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Dave Woodward visits Magnolia Farms and shares the marketing secrets he learned from Chip and Joana Gaines. While being there in Waco so many things became apparent he just had to share what he experienced.

Show Notes:

-There is an art behind going on a micro vacation, especially when it comes to us as entrepreneurs

-Whichever direction your competition is going, don’t go that way

-To re-edify what Russell always says, be an attractive character

-Dave really does love urgency and scarcity

-Going digital to physical, technically is a step backwards but really only propels you forward

-If you can create authenticity and culture you hold your audience a lot longer

-Create an experience your audience will buy into and not want to leave

-The puppy dog close


“When you go against the grain, and kind of go in the opposite way of your competition, it’s what helps you stand out from your competitors.”

“I love seeing urgency and scarcity. Nothing sells more, nothing creates more, nothing gets more done than when people feel urgency and scarcity.”

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back funnel hackers your host Dave Woodward this is the second of my podcasts where I’m actually not interviewing anyone else but I’m just providing content to use for some of the things that we’re seeing and want to provide you some of the secrets and hacks of the stuff that’s going on so this is a little bit different than we’d normally do so bear with me as we kind of go through this but the same time I want to make sure you get a ton of content as fast as I possibly can deliver it so with that what I want to cover with you guys today and that is the chip and Joanna Gaines marketing secrets there’s seven of them that I learned most recently when I was actually out at Magnolia farms we’re gonna dive right into this so a little background here first of all is to understand the ID as far as a micro vacation I have the opportunity of traveling quite a bit these days and I in the past I’ve always spent a lot of time doing micro vacations with my wife and since we moved to Boise I haven’t done as many of them and I thought we need to do a few more of these things so gosh in September a few months ago we ended up doing our first micro vacation we’re basically just literally I was going down to meet with Pedro’s cueing at his mastermind event and I just said no sweetheart let’s come on come down for the day before and just spend the day with me so San San Diego is our old stomping grounds we moved from there last year up to Boise so we went back and just had a great time in La Jolla and down to San Diego the beach and just having fun together and the whole idea as far as this micro vacation was really just condensing a whole bunch of time and adding it on to whatever else might be going on so for us in our marriage we’ve just celebrated our 24th annum or are going to November 6 be celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary and I can tell you for us micro vacations have been kind of a secret sauce for us to kind of keep everything exciting and alive we got four boys and life is busy and everything else is going on so I thought you know what we’re gonna have this little microphone in San Diego and we have so much fun I decided you know we’ll do another one the next time I go so if you haven’t seen our funnel hacker TV episode number 58 that’s the one my wife and I actually talked about micro vacation so check it out you go to funnel hacker TV episode 58 is about our trip to San Diego on a micro vacation but with all that I want to kind of let you know what we did just recently I was at launch con Jeff Walker’s event and been in there basically flew in Tuesday we had launch Club and then launch con I had my son flight hound to help work with Marc so that I could leave early and my wife flew in Saturday and so we took off Saturday and Sunday and basically made a micro vacation out of this and tacked it on because she’s always wanted to go to Magnolia farm so if you’re not familiar with chip and Joanna Gaines they’re the hit TV show it on HGTV and this kid guy who’s kind of kind of in a bucket list for my wife and for some reason we fly into awesome we fly into Dallas we’ve never made the trip an hour and a half from either direction to Waco Texas so we decided to just take off and head down drove the hour and half down to Waco Texas and as you’re driving into Waco you start seeing billboards of Chip and Joanna Gaines and you’re like this is crazy I had no idea this was this large of a place and as they as you drive off the the fruit get off on the exit there and head over there’s literally signs and directions to guide you directly to this so the whole City of Waco has now basically a taken on chip and Joanna Gaines and it was fascinating to me to see all the marketing lessons that I learned while my wife was having fun I was just geeking out over all the marketing lessons that were just hitting me time and time and time again so I want to share those seven with you first of all one of the first ones I picked up on and that is you got to go in the opposite direction of your competition and this kind of goes back to their original TV show so they haven’t got there have been a ton of shows out there as far as flipping houses armando montelongo was probably one of the first ones who did a years ago and i remember seeing his the way he would just beat up the contractors and and then later he saw you know flipping vegas and there was this whole argumentative type of thing between contractors and then it with flipping Vegas it was the husband