Is A Funnel Even Right For My Business?

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Is A Funnel Even Right For My Business?

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Here are five things to do to make sure that a funnel will even work for what it is you’re trying to sell.

On this episode Russell talks about putting the right people on your team to be able to best market your product or service. Here are some awesome things you will hear in this episode:

-Find out why you should have your entire team take the disc profile test to find out where they best fit in.

-And Why it’s important to have the right people in the right positions for your business.

So listen here to find out why it’s so important to use the disc profile system to put team members in the right position for your business to grow and be successful.

what’s up everybody’s russell brunson welcome to the marketing secrets podcast so the big question is this power arch Brewers like us who didn’t cheat and take on venture capital we’re spending money from our own pockets how do we mark it in a way the less costly our products and our services and the things that we believe in out to the world and yet still remain profitable that is the question in this podcast we’ll give you the answers my name is Russell Brunson and welcome to marketing secrets everyone sorry settle awhile since she probably heard from me in any channel I’ve been suffering my first sickness in three almost four years so long back as I can remember actually so it’s been a long time but I actually just drove my parents to the airport and drop them off and and have some thoughts I want to share with you guys about is your business ready for a funnel and there’s – just kind of top of my mind right now as my dad was in town and he’s got a really cool counting business so some of you guys use him which I appreciate that I get nothing for recommending him but he’s awesome and it’s bookies Campillo okay EAS any calm and they do business structuring so they help you get protected by the way structure your business they do accounting do bookkeeping if you haven’t paid taxes in like five years like most entrepreneurs seem to not do you think it started they do all that stuff and catch you up and do really cool business those bookies calm and I’ve talked about it before on this podcast I told everyone else like the cheapest thing ever I keep trying to raise their prices and it’s funny as they’re as they’re trying to turn this into actual business business like it’s it’s a good business they’ve gotten a few hundred clients a lot of a lot of ClickFunnels™ members inner circle members stuff like that they do stuff for and trying to grow and I keep I keep kind of tell my dad like these are things that need to happen for you be able to grow and so I’m I want to share because I think it’s true for a lot of businesses who make this leap we’re trying to transition from the car whatever they do now to like using funnels I mean on my dad he went and like you don’t want to bug me sue and hire some to build from the funnel some person building the funnel they but webinar funnel and my dad shows like yeah our funnels done and I’m like okay do you have a webinar he’s like no Mike then why did he build your webinar funnel he’s like I don’t know it just he told us that we needed a funnel and so like this is the funnel he build I’m like did you build my dad a funnel and doesn’t even talk strategy duh so that’s what today’s lesson is gonna be about so kind of off top of my head these are the things that are necessary if you want your company to be successful with funnels all right number one you need to have somebody on your team in charge of marketing who is a high D now the reason why I say Heidi and this is if you take the disc profile D is C I take the disc profile you’d have somebody who is a Heidi or as a driver there’s so many companies I know who do not have a Heidi that’s running stuff and because that nothing ever actually gets done someone you have Heidi if you do to have a Heidi on your team yet you are not going to grow and I have bad news for you you’re not gonna become a Heidi if you or not one already okay it’s not something I believe you can develop nor should you try to develop it you should find the right person to do that now I’m a big believer that the only thing in your business actually matters is the marketing therefore I think that for most of you guys you know your CMO and your CEO should be the same person because that is businesses marketing I know that’s and the product people out there will disagree with me but I think that I’m right and I’ve gotten a big hammer to prove it so hey I’m just kidding I don’t be the knowing guy I’m not not annoying I just want to make a point that you need to have somebody that’s driving the marketing and hopefully it’s the CEO or the owner or whatever but and that person is super Heidi okay and so if you’re not a Heidi and you’re running where it comes are growing is because you don’t have that person yet and so take the disc profile it’s free online in fact that you go to Tony Robbins comm scroll the very bottom little links is just profile take that and find out if your ID and if you’re not find on your team as a Heidi enjoy having on your team if there’s no IDs on your team you’re not gonna drive this thing where you want to go you’ll have visions and you’ll think about how nice let me have it at your company but you you wanna be able do it it’s just not possible that Heidi on your team so get a Heidi and make