Keep Publishing, Even When No One’s Listening

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Keep Publishing, Even When No One’s Listening

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Two presentations that I gave, where I thought that no one was listening, that literally changed a few people’s world.

On today’s episode Russell talks about being able to make a difference even when he thought something seemed like a waste of time. Here are some awesome things to listen for on this episode:

-Why Alex Hermosi heard Russell’s message, but didn’t do anything about if for a year.

-How well Alex has been able to do with his business despite having tiny goals.

-And why speaking to only 15 people at Affiliate Summit actually turned out to be a good thing.

So listen here to find out why it’s important to keep putting your message out there, even if you think no one is listening.

what’s up everybody else’ll Brunson and welcome to the marketing secrets podcast I got something cool to share with you today so the big question is this how our entrepreneurs like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital for spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way that lets us get our products and our services and the things that you believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets everyone all right so first off I want to share something that’s little different than normal we’ve been in promoting for liking live we’re getting close to selling on ticket so I thought it’d be fun to do Facebook lies with all different speakers and so today I did two facebook lives one was with Alex and Leila har mozi and then Myron golden who were like amazing people and then I did it on with with Kaelyn Poland and also with Natalie Hodson and she’s been really fun to talk to the speakers and give them excited but what they’re talking about everyone else excited as well and during one of the Facebook lives today we had a really cool thing kind of came out of it so it’s Alex Ramon some you guys may know Alex because he spoke and this is a second phone I like might be spoken at he and his wife are gonna be speaking of this one but what’s interesting is at the end of it I was asking I asked like you know why she think peels to kind of find you live and he was just like he said you know I think it’s like three or four years ago he went to an event it wasn’t my event it was it was a it was trafficking conversion actually or indices of it and he was at the event and I had a chance I was speaking the event and he told me the story later so I kind of feel in the back so I didn’t talk to us today but it’s filling in some of the backstory guys so it makes sense at this event I had an hour to speak and they wouldn’t let me pitch anything which is like painful for me as someone who loves to sell things because I feel like selling is how we actually change people’s lives and so I get on stage and I do my my tire flex presentation I get to like or a transition to my clothes I’m like well that’s all I got see you guys and I the end and but I didn’t know at the time was alex is sitting out there in the audience and alex at the time had one or two gyms and he was doing all right but not like not loving it and he told me is like I sit in the audience and he was just like I want to do that whatever he just talked to I want to do that I didn’t sell any things we couldn’t buy anything and said they kind of just you know it ended the event happens and he went back home and he says I came here exactly you know six months a year later something like that he was sitting there he was at a time when he was just not super excited what he was doing and he was like that dude I heard speak at T and C what’s his name again like Russell Brunson and he didn’t know he never bonded my products and my services and he just googled like Russell Brunson coaching or something X’s like maybe I can hire him to be a coach or something I don’t know see Google that he found my inner circle page applied for inner circle signed up for it and and it’s funny because I had my very first call if and on the first call somebody’s actually Stu or three gyms and and Alex if you talked him super charismatic like dudes dozen like five thousand one-on-one face-to-face cells in his life times just a great salesperson but I’m doing this this call with him when people join the inner circle I do it I call it decade a day so I try to cram it a decade of my life into a day with them and I wanna like shortcut their success and so I have like an hour-long call with them and some news call and he tells me on the call he’s like you know my goal is if I can make I can actually like five me 20 grand a month online like that would that would dramatically change my life and I got started was I feel bad but I started laughing at him he’s like what am I do twenty grand a month like you have like I can like just hearing him talk guys like you have so like you’re you’re you’re like your skill is so high and I was like you’re just like you’re in like a level two or three opportunity with like a level 10 skills like we just shift some things like like 25 like okay well try to do that like tomorrow and then looks like increase from there and it was fun because on on today’s on today’s funnel are Facebook live he’s talking about business right now they’re doing it’s like a million half months recurring off this business they launched eight months ago like it’s crazy they’re trying to hit the the 8 figure Club before full rockin live so basically is let me made a 10 million dollars in like seven a half eight months and it’s interesting and so I should because first off it’s inspiring second off it’s always fun to tease Alex about his huge goals he had initially but most importantly I want to shows for you guys because how many times do we go and we do things the outside don’t seem fruitful right like like I spoke at T and C I spoken from these people I shared my messes I didn’t get something it ended and then it’s like you leave and like I don’t know if that helps how many times do we do a facebook live nee like you know 30 people that see it or you do a YouTube video you like 120 people to watch it and you look at those things sometimes we look at those stats when we see the other videos get like a million views and things like that we see ours like oh only 120 people saw that like man what a waste of time I should have been doing that I should be focusing on something else but we don’t realize is that that was 120 people that heard your message and who knows who those people are like one of them could have been the Alex hermos II who was sitting in the audience he heard your message it resonate with him to do anything and then a year later like in a time when he’s probably not happy and I could lean fulfilled is like well is that that dude again what’s his name they start googling you and they find you and then fast forward a little bit they’re doing 10 million dollars in sales right like think about for your business like hammer down is do a Facebook live and you feel bummed because you didn’t reach enough people but like those little numbers like one person two people 20 50 100 like those are people like if I like I’m in my inner circle room right now like this holds nothing about 75 seats suppose you’ve seen the video