and wife basically yelling at each other all the time and just it was always contention and argumentative type of stuff and so it was totally different when you started to take a look at how chip and Joanna Gaines did their show when they ended up doing their show they actually ended up doing just completely the opposite where you find these this couple who are madly in love they show their quirkiness and their family life and they kind of take a page out of the old the I forget what TV show it was where they had moved that bus and basically they they rebuilt these homes you know charity worked everything else to rebuild these homes and the whole idea was move the bus and by moving the bus they would see that their dream house home and they’d all followed in collapse and tears and joy and excitement all that well chip and Joanna Gaines has done this similar type of thing where they basically had a picture blown-up of what this house used to look like and then they’d pull it apart and behind it would be there this couple’s new house and so it’s fascinating to me to see the importance when you take a look at and a lot of marketing becomes me – ish these days and what you’re gonna find for when you go against the grain and kind of go in the opposite direction of your competition it’s what helps you to stand out from your competitors and I’ve seen them do an amazing job of that so that was secret number one I learned the second one was a reinforcement of what Russell talks about all the time and that’s the attractive character these two are the epitome of attractive characters here you’ve got chip who’s the goofy kind of dumb carpenter guy who’s always just trying to get the love and affection approval of his wife and it’s one of those things that’s quirky enough that the guys who are watching show and go yeah I can get that I’m very much like chip where I’m always just trying to do anything I can to get approval from my wife and I totally connected with what he was doing Joanna on the other side is as this calm but just reassuring female confidence with this crazy flair for design and that design element is something that was totally new and being added again kind of goes back to the last tip as far as going in the opposite direction most of the flipping shows is all about the almost kind of cookie cutter type of stuff hers is all thing is custom it’s you’re basically building this home for this cup of their dream house and so they go through and she has a a crazy ability to to bring a whole bunch of color and flair and design in and it’s been what her passion is so because of that and they add in the family this these two attractive characters play off each other so well that it appeals to everybody husband’s wife’s kids and whole families can actually enjoy the show and so the attractive character if you don’t have an attractive character in your business you have to create one you have to find one every business needs to have an attractive character the third thing is urgency and scarcity as a marketer there’s probably nothing better than those two words I love seeing urgency and scarcity nothing sells more nothing creates more nothing gets more done than when people feel urgency and scarcity we’re coming up to Black Friday mass of urgency massive scarcity we’ve got people Black Friday now basically extends I think it starts on Wednesday now probably right now for Thanksgiving on Thursday but it’s crazy how urgency and scarcity is one of the main things that really creates people to buy it’s this whole frenzy type of thing well as you drive into Waco and you approach this this multiple city blocks that they now own you see this huge line of people wrapping around the block and you’re going what in the world are these people there for and as you approach it’s basically it’s their little bakery where Joanna Gaines has her cupcakes that she sells inside this bakery and you’re you’re gonna you gotta be kidding in line for a cupcake and it literally goes around the block and I was just fascinated so many times I would sit there just tell my wife I just got a stand in line I just got a jump into this and she’s like no no I wanna go do this else and every time I came back she finally convinced me not to see an alignment wait for it but I wanted to get inside I wanted to see what was inside this bakery then this whole line of people we’re waiting for and just trying to die it dying to get inside this bakery so you take a look at as far as your business you have to have urgency and scarcity and it’s amazing how that the draw that it has on people it is one of the world’s greatest realities and tactics whatever you’re looking at selling anything well the fourth the fourth secret and that is the way in which they have gone from digital to physical this is one of the things I love seeing all of our funnel hackers do because there’s so much more money on the physical side as far as getting people offline it’s great as far as making money online with people but amazed see the amount of money you can do offline so if you take a look at chip and Joanna Gaines TV show this reality show what they’ve done is they started creating a massive amount of content online through the TV show and again probably at the time had no idea where it was gonna go but by doing this they’ve created a army of people who started loving their content so you’ll see right now we’ve got funnel hacker TV if you’re not if you go to youtube take a look at funnel hacker TV you’ll see we’ve got a ton of different episodes and ways of people consuming content obviously this podcast Russell’s podcast if you’re not listening to marketing