Official Traffic Secrets Book Launch! Sneak Peak On Getting Unlimited Free Traffic

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Official Traffic Secrets Book Launch! Sneak Peak On Getting Unlimited Free Traffic

Clickfunnels™ Book Launch: Getting Unlimited Free Traffic

Clickfunnels™ Book Launch: The Traffic Secrets Book Launch is now Live! In this video, I’m giving you a sneak peek into one of the most important aspects of making money online. AND I’ll show how to get get free traffic that will not get shut down by Google or Facebook!

Clickfunnels™ Book Launch: Half of the entire population

At ClickFunnels, we are so excited to launch the last book in Russell Brunson’s “Secrets Series.” We want all of you as funnel hackers to get as much out of this book as you can. We know that you will LOVE this newest installment and hope that it will help you take your sales funnels to the next level.

I got corrected by every yesterday I said bad nel saying stay no or maybe I said they know since we Thanos I don’t know I get confused but this is the glove alright so those here another back story in Avengers infinity war Thanos was the bad guy or Thanos I I apologize in the mask he’s the bad guy who basically it’s all the Infinity stones into his infinity into the gauntlet and then he snaps his fingers and half of the entire population disappears overnight and dies in the whole universe.

And if you guys aren’t having a pay attention that’s what this whole book launch is about so today today the traffic secrets book comes out of to Easter which is new Mountain time this is going live and you can find the key your copy of traffic secrets calm repenting when you’re watching this if you’re watching it live then it’ll be happening soon if you’re watching this and replay it mean it might already be live but the premise this book is basically the traffic is changing and right now we are in crazy times I am literally in quarantine.

My kids as many of you are as well and we’re in this crazy time where things are happening and excuse me what’s actually interesting is right now there’s some economic instability right and right now this is happening like it may not be Zuckerberg snapping his fingers may not be Thanos snapping his fingers but right now the economy is snapping its fingers but the coronaviruses and tons of businesses are gonna be failing and it’s a scary scary time and so really the the way to survive and thrive during this this time is really understanding a couple things which is how do you get people into your door.

Clickfunnels™ Book Launch: Traffic seekers

How do you serve those customs had you in a way that gets them to want to continue work with you because it’s interesting like money hasn’t disappeared as people are scared to spending right now so how do you how do you build a business away to gets people excited to spend money with you and so anyway that’s how this is about so every single day I’m going live yes so alive I read some of the introduction to you of traffic seekers book and today Madrid summit’s chapter number one until yet some stories he has then for that who here’s interested in me reading some more out of the traffic secrets book that’s coming soon to a funnel.

Near you so really quick so this is this is the Thanos Thanos Club right snap sister you have population Spears on but you’ve seen endgame this is man’s listen to the drug he goes back to you snaps his fingers and the other side of the world or I then they dose and his bad guys disappear come on the bad guys disappear and they come back and all the good guys come back so we got two gloves this is the Zuckerberg slash just solo this is dr. Berg slash the coronavirus gloves snapping it’s affecting businesses and this is gonna be the traffic secret side we come back and we destroy the bad guys and save all businesses anyway there’s the cheese technology.

But as you will learn you read the traffic seekers books all about hoax story offer and my guests let me get saw these weird gloves and you’re like what is that and it was a hook to grab attention just long enough I’m telling a story to build a perceive value of what I have to offer hook story offer anyway that framework is weave into the dot-com seekers book and in the expert and the traffic seekers book book today we’re talking about traffic seekers book because today’s the launch date huh now I’m a couple things is this the book doesn’t actually ship.

Tell make this I know our publisher is a weird publishing thing and all that stuff but the priest the pre-order goes live say at 2:00 Eastern time so at traffic seems calm you can pre-order your copy but here’s the little secret yes who wants the inside tip I’ll give you two inside tips one of them then you guys are sit in the box set this may or may not be an upsell after you get a copy of your traffic seekers book so if you want the entire secret Strozzi doc up seekers expert seekers traffic seekers the new updated hardbound birds and each these has over 30,000 new words then that traffic seekers.

Clickfunnels™ Book Launch: Team of people

Brand new and then unlock the secrets which I can’t tell you too much about other than it’s a workbook that it helps you with to consume the whole thing if you’re interested in this this may or may not be be upsell there’s secret number one seat number two is I record the audio book sub comm expert and traffic secrets and those actually inside the funnel they’re also kind of an order form bump thing the audiobooks are done in live so you you may not be able to read this book till May fifth but you can start listening to it.

