Jon Morrow, Secrets To Creating ‘Influence’ Through Content Marketing

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Jon Morrow, Secrets To Creating ‘Influence’ Through Content Marketing

– Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Jon Morrow’s content has been viewed by over 250 Million people. His recent content was shared over 75,000 times. He knows how to create influence through content marketing and shares his secrets in this podcast. He details the 3 purposes for creating content and how you can generate influence by following what he discusses.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward everybody welcome back to radio I’m your host Dave Woodward and today I am so excited to have the most amazing man in the world on our show today this is John morrow John welcome to the show thank you I’m so glad to be here I just I have to take Alex Jarvan who introduced me to you and I just was so so touched by his introduction he they get alex is gonna become a real good friend and I’ve known him for quite some time we’ve done a lot of different things together but I was I was asking my someone who just can really inspire people who can help entrepreneurs really build their business who’s had success at building a business but also has had success as far as just life success oh my gosh let me introduce you to John and again for those you guys who don’t know John he’s got some amazing sites out there already again smart if you haven’t been to smart go to smart but also his latest project is unstoppable dot me just an amazing site we’re gonna talk a little bit about that but you have to understand I mean John you had what over 200 million people view your contests alright yeah throughout my career I’ve been blessed enough just I mean which is just about eight years or so now either the course I’ve written or the post that I’ve edited for for other writers to be published it’s it’s up over 200 million though and I think you know first of all I can’t even conceive how large 200 million is I mean just blows my mind that’s reached that many people and that’s amazing in and of itself but the part of thing people don’t understand is you’ve done all of that through voice editing correct yes I am so I have a form of muscular dystrophy called SMA spinal muscular atrophy is the official term and basically what it means is I mean you’ve probably seen a lot of people are publishing the telethons and things to raise money for for kids with muscular dystrophy and I have full sensation all over my body but ever since I was a kid I’ve just grown weaker and now as an adult I’m in my 30s and I’m very healthy very successful but I’m one of the oldest people with my type of the disease and I can’t really move anything but my face at this point so from the night down I still have full sensation so it’s not quite like being paralyzed but I can’t move anything and so what that means is I upload the computer by speech recognition software and it’s been that way for the entire eight years that I’ve been publishing online and I also have a lip operated and mouse that I had custom-built for me years ago that I have in front of me right now that’s um that’s that I operate with my lips that allows me to move the mouse around on the screen so that that’s how I’ve done everything John I’m just so impressed because I I read across people all the time give excuses and I just absolutely hate excuses I’m just like it drives me crazy because I find so many people who have so many other obstacles in their way who are able to make things happen and so for me there’s never an excuse it’s just the will isn’t strong enough and I’ve just been so impressed with what you’ve done I mean 200 million visitors to a ton of post you’ve worked with neil patel and helped build KISSmetrics and the thing that was so touching to me on see i read this i shared it already on my facebook page i’m gonna have it linked here to our podcast as well was the article that you’ve put together on in december basically as far as the seven length lessons from a guy who can’t move anything but his face i was so touched by that because i’m like as an entrepreneur it’s a real lonely world and yet at the same time you want there’s so much passion behind entrepreneurs who really want to go out and make things happen and John is I read that I went through that it just it was crazy thing it like it brought tears to my eyes and yet at the same time there were tears of I went through like a million emotions of tears and oh my gosh that’s that’s kind of sucks and yet it’s not same time I was like oh my gosh that is so awesome and so I have this crazy roller coaster of emotions of that I’ve read through this and if you don’t mind I’ll just kind of cover those seven things if you’re okay with that sure I’d be happy to so the first life lesson basically had was if you can’t win the game change the rules which I love that life lesson so can you give people a little insight as far as what that means yeah years ago I mean before I started doing all of this I was on Medicaid and Medicaid works differently in different states but it’s health care for for people who were poor right and it was the only way that I could pay for my medical bills most people don’t know this but if you need caregivers with you if you need like nurses private insurance won’t pay for that even if you medically require it the only way that I could get it was through Medicaid and I mean it cost several hundred thousand dollars a year and there was no other way I could I could pay for it the problem is Medicaid instead of North Carolina at the