versus 75 seats that’s 75 people right right a minor circle 75 people here like 75 people like is the it gets a lot of people or I like and if and everyone for me to in this room paid 25 grand to be that I did it’s a lot of money right it’s a little bit 75 people and if I’m sharing messages in this group I’m not to press something only 75 people heard I’m like certified people heard it each of these people are gonna go and they’re gonna transform the world with it because it’s like so cool and so nobody is getting discouraged when you do a video or Facebook live or podcast and only 100 people heard it realize that like you’re planning siege or you’re doing these things out there and you never know who’s gonna who’s gonna hear it and resonate with it and it might not be immediately but like Alex a year later because something I said a year at an event and I didn’t meet him there I didn’t bump into him I just I did my thing and I left I didn’t know if it helped and a year later it’s it was the seed that we planted that got him to to Google the name make the phone call give him the program and not only make you know this money for him like how many people’s lives he’s affecting and so I just want to show it because it was just it was for me like that one of those round-robin things where it came back to the beginning it’s just like that is cool I’m so glad I went to C&C and I spoke and didn’t sell anything didn’t make any money Ike something that seemed like kind of a waste of time afterwards I’m so glad I did it something similar happened last year I went to Affiliate Summit if I did it I feel bad I did a podcast talking about how like their business model was the worst business model I’ve ever ever seen I still kind of stand behind that but I feel kind of bad about right because anyway you rewind that podcast listen to it but was interesting is I don’t usually go to speaking events unless there’s like a minimum with Alex people in the room Maroof is just not worth time like next week we’re speaking or and next month are speaking at Grant Cardone zve and which this was have like 8500 people out of like for me that just from my time like it’s it’s tough right but I feel as someone was one of the first events everyone to sounds like I want to go and speak and I give this event and they have like guards at the door and like the attendees have to pay extra to actually come into your room so I’m doing my keynote speech in this room and there’s like 15 people are like are you kidding me I spent all this might like the time and the money like like someone asked for one-on-one consulting today I quoted but 250 grand a day because that’s like what it would take for me to actually break away a day from my office to be able to do it looks like I spent the travel time there the time there and trying back like if I was to build that out working it you know half a million dollars or more to do that and I’m sitting over 15 people and I was just like angry cuz I’m like dude are you serious 15 people and so I shared my message and then they got done and you know when she became shook my hand and then I left went out to eat with my team that was there and then flew home kind of like annoyed that I wasted my time in this event but what I didn’t realize was sitting in that event was someone who’s becoming dear friend her name’s Alison Prince and Alison’s at this event she’s like and I didn’t notice till like two weeks later she calls our office and she’s like I was in a Philly summit I heard Russell speak he was the only speaker on stage who wasn’t drunk and she’s like I resonate with that someone who doesn’t drink and because of that I want to join the coaching program and this was literally two days before the very first Fadiman we ever did and and Derek’s on the phone like okay I think he and she has three but three multi-million dollar businesses so she’s like killing it but she wanted to learn like this this side of business we do two funnels and stuff and so she she signed up and she jumped in her car and drove here and showed up the morning of the event and I was like I don’t know who I knew every else who’s coming because we that’s inviting a circle members like I don’t know who you are saying I just joined yesterday say I was in Philly someone last week you and the only speaker wasn’t drunk and so that’s why I’m here now and I was like whoa like and then and then last night on my phone here with me dang it last night she messaged me and it’s been eight months no nine months no 10-10-10 f/11 somebody that yeah cuz it’s February she came so an hour in January suspend 11 months and she messes me yesterday she said guess what Russell I said what she said I just sold my thousandth of course and she sells of course four thousand dollars makes me two million dollars she said this is the fastest I’ve ever gone from zero to a million dollars and any my company’s ever sick I just Joey I just joined the two comma Club she’s freaking out by the way Allison’s speaking up on liking live and and I heard that and I was just thinking I’m like man so grateful I went to Philly summit because if I wouldn’t have Allison when I was fifteen people was sitting in the room wouldn’t have heard my message she when they came and looked at the live she’s transforming out because of it so I just wanna show it to you I don’t know where to go with that other then keep doing what you’re doing he feels like start making impact at the time he’s like I’m in room 15 people saw that video that presentation I gave right 15 people thought but Allison’s thought and because of that it’s transformed her life and it’s transformed a thousand of her customers life’s now it’s gonna get to you I’m moving forward and as she’s speaking front like he live so those were coming she’s gonna have a chance transform your life as well Alex and Leila are gonna be there it’s gonna like they’re gonna transform your life like it’s just it’s just a really cool thing so don’t get bummed out if nobody seems like they’re listening right now it doesn’t matter you’re sowing seeds you’re doing what you love you’re you’re putting your message out there and I just keep doing it do it with faith knowing that if you plan enough seeds the right people will come back your sheep will hear your voice and they will come to you like that’s that’s a scriptural doctrinal principle the Christ taught it it’s the same thing for you like put your message out there and your sheep will hear your voice and they will come to you and then you know that impact on them that that you can have and that’s what’s so exciting so don’t stop keep publishing keep putting out there even if they it feels like no one’s listening because you never know who is actually listening so that said I’m going back game about to lunch one I gotta go I just the lights look cool on the video and want to share with you guys so appreciate you all an amazing day and we’ll talk to you soon and yes that is Batman folks who are watching in the background would you like to see behind the scenes of what we’re actually doing each day to grow our company if so then go subscribe to our free behind the scenes reality TV show at WWF oh no hacker TV


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Keep Publishing, Even When No One’s Listening

Keep Publishing, Even When No One’s Listening