secrets you absolutely have to we have the behind the scenes shows where we’ve got basically Russell’s camera my camera Stephens camera and we create two or three shows a week showing people behind the scenes and it’s been fascinating I’m actually out here in Phoenix recording this right now I just met a six division and as I was talking with Brad and Taylor over there they said you know what I feel like I know everybody in your office because I watch all of your behind the scenes shows that is that content it creates the relationship and so they started with that to create this massive movement but then what they’ve done is during the shows they actually started seating in some of the things that you’d now see when you go to the silos at Magnolia farms so they ended up buying this old granary silo and you see on their shows chip inside basically trying to to remodel and do different things and inside of the of the silo and some of the granary things you see Joanna over at the bakery trying to rehab this bakery and things and so all of this started off inside of of their content which now once they actually launched this huge couple of city blocks here now people have this destination to go to because they already saw it online they already saw the content being created they wanted to participate in that content the other thing they’ve done an amazing job of is now taking that brand and taking that to where Joanna now is they went from TV they now have a magazine that you can now buy and you should subscribe to and you can get the physical content in that inside of there she now has a whole line of products that she creates and sells at her stores and at this place we were at in addition to that she’s now expanded line to Pier one Imports she’s expanded that line to target all because of what started from creating massive content that people fell in love with they were able to take all that massive content that was all digital on TV and they took that now and have built this massive physical Empire based on exactly that tip number five we want to talk to you about our secret number five was the whole idea as far as authenticity and culture so as you walk into this you walk in the first thing you see is the the bakery you see the big silos up there and then you start walking on to this almost a campus type of thing where you’re greeted by some of the most friendly people in the world southern hospitality completely authentic to how Johanna is on the show and these women were basically just greeting you anything we could do for you how can we help and you started falling in love with with the atmosphere and the attitude everything else as far as the people who are there and as you go into the show into the the stores what you see is her same stuff that’s on her TV show and so it’s completely authentic you like oh my gosh I love this I love how she did this and the amount of things that people were buying at ridiculously high prices was so exciting to me I loved seeing it was like oh my gosh this is exactly how marketing works and because everything was totally authentic the smells that were inside of the inside of the stores in the warehouses that you go into was exactly what you would expect to see the candles that are led the the crazy thing for me was the way in which they have outside a basically this huge place where they are creating kettle corn all sorts of kettle corn but their most popular one is salted caramel salted caramel kal corn which permeated the entire complex and it was fascinating because it just drew you in it was like you’re you’re coming home to mom’s cooking and it just smelled the smells were just amazing and you just felt like you were home and her authenticity even though she may never ever stop step foot in the store everybody who was there was a replica of what her personality was like she hired people who were just as kind and genuine and everybody ran into is just how can I help you what can I do and because in that culture she’s created it just drew people more and more people into it was just amazing to see and then true to form chip has his own little tiny corner of the store just as he appears on the show to not have as much involvement as Johanna does in the store he has his own little corner that you can buy some of his stuff so it has an appeal to guys there as well they then ended up having because a lot of the stuff is really large in the in the place they also had a place where you could ship it so they would ship it out for you if you bought too much stuff so it’s just the authenticity and the culture was just amazing just to see how it was all there the sixth tip which I would just loved was they made it an experience and I think the crazy thing in marketing and in building and in business is you have to create an experience for people these days with all the social media everything that’s going on those experiences are some of the most important things that’s what people buy into I love Apple I’m this huge Steve Jobs fan and they’re such an experience with an Apple product and it’s because that experience it creates a culture around that experience same thing happened here when you literally kind of felt like you were at home and you walk in there’s these again the bakeries there inside is the big warehouse where they’re selling all the stuff when you walk outside there’s this huge turf area for kids and families just to play football and I mean they got people throwing ball footballs around they’ve got beanbag tosses they’ve got almost like this park environment we’ve got a bunch of a beanbag chair set up so you can just have this conversation and then