time also limited me to $800 a month of income which I mean that’s like thing right right I could barely survive on that but it was the only way to get the help I needed and I’m very grateful for that help by the way I don’t want there to be any misconceptions that I’m angry I’m grateful that I could get help in any shape or form but it was also a trap right it’s a trap that that millions of disabled people are caught in right now and the only way I could figure out to get out of that trap was to actually move to Mexico where health care costs were cheaper and so what I did is I actually started out writing for free for a site called Copyblogger which became one of the biggest online marketing sites out there and my deal with bland was who’s the founder of Copyblogger is listen now right for you for free but if I do a good job if I write a lot of a really popular posts one of these days I’m gonna ask for a favor and that you can’t say no what’s kind of the deal and I you know I was trusting him and he’s totally been worthy of that trust by the way and I mean I wrote for I think it was about a year and just and I became the most popular writer on the site and from there when I moved down to Mexico I called buying up but I said remember how I said one day I would ask you to work they were well now it’s it’s time to cash in and what I asked him to do I mean he’s one of the biggest online marketing sites out there I said I want you to tell people that I’m now doing blog consulting and I want you to email the Copyblogger list and he emailed the list and within 24 hours I had 300 clients off of that list I was making six figures down in in Mexico just from doing consulting and I lived on the beach I paid for nurses and nurse that works like in the ICU of a hospital down a Mazatlan Mexico which is where I was they make about four dollars an hour it’s like the top wage one that works in a clinic makes about two dollars an hour and this is for a nurse for the four-year registered nursing degree crazy okay so I paid four dollars an hour cut my pick up whatever nurses I wanted and basically lived in paradise down there I mean a doctor was to go see the you could see a doctor that had just finished med school and was doing like their residency for three bucks you could get a house call from like the top specialists in City for 20 bucks they’d come to your house so that’s the way I lived for three and half years but eventually I got homesick and I decided to come back to the US so but that’s a very long story told very quickly but yeah that’s where they would have met I love it and again I want everybody to go get doughnuts tappable got me take a look at it I’ll have the link here as well the other lesson I love is lesson number four which is the art of the counter punch do you mind explaining that sure so all of us have guns in life where we feel like we’ve been punched in the face and we’re you getting knocked on your butt right and I have gone through just as much of that it’s not more than than those people right and one of the things that I’ve learned is that whenever you get punched just like if you get in the ring now I’m not a expert on boxing but from what I do understand about it whenever a boxer is winding up to to a brunch the bigger the punch the bigger the opening bailey’s so if they just throw the little jab they really don’t leave themselves very open but if they wind up for a big punch to knock you out they leave themselves open during that time when my experience life works the same way whenever you get punched there’s always a counter punch available where you can turn it to your advantage and during my life I’ve done that over and over and over again I mean just take this interview right now I mean did I have a very rough time overcoming everything I’ve ever come absolutely but it’s also the reason why I’m talking to you today it’s given me a fantastic story and that fantastic story is now inspiring millions of people and it’s also made me a lot of money it’s made me millions of dollars right I mean other simple examples when I was I was in a car accident in 2016 so it was already in the wheelchair was in a car accident got 17 broken bones and was laid up for like six months and didn’t know what I was gonna do with myself but all of a sudden I said hey I’ve done the right right that was the counterpunch I’m laid up got nothing else to do well what am I use all of this three times the free time was the advantage in that situation and in my experience the the advantage of any it is always proportionate to the disadvantage so if you get look I love that love come life so if you get hit with something really hard the bigger the blow that you just took means the bigger the opportunity is sitting right there in front of you so you just have to find it and train yourself to find it because in my experience it’s always there the last lesson I want to make sure we address is one of things I’m totally passionate about and that’s utilize your lesson number six which was embrace the crazy what yes so that means if you’re ever going to do anything extraordinary in your life you have to be comfortable with the idea that other people are willing to call you crazy and some of the things you do might even be a little bit crazy it was crazy for meet and move down to Mexico without knowing for sure whether you know I was gonna have any way to make money that was broke I mean I I went off of living on the $800 a month literally packed everything I owned into a van went down there with my poor mother who was also broke okay and we literally had no plan B that was that