Noah St. John, How To Get Rid Of Your Head Trash

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Noah St. John, How To Get Rid Of Your Head Trash – Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Noah St. John have been helping entrepreneurs build their businesses offline and online for over 20 years. One of the things he has learned is the importance of dealing with the space between your ears. Nothing holds people back more than their head trash. He explains what you need to do to “empty the trash” and get back on track at lightning speed. We also review the book funnel he is using to get a 70% opt in rate.

Show Notes:

-If you can get out of your head you can finally get to that funnel you need to make to get you going

-Noah knows 3 secrets that smart people don’t know and end up wasting their money

-Did you know your only building half bridges because your “Head Trash” is preventing you?

-Noah St. John knows a thing or two about the correlation between habits and money

-Your inner game and your outer game need to be balanced in order for your company to break its glass ceiling

-St. John needed a mentor to get out of his parents’ basement, he recommends you do the same for a specific reason

-Your mentor needs to help you instead of just helping themselves make money off you


-You are able to buff up your social proof without lying (“Don’t lie” – Noah St. John)

-Dave and Noah go in and break down Noah’s Funnel


“‘Head Trash’ is that little guy in your head that says “I can’t do it because…” and then you fill in the blanks.”

“If you don’t have a mentor do not wait until January 1st to set a goal to get a mentor. I would go out today and get a mentor.”

“Basically that’s what the media is looking for, timely, topical and controversial. Just look at the news and go ‘okay here’s my take on that’.”

