Mentorbox Online Funnel Hacked Live ! Funnel Hacking Friday’s Episode #41

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Mentorbox Online Funnel Hacked Live ! Funnel Hacking Friday’s Episode #41

Mentor Box is exploding, and they have just past over 10 million dollars in sales! Watch as we Hack The Mentor Box Sales funnel live on Funnel Hacker T.V .
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we’re live we’re live here – we’ve got trouble for starting late we’re live no guys what’s up everybody how’s it go Tim what’s up hey is that it is that a new unicorn head plaster to your yeah I’m wearing my wearing my orange hunting hat and we went hunting and actually bagged a unicorn man I had it up and mounted on my wall so this is kind of fun I don’t we talked to us last time but I tell you that we have somebody one of our funnel hackers sales trips to go help people capture Bigfoot nice he’s actually making good money doing it so we could you could literally sell hunting trips to hell unicorns I think you can make money with it I’m I’m thinking that really with this mask on I thought of a a really cool headline it’s it’s the headline is banks Hayden see the one weird trick he used to make $10,000 in an afternoon yeah we cannot sell the mask what you’re saying is they’re great ideas everywhere they’re everywhere unicorn Hutton’s up next all right go we’re gonna have a fun fun fun Fridays today because Jim wood took two weeks off on vacation while I was working while he was done working we did that we set a new world record at the 10x event which is exciting so and now now we’re gonna set some new fun Friday stuff so we got some cool photo Friday things happening you guys the new show format should be live by next prize in the week from now we’ve got a bunch of other cool things happening and I’m excited you excited I’m excited – yeah I’m very excited I might appear next week without my mask on I still wanted to have that fun and friendly feel I don’t want it to get too commercialized you know every time that happens in my life and it just it stops being fun so let’s just make sure we keep the fun in funnel Friday’s which make fun of right t-shirts – or something that’d be cool yeah we should funk Friday swag so I thought would be fun this week to do is there’s a lot of fun funnels but one of the funnels so we have a new new coming out a funnel hacking live in 18 days 11 hours it’s wrong can we update certainly our countdown clocks wrong so we are 20 20 days away from final acting live starting and we’re giving you a new award show yet come on and people made our 10 figures but one of the new funnels that are ten figures is the mentor box funnel they officially pass ten figures ten figures eight figures eight figures million eight million eight figures I keep you the eight in the ten next up anyway and so this is it right here it’s meant for cause I thought be fun is wrecking it what’ll happen lively it all I need a screech let me switch to screen share mode you see now yeah mentor box mentor box so I’m gonna funnel hack this live right now and then we’re gonna start rebuilding it and see how fast we can get out farting in 20 minutes that’s not a fun yeah I’m wanting to know what mentor box is especially if it made tenure and sorry I’m listening um dr. grant 10 million Oh 10 million what what give me a 30 seconds what is Mentor box so it’s the part of Tai Lopez the outs mayor our partners on it and it’s basically it’s it’s morphed or last a little bit the first version of it it came out with it was like a box you get a book every single month stepped by that I think they still have that version but then they tweet two or seven bucks a month now and you get you get they take the author of the book and they interview them so it’s like instead of reading the book you use listen to interview the author and shortcut your success and I heard that there’s it’s like it pretty deep fun with lots of upsells and down south so I’m excited to kind of see that as well so cool this is what the page looks like you see seven dollar month trial scroll down so it’s what’s in it you’ve got I couldn’t start timer cuz we have to keep moving or we’re gonna miss our okay Kumud timers officially started as we’re funnel hacking this I think there we go alright so it’s got the video top pitching it seven dollar month countdown clock you join for free for three days and here’s all the stuff you’re getting down below why mentor box to meet the founders this is Alex mayor house him he’s actually cool how to get on with him co-founders is Tai Lopez and then there’s fa Q’s Kent so that’s what’s gonna happen so I’m gonna go through and actually buy this thing tweet here is the order form I probably shouldn’t buy this one live so you see my credit card huh good all right while I’m buying this Jim do you want to fire funnel scripts and do something like so don’t seize my credit card going in over here so if we’re gonna hack if we’re gonna hack this I can let me share my screen what um sorry I’m gonna figure out which screen okay if you loose my presentation you do it all good entre traffic