Paul Colligan, How Podcasts and Sales Funnels Work Together

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Paul Colligan, How Podcasts and Sales Funnels Work Together

Clickfunnels™ Paul Colligan – How Podcasts and Sales Funnels Work Together

Clickfunnels™ Paul Colligan: The “go to guy” when it comes to podcasting. If you want to learn “How To Podcast?” this episode is for you. He talks about the problems of podcasting and his solutions. He reveals exactly how to bridge the “free cookie” dilemma and how to monetize your podcast.

Clickfunnels™ Paul Colligan: Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their market and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward hey everybody welcome back at funnel Hecker radio today you guys are in for a massive massive treat that the opportunity of having basically one of the gods of all podcasting a guy a total mass respect for

and that’s Paul Paul Colligan so Paul welcome to the show Wow thanks for having me Dib I guess this is as I met this is such an honor for me I’m so excited to have you on for those you guys no no Paul Paul is an Amazon best seller on all sorts of crazy fun topics everything from how to stream video how to podcast YouTube strategies is works than featured in several publications including huffington post and that effect this is a guy you basically find on speaking on stages around the world because he absolutely knows anything and everything there is to do when it comes to podcasting and videos and YouTube strategies I am so honored to have you on and I’m so excited to get talking about this because this is a topic I have so many people asking about all the time in that is today I hear all

the time about the ports are doing a podcast but how the world actually monetize this so Paul anything else you want to add to your introduction before we dive right in no I’ll take down send a copy to my mom the only thing I’d say is that really the the YouTube for me has always been about an alternative distribution channel for my podcast content and the live streaming stuff has always been for me a mechanism for recording podcast content so really in the midst of all the stuff I do you can see me is very unfocused which my wife does often or or you could see a grand scheme here and at the center of the university is podcasting so so I’m excited to be here oh thank you again I we were just talking about the other just few seconds before we started recording here that is I am so jealous of your

Clickfunnels™ Paul Colligan: Powerful commanding voice

voice you have this voice that was just made for this audience and I just I was so bad I had a powerful commanding voice like you have I can we squeeze you guys is trying to make it me so thank you for having just a commanding voice of what dog world entire podcast yeah there is your world yes there we go so I wanted to just dive into this concept you may mentioned far as this whole intersection of podcasts and sales funnels that to me is like the holy grail of of all this stuff so if you don’t mind kind of just tell people a little bit about why podcasting is so important why they should be doing it I know you got a awesome book coming out on exactly how to podcast in fact I’m tell everybody right now by the time this launches the book should be hitting the bookstores everywhere else you can buy it so real quick make sure you go to how to podcast book calm again how to podcast book calm you get all the

stuff to pause and talk about but I want to make sure you get it right away so with that said Paul tell me a little bit about when you look at podcasting first of all white why podcasting what is so important about podcasting podcasting is all about focus and podcasting is all about attention if I get an email from Dave he is on one of the three screens on my desktop he’s in you know three three monitors on the desktop one of probably 15 screens open with the phone playing in the background you know there there’s 87 distraction points when I read an email from mark you know when I visit you know Russell’s site you know that’s a different window with the email from mark and it you know I mean it’s all over the place and that’s the one we play in and I get that and the desktop lets us do

sexy things video interactivity live all that stuff but here’s the funny thing I might have 37 people screaming for my attention but right after this interview I’m going to lunch and when I go to lunch I’m going to get my car and I’m going to listen to a podcast and whatever podcast I listen to on the way to lunch has my complete and undivided attention for the drive think about that I don’t know that’s every marketers fantasy you know I mean it’s what we want with these would they really badly for seven million Americans drive by themselves in their car to and from work on the average of a 30-minute commute all you have to do to get their attention is be better than Drive time radio you know can you be better than the weather every three minutes guy and I’m going to bet you could be better than the weather every three minutes guys so so you have this this intimate wonderful regularly scheduled