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back to the radio I’m your host Dave Woodward you guys are from massive exciting trip today because you had the opportunity hearing from Noah st. John know welcome to the show agreed to be here Dave I am so excited I get you and I were just talking awful as far as how we got connected and I have to shout out props to Adam T son our team who’s I know it’s one of your clients years and years ago I worked for us here at ClickFunnels™ and does a great job for us and he was kind enough to make the connection so Adam is your listen to this thank you so with that said bill I want to make sure um as you guys are listening to this if you don’t know who know is I want to give it you help you guys understand who you have the opportunity hearing from here so Noah is known as the power habits mentor and he’s famous for helping entrepreneurs get rid of their head trash and make more money and this is one of the topics I hear about all the time that’s really why I wanted to have Noah on is to help people understand that crazy head trash that screws you guys up so much and more importantly really he’s gonna help you make a ton more money but understand that Noah’s the only author in the history of the world to have works published by Hay House HarperCollins Simon Schuster MindValley 90l Kona and the Chicken Soup for the Soul publisher he also appears frequently all over the news you may have seen him on ABC or NBC or CBS or Fox Prague magazine Forbes com Huffington Post bottom line guys is Noah is the real deal here and I’m so excited to have him on he’s got a new book out if you guys wanted bad we’re gonna talk about his book funnel and how it works all that kind of stuff but real quick you want to go take a look at it it’s send me a book Noah calm yes the nd nd a book and then n OAH calm so guys with all that said welcome again Noah I’m super excited to have you thanks so much Dave it’s an honor to be here so let’s just kind of dive right into this thing you’ve been doing this online stuff for a long time and you’ve seen what works and what doesn’t work yeah and what I really want to kind of talk about is you’ve got this book funnel and I get questions about this all the time primarily because we ClickFunnels™ off of the book funnel and a webinar funnel right but people are always asking me as far as you know gosh dave does it does it really work is it only work for Russell and I thought you know the best thing for me to do is let me get like one of them other best-selling authors out there and let him talk about his book funnel so no I get I watch you guys go take a look at it send me a book no accom that’s the fun we’re gonna be talking about but let’s go just dive right into this Noah is I’ve taken a look at it again super simple and clean which I just love but tell me a little bit about your experience with this well let me talk about the book for a second and then we’ll talk about the book funnel okay cuz I do want your listeners to know and everyone to know that the reason that I wrote this book get rid of your head trash about money is because as you just said a moment ago this is such a huge enormous thing that is holding so many people back you know Russell’s always talking about you’re just one funnel away right that’s one of the things that he’s known for and the fact of the matter is I’m the guy that teaches you why you haven’t made that funnel in the first place so that’s called your head trash and what we call that on our campus at Success clinic calm is we call that your inner game your inner game is the stuff that happens between your ears that you can’t see directly but you definitely see the effects of them everywhere you go in every day of your life so that’s why when I wrote this book it was literally to help people get rid of their head trash about the number one thing that I see people hold themselves back on and that is money so that’s what really is in the book and and the the subtitle is how to avoid the three big money mistakes even smart people make and I know everyone listening this show is very smart but that doesn’t mean you may not be holding yourself back and the reason is because of these three big mistakes so so that’s the book itself and what I’m really super excited about David is the fact that with using ClickFunnels™ we’re able to as you just said have a very simple system a very simple funnel that number one converts fantastic we’re getting like a believe it or not like a 70% conversion on this page it’s just tremendous so it’s people are loving this and then they are of course loving the book itself and I’m getting just tremendous response on that and then they’re loving the the upsells you know we’re doing the the classic you know book funnel which you offer them the free book and then people can buy the upsells people can buy when you’re getting into the funnel you know for those folks listening you know just check it out but really what’s so exciting is it makes it so nice that I can get on shows like this because as you mentioned you know I’m on the news in the media podcast entrepreneur on fire Jenny McCarthy show ABC and all that and I get to go on the show and say hey all of your listeners can get a free book just go to send me a book Norcom and that feels so good because rather than saying hey go buy my book go buy my book no we’re giving you the book and that it that media love it I love it the customers love it so it’s just a win-win-win all the way around I love it the part I’m really fascinated about is we’ve never had a split offer like you have here so yours is download a free copy or order the paperback but before you answer that question I do want to spend a little more time on the content of the book because I plan on doing that after the funnel but kind of wanted to go there first so I’m good with that and I want to kind of talk more about this whole idea as far as what are some of that what you’ve had a ton of experience we’re gonna log entrepreneurs what are some of the main problems you’re seeing and why you really wrote this book about this crazy head trash well you know as you mentioned Dave it’s true I’ve been online since 1997 I started my company success clinic com in 1997 in my college dorm room with $800 in a book on how to do HTML so I’ve literally this is our second decade you