Michelle Villalobos, How to Leverage Small Events Into Big Money

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Michelle Villalobos, How to Leverage Small Events Into Big Money

Clickfunnels™ Radio Podcast: How to Leverage Small Events Into Big Money

Clickfunnels™ Radio Podcast: Michelle Villalobos specializes in help business owners who are trading dollars for time to increase their profits. One of the ways she does this is through the process she uses to best serve her clients – small events. This model has helped produce 7 figure results for her and her clients and is something anyone in the professional services niche needs to implement into their business.

Clickfunnels™ Radio Podcast: How to leverage small events with Michelle Villalobos

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward on your host Dave Woodward you guys are in for a massive explosion of a treat today because I am so excited to have Michelle Villalobos with us Michelle thank you so much for joining us thank you for having me I’m excited if you guys don’t know who Michelle is she is one of the most exciting fun people you’ll ever meet because of her background and just the exciting stuff she’s got done and she’s been business for ten years so she’s got a huge track record that way but started off as a former teacher magazine publisher

the cool thing is she hadn’t beaten her brother in the Miami get her money it was Miami the Miami Herald business plan challenge that they do every year talk about fun especially when I’m back with my brother at like Thanksgiving dinner and I get to remind him that I’d beat him that would my sister I would be very very competitive as well but but in addition to that you’ve also start started the women’s success summit one of the largest ones down in Miami area and I think the part I’m most excited about is this whole idea as far as a superstar business model that you’ve created where a lot of our lot of people who are listening to this podcast are either small business owners or solopreneurs who are really trying to kind of grow their business and that’s an area that you’ve really focused on and really can be kind of the key that we’re going to spend time talking about today is how do you scale that type of a business and I love

your thing you kind of coin as far as your small events it’s big money model which we’ll get to in just a second but with all that said anything else you want to add before we just jump right into the topic oh no I’m excited you tell me where to start I can tell we’re gonna have a good time already well I’d love to kind of talk about the idea as far as stealing yeah because I know this is a issue a lot of people have when especially for if one things we were talking about before we kind of started the show here and that was the business models that you work in so Michele the service professionals or those people who are trading time for money for all is a lot of people these days so how tell me what are some of things you’re doing to help that group of people all right so essentially I should probably just give you a little tidbit of my story so you can understand how I arrived at this awareness i-i’ve been in business since

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2007 I very very intelligently timed at the beginning of my business right around the beginning of the major major recession so from the get-go my business was a struggle and I you know I didn’t really go into business with much of a plan I said I’m gonna be a marketing consultant and I’m gonna just help you know people that I know in this community I was pretty well known in Miami at the time had a lot of connections and I thought I’ll just put myself out there and let people know that I’m available for hire and they can bring me in and pay me loads of money because I have an MBA and this is gonna be just an amazing business and I’m never gonna have another boss again and my life is gonna be awesome and so for about six seven years I basically beat my head against the

wall I networked to generate business I would I would as a consultant I would you know it’s a network and I’d sit down with people for an hour two hours three hours to try to understand what they needed and I would listen and I would give them all these great ideas and then you know we’d finish our meeting and then I’d offer to write them a proposal and they’d say sure yeah I’ll take a look at a proposal and I would belabor a proposal for another eight to eight or ten hours and and you know it was just such a terrible terror it was such a terrible way of running my marketing of generating new business of sailing of selling of closing you know it was a recipe for disaster on many many fronts both on a like on a money front right I wasn’t making as much money as I could it was

very unleveraged unscalable on top of that I was exhausted and I was feeling like a failure right so in 2014 some some pretty major stuff went down in my personal life and I kind of took I checked out of my business for a couple months and when I checked back in it turned out I hadn’t made any in two months and so that was a huge aha moment for me because I realized that I had not built a business I had built a job and not even a very good job because I couldn’t even take a leave of absence from this job and I was a terrible boss I’ve rarely gave myself any days off or I started early in the morning I ended late at night I worked on weekends so I had the aha moment that my business was broken and after kind of you know licking my wounds a little I went and found some mentorship

