Is Boise The Next California… The New Silicon Valley!

Is Boise The Next California… The New Silicon Valley!

“Why Boise, Idaho?” It’s a question I get asked frequently by other entrepreneurs… especially when it makes more sense for a company like ClickFunnels to be based in Silicon Valley. In this video, I’ll take you through exactly why Boise is the best place for an entrepreneur. Don’t believe me? INC. Magazine posted about us too!

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the real reason why people are moving from california and new york to boise it’s because russell paid to sell your product love this guy honestly the entrepreneurs are the only people that can actually change this planet so i came across this article in ink magazine that said the boys set out to become the next austin or seattle really it’s on track to become the next silicon valley i saw for a second and thought huh that makes sense by the way it’s now it’s boise not boyz which is funny because i would say boise i get in trouble all the time you’re even from here you say it wrong boise is so cool but very few people ever believe me we host a ton of live events here for click funnels and people are always so surprised when they get to boise they’re blown away by how cool it is here there’s no way you’re in boise idaho if you don’t want to win right now when i think about who’s here i’m like these people are hungry now a little bit about me my name is russell brunson and i’ve been living here in boise now for almost 20 years so i thought i’d make a video showing you the five top reasons why boise is the best place in the world to live to raise a family and to start a business and that you really probably shouldn’t come here we don’t want any more of you californians stay home and before we jump in please like and subscribe down below it helps me a lot so if you can do that right now that’d be awesome reason number one it is a great place to start a business now i’m not the only person who thinks that you can look at hp micron clickbank bodybuilding.

com scentsy and tons of other businesses who chose to make boise their home there’s also a really cool group of entrepreneurs here which is nice because it means i have people to meet up with to talk shop talk about business and talk about funnels tax-wise there’s no florida or texas or nevada there’s no california either state taxes are just 6.

9 not 13 commercial real estate is also very affordable in fact here at clickfunnels we have two huge offices for all of our staff to work from and a lot of fun although that doesn’t really matter that much anymore now that it’s 2020.

hello hello everyone’s gone alright number two market access now boise is amazing because it’s close to almost anything you could possibly want to get to you can easily drive to places like portland salt lake and more or you can jump in a plane and get to san francisco la or las vegas in less than two hours the problem though is the airport it doesn’t have a ton of direct flights but the nice thing is because it’s so small you can literally show up 10 minutes before your plane leaves and they’ll still let you on the plane we’re doing good we’re only like a minute and a half early good that’s really good but with all the different transfers it can start adding up which is why we love going to jackson jet center to take private planes to get there faster anyway we’re about to jump on the plane we’re flying to miami for the 10x event which is insane so if you ever need to attend an event like dreamforce or traffic and conversion or a mastermind group it’s pretty neutral and easy to get to most those places very quick yes it’s more expensive but i don’t like traveling so it saves me a lot of time and they have amazing chicken wings on the plane that brings us to number three housing prices my wife and i bought our first house for just 120 000 when i was trying to start my online business and right now in the present day we live in eagle idaho and we have a crazy house that’s probably more like an amusement park than a house we also have an amazing condo in downtown boise it’s kind of like our weekend getaway to be with the kids and just joy the downtown vibe the average house price in boise is about 350 000 according to zillow you can get four houses here in boise for the price of just one house in san francisco which is much more attainable and seems like you hit the jackpot when moving from the tech capital and even if you can’t get a house you can literally get a one bedroom apartment here in boise for just 800 forbes said it was one of the fastest growing cities between 2017 and 2018 and it’s officially a surge city ranking as one of the best hubs in america to start a new business you can see how this is great for business asking potential staff to move and relocate to boise isn’t intimidating because they know they’ll be able to afford it in fact in a lot of cases they’ll be saving money by leaving where they’re coming from but depending on who you ask this is either a really good thing or a bad thing a lot of people here in boise aren’t thrilled that the words getting out in fact i probably shouldn’t even be making this video right now all right number four it is a great place to raise a family which is great for me because i have a huge family so many kids five kids boise is safe in fact it was ranked the eighth safest city in the entire world by msn so what’s nice about that is the fact you don’t have to worry even about locking your doors unless you go to my house then you gotta worry about this guy please don’t come to my house there’s great public and private schools there’s also great wrestling teams for your kids to join i’m not just saying that because i’m one of the wrestling coaches with housing being so affordable here i was able to spend a lot of money on other things besides my house and build the dream yard that i always wanted as a kid we’ve got a volleyball court we had nine trampolines soccer field a baseball field a basketball court a track a wrestling room a tennis court a swimming pool a slide and a whole bunch more where else could i have done that besides here number five is work life balance boise has almost everything you have the small town feel the big ish uh city luxuries there’s also so much natural beauty there’s amazing lakes and rivers and mountain biking trails and more so all of you nature lovers would love it here for example look at this river i go down here all the time and just walk around with my notebook taking notes i really do this my free time but you gotta admit the b-roll looks pretty good right [Applause] we’re also just two hours away from a call which is where we go to get to the lake and get out of the city so for any of you guys who love lake life you like doing boats and jet skis and having fun the lake is not that far away and some of our staff just likes to go and shoot flamethrowers from time to time there’s this really cool place called freak alley which is a ton of graffiti we tag click funnels right in the middle of it it’s a college football city so you can go and see the boys state broncos play or if you’re crazy like us you can run out the entire stadium for about fifteen thousand dollars and put on the largest bubble soccer event in the history of the world and become a guinness book a world record holder which is pretty fun to do as well all right i got one more that’s a bonus this is number six and this is the real reason why everyone is trying to move here to boise it’s the waffles boulder claim i know but we’ve got proof the waffles are found in a very special place here called waffle me up i know i know most people think about potatoes when i think about boise but the real gem of our stay is the waffle to waffle me up just look at them literally my three favorite fruits bacon eggs avocado laying on a fluffy pillow of waffle and they import sugar crystals from europe and they knead them into the dough so as you’re eating your waffle you will literally bite into sugar crystals it is insane and hector the founder is the nicest man on earth you could say that our office is just slightly obsessed so there you have it there they’re my top six reasons why i feel like boise is the best place on this planet to raise a family and to start a business thank you so much for watching this episode today if you have any questions for me about boise please ask them in the comments down below and uh on top of that i’d love to know why you feel like your city may be as cool as boise it’s not but i’d love to hear your answers and your reasons why in the comments down below and please don’t forget to like and subscribe and with that said i’m gonna go get some waffles see you guys later waffles

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