Clickfunnels™ Paul Colligan: Absolutely Mind-blowing Presentation

conversation of time and depth and opportunity that you just don’t get anywhere else and that’s the beauty of this that’s the beauty of podcasting that you don’t get in any other format you know if we need to go long we’ll go along if this is a short topic we’ll go short you know you’ll release this we were looking at the release time and I said hey let’s let’s make this smart you know in terms with the release of the book we have all that opportunity so it is an intimate conversation anytime anyplace anywhere any device and it’s mind-blowing its absolutely mind-blowing what the opportunity we have I might do a lot of work with gel polish and I did a presentation for Joe about his podcast and

he said he said you know look look up at the staff and find something funky in the stats to kind of get everybody’s attention and I went into the stats and there was a country called Turkmenistan that I know nothing about I don’t know how much you know about Turkmenistan but nothing I looked it up and like the first entry in Google at the time was like the CIA Factbook for all the human rights violations and then the second thing was like world journalism watch and apparently this is like a ridiculously savage country maybe savaged not savage you know five percent of them have internet access Twitter is illegal YouTube’s illegal Facebook’s illegal all the social networks are illegal yet Joe shows getting downloaded on a regular basis and Turkmenistan oh my gosh I mean that’s mind-

blowing you know I had back in the early days when we were trying to figure out consumption of podcast and we asked our we asked our audience we said hey just got us know how you consume this we’re trying to understand what the consumption protocols like and we got a lot of people were in the car that was typical but one guy said oh whenever I get an episode from you I know it’s going to be big so I have a common cup of tea and I go for a walk on the beach you know and like wow you know with him yeah it’s one guy said I listen to this with my teenage kid um and you know mind blowing now back in the early days we were taught this is back when the iPod this is believe it

Clickfunnels™ Paul Colligan: What is Podcasting?

or not I got into podcasting before the iPhone my first podcast book actually doesn’t mention the iPhone and back us back then the iPod used to be really really locked up tight and I did the show and we were talking about how tightly locked up it was and we were talking about how gurus you know you know a russell brunson type of character could will they do well one day in the future if there was a pre-loaded media player with its content you know look at what Russell’s doing now with marketing in your car and and I think you know point is proven but back then 10 years ago that 12 years ago we were chatting about it and how they need to unlock it and yada yada yada I met my first podcasting event and a guy walks up to me and he says hey my name is Dave SAFTA what are

you Dan and Dan goes I make pre-loaded media players for gurus and speakers like holy crap this is awesome you know I’ve been talking about you like I didn’t know you exist I’ve been talk about you know the show because yeah I know that’s where I got the idea for the company oh my gosh like what you launched a company based on my ramblings yes you know and cool intimate intimate and then of course my favorite story one of the emails we got back and I still will not forget this ever we can email back that says mr. Johnson has me burned the episode 2 CD I give the CD to the driver and mr. Johnson listens to it on the way home I don’t know what the driver does what the CD once mr. Johnson has arrived home you know so this is an intimate conversation a dialogue a piece that you just

have no where else nobody gets YouTube doesn’t get this Facebook doesn’t get this email doesn’t get this only podcast and gets it so that’s why I love it now let’s talk to problems because there are problems there are problems in podcast number one be any time any place anywhere element of podcasting removes urgency you know if I go to a podcast you know I log on to puddle hacker radio today and I see you’ve got you know our photo haka radio at least at iTunes I see you got 125 episodes you know as cool as this show is I cannot you know consume that all in one day so it’s in the back of the mind it’s that perpetual folder on the Shelf kind of thing I know one day I’m going to go

to funnel Packer radio that’s that’s bad now we got to do something about that and then the other thing is is podcasts are so cool so intimate I finally realized my friend Ed Dale explained this to me and and Edie did this perfectly he said podcasts are cookies ok what does that mean do you like cookies I love chocolate chip cookies they’re like my downfall exactly nobody under everybody loves a cookie now Dave does your mom make cookies no no no makes cookies in your life my wife does okay beautiful beautiful so your wife you come home one day and what’s your name Carrie Carrie yeah okay you come home Carrie has a plate of chocolate chip cookies and you go thank you Carrie this is why I love you this is why I married you it’s beautiful now now it’s confession time Dave have you ever got an extramarital cookie yes I have yes you have mrs. Fields it was it that missus crianza activist