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and I in in in in September of that year I shifted my business model and by the end of the following year I had a million dollar business which you know even I was more shocked than anybody that I had been able to pull this off because for seven years I had hovered around 100 200 I a couple years I made it up to like the upper twos but that’s it so for me to go from that to over to a million in 1415 months was was kind of wild and obviously people you know I was I had to go back and kind of reverse engineer what I did and once I did that I realized the number one shift that I made was just shifting my business model and so that’s when I became sort of a student of business models and now you know I find myself I’m kind of obsessed with finding creating and and understanding business models all over the place I love that Michele one of the things I run across all the time literally just had this conversation with Russell before I

call Madison is seeing the different levels that businesses grow grow up to and then get stuck at yeah you’re right that for some reason that the solopreneur it’s you hit the the first stealing for most people always seems to yeah I just want to break through 300 oh yeah and then the next one you’re right it’s 300 and you get stuck in that to 253 for a while and then from from there is I want to go over five and then in five to a million but I can tell you I’d love the idea that you went from you kind of leapfrog a couple of those tiers it because the next thing I see is a lot of people who get stuck in that one two to three million and I know it I’ve been stuck there times where we had a business where it’s it’s balanced enough that two to three million range you just can’t get

past that and then all of a sudden you jump in its then you hit the five in the tens and I think that as we were sitting there talking about the idea as far as for so many companies and business owners you know the first thing you got to kind of figure out is you know what and how you’re gonna sell it seems to be your zero to seven figures area but I really yeah I’m dying to find out I mean that’s a huge leap frog to go from that you know 150 to 250 range up to a million within 1415 months that’s yeah so what are some of the things that our listeners could glean from what you learned so the first one was that okay there there are so many I call these inflection points these inflection points were kind of the the big shifts that I made that led to this outcome so the

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first inflection point was I hit rock bottom I don’t know that everybody needs to do that but I know that that’s what happened to me I I hit rock bottom and at the same time that I hit rock bottom my my family ran into am on a financial challenge as well so kind of my safety net got pulled out from under me at the same time that I realized I hadn’t made any money and that I was kind of you know I hadn’t really built a business so all of that happened at once which which was actually a blessing in disguise because what it did for me is it gave me my fuel it gave me the desire and the want and the need and the must right that I didn’t have before before I was kind of floating along and I could manage and maybe I’d have up months and down months and maybe they kind of sucked and you know but I was getting by right but I hadn’t gotten like pissed off enough or I didn’t have a strong enough will or desire to really shift or change anything

so that was the first thing was that there’s gotta be this kind of like oh you know this must and that I finally felt it that year the second big thing was that I started to oh I start this is good I got mentorship I started working with a mentor and specifically with a mentor who had a business model that I liked that I admired I looked at his business model and I thought I could do this right if they show me what I need to do like I could see my the business model I’ll just give you the brief version of it it’s a we did a small events model so the small events model is instead of we have been doing these huge 500 person events in Miami and instead these guys were doing these small 10 person events but the small 10 person events had much higher price point and they had much higher conversion on the back end into a high-level mastermind and I thought whom I could do that like I can run these three-day immersion events and

deliver massive transformation to people and then offer something else on the back end of that so the mentorship was a huge piece of what I learned the the third piece is the the business model itself which was this small event model and I mastered another big inflection point was I had always thought that I was really good at sales I had you know I’d actually done some sales trainings in the past and I you know I considered myself I’d been in sales before I sold magazine ads I sold real estate I’ve sold art so I thought of myself as a sales expert but I didn’t realize that when it came to selling myself I wasn’t doing a very good job and so I learned a new sales process or a new sales like approach that was totally different than anything I’d ever been taught before it came from a place of integrity it came from a place of listening rather than sharing or talking so a very different approach to sales so those are some of the big