agree yet pull your wallet out of your pocket pull your credit card out and actually buy something something doors don’t ring crazy yeah actually invest the $7 to see what the funnel looks like working on right that’s how Russell rolls so quick question we’re gonna hack this are we gonna make our own mentor box type thing or what are we do it like funnel box or something funnel mentor Oh funnel hacker mentor that’d be cool all right so our niche audience is funnel hacker a photo hack market Oh check out he’s also his aura form bump is the insanely powerful audio book nuggets so that’s kind of cool if you like all your book nugget anyway to show that okay hi in the screen against you wants my credit card funnel have your mentor is that what we’re gonna call it yeah it’s called that I and this is a monthly what we’re every month we funnel hack a book something I would you think you don’t like in my books I doodle everything no a book the Month Club we’re like I just said I think I read a book I doodle it and then give everybody the doodles of my verse I do all my my read book so I understand it people pay for that uh sure yeah I’ve never really understood that whole book summary how that doesn’t violate copyright and stuff but you drawing pictures obviously would not violate copyright so okay so we’ll call it a membership meant we’ll call it a mentorship oh yeah all right okay with that said I’m gonna bring back so this now is order for or upsell number one entrepreneur Academy is demand a leaked online MBA program for people who want to become their own boss okay so this is the upsell I didn’t know that all right so this is the upsell here so $199 I’m gonna say no thanks for this one because I wanna see the funnel that’s up so one is a two hundred dollar product you say no then there is uh but sure this one is they say no what is it is the same thing this is on for sure Academy this is a how fast are they gonna get results when they join the funnel hacker mentorship um they’re gonna get a pretty dang fast i say within the first 30 days okay okay so they get cheaper just get in there and the next one do you ever um do you ever say no to upsells and stuff just to see if somebody will give you a 50% next click you should that one I think was I did that all the time alright so this one right here this is the up so for the physical box okay so for next 140 bucks when you the physical box which is kind of cool actually get that right now I bought that in the past okay say no physical box let’s see the next one is here this is the best for $6 a month he’s drunk they have a lot of upsells here interesting no like the episode aren’t like $97 months like six bucks a month that’s fascinating I wonder I’ve never done like mini continuities like that well I mean that’s even 9 bucks I mean that’s a hundred bucks a year I mean that’s plus I’m sure they’re they got to be selling them stuff every month – all right so there’s there’s the phone so I’m gonna I’m gonna paint brush this thing out so I do is buy the whiteboard and they probably have different things if I would have bought so this isn’t like a hundred sniffing like if I just don’t like you for real I would buy all the upsells as well and I probably will maybe offline we set 40 minutes and I can do it all so if you look at their funnel right now they’ve got page number one we’ve got video and a headline and then basically the offer here is seven bucks a month what miss on my card well there you go lucky you guys I can’t see my credit card now all right then right here is the let’s see then bad you could buy yearly or monthly or yearly monthly or yearly and then they had the order form bump right here that was that and then they had upsell boom to doom things to make sure I got my shipping address there’s no credit card there and as my old office address nobody saw my credit card well they your card was in your hand I guess oh well there you go some tell me when you got close like that Nellie you are causing credit card fraud across the country yes all right so this is up cinema one is $199 upsell all right Jimmy still there yeah I’m just I’m trying to buy some stuff at LL Bean with that number that popped up on the screen enough so number two is $99 are these to the down cells this is the down cell right here which is a $99 version okay then up cell number 3 is the physical box at 139 a month one three nine a month it’s a physical version and then right here we’ve got a $6 month investment club but you know if you got if you got everybody to take you know six dollars a month here ten dollars a month there nine dollars a month there all of a sudden you’re getting them up you know 20 30 40 bucks a month and then there’s Thank You page all right I bet they’re also getting some good publicity off the people they interviewed to get them to promote too so the cost of acquisition probably isn’t as high yeah the interview the author and then they throw that to the author spaces yeah you mean for my books which would be fun all right there you go there is this funnel I’m gonna build right now on the side of the funnel clicks