Today who’s freaked it out anyway hopefully you’re freaking out alright so I’m gonna go into this so we’re gonna read I’m gonna go thanks it every day the one thing is boxed it’s hard to uh to get the books out but after the books are out it looks so good alright so I Morgan right now is I’m gonna yesterday I read part introduction to you guys and if you member introduction I talked about basically and I apologize NASA misers going back and forth there’s like multiple cameras on Instagram Facebook YouTube so I’m at my house quarantines.

I’m do those technical stuff by myself so if I look goofy that’s why I usually have a team of people helped me out but right now it’s all of me the one-man production studio alright so Travis severs book yes I read introduction and talked about introduction about this about the Thanos Thanos snap right where if he hasn’t ventures endgame or infinity Wars he snaps his finger in half the population disappears and mean pain June were joking about how that’s similar to Mark Zuckerberg or back in the day.

When I was getting started with Larry Sergey right haven’t you guys remember traffic before the Google snap right a Google slap PPC vez I got Google slap the SEO zzmatt google slap three or four five or six times and it was tough and I literally saw it my friends and entrepot I had business online they disappeared overnight because they weren’t prepared and right now we’ve got Facebook and we were joking about how how how Zuckerberg we nicknamed him Zane knows because he’s a blend of Thanos and Zuckerberg he can literally snap his fingers and half the businesses online will disappear overnight and right now it’s been happening.

Clickfunnels™ Book Launch: Best time

I’m sure you guys have been watching and seeing it as as as abs accounts gonna ban people can shut down all sorts of stuff and so it’s coming back to the fountain fundamentals like how do you build a business today that’s not gonna get shut down or fordoes get shut down how do I stay relevant how do I keep how do I keep getting traffic even outside of those things so I was kind of a journey that I started with when I start on this book is how do we create traffic this that’s not gonna get shut down.

How i create something that’s that we can survive and thrive during tough times little did I know that literally done launched it would be say made of entire worlds under quarantine and so these principles now are more important than ever if your business can get customers if you can’t get traffic you are in trouble I’m watching it now as tons of businesses who aren’t focusing online are struggling they’re getting shut down they’re also like if you can’t socially network you can’t meet people if you can’t talk people like what happens right it comes down to traffic big your ability to get people online right now is the best time ever.

because right now people are home born either mind sitting around like how do you learn how to get traffic and use these skill sets to get people to come into your funnel to come into your web sites and so this is this is why this is such a it gets crazy actually how timely this this book is and I’m really proud of it excited so yes I read introduction if you missed that video go back back into the live streams or whatever and goes to me find it but today we’re going into Chapter number one actually there are called chapters here because this is the secrets book this is secret number one he hasn’t seen table contents.

I love it’s inverter you might not be able to actually read it there’s a table contents this three section section number one is your dream customer sex number two to fill your funnel and section number three is growth hacking I’m not gonna lie my favorite section is growth hacking I wish I could have led with that but it’s like you have all the fundamentals and understand these things first before here but this is like the ninja tricks they’re like what Russell how did you get traffic before Facebook oh there they are how do you attract it before Google oh there’s all the secret.

Clickfunnels™ Book Launch: How to seek your dream customer

anyway so you’ll get to growth hacking that’s that’s I’m excited few has read app but today we’re gonna start with section number one which is your dream customer and seek remember ones actually who was your dream customer it’s like I’m not gonna actually read this because I read this whole thing in the audio book in took me two days I’m gonna just tell you guys some stories from this and hopefully hopefully you guys excited about it so against X

number one starts with your dream customer and I tell story here about one of my buddies dr. Chad Wilmer and it was interesting the storytelling here he’s a chiropractor and he had gone to a chiropractic college right so I don’t know exactly I work so like four years of real school and there’s four years of like chiropractor school I think or whatever it’s called a Ditto I see actually I called him and I wrote the books I haven’t had the correct with DC degree

so his his doctor of chiropractor so smell like eight years in school right to be chemical come into chiropractor then he goes he starts his own he goes works in Scioscia for Rodney decides when certain practices entreprenuer starts his own practice goes in there and then what happens nothing like crickets like he’s like I’m not making any money this is really frustrating and I remember one day called me and the stories in here you didn’t call him it was like I’m

in Arab blue in a bad place and come over I come over there we start talking trying to figure out how to get his business started and then he says something that’s like like so powerful and I’m gonna show you this is a quote from from Chad that night he said I went to college for four years to get my degree and I spent an additional four years of chiropractic college to become a chiropractor and all that time not once do they ever talk about how to actually get patients to come to my clinic no what and then my my quote back here which I love is like isn’t unbelievable they

