James Smiley, B2B Funnel Secrets To Closing 5 and 6-Figure Deals

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James Smiley, B2B Funnel Secrets To Closing 5 and 6-Figure Deals

– Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

James Smiley reveals the exact playbook he used to get hired by 48 of the Fortune 500. How he scaled sales of a $350M Silicon Valley SaaS company IPO (TeleNav), and train over 7,000 6-figure B2B sales reps! He talks about the 3 ways he closes deals and how you can too. James also discusses what it really takes to close 5 and 6 Figure deals and how to get paid to pitch the deal.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their markets and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward welcome back to funnel hacker radio I’m your host Dave Woodward and you guys are in for a ride of your life today I am so excited you have the opportunity of of me and one of my dear friends I just the opportunity to spend some time with and this guy is crushing it in the b2b space and it’s one of the things I get questions about all the time so right now I want to welcome you guys and introduce you to James smiley James welcome whoo b2b b2b do you have to understand guys this is James has has absolutely been crushing it in the b2b space and in the business business funnels all that stuff that people always ask about but as far as a little background here’s a guy basically it’s done staking it’s worked in the Silicon Valley done IPOs has generated actually taken to cut two separate companies from zero to over 20 million dollars and has worked with a tMT’s working facebook this is a guy who’s just super passionate about business and sales and at the same time the father of four haffley married 13 years and it’s just an all-around awesome awesome dude so we are so excited to have James with us so James again welcome anything else you want to say or introduce people to you know man thank you so much I appreciate that throughout all the years I I still find myself trying to just be a normal dude put on my pants one leg at a time like everyone else so just all about the hustle in the heart you know well I think the hustle of the thing we hear so much about these days that Gary bass probably made that real famous but I think it’s the part that James I’m so excited to see in what you’re doing right now because the whole business-to-business funnels and working in that industry is so hard for a lot of people and yet you’re out there to crushing five six-figure deals literally all the time so you know Mike let’s just kind of dive right in and help people understand when we’re talking to be to be funneled what exactly is a b2b funnel so it’s basically taking the concepts and the philosophy that you guys do and just applying that into larger corporations and so what I do and what I’ve done for a long time even before I mean we this is even before we even called them webinars and all that stuff is we’ve been using online technology and different technology conference call technology whatever to create funnels to draw people in and to draw businesses and executives in and using a very similar concept that you guys do with lead magnets and those kind of things it’s the exact same philosophy but but we draw these people in and then we stand up in front of them just like you guys do on a webinar or via a cell or whatever and so we may use webinar technology we may use in-person seminars and those kind of things and we show our stuff we show ourselves as the guru we get them excited and impressed and then of course they want to they want to work with you and so when I met when I you know got introduced to ClickFunnels™ and kind of a little secret was we were I was working at a big company and I was one of my Tiger teams was tasked to track internet marketing and in the industry and what it was gonna do in the fortune ten world and how what the impact was gonna be so we were tracking like eleven internet marketers and one of them was this kid named Russell Brunson so it’d been you know so personally I was following him and like I was like this this guy is going somewhere you know and then click funnels came out and all that and when when you guys started this movement with click funnels it it streamlined in and just exponentially increased everything that I do and it I really believe it made it so that the average person can take these tools and go out there and be successful with with what they know and they can take that and be successful with with businesses I love it I know that I think the word average has never been used to describe you at all it’s been one of those things I look at the stuff that you’ve done and I’m so excited just to help people understand one things you and I were talking about before we started the recording everything else was the small idea as far as is the difference between you know basically staying in that I wants the space you’ve been in working business-to-business versus helping others who want to get into that space and one of the things you made mention I think it’s really critical especially when you’re trying to sell you a five or six figure deal and that is that belief in yourself if you don’t mind could you kind of address that a little bit yeah so you know I have I’ve had the privilege of you know overseeing and managing hundreds of sales reps hiring hundreds and and then just speaking in front of an enabling over 10,000 you know when we ride TeleNav we were touring the country and it wasn’t uncommon for us to speak in front of three to six hundred sales reps at a time but what what I’ve seen is it doesn’t matter what you’re selling abilities or skills are it’s do you have a belief in yourself in a belief in your product you know like we’ve