Pirates Cove Mastermind (Part 2) Funnel Hacker TV Episode 26

Clickfunnels™ Entrepreneurs Tour – That one where we went to Pirates Cove

Clickfunnels™ Entrepreneurs Tour: On this episode of Funnel Hacker TV, I took a small group of 10 entrepreneurs to my favorite place on planet earth to plot and scheme and see how we can change the world! We visit Pirates Cove

Clickfunnels™ Entrepreneurs Tour: Our Tour To Pirates Cove

all right here we go wrestling match played on second count ago oh hey [Music] [Music] like it all right I’m sorry here’s number one take we’ve had so far in first two days Marco the introduction of the webinar here 50 minutes is like that time you just tell them the documents and then everything else they’ve set get around people who are better than you you’ll save yourself decade and you’ll compress time and like

shortcut everything if you’re coachable your peaceful [Music] [Music] you see I mean here’s my kids bring it on the rope and have fun in the water and a bunch of other amazing things this is pretty much the craziest place I’ve ever been it’s my favorite place on earth and if you see this placement basically it’s on the side of this mountain it’s a private residence there’s five houses on it there’s a kid waterslide political kit for then up at the top there is this huge water slide that’s like for adults that it’s crazy there’s a huge boat a pyro master you actually jump off it I’m here right now with ten

other or ten entrepreneurs and we’re just having those maybe mastermind meetings or in the day when it’s like 116 degrees out here and then night we’re playing when fun our kids are here it’s like it’s insanely cool and so that’s the top rate our fire SCO’s gonna go you might consider on I’m gonna jump in the water [Music] [Music] [Music] once

Clickfunnels™ Entrepreneurs Tour: Best Adventure Ever!

again I’m late as always but today one means an awesome yesterday in day number two your particle by got uncomfortably weird last night till 2:00 in the morning and then my kids are up at six I have four hours of sleep last night kind of hurting Stella tears last night we were walking and I was talking when I was walking backwards like this and I walked into a cactus on my shoulder huge I will cactus needles in it said Fomalhaut right let me but seems me me okay I’ll come cool

like how much do you like to go back here the guys who actually work in yo muscle Oh What’s Up daddy put this on the slide so are we really no ladybox workout tomorrow yeah I really would three fund right three down capsule right holy I did it we’ll get you a worth bra now you need good we have our pre-production painful then so here yeah ok Kalyn brought me no major boss tomorrow registered the silver yesterday this is the intro for the 24-hour episode and I’m totally the Jack Bauer theme so I’m kind of Jack Bauer I’m gonna have you put on here pika alright so they can see the following takes place between 8:00 a.m. and a

top-level day before we were on lavash events in our original time good morning from hackers so today is those creamy open state you’re off her shirt all isolated we’re ready for our second off I just walk in downtown for a banner to fall the Minnesota so begins the fall of the key player and today crazy boy trap dude is insane I like chill that’s so

Clickfunnels™ Entrepreneurs Tour: Do Social Media Engagement

good I can edit did you do this I get you over great branding is shows up IQ this mug is this a joke [Music] i loving it [Music] what’s up dude is he over taeyeon bro come on guys alright so we’ve got that in with day two percept mastermind had two amazing presentations now we are going down to lunch so some days where I would you through happening [Music] that’s like where

we’re we’re strong is in the front end and just bringing people in like by the masses and bring them in our culture with Facebook group of twenty seven thousand paying members and they’re all like I would say half of them are weekly engaged at least so we keep it a mess account my facebook page so then all the straps that we’re getting all the time from all the ads all to add value things I do every time someone quits the page the first thing they see at the top is a pin webinar right over there thirty measure let me back with on the dot but the trick is you have to definitely time when your own webinar every six

based apply the only people watching you crash and burn plus okay so do it a million times on the actual webinar first and then you know now if like you’ll be with saving your sleep it becomes easy we got the CEO pretty opaque specifically so when you do that and you get on submit link if you guys are using hashtag no nationally on this note you’re still submitting the page so I’m going to take you there so just use the link of the next page comedy show starting being the bow dog you’re going why were they about always late for everything all the time boys [Music] free Ida comedians all clean comedy right a father-son duo they have a ten-year-old kid niggas laugh and then dad awesome one good thing though Alex


Clickfunnels™ Entrepreneurs Tour: Sell more using funnel

are from told me today welcome Jeff entrepreneurs have no concept of time all donors you know at that issue so let’s did you treat to have apparently had I Peggy context the time and if I was always on time and their recess yes [Music] we’ve got heat Harmison she regularly performs in the MGM Grand Tropicana Planet Hollywood here in Las Vegas he also just traveled around and performs the troops over the Middle

East oh very cool yeah not before we have him his son Preston is actually much worse Preston has been performing stand-up comedy since he was six years old he’s now 10 years old and I see I’m going through each other face parents call it okay okay I’m gonna cross court don’t grow out of it I lose my dad we will take on the other day we go to the playground I step arms the playground is short of one [Applause]

down here in breeze dr. George in this world this would first draft for the viral video the news broke into God’s Google paper you can say I paint nude scroll but is don’t ask me fancy folks a final so we’re actually going to make these into real painting and actually sell them on what’s going on okay I mean I I need to I need a bar here second all

Clickfunnels™ Entrepreneurs Tour: Build your sales funnel


right I’m sorry here suppose number one take we’ve had so far in first today’s horoscope don’t know what takeaway is you not get a massive traffic with that being prepared be prepared if you biggest takeaway was finding lists through Amazon that powerful I don’t think that we mean it in a chiming in there I’ll buy halfway admit of that one I think it oh good you heroes Oh

Gerard oh my biggest thing was from Trello Ellen it when if I sucked it selling more of the same thing nothing you’re going you’re a yes final hack Friday make a million among yeah all right so that is a wrap first in tires Cove tomorrow morning I’m going to be working out at 6 a.m. waking up to work out with Kalyn she is our lady boss she is one of our top put funnels people talked about her and their business in extra seekers book and they challenged me to do a lady boss workout in the morning when you go to bed early so I can wake up to lady boss challenge I’ll bring it along still make fun of me if you keep somebody really [Music]


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Pirates Cove Mastermind (Part 2) Funnel Hacker TV Episode 26

Pirates Cove Mastermind (Part 2) Funnel Hacker TV Episode 26


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