Jim Edwards, Secrets To Funnel Scripts

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Jim Edwards, Secrets To Funnel Scripts

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Jim Edwards created Funnel Scripts after reading Russell Brunson’s first book DotCom Secrets. He continues to update the wizards. Recently adding a Podcast/FaceBook Live wizard. He reveals the secrets he uses to create killer sales copy for any industry of niche.

Show Notes:

-Jim Edwards turned Russel’s “Dotcom Secrets” into a software

-Funnel Scripts allows you access to a script for every and any funnel you want

-The best way to kill it in the market place is obviously through killer headlines

-Your headlines need to be tested, redone, and continuously tweaked

-Jim has wizards, not the ones that shoot lightning bolts, sadly, but the ones that instead make you money

-You can make a Video Sales Video modeled like Russell Brunson’s in 30 minutes

-We are able to create astounding Intro videos for our webinar to increase sales and churn

-Can you answer questions? Then you can use Funnel Scripts to improve your funnels, webinars, and master classes

-Jim Edwards has fun with helping us improve our copy


“The hardest draft is the first draft.”

“This is a fact of life with funnels, the first version of the funnel you come out with is not going to be the one that makes you all the money. I’ve only had one headline in twenty years that I could not beat through testing”

“If you have something that sells a promise or satisfies a desire for people, then you can create an amazing webinar to help people get what they want.”