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big shifts that I made alongside with shifting that the business model I loved it I could say the part I really want to find out more about and that is this whole ideas for our small events I think you know for the most part a lot of people think of small events very first thing probably comes to mind are webinars and you know thinking in that area but you’re talking about physical events where you’re actually bringing people in correct exactly yeah yeah so the what happened was so I already had a business right it wasn’t a terrible business there’s a business that generated you know 200 to something a year for the for a couple years you know in that range and so it’s not like I was you know starving and it’s not like I had no brand I did and I knew how to get myself in front of groups of people so I already knew how to you know I knew the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce would put me on a stage if I wanted them to and I was going

around and I was speaking you know at some events I spoke at entrepreneurs of that year and I got asked to speak at a women’s event and and so here’s a big big transition another inflection points this is good because I like odd numbers and this would make the fifth inflection point is that I you know I had I had gone to a National Speakers Association meeting my first one back in 2013 and I remember arriving there and after four days of talking to traditional speakers every single one of them told me like if you’re speaking for free you’re not a real speaker and I might go took such a big hit from that that I came back straightaway and I stopped I said no to the next engagement that come it came in front of me which was in front of 700 women entrepreneurs in Orlando Florida I could kick myself because I know that I would have made a million dollars with my new model speaking at that event but I digress my point is that I had I

had believed this story that if you speak for free you’re hurting the industry you’re not a real speaker yada yada so I so I stopped doing that but then by 2014 in my desperation and also in learning this new business model I knew or my coach helped me know that if I could get in front of enough people I could pretty easily fill a 10-person retreat at you know a couple thousand dollars per seat I wasn’t a hundred percent sure that I could do it but they believed in me so much this is the value one of the many values of mentorship that you know and they held me to account for actually doing it that I went out there I did three speaking engagements and lo lo and behold 45 days later I had 10 people in my first retreat and I converted three of those people into my very first mastermind program so I to this day if I look back from the from those speaking engagements I’ve generated over 200,000 at least just from that one month that

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I went out and did those three speaking engagements awesome yeah it’s pretty wild right so obviously a lot of people thinking well how do I actually do this so what’s yeah how are you actually doing how are you get any small events and how are you making such big money on the back end of these things so it’s really easy that’s the that’s the crazy thing like here’s the thing Dave if you can if you’re somebody like me or you if somebody is listening and they’re somebody who loves to educate they love to teach they love to help people transform they love to you know even even people who do done-for-you services like you know anybody who can give enough value can give massive value in a three-day event and let me tell you it’s not hard to do you know we have a standard format that that we that we use it’s like here’s what you do on day one here’s what you do on day two here’s what you do on day three and it fits pretty much

any I still haven’t run across a business model that I couldn’t figure out some way to work a retreat into the mix as long as the business is some sort of like speaker author coaching consulting expert type of model right but even for like an SEO company for example this could work where basically you give a massively intensive three-day experience where you deliver tons of value and you have outcomes right like our outcomes in our retreats is people walk away with a 90 day action plan they walk away with their pricing and their packages for their for their programs they walk away with their their brand either a new

brand or their old brand revitalized they walk away with you know just like lots of outcomes right by the end of the second day they want to keep working with you that’s it just happens is you know as long as you’re delivering value and you’re honest and you have integrity you don’t even need to sell hardly which is what I love the most because I hated hated hated and I honestly still hate selling from the stage I’m not a big person you know I’m not someone who’s gonna love to get up and give a you know big sales pitch right there are people out there that love to do it but in my experience most of us prefer not to and so in this type of environment with a retreat you can make a very easy casual very good feeling offer and people will just at this point they will want to keep working with you and at that point you can sell them on a one-year retainer or a one-year coaching program or a one-year you know service contract whatever

