One of THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS Marketers Face…and HOW TO work around it.

I am on the road in West Palm Beach promoting the Traffic Secrets book! Follow me as I’m interviewed by Rich Schefren and share one of the greatest surprises to come out of ClickFunnels. In this interview, I’m also sharing one of my marketing strategies because right now traffic is more important than ever for online business.

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(modern music plays)
– Hey, what’s up!
– [Cameraman]
(laughs) What’s up.
– Here’s what’s happening.
We’re going inside
to get cleaned up,
and then we’re heading
over to the cigar bar,
then we’re coming back,
waking up at 6:30,
jumping in a plane,
going to Joel’s,
and then doing the
podcast thing there,
then jump back in a plane,
and going back to your house
and then our house
in 24 hours.
The goal’s to get
everybody here to promote
“Traffic Secrets”
book, hopefully.
So we got a couple copies
right here–John’s got.
– [Cameraman] Perfect.
– Whoa.
– [Cameraman] Perfect.
– (stammers and laughs)
– [Cameraman] I want it.
(upbeat horn music)
– [Cameraman] So is there
video evidence of this…
– Of Russell throwing me
down and breaking my neck?
I don’t have it, no.
And no one will ever see it.
– Came to Florida to hang out
with Schefren a couple times,
but we filmed the
infomercial here.
– [Cameraman] Really?
– Yeah!
– [Cameraman] What was it?
– You haven’t seen
the infomercial?
– [Cameraman] Which one?
– It’s real bad.
The only infomercial I ever did.
It was horrible.
– [Announcer] Have you ever
dreamed of working from home
but didn’t know
how to get started?
Are you finally ready to be
truly taught for the first time
in your life by a true
internet millionaire?
If you’ve answered yes to
any of these questions,
the next few minutes can
literally change your life!
– Oh you didn’t see it?
Yeah, nobody did.
There was Schefren.
He’s one of the OGs in our space
back when I was first
learning this game.
He recently sold his
company to Agora.
Now him and Agora are working
together on a big project
where they’re doing internet
marketing newsletters.
It’s kinda cool.
And hopefully we can
talk about click phones
on the newsletters.
– What are the three
surprises that stood out
of all the surprises as far as
things that you just never
knew you were gonna ha–
was gonna be on your plate?
Are there things like that?
– I think the biggest
one–it was actually–
do you remember when
we spoke in London?
A year into ClickFunnels.
I don’t know if you remember
this, but we were flying
over the ocean, and you know,
you have no cell phone access.
We were flying, and
we land in London.
My wife, my kids
are all with me,
and I get my phone hooked
back up to the internet,
and I have hundreds, maybe
thousands, of messages
coming in from people
who loved me when I left
and were death-threating,
wanting to kill me afterwards,
and I’m like,
“What’s happening?”
and I messaged Todd, who’s
my co-founder, and he’s like,
“ClickFunnels is down,
and we can’t figure out
“what’s happening,” and I
was just like, “Oh my gosh.”
This is a year into it, and
I remember he said something
on the phone: he said,
“If we’re able to get
“the software back up,” and
all I heard was the word “if,”
and I was like, “I’m supposed
to be speaking tomorrow
“at an event talking about–“
I’m just freaking out.
And I remember going to the
hotel that night with my wife
and my kids; everyone’s
tired, and I kinda put ’em
in another room,
and I was like–
This is my first time
at leadership where
I was just like,
“I don’t know what to do.
“Do I hide?
“Do I come out
and say something?
What do I do?”
And I decided I’m just
gonna do a Facebook Live
to our community,
and I’m not gonna be
trying to hide behind it.
I’m gonna show ’em how
pissed I am and how ups–
how it’s just not okay.
And we did a Facebook
Live from the hotel room,
and I just, again, came
out and was just like,
“This was unacceptable.
It’s not okay what’s happening.
I’m upset, you should be upset.
I get it. I apologize.
We’re trying to figure this out.
We end up being now
about eight hours
before we got things back
up, and I assumed that
that was the end of the
business, people were gonna
walk away.
And every morning I get an
email with the sales numbers and
cancellations to kinda
see what’s happening,
and there was literally
no dip in cancellations
during that time.
And I was like, “Oh my gosh.”
I realized that people and
your customers are on your side
as long as you’re not trying
to hide stuff from them, right?
The more you come out and like,
“This is what’s happening,
“This is why it’s happening,”
I think that was one of
the big lessons early on
that I was just like–
– [Interviewer] There’s
more than two things
I greatly admire about you, but
these two things I question.
I wonder how you do it.
The one thing is, I think
you have this magical gift
to simplify.
Like if I would’ve wrote “Dot
Com Secrets,” it would’ve been
double the length.
and I think you’ve done that
in all your presentations too.
You just have this way
of simplifying stuff.
And then the other thing
was is that I also think–
and you know this story–but
you just have mastery of
creating an offer.
Best strategy and simplification
or offer creation.
– Okay, I’ll start with
the first question,
’cause it actually
plays back in.
It is like literally
simplification of
our sales process.
Because I’m the creative
who likes to create funnels
which is a pro and a con.
We have really good funnels;
the con is like, we’ve got
too many funnels.
And I remember last year,
John, who runs our traffic
sitting here right in front
of us, asked him, I was like:
“In a perfect world, how
many funnels per year
“would you like from me?
“I can pump out one a week,
one a day; let me know.”
And he looked at me
and he’s like, “Two,”
and I’m like, “Two? A week?
“Like how often?” and he’s like,
“No, two this year would
be all that we need.”
And I’m like, “Wait, what?”
and it broke me; I’m
like, “What do you mean?”
He’s like, “We can’t
optimize all the traffic
“to 40 different funnels.”
He’s like, “If you give us
two and then you focus–
“instead of making 40 funnels,
make 400 adds for each funnel.”
He’s like, “That’ll