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome welcome I can radio on homepage with the one and only gent Edwards the big man hey guys we doing as I Russell I’m doing my Russell wave hey guys come over cheers okay this is uh we’re gonna try and pull this together for a long time after this is a tough than I’ve been wanting to do I have a lot of questions recently so this is actually gonna be on we’re doing this as a video so it’s utter lack of radio with a podcast so the audio will be on our other iTunes channels and everything else the YouTube will be on funnel hacker TV and this is actually going live right now if a group so if there’s questions I’ll try to be bouncing back and forth between pages see if I get the questions answered but one of the main things I get asked all the time right now and that is people are always saying you know guys there’s so much going on as far as click photos and photo strips what’s final scripts how does final scripts work how can I use it and I thought the only way I can actually do justice to that is by actually bringing Jim on Glen talk about funnel scripts how you can actually use it as a funnel hacker and more importantly some of the cool things that he’s been adding recently one of which is a podcast platform which i think is just awesome since this actually being on a podcast so with all that Jim welcome to the show well thanks for having me Dave I’m excited yes it took us a little while to get this done but we got it done and this was the preordained time that you and I should be here together talking about this and I just hope it is actually going in live that’s my only question and if it’s not I’m gonna just go post it later but anyways so let’s just dive right in and says it’s going live on Facebook and I am assuming that that is actually doing just that so with all that said I want to just cut right into this Jim and say how do foreign scripts come about funnel scripts came about because I know from doing online stuff for the last 20 years and and I used to teach people how to create websites back in the day of making them what mozilla and doing HTML and i know for a once you teach somebody how to put up a site the the next thing they got to do is figure out ok what words are gonna go on the site and back in the day you could do that with just education and whatnot but the world has changed and then when I saw click funnels and click funnels taken off and then I read Russell’s book here it is when I read comm secrets and I had seen Russell on on a cruise and and you know we had we’d seen each other and kind of connected there and I said dang every single one of these things I said I can I can turn all of these scripts into software and literally I know that because I already done it with some other stuff I said I can turn all these scripts into software so literally all anybody would have to do is just fill out a form whack a button copy and paste and put it right over into their funnel and so I made I actually took several of them and I turned them into scripts and then I contacted Russell I said dude your book is awesome and I got an idea I want to show you something he’s like oh yeah ok but but but then he gave me he he gave me a chance to show him what what I had and then he got all excited he’s like you mean to tell me that we can and I said yes so when we and I’m summarizing like many months of back and forth and stuff but when we first started with funnel scripts we had one downloadable wizard we had the perfect webinar wizard and we had 19 online scripts and so we fast forward now this is coming up on two years now with funnel scripts we have over 40 online scripts and we have now 6 downloadable Wizards that will do everything from help you create your amazing complete perfect webinar that’ll create your vs ELLs it’ll create surveys that take star story solution it creates the master class out of the expert secrets book and of course the one that we have just released today in fact or yesterday in fact I haven’t even had a chance to announce the replay yet but it is posted and we have introduced the podcast and FB live interview wizard which makes it super easy for you to do amazing interviews with people you literally just fill out 16 questions and one of them’s your name and the others your website so it’s really only 14 questions you have to think about and you whack that button and it will create for you a dozen different interviews it will create all of your marketing materials your emails your facebook posts your Facebook ads it even writes the email teasers and and even writes the thank-you email to send to the person that you interview so that right there basically helps you to do amazing interview videos like what we’re doing here on Facebook interviews for your podcast it cuts out the four hours of prep time what’s called show prep that it takes for most people to put together on average that’s how long it takes to do all the stuff to create your show notes to create your ads to create your interview questions to create your emails to create your teasers all these things and literally reduces it down to 10 minutes and so that’s that’s basically how the the podcast and FB live interview wizard goes but you know that’s um then it’s your question about and how we got started with funnel scripts the great thing about working with Jim is just say one thing and it just goes and goes and goes it goes you don’t have to say anything else yeah I was told he does a child add a big mouth but then I told my mom you know one time I was speaking from the stage and said how’s that motor mouth working out now mom yeah that’s working out okay there you go so no honestly I think that part only because I had the opportunity of seeing the wizardess you were created for the podcast and it is a huge huge huge blessing for anybody’s doing podcast but more important that I love how original was just gonna be podcast it’s now also for Facebook live right and I think that’s the part that people have to understand is it’s actually a lot of people don’t know exactly what to say or how to do gets things started or all that and the best thing I love about scripts is it takes out all of the writer block type of problems that most people have it’s right which is always the hardest part is just getting started the hardest thing the hardest thing that you will ever look at is a blank blinking cursor taunting you like hey got a ride an email teaser right blink blink blink hey got a write a sales letter blink blink blink and the hardest draft is the first draft and so what funnel scripts does no matter whether you’re trying to create an email sequence mean we just added an email onboarding sequence that writes an 11 email sequence for you 11 emails in order to onboard something – anything from software to a physical product to a service to coaching to a home-study course doesn’t matter total