Mandy Keene, How To Find Your Super Power AND Your Kryptonite

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Mandy Keene, How To Find Your Super Power AND Your Kryptonite

– Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Mandy Keene is the mind set coach for all of Russell’s Inner Circle Members. She has been coaching high end achievers for over 20 years. She reveals what you need to do as an entrepreneur and small to mid-size business owner to take your company to the next level. She details what the DISC test reveals and how you can hire the right people for the right position.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward I’m your host Dave Woodward and I am so so excited I have a dear friend who I am just so excited to introduce you guys to I’ve been trying to get Mandy keen so first of all welcome Andy thank you it’s an honor day thank you I’ve been trying to get Mandy on this for almost a year from the very beginning when I started this thing and she is so busy always has a ton of crazy cool stuff going on if you guys aren’t familiar with manny she is the brainchild behind all the mindset coaching that any of our inner circle members who work with russell they work with her because she is literally the magician that helps you get to the next level and I can’t thank you enough for being with us Mandy oh thank you Dave it’s an honor to be here you’re always a blast to talk to oh well thanks so if you’re not familiar with some of the stuff that Mandy does she’s been a coach for years we’re totally wrong she’s literally worked with be very very best in the industry when it comes to really helping people get to the next level and I want to make sure you guys understand how important this is as an entrepreneur she works in all the personality testing and disc she helped me a ton personally as far as the disc profile if you haven’t taken it highly highly highly recommend that you do I find myself being extremely Heidi and an extremely high I know Millie with those terms you got to go figure it out so but with that Mandy welcome and let’s kinda just dive right into this yeah yeah you bet and I just want to reinforce – how important it is to know yourself and that’s why I love these tools like the disc and and myers-briggs and anything like that because when we know ourselves it’s life is so much easier and we’re able to we know how to recharge we know how to navigate and that’s why I’m a big fan of that custom feedback because obviously Dave someone like you who’s a hi-dee-hi I you’re gonna recharge very differently than let’s say someone that is like a really good at tech and they’re a clip final they want to be left alone there it’s a completely different recharge and so that’s what I’m such a fan of that one-on-one coaching because I find that people really need that I love that so for those people have no idea what we’re talking about as far as yeah yeah I all that kind of stuff yeah what can you basically so what are some of the things that people need to be aware of when they’re looking at themselves as an entrepreneur and they’re trying to take to themselves to the next level what are some of the very first things from a mindset you would recommend yes great question so specifically when it comes to being an entrepreneur knowing so quick bottom line on disk cuz it’s really easy to explain is you know there’s four different behavior styles there’s the D which the D could be like the lion you know the IDS are very dominant they’re driven by results they’re driven by anger that’s why they’re very passionate people that’s why I was saying before we hopped on Dave like for someone like you you got it you gotta have physical vigorous activity like it’s your therapy and like if you’re not running or punching a bag or doing something then you’re gonna get wound up right so it’s really important for DS to know who they are and so you think about that as an entrepreneur DS are fantastic when it comes to sales when it comes to marketing when it comes to hustling they’re they’re great at that but if you’re not a Heidi you’re not going that’s not going to be as natural to you so that’s why you want to get a Heidi on your team and so the eyes what’s the eye so the eyes the part of your day that you just love to laugh and have fun so I just want to be liked that’s you know that softened your D as well like D eyes tend to be really great and sales and whatnot because you know you you you can punch someone and give them a hug at the same time and so it’s so important to know that Tara Tara Williams so I just love and adore I love nicest mean guy she’s ever met so that just did exactly why that is exactly it’s because you have it’s because you have both I coach a client I swear I know it’s not Robert DeNiro but I joke that I’m coaching Robert DeNiro because he lives in Chicago and he sounds like him and he’s a hundred d and that’s it he has no and he has the hardest time gaining rapport with people because he’s so dominant and he’s just all about results and so it’s really nice to have that that di combo so for those of you who are listening if you if you’re funny if you’re playful if you’re Kris Matic then you’re probably a high I and you’re great with people and you need to be around people and that’s being more of an extrovert and then there’s the s and the esses or the steady Eddie’s we s’s we like to serve SS or driven by the need to serve you’ll know an S if you’re in a room and someone starts crying and it’s the highest is that are grabbing the tissue box and giving it to somebody so it’s the SS that are paying attention to those things you always want SS on your team because they’re loyal they’re consistent and then there’s the seats and C stands for cautiousness these are driven by fear and they’re extremely detail-oriented these are the people that tend to be let’s say Dave really great ClickFunnels™ certified partners because they’re gonna pay attention to all those nitty-gritty details that you and I are gonna like fall asleep to so you need all of that is an entrepreneur if you know who you are and then you know what you’re missing then you’ll know how to design your team when