Marketing Trifecta – Dave Woodward – FHR #219

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Marketing Trifecta – Dave Woodward – FHR #219

Dave Woodward details what he learned recently from a conversation with Russell Brunson about what Dave calls the “Marketing Trifecta” The first piece is the hook. This critical piece is frequently overlooked. Yet it can make up for a lot of other weaknesses in your marketing. Dave gives examples of great hooks and those that don’t work. As you implement the “trifecta” into your business you can go from startup to 6, 7 and even 8 figures if you get this done right.

Tips and Tricks for You and Your Business

-The Marketing Trifecta’s components (1:00)

-The Hook (4:43)

Quotable Moments:

“Sometimes, the hook is the journey – what you are going through.”

Other Tidbits:

Price doesn’t matter as long as you have the marketing trifecta correct. You can make a lot more money on the same product someone else has as long as it is done correctly.

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welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward Wow everybody this is gonna be a crazy right I have had so many things happening recently that I’ve just been dying to talk to somebody about this I’ve been doing Facebook lives and I had to try to contain my excitement enthusiasm here but not everyone understands my backstory on this kind of stuff so we kind of slowed things down here and dive into what I’m referring to here is the marketing trifecta so everyone always talks about an offer and how he offers everything and yes I understand the importance of the offer but just recently Russell did probably one of the most amazing trainings I’ve ever heard him give and unfortunately was just for our two comma Club X members that was this whole idea between what we refer to really I’m calling the marketing trifecta and that’s the hook the story and the offer now understand if you get all three of these right it literally is a 10 10 million plus dollar business if you just get one of them right you’re still hitting a seven-figure dollar business if you do it right and so I want to kind of give you my some ideas and things as far as how all this works so what happened a was Russell and I think James Frio we’re working out and it’s it been literally about three weeks since the three of us had been together just due to phone hacking live implications and do being sick and everything else and so we’re sitting in Russell’s gym and it is one of those things where all the sudden the my ideas just started rolling like crazy and I don’t think we got any true workout done as far as physical workout but I left there so energizing so excited and so just passionate about what we do as far as helping other small entrepreneurs and business owners realize the impact that they can have literally on changing the world and it all comes down to this concept as far as the hook the story and the offer now it first of all if you do not have Russell’s book expert secrets by all means stop right now do not listen to this any further go to experts secrets calm and buy the book it’s like it’s like the most important thing you can have as a business owner to get things going because it will help you understand the idea behind the PIFAN e bridges and stories and all that kind of stuff which is gonna help this podcast make even that much more sense so expert secrets calm go get the book if you don’t have it I don’t know why and if if you haven’t read it go read it so with that said I want to kind of just dive right into this idea here and realize that what you’re looking at at a business and a product so often people try to compete on price and price is like the worst thing in the world you can ever compete on because unless you’re the very lowest price it doesn’t do you any good to be the second lowest it just there’s no value there and all anytime you’re competing on price it’s just a race to the bottom where you can have the exact same product and if the hook and the story and the offer are correct you actually can get a ton more money for the exact same product by having a better offer now I Steven Larson who I just adore guys just become a great friend he was talking with my son Chandler so that’s gonna get the story second hands so and Steven is one of our two comma Club X coaches and my son Chandler signed up so product you ever for doing this my gosh dad did it without even tell me about it and so he’s paying for his own but I’m really excited so I was talking to last night about this whole idea cuz I’m so excited about this hook offers story story offered trifecta he said oh dad is so weird I was talking to Steve Larson about this the other day and he said that what I should be doing is every single time I see a product I haven’t think what is the offer that I have to create for that and the more ideas that you can create as far as coming up with offers the better I would be in my marketing oh my gosh that’s awesome and then I’m sitting there talking with Russell and the same thing happened on the hook side and that is every time you look at an offer what is the hook that you can come up with to make that offer that much more come and