onboarding sequence for you and it the the hardest draft is always a first draft and so what funnel scripts does is it creates that first draft for you based on proven I mean proven sales copy or email templates or video sales letter templates on templates that we know on scripts we know produce results and instead of you having to learn the script and then learn the language and then type from scratch it takes from your head you type it in you whack the button it puts it into the proven formulas and it spits it out for you so all you have to do is just edit it and then put it over into your click funnels funnel it couldn’t be any easier unless I came to your house filled it out for you while you made me my favorite lunch and I charged you a thousand dollars an hour well if you don’t mind let’s just dive right in can we share your screen just show people some of this cool stuff sure and we’ll talk through those people who listen on the audio will make sure you guys can understand some of the stuff that Jim is showing you so you guys didn’t aren’t missing out on any of this stuff as well okay so are you seeing my screen right yeah okay so basically with funnel scripts the way we have it organized is as soon as you pull up you you come into the dashboard and when you’re new to funnel scripts or if you have been using funnel scripts but you haven’t seen this yet you need to watch the quick start video and the quick start video just explains the mechanics of how all of the online scripts work and also how the downloadable scripts work then we have something that really should be your first stop anytime you’re looking to do something with funnel scripts and it’s the funnel scripts blueprints and training and basically what this does is it lays out for you the main funnels that anybody’s going to use and then you have click-through access to the exact click or funnel scripts that you need to build that part of your funnel so if you’re doing a product sales funnel of course every one of your pages needs a headline so you can just click right on through to the headline script if you want to use a PowerPoint opt-in video script then you can click on that or if you want to use the lead capture script or if you want to use the the call to action script then on your sales page or your OTO page we have all these different scripts that will help you create long sales letters short sales letters PowerPoint vs LS v sls that you can use like russell does talking directly into the camera so we have all of these in here so one of the questions I get is hey Jim I just signed up for funnel scripts and which scripts should I use and my question is well what kind of funnel are you making because that’s going to dictate which funnel script you actually use and I will tell you there are a few that everybody needs to use pretty much for everything like the headline script so if you come down here we actually have three different headline scripts – for sales letters and one for content my favorite is the killer headline script because this is the one where it just makes a amazing headline super super fast and we have on a lot of the scripts we have individual instructional videos and stuff we also have example projects so that you can instead of having to stare at a blank again just filling out the blanks which by the way is as easy as we can make it because we give you prompts and examples but you can click on many of these we have examples so if you had an info product even if you didn’t have a stock investing course you could click on this example for the stock investing info product and it will automatically populate all of these blanks so that you can see how somebody else used it and then you can say okay well my target Aviance is not a beginner investor it’s a funnel hacker or or whatever it is so our number one keyword topic stock investing pic winning stocks so it all you have to do is just basically go through and answer the questions and and it makes it even easier because we give you the prompts you know when you may wave your magic wand how fast they get the big payoff you can get results automatically quickly instantly so makes it super easy then you click build and it’ll show you what you put in and then it will give you in this case it gives you a whole bunch of different output now if you read Russell’s book which I’m holding up which I guess nobody can see but if you read Russell’s book one of the things that he teaches you in dot-com secrets is the difference between hot warm and cold traffic and for those of you paying attention at home it’s on page 119 ok and so hot one cold traffic you’ll understand the difference between that is basically they know about you and your product they know there’s a solution out there or they have no idea there’s a solution all they know is they have a problem so one of the ways to get really much better conversion is to use hot warm or cold headlines based on the temperature your traffic and just as an aside we all know from paying attention to Russell that the way to make a whole lot of money is to be able to convert warm and cold traffic with or with with paid ads that’s how you create a killer scalable business so what we can do here in this part I’m and I’ll point out down below there’s like a hundred hundred fifty different headlines down here but they can all start looking the same so what I like to do we have a neat little thing built in here where you can just click this and every time you click it it’ll load a different headline so what you can do is use this to see which one grabs your grabs your attention so let’s say we’re going after warm traffic so let’s like new iron a double-digit return on your stock investments without losing money on stocks fast or today or so that it’ll load different little now so you know pick more money you can start losing money on stocks watch this free video that reveals how you can getting an unfair advantage with picking winning stock and avoid losing money so here’s a quick way to pick more money-making stocks I like this one so what I would do is just add that to the clip bin and or I can just copy and paste it right there by clicking that button I can go right over into funnel scripts and I can I don’t have I don’t have click funnels open but I can literally just paste that into my text editor here so except for Jim what things love is the fact as far as not hot warm and cold and that ability to be able to identify your audience is a lot of things a lot of people struggle with as far as who actually am I speaking to and you’re writing able the scripts to be able to identify that I also want to make sure if you guys have questions go ahead an put it down in the comments and I’ll make sure that we get this answer for those you guys who follow us on Facebook as well yeah the big thing is that what funnel scripts does is it helps you to overcome one of the