can lock up an hour for eight years to teach them a skill but I even spent ten minutes showing them how to market that skill to me that’s the biggest problem for education system it’s one of the biggest issues that plague new entrepreneurs in any market they believe that if you have a great product or create amazing a company the customers will automatically follow that is not true if you build that they will not come right you have to learn how

to mark out ways tell people like your business is not the thing right and so all you have different business have you guys have a product right you’re selling a some kind of physical price me as our song as service and get some information or coaching or whatever and yet I’m saying your business is not the thing right my business is not the book my business is the marketing of the thing that’s the big secret right if you can’t market the thing it doesn’t matter okay you have a better product than everybody but you don’t know how to market the thing you do not have

a business so business you have to understand is not the thing that you do the product is service whatever it’s the marketing of the thing that is the business we understand that it changes everything you send the traffic is the only thing that actually matters okay and hopefully you’ve got the best product the world does not spend time to make you the best but you have to understand it doesn’t matter how good your product is it’s how good you are marketing the thing that’s the big secret okay so that’s why again why this is such core book south central ok the who’s your

dream customer ok and there’s something that I man if I could spend if we were to do a class just on this alone we could spend a week of you sorry I’m sitting on my floor because that’s the way we go set up my phone anyway so what we doing in quarantine right alright so in section one who’s your dream customer this is where all traffic starts that most people start like how do you go on Facebook as how do you do Google Ads like how do you like that’s where they start to say no no you’re missing everything the first step in this process is understanding at a deep level

Clickfunnels™ Book Launch: Who is your dream customer

who is your dream customer right and that in here I tell a story from my buddy Perry Belcher Perry’s one of the cofounders of digital marketer calm and traffic version one of my favorite and smartest people I’ve ever met he told he told me the story and I called him up to it before I wrote my friend’s chapter to make sure I got the details right and basically he was he Perry used to have a whole bunch of physical products and stuff he was selling in fact he told me the story I think this is true he actually invented hand sanitizer now I don’t want you to fact-check me because

maybe I’m wrong but I heard this story that he was trying to make liquid candles and and then they didn’t work because they kept lighting on fire and then he had all like $50,000 was liquid candle stuff laying around and he’s like what does I do with this and one of his partners is like well she pretty hands he kills germs he’s like we should follow this crap so he did and then I sold it some company who eventually sold to Parral so all these hand sanitizers things being superior Belcher I think don’t quote me on it I heard that one time so anyway so Perry was at Sally

Beauty Supply pitching a product it to to to the buyers of Sally’s Beauty Supply and he goes he shows the first product and right now I don’t think Alexis like that he shows me next product right now I don’t think Alexis like that II it showed three or four products and finally he’s getting so mad because every single product he shows them there I call Alexis would like this if I was like who is Alexis like I like she sounds like she’s the decision maker okay get her here cuz if I can picture I guarantee she’s gonna want my stuff and I they started laughing and I’ve known Alexis is not a person alexis is our customer avatar and they and they took him in another room and shown like here’s the

picture of Alexis and who what she does what she believes and I said in our company from every decision we make from make how do we mark what products we have like the music playing in our stores everything is based off of whether or not it would hit would make Alexis happy like if that’s something she actually want and that he had the big AHA like oh it’s it’s not that we’re in the product business were in the customer business how do we serve the customer right right and so for useful to come back and like do have that he has ever developed your customer

avatar do you know who you’re actually gonna serve because in this book I’m gonna show you how to find those your dream customers but if you don’t know at a deep level who those dream customers are like it’s it’s all for naught like it’s just a waste of activity right so tell a story here here and talk about becoming obsessed with your dream customer and getting to know them but you got to know them at a level they don’t even know themselves sometimes I guarantee that you guys as my fans and followers and friends and future customers on the brand new

Clickfunnels™ Book Launch: Book Traffic secrets is one Live Today

book traffic secrets is one live today at noon I bet you I know a lot more about you guys than you may even know about yourself I know about your browsing habits I know what you do I know your deepest desires your core fears are your core passions I know the things that are that are pulling you away from pleasure and that your and the things trying to get to get back to pleasure and away from pain I said you guys the deep psychological level you probably know about and this book talks about what I do and how I do it right we talk about how people in all

aspects life they’re always either moving towards pleasure away from pain and depending on where you are in your business right now or in your life you’re you’re making all your systems you try to move towards pleasure away from pain depending on it’s interesting most people make their decisions in one way or the other right and essentially because most on not not all in fact I’m gonna do a poll right now as you’re all listening and post down below in comments do you make most of your core decisions because you’re trying to move away from pain right like I want

