And basically the idea was kind of two things. They wanted to know how to firstly decrease conversions to get rid of people that were most likely to churn., then the second goal was to make it more appealing for people who are likely to stay around. So you know about sometime last year I think was about April in 2018 they brought out a series of mother funnels. OK what they did is they developed these different funnels across various different types of funnels and so basically you can get a full funnel installed in one click.

What types of funnels included in Project Mother Funnel

So the different categories of funnels available in the mother funnels templates are as follows: Firstly there’s tripwire funnels. Secondly sales letter funnels. Thirdly there is product launch funnels., then there’s webinar funnels. Fifthly there’s auto webinar funnels., then squeeze page funnels., then after that there’s application funnels. And so let’s have a look at these.

TripWire Funnel – Project Mother Funnel

So first of all let’s look at a tripwire funnel so a tripwire funnel is more or less a kind of A two-step sales page. So initially what you’re going to do is you’re going to give people something free on the tripwire funnel. Still you will probably wonder why is something called a tripwire Funnel and you know it goes back to one of the best marketers out there somebody called Perry Belcher. When somebody comes into a shop for example and they’re going to buy something but maybe they don’t buy it and, then on the way out from the shop they get tripped up by a tripwire or something cheap, something irresistible that is sitting there that they can buy on the way out the door. Now the idea of a tripwire funnel is similar and when people are going to leave the website you can offer them something simple and cheap and free and get them to opt in. So for example if you’re going to give away a free pdf on your website, when people were about to leave you can have a pop up on your website that says “get my free pdf” and that’s basically what a tripwire funnel is. So there’s three main steps: basically get your tripwire offer and, then you’ve got your sales page and, then you’ve got your upsell. Now within mother funnels they have created a series of perfectly designed tripwire funnels that you can use in your websites. How awesome is that?

Video Sales Letter Funnel – Project Mother Funnel

Now the second type of funnels that you can get inside mother Funnel Secrets is something called the video sales letter funnel. A video sales letter or a vsl is a really common way for people to sell things online. They use basically a sales letter page that has a video at the top it has a small amount of information because it doesn’t need too much text and has an add to cart button so there’s more or less three different pages in a video sales letter funnel. You’ve got your sales letter page,, then you’ve got your one-time offer page and, then you’ve got your offer wall page. So the sales letter page has your video at the top and it’s a videos sales letter it’s more or less you standing there on the video reading your sales Script. So the reason this all came about was because people used to actually send out sales letters by snail Mail. They do still send out letters but nowadays its more common for people to market online so it’s easy for them to create a video sales letter which does the same job as the original snail Mail letter. Alright so within your video sales letter you need to have certain things. You’re going to highlight the problems that your product solves, you’re going to try to resonate with your audience and explain that you have had that problem., then you’re going to start introduce your solution and, then you’re going to create an offer and the offer is going to contain various things that will convince your potential customers to buy your product. So within a video sales letter funnel you basically create Three Steps. Firstly you create a video to sell your product secondly you offer them an upsell in the second page with another video and thirdly you thank them and, then show an offer wall. So what kind of products or services work well for a video sales letter? It might be a course that you’re offering, it might be a product that are offering or might be an event. Either way you can use video sales letters for many different types of campaigns and that’s one of the funnels available in mother full secrets.

Product Launch Funnel – Project Mother Funnel

So the next thing we’re gonna look at is the product launch Funnel. The product launch Funnel was really popularized by Jeff Walker in the product launch formula and that’s a very popular online course that teaches people how to sell things through a product launch. And this is a little bit more complicated because you have about 6 pages. You’ve got a squeeze page to begin with, then you’ve got a survey, then you’ve got three video product launch pages and, then finally you’ve got a product launch order funnel. so this is 6 pages all together. so what you do is you start with your squeeze page, then you move to a survey page, then you give three product launch pages and, then you’ve got your product launch order form. the original theory behind and product launch funnels is that you can touch on different emotional triggers at different points in the funnel and as you do, you warm up your potential customers towards you so if you bring out a product launch Funnel, then I advise you to have a look at Jeff Walker product launch formula. or what he calls the sideways sales letter so more or less it divides up your sales pitch into three phases. it’s worth checking that out now it’s very effective provided you can get people back into the funnel. if you’ve got a more expensive product, then it’s probably worth having a product launch funnel because you can warm people up more gradually. firstly you get them into the first video and, then you have to get them back into the second video in a couple of days time or another next day it depends what Way You Work it. and so somebody sometimes the Challenge for these funnels is getting people to come back to the next video. it’s useful to do this hand in hand with a heavy retargeting advertising campaign so that once people have been on video 1 you can advertise video 2, then once they’ve been on video 2 you can advertise video 3 and so on and so forth. now there are many products launch funnels available in the mother Funnel secrets and you can click above