in next 12 minutes all right I’m going to click funnels I’m gonna go on classic funnel builder great new funnel ready to do a snowing product I’m gonna do we’re doing sales funnel indoor box which is called [Music] how to make more money in 30 days with funnel hacker mentor all right guaranteed sorry I’m not for a while Ken so a couple things I hear you guys notice this is my blooper right sales page sales page order form there so what I do when I first create my funnel I look at this and I try to make sure that this this models that so right now their page did not have a squeeze face rise to leave a squeeze page they did have a sales page that was this first page here was a sales page so I’m keeping that in there then they had the 2-step order form too so I’m keeping that here and they did it two steps was one these a two-step there’s that’s the two steps let’s choose that one here then they had beat for door confirmation they had let’s see they had up sell down sell upsell upsell so I’m gonna go add in add new step upsell page create that real quick that’s gonna go after the order form and then they had down so boom so and then down so then they had up up so number two shut down so and then they had upsell about three this way my funnel structure on the Left matches my whiteboard sketch on the right and then they had an order confirmation page not a thank you page to kill that and now this should look like that so we got sales page sales page order form order form upsell upsell down sell down sell upsell to up so three Thank You page boom so now it matches building mode for the last nine minutes I’m gonna sales page first which is like any templates I just like the lead Liberty anyway so I got a bunch of different headlines just that I made in the killer headline scripts version 2.1 from funnel scripts available now um that’s right um do you want me to start rattling off any of them to you or let me delete some stuff on this page real quick so I’m gonna make this page look like this page right here yeah and then I’ll need a headline here in a few seconds I’m gonna delete everything that’s way faster for me okay and language there’s two fast Jim I can’t keep up with you well you know well with one hand I was buying stuff with your gift and the other thing I get to the world note to self don’t final hack live in the future right yeah get them pages get the Linux up first well you follow your thumbs asking where they get it oh my goodness I’m so glad you asked you can head right over on to funnel scripts dot-com and you can watch an entire training with Russell Brunson and myself we’re will not only teach you some tidbits about sales copy but also dental the amazing software that makes it point-and-click simple for you to get all the sales copy you could ever need written in under 10 minutes good bonus crestcom scaler ok I’m getting my little speed-dating speech ready all right I come speed-dating you would be then you know you’ll be able to see me cuz I have the 4 4 foot tall blow-up unicorn on top of my table foul hacker mentor new yeah what’s that she didn’t mind merely just kidding no he improved he approved my flyer which I thought I got a smiley face from it so I thought she saw the humor in it um funnel hacker mentor new answer for funnel hackers who want to amazing funnels guaranteed how long – amazing phones without taking forever to create them knew how to make more money in 30 days with funnel hacker mentor guaranteed breaking news the lazy phone hackers way to launch amazing money-making funnels guaranteed had launched amazing money and making funnels without taking forever to create them fast ways to launch amazing money-making funnels and avoid taking forever to create them quick and easy ways to launch amazing marketing funnels even if you’ve never launched a funnel before top funnel hacking expert reveals the secrets you need to launch amazing marketing money make amazing money-making funnels even if you’ve never launched a funnel before and I got a bunch others but I thought those were the best any of those catch your fancy mr. Brunson the Swiss I don’t like any of them I love them all quick and easy ways yes wait precision messenger thank you much all right Kersh that’s actually a really good headline I mean I’m so that’s it and that’s stupid in me to say like that about what you know yeah I think that’s like it someone said that in some book like put quotation marks on headlines and now like in my head I always have to do that it works like they’re broken but they feel me to make it you’ve always liked it wouldn’t that increase conversion about it I bet no one’s ever actually split tested I think that’s when it was like marketing things where some dude was like thought it was cool like Halbert set it back in the day or something’s not represented ever since and it’s like he just thought it was cool cuz new you noticed newspapers don’t do it Christine how much is this funnel hacker mentor gonna cost the biggest schooi phone hack the price point seven dollars month as well free for three days and then $7 a month okay less than $10 a month less