Clickfunnels™ Paul Colligan: How to use Podcasting with Funnel

Otis Spunkmeyer okay Otis good Otis here’s the deal when you think of Otis and cookies you have no problem paying for an Otis cookie you’re a-ok you have no problem cookies you paying for cookies but the thing is your wife is your wife if you came in one day and she had a plate of cookies and she said it’s $1 per cookie like the whole relationship is just wrong yeah you know what I mean and here’s the faith a lot of podcasters go a couple hundred episodes giving giving giving giving giving giving giving and then all of a sudden they try to sell a two thousand dollar course that’s like you coming home one day and your wife and your mom or your boyfriend or your girlfriend or your dad or your maid or mr. Johnson whoever so they start searching for cookies there’s a pattern interrupt there that is just unacceptable it doesn’t work did you’re right you know and so people try to solve that one of two

ways way number one is they’ve ignored that reality and in the ignoring of that reality they failed miserably because nobody buys anything of significance from a podcast it’s just not the communication nature it’s not the vehicle the podcast is the free cookie you give you give you give you know how many books am I going to sell from this I don’t know you’ve got a pretty good audience maybe I’ll sell a few but but this is giving giving giving this this isn’t strategic and and and you know the Kindle version will be cheap and all that stuff you know podcasting is a giving mechanism okay now yeah here’s what happens the other people go well there’s no way that I can sell something on the podcast so they do the whole ad insertion thing so now you’ve got a show about funnel hacking is that all of a

sudden has a commercial from GoDaddy domains or something you know so be ridiculous and then and then people listen and they go well okay it’s paid for by the you know it’s paid for by the commercial the transactions done reciprocity received and they go away you know neither one of those mechanisms are that good here’s the way the mechanism gets good okay here’s the way the mechanism gets good do you happen to know what episode this is going to be by any chance I can tell you this is going to be episode 127 beautiful so when people want to find episode 127 what do they do they go to funnel Hecker radio and and try to find it okay okay so a lot of podcasters here the first thing I watch you do they okay I’m kidding no but it’s awesome fix the website here’s how you find episode 127 it’s a total hacker ford slash 127 got it you know how you find episode 128 it’s a fun hide radio clown that’s

went towards / 128 okay now I’m going to say you go to phuddle hacker radio comm ford / 127 and i’m going to say there is an ability for you to download a worksheet on the forums of podcast monetization it’s a worksheet that I’ve done for my high-paying clients and it’s somebody we can’t go into on this episode but I want to give it to you so head out – final hacker radio comm forward slash 127 and you can get that now what I just did here was I started the funnel now we’re going to continue to give we’re going to continue good to give we’re going to continue to give but now people have a reason to come to the website and people have reason to give you their email address and I’ll send you the PDF file we’ve just started the cycle now everybody who signs up for the forum’s of podcasting

Clickfunnels™ Paul Colligan: Sell more using Podcasting


worksheet they’re used to being marketed by email you sell them say by email they’re used to that they know that until I go to Spunkmeyer paint paint a buck fifty for the cookie you get that that grooves there this is how podcasting and funneling you know this is how they come together so now you produce the show around a giveaway you produce the show around a PDF you know a lead magnet an ethical bribe whatever you know your internet guru told you to call it call it that but then base your show around it now imagine what’s when your favorite shows day if other than of course the podcast report what’s when your favorite shows I would be marketing secrets okay marketing secrets so marquee secrets is a great show now if you started listening to marketing secrets and that that Russell character started out by saying hey today’s topic is so huge I had my designer develop a really beautiful

flowchart that you can print off and put on your wall we’re going to go over everything with flowchart of this episode and it’s the full episode but I want you to grab that flow chart by going to marketing secrets comm forward slash 8422 or whatever episode of Rosanna you know now still give the episode still give the full cookie still give everything refresh it’s still intimate it still personal it’s all the things that podcasting are but now those who are really interest in this topic will come in they’ll give you their email address the PDF now here’s it’s beautiful you get a number of things from this and the coolest of which at the bottom of the list is the email here’s the thing if you do

a thousand downloads about a topic okay and you offer those thousand downloads where to go for more and nobody opts in you know what you just realized about your audience nobody cares about that topic or these going further with that topic right this is huge that’s I’m taking notes here this is the best stats in the world now here’s the funny thing you take ten episodes you take the ten topics that you think your audience is the most interested in you do 10 episodes about those 10 topics you divide the downloads by the opt-ins you figure out which one has the highest percentage for more engagement BAM you just did more research you have more stats you have more of anything