was not something a sane person does right but but sometimes you have to do crazy things I mean for for me to become a popular writer so one of the stories I didn’t tell on the post I don’t think but when I went to work at copy blogger Brian told me John you’ve got to get really good at writing headlines for your post so hopefully all of your listeners by now they know cut lines are one of the most important things whether it’s on a landing page blog post or whatever well Brian said John I want you to are the hundred headlines a day and at the end of 30 days come and see me and we’ll talk about it so I said hungry today that’s a lot but sure okay and so I went back and every day I did 100 headlines and the end of a month I went to and said here my three thousand headlines and he said you know I’ve told that to every new writer at Copyblogger you’re the first one that’s actually done it and do a lot of people writing a hundred cut lines a day is crazy why would anyone where the hundred headlines are there but that’s how I became really good at writing headlines and not only did I learn a lot from doing it for 30 days I said you know what I’ll continue this for a year so for an entire year where the hundred headlines a day were there were 35,000 headlines my first year people asked me John how did you become so good at writing these viral headlines I wrote 35,000 my first year okay so it’s doing crazy things that allow you to accomplish crazy goals that’s how it happens I love it absolutely love it so let’s talk about content now because I know this is one of the things a lot of our listeners and everyone else I run across always struggles with as far as the whole content thing and how how important marketing really is and how much time to have to spend on content what are some of the tips that you learned as far as content marketing that’s creating such opportunity for you and your lives the first thing is that there is nothing better for building influence than content that’s actually the objective of content so this is a huge lesson but it’s such a subtle one that I’ll try to explain it a lot of the people that approach content marketing think that they’re doing it to get free traffic they say I want a publisher article so I can get people to come to my website for free and then I’ll convert them into opt-ins or or whatever or into customers and and that’s their business model that’s not how content works yes it might get people into your website but what content is gear that more than anything else is building influence whether it’s on the front end and you’re publishing it to try to get ranked in the search engines or whether it’s in the middle of your funnel where after someone opt-in upsome you send them content to build influence or even toward the end where you’re trying to influence them to buy the soil okay so the the biggest question that you can answer is what do I want the person to do after they’re done reading this content or this video whatever it is and then once you figure out what it is you want them to do then what you do is you engineer the content for that purpose so like that the posts that we talked about that went viral the the life lessons one I engineered that post from day one to go viral that was my intention my other intention for the post was to make to give people a story so incredible that they would never forget and that they would talk about it with all their friends and that not only that that they would be inspired that they would trust me and that they would want to listen to every word that I said and that basically awesome yeah so my goal I mean to put it very succinctly and this is a little bit over set over simplification my goal was to make every reader fall in love with me after they read that post and we got over 3,000 emails into our hope disc with people just they were we call them love letters that people telling me their life story talking about how inspired they were so I engineered it from day one now if my goal was to rank on the search engines I would engineer it for that purpose so that that’s the biggest thing is know exactly what you’re trying to influence people to do and then engineer your content to do exactly that I love it again the article were talking about is seven life lessons from a guy who can’t move anything but his face amazing amazing headline and again you can find it unstoppable dot me but the cool thing I take a look at this thing’s been shared seventy five thousand times seventy two thousand times on Facebook three thousand on Twitter and 631 comments I mean that is so so much content but most importantly the influence I mean I think of it being shared seventy five thousand times and how many other people must have seen that content you’ve got to be into this hundreds of thousands if not millions of people who have seen this content and I love how you’ve engineered it so what are some of the other tips or tricks again even you’re the master at content marketing so what are some other tips you can give our listeners when it comes to content marketing so the next thing is to go over to go for quality and not quantity this is one thing that’s changed in the last few years the only way you should go for quality meaning publish a whole bunch of articles is if you if you’re Forbes or The Huffington Post with those sites the reason why they publish I mean I think it’s in some cases like a thousand the articles a day okay they’re trying to publish as much as they can and the reason why is it’s throw as much as we can at the wall and hopefully something will stick and get us a little bit of