than a cup of hot chocolate any wetness garvik’s the other days on the stoop i’ve never bought a coffee so I don’t know expensive first lesson I thought you I did buy coffee once for Melanie that’s so nice i hot chocolate and I was like yes old coffee probably how does that work never tell you get more time some guy pitched me on ml and he’s like it’s the best product in the world every human being on planet earth drinks at every single morning I was like what is this a coffee I’m like honor you know I’m a Mormon right and warmers don’t drink coffee is like how do you wake up in the morning doing three for three days three days yeah and clean the free bone and claim your free sniff it the other sub benefiting the button before it’s gonna cool actually the countdown clock right here mmm no cheats countdown clock to his CI what Square red one it’s a square one [Music] soon what just call me wife’s ask him why you charged the $10,000 cruise in the last 10 minutes funny thing is like I think about some like crazy purchasing behavior your credit card company used to always call us but like that’s kind of in character now and they never calls me so they don’t even know I just kidding I should say that all right it’s looking pretty good for for a quick funnel hack I mean I’m actually taking my time all being quiet and I’m trying to create a whole video sales letter for this thing right now oh that’s cool I’m gonna do background image background backyard even just like what made websites cool in the last like five years like that’s what makes makes this page look cool it’s like they’ve spent a ton of money they just have a background immature that makes it like pop and look awesome I’m gonna find one these ones are default to make a purple so some benefits of this what we’re doing here create profitable funnels in 1/10 the time discover new ever new funnel hacking methods every month and watch live as we hack a new funnel [Music] thought of it’s doing a good job oh you’re talking about your own work just kidding your dog I was kidding what else is this gonna do for people is this a real thing or we just playing we’re just playing we have two minutes in one second I last thing I need in my life is another business so we’re not gonna clone this but showing how we could actually clone it have we if we were more ambitious see so even if I get this done I won’t be able to share it are you gonna let me share it please share it okay boom all right that’s cool I’m calling this i’m calling asking cool we should understand a unicorn hunting trip it not have been really fun to actually I I really think it would have been fun but we would have lost a lot of audience members would have been totally offended when I got into the emotional aspects of how good it felt to like take out a mythical creature from 300 yards with a high caliber rifle you definitely fed someone we didn’t have and then butcher it and Grill it and then the feeling of euphoria that came over me as I ate the unicorns tenderloin you know that kind of stuff probably gonna be a turn-off the homeschoolers um that was jib Nami please send angry complaints to his office not mine I don’t have an office all right it’s me just kind of hug me a rocking lie but if I had a cool background image you’d be just as cool as Minter box in a cool video we start coming out here Thomas our second is next sections 30 seconds huh okay I’m gonna do a full-width here watch when I switch the background here it’s making it background solid white to there and then I’m gonna do two row two column he did what to call him that direction so I’m gonna do here he is copy down my side issued you’re done huh I’m mostly done okay oh I got my thing done I got my thing done alright should read it yeah let me just save this funnel hacker mentor I just got to save it I don’t know how good it’s gonna be her mentor can you see my screen yes okay so let’s see how this see how this kids attention funnel hackers the following is a message for every frontal hacker needs to make more sales I can’t seem to get started hi my name is Russell Brunson and here’s the truth you need to know about funnel hacking in fact here’s the biggest problem you face right now it’s the technology for building funnels but that’s not the end of the problem actually gets worse why because if you spend all your time building phones you won’t do any marketing which means you won’t make any money and worst of all most funnel hackers can’t get past the idea that hacking funnels is really hard and takes a long time but luckily for you there’s now solution to your problem so if you’re a funnel hacker who really needs to make more sales but can’t seem to get started here’s the solution you’ve been looking for introducing foam hacker mentor phone hacker mentor helps you create profitable phones in one tenth of time discover new phone hacking methods every month watch live as we hack a new funnel live critiques of fellow members each mount new templates and test results to hack yourself and much much more and best of all you’ll start seeing results with foam hacker mentor a new very first lesson