to fire my boss I wanna I want to get out of debt because I you know I want to lose weight cuz cuz I I just don’t feel good right those decisions away from pain how do you guys make most your core decisions away from pain or on the flip side how they can make your system cuz you want to move towards pleasure moving towards pleasure away from pains like I want to fire my boss so I wanna I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired right towards pleasures like I want to get rich I want a house on a boat or I want a six pack abs so the ladies like me or whatever right there’s

a way from pain and towards pleasure what’s interesting is that most people make their decisions based on one of those two things right and what’s fascinating I’ve found and that’s first off since the vote down below Givi or do you make your choices who’s moving towards pleasure away from pain moan s example it’s a pleasure or pain I’m here Sam here’s a pleasure having a czar away from pain towards pleasure away from pain so comment down below I’m seeing both come in and how we got pleasure away from pain and pleasure pleasure away from pain seems like I do

little bit of both yeah you do a little bit of both but primarily most she has make your citizens based on one or the other and what I found fascinating is most entrepreneurs not all I say probably 80% on tours make their their decisions moving towards pleasure whereas if you look at this society as a whole eighty percent of people again I’m this is a staff I pull out of me maybe it’s different right but the majority people make their decisions moving away from paint which is fascinating and so what happens a lot of times entrepreneurs who create ads because we’re like I

want to move towards pleasure my people loose we make ads trying to get people to move towards pleasure because that’s what we would do yet the majority of our audience is actually trying to move away from pain o little distinction there and so if you make ads to talk to people moving away from pain and talking towards pleasure you cast a much wider net especially times during economic and uncertainty right now like like a lot of us are in quarantine right now okay and people that may have in the passed me decision Swartz pledge right now we’re freaking out and they’re making the same decisions stay away from pain right that’s what people are going in

Clickfunnels™ Book Launch: Why people hoard supplies

hoarding toilet paper I crazy in there right trying to move away from pain they have the fear of the pain of what happens if I don’t have favorite food swords I don’t have whatever and so we can definitely shift around and based on economic circumstances and things we may shift our how are our purchasing and stuff but it’s important to understand that knowing that how your customers make their decisions and writing ads and landing pages and

offers based on that all right all right so there there talks that back here in the in this first chapter so many cool things I’m some type of using the book you’re freaked out this books not not light reading it is it is a beast but you’re gonna love it I’ve exercising here if you go through and figure out what are the things people are staying in their mind if they’re moving because you have to talk about us in the book like you have to get good at getting inside the cuss the the conversations already happening is that your customers mind right and and so the questions that

exercise in here like well what are they saying if they’re trying to get out of pain where the key words are saying where the phrases what are they looking for were they talking about and the moving towards pleasure what’s difference like what’s happening there okay show example so you can see in charge they have different examples of course pleasure away from pain and stuff like that so anyway that’s that’s gonna go today I’m gonna come back tomorrow I may pick back up a chapter one when go deep into the searcher and the scroller because that’s the in-

between search based marketing and interruption based market which is the hold of the fascinate topic by self all in chapter one and giving up calm chapters all in secret number one so anyway hopefully is good you guys excited I’m excited today’s the day I’ve been talking about this for two years some of the back story I know if you guys knew this when I wrote the fur of the dot-com seekers book I was like I will never read a book again that was the most painful process of my life and I’ll never do it again and then about a year after comma seekers book I was actually at a dinner with Dean Grassi and I said the Ford for this book and I sitting there and we’re sitting across the table having

Clickfunnels™ Book Launch

Clickfunnels™ Book Launch: Get Your Copy Today!

dinner and in the middle I don’t you know we’re talking about then the middle of conversation I was like I’m supposed write another book it’s called experts secrets and it’s like like how do you how do you like how do you tell your story inside of a farmer because doc time seekers all about how to build funnels expert secrets is like how do you tell the stories inside the funnel try to move your customers get people to go and buy from you persuasion all

those things happen inside the funnels and so that not even come back to hotel room are sharing a hotel room and a Woodward and I was like okay we are literally yeah Jesus Dean’s an Instagram his post I remember like yesterday yes that was like one of the first times we actually hung out I moved back to hotel man I told David Michael writing a book it’s called expert secrets he’s like I thought you’d never read a book again I’m like I wasn’t supposed to but there we are so that became a book number two and then half this book got done literally we’re in the middle of book launch I told people just like this I was like this is the last book I’m ever writing ever and during that time John

