Joel Comm, 3 Secrets To The Live Video Playbook

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Joel Comm, 3 Secrets To The Live Video Playbook

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward on your host Dave Woodward and you guys are gonna love today’s show because we are living gonna be all over the board I have the opportunity to having a dear friend of mine who I’ve known for what seems like an eternity so welcome to the show Joel comm hey it does feel like a long time in fact I was recently going through my DVD collection yes those still exist and I found a DVD from I want to say 2007 maybe 2008 when you came to my home in Northern Colorado and interviewed me for what was the name of it it was necessary marketers legendary marketers yeah we spent time together was really funny to go back and watch that it was almost like Joel 1.0 funny yeah I was talking with Russell about a while back as far as also be fun to go back so I ended up those guys don’t know about the legendary markers calm that was my very first entree into creating a product for internet marketing and it was fascinating excited the opportunity literally I flew around the country way before video was as big as it is today and had a video camera guy with me and basically filmed the the lifestyles of the rich and famous internet marketers and it was actually an amazing time SAS spending time it was a real show yeah really beautifully produced thank you we had a great time it really was it was it was a lot of fun and thank you for that but it’s been interesting to see some of those relationships I’ve I have done so much with the ten people I I got to meet during that and it’s just been fascinating Joel obviously it’s been fun seeing you at different times throughout your career and all the stuff that you’ve done and everything right now from live video to being a brand ambassador I mean you’ve been I mean you I think at that time it was primarily Adsense with some of the stuff we were talking about them but then but geez you know since then you New York Times best seller of what four different books at least through I don’t have well well only one is that the New York Times bestseller list but I’ve got the top-selling look to my knowledge on Twitter and published another number of other successful titles I I think again it’s just fun seeing the stuff that you’ve done over the years and now you’re involved in in Bitcoin but you guys can wait till the end of this it’s gonna be kind of a cliffhanger here to find out about Bitcoin and how that’s gonna tie into final hacker radio today but yeah with that said I want dive right into this whole idea as far as live video which I know you’ve been a huge proponent of you’ve done a ton of video shows in fact way back when you actually did the internet marketer of the what was yours called in that well he did a reality show reality show years ago called the next internet millionaire man it was the world’s first competitive internet reality show was kind of like The Apprentice Meets YouTube and you know we auditioned contestants and brought in successful internet millionaires to teach them and it was 13 full-length episodes and people can I still get comments about it 10 years after it aired and it’s next internet millionaire com we put all the episodes up on YouTube because the site we initially hosted them on went they went out of business they sold and all the videos disappeared so we lost all the views but we saved the show and it’s still available awesome well this whole idea right now as far as live video and I know you’re brand ambassador so first of all tell people what a brand ambassador actually means well brand ambassador means that for me what it means is I fell in love with the product or service and was a customer and then in conversations with the business themselves they saw that it would be advantageous for me to become paid to endorse publicly the brand and so there’s actually three brands in the live video space that I’ve worked out such arrangements and you know I was talking about them before they paid me because I was a customer and now I’m talking about them even more as I’m creating broadcasts for them and sharing about them and one of them is dot live which is a domain extension offered by doughnuts com they actually offer a lot of the alternative top-level domain extensions and I and myself in the dot live space by registering and setting up a website at Joel dot live it makes it really easy for people to make the connection hey this is where Joel’s information about being live is going to appear you know whether it’s speaking live or being live on video so when I encourage people to register their dot live domain in doing so and then I’m a brand ambassador for B live TV which is again I’ve used them for about a year and several months ago we started having discussions about me being even more proactive there the only tool that I know of that allows you to add functionality to Facebook live that Facebook doesn’t let you do such as two person interviews lower thirds on screen comments screen shares these types of things and it’s made for Facebook live so that’s B live TV and then finally there was one other tool that I was using Dave when I was doing unboxings cool gear that people would send me I wanted multiple cameras to show different angles but you know without complex production gear that’s hard to do so this company called switcher studio came up with an app that allows you to use your iOS devices as cameras for a live video so I’ll set them up in different locations and I can produce on the fly this multi camera broadcast direct to Facebook or periscope or YouTube or wherever using this tool and that switcher I love it well let’s spend some time talking about this whole concept as far as live you’ve been doing a ton of video for a long time especially on the live and that’s obviously why you’re an ambassador for these different companies so what are some of the things that you’re seeing as far as why why is live Facebook live and B live and and all these other why is it getting so much traction and and what kind of traffic in a person expect to get as far as building up that type of an audience well you know I’ve seen all the social sites come I’ve seen some of them go and I am of the mindset that live video is the most significant leap in social media since the iPhone came out since we were able to engage on social platforms on the iPhone because what it does is that shortcuts the process to being able to reach a global audience you know there’s no reason you can’t pick up your phone launch Facebook and in go live it without having to spend a dime it doesn’t cost you anything to be able to go live and start sharing your message and of course if your message is compelling then you will draw an audience and people will share your broadcast with their friends and their followers and so it is literally the lowest hanging fruit I guess not literally figuratively if it’s the