so Chandler was saying you with that I’m gonna basically take a look at everything I whatever I see as far as what would be they offer that I can create for that product so what I’m watching shark tank how would I enhance that offer what would I how can I make that offer better and a lot of times it comes back to the hook and I guess the way you can almost kind of refer to the hook as marketing foreplay it’s the idea as far as get it’s what gets people most interested in this story you’re about ready to tell and so the idea behind this is that if you get the right hook it can overcome a lot of mistakes in the offer so let me give you a couple of different ideas here take for example in real estate Robert Allen had probably one of the best hooks out there and whether you like his coaching program or what he does doesn’t matter so just realize as far as his hook his hook was so compelling that he literally had the newspapers writing about it and his hook was send me to any city take a one take away my wallet give me a hundred dollars for living expenses and in 72 hours I’ll buy an excellent piece of real estate using none of my own money now realize that hook is so compelling is whether you can do it or not it’s like yeah I want to find out about this and that’s again he hasn’t even given you the offer for his coaching program his hook is just out there so big and bold that people like Wow it catches their attention it’s it’s the it’s the pretty girl in the bars everything where it’s like wow it does knock down gorgeous woman and you’re sitting there or a gorgeous guy whatever it might be and your that’s the hook it’s what gets the person’s attention to where they’re like oh my gosh Tom and more and that’s where your story then becomes so compelling it’s also kind of like why if you take a look in the fitness industry I see this happened quite a bit you can have a person as the greatest product in the world on losing weight they can have the most amazing way to help a person lose weight but I can tell you right now that if if they’ve never had to lose weight themself they don’t have a hook that’s strong enough it just Falls it’s a small flat because it just doesn’t connect with people particularly I forget Drew’s last name who owns fit too fat to fit here’s a guy who has fit his entire life it is trying to to basically go out and help other people lose weight and get in shape and what he realized is because he had never gone through the experience of losing weight he was just like any other person out there and so he was trying to come up with a way that he could relate better and it could be a more compelling hook and so what’s this guy do he decides to create fit to fat fit for other words and it ventually is it he gets on all the late-night talk shows he hits on he then gets his own TV show about it because it was such an amazing hook that is here you have this guy who is just rock-hard chiseled body this Adonis type of figure who realizes that you know what I’m gonna go ahead I’m gonna get fat which is just totally opposite and so realize sometimes with the hook doing the opposite is what can create a solid hook so he goes from being to in amazing shape to where he gets fat super fat and then goes through and documents which is one of the keys to a great hook is the story is documenting things as you’re going through it so he documents this journey of becoming fat and then he documents the journey of losing the weight so now he has this compelling story of being fit of getting fat and then being fit again to where the hook is so strong that the story is fascinating or people want to hear more about this story and then they offer whether his offer is good or not doesn’t even matter as much because people have been sucked in so much by the hook in the story that they now are much more willing to listen to the offer the same thing happens in with Russell and a lot of things that he’s done here again you got a guy Russell is amazing at creating hooks in he by far the best guy in the world Farms offers go and also as far as hooks and if you take a look at a lot of his hooks the classic example right now is a brand new podcast he’s just come out with which is called the Book of Mormon challenge and again this isn’t a religious aspect here but this story here is so critical for you to understand I want to make sure you you get it and if you haven’t listened to his podcast by all means no matter what your religious affiliations are go and listen to Book of Mormon challenge calm or book Book of Mormon challenge podcast and it’ll take you to Book of Mormon the idea behind it is here’s a guy who as most of you already know is remember the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints or Mormon and his whole idea is this book so Mormons the nickname warming comes from the Book of Mormon which is a companion to the Bible and they go hand in hand and yet his whole idea here is there’s value in this book and he’s got a ton of around his house and he’s sitting there going gosh you know how the world can I get more excited about reading this book that I know it should be reading and so what he decided to do he decides to go out and spend a small fortune to