taken people who are used car salesmen and in three to four months they’re making Commission checks of twenty thousand dollars you know a couple years ago we took a kid from from a retail store and in Fort Worth Texas here and we found him we were we actually went to a retail store we’re in a b2b sales meeting we needed to go buy something we went in there and bought it and this kid just Florida he was just amazing and we ended up recruiting him and he became one of the most successful people at AT&T and he led the country in sales I mean he was what he was in a retail store I mean so like people you know may look at what they do and go I don’t know if I can be successful in b2b but I think it’s it’s having a belief in yourself and in your skillset and in really valuing I think you have to value what you do and and so if somebody is that person where they they just go you know they’re their internal is internal self is saying like I know that I am worth more than what I get paid now and not that I’m you know complaining I’m just saying I’m worth more like if somebody has that kind of fire then I think they can be very very successful and b2b in an in b2b why somebody would want to be successful there I think is not everybody it’s not for everybody but a lot of entrepreneurs and digital marketers and those kind of people are looking to have less clients higher paying clients and they want clients who appreciate them and they want clients who treat them professionally and they want clients who don’t walk out on them you know and that’s that’s that’s what happens in the b2b space it’s just a more professional environment you don’t have you know you know you know it’s it’s just some overall it’s more professional more crystallized and and it’s it’s more long-term relationships and the pay is as good as it’s gonna get by far I think that’s so awesome I think especially just as we spend time working with entrepreneurs at first you start off you’re like you know what I’ll do anything else just kind of earn a buck and then you kind of go through that phase of like you know what I’m not enjoying the clients that I’m working with and as you start raising that ticket price you do start valuing yourself and your time a ton more and so as you taking a look at at working with business owners and again you’re a guy who’s sold you know what two hundred two and ten two hundred fifty million dollars in corporate products all before you look at 3503 for 35 you’ve sold some serious serious products how does a person how do they get that kind of belief they if they feel like they want how do they actually develop that that’s a great question so you know I grew up in what people nowadays would call an unprivileged neighborhood I grew up in a minority neighborhood we were very poor I tell a story often where you know like I remember the first time I I was able to buy a real Oreo cookie because my whole life as a kid we never could buy a name-brand cookie I mean we were poor and so but I had a belief in myself that I was here and that I was unique and that there was something that I was called to do that nobody else could do and I think when I understood that and when I really grasped that sense that if I don’t go do this no one else can do it because they can’t do it like me you know and maybe somebody has the skills or the the tools that are similar but they cannot go and serve a customer like me and I think when you have that belief in yourself the sky’s the limit in terms of what you can do who you can be how much you can earn what you know who you can impact all those things and and you know I got on the track really early even though I was from a poor neighborhood I got on the track really early of talking about money and going after money because you know I think I learned in life there’s a lot of III call them like equity buckets there’s a lot of equity buckets you can build in your life money is one of many but money is the one that’s easier to count because it’s a number ya can build equity in your family in your life and your friendships and your spirituality whatever but like equity is like you can just look and know where you’re at right and so you know and then what I’ve learned through mentors and things like this is it’s the person you become on on the route to achieving any goal that makes it all worth it you know so and so money is an easy one to set a goal it’s an easy one to to set metrics of how do you get there and who you become and in who you serve on that path and on that journey is what makes it all worth it I love that I think it’s awesome well let’s kind of dive in and talk about a an actual funnel and you know how you’re doing this because you know a lot of people I talk to understand the webinar model as far as the webinar funnel and they think you know most of time if I’m selling on the webinar I’m selling that product between five hundred bucks and two thousand bucks that’s the typical webinar model you’re talking again just to clarify if anyone wants no $5 you know five figures work that’s 10,000 and above and off.you six figures is a hundred thousand above so you’re selling anything basically from ten grand to almost a million dollars through the funnel you know help people understand how does it what’s that funnel look like yeah so so the very very high level okay is like the most highest level strategic idea here is you take funnels so you take click funnels and you use that to attract clients and then you sell them funnels in the world like they don’t even realize what I’m selling them is what they’re in right now you know it’s the same platform and so so anyway yeah so you know the biggest thing I found is business executives whether they’re you know half a million dollars 250 million or 100 