lowest hanging fruit in being able to share your message with the world I love it tell me what I get this question all the time as far as you know how long should these lives be is there their magic to it you know what matters most all that kind of stuff what what are you finding works for generating a lot of engagement to a life any sort of live video well you know people have this mindset that they need to create viral marketing and that’s the wrong mindset you don’t create viral marketing what you do is you tell stories and when your story is so compelling that other people will retell it for you that’s how you go viral and so really what it comes down to is how compelling is the story that you have to tell are you going to teach people something are you going to inspire or motivate them are you going to entertain them are you going to bring them into and experience all of these different ways of storytelling or ways that we can capture the attention of an audience and with live the thing that we have that we don’t have for example with this podcast right we’re recording this podcast and I anticipate that you get feedback from your shows after people listen to them but with live video that feedback happens instantaneously people who are watching can type in their questions their comments their feedback as you’re live and as the broadcaster you have the opportunity to engage with them live bringing them into the broadcasts with you so it’s not a one-way conversation but rather it’s interactive and it’s engaging so the more engaging you are the more people will comment to you and then as you speak back to them now you’ve created more than just a live broadcast you’ve created a conversation and people who are watching want to be part of that conversation and that’s what makes live video so sticky I love it I can tell you that the fun part for me has been really almost doing a Facebook live challenge I think what you mentioned and is so important to me personally and that is getting better at telling stories I mean you’re a great storyteller Julie done it for years it’s always fun even interviewing you because you talk and soundbites and you’re just very good it’s just fun because I eat you’re used to doing this kind of stuff that’s not the case for most people right and so I’ve actually started I did a 30 day Facebook live challenge more for myself just tried to get better at telling stories and I’m in the midst right now of doing 90 days I think I’m a day twenty one for the whole and purpose basically of just trying to get better again it’s more about me than it is the audience I’m just trying to get better at telling stories and so I was I’m curious from your with all your experience as far as being a great storyteller what are some of the tips and tricks that you found that helped create engaging stories especially when you’re doing it live well the first thing to remember is that I know this might bruised some egos but it’s not about you you know people go on and they they get all nervous and they wonder what they’re gonna say and if they’re gonna make mistakes well you know you gotta you gotta break out of that because it’s not about you you have people first of all you have value to bring right whether it’s knowledge or inspiration or entertainment or experience whatever it is you have something you want to bring and when you take your focus off of yourself and instead put it on the people who will derive value from the time that you spend with them it takes away a lot of the nerves and it allows you to focus more on that value you know with live video people get hung up on the set well here’s the thing the world changed we don’t believe the slick polished sets that we see on the news anymore we know that these are house of cards and that we’re all just people were all fallible so keep it real don’t worry how you know if you see me on live video odds are you’ll see me if I’m at home I’m in my home office and I’m my shelf behind me are two emoji pillows one of them is a poem oh gee you know I just I’d like to hey I’m down-to-earth I’m real and this is what I have in my office and there’s no reason for me to be anything other than Who I am so authenticity is important a lot of people get worried about how they look you know is my hair and makeup on point it doesn’t have to be again people connect to real and they worry about their script you know this is not scripted live is a conversation all you’re doing is sharing what you want to tell with people and then engaging with your audience when you bring authentic content and you engage with your audience the the math for this equals relationship and that is the bottom line for marketing in this 21st century it’s all about relationship with the people that you are speaking with this is how you get customers this is how you get repeat customers this is how you get raving fan customers that bring you more customers authentic content plus engagement equals relationship that’s where the win is I love that and for those guys you don’t know why don’t you tell them that why you actually have a poo emoji icon behind you oh well the poo moji is my spirit emoji he also happens to be the founder the creator of the I fart app is that so true that is well yeah it was true no I actually I have partners in I fart LLC which actually is a company Christopher Jones formerly of pepper Jam is a partner in Dan Nickerson who was my former VP of ideas is is my partner and actually I have to give Dan credit because he really most of the mastermind behind the content of that app and it still sells we still get royalty checks for that thing and that came out in December of 2008 so we’re coming up on nine years and you know we kind of changed the face of the App Store where novelty apps are concerned when that thing came out it went to number one for three weeks and continues in fact just last week Dave I got a call from a journalist with the next big site and they wanted to tell you they wanted to hear the whole story and they’re doing a piece on it it just it’s it’s the gift that keeps giving that’s awesome I have my kids have downloaded that app so many times that’s the joy of having four boys never get old that’s right so back to viral marketing I want two things I wanted to make mention of Joe and that is as as you work with people as far as helping them tell stories and I love the idea as far as you know getting people engaged and really connecting with your audience do you find that what are some of the areas that you’re using it personally in what are some of things you’re doing cuz I know they’re for a while I saw you basically going on a walk every day and you were doing your you know Facebook live on a walk I’ve seen you I’ve literally seen you do all sorts of different things what are some of the things you personally are using live live TV for these days uh so these days I’m heavily into doing shows live broadcast particularly using be live TV I do two shows weekly that are broadcast