buy one of the original copies of a very limited run of only 5000 copies that was published over 180 years ago so now he spends his small fortune he gets this book and now because he has it he now decides he’s gonna create a podcast to then tell people about his journey of going through and reading this precious volume of scripture that he and it’s been a small fortune to get one of the original copies of so that’s the hook that basically leads in to every single one of his podcasts so I highly recommend if nothing else at least listen to the intro to the Book of Mormon challenge because it basically tells you his hook in his intro the reason that hooks are so important is because hooks allow you the opportunity of actually increasing value even though you can have the exact same price so you can have the same price or you don’t have to compete on price because the added value that’s there so realize that when you’re looking at hooks there’s ways of creating looks some of the more common ones I’ve seen recently one is a crazy story or a claim like take for example Robert Allen’s or Drew’s fit to fat to fit or Russell’s claim or his experience basically of spending a small fortune to buy only the original 5,000 copies of Book of Mormon the other thing is taking a person through the journey and helping them understand kind of what you’re going through so if you’re familiar with JP if you’re sorry JP turgid catalog Seinfeld did an amazing episode in fact Elaine used to work for word JP Herrmann even though it’s kind of this myth mystical miss mythical type of story out there she worked for JP Duminy in this whole catalog edition and if you haven’t seen any of the original J Peter catalog we need to go to eBay and buy some of the catalogs they are fascinating primarily because they’re selling its clothing that’s being sold by story and it’s it’s just an amazing experience to read through some of the copy on these stories so realize that J Peterman was it uh it’s an actual company I think it started in the 80s 70s or 80s and they basically end up going bankrupt and one things that saved them was these crazy catalogs so I want to talk to you and I’m gonna read some of these stories here inside of a catalog now realize an umbrella you can pick up an umbrella for adding a web probably 7 10 20 bucks 30 bucks he’s selling umbrella here for $119 so you open up the catalog and what you see here is an English umbrella now understand this looks like any other umbrella you would ever see it it’s black it has a basically a hook on the bottom but let me read the story and see if it now increases the value to you so English umbrella in the past we sold the Queen’s umbrella with them with the royal warrant all due respect it may not be quite worth the four hundred sixty dollar price tag so we found one in the Midlands albeit made in Germany in the same style perfectly made not only expensive the shape open his dome which gives you more to get under and the 43 inch canopy diameter is very substantial the occasion would smart crook handle drapes effortlessly effortlessly over the arm and it looks very nice in the city with your short trench and French cuffs and cufflinks it also keeps you dry in the countryside while wearing less dapper apparel in parentheses it’s been tested the English umbrella 37 inches overall height black color and parentheses of course with matching black protective sleeve decorative colors one size made a journey price 119 bucks a night your man because I want those kind of experiences and so what you find is the story is selling the experience how let me give you another Luigi’s Lily turning pages here just reading through one of these catalogs oh here’s a belt so here’s a Western English belt now gran this looks like any other belt that you might be wearing here so the Western English belt the double leather construction is the same technique used in the girth and English saddles for strength and comfort the sharp look comes from the premium quality leather intricate stitching and rounded brass buckle one it’s Bridal with supple chaps leather for it overall one and a half inch with padded keeper handmade in Kentucky color brown price $199 for a belt but really what you’re doing here is you’re selling an experience and this story’s what’s up so you have the hook you have the story and the offer here’s another one this one here is a blue blazer break break the mold gently that’s the headline here a good sense of style is often defined by knowing but not necessarily obeying the rules just ask the trendsetters who suddenly strive to be noticed a dark velvet blazer meets the standards for evening wear without serenity uniformity pair with black dinner trousers a crisp white shirt and a bowtie and you’re in the company of notable Mavericks like not Nevada and Peck dress it down a bit with open collar even dark denim jeans and you’ll you’ll still be welcome in most Hollywood for month no hotspots there’s definitely a reason this looks pert this look persists created to glow under soft light you should only wear after dark not that you care about the rules cotton cashmere velvet blazer luxurious and inviting velvet cotton cashmere blend from nedeli in Italy