then Apple will ever give you now is what you hide of course is a funnel tool you know you need a tool where you can start with email and maybe a download and a video and that kind of thing this is why I’m so excited to come on the show here because you know anybody listed this knows click funnels and notice what the opportunity here is it of course once you build your template once you create one for every episode and you go smart this is how podcasting makes money oh my gosh I’m loving this this honestly I could say I’ve had this conversation with so many people saying they do so much work and so much time and effort I don’t see I’m ever going to be able to get any return on

my investment in podcast besides just throwing a whole bunch of free content out there this has answered every question anybody’s ever asked me about podcasting and you’re the first person who’s ever provided it I mean this is Paul I love love this intersection of podcasting in sales models and the whole way of monetizing this is fantastic and it’s easy and it’s natural and it’s personable and it’s you know and you can do things different ways for your audience depending on how your audience is and how they go but here’s the great thing if you you know so we do those 10 episodes with those 10 topics obviously the first email is here’s your giveaway but email number two is here’s more content about that topic so you know you’re referring them back to the other podcast then what will depend like if

Clickfunnels™ Paul Colligan: How to build your sales funnel

you’ve got another episode about that sitting back but you might have another piece you might have a giveaway you might have you know but imagine if I listen to the intersection of podcasting and funnels and I got a giveaway and then the next day you emailed me something that also related the intersection and then the next day you mail be something that also related the intersection I am yours forever oh yeah absolutely and here’s the cool thing I am yours forever if I listed the datas came out I’m yours forever if this if I’ve listened to this for years after this episode comes out because you set up the funnels and it’s all in play oh my gosh this is awesome now this does break some podcasting norms because the average podcaster thinks well I’ll just get somebody fun on the phone and we’ll

interview you know you got to have a giveaway now sometimes you just get smart you know sometimes maybe you know you have a cheat sheet you know the greatest takeaways from it or maybe you talk to the person interviewing ahead of time and say there’s something you can give away or or this this or that you know you got to find something you have to work a little bit harder but the benefits the payoff is just absolutely tremendous so now you do 20 episodes with 20 different topics that you think your audience is about you do the math you figure out which one’s the most important you launch season 2 you focus entirely on that and you just narrow it on the niche and that’s that’s where podcasting becomes fantastic and then when you hear things like you know well I just got added

the Google Network you know I don’t know if that’s good or not well of course it’s good because the Google Network is now adding opt-ins to your list sure of course you know I just got added on stitcher or I just found out I can’t say her name but she rhymes with Mamiya and she’s in the room right now she’s a tube she comes from Amazon you know my shows on there and if that’s getting me opt-ins that’s fantastic if some lame offshore pirate guy thinks they could download my mp3 you can redistribute my mp3 for fun and profit you know what god bless him or her you know and so it just becomes the most fantastic device in the world if you go to an audience it doesn’t want to do podcast burn these bad boys to CDs and give them out put them on pre-loaded media players do whatever make

Clickfunnels™ Paul Colligan: Promote your sales funnel

sense that’s the intersection one person who’s doing this really really well is a gal named Amy Porterfield I don’t know how has her on the show yet Amy’s a dear friend of mine and it was beautiful I’m Amy was it at a recent event and somebody was asking it was QA and they asked Amy to say hey Amy I noticed that I’m you know most of the time you do the opt-in thing but every once in a while you don’t do one and is that because you want to give to your audience is that because marketing blob you know all these high and mighty things and Amy goes it was beautiful was Amy and in pure Amy form Amy goes no those are usually the ones where I owed somebody a favor and I’m

kind of annoyed with those you know because every episode is a machine for her she was one of our top 10 affiliates on a also expert secrets book launch and she really did nothing but the odd cast nothing like that but the thing is she probably did a giveaway sure I don’t know that episode and she probably mail the people who sign up for the giveaway on a regular basis I was so shocked Annika was one of the main reasons I wanted to have yachts I’m like I miss done this podcasting game and so when you and I met that genius networking and also over the product mods form and stuff I was so crazy I was just like oh my gosh I’m not make sure you’re on because you are like the guy and this is exactly exactly what I was hoping you’re going to deliver and as always you always over deliver I mean well I

think it is so cool that you’ve been able to help people understand the monetization of a podcast because I’ve I’ve struggled with myself as you mentioned you were over a hundred episodes and I have people come on and they’ll you know they’ll give their their link or whatever the end I’m totally fine with that but I’ve never been able to actually drive traffic and see a way of actually bringing people back into our funnels by doing this and I just I’m not kidding I I have not I’ve taken so many know something I’ve got to make sure this gets implemented this gets implemented so this is fantastic content thank you so much well and let’s come back in a couple of months and re-examine what you’ve done and we could do a review for everyone and everyone can look at how how funnels to be