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the one-year thing is that you can continue to deliver on the back end of that that’s where you sell it and I’ll tell you that in three years we started out we we had we got three of those people to sign up for our inner circle in that event and at our last event we had own we had over a 50% closed rates of people who signed up yeah and meanwhile this is coming from someone who used to do these 500 person events and we could barely get like a 20 percent conversion rate into our you know it was and it was so much stress we spent so much money on those huge events and there was so much pressure to then show up and and deliver and that would get in the way of like because I would be worried are we gonna make enough sales you know so I kind of babbling a little bit but I remember how

hard it used to be and this model is so easy and natural and that’s you know this is the model that that we teach our clients that’s awesome I love the idea so I mean one of the things as you’re taking a look at this is providing such massive value I think that’s the thing you know at times especially in the service business that you’re talking about the speakers authors coaches when you’re trading dollars for time you’re always a lot of people seem to be a little heads in as far as what to actually give because they they’re afraid they don’t want to give too much yeah enough to offer on the back end so how do you how do you deal with that I I just don’t agree I just my philosophy has I used to I used to think that way too and now I know that the more value you deliver and and I don’t mean just in the form of of like information it’s really important that for people who are considering doing a retreat you know listen to this really carefully information not transformation and so I used to get those two things confused I used to try to dump as much information on people as possible

it still worked right they still got massive value but you know they would be they would they would sometimes be more overwhelmed you know or they might even say oh I got everything I needed from this week and I’m good thank you so what I learned is that in the retreat we also create a space for transformation and the way that our transformation happens and the way that I would recommend you guys you know everybody listening go about it is to not only create the relationship between you and your client but also to create that container and that culture with among the clients too there’s value in the group right in the group format in the beginning I used to think that I was the magical unicorn source of all that all the value in the room and I’ve since come to learn that I am one piece of the magic and but the container itself the the people they’re the people I bring in you know the group itself creates a whole new level of value I call it leveraged value that did not exist without the group and so that’s why I’m such a big fan of this process or this of this model because it also takes a lot of the pressure off of that superstar quote unquote superstar individual that used to do everything himself or herself makes sense Oh totally

and I appreciate you mention X I think that’s the scarcity mindset is what’s gonna kill any entrepreneur and I appreciate your addressing that I think it’s one of things I love most about you know watching something stuff you’ve been doing I know you’ve got some other events coming up here doing the exact same thing I really want to kind of talk to as you look at these types of events I mean obviously people are going with cash Dave this is funnel hacker right or how many world you how do you use ClickFunnels™ these are events and all that kind of stuff and I know obviously the there’s the ability to fill the events and using those types of funnels but tell me more specifically when you’re taking a look at these types of events how really are you getting those bodies there we have okay how do ya get people in button seats okay that’s a great question so first of all you know the the idea of butts and seeds to me is at least for me I associate it to a different type of model I associate it to kind of a a model a mass model a high-volume model a model where it’s where people

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are not as you know we call it we call them souls and seats right I’m sure we’re not the first person to use that but the idea is that you know we’re not selling $25 seats or even $100 seats at these events we are our approach to this model is a higher ticket approach but the model can still get translated into lower price points and so what I’m when I’m the way we fill ours might be a little different than somebody who does a lower price point but what we do is a mix obviously and I like to say you know it we don’t know we have not found the one solution that puts a hundred people into our event we found a hundred solutions that put one person into our event so we have a combination of things one of the things that we do and of course and it’s super important that people understand we’ve we’ve layered these things in over time so I’m gonna lay them out and you’re gonna think oh my god that’s so much but keep in mind you don’t have to do all of them and especially if you guys are funnel hackers we’re just getting into this click funnels funnel hacking game like you know you

are you are way way ahead of us if you already know how to you know create a funnel and and you can absolutely use those to fill your events but what we do is we have a few things number one we use a filler a feeder event we do what we call a feeder event the feeder event is we’ve done half-day versions of it and we just started doing a full-day version of it the theater event is a low price-point event so anywhere from zero to maybe about $97 when it’s zero what we found though is that the people are not as qualified they don’t show up as much so we actually use a one dollar methodology where we give them the past for one dollar on the condition that if they don’t show up we call it a seat deposit if they don’t show up we’re gonna charge them the full amount I know there are other tricks out there but this is the one that we feel is the most the most aligned with our the way we want to do things so we don’t do the thing where you give the ticket and then you’re they buy the ticket then you pay them back we don’t do any of that stuff but what we do is we charge we when we have a special deal we do it for a dollar and then if they don’t show up we we tell them we’re gonna charge the full amount of the event so that does it we get about a 90