million dollar company a lot of them especially the higher you get once you get to like 10 million and up a lot of these these men and women that are in those positions they want to get to a face-to-face meeting with you and so you use the funnel you use an ad like LinkedIn or Facebook and you drive them into a landing page and what what the things that we’ve found really successful I split tested in tons of companies and in my own personal photos is when you drive into a landing page you want like a mini webinar and you want it completely open don’t make somebody who doesn’t opt-in doesn’t have that habitual habit of opting in don’t make them opt-in just play it give them the content right there and and encourage them to book a meeting with you right and and that is so simple and it works you know anybody out there can say you know I help people reduce their cost per lead by blah blah blah and if you want to reduce your cost per lead and find out how I did it click below and book a meeting with me I mean it’s it’s the funnel is so simple like you don’t need to opt-in you don’t need to set up the email you don’t need to like it’s ridiculously simple and it’s it’s a it’s crazy how it works you know just a week ago I would say ten days ago I had a gentleman from LinkedIn I’ve never you know I post content on LinkedIn and I’ve never heard of this guy but and he’s never messaged me but he he clicked on on the link on LinkedIn or he clicked on my ad he went to my funnel in and saw my video and then he went back to LinkedIn to message me like he didn’t even he’s not even tech savvy enough to feel comfortable filling out the form he went back to LinkedIn you know but but you know we’re gonna fly there in a couple days I’m bringing one of my partners and and he’s paying us he’s paying two seats five thousand dollars for a three and a half hour session and he’s paying all the expenses to get there so you know that’s like a very small example but but the key thing so once I get there I mean is it all dock kids I gotta interrupt here because I don’t think everyone understands really what’s taking place here so if correct me if I’m wrong but basically what’s really happening is you and your partner each being paid five grand to go to his place to really end up pitching him a hire thing correct yes beauty is I’m gonna give him a free seminar on he and I’m gonna use my expertise so you guys use your expertise but I have expertise in AI mobile apps a lot of technology so he wants to know about some some some things but I’ve had people hit me up about soldiers like social media is really hot is the most intriguing thing for a business owner right now is to figure out how do they monetize social media how did they get lead so that’s the one that I would encourage people to go after executive coaching is really big one business growth is really big you know some of those but but but yeah so essentially kind of reeling back what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go there we’re gonna give him a free seminar we’re gonna stand up in front of him and probably six or seven of his people and we’re gonna completely wow them with what we do people we know and things like that and at the end we’re gonna ask them if we can be the ones to help them do this whether from a consulting standpoint or we can do done for you so one of the things that I that I kind of teach with entrepreneurs who work with me and I you know I’m we help enable them in this is I teach them kind of the three packages the three basic packages one is do-it-yourself so do yourself is kind of like what we’re gonna go do here with this with this gentleman Tony we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna go show him some stuff but he has to do it himself right so these are kind of quick easy hits and but he has to do it himself then there’s done with you which is more like a hackathon or something like that where three four days project and we’re gonna help enable his team to learn funnels to learn webinars to learn they’ll buy a click funnels account though buy a funnel scripts account they’ll do all those things so we kind of reveal all of our secrets and we enable them and we train them now those those will be you know 25 to 80 thousand dollars right typically they’re gonna be in that and then the high-level one is done for you so there’s there’s you know do yourself done with you are done for you and done for you that’s where you can easily charge 100 and 120 to you know about a quarter million dollars you know those are those are the easier ones to get and you know there’s ways you want to go about pricing those and structuring those deals so that it makes sense for them and that’s kind of some of the psychology that we go through in our training in our courses and in our you know we have free consultations and stuff like that that we will help people understand like how do you go about pitching two hundred thousand dollars without scaring the crap out of somebody right I think you wanna so there’s psychology things that I’ve learned and you know I learned when I was a young kid I I would always go to the best salesperson and I would say hey can I can I do ride-alongs with you and it was amazing what I would learn you know and so I learned all these things about you know positioning so that when we position the price me and the client are on the same side of the table like we’re both fighting for the same thing I sold him on it we’ve anchored on a result he wants the result or he or she wants a result and now we’re both ready and excited so now the only thing left to do is how do we pay for this you know how do we work together to pay for the so let’s get creative let’s think of ideas that’s maybe restructure the deal it’s do half