I first study disc I think you’ll find this interesting is when I first learned disc was from Robert alderman and Robert alderman shared it with Tony Robbins and I remember being on Tony’s team and we did a whole mind map of everybody in Anthony Robbins companies and it was chaotic and the company was very disorganized and it was because if you can imagine Dave it was a bunch of you so it was a bunch of hi-dee-hi eyes and there was no essence there was a no variable terrible for girls on your team there was a lot getting done and there was a lot of energy but what Tony realized his breakthrough is that he attracted people who were like him and and what really helped grow his company and the big breakthrough was he realized I need a bunch of more SC’s and because it wasn’t like him he didn’t usually value it or understand that until he learned the disc and when he learned that like oh my gosh I need to surround myself with high s isn’t C so I can get this done and then I can stay in my lane right I love that yeah I know for for me that’s been that was one of the main takeaways I got when I was coaching with you on this was the importance of health surrounding yourself with people that aren’t like yourself because it’s always it’s always easier when you’re hiring things to hire people that are just like you yeah you’re right I and I saw in my own personal life once I started bringing others around them basically were the office almost the polar opposite so hi s hi see it really helped me in my business it helped us here as far as ClickFunnels™ and everything else you know we we joke around a lot as far as yes you know Russell and Melanie and they’re like a perfect CEO and administrative assistant because they work together so perfectly because they offset each other so well and I think as an entrepreneur as you’re looking at your business and you’re trying to grow your business it’s real important that you make sure that that you’re bringing in those complementary types of pieces otherwise you get really frustrated when a whole bunch of activity and energy but nothing’s really getting done and I just love love what you mentioned there yeah and you know if you look at like I don’t know any entrepreneur David who doesn’t want to not only become successful but also enjoy the process and enjoy the journey and when you know how to hire the person for the right position they’re gonna be so much happier like I always say penguins want to be in the cold they need to be in the cold you know tropical birds maybe in the tropics it’s like you need to have Dave like the worst thing you could do to Dave is lock you in a room by yourself all day long with a bunch of details right if so you need Dave being out there with the people and that’s that’s your superpower and so when you hire people for the right position they’re gonna be happier and things are gonna flow and that’s what I love about what Russell’s done with ClickFunnels™ is he’s been very deliberate at making sure that people were really in their super power spots and again a lot of it goes back to your coaching because you’ve done an amazing job at our team helping us as we’ve taken a look at hiring to make sure that we hire the the right people for that position like what you were mentioned I love the analogy as far as penguins in the cold and you don’t birds and in tropics because they are so much happier in that position there’s nothing more frustrating than putting someone in a high ass or high C in a sales position they’re gonna go crazy yeah it’s time to take a DI and put him like you mentioned for me put me in a room with a whole bunch of details I gotta focus and get everything that’s gonna drive me nuts so yeah I think the the main thing is as we take a look at this as an entrepreneur what are some of the things when a person may not be familiar with discs but they’re trying to grow their business what would you recommend they do the more that you work with so obviously I’m a big fan Dave of coaching is I really find that it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with all the information and that’s why I’m a big fan I have a clam I own coach myself that’s why I’m a big fan of that one-on-one and really having someone if you give someone permission who has the skill set who has the experience to enter your weird world that you live in and let them be able to serve you and customize what it is that you need you know what is your superpower helping you live in your superpower what’s your kryptonite and helping you build a team so that you don’t have that that weakness holding you back and so I’m just a huge fan of that one-on-one because I know people can take general advice and then get overwhelmed and it not be applicable it’s kind of like you know working with a really great doctor or physician or a personal trainer you could you know you could get the videos and you could think oh I need you know b12 is good for you I’m gonna take that but maybe you’re not low on b12 maybe you’re low on vitamin D but you don’t know that unless you take a blood test right so I find the same things true with coaching and that you may not it’s like I love the analogy of a fisherman can’t smell the fish because you’re in your world sometimes you don’t realize what you’re doing that is sabotaging you were holding you back and that’s the biggest value of having a coach on on your on your team is they’re gonna see stuff that you’re not because you’re in it so how do you find the right coach because I mean Mandy you are amazing and honest it’s one of the things we’d love so much about you and working with inner circle members everybody just adores you and because you provide so much and I get part it’s because you’ve been doing this for 20-plus years you’ve perfected that craft but for an entrepreneur you may not have access to you how do they find someone of your skill set and at the same time someone they can trust because I know for me that’s the hardest part when it comes to a coach ah I really trust this person and can I really it’s yours you really have to become extremely vulnerable you do you do it’s very personal oh yeah I was first talking with