integrated into their show as well because you know a podcast funnel intersection is great obviously for funnel hacker radio but it’s also great for every single niche out there you know this is not a model for only a certain segment this is a model for everyone well because I think the hardest part is what you explained earlier Paul Medus it is it is that whole free cookie dilemma where I felt I feel violated honestly drive crazy when I’m listening to a podcast I know that they’ve got an advertiser on and the advertiser has absolutely nothing to do the empty content is that totally disconnected and I think okay I get it you got to make some money on it I’m fine with people making money obviously the whole reason bistec but it’s weird it’s weird or you’re right you know and it’s unnecessary you


Clickfunnels™ Paul Colligan: Advantage of sales funnel with podcasts

know and and and I played I had a client I don’t want to talk poorly about anyone but I fermented with ads for a little while on the podcast report just to you know you know I’d always said that it was weird I always said that was weird on the guy better you know actually speak from experience and I did and it was weird yes you know and and and you just don’t have to and that’s the same one of my big you know monikers is the only problem with new media is when you treat it like old media you know old media you had to insert the ads you know that is the only option now we don’t have to anymore now now it’s fantastic and it also makes Russell makes good money he’s a smart boy but you know one of the great models is Russell goes out on stage Russell teaches his brains out for whatever the

segment is and then Russell makes an offer for more like it’s where the greatest conversion models in the world a webinar teacher brands out for whatever time you have make an offer for more podcasting give for them the time you have make an offer for it’s the same thing imagine I also got up at you know Joe polishes genius network annual event and halfway through it said this presentation brought to you by audible if you can get a 7.95 set free I mean the audience is watch it you know right you’re right you know so now let’s talk so I just talked how beautiful podcasting is I just chatted about the elephant room I just chatted about the answer to the room so now of course everybody’s question is okay how do i podcast absolutely okay that’s the next step I didn’t want to be the how to

podcast guy because the money isn’t in the how to podcast part actually there are some people making a lot of money in the how to podcast part and I’m kind of frustrated with them because they’ve made it more complicated than it needs to be but you know back back to Jill polish it kind of all comes back to Joe you know on a regular basis Joe sits up on stage and says that if you wanna learn how to podcast talk to Paul again I don’t want to be that guy so I finally created the how to podcast book and it’s the process to be used here at the podcast partnership every client goes through this process and it’s really really would be simple it’s four steps step 1 make digital media actually create digital media’s the new official one for for the new version of book create digital media step 1 we’re doing that

Clickfunnels™ Paul Colligan: Record your podcasts now!

right now in your particular case you and I are on skype we’re running both Macs – betty cam Skype recorder going and as they say this I probably should have had a backup for you but sometimes it’s two people who just click record on the iPhone Russell does it driving to work you know amy has a ound board and a mixer set up you know but people have different ways um you know I’m dealing with one client who has literally you know thousands of hours of training and she’s like well I you know I don’t want to create a more content you don’t have to it’s already been created step 1 create digital media step 2 put it online makes sense step 3 make it podcast ready now putting something online and making a podcast ready is not the same thing but of course putting outlines the first step and

then once you’ve made a podcast ready you tell the world that’s it those are the four steps and so I’ve got this book at how to podcast book calm on the current version of the book actually really honestly let me flip through the pages here really only the first 65 pages count now I say that because the interview there’s a guy named John Lee Dumas who’s mastered in the industry and then there’s this this bum named Russell Brunson and I’ve got interviews that I’ve done with both of them on the media creation part I do a whole thing with Russel about creating you know at that time it’s called marketing in your car and you know but but that’s the book and and that’s the process and it’s just not that complicated and the links are there to the mic you know what microphone what host all that stuff it’s

it’s in the book it does need to be complicated read it you know my two favorite stories my two favorite paths my two favorite outcomes for this podcast is number one the person who says hey Paul I read your book in an hour I’m now podcasting god bless you awesome and by the way I even say in the book when you Pond as result the book come out to our Facebook page tell the world and then there’s those who read the book who say hey Paul I realize what it is I don’t want to manage this can you manage it for me that’s how I get my clients so good honestly I’m thrilled if you take this book and it’s all you need that’s awesome I don’t ever got that as far as great digital media put it online make it podcast ready to tell the world if you don’t mind help people understand what’s the difference between put