in a flattering tailored cut body line and eye catching red paisley print notched lapels with angled left chest pockets to wilt pockets with flaps and lower rights and one welt pocket with flat lower left buttons match blazer color in parentheses important price 495 bucks color midnight maybe of course so realize here that the holy the trifecta two things is the hook the story and the offer the reason this is so important is you also have to take a look at having the right hook even on your bonuses inside of your offer and I’ll tell you real quick of some of the ones that Russell did just recently and at 10x we ended up having a new offer for the funnel builder secrets and part of what happened was he ended that basically telling this story of of one of the actual bonuses so bonus that you get is traffic secrets now Russell easily who’ve just said you know and you get traffic secrets which is going to give you all the tools and the resources that you need for traffic instead what he does is he goes through he tells the hook and the story of how he purchased traffic secrets and so he goes through for those you guys are in for milk John Reese John Reese was the first one to set the four-minute mile for us basically in marketing by doing over a million dollars in a launch and so earlier in Russell’s presentation you’d already talked about Roger Bannister and the four-minute mile so it ties in to the offer we now says goes back and talks about John Reese setting the four-minute mile in our industry and then he goes through and talks about how he spent over a million dollars to actually buy from John Reese the actual traffic secrets course and he’s giving that away free so he sets value to it he sets the hook and then to provide the social proof to it he also then shows copies of the so wire transfers to John for that so realize it’s the hook it’s the story the offer and that your bonuses need to have the same type of hooks and stories along with them I take some flattening did a similar thing recently with Trey Llewellyn where he was going to do a joint venture with Trey on on a product for e-commerce and Jason yeah Thursday already has a huge following in the e-commerce space he’s already a very well established person with webinars but what he realized is the hook and the story was so important that he actually ends up spending money to hire Trey to do this joint venture with so he sends trading money and shows people a copy of the money that he’s sent the check you sent to Trey and why does he pick Trey because Trey at the time is the number one selling ecommerce person inside of ClickFunnels™ and that’s the story he wants he wants an interview with the very best number one ecommerce seller inside of ClickFunnels™ so he can now use that as his hook and that is his story to then create the offer for his training code and it’s coaching program on e-commerce so realize that the whole idea here is you’ve got to focus on what is the hook and sometimes the hook is the journey it’s the crazy story it’s it’s what you’re going through yesterday just Russell ended up he’s wanted again he’s doing an episode for his book of Mormon challenge and he’s actually creating a hook just for one episode and this hook is the fact Russell hardly ever takes a day off but he ends up taking an entire day off to read The Book of Mormon and that then becomes the hook for his one episode and not only is it is it just that the reason he’s doing it is because of a story that took place over a hundred eighty years ago I a guy by the name of parley Pete Pratt who spent the entire God copy of the original Book of Mormon and ends up spending all this Loui his whole life stopped for the entire day because became so obsessed with reading this book and so it happened to be probably Pratt’s birthday yesterday so Russell thought you know what I’m gonna actually do that I’m going to take that challenge so sometimes you can do what someone else did and it’s your experience of that journey is becomes your hook and so Russell’s hook for the third episode was has taken an entire day off from work to read the original copy of the book mourn that he spent a small fortune on to get one of the original 5000 copies so realize whatever your business is you’ve got to spend the time to find out what is the best hook what is the story that I can now tell that will then help people understand the value in my offer so hopefully that makes sense that you understand the marketing trifecta a hook story offer have an amazing day and we’ll talk again soon you know one of the things that means a ton to me is the personal reviews that you guys leave on iTunes you won’t mind going out rate this show let me know how I’m doing just go to iTunes click on the episode and rate it leave a comment I read all the comments I’ve appreciate all the stars and everything given already left for me again I really appreciate it and it’s my way of finding out how I’m doing so if you don’t mind I’d really appreciate it and I again thank you so much for all that you guys do have a great day

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Marketing Trifecta – Dave Woodward – FHR #219

Marketing Trifecta – Dave Woodward – FHR #219