has cost less than $10 a month so again if you’re a phone hacker who wants to sell more faster understand this we keep doing this by yourself you’ll net get the results you deserve your competitors are already using this information to eat your lunch you deserve faster and more profitable funnel success act now before it’s too late get on board with funnel hacker mentor from funnel hacker mentor right now order today boom wasn’t bad for 10 minutes I mean I could if I spend another 10 minutes on that I would it would be cool that’s amazing I love a man very cool well everyone if you guys want the funnel we built so far we always share the funnel so go to photo Friday’s calm the funnel we’ll be there and all the old phones built on photo Fridays are in there so if you are short cut your success there’s a whole bunch of cool stuff there to get and to speed it up which is kind of cool so and if you want to be cool and be able to go hunt unicorns and mount them on your wall you need to use funnel scripts so as to be able to create amazing copy that gives you the personal freedom to go hunting for mythical creatures with high-caliber weapons look at that is that so how did you mount that like it’s big too right look I mean it’s an optical illusion but I want to show you how big this thing I mean it was hard to wrestle this thing down but your head next year we’ll see how holy crap hopefully no oh please no where you flagged on YouTube dang it what’s that that Israel a lot bigger like that is it looks really small just based on here but when you get nexted I think it’s used yeah that’s one of them optical illusions and I used another I had a hunting guide another little mythical creature that helped me as a hunter you know to go find it the little-known with the gun he helped me go hunt the unicorn yeah happy you have to have the mythical creatures to cats and mythical creatures that’s right that’s right absolutely good very cool thanks fine buddy you guys know I said next week or we’re getting close phone rockin live I have six presentations I’m starting today to get done for my live so as you were coming it’s gonna be amazing um and Jim’s gonna be there running a booth on the speed-dating night I hope all you guys are gonna be Jim’s running a booth on the speed-dating night it ain’t a kissing booth I’ll be there to talk about funnel scripts and to talk about things like that but you know people could give they getting a little fast and easy there with all what old Jimbo is gonna be doing it’s gonna be amazing don’t miss it anyway yeah right 20 days away from funnel and live which I’m excited for uh and we have some big updates hop coming to funnel Friday’s which is gonna be really cool and excited for us so anyway Jim appreciate you appreciate for hanging out today if you don’t have funnel scripts yet go to farm scripts comm go watch the webinar today cuz it can help you understand why your funnel might not be working that’s one of the biggest problems people have that the funnels is not like the funnel structure or even the design the sad thing I recently looked at the top 100 funnel society click funnels and the interesting thing is that the design for most of them is isn’t it’s what good in fact it’s really bad I was like if people only knew that these were the top 100 funnels they would crap themselves but the more any common theme across all 100 is rate copy or a great copy and crack great copy with crap design will always outperform crap copy with amazing design great copy great offer ik that’s the two the two commonalities more so than design great copy great offer is the key so that’s it so funnel scripts will get you great copy about some people at 10x of it I talked it I don’t you presence in the video yet I updated how I how I brag about funnel scripts in there but I show a picture of me and you know I talked about like you went over like 10,000 plus sales letters headlines copy and I found the best of the best in the entire world and then basically you just plug those in and so basically they just type in fill in the blanks whack the button are we allowed to say whack the button now or do it to change that we can whack as much as you want I cleared it with the FDA and and other health professionals so your your time you’re marrying you whack the button it throws your product your service into the top ten thousand plus Facebook ads headlines emails blah blah blah blah blah blah it’s amazing so there you go the best of the best of the best that’s all we do there you go okay well thanks everybody thanks Jim and if you want to watch the replay this or any of the last 40 episodes this is episode 41 or final Friday’s go to front of Friday’s comm and that’s about it hey they’ll see you next week no that was great this was fun I’m glad to be back glad you let me go on vacation I’m glad to be back and just glad to be here he go awesome thanks everybody see guys

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Mentorbox Online Funnel Hacked Live ! Funnel Hacking Friday’s Episode #41

Mentorbox Online Funnel Hacked Live ! Funnel Hacking Friday’s Episode #41