biggest challenges that that people have when they’re writing sales copy and that is when you need to come up with a headline you have a situation where and I’ll come back to this but I want you guys to hear me and pay attention when I’m saying most people struggle to come up with good headlines most people struggle to come up with good bullets and calls to action and stuff like that and so what happens is once you just finally get one you’re so excited cuz you finally got a headline that you don’t want to have to think up more so you’re like okay I got this headline I’m gonna show this puppy to everybody this is the headline okay and it either works or it doesn’t but it’s like oval is working kind of good or or whatever and that’s the problem is that you need to be able to come up with a bunch of different types add lines and different versions of headlines so you can test them because this is a fact of life with with funnels the the first version of the funnel you come out with is is not the one that’s going to make you all the money I’ve only ever had one headline in 20 years be a headline I could never beat through testing and so the great thing about what funnel scripts does is that it helps you not only come up with the different traffic temperature headlines but it helps you come up with different variations so you can test them so because that’s where the money’s made is is in getting it in there and then testing different versions and incrementally improving it and that’s one of the reasons why I love click funnels so much is because they make testing so easy because you can just copy and paste into a couple different versions and and boom you’re done so that’s I just want to I just wanted to really point that out that the headlines most important thing that’s why we take so much time and this this one we’ve spent just tons of time on and we’re updating it and we’re adding more headline scripts and stuff but that’s one of the great things about funnel scripts is it makes it easy for you to test different things headlines bullets calls to action all these different things instead of just saying you know I’m gonna kill myself to come up with this one it’s like holy crap glad that’s over and and then you never touch it in then you wonder why you’re breaking even or losing money well Jim I think the cool thing obviously the headlines are fantastic but if you take a look at some of the other crazy stuff that gets created is you actually like for the perfect webinar your whole webinar you guys I mean you creates like the whole webinar yes the the perfect here I’ll share my screen again this is so awesome so the the cool thing about this is one of the other things and and this was something that Russell introduced and and if you look up at the top we have all these scripts from experts secrets which is Russell’s second book which I told him I thought was actually better than the first book but and he agreed with me otherwise I wouldn’t have said that but um one of the things that he teaches is this whole progression of scripts so you know the who wet statement script the opportunity switch headline ask campaign the Masterclass the big domino five curiosity hooks epiphany bridge and then the perfect webinar is really how you take all of these things that he teaches in that book and and you turn it into this wonderful totally effective sales machine that can take someone who has never sold before or never sold successfully before or has struggled and gives you the framework to be able to just put together a presentation that slays it for anybody and the cool thing that this and this is one of the six downloadable Wizards that we have but basically what they here and I’ll open it up but the perfect webinar wizard basically walks you through step by step by step exactly what Russell teaches in the experts secrets book and it’ll probably take you about an hour to go through and answer this answer all the questions and stuff but I want you to think about this most people we talked to when they say oh I got to put together a perfect webinar it takes him at least a week I mean Russell even says when he’s putting it together takes at least a week crazy amount of time you can equip them this wizard is just I mean it puts everything out for you and then it actually puts it also down under the Year PowerPoint or keynote exactly so I’ll show you what a couple things that it can do if you want um but we had a couple of guys tell us that we in fact we did a whole case study on them that basically they were able to take this and create a six-figure business our six figures worth of sales by just using this wizard to create the webinars and they’re selling they’re teaching people how to mix music they’re teaching musicians how to mix mixed music so this isn’t just something where you learn all this was just a show make money stuff no this is to see if you have something that solves a problem satisfied as a desire for people then you can create an amazing webinar to to help people to be able to get what they want so basically once you’ve filled out the blanks okay and and the cool thing we have now Russell taught about the perfect webinar in the first comm secrets book and then he in the experts secrets book he really expanded upon it and made it even more awesome and so what I did was I went back and I added all the distinctions that he made in the experts secrets book and and came out with version 2.0 so you just answer all the questions we even referenced the book with pages so that you can letter okay and this is what I’m supposed to share a secret well maybe I’m not sure I did yet let me go to page 134 on the expert secrets book and I’ll show me what to do then this thing will output all it’ll output your webinar outline it outputs an opt-in video script so you want to create a video to tell people to opt-in for your perfect webinar you want to create the opt-in sales page copy creates all the webinar closes so you know when you when when you hear Russell will using closes like now is the time to decide or infos not enough for any of these things that creates all the customized closes for you creates all your promo ads create your email teasers and the coolest thing is that it literally will create all of your webinar slides totally and it’s gonna bring it over in here that’ll create all of your webinar slides for you that perfectly go through the perfect webinar no pun intended perfectly go through the everything you’re supposed to be doing it goes through all of the right steps it goes through the reframe everything and then it creates your entire stack it creates all the closes that you need everything is there completely done it creates a hundred and four slides for you just from filling out that wizard and it does your price drop it does the building the stack it does the guarantee it does your bonuses everything and then it has all of