know 20 years of doing this so I literally own one of the original personal development self-help you know websites on the internet I’m actually 7 months old in Google believer so I mean I’ve been doing this a long long time as you said I worked with tens of thousands of people you know according to Google Analytics my work is in over 120 countries my books are in 12 languages so it really is an honor it’s a privilege to do this work and you know as you just said that that head trash is keeping so many entrepreneurs stuck and the reason is your head trash the way that that we call it that I call it you know on our campus what I say is what is you know people say well what is your head what is head trash what does that mean and I say look it’s very simple it’s a guy in your head it’s I can’t do it because I can’t do it because and then it goes dot dot dot and you fill in the blanks and you know what’s so funny is you always make yourself right if you say I can’t do it because I don’t have the time guess what you won’t have the time if you say I can’t do it because I don’t have the money guess what you won’t have the money if you say oh you can’t do it because I’m too old guess what you’ll find reasons why you’re too old and so on and so on and so on and so people don’t realize you know Ryan Deiss talks about the half built bridge syndrome I’m sure we’ve all heard of that by now you know you have all these half build bridges well the reason he doesn’t talk about that the reason that you have the help build bridges I this is the reason that they’re there that you don’t have it so this book literally isn’t my work really is the cure for the half built bridge syndrome I’ve literally cured it I mean I cured it 20 years ago and now we just have it in this new format but that’s what’s so exciting is to see people and then by the way when you go to the main website you know when you go to our main site which is Noah st. John calm just my name Noah st. John calm and there’s a button there it says praise just click on that page and you’ll see just dozens and dozens and dozens of stories of real people real real stories from real people who have literally made millions and millions of dollars and really the primary reason is because I was able to show them how to get out of their own way how to get rid of their head trash and how to fix their inner game I love it no I seriously I’m actually on and one of the great benefits of doing the podcast online is I can be looking this funnel as well as your site and it’s it’s so cool just to see what you’ve done and I think the part that I’m most excited about Noah is how simple your story is and how simple you it you teach other people how to deal with that because it’s again those dot dot dots after whatever the reason is they get replaced by so many different things and I think what you’ve done such an amazing job of is helping people understand if they follow your system they actually can get results and that’s why I would get I love your content I love your work and again that’s why Adam was so adamant having youngers podcast and it’s again you’ve helped him and again I think that’s what matters most is where you have those kind of drastic results yes it is it’s exciting and when people and I want people to know is these are ordinary people who have gotten extraordinary results you know look at this time right now at the time of this recording my clients have made on the aggregate a half a billion dollars they’ve literally added half a billion dollars with a B and that means we’ve helped people add six figures to their business we’ve helped people had seven figures and yes we have even helped people had eight figures to their business this is all documented and you know go to that praise page and you’ll see there’s videos there’s written testimonials so what I get excited about is this isn’t just about me you know like in this guru industry you know you see the guys driving their Ferraris and all that stuff and it’s like yeah man that’s great for you have you helped anyone else and usually the answer is no not really what I get excited I’d rather talk about my clients success than my success yes of course I’ve made seven figures you know I’m definitely made you know multi seven figures here being online but what’s what I say all the time is well who cares does that really help the average person I’d rather see average people being able to make you know whether it’s just that extra ten thousand dollars a month we felt people go from five thousand a month to $75,000 a month from sixty thousand dollars in credit card debt to a six-figure income in less than a year I mean and there’s this story after story after story and that’s what gets me excited and gets me you know jumping out of bed every day well I love it well let’s drop some value bombs on our listeners as far as I’m at real content that is I’d like to kind of discuss this whole the link and kind of connection that you’ve seen and work with all these different people all their success stories as far as what are some of the connections you’re finding between habits and money okay so this is one of the big big things and this is one of the big reasons that we have helped people make that half billion dollars and what we talked about on our campus is very very simple and you know you said it a moment ago what’s simple is what people can do if it’s complicated we don’t do it so we like to keep it simple and what we find is most simple is also the most powerful so very simply the connection to hidden connection between habits of money rests in your inner game and your honor game now your inner game as I mentioned is the things that happen between your ears so things that you can’t see directly but you see the effects of them your thoughts believes you know the the things that are going on in your head all right now that’s your inner game but the outer game is the things you can see directly that is like your habits your behaviors your lifestyle system strategies all the blocking and tackling that we have to do every day you know as business owners as entrepreneurs so you know your funnels your sales pages and all that outer game stuff but here’s the thing if you don’t master your inner game you’re going to be stuck you’re going to be holding yourself back from success if you don’t master your outer