up front and payments over six months or you know you know so so we can work with them on that and but yeah but you know so that’s some of the exciting stuff that we’re you know starting to share with with your guys community and in the entrepreneur community is how do they go out and do that you know I just think that it’s so awesome this is one of the things and why I was so excited to have you on this podcast is because people don’t understand the opportunity that so I mean nothing frustrates me more than I’m sitting there talking to person they feel like well I have to start off with a $7 tripwire that then is going to lead into it they’re going up this they think that they this sales ladder basically caps out at $1000 I’m like are you serious I mean the opportunities that exist for a person who really understands and funnels in that I think one things that you’ve just done an amazing job at James and that is helping to really understand the need that really exists in the typical business world that you so much greater so much greater than it is in the you know online world that we hear so much about and I think I really hope that you know those people who are listening this podcast are understanding that really the biggest market is taking people from online to offline and dealing in the offline world which you just crushed it for four decades yeah I think it’s awesome yeah and it’s like it’s like the funnel is like a combination of using online technology and online automation which is ClickFunnels™ and in an in-person phone calls and those kind of things right it’s and based on what you do you kind of can come up with your own you know funnel but but those are the kind of the general ways that it’s structured in the one of the biggest things I would encourage you know just kind of a gives it give some people who want to get into this space like a uh you know just they can take this and they don’t have to learn it for over the next ten years so in business somebody taught me when I was 22 they said James don’t ever go in there and do that again and I said what we just want to deal we just want to do and he said you don’t ever want to go in there and sell him your features and your functions he goes businesses don’t buy that and I said well he just bought it and he said he he said you bought it because he solved the problem in his mind that you’re solving a problem and he said businesses buy solutions to problems so they’re either gonna buy a solution to a problem when you hear about solution selling and those kind of things the solution solves a problem and so they’re either buying a solution to a problem or they’re buying a system to a problem so so then the reason I delineate that is I think in the internet marketing world and some of the entrepreneur spaces and coaching spaces you can actually sell people your philosophy like you can sell them an idea but businesses don’t have like a way to ROI to the board your philosophy yes it’s it’s so like unless you’re Tony Robbins or you have some massive established brand that your philosophy rocks the world they can’t pay for that but if you if you change it into a system now they’ll buy it and so when I saw that it just changed my entire selling perspective and it changed how I position things online and everything and I learned this from from from being a Jim Jim Rohn student Jim Rohn was the guy who mentored Tony Robbins but but Jim Rohn used to say that you know selling is about heaven in hell and he would say that hell is where your customers live [Laughter] he’s like if you if you don’t realize your customers are in hell then you’re not you don’t really believe in your product and I was like that is a great point so it’s like you got to realize where what does Hell like for your customer without you without your product what do they feel what are they sense right and then you need to show them heaven you need to say hey heaven is this right like lower cost per lead more leads more streamlined lead Automation you know you know all those kind of all the same those same value propositions that in internet marketer reviews right so so that’s heaven and then the system is the 12 steps or three steps to get you into heaven I was like this is the and I’m telling you I’ve used that for almost 15 years when we’re preparing how to present something it’s funny I’ve worked for small startups you know six employees at telling AB before we got big an IPO the company some small little teeny companies all the way to AT&T and it’s funny how when we get these big marketing MBA managers and all these people telling us how to sell and I look at all their stuff and I go no no no I go we’re not gonna present it this way guys I go we’re gonna talk about heaven in hell and how to get to heaven and so and you know obviously we don’t come in there and say hey I think you’re in Hell right physically say that but that’s the psychological psychology when you’re trying to sell a solution or whatever you do to a business is that you know they’re they’re in a serious serious state of need and you you know you so you don’t want to go in there and you know like you want to hit on your results that’s huge right but your results is you have to understand your results is like the Utopia it’s the heaven so if they don’t understand the contrast it’s gonna be really hard for you to sell your value oh I love that I’m just taking some notes here as you’re talking about I think that’s amazing I’ve you know honestly it’s it’s so funny because I I hate people talk about you know you know competitors and competition all this time and and we were joking in the office of the day nothing excites me more than a good fight as far as I love to having competitors out there but at the same time I