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percent show up rate when we do that which is really high I know right so that theater event is called in our case it’s called speak to serve and the reason but from a branding perspective that aligns up because our signature immersion event our signature retreat is called superstar speaker Academy and it’s soon to be called superstar speaker business academy because we’re focusing really on the business model in the business plan so so we do speak to serve and then I do halfway through the day right before lunch I usually do a call to action for anyone who wants to have a strategy session with somebody on my team to learn about working with us so I do that as my plan B as my backup so by the end of lunch we’ve got a stack of people who are interested in having strategy session strategy session is kind of the the sales tool that we use when we’re selling a high ticket program or a medium ticket program then at the end of the day before the end of the day about 3/4 of the way through then I make an offer a very casual story-driven offer where I tell people you know if you want to come to our next superstar retreat you know this is the deal and it’s it’s it’s no longer than about a 15-minute offer and then from there we usually get you know

handful of people that sign up and then a handful of people who if they didn’t sign up we have their strategy session that following week and so that’s that’s one of the primary things we used to fill the event the second thing we do is that we we we do so for example if we ever do like webinars which we do every once in a while and we do partnerships with webinar with people who want to host webinars with us we’ll sell a program called the superstar accelerator and with that program we give away a strategy session so though generally to kind of tie it up with a bow right now we generally we usually sell the high ticket the retreats with a strategy session with a phone call it’s it’s we have not been using like a funnel to sell our retreats we have a landing page but that landing page puts people into a strategy session because we’ve kind of mastered the art of selling over the phone and because this is really important Dave and because you want to be careful about who you put in the room you can’t just put if you’re gonna do this model if you’re gonna do the small events model and a retreat you can’t have 10 12 15 people you can’t have one bad apple because it will spoil the bunch right so you want to make sure that the people

you’re putting in there are good people so this first for some of you click funnel people you know this would be a great model for you to use once you’ve sold like a lower like a 197 or a 497 program a great next step would be to put people into a retreat make sense I love it so tell me how long are your strategy sessions then 45 minutes usually and so they’re coming in basically for $1.00 to 97 dollars on the feeder events and then what are the actual what what it kind of the ticket prices you’re looking at for your small events so we usually do about 1997 to 2500 so 1997 to 2500 and that is for another it’s a three-day event well and here’s I’m glad you asked that because one of my the one thing that I that I noticed early on was that people will will many some people some people will resist investing that much in a three-day event they’ll be like what you know that’s a lot of money for three days and they don’t know any better right they don’t know that in three days you can have a massive transformation in your business you can totally shift your business model in three days you can totally shift your target audience your approach your messaging right so they’re just they don’t they don’t realize it and they get nervous right there’s

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no way we can get my outcomes in three days so so what we do is we Genet as a program that includes a three-day retreat I love that idea that’s really cool so is it that is the program delivered over online type of program is that yeah usually and it’s about 30 days like leading up to you’re getting all my tricks today so we usually and the reason for that is it saves us work at the retreat itself like if we give them we give them some prep work which is super fun it’s video based with me so it gets them ready for the for the event and then that means that once they get on site they’ve they’ve already thought about some things they’ve already done some of the pre work and the thing is if somebody is you know in is somebody’s committed which is part of our strategy session conversations how committed are you if somebody is super committed they’re not gonna have a problem doing the homework so you know when you get up to this level with people these are people who are good to work with you know generally that’s fantastic so then this to a higher ticket as well correct yeah and then