Riis emailed me and John Riesling traffic seekers commie said hey I’m selling a lot of my business assets would you be interesting buying traffic seekers calm and I was like oh my gosh I’m writing in a book that wasn’t I was day two of the expert seekers book launch so he bought that I was like to nap years ago and I’ve been working on this project ever since I spent the first year researching testing speaking taught my topics and the next year-and-a-half writing him and turned into the new traffic secrets book which goes live today ah and the funnel is insane I was up till 2:00 o’clock last night working a funnel I got another probably two or three hours left in fact you can see right here here’s

the sneak peak if you could plan that button you’ll see this video it’s just so fun it’s pretty epically amazing I’m not gonna lie anyway but I would I would propose you guys who are funnel nerds like me and you get your free copy today at noon or two eastern new mountain time go to fuel go to trap stay calm no they’re like don’t spike is your oxide like take your time like watch the video listen to like study this stuff like all the things I teach detector procedures you will see inside this video also pretty other than calm seekers you’ll see as you go through the funnel okay so if you want to like experience this like you can read about if you want to experience it I always tell people

like by slowly like watch the process see what I’m doing see why I’m doing what did I say how I said like how do I say it and then you go back and read the book like in here I talked about the three close then the three closes which is like emotion logic fear and talk about how the the first section of the page is all emotion and the second section that you scroll down is all logic and the bottom is all fear it’s like you’ll see these things these principles and talk about all these books we’d into this funnel psych anyway like the coolest thing about what I do is like it I do about it

I can talk of what I did and like I’m sharing the stuff so you’re gonna read about these things but you actually have chance to experience it so I would say by slowly going through the process that watch that doing and how I’m doing and why I’m doing it hopefully you get ideas for your own funnels as well and you learn about yourself a long way but this is the new travesty because it’s a hardbound version I’m excited it goes live today noon you get free copies just use cover shipping and handling the books are actually shipped on May 5th this is pretty launch this way our

publishers kind of having to do it so I dealership on May 5th but you can order it right now you can get pretty launched when we do share our shipping they’ll be in a first-come first-served basis my my I’m pretty sure will sell anywhere from fifty to a hundred thousand books turns pretty lunch and so on the sooner you order the sooner this book Leah shipped to you because they get in queue so that’s kind of works now there’s two secrets let you know about number one is in the upsell we may or may not offer this whole time box that submitted the all the hard

Clickfunnels™ Book Launch: Online Business

doubts of the new pub updated versions in the cool box set like this what it may this may or may not be one of the upsells so just pre warning you in case you’re interested also I have recorded the audio books for the new comm expert traffic secrets and those actually live today so if you see in your journey of getting the book and an offer for an audio book you may take that and you may be able start listening to it today anyway I’m pumped for you guys to get this book it’s been two years of hard work and I’m super proud of it and I think I don’t hope you guys love it so it

goes live today again at 2:00 Eastern it was his new Mountain at traffic seekers calm you go there right now traffic I call me on the wait list and if you’re watching this is replay it may already be live so it’s happening say this was a puddle it’s gonna look like and I’m excited for you guys to see it so anyway that’s what I got you guys I hope you are all having a great day and having fun in quarantine and this should hopefully give you something to think about and start understanding it how do you how do you get customers in times of economic turmoil it’s the people who can

get customers and serve them the highest level or the ones that win and so that’s where our now this is the world were in and so this is your time starting your saw start learning start mastering this concepts and these topics understanding them too deep level so you can go back and you can um you can get customers into your websites your funnels and your businesses right um you know we’re in an amazing time or right now you know I’ve been talking you guys now for 15 years about working from home working online like doing these things and a lot of you

have been doing these principles and have businesses running online now and and while the economy’s scary like you can still keep doing your business right it’s about getting more traffic more people more of the right people into your funnels and that’s kind of where right now so hopefully this book helps serve you guys to get a ton more of your drink customers in I said if if you read this book helps you get one new customer in you change their life it’ll been

worth all the effort that went into it so I know I appreciate you guys thanks so much for hanging out today with me I had a great time and excited tomorrow I’ll come back on and I’ll read the rest of chapter one we going to the searcher versus the scroller which is like you decide so this is so much fun and I’m excited that it’s finally being broken down in a way that hopefully everyone understand and start using so thanks you guys appreciate you again

Travis see you Scott common noon today or two o’clock eastern new mouth Newton my time but two o’clock Eastern them paint the funnel goes live you finding it your copy of the book and and again the episode may be able to see this I don’t know I must that may be in the upsell and audio books are there tuning start listening articles right away so oh sweet someone said I’ve read all of your books they’re better than all courses I’ve ever done well thank you I appreciate that I’ve put a lot of effort into these books so awesome I appreciate you guys have an amazing day and I’m sure you get emails and messages for me ii this fun was a lot i everybody will talk to you guys all again soon


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