that person in charge of the marketing of your business that’s number one all right because number two is going to be become obsessed with the marketing of your business okay and we’ve talked about this a lot before in the past but there is me somebody who’s obsessed if there’s not somebody on your team who’s read both my books at least twice then there’s not an obsessive marketing person on your team and I’m just saying my book because my books a compilation of all good marketing books put together it’s like strategic chronological order these are not like my thoughts these are like my books are here’s Russell reading 800 books and then putting it in chronological order after testing everything you tell you it actually works order works right and so if someone your team in this day and age who’s building a funnel in charge of marketing hasn’t it’s not obsessed with my books I’m not out of ego but just out of the fact that they’re not gonna be successful like they need to read it and understand it and read it and read it and read it okay so this person saying hey we should put the webinar funnel they start building webinar funnel it then all the your time and your money your expertise billy webinar funnel then you come back right people could actually webinar yet they should be fired ok so just make sure you are fully aware of that because they you understand the strategy and you’re said the selling and you’re said like all those kind of things like all those things are very very important again that’s number two number three you have to create an offer they can sustain paid traffic okay we are in a world by now and it shifts all the time as today the world we live in right now majority of your guys is traffic I know this because we get billions of visitors a year coming through click funnels the majority of your traffic right now is coming from Facebook the majority okay and good ol Mark Zuckerberg is going to charge you on the low end the very very very low end $1 per opt-in for registering for whatever it is per lead and the high end look into 8 10 bucks a lead early okay so if you’re selling something they can’t sustain where you got to spend I see I see an average look at three to five bucks lead okay but $3 $5 lead so if you’re selling something let’s say you’re selling to $50 a week payment you know like Lake let’s say your chiropractor I $50 a week payment or what I don’t know my brain is kind of tired so that’s probably a bad example but whatever it is your start right and you’re the same looking for me I’m gonna need a hundred leads to close one person or three people or whatever it’s costing me five bucks for lead so I got to pay you know whatever that cost them that being there if if those numbers don’t work for you you have to shift how like your pricing strategy like that’s my biggest problem for my dad right now is that they’re they have really inexpensive accounting services which is great first clients um the ones who know about him and nobody else ever know about it because he can’t sustain growth right now okay so that’s why you guys should go use them quick before they jack the prices of a ketone – okay because you need to have money to be able to spend on advertising to acquire customers bring them in and probably incentivize a sales person that Heidi cuz most IDs they’re rainmakers right they want to get paid a lot for the work that they do and less you are Heidi who’s gonna be doing that you need that person there to be able to afford them right and so you’ve got to be able to have those things in place you got to change your offer you tell me that like people pay you at least $2,000 just to begin the interaction with your company that gives you at least $1,000 you can spend to get that customer which is gonna be necessary in the business type and this is follow your head right so you got to be able to figure out like does my business like do I have an offer I can sell right now the first off is sexy that people actually want and second off I can charge enough money then it’ll it’ll make me money and it’ll cover all of my advertising expenses if not you’re not going to grow your business on how great your product your services unfortunate it’s just true okay so you gotta make sure it’s gonna be able to sustain the growth of it right now get driver number one yes obsessive if you drive this thing number two you gotta bet number twos obsessing obsessing the marketing sales he’s gonna geek out and just go crazy to understand the strategy behind your specific business number three I make sure you have an offer that can that will will absorb all the costs of advertising so you can actually go out there and you get advertised and then number four you gotta have somebody who can sell the thing okay so there’s different ways that we sell stuff online right there’s sales letters like a long-form sales letter so if you’re gonna be some yourselves less you need a copywriter who’s good good carpenters are achieved okay or if you get something on the phone you need it by someone on the phone who can sell that my guess is most of your most of your sales people are also gonna be heidi’s not all the time though so does copywriters art and things like that but if you’re gonna be doing webinars like either you need me to the presentation or somebody needs to do a presentation that person simply gave me an ID because we’re doing staged event presentations webinar presentations right he’s somebody to sell the thing you’ve got a lot of ways to sell you sell through the written written form