game you’re also gonna be stuck so it’s only when you master both your inner game and your outer game that you’re going to have the thing called success I’ll give you a quick story as an example we had one client who came to me I was speaking at a seminar in Los Angeles he ran up to me after I was done speaking he literally almost grabbed me since Noah I want you to be my coach I said I didn’t know this guy from Adam ironically his name was Adam but anyway he said no I want you’re the coach I’ve been looking for and he says I’m totally stuck I’m only making four million dollars a year now of course I had to laugh I said really a lot of people like to be stuck right I mean it’s like a funny thing doesn’t you guys no no no you don’t understand I own a software company we go to four million in revenues like almost overnight like really really fast hockey stick growth but you know what we have been plateaued for the last four years for four years we’ve been stuck at four million in revenues and I have hired everybody I’ve hired this guy that I mean you know he named all the big names he says I paid them all this money and we are still stuck he says as soon as I heard you speak about inner game of an outer game and head trashed your foot on the brake and everything you just said he said I knew you coach you’ve been that I’ve been looking for a long story short I ended up coaching him just you know one-on-one coaching for one year in that one year Dave his revenues his company revenues one for me stuck at four million over the previous four years to over 16 million dollars in one year now that sounds impossible it sounds incredibly like well what did you do did you do all the funnels did you do all the marketing did you do it no we didn’t now we very briefly talked about our game but I tell you what 90% of what we did was inner game it was the inner game and no one else all those guys that he had paid all that money to no one else had been able to get in there and just look at his inner game and say all right Adam here’s where you’re stuck here’s where you holding yourself back here’s where you have those half built bridges so it’s really what’s so powerful is once you master your inner game and your outer game your results can just go through the roof very very quickly well I love it I know that obviously probably the easiest I’m gonna ask a question to answer it at the same time but probably what I’m love for you to do is share you know a couple of things as far as what people should be doing first and I’m sure you probably first answers well go get my book and it’ll tell you everything right there but aside from that what what are some things a person needs to look at as far as what’s the very first thing they should be considering when they’re they’re trying to figure this whole thing out as far as this head trash stuff well one of the big things that I do talk about in the book you’re right is that one of the big mistakes I mentioned the three big money mistakes one of the big mistakes that people make is not having a mentor trying to do everything yourself and you know I’m a perfect example of that because the first I told you been in you know doing this 20 years you know we’re in our second decade now first ten years I never had a mentor and I never broke six figures I was just you know it was pretty much hand to mouth I didn’t know what I was doing I was trying all these different things I spending all this money trying to piece it together and you know I never broke six figures then in 2007 I was $40,000 in debt working out of my parents basement I said I got to do something different I hate this this is this is idiotic if I keep doing the same thing I’m gonna keep getting the same results so I had to make a change and the change that I made was I hired my first real mentor and he was very expensive and I didn’t have the money but you know what I found the money and so the point is when you’re the people that I meet who are struggling who are you know whether it’s the six or seven or even that eight figure you know to get to that next level one of the big things is not having the right mentor and one of the things that we do talk about is you’ve got to look for personality driven versus systems driven most of the people that are out there are very personality driven that means if their personality isn’t there you’re not gonna get the result and so what we look at at Success clinic is it’s got to be systems driven it’s got to be a system that means that anybody can do it regardless of your personality with an introvert or extrovert or whatever so the point is that you know be very careful of who you hire as a mentor and make sure that you know that they have stories that aren’t just about themselves but more importantly are about regular people people who are in your situation and that’s what you want to look for my gosh I like for those of you are listening I’m just gonna echo exactly what he just said and that is if you don’t have a mentor do not wait until January first to set goals to get a mentor I would be doing it today and go out and find a mentor I actually just hired hired one last week and I’m hiring another one next week for another area of my life and I’m a huge huge believer that the only way you’re ever going to get to where you want to go is through a mentorship and I’m just oh my gosh no I appreciate you mentioning that I think it’s the most important thing that is a game-changer at least my own personal life obviously wasn’t yours as well and so again if you don’t have a mentor I would highly recommend that you go out and get one and I love know what you just said as far as it’s not a matter of not having the money because I hear that excuse all the time when it comes to mentorships I’m just I do once I get the money then I’ll get a mentor you’ll never get the money you’ll never get a mentor so go get a mentor and then you’ll get the money by getting the mentor first that’s right and just be very aware you know that we have a series of questions that we recommend that people ask you know in that mentor but again or in finding that mentor and as you mentioned you can have mentors in different areas of your life you know you can have one for health one for you know weight loss relationships money business so you can have you know and I have you know anywhere from three