the slides all of the slides with the as well and it gives you word-for-word totally customized exactly how to say exactly what Russell would say to sell your product but it’s you saying it and it could this this is another one of those things where literally the the only way I could make this easier would be if you paid me ten thousand dollars to come to your house while you maybe my favorite lunch and I filled this out for you and helped you do the slides I mean that that would be the only way that I could make it easier well Jim we talked about the podcast webinar the perfect webinar what are something one of the other wizards that you have created well Dave I’m glad you asked let me show you so let’s plan um so the other the other downloadable wizards that we have are we have the we have the VSL wizard which literally you answer I think 24 questions so yes L is a vesl is a video sales letter yeah so we know a lot of what how am I gonna create a sales letter that I actually have on video and this actually creates the video sales letter for you right and it’ll either create the script in text and/or it will create it on a PowerPoint slide deck that you can customize so you don’t even have to you don’t even have to get on camera if you don’t so as before I got my new glasses picture of you hey that is attention-getting people want to know what that’s about yeah it looks like a convict sitting there going oh my god I didn’t know we were gonna turn okay nice headphones Dave by the way could you borrow those from your daughter yes I did thanks anyway but what this does I mean literally this this those cool videos that you see when Russell is talking into the camera and he gets you to buy stuff because he sells awesome stuff if you want to make those same kind of videos this software will help you do it in like a half an it’s it’s it’s not days and weeks to put it together and a half an hour you fill the thing out you whack the button and you do a little edit and you’re good to go the easy the easy survey script this one what it does is it helps you to come up with those really cool scripts and quizzes that you use at the beginning of a funnel to get people to engage and also to segment themselves so that if they answer let’s say we were doing something with I don’t know for sale by owner and we said okay are you have you ever sold the house before yes or no so if they say yes you say have you ever done it without a realtor yes or no and then if they say you know so then you can just build this sequence so that people end up seeing the rod of Airy specific landing page and that’s a really cool functionality that’s baked right into ClickFunnels™ but sometimes it’s hard for people to figure out what the questions are they should ask to construct those so this wizard helps you really easily create a survey like that based on the the very best survey funnels that that we hacked to be able to do that and specifically Stephen was the one who hacked them he went out and looked at like a hundred different survey funnels and we isolated the best the best elements from all of them and we we built it right into this really cool piece of software again take you less than a half an hour to do it the stars always go ahead day I mean happy jump over to Mike one of my favorite ones actually is that master class one okay and that I think because people are always going geez how do you actually create all the content for these master classes and what is a master class now and this thing just crushes an entire product I mean you’re creating a product for yeah this the master class wizard again the master class was a concept that Russell introduced in expert secrets and this is really the product that you use to establish yourself as the preeminent expert in your blue ocean and so what this does literally step by step by step is it helps you create an amazing master class that hits all of the points that you need to hit but then it also creates all of your marketing materials for the master class as well if you want to sell it right your sales letter for if you want to give it away for free on the first round which Russell says is a good idea it’ll write your sales copy for that it creates your ads it creates emails it creates everything you need to promote your master class as well so and and with all of these downloadable Wizards we have extensive training with each one of them we walk you through it step by step by step exactly how to use it but they’re very intuitive if you if you know how to answer a question Dave do you not answer questions I guess I do okay so you can use all of these wizards if you can answer a question you can use all of these wizards because it’s all built around a very simple formula and the simple formula is this fill out the form whack the button copy and paste and you’re good to go that’s it that’s that’s the whole principle behind funnel scripts and so and the cool thing I’ve really enjoyed is taking like like people love experts secrets and you can tell I mean this is day I remember when Dave gave me this this is actually a proof copy this isn’t even a commercial copy probably worth some money if I hadn’t scarred it all up but I mean there’s so much gold in here and Russell teaches that step by step by step the only thing that makes it better is the fact that with funnel scripts all you need to do is say oh okay I need to do the I need to create my own opportunity switch so instead of going through the book like I did here and you know analyzing all the stuff and figuring out what you’re going to do all you have to do is go to the opportunity switch script in funnel scripts fill that bad boy out and it’s and you’re done that’s it you’re ready to go I’m so excited honestly this is one of my favorite products we’ve created that you’ve created for us actually because I think it’s it’s was one of the missing pieces a lot of people were struggling with this to copy and how to actually actually create that kind of stuff so thank you so much for creative most importantly I appreciate that you are always updating it I think that’s the part that surprised some people honestly it actually I know just because it’s so often again in the information marketing space so often approximants create it and it’s done it sits on a shelf and it’s like a static thing this is a very dynamic product it’s changing all the time so again kudos to Jim for pulling this thing off I think we’re I think the reason that we do that is because just like ClickFunnels™ is committed to and I remember when Russell started ClickFunnels™ people were like hey well I’ll promote it when I see you’re gonna stick with it for a while and and I think it really demonstrates the commitment that that really this is the solution that people need you know ClickFunnels™ is the solution you need if you’ve got to sell stuff online and funnel scripts is the solution you need