Clickfunnels™ Paul Colligan: The effective way to promote sales funnel!

it online and make it podcast ready well podcasts so the other thing we got in the book is we have my definition I’ll tell you boy Dave if you want to start if you want to start controversy boy try to get the definitive definition of podcasting it’s absolutely virus everybody everybody wants to have their definitive definition and I went when I first did this book I tried to put it up against the podcasters to have a spine they agree on something oh that didn’t happen but here’s what I came up with and I’m pretty proud of it audio or video made available online for easy on-demand consumption and/or subscription-based delivery okay the putting on online part for on-demand

consumption we’re very used to that’s you know link to the file on my website use a use a Flash Player that kind of thing it’s the on its it’s the on-demand consumption and subscription-based delivery that’s the part where you have to make it podcast ready spoiler alert you need a company that will host it and will make an RSS file for you spoil alert number two there’s a company called libsyn li dsy they’re the best in the industry I use them all my clients can use them spoiler alert number three use the coupon code Paul and your first month is free wallet we use Lipson as well yeah yeah most the world does and and yeah and and and and you’re done and and and there are you

know part of the whole people making it complicated you know you know the feed is just so that your phone knows that there’s a new episode and you could write that yourself or you could let a computer write it and here’s the deal when you do things that the computer should be doing the computers win but like that’s the matrix that’s like every bad sci-fi movie so you know do not welcome to robot overlords here let the computers do the hard work for you you know I am you know the podcast guy you know whatever but you know you put a gun in my head and say Paul you know write a feed or we kill your family you know my family’s dead I don’t know how to write a face that’s what the suitors do you know um it’s sort of like vegetables that’s what my dinner eats you know I I don’t have to be to be part

of this and I think the algorithm or I think the analogy is you know when you send something to the printer you’re not sending a Microsoft Word doctor the printer Microsoft Word is converting your document to a language called PostScript you know and nobody knows PostScript nobody writes in PostScript you know you’re right in Microsoft Word or pages if you’re on the Mac or Scribner if you’re you know if you’re a you know cool guy you know but all of these translate to PostScript which rights the printer and that’s what you do in the podcast is you just have somebody write to feed something computer right the feed for you and lips it doesn’t tremendously and that’s it and and that’s the process and you know and and once you get up there and start downloading and and you know boy if

Clickfunnels™ Paul Colligan: Find the right audience for your podcast!

you you do a thousand downloads and nobody wants more you know it’s time to read you know it’s not time to get a better microphone it’s time to figure out why did I just offer a few processes they don’t want more you know and it’s it’s it’s just it’s just not that complicated once once you follow this process so the book is an hour read at the most you know I had somebody who said I is somebody at the I gave it away at to Jesus every month ago and somebody call me Paul and left it on the plane you know I finished I left on the plane like well then he finish it like like leave it on the plane it doesn’t matter like you’re done like get to work it’s time to make it happen and shoes they go yeah and then of course couple days later she called me and said can I hire you to do it you know and then been one of my

favorite clients cents so it’s not yeah it’s not a complicated this is it this is the whole thing and it’s there so you just got how to podcast you just got how to make money with podcasting you just got a model to follow um yeah you’re done I have a cookie have a cookie oh my gosh Paul you are amazing I am so thankful to have you on this is going to change living the lives of thousands of people and I I cannot say enough anybody was listening this again if you have any questions about this Paul is the go-to guy we joke around about it all the time but I guess first and foremost don’t get a book how to podcast book comm make sure you pick that up and then most importantly do exactly what he said and that is implement implement implement I think no Paul one things I’ve loved I mean aside from the fact

that you just such a kind generous giving person you know your material so well and are always out there helping other people in this industry do these types of things but I think most importantly I’ve it’s been neat for me to see how many people as have reciprocated coming back to you for s clients or as needing additional help and paying you for your advice because I mean you epitomize the whole idea as far as a person who gives and gives and gives and the world just rewards tremendously because of that it works for me okay that much it’s great well as we get close to wrapping things up here anything else what am i I’m almost afraid to let you go I’m like I know I’m supposed to be asking something else what am I missing so Paul is there anything else that I should be asking you that I haven’t