also I don’t really see other companies as quote-unquote competitors because I live in that that world you just described as far as heaven and hell I truly believe that without quick funnels and what we do that they literally anybody I talked to you any entrepreneur any best small business owner is is truly living in a life of hell and here is our ticket out for him and I just I think that is such an amazing analogy I love that so thanks to Jim Rohn and not most importantly thank you for sharing that again I think that’s awesome yeah and I remember you know I teach this to a dozen sales reps I’d sit along we’d we’d walk them through their system or entrepreneurs we’re teaching this too and I’d you know coach them through and I I go make sure at the end it’s so clear what are the four steps to heaven to whatever your utopia is right like they have to see that clearly and that that system is what they buy you know that’s awesome that is so cool I think that’s why as you mentioned earlier as far as the importance of really believing in what you do if you don’t believe that you really can’t take your clients from Hell to heaven it’s really hard to sell that yeah yeah I was with a an entrepreneur after the funnel hacking live event here in Dallas and you know this this gentleman had a really good system of getting in with it with executives and he thought he could you know he thought he could sell kind of his ideas and I kind of met with them and I just said you know I don’t really you’re don’t I just said you know I don’t think me and you are perfect fit and then at the end he closed this folder and I said what’s that what’s in the folder and he said oh it’s just my notes and I said well it looked like you had more than notes that I said because I saw like a bio of you and what is that and you didn’t give me any of that what is it and he brought it to a one-on-one meeting I was like you know he’s asked him and he said oh this is my system and I said show me that so it shows me that and he’s got a bio of me printed out a bio of him printed out a talk track of the you know he had like a six-page system and I said sit down let’s talk about this again what you just showed me right there we can sell because I guarantee you businesses want their people to know about that right like all the philosophies and stuff it’s just it’s hard to ROI that right in businesses and people have been burned by that but if you present it as the system or the manual the playbook or those kind of things now you you have a real shot a very good shot I love I totally love that fact I’ll also love the word playbook I think a lot of business owners understand the importance of the playbook you know I I know you were a college football player and yeah and it’s funny a lot of the CEO is a lot of a lot of the top high-end people I’ve dealt with in consulting everything else I’m always amazed how many of them have been athletes yeah some sort of no it’s just and I’ve jock around about this all the time with my kids and yeah I’m a huge believer in sports and the importance of it I just think you learned so much but part of that is it’s the competition but it’s also the playbook and yeah I know that you’ve got your own secret playbook as far as you know how to go through five to six figures you know be to be sales help people understand what what that PlayBook is and and obviously how they get it and all that kind of stuff yeah so um so what what I’ve done is I put out you know kind of the the key pieces of my playbook which is what’s my best funnel to get people in what’s my best presentation so so I give I give away a template that has 70 slides a number of years ago we paid a marketing company seven thousand dollars to build this 70 slide presentation now you don’t need 70 but you use the template and based on your presentation you just pick the two or three slides you want to use based on the graphical layout and it just makes you look like a total rock star like these companies are like who made the PowerPoint there they always say that’s like a beautiful slide I mean it just it gives you instant credibility so so I’m giving that away as well so I’m giving away my the best funnel for free it’s the whole script of how it works the best PowerPoint template we’ve ever used and I’m also giving away the the script of how do you present a five to six figure price tag so how do you go about pitching the price how do you do the price drop how do you anchor off of certain value propositions those kind of things so so all those things are we just kind of put together it’s kind of the the meat and potatoes of the PlayBook that we use and it’s at James smiley org if people want to go download it for free they can get it there and I actually I had somebody recently because I was on Stephens podcast and I had a couple people asked me they said what’s a playbook and I said I said have you ever played sports and so they you know anybody who’s ever played any kind of sport knows like you might have a hundred plays right if you’re in junior high you go to high school there’s thousands and you go to college there’s maybe hundreds of thousands of plays in combinations but if you’re like in a third down on the two yard line on the right hash you don’t need to know all the plays you only need to know like three plays there’s only three plays you run in that situation right like and so that’s what a playbook does is it lets you know by scenario what do I pitch a customer or what do I do in a certain scenario right so it it helps kind of simplify it helps to simplify what you should pitch what you shouldn’t pitch where you should go with the conversation where you shouldn’t that kind of thing so that’s what like a playbook and business would be I love that again