you about that that was the hardest a firm is I fortunately I trusted you because we’d be good friends for a long time but I know that for a lot of people when they hire coach they’re like I’m gonna tell them just a couple of things and they yeah they never get the results they want they think that coaching never matters so yeah how do you find that right coach well first off I just really want to reinforce before I forget something powerful that you said as far as being vulnerable because you do want to find someone that you’re gonna be you know crying or for you Dave you’d be screaming you know or whatever it may be you could vent and you can be real and vulnerable and raw and so if you’re not if you’re with the coaching or not then either a it’s not the right coach or B you need to give them a chance my favorite way Dave to find anybody whether it’s a hair stylist or coach is through referral that is my favorite way because if you think about it I mean the the best the best people are the ones like that you could be able to ask and you know who’s your coach and most people will share who they’re working with because here’s the thing that I’ve learned is if you go online and if you read you know their bio like they could have someone that can write a great bio that could be really good in front of the camera or you know what I know some incredible coaches Dave that suck in front of the camera but they’re incredible they’re an incredible coach where I’m like oh the world’s not gonna know how good you are because you suck at marketing but they’re really good at coaching so so I it’s really tricky because they could be great at sales and marketing but may not be a great coach and the opposite can be true so I would say through referral and for anybody that’s watching the show I’m very blessed and honored you know coaches tend to know other coaches right click funnel certified partners no other clip funnel certified we tend to know people who are like us so I feel very blessed and honored that I know incredible coaches so if anybody wants a recommendation from myself I’m not available because I got my hands full with the inner circle rockstars but I I know of incredible coaches that I can recommend and that’s that’s how I would recommend finding the right match for you and to test on interview that you know have more that have more than one session I love that so the very next question everyone’s gonna be asking is so how do I get ahold of you Mandy to Puncak out so yes Facebook I check my facebook messages so Mandy keen ke e and E just send me a Facebook message and I’ll get back to you you bet awesome I love that so let’s talk more about about how you actually can become more coachable because I know that as an entrepreneur we’re very very driven and a lot of entrepreneurs basically I know exactly what I want kind of get out of my way type of thing at the same time you do have to have that coach ability side yeah that’s one of things I learned from you was the importance of being more coachable and you helped me a lot that so how what recommendations do you have for people for for being able to listen to take advice from a coach and actually take action on that yes so it goes back to what you said earlier Dave and that is being vulnerable and being real and you know what I ask when I ask my clients is to like even just taking three minutes you know even a high D like yourself I would say if you could take one minute Dave before our call like 60 seconds before a call and just ask yourself what is the most important thing for me to focus on if I was gonna be totally open dead honest and real and vulnerable with my coach what do I really need and your mind will give you exactly the answer will give you the truth and the more that you start to do that with a and the more that you get like oh wow that was helpful and you get you’re gonna get positive reinforcement the more comfortable you’re gonna get at doing that and if I just may say Dave the reason why most people don’t do that is because I’m going to sound harsh here and I don’t mean to but the reason why most people don’t get vulnerable is because they have been trained by their friends their family the reaction that they get is usually not supportive so it’s usually one of either like trying to fix it or making them wrong or a lot of people get uncomfortable when people are in pain this is something I had to learn as a coach in fact I had an incredible mentor coach my third year of coaching and I remember her saying Mandy I really want you to practice being okay in people’s pain because for me I’m a high ISO very positive right very bubbly and and sometimes that they wouldn’t feel like I really understood them if I move too quickly past their pain and so it’s first you know working with the coach and I’ve had to learn this with someone that can really be present and understand okay I get your pain Dave I know your pain now you’re gonna be so much more coachable because I you know I’ve entered your world the reason why I think a lot of people are not as coachable it’s honestly not your fault it’s honestly the people because you’ve been trained to it not like it hasn’t been safe you know we’re human beings we we’re smart we avoid pain gain pleasure that’s what we do and so one of the reasons why you’re not as vulnerable coachable is because you haven’t had many positive reinforcements for doing that but a great coach can help you change that I love that that’s great advice thank you so much yeah Mandy in your experience as you’ve worked with coaches yourself and as as a business owner you’ve been on both sides you get you’ve been the business owner you’ve been the coach and so you see both sides what’s that what tips would you recommend for the business owner when they’re looking at bringing on employees as is helping because frequently as a business owner you also become the coach to the people you’re working with so how do you become a good business owner coach and yet at the same time still maintain the that separation as far as business owner employee type of control wow that’s a powerful question Dave so I have two answers may I plug someone