asked that I need to make sure our audience here is about not not really you know I mean I just gave you a 101 you know and and 101 is not 101 is not mic selection you know 101 is not hosting selection you know 101 is is is what’s your message and you know then 102 is is what you get go and what do I do with this and then that becomes that becomes you know traditional marketing now I’ll tell you a lot of people are really afraid to you know if I put an ad for and I love audible actually I know the CEO of audible he’s actually one of the reasons I was inspired to podcast and I adore that company but there’s just a you know complete disconnect and the thing is you know if I put a complete disconnected my shoulder doesn’t work you know I could blame it on the disconnect you know if I have a

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show that puts everything I just chatted about today and I don’t see any results the only person I could blame it on is me so you know this is a you know you know this is a serious moment here you know you have to you know kind of be accountable now you know it’s no more let’s put out there let’s see what happens now it’s like is this thing working the strategy but I’ll tell you one of my favorite will end with this one of my favorite podcasters is a gal by the name of mignon Fogerty the grammar girl I don’t know if you know that showing up I don’t ha mignon started in the early days she is one of my absolute favorite podcasters on the planet mignon started one day with the concept of you know podcasts with what you know she was a science editor to new science so she does this big complicated

science show and it sucks the life out of her after about two episodes because it was a lot of work and she goes what do I do I’m a science editor well there’s two words in that statement there’s science and there’s editor so she comes up with this idea for a show called grammar girl where she spends about five minutes touching on a certain piece of grammar you know they’re they’re all that stuff each episode one bit of grammar and there are people out there who love grammar you know I I resigned myself to there’s probably some rules there but that you know but but she ended it you know so she goes from a show that sucks her life dry to a show where she’s in her own she’s in her

element she has like six or seven episodes of like a five to six minute show she gets a book contract the real book contract a couple of weeks later she gets a call from Oprah no way you know less than ten episodes into the show saying what was Oprah’s team hey Oprah made a grammar mistake and a whole bunch of people emailed in and said she should have grammar girl on the show we don’t know who you are can you come on the show so you know she calls your book agent and she says that seemed where you come out with the book and then you go on Oprah yeah well we’re going to do this reverse I’m going on Oprah you know and so she was on Oprah like three or four days later and you could find the thing on YouTube and she came back and she was like boy it sure stinks that you

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know my books not out yet and her editor goes within you here well what do you mean she would look at iTunes go to audiobook she goes to audiobooks and it’s grammar Girls Guide to grammar something like that I said well I don’t have an audio book they went in and they edited like the 12 episodes they had at that point oh that’s awesome they made an audio book they put on audible she was the number one book on audible for three months oh that is awesome that is so cool you know all this wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t Street you know she didn’t go to herself hey the science thing isn’t working well you know she knew that podcasting was real she did that she wanted

to do it she just had to refine the process so so for everyone 101 is you got all the facts you need by the book now do it and if it works keep doing it if it doesn’t work figure out why it doesn’t work and get to work I love it now Oprah you can’t be on Oprah because you know well you know she does do TV anymore and so you don’t have that option but there will be others for you I love everybody’s listening obviously going to make sure you get the copy of how to podcast both comm also start listening to Paul’s podcast it’s the podcast report highly highly recommend it to you guys check it out and Paul if they want to get a hold of you what’s the best way of reaching out to you um Twitter’s

problem you know Twitter or Facebook is the easiest get this Paul Colligan comm Ford / Twitter Paul Colligan calm Ford / Facebook Paul Colligan calm Ford / Amazon you know pick your you know pick your platform a choice and that’s where I can find me I don’t and I think my last blog is like a year and a half old so probably don’t do that but you know pick the social network of your favorite Paul Colligan comm / forward you know and and you’re good to go there Twitter’s find it’s easy Facebook’s their you know whatever works for you will get there eventually I love it well Paul thank you so so much again I so grateful to have you on the show under appreciate all you do for for me

and for Russell and for our entire community so thanks again buddy thank you thanks for listening to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Donnell hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at Ronal hacker radio comm forward slash retrial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is build a frontal hacker radio comm forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Paul Colligan, How Podcasts and Sales Funnels Work Together

Paul Colligan, How Podcasts and Sales Funnels Work Together

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