Instagram Growth 2020: Get Traffic and Build Your Brand

Instagram Growth 2020: Get Traffic and Build Your Brand

While I was on the road promoting traffic secrets, I had the opportunity to speak Pruvit. During my speech, I shared one of my key Instagram growth strategies that you can use to build your brand. It’s something that I have used to gain more followers and customers, and I know this will work for you too! Plus, you’ll get to hear my REAL thoughts on In and Out Burger.

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yeah where we going for ferger’s burgers
for breakfast Dean Omni burger
apparently a close second in-n-out
burger but you don’t like in an over
here I don’t have a I’m all excited I’m
Mike and I’m like oh it’s like an OK
burger if I guess who alright we’re
going to work for an occasional selfie
now view bright oh it’s so magical we
get the secret way that nobody knows
except for everybody you say animal
style and they make you different oh it
tastes like there’s some fry sauce
there’s the Thousand Island on it now
all right are you hiring no because I’ve
always in and out is more of a cult
thing for Southern California it’s not
like the best burger but it’s the
experience not even close
no no no he’s not even close to Burger
King leagues apart you can either
wrestle in hi Wendy what are you to
place our WWF wrestling back in the best
breakfast out that’s why they specialize
only at first I will give you they are
fetters McDonald Moisture county
orange or now um I don’t know I’m
stressed out I can’t take any
using you guys like a Davis parking job
website and your formal wear looks like
this and final words for you are an
e-book custody tears
always got the bookstore made like five
hundred ads now we’re jumping a car
because I’m a stage on stage in one
minute at some prove it thing that we
just found out about and I’m talking
about we don’t know from California so
what is a ketose I tons of little
motivational speakers running through
your body
oh thank you
my third books got done it’s called
traffic secrets but it’s all about how
to get traffic and leads and people into
your world and so I was thinking like
what would be the best thing from this
book I could share with you guys to help
give you some some help getting more
people how many dozen need more people
to talk to
alright how many you guys are on
Facebook or Instagram or any kind of
social platform
how many does having tons of success
socially on these platforms getting new
leads coming to your your business okay
one for my hundred percent like 0.0005
percent and the reason I’m guessing is
most you guys or on here you’re like
okay we’re going to party we’re gonna go
get these people all signed up it’s give
me so much fun every single my friends I
see us all time my friends will like
join something and they come in I’ll see
him for two months every post on
Facebook Instagram selling selling
selling selling selling selling and then
you never hear from him again
right so I want to you guys a tool that
hopefully help you as you’re socially
going out there they’ll get people
actually want to come to you and I’m the
kind of person who’s scared of going and
talking to people so I want to do stuff
to get people to come to me if I can do
that it changes everything right
subtraction versus like chasing okay and
so in the book there’s a chapter in here
on Instagram most of the stuff that I
learned in here is from all my friends
Jenna Kuchar he is one of the most
amazing social people ever she said okay
most people if you look at their
Instagram wall or Facebook whatever
they’re very one-dimensional right like
I’m a business versus all my posting
about business right or I’m Fitness
person so I’m you know here’s a thousand
pictures of me showing off my six-pack
ABS or here’s me like these you have
their thing right and their wall or
whatever just is just coded in this
thing instead the problem with that is
then you become a very one-dimensional
type person so that one kind of person
will come follow you but everybody else
is like how that person’s kind of a
whatever fill in the blank but everyone
calm right if you look at Instagram you
guys are vlogging Instagram you see this
thing was like what’s this thing called
years no it’s called a grid so if
someone looks at your grid if they see
nine pictures of you holding your ketone
drinks like flexing well flat like
flexing abs are drinking of flexi then
this is a really one-dimensional person
and the people who are in prove it will
be like this person is awesome yeah and
they’re made friends with you and unless
every do you say they don’t like they’re
gonna comment but anybody else in your
around you whose decides to come follow
you it seems like this person is really
weird right you’re gonna be your kids
soccer game and you’re needed yourself
some of the parents the parents can find
on Instagram gonna follow you me like oh
no stay within that person that person
all they care about is this one thing
right so a Jennif said that she
recommended and she said you got to
figure out in your life there’s five
categories hey pick out five categories
of things that are really really
important to you okay and she says what
you do is you do that and then on your
phone you’ll make albums she calls us
the jk5 and it stands for five
categories so you pick five categories
of things that are really you’re really
passionate about your life okay so they
make you a super multi-dimensional human
being okay and so ever picks five I
picked I wrote down my five here so I
can see Maya the five things that mean
the most to me or my family funnels
faith entrepreneurship and personal
development okay so the way it works is
throughout the days when you take
pictures of stuff if you take pictures
with your family you save them all in
album here it’s called your family album
as you’re walking around and you’re an
event like this and you’ve got your
ketone drinks you take a bunch of
pictures and this is me with my ketones
right so maybe ketones is one of yours
and then you get one that’s maybe faiths
stuff so maybe it’s Church or maybe it’s
working out or maybe it’s whatever your