to the be live TV page on Facebook on Mondays I do be live weekly which is three o’clock Eastern noon pacific and what that is is latest news from the live video space some funny stories and then i will bring in a guest for 30 to 40 minutes and for example yesterday i did a show and I had Matthew Lesko on the show the the guy in the question mark suit that’s been you know infomercials for four decades and he was he was great he teaches people how to get free money with government grants yeah he’s still dropping knowledge at the age of 74 was fantastic and then the other show I do for be live is called Joel dot live and it’s an interview based show on Thursdays at 3:00 Eastern noon pacific again on the be live TV page on Facebook and you know I find people that I think are interesting you know whether they’re in the world of business entertainment what-have-you and in talk to him have conversations then you know whenever I do an unboxing I like to broadcast those types of things and that’s when I use switcher studio to show people hey check out this new gadget I got and they can look at it from overhead or you know it’s on me for a time or as picture-in-picture it’s all kinds of fun things I can do with that occasionally I will be out and about maybe at an event and I’ll do a live on location from where I am but I you’re right that I dabble with a lot of things you know I kind of see the world as this big sandbox or this place with a lot of different sand boxes and and I play I try because I want to see what would this be like if I did this I I never head into them thinking okay this is going to be a business model I just I try things and and then I see you know okay how did that feel for me did I like it that I have fun did my audience engage with it and depending upon how it went maybe I’ll try it again so sometimes you’ll see the you know walking with Joel for a while on periscope I did the top five scope I think I did fifty or so episodes of that and now I’m pretty nailed down with what my pattern you know what my mo looks like in terms of the broadcast I do because I’m committed as a brand ambassador to bringing value to the brand’s and introducing people to them and I’m also knee-deep in a completely different niche on a new podcast that’s being very successful so you know and now I’ve got to be just a little bit more disciplined and I don’t have quite as much time to experiment but I’m having so much fun doing what I’m doing that there’s no reason to try some other things right now I love it so if you give people a couple of just real quick tips as far as doing a live video what would be three or four of you big tips what would you recommend well the four I want to revisit something I already said the first one is get over yourself it’s not about you okay take the focus off yourself and put it on the people that you’re bringing value to second thing is look at the camera for the love of all things please look at the camera don’t look at yourself on the screen you know what you look like if there’s any questions about that go look in the mirror before you start but then look at the camera because you know we connect with eyes we don’t you know and if we you’re looking at yourself on the screen your eyes aren’t connecting with where your audience’s look at them talk to them speak with them and then don’t be afraid to try some of these different platforms you know there’s so many there’s Facebook live and there’s different ways to go live to Facebook there’s YouTube live there’s periscope aka Twitter live and there’s a dozen other apps you know Instagram live and people are like well which one do I use hey try them all see which one’s a you enjoy using and B where are you getting the greatest engagement and that’s where you’re gonna find your tribe you don’t have to do them all I only gone live on Instagram maybe twice the whole time it’s been available because that’s not where my tribe is and it’s not where I have fun connecting with people you’ll see me on Facebook in periscope but yeah look for your tribe and then speak to them there I love it well we wrap this part up here as part of the live portion of this photo hacker radio episode but I’m gonna have you guys if you want to you guys can listen in and Joe and I were to talk about a fun topic he’s exploring I’ve actually been investing in and that’s Bitcoin so hey but Dave before we do that I’ve got I just realized I have something free for your round listeners I have a 19 page PDF called the live video playbook it’s an 8 step guide it’s free and it’s probably the most beautiful PDF I’ve ever produced it’s just I like it just because it’s gorgeous looking but there’s eight steps in there to becoming a successful live streamer and you can go grab that at l/v playbook com stands for live video Elvie playbook calm it’s my gift to you awesome so again Elvie playbook calm go check that out and again Joel people want to get a hold of you up what’s the best way of how do they reach out to you well I’m at Joel come on all the platforms so but if you want to write me go – Joel calm calm and there’s a contact form on there which comes directly to me cool so Joel comm comm comm and that way you guys can reach out to Joel again Jill I’ve loved loved your work over all the years it’s just been fun seeing your different events and just connecting reconnected this time again is just been a ton of fun so thanks Michael all right Dave later ok thanks for listen to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Otto hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Joel Comm has been on video and LIVE video since the beginning. He is a brand ambassador for 3 different LIVE mediums. He reveals what he has learned working with LIVE video for over a decade. You will get his live video playbook for listening to the podcast how best to connect with your audience.

Show Notes:

-Joel is an ambassador for several companies due to his use of Live Video

-Smartphones and live video allow us to share our message with others with no cost to us

-Don’t focus “going viral”, if you can tell a story and start a conversation it will go viral by itself

-What if I told you your FaceBook Live is really not about you nor who you portray yourself to be?

-Your audience sees through “house of cards” type set ups, they want authenticity

-Don’t look at the screen when you film, look at the camera. You know what you look like.


“I am of the mindset that Live Video is the most significant leap in social media since the iPhone came out; since we were able to engage in social platforms on the iPhone.”

“It doesn’t cost you anything to be able to go live and start sharing your message, and of course if your message is compelling then you will draw an audience and people will share your message with their friends and followers.”

“Authentic Content + Engagement = Relationships. That’s where the win is.”

Joel Comm, 3 Secrets To The Live Video Playbook

Joel Comm, 3 Secrets To The Live Video Playbook