grow ClickFunnels faster
than anything else.”
And so for me it was like
coming back and looking at our
palette of offers and
stuff and be like,
“I gotta kill some babies,”
because it’s too complex
for the company, and
then my mind shares
in all these different
things, and so we’re literally
coming and shutting things off
to “here’s the focal point,”
and then my job, instead
of making new funnels is:
“What’s the creative we can
make and just put people in.”
But I think it depends
a lot on the business,
but I think traditionally–it’s
funny ’cause we talk a lot
about a value add, like
having a book for release
to webinar to high
ticket–but typically
in the middle is the best
place to start ’cause
it’s easier to make
profit on adds.
If you’re selling a $1,000
product, it’s way easier than
if you had a “free
plus shipping” product
when you gotta have this
funnel to optimize like crazy
to get it to break even so
you can sell the next thing.
So I think it’s figuring out
what’s the thing that’s gonna
be the most money up front
and focusing on that first.
– That helps you
scale better because
you’re bringing in money.
Before you leave though, let’s
catch up for two minutes.
– [Russell] It’s interesting
’cause when we all got started
back in the day,
it was really hard.
There was no–I don’t even
remember how we drove traffic
back in the day.
There wasn’t Facebook
or Instagram.
And then some of these tools
came out and became easier.
In fact, I just finished
my third book called
“Traffic Secrets” and one of
the first chapters is called
“There’s a Storm Coming,”
and I think that the internet
has been really easy for
the last decade, and I think
it’s gonna get harder.
We saw, 10-15 years ago,
Google with the Google slaps
and all the things
that happened, I
think the same things
are happening on social–I’m
seeing some people losing
their Facebook accounts
and things like that.
So I think it’s definitely
getting–a storm’s coming,
and it’s really the people who
understand the fundamentals
of business are the ones
who are gonna stick past it.
People that know how to run
a Facebook ad and sell offer,
that’s the easy stuff, and
that’s in the season we’re in
right now, but winter’s
coming, storms are coming,
things are changing, and
the people who actually
understand fundamentals
are gonna be the ones that
survive it and
thrive throughout it.
I think there’s gonna be a
lot of people who are gonna
get caught and not
understand the strategies
if they’re not preparing
themselves now.
That’s a good question.
I think for me, a lot of where–
I tell people all the time
that the best way to see
what’s actually working is
to try to feel the pulse
of the market like what’s
actually happening.
So for me, for example, I go
into Facebook and Instagram
and I unsubscribed from all
of my friends; I subscribe to
people who I think are
doing well, and then I start
watching what they’re doing.
I’m not watching what
they’re saying, I’m watching
what they’re doing,
what are they posting.
And then from the
things they’re posting,
what’s getting comments,
what’s getting shares,
what’s not, what’s happening.
And then I’ll go through
the funnel, actually buy
the product and see how I–I
try to notice how I felt.
So I think for me,
it’s a lot of…
It’s listening differently,
trying to feel the pulse
of the market by really paying
attention to what’s happening
because it’s shifting so much.
And I don’t think anyone really
knows a lot of the times.
Everyone’s trying a lot
of things, and I think
the biggest thing we can do
is be watching, observing,
and then looking at the
patterns and see what’s working
and then modeling those
things, but not copying.
Modeling ’em as a core
idea, but then always
trying to innovate on it.
I think one of the biggest
problems is most people
in their market
are all copycats.
So someone comes up with
an idea and they see it
and it’s this pattern
interrupt that–all of a sudden
it’s working ’cause it’s
like the pattern interrupt,
and everyone’s like,
“Ah, that thing worked,”
and then they start copying,
copying; soon it’s like
the pattern interrupt
becomes the pattern and
it stops working.
Nowadays, it’s like we
have to shift creative.
Every week we have new
adds, new things hitting
’cause they’ll work, they
become the pattern interrupt,
they’re working for a
while and then, obviously,
all my communities see what
we’re doing and they’re like–
they’re copying as fast as
we’re pumping stuff out.
So we’re always–what I do
to try to figure it out is
I look at other
industries besides my own,
like what’s happening in the
fitness industry and in the
this industry, and we’ll look
at all over the place and
try to just get ideas from
everywhere, not just from
our market, ’cause
there’s people innovating
different places.
I still remember the very
first hand sketch video
that came out.
It was Mike Geary with
The Truth About Abs.
He did this thing, and
I saw that over there
’cause I was following all
the fitness guys, and I saw it
and I was like, “Oh my gosh!”
I found the guy who
did it, hired him.
He did the first–our first one.
We were the first in our market
to have a hand-doodled ad
and it worked so good for
so long ’cause no one knew
who it was, but then
probably six months later,
people found out and
they all started doing it
and then it became the
pattern that stopped working.
Meme videos were the same way.
We had a bunch of clients
in the weight loss space
who were doing meme videos.
They were crushing it and nobody
was doing it in our world.
So I go, “Okay, if we
start memeing videos”–
and they were just
crushing it like,
“I hope nobody sees this,” but
eventually everyone sees it,
and then now your whole
feed’s full of those.
So it’s looking for other
inspiration outside of just
your market of like what
ideas that we can try and
we can test, and then you
got a window where you can
become the pattern interrupt
’til it becomes the pattern.
But that’s the
game of marketing.
It’s always constant
innovation, and it’s fun.
And, I think back in the
day, people had to innovate
once every couple years.
Now we need to do it
a couple times a week,
so it makes it fun.
(light modern music)

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