Webinar Funnel – Project Mother Funnel

The next thing I’m going to talk about is the webinar Funnel that you can get in mother funnels so we’re going to show you how to run online events and send your products to the masses using a webinar Funnel. now a webinar Funnel has more or less six pages as well. so firstly you’ve got your webinar registration page and this is probably the most important page on this funnel because you need people to opt in. so you’re going to provide your big promise and 3 secrets there, then when they’ve got the webinar confirmed what you can do is send them to some indoctrination pages which are similar to the product launch formula and, then finally once they’ve been to the webinar you can also send them to the webinar replay. Now one of the main advantages of using a webinar is that you can create some excitement and you can get thousands of people to watch your webinar and you can sell to all of those people. imagine having a shop where thousands of people could come in and buy your products. that’s a bit like a webinar. if you can get enough people onto your webinar and you’re selling correctly it’s the fastest way to sell the most amount of product or service. there are various funnels for webinars available in the mother Funnel secrets.

Autowebinar Funnel – Project Mother Funnel

The next thing I’m going to Talk about is the auto webinar funnels that are available in mother funnel secrets. the auto webinar funnels allow you to pre record a webinar perfectly so that you can deliver this webinar to your potential customers 24/7. now how does that work? it works by providing about 7 pages. so firstly have got your webinar registration page followed by your webinar confirmation page. with the webinar confirmation page you also have these three indoctrination pages, then you also have the webinar broadcast page and you have a webinar replay page. so what happens in an auto webinar funnel? basically people register for your webinar they get a choice of when they want to watch it from upcoming dates. you have a pre-recorded webinar that you’re able to send them into a date or time of their choice. A very popular way to use auto webinars is to send them into an instant replay so they can watch the webinar within a few minutes. within ClickFunnels™ you’re able to set up your webinars to come on every 15 minutes so if I go onto your registration page at 3:05pm, then the next webinar will be on at 3:15pm. there are various other webinar funnels available inside mother Funnel secrets

Squeeze Page Funnel

Next we’re going to talk about squeeze page funnel there are some squeeze page funnels inside mother Funnel secrets and these are a great way to grow your list of subscribers. so more or less a squeeze page funnel has two pages. you have a squeeze page and you have a thank you page. it’s very simple. some people say that the more simple the squeeze page is, the higher it converts. in general you just want to have your logo you want have an attention grabbing headline you want to have an email box and an opt in button, then you want to have a thank you page and on the thank-you page you can have a video. Often times people have something small for sale on the thank you page so, then they can grow their list using a squeeze page and, then they can market to the list so the squeeze page funnel is very simple.

High Ticket Funnel – Project Mother Funnel

Finally we’re going to talk about high ticket funnel or application funnel. They typically have 4 pages: you’ve got your reverse squeeze page, you’ve got a pop-up page, you’ve got an application page and you’ve got a thank you. very simple and it’s very popular. so on the first page you have a video with a button, when people click the button pop-up appears for them to add their the past when you had something expensive for sale, you needed a lot of sales agents calling people on the phone all the time. the new way to make this easier is using an application funnel. so what we do on the application funnel is we try to reverse engineer the type of clients that we want and weed out the wrong ones. if you are selling a product for $5,000 you don’t want people looking for a freebie. you want people that are willing to invest in themselves. so there are three main steps you create a case study, you get people to fill out an application and, then you’ll tell them what to expect next once you’ve captured their information. you can use it to follow up with phone calls. now you could use this for Consulting business or for a coaching business or for high ticket services, for professional services, finances and mortgages and things like that. now there are a number of application funnels in mother Funnel secrets.

Project Mother Funnel

That’s all were going to talk about today in relation to Mother Funnel secrets there are a number of funnels available to install into your ClickFunnels™ account above please click on these and install the funnels into your account today.

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Project “Mother Funnel”

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