they’re way more qualified right they’re they’re you know it’s not an easy jump to the next level but but it’s definitely one we’ve had people you know put it on a credit card we’ve had people pull it from a retirement account we’ve had people you know and I used to like think oh you know is that okay and now I’m like damn straight it is I just finished paying my fifty four thousand dollar loan for my MBA and nobody ever taught me how to sell crap in my MBA you know like we give people so much more value than any MBA program you know what I mean so you know I I know that when people want to really make a shift in their life and they want to invest in themselves I feel really good about them making that decision and doing that with me fantastis the investment of the next the next level with you so that one that one has kind of varied over the over time as well but somewhere between 25 and 35 thousand perfect that’s for the year which of course you want to position always as a monthly investment rather than the big you know the big big number you know so no I think that’s that is really really cool well I love it I love the idea I think it’s fantastic I would really hope anybody was listening to this especially if you’re in the authors

if you’re in an industry right now where you’re trading time for dollars this is again I was so excited to have you come on and talk about this Michelle I think it’s just a brilliant model and again those people who’ve already using you know ClickFunnels™ in other types of funnels this can be part of the sales ladder it works out extremely well but I think it’s it’s just ties in so well to really be able to scale your business and while helping others do the exact same so I think it’s awesome thank you and you’re welcome it was my pleasure well thanks well I know when you’re not talking before we were talking about giving people some way of getting a hold of you so what’s the easiest way from them reaching out I know what what typically happens after this is people are gonna go well I need more Michelle so how do I get more yeah you can have more Michelle just go to you can you can you can google my name Michelle Villalobos

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but you might have a little trouble spelling that so you can also just find me at superstar activator calm superstar activator calm and actually there you can request a strategy session and we have all sorts of goodies and giveaways and things that you can get you can watch videos there’s there’s a whole bunch of good stuff there so I would just recommend going to superstar activator comm and signing up for our for our mailing list because that when when you’re on our list are usually on a regular basis but not not terribly often I’m not a spammer I doubt like lessons or stories or goodies or giveaways or templates and checklists so I give a lot of stuff away generally when I come up with things I like to share it and that’s a great place to just stay connected with me awesome well know one of the things we were talking we’re gonna try to test out because a lot of times people listen these podcasts and they’re usually on their phone or they’re working out or listen to this listen this is usually two to three times speed trying to maximize their time so again if you think it so

it’s superstar activator calm I’ll make sure we have that down the show notes and then we just want to test something out I think we’re gonna try to test out a text code as well yeah yeah this is a new thing that we’re using see how high-tech we’re getting Dave it’s it’s you text to the number seven to zero zero zero which is seventy two thousand and then text the word superstar and you will get onto our list and you’ll also get some freebies I think what I have in there right now is we’ve got Google ishes which is basically you know I got my start a while ago in personal branding so I used to help I used to do personal branding stuff for corporations and executives and then kind of moved over to entrepreneurs so we have this Google issues which is all about how to own your your name on Google how to dominate it and then I also have one called raise your prices which is how to how to position yourself so that you can command higher prices so it’s a guide in shifting your perceived value so those two goodies get given away when you opt-in through the through the 72,000 number and I’m really kind of curious to see how this is gonna go is the first time we’re trying this thing out so I get the feedback see how this goes so Michelle as

always it’s such a pleasure to spend time with you and if any other parting words before we let everybody go oh why we sell a lot I’m just I’m so pleased to have been asked to do this podcast Dave and I’m excited to continue to get to know you even better and do more cool things with you thank you awesome my pleasure again everyone check out the superstar activator com or text the word superstar to the number 72 thousand thanks again everyone I wish you all the best in your business and we’ll talk to you guys soon thanks for listen to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Auto hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker radio.com forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio.com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening you


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Michelle Villalobos, How to Leverage Small Events Into Big Money

Michelle Villalobos, How to Leverage Small Events Into Big Money


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