things are right you pick five
categories of things that are really
important to you and throughout the day
you go and you take pictures and you’re
putting them into these different
picture albums right here then every day
you have a shot
we’re either on Facebook or Instagram
whatever you’re doing you’re gonna go in
here to make a post one post per day and
what you’re gonna pick one of these five
categories so let’s say the first ones
family you take a picture of your family
and you post this picture for your
family be playing oh they’re so cute the
beautiful wife and the kids and they see
your family right and then what happens
is there’s people in your real world who
will see you people go to church the
people who are the your kids soccer
practice whatever they come and they see
this thing austenite oh this is he’s a
family person that’s exciting they
connect with that part of your
personality right and they will follow
you because that’s who they care about
they care about you as the family person
right then you pick your second thing I
like for me ache funnels is one right so
I’ll have made doing building a funnel
for somebody or something maybe some
evil in the funnel for Tony Robbins or
for Bryant the next day I picked the
third one which maybe is faith so I’ll
have a picture like recently Clinton I
went to UM to Fiji on Sunday there’s no
Mormon Church closed so we went to
Pentecostal Church which was so much fun
and the preacher is up on stage and he’s
preaching from the Bible and he’s like
who wants to come up here and preach
with me and I’m like
all right so I come onstage I’m with the
print with the with the dude and we’re
preaching from the thing and click on a
picture of it and I post a thing right
there for me in the Pentecostal preacher
up here talking about faith I’m like I
don’t believe everything he believes the
man he was passionate I felt the spirit
with him was amazing experience so
grateful for him and his love of God
grateful had a chance to be with him and
his congregations people posted that
right so it’s a it’s a faith thing and
then over here I picked the next one the
next one and then at the end of five I
start back over the very beginning and I
post a family picture and then the next
one and next when I keep doing that
right and what’s gonna happen is in your
life as you were going out there and you
were networking you get to know people
and you’re going to different parties
parties like this parties at school
parties at Church parties in different
places people start to get to know you
they’re gonna start following you and
they’re gonna connect to this part of
your life and if you’re not careful if
your whole wall is just as part of the
wall your life for something completely
they’re not gonna connect with you they
say man I keep seeing Ross with his
family with his kids they seem so happy
I see him at church I see all he’s ever
place isn’t like every fire snakes post
he talks about this drink he has this
getting him in health and make making
him shape like what is that and now that
person from church is gonna ask me like
what’s that thing you keep talking about
I keep seeing you man you weren’t happy
and in this bag oh you’re having all
these things put together in your life
you’re happy all these different aspects
like what’s that one I don’t know more
about that right so I’ve used this in my
life and it’s been amazing because I’ve
had more conversations about about my
faith then I’ve ever would have dreamt
of in a million years prior because
people who follow me in business will be
like hey you were to Pentecostal church
I thought you were more methought you
guys don’t like I don’t know like we’re
Christians I explained that I have a
chance to open up a conversation I can
talk about that right or people who go
to school my kids they’re there they’ll
follow me and in fact my little 13 or 14
year old son’s got a little girly friend
that he’s kind of flirting on and her
mom started following me because she’s
doing the whole like you know stock the
parents to make sure that the kids
that’s chasing my daughter’s not creepy
and so she’s been follow me for last
year for months I got a message from her
two days ago saying hey um so I ran an
insurance company like how it funnels
work for an insurance company boom
because she saw me with my kids he’s a
good dad man he goes to church man he’s
in health man he these were things also
it’s like what’s that final thing I keep
hearing talk about
that work for me and then they came to
me and if people see a full human being
when they start coming to you they start
asking you questions and so that’s what
I do that’s my social sneaky trick I
don’t go out there to the party and spam
people like crazy and I go to parties
and get to know people and man I tell
you what when I started doing this the
quality my life went up it became so
much more fun every day like I wake up
in the morning my clock which I post
like I’m so excited like what’s the best
picture I can take okay so anyway that’s
something I thought would be valuable
valuable for you guys cuz I see so many
people in this community but but most
communities I go into that this they’re
using is like this is my spot to come in
here and spam my links out and try to
people who buy my stuff I promise if
you’re doing that and you’re struggling
that’s why become a rounded young we’re
all grant very well-rounded human beings
like show that and that’ll get people to
attract to you most people aren’t gonna
join your opportunity because they think
the comp plan is the best in the world
I’m gonna join the opportunity cuz you
got your head put together you’ve got a
good family life you’re making money or
you’re having success you’re how big
those are the things they’re gonna
attract people to you to get them to
come ask you about it hope you guys
enjoyed that they get so much fun you
come hang out you guys first five people
who run the backroom will give you free
ketones real edge of skin I don’t even
know I asked Brian I could sell
something else done used to doing but
I’m not allowed to just kidding I’m done
ish I can go keep going

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