to five different mentors at any given time and the point is however let’s say if you have a business mentor you don’t want to have like five different business mentors because you get that whole thing which is there’s that old joke you know what is a camel it’s a racehorse that was designed by a committee right you know it’s like kind of put together kind of funny about you know my camel friends but you get my point with the name like Noah I have to be sensitive to all animals anyway I get my point day but anyway you get my point so you know you find that mentor but again I just got to reiterate that make sure because what we see out there in this industry right now it’s all guru driven it’s look at me look at my you know cars and all that stuff again nothing I’m not saying anything wrong about that I mean yeah we want it you don’t wanna be following somebody’s living in a van down by the river right I mean that makes sense but at the same time is well have they is it just about them or is have they helped anyone else do they have other success stories and that’s why it’s so crucial and you know really we see this so and that people have spent I mean like that woman you know who’s on our praise page Susan she spent $60,000 on all those you know gurus and stuff and she was about to go bankrupt and then you know she hired me and we were able to get her to a six-figure income in less than a year so again systems versus personality I love that love it well he’s been a little bit time talking about the funnel that you’ve created here because I’m surely fascinated by it this is so typically a lot of people when they think of a book they think of a free plus shipping offer funnel right and which again is fantastic yours is unique because when you again go to take a look at send me a book Noah calm because what you’re gonna find there is you have a phone over the top which I love because you actually are allowing people to call call they don’t want to go online so I’m kind of curious how many phone calls do you get from that I’m just I don’t keep track specifically from that number but do you get a lot of people just calling in we really don’t and that’s what people are afraid of because they say oh I don’t want to put my phone number up there because everybody know they really won’t call them nobody nobody picks up the phone anymore that’s it’s all arias but what I always teach my clients when you know when I help my clients build their funnels is you’ve got to have that phone number because it shows that you exist on the earth you don’t love that oh my gosh Oh awesome we’ve all been burned by internet whatever right we know that everybody is skeptical cynical nobody believes anything anymore so you’ve got to put that phone number not to get phone calls necessarily I mean of course we do get phone calls but I mean probably one out of sixty maybe I mean it’s a tiny number because people don’t want to talk it’s just Alerus I mean I’ve never seen a millennial and their phone rings they look at it like it you know kiss the rattlesnakes oh my god anyways the point is again I I do and like I said we teach our clients is when we’re final building is that just you’ve got to have that as a trust element it’s just as important as all those trust symbols that go on your order page in my opinion no I love it I think that’s super critical and the great part of getting go to take me take a look at sent me a book Norcom where the first things you see in the upper left-hand corner is your logo but I think it’s really cool again just from a trust area is you’ve got them in there for basically 20 years you’ve got this banner business in from 1997 2017 which basically helps people go oh this guy is not a flash in the pan he’s actually been around a long time and need help with your phone never before they see anything else and I think that’s again all about trust and then it goes right down opposite to picture the product but I love your your headline here basically is if you’ve got 45 minutes to read this book I guarantee no to work a financial miracle in your life how to avoid the three massive money mistakes even smart people make great headline but I love the time element because a lot of time people are frustrated think oh you know I just don’t have time to read a book I’m just you know there’s got to be a faster way that’s so I think it’s I I love what you’re doing and the part I would love for you to address right now and that is you’ve got a button at the bottom basically of either sit you says click the button below for instant access either download a free copy or order the paperback shipped to your door what I’ve loved from a split testing standpoint if you don’t know your numbers that’s fine on that but do you know how many people go for the download versus the paperback I do know exactly and and thank you ClickFunnels™ Thank You Russell for giving me great statistics hey I mean I have let’s just say that I have tried other platforms Wow man I tell you I with all of our coaching clients I definitely recommend ClickFunnels™ you know number one no question about it so yeah I mean I I’m I’m a numbers guy I’m a statistics guy nothing gets me more excited than a pie chart I’m like just give me a pie chart and I’m like happy for a week you know so so I love ClickFunnels™ that’s you know a function I use it literally every day and so yeah I mean right now our opt-in is 70% according to click phones I mean that’s what it says so those numbers are accurate which I think they are that’s freaking awesome for the e-book that’s the download 70% opt-in once they get to that opt-in page 70% I mean that’s that’s enormous that’s during the huge and then for the for the when you you know to pay the $7.95 to get the paper excuse me the hard copies shipped to your door that’s about 20% so it’s still very good that’s crazy cool and I get no I think it’s fascinating because a lot of times you know people are doing a free plus shipping off and that ah I’m more worried about the average cart value than I am about you know just the the lead Jack I think you’ve done such an amazing job Noah of getting Li Jin and Anna sail all at the same time so congratulations thank you it’s worked extremely well the other thing I I just I’m so impressed with your pages there’s so much social proof on the very first page and I think in