traffic and then they make money off of the pageviews so the advertising there is there every time someone loads the page they’re making money so their goal is to get as much traffic as possible now here’s the question those sites how many people had better publishing a thousand you know maybe not all of those articles are Crotty but the vast majority of those articles are crappy ok those articles are generating no influence even if they generate traffic I mean one way to think about this is imagine if you put a funny cat video up on the website to advertise your accounting firm it would probably get traffic people love funny cat videos they share them with their friends but even if it got you 10 million visitors it probably wouldn’t get you a single customer because it’s generating no influence right the better way to go about it is to [Music] – very very deliberately craft the best article ever written on a topic that that your audience really wants to know about and and then to go out and spread it as far as you can one article that’s the best article on that topic ever published will do more and generate more influence for you than 10,000 crappy articles okay so so focus instead of I’m going to publish every day and this is how we’re gonna work on the search engines that’s not how it works not if you want to generate influence not if you want to make a sale the way it works if you want to make a sale is to be the person that they say whenever I want to know the answer I go to this site because they always have the best content that’s how you win that’s great advice so with so many different types of content being produced these days whether it’s again we’re talking right now primarily about blogs and articles obviously there’s a lot of stuff on social media whether it be Facebook or Instagram or YouTube what do you find when people are looking for content and for trying to gain that influence where some of the best things that you’ve learned as far as different types of mediums to use so as far as social media goes and well even just understanding traffic in general okay I think it was Business Insider they recently published an infographic that it showed the amount of traffic on the web referred by source the the FIR the number one source is Google okay number two source by very close margin was Facebook the number the resource I think was Twitter but Twitter was like ninety percent lower than Facebook so what the end all of the rest of the traffic source is on the web so if you take all of the other like what I don’t know fifty referral sites they didn’t like add up to Google and Facebook so there’s this huge drop-off so really the name of the game these days for getting traffic is really to focus on Google on Facebook is the answer I mean yes there are sites like Instagram and Pinterest and and in certain cases in certain markets if you have like highly visual topics like into design or fashion that those types of things can work really really well but if if you’re a beginner or you want to go to where the traffic is so just another quick little thing when I was graduating from college I told my dad that I wanted to figure out how to make some money and my dad had been a successful real estate developer and what he told me is he said John if you want to make money go find a river of money that’s already flowing and go stand in the middle of it and just scoop up as much as you can that’s what you do that’s what you do he said but you never try to make the river change course he said you just stand in the middle of the river that’s already going and what a lot of people don’t realize is there are really only two rivers in traffic it’s Google and Facebook go stand on one of those focus on that and chances are you’ll be okay I love that great advice so as you take a look at at some of the stuff that you’re working on the projects that you working on as far as coming up with content how do you come up with with the content that you come up with so it all comes down to what am I trying to accomplish so depending on the site depending on what I’m doing if my goal that the three basic objectives or search engine traffic social media traffic or building a bond with your existing audience typically a post will only accomplish one of those three objectives it’s theoretically possible to accomplish all three but almost impossible from for most people unless they are extremely good writers you’re better off choosing which of those objectives you want to do so like the post that we talked about the seven life lessons was I engineered that one for social that coach does not get a lot of search engine traffic it wasn’t designed for that on the other hand I have clothes like we ranked in the top three for make money blogging on smart bloggers and that post was engineered to be to rank high for make money blogging it gets like I think 50,000 visitors a month or something just from that one post in that one search engine ranking and so when I’m creating a post that way I do things that the search engines want me to do so if it’s if it’s on social I generally focus on the science of virality about which is mostly about emotion by the way the more emotion you can make people feel and general the better something does on social media that’s where we’re simplifying it but that’s the simplest way to understand it with search engines it’s about two things and this is all of SEO condense down into a very simple statement get right the best content ever published on the topic and get the biggest influencers in your space to link to it if you do those two things you will rank