on your show okay because I have a secret weapon that I just I I have two I would feel out of integrity if I didn’t share but before I plug this person the first thing I would say is going back to what we were doing is what we’re talking about earlier you look at Russell you look at the ClickFunnels™ team it it’s so much easier just have those boundaries and to really you know be that leader when people are in their right spots so like Melanie as you know she is a rock star with being Russell’s executive assistant she knows like I would be in a stretcher if I tried to do Melanie’s job for an hour so like she’s a mate like she’s in her right spot so if you have if you hire look for the right role then things are gonna go that much smoother and it’s so important to I would say set boundaries and I think that that is something I know that in coaching a lot of entrepreneurs where it’s their first time in hiring more than two people they’re not used to boundaries because as entrepreneurs we tend to be rebels right so when it comes to boundaries that’s like we what got us to where we’re at is is being a rebel but what’s gonna get us to where we’re gonna want to go with the team is we need to have that structure and those boundaries and how the heck to organize that and to do that that’s where Dave I really I recommend James P Friel so you’ve met James you know what I’m talking about with what he’s done yeah yeah so whenever I have someone in the inner circle someone that’s going through a challenging time as far as hiring firing that is James you know James is a magician when it comes to building your team and you need someone like James to help build that structure as I find that that’s where most entrepreneurs and business owners they tend to be artists in their craft just like Russell and when it comes to that structure that’s foreign to them so it’s really helpful to have an expert like James come in and help organize that I love it thank you so much yeah James is a great dear friend of ours and I highly recommend as well we’ve used him quite a bit here so it’s been awesome exactly well many as we get kind of close to wrapping things up here anything else you want to make sure we share with our audience from your years of experience and be really important yeah so the one thing that surprises people when I’m when I’m coaching them that they you know usually don’t enroll into coaching for this but we usually end up focusing on it is and I think this is important especially Dave for your listeners who are who are hustlers and business owners and have big dreams is the importance of learning how to take care of yourself and I know that may sound like a little like oh come on really at that self-care and just mastering what is what’s your morning routine what’s your evening routine that really is the key to being able to grow as not only a business owner but as a human being and so I would just really encourage people to look at like if you were to rate yourself on a scale from one to ten ten being you you really do wake up happy I’m not talking like fake happy like you’re really excited about your day authentically sincerely excited about your day you enjoy your day when the night comes you’re like I almost like don’t we want to go to bed because you’re like a little kid you’re so excited you know Russell’s like that right like it’s like I don’t want to go to bed and you fall asleep victorious because you know you just you play full out and you’ve lived that’s a ten one not at all where would you rate your self-care like you’re like maybe your body’s akin or you’re getting headaches you don’t feel good or you’re cranky or you’re doing things that you don’t like to do whatever it may be is to take an inventory of where you’re at and if you don’t have a coach yet get a coach who can help you bridge that gap it’ll be the best investment you’ve ever made in your business in yourself well that is fantastic I I can’t express you how much it makes me I know that that for me is probably my biggest saving grace is that opportunity of taking that self-care and you know we talk you know if you’re watching our podcasts or videos or anything else we talk a lot about bio hacking or all these crazy things yeah it all comes back to for us it’s another way of saying as far as it’s our own self-care see it’s those little again from Tony Robbins basically it’s the two millimeters that’s all it takes those little tiny differences and self care by far I think is the most important thing and I think of when they when you start talking about self care I thought of gosh physical self carry emotional self care spiritual self care mental health care all that to me is all-encompassing in that and it’s really hard to play all out when that you have to take yourself first so you again you know Java got so thank you so much thank you Dave this was fun I appreciate it again get a hold of Manny take her out Facebook Mandy keen and I can’t recommend her enough she is the sweetest most wonderful awesome woman you’ll ever meet your life as you’ve heard from her over the last few minutes here and again highly recommend you reach out to her Mandy would love you to death thank you so much for being our show thank you bye bye everyone thanks for listen to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Auto hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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“A fisherman can’t smell the fish, because you’re in your world sometimes you don’t realize what is holding you back. And that’s the biggest value of a coach is that they can tell you things you’ve become blind to.”

“If you hire for the right role everything will go a lot smoother.”

“Take an inventory of where you’re at and if you don’t have a coach get a coach and they’ll help you bridge [from going to sleep grouchy and tired to not wanting to go to sleep because you feel so successful and you’re just so pumped to work] and it’ll be the best investment you’ve ever made in your business and in yourself.”

Mandy Keene, How To Find Your Super Power AND Your Kryptonite

Mandy Keene, How To Find Your Super Power AND Your Kryptonite