times people forget the importance of that you start at the very top with social proof and at the very bottom you know noticing John has been featured on ABC NBC hallmark Co fire Huffington Post and I think it’s so important people understand the importance of getting that um I know a lot of people always ask well gosh I haven’t been featured on those things which so what should I do any tips for people as far as if they haven’t been on as many places you’ve been how they can put social proof on their page yeah absolutely and one thing not to do is lie so don’t do that don’t make it up and don’t do one of those farms I’m seeing a lot of this now and and I don’t know how that works really but I see hey guarantee we get you on ABC and all you know you cannot guarantee you’re gonna get it right we could do that I mean unless you’re talking to the guy who happens to own ABC which you’re not so anyway that I mean look at the fact is you know media meaning traditional media TV radio podcast blogging you know even newspapers and yes people still read newspapers what you know those are those are important as you just said for social proof what’s so funny just there’s a quick aside we did have a version of that page without the social proof on it just to test it I mean it’s just literally talking about cleaning we leave those like blank except that in the middle and that was getting 60% Upton which is still damn good as soon as we put those trust amounts in it went up to 70% so huge so I mean really quick basically you know we have all media training stuff that we also work with our it’s on but very quickly what you would do is you just have to look for timely topical controversial topics basically that’s what the media is looking for timely topical and controversial you know so just look at what’s in the news right now and you know you just kind of go okay well here’s my take on that and then the second part of course is finding that producer finding the people to write to about that what’s really nice right now is there are so many podcasts I mean you just go to iTunes and type in whatever niche you’re in whether it’s marketing or self-help or relationships parenting religion I mean you know there’s just tens of thousands of podcasts and most of them by far are looking for guests by far most of them are always looking for guests so you just do a little research or you can hire a VA to do that you know we have one of our VA s that’s working on that for me and honestly it just kind of becomes just a machine but basically it comes down to that as I said the the timely topical controversial topics put your own spin on them contact those producers and you know you just have to keep working at it and do keep a spreadsheet of your efforts too because that’s important so you can do the follow-ups I love it well no it’s just so made I love even your next pages that’s kind of going through your love your the two-step order form you know shipping on one side information on the other love the video on there but I think the part I’m super and get obvious you’ve got a ton of the you know trust guard type of stuff down there but the part I love is are your testimonials below it them you’ve got three different testimonials and I think the problem that a lot of people make the mistake on which is so cool to see obviously didn’t and that is you know pig people typically gonna just put the test or the video there and expect a person to read so just play it and listen and you’ve actually got a caption under each one of them under my annual income in 44 days following Noah’s formula like oh my gosh I need to hear that one or they all say freeze percent after working with Noah or I went from a total failure to build a multi-million dollar company using those methods I mean it’s just awesome I also love how the the image is actually only half of the video screen the way it’s that comes a cried right it enhances that curiosity I just an amazing job you got Amazon on you I mean everything is just like that’s why I want to make sure we talked about the funnel only because I’m so impressed with the way you guys have done it it’s just neat and then the very bottom you’ve got three different bonuses that are awesome as well so well listen hey Dave I really appreciate this and please tell Russell that I would be happy to speak at you know the next funnel hacking live and and talking about all this because Russell Russell’s been a huge influence on me I’m a huge russell brunson fan and and he wouldn’t remember this but i took a class from him literally probably back in 2007-2008 when he was teaching something was I think was with Jim Edwards or Armand Warren or something like that I think was anyway one of those guys and you know I just I I love Russell I love how he simplifies things I love how he always gives great value so you know he’s been a great inspiration to me and you know certainly I am honored to be on this program and and you know anything that I could do to help you guys I’m happy to do it well thank you so much so again everyone I highly recommend you go take a look at the funnel if nothing else funnel Hacket but get the download of the book by all means if not buying it so gonna send me a book Noah calm and again if people wanted to get ahold of you and learn more about you and your programs where else do they go just go to our main website and Noah st. John calm my name and OAH st jo hn Noah Saint John calm and yeah you know we’ve got as I mentioned we got coaching we’ve got online programs money mindset mastery we help you build your six-figure business machine you know media coaching and you know funnel building and basically everything from in our game an outer game we have it all covered I love it well any parting words before we wrap things up here well I’ll just say again Dave what a pleasure and an honor it is to be here and I’m just a huge ClickFunnels™ fan so you guys keep doing what you’re doing we’ll do that Thanks appreciate it we’ll talk to you soon thank you thanks for listen to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Otto hacker in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car you have to do is build a funnel hacker forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Noah St. John, How To Get Rid Of Your Head Trash

Noah St. John, How To Get Rid Of Your Head Trash