write sales letters do verbally they phone sales audio you do video you can do webinars there’s different ways be I feel like what’s the sales mechanism it’s gonna sell that offer you created and so that’s the next piece of the pie and last piece of the pie is who’s gonna be getting the traffic those people to show up so the person who can actually sell them right the marketing so you got the marketing drives the traffic that brings the people in then the sales person can sell the person you’re amazing irresistible offer and that will cover all the cost of your advertising plus cover the cost of all the people involved to make this amazing thing happen and that’s how this whole game is played so I just wanted to kind of put those things out there for those who are felons not working for me or not kind of figuring out you’ve been trying to sink even dabbling and you’re struggling like oh there’s all those little things you know and I know those things are all true and they’re all real and if I was building a business from scratch of right if you would hire me as consultant and this is a clue I do the first thing I do is like okay who I didn’t even be a driver okay take the disc profile okay you have no drivers your team you go hire drivers can find one quick okay or it’s like hey that dude are there who do nothing and that’s your driver right put him in the spot okay and the number two is like all right this person needs to become obsessed with the marketing in the sales like they need to be mister they awesome the strategy the driving of this thing right cuz I’m great ten twenty thirty funnels before you get the one that pops for you so if the person gets bored after tempting the first funnel thought the right person you need a driver who’s obsessed who’s gonna be just keep going and going and going until something works right then I me figure out okay what’s the actual offer gonna be selling cuz it needs to be something that’s big enough to sustain the growth we can grow this is a company and I make a really sexy irresistible offer that’s expensive enough that again can cover all the costs and then and then from there be okay how are we selling this thing we sell us a webinar through through whatever and right I either I’d be doing a webinar or if you’re hiring a webinar person or I be hiring a copywriter or whatever right figuring out who’s gonna be selling this things that’s the next key and then last is how to get the who’s the person was to be driving the traffic in the mark who’s gonna be getting the eyeballs to show up so we can actually sell them and those are the pieces if you don’t have those pieces that’s properly you’re struggling right now so how to start building your vendor team and talk to us last podcast up sort of think like find the people around you start building a team look at this like a real business it’s two ways to build a business one is to try to learn all the stuff yourself and it’ll take a long time and be a lot of effort and work number two is to go hire a bunch people do that what’s that cost amount of money need to be done but it’s way more expensive and typically you’re gonna be able to hire the best number three you start networking start building an Avengers team find people who all believe the vision the mission and one of my first mentors he passed away a couple years ago names chat homes I remember I stalking him initially you told me his company bill he Bo the entire company was a single person on payroll everyone’s BAE was paid based on a percentage of what they sold I was like what he said he said yeah basically the way it works is in our companies like big months we all get big checks small months ago get small checks that’s whay company should be run if I was to start over everything from day one once again I would definitely be doing it for that from that vantage point fine people bring him in together someone your idea don’t spring people because I give they’re your friends or your family members though like find the right people take the dis profile find they surround yourself where you aren’t if you’re a high D high I find people that are high as an IC and vice versa and like in inner circle we man dakinis are one of the inner circle coaches she did a training on this profilers she’s a really cool thing when she showed my disc profile that showed all the people around me and like my core team right my management team I put my partners and where my assistant all those kind of people it was like it was interesting how how like looked at me versus all people around me how they they all complement me in this really cool way that based on that we have to suit one superhuman because unfortunately we’re not all superhumans I wish I was which does a high D is C but I’m not so yes there are myself those other people so anyway hope the help she has I’m almost back to the office I’m gonna bounce cuz I started having a coughing attack and I want to do that off camera so fix everybody hope you have an amazing day we’ll talk to you soon bye one more marketing secrets if so then go get your copies of my two best-selling books book number one is called experts secrets and you get a free copy at expert seekers calm and book number two is called dot-com seekers and you get your free copy at calm inside these two books you’ll find my top 35 secrets that we’ve used to become the fastest-growing non VC back-sass startup company in the world

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Is A Funnel Even Right For My Business?

Is A Funnel Even Right For My Business?