a hundred percent of the time now I don’t get you that’s one of things I’d get questions about all the time yes it is difficult and it comes down again there do a few things number one if your post genuinely is the best if it genuinely is the best then and and they’re going to link to anyone they’re going to link to you right so if you’re already the best you shouldn’t have any shame about reaching out to them and saying okay you know I noticed that you write a lot on this topic I just published this and you know not to toot my own horn but I genuinely believe it’s the best article ever published on this topic could you take a glance for 30 seconds and and if you like it could you just share it with your audience if it’s genuinely the best they will okay most influencers like I get emails all the time from people who want me to share their stuff it’s almost never the best article ever written on the topic almost never and whatever it is I share it a hundred percent of the time okay and most other influencers are the same way so you can send a cold email to an influential person and get them to share your work but it has to be genuinely worthy of the attention that you were trying to get for it that’s awesome so how do you find these influencers there are a few different ways and again it it comes down to your objective for search engines what you’re looking for is links from from sites that have high domain authority so it’s it’s one of the ways that people evaluate the the searching the power and the search engines that the site has it’s sort of a metric for Google okay it’s not the same thing as page right but domain Authority is like how big is the authority of the size as a whole you want as many links as you can get from high domain authority sites now typically those sites will be multi-author so for example you can get a link from Forbes right Forbes thousands of different riders for them you don’t have to convince the editor-in-chief 20 you just have to convince one rider other there thousands of riders right so it’s really not that difficult but if you want to rank in the search engines the answer is basically anyone riding for any of the most authoritative sites if you want to get shared on social media it’s the the pages it for the most part the page is on Facebook that have number one the the biggest audiences but also the highest engagement scores so what what Facebook publishes what they show and I’ve actually seen this just over the past few days it’s been disappearing and reappearing so they look they’re doing some kind of work on it but they have the percentage of people reserved but the the number of people that like a page and the number of people talking about the page if you see a million people like a page but only 50,000 people are talking about it that means it’s a jump page that means the majority of their traffic is very disengaged on the other hand if they have a million people and they’ve got five hundred thousand talking about it or even two hundred thousand talking about it now we’re talking that’s engaged traffic so that’s how you want to get the link from that’s awesome well John you are such a wealth of knowledge and I again I want to make sure people have the opportunity reaching out to what’s the best way for them to be able to connect with you they can head over to smart girl and we have lots of great articles there um feel free to opt-in there’s even a cheat sheet for writing headlines if you want to know more about those 35,000 if I’m writing all of those headlines over the years but otherwise yeah I just hope you guys enjoyed the content and I hope I’ve been helpful today you’re amazing and again that’s smart blogger calm and definitely also check out stoppable me for / life – lessons I’ll put the links to all this down in the show notes for sure John again you’re such an amazing man I can’t thank you enough for taking time out of your day to spend time on our podcast get any party words just a thank you for having me and anyone who wants to learn how to do this you totally can just expect to put in the work and write your own 35,000 headlines and and this is a viable path okay I love it John thanks again but appreciate it alright yep thanks for listening to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Bono hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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“Just take this interview for example, did I have a very rough time overcoming everything that I have? Yes, of course. But it’s also the reason that I’m talking to you today it’s given me a fantastic story. And that inspiring story is now inspiring millions of people and has also made me a LOT of money.”

“The bigger the blow you just took, the bigger the opportunity there is standing there right in front of you. So you just have to find it and train yourself to find it. And that in my life has always been the case.”

“To a lot of people writing 100 headlines a day that’s crazy! Why would anyone write 100 headlines a day? But that’s how I became so good at writing headlines.”

“What content is good at, more than anything else, is building influence.”

“My dad told me ‘Jon if you want to make money, go find a river of flowing money, stand in it and scoop up as much money as you can. But you never try to make the river change course, you just stand in the middle.’ But what most people don’t realize is there’s only two real rivers of traffic, Google and Facebook.”

Jon Morrow, Secrets To Creating ‘Influence’ Through Content Marketing

Jon Morrow, Secrets To Creating ‘Influence’ Through Content Marketing