James I totally appreciate the analogy and I think anybody who’s listening this if you don’t have a playbook first of all you have to create more and the other thing I’d highly recommend is go ahead and check out James he’s giving away from for you guys basically for free you just go to James smiley org and on the very top there you can see the free b2b funnel secrets playbook my secret playbook to five six-figure b2b sales the exact playbook he used to getting hired by 48 of the fortune 500 scale sales of up to 300 million dollars from Silicon Valley sass company IPO and trained over seven thousand six-figure b2b sales reps so guys if nothing else I highly recommend you guys to go to James smiley org check out its funnel because as soon as you click on download the playbook now the next thing you’re gonna run into is a really cool form basically that he’s using to go ahead and capture exactly what he just talked about where a prospective clients paying in five grand to go out to Benchley pitch up so I just I love ID okay I’m not giving away your secrets here as far as no but I think it’s so awesome James it’s just yeah it’s so cool for me to see people who are actually implementing things that truly work and aren’t just talking about philosophy and you’ve mentioned that so many times as as you as you’ve approached real business owners is the importance you can’t sell philosophy you can sell systems and you can sell playbooks and I just think that’s so important too I hope people you guys listen to really taking notes and getting that down yeah thank you and and maybe the last word is you know I will tell you from my background corporate experience and the big companies I work for I really have attached to the ecosystem that you guys have provided out there of free info product services and all those things and just so people know like I personally invest over ten thousand dollars in your eyes stuff for the last few years like I’m a and it’s totally changed my business you know and so I I think like if somebody is consuming inside your ecosystem of products services free stuff all that and they feel like they’re not getting in or they’re not having success I think you know one analogy that Todd Brown used was you just have to kind of like lift your eyes up and see that there are blue oceans out there there’s oceans where the fish are at and there’s no sharks killing them all and in that pressure you feel is not you it’s not you’re failing it’s not your product sucks it’s you’re just in an in a in an area where you’re having so much you’re having difficulty being different and and and you know supply and demand right like the if the if the supply is so high if there’s so many people that do what you do it’s gonna be hard to charge charge what you want in charge with you what you’re worth and so there are I think I really think you guys are on the beat just the cusp of understanding all the industries that that what your platform can do and how it can affect people and so that’s what I just encourage people that are out there I know there’s you know there’s a you know there may be people who who aren’t fully where they want to be they they just need to swim to the blue oceans I love it I love that and appreciate the kind words well James we got close to wrapping things up anything else want to make sure people know about you know that’s that’s that’s probably the nutshell I mean I’ve made a big commitment you know before I went into all this I tend to you know I’m all in or all out completely all in or completely all out and so I made a big change this year and I said you know what like what is my deepest passion is it continuing to help build big businesses and you know I really focus on like the ten two hundred million dollar business right now but like is that my passion in my I think more because of my roots my passion is to help people who are trying to get there who are who are trying to get establish and build those foundations so that’s why we started the speed of be funnel secrets thing and it’s been so cool to just work with people help them talk to a message them and encourage them right so so I’m excited I mean I make myself accessible it’s a part of my brand and who I am I make myself accessible to people so if I can help you on your journey you know I’m here to help you James I appreciate that again you’ve been so kind and given to us I I really do appreciate it that’s pretty fun just comparing notes between a podcast either you did with Steven and your kind words here today as well so again wish you all the continued success and everything that you’re doing and appreciate that you’re taking time with today so thanks so much appreciative thanks for listening to funnel hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified any time we release a new episode just subscribe over at Bono hacker radio com in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker radio.com forward slash free trial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to funnel hacker radio com forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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“It doesn’t matter what your selling abilities or skills are. What matters is ‘do you have a belief in yourself and in your product?”

“It’s the person you become on the route to achieving any goal that makes it all worth it.”

“Unless your Tony Robbins or you have some massive established brand that shows your philosophy rocks the world, businesses can’t pay for that. But if you change it into a system, now they can buy it. And this really just changed my whole selling perspective.”

James Smiley, B2B Funnel Secrets To Closing 5 and 6-Figure Deals

James Smiley, B2B Funnel Secrets To Closing 5 and 6-Figure Deals