if you need the words to put on the screen to get people to buy and so also we’re committed to to the our customers so when people say hey I need now some people hey I need something to do this and I need it by next Tuesday that don’t happen because this isn’t just something that we just slapped together I mean a lot of testing a lot of thought a lot of just a lot of brain power has to go on to make it so these things actually work for virtually every different scenario that you could think for physical products e-commerce services all these things that people that we have to make it work in in all of those different things so the thing we always come back to is is if it if you sell something that satisfies a desire or solves a problem then funnel scripts will work for you that’s the key thing and plus I just have a lot of fun creating these things I know you just you might think that’s really weird but I it’s like a giant puzzle it’s a challenge can I create something that will help a customer to overcome what we might call the liberal arts barrier or the creativity barrier where they’re just not wired to do that on their own but if I can hand them a first draft then they can oh yeah that’s how I would say it and it’s because it’s all your thoughts I’m just taking your thoughts and I’m putting them into proven sales copy in a way that works and so I it’s it’s just it’s a lot of fun I enjoy it I love helping people I love getting the emails where people say you know you changed my life with funnel scripts final scripts change my life and you get the occasional in the air final script stocks but I mean it’s you’ll get one of those and then like within five minutes you’ll get some of this changed my life you’re awesome and so that’s why I do it I mean I just it’s been this has been the most fun I’ve had in the last 20 years because this is something that’s just making a huge difference for people because you can have all the tools in the world but if you don’t have a way to get the copy on the page in a way that is going to make people buy from you sign up dial the phone fill out the form to become a lead or click the link to take the next step you will fail and you’ll give up so I really see funnel scripts as a mission really honestly I see it as a mission to to help people who need help and and who need a fast result instead of buying you know I can show you back there on my on my table all these you know just a few copywriting books you’re gonna go buy these copywriting and advertising books and read them in order to be able to write your sales letter by next Monday you’re not gonna do that nobody is I might but I mean most most people are not you just don’t have the time energy and effort to do that and and the thing is it used to be Dave you know when we were starting out sales online sales a funnel was basically a long-form sales letter and a buy button that’s that’s all it’s all sales was okay and an email teaser now there’s so many different things that go into making a funnel success one we didn’t even show you guys the the the Facebook ads the Facebook ads script is the one that people go absolutely insane over because it’s the thing they have so much problem so many problems with you want me to show that real quick or no up we don’t have time I know we don’t have time that’s fine the the thing to get final scripts calm exactly um but I know and I lost track but the the things where people have problems are and there’s so many different things you got to be able to write Facebook Ads you got to be able to write email to you’ve got to be able to write follow-up email sequences you got to be able to create regular ads you got to be able to fake you know case studies and testimonials and and all these different things bullets all these different things you need to be able to be really really really good at really really fast because the world is moving so much faster now he used to be you could set something up you are good to go for a couple of years now you you’ve got to constantly be in this flow and be able to do these things quicker and quicker and quicker and if you’re gonna be the marketer and the traffic driver and the funnel builder and all these different things you you don’t have time to do your funnel copy from scratch you need an awesome tool to help you do it and that’s what funnel scripts does I love it okay guys go get your copy at funnel scripts com for me it’s it’s been a lifesaver and copy the stuff that I’ve been using I love the podcast script actually Facebook ad thing we did have time to get into it so go check it out and Jimmy any other parting words before we wrap things up um I would say the best compliment I ever got was when Russell told me before when we did a funnel Friday he’s like hey man I used funnel scripts to create an email was really good yeah I think he likes to do stuff from scratch but the thing would tell you is that when it comes to funnel scripts I am the number one power user anytime I need to create anything I go straight into funnel scripts because that’s the way I write copy and I’ve done really well over the years writing copy for just my own stuff you can’t hire me to write copy for you and so the proof is in the pudding if the creator is the one that’s using it it’s kind of like Russell builds all of his funnels with foam with click funnels I create all my copy with funnel scripts I mean that’s that’s the best proof I can give you that it actually works and the other thing I would tell you and this is this is the God’s honest truth funnel scripts is too cheap we still don’t charge enough money for it there are people out there who are charging thousands of dollars a year for far inferior products and funnel scripts for an automated service like what it is is the number one thing in the world that you could buy and we don’t charge enough money for it so if you’re already a funnel scripts subscriber don’t ever let that thing lapse because the price all is always going up and if you’re not a funnel script subscriber yet you need to be because you’re wasting a ton of time and energy creating copy that we can help you with much quicker and the price will be going up again at some point and you don’t want to pay more for something you need right now I love it well with that we’re gonna go ahead and wrap things up Jim once again thank you so much for creating it most of all thanks for being on the show and thanks to your to russell brunson goodbye appreciate back thanks Dave great being here thanks for having me let’s see you back thanks for listen to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at Bono hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker radio.com forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio.com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Jim Edwards, Secrets To Funnel Scripts

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