all around the perimeter of the property our food trucks and there’s every type of food truck you can imagine they probably had 20 different food trucks throughout the entire property for people just to come in they have this big area where you could have a picnic and it’d be really became this experience and just we were there for probably two hours but I I saw people who were there I’m assuming way before we got there and they were there even after we left and it was just fascinating for me to see the families and the selfies that were going on were crazy there was more women taking pictures himself by pictures of the silos pictures by the bakery picture by the warehouse pictures by the seat area because they all wanted to be a part they wanted to connect and so in your business you gotta find a way of creating experiences for people inside if ClickFunnels™ right now we have gamified the entire onboarding process for that exact reason we want people to consume the product and consumption is massive so the better you are at helping people consume that product for her she made an experience to where you literally consumed every single thing that was Joann and chip gains out there and the very back of the property is of little seed area where she has her little garden which again is a replica of the garden she has at her ranch at her family ranch which is on the show and so you again you feel like you’re right there as part of it you’re getting some of the seeds everything else and so you’ve got these city slickers you’re coming into Waco tax thinking you know I’m gonna be just like chip and Joanna Gaines and they people just bought into it so it’s fascinating the seventh one for me which I always love I love this thing and that is the idea as far as the puppy-dog clothes and anytime you have the opportunity of having this whole puppy dog type of sales clothes it always always works and this goes back to years ago as far as when people wanted to to basically help sell puppies or anything else they said you know what just take the puppy home hold the puppy just experience puppy take it home if you don’t want it just bring it back tomorrow there’s no parent in the world whoever’s gonna walk into a pet smart and I hope fall for that unfortunately I’ve done that we have a little Chui knee now because of that because my wife walked into a pet store not having any intention of buying a dog because we agreed when he first got married we weren’t gonna have a dog but she fell in love with this dog and so we just brought it home and sure enough or probably 10 years later we still have Maya our little dachshund dachshund Chihuahua chiweenie mix that my kids love and have fall in love with so that’s the whole concept behind the puppy dog clothes the way she used it in her store was awesome and that is when you walk in they basically give you a beautiful shopping bag to put all your stuff in and you just carry this bag around it’s got it’s leather bag and had Magnolia farms it’s just really really quite a nice bag and you put all the stuff in it and as you’re doing that you basically become very attached to this bag and then when you go to checkout the check read the register lady Bay says well if you’d like you know you can just keep the bag keep all this stuff in there and I couldn’t believe how many of these leather bags they were selling for I don’t know 35 40 bucks just because the people that had carried this and grown attached to it all their things were in there and that’s what they used to take away so again those are the seven secrets and things that I learned from chip and Joanna Gaines while heading out to Mecca Magnolia farms in Waco Texas so again hopefully this was a value to you guys you know still trying to find out the different things I’ve what you can find upcoming next is gonna be some of our two comma Club coaching two comma Club award-winning profiles basically so myself or I may even have a Steven Larson help me out on this thing we’re basically going to start interviewing some of our two comma Club winners and what it is that they’ve done to actually get that award so right now we have over a hundred and sixty-two actually we have 160 to I say over because we are adding somewhere between three to five a day right now almost 15 per week every day been traveling quite a bit every day I come back in the office on our wall just keeps growing by tons and this is these are people who are actually having massive success implementing those things that we teach inside of ClickFunnels™ so we’ll be starting those shortly here and again I can’t tell you how much I always appreciate those people who take the time to listen to our content again if you want more of our content go ahead and take take a look at funnel hacker TV that’s where Russell’s marketing secrets podcasts are as a vlog or vlog for behind the scenes are there as well as a whole bunch of other content so – I check that out funnel hacker TV thanks again for listening hopefully this was a value to you guys let me know if it is you hit me up on Facebook let me know there or you can always email me at david ClickFunnels™ com always trying to find out what we can do to help provide more value to help you succeed in your business thanks again so much from the cook funnels family I’ll talk to you guys soon thanks for listen to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified any time we release a new episode just subscribe over at bottle hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio com forward slash dream and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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