Inside Our Crazy $1 Billion Online Marketing Planning Meeting for ClickFunnels™ –

Russell Brunson and the founders of ClickFunnels™ locked themselves away for some amazing internet marketing and marketing funnel domination plans for ClickFunnels™ and the FunnelHacker community the coming year and beyond! They share a sneak peek but the details … we must wait and are SO excited to share them at Funnel Hacking Live 2018!

Online marketing funnels, online business, internet marketing, call it what you want – it will never be the same now that ClickFunnels™ is gaining, even more, momentum in the space.

Funnel Hacker TV Episode 73 (Behind The Scenes Show)
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Who is Russell Brunson? Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded a software company called ClickFunnels™ that helps tens of thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

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oh I was so mad I can show you what just happened this is an idea basically what’s going on right now [Music] what’s the berry welcome to tonight so this is our official founders meeting founders of parties meeting we promise you done this every single year this is the first year done it we’re planning going to McCall Idaho and spent two days and walked away from Earth een but then I dressed in fur match and that was my son when she wants very first match ever [Applause] [Music] and then Wednesday for second wrestling match so can travel that far so ever decide to stay here and we’re heading up to downtown Boise to go stay in hotel down there and then plan a party my style party which is not what you guys probably thinking and then after that we’re gonna be figuring out this right here million dollars isn’t cool you know it’s cool billion dollars so that’s kind of the framework what we’re trying to plan here tonight’s meeting because that’s our season the next two days that’s the next phase so was just luck fun will take you long trip [Music] so every year for Christmas we have a little tradition where week or two before we get the kids together give them an early present and then we decorate the Christmas trees so we’re about to do that all right kids come on in good to go you guys get to put on your matching PJ’s or decorate the tree what’s up everybody it’s 5:00 a.m. just quietly snuck out of the house and I’m getting ready to head to the airport to go to Boise just made it to Boise we’re at The Clique Falls office hey I took a like scenic route he drove me through downtown around upper I was like you gotta be baby I know this is like 45 minutes all the other yeah if you complain right here we re at the Grove hotel and downtown Boise now partners are on their way down has not you’re gonna go to Waffle me up for breakfast fun little local place here but the cool thing is we got our partner meetings and basically we are plotting out world and the domination exactly what we’re gonna do to take over the entire world in the next 3-5 years so that’s the plan for the day and should be a ton of fun just wait for everyone else come downstairs and then we’re gonna head on out waffle me up comeback planning world domination all right so we’ve got John and Russell and print and of course Todd hmm where’s Ryan guess who’s coming in all bundled up I know I like woke up eight o’clock and I saw how about a 15 it was like 819 those are called sway degrees they’re also everywhere every knows basically [Music] [Music] we’re having [Music] all right so the world domination world domination is gonna take place in this room right here but for the view Ryan’s gonna be on your skating soon you know this is how we’re gonna fuel world domination RuPaul’s military caffeine oh [Music] I wish so bad I can show you what just happened this is an idea basically what’s going on right now actually thanks MD that’s all you get you’ll be reboil exactly what it is all right so it’s 9:30 tonight been going hard all day human other than our water break which is amazing so we’re finishing up some of the final notes for the day so you get some ice cream now here there’s a hockey game happening I think I was watching besides us it’s like little kids there’s it there’s been stuff happening all day oh there’s games practices all sorts of stuff cool actually see how these with teenagers playing Brent’s over here wishing he was a hockey player he handed it Brett started talking Canadian he’s like oh what’s machi a I see the Canadian flag over there at least and it stand at attention he’s showing me how don’t work suicide oh and then Americans how do we do it shows [Music] okay so we were gonna do walk me up again today but problem is way too mature so we’re gonna go do Goldie’s check out all these and see abilities [Music] all right we’re just wrapping everything up here at wherever we are partner con someone else had that name but you know what I think that whole thing just dove down real fast it’s just crash you’re seeing the ashes so what do you guys think 2018 the year of the fauna alright so we just came in from a partner meeting and ran into the most amazing event happening here in our home office we have our team leads here so check out who is in the office of course mr. Marc Bangor and we’ll just go around introduce yourself a quick David Alexander bad should go oh that’s kill see if you haven’t seen a million times on film Jim that’s basically who’s running all of our support team is these amazing team leads we’re so excited to have Mir in the office lot of fun things going on this week is here for three days yeah Christmas party check it out it’s coming up holiday party I guess you have to be politically correct these days but it’s a Christmas party just doing some training and just hanging out and so the training is on be amazing or go home yep so what if you learn from the book be amazing or go home that’s all that matters so summarize the entire book in one sentence well these are as making it all happen so we are super excited I’m here in the office thank you so much for being here as always every week I come in here and there’s more and more and more plaques soon we’re basically they have to get a new building just for all of our two comma Club winners these guys are just amazing over doing them for a million dollars in a funnel this is crazy the whole wall that’s just the top rows and that comes down like all these guys busy crushing it working so hard miles just chillin working hard working hard Jake what’s going on like your funnel we can actually tell people about that ignite your funnel you guys don’t know about it yet but it’s coming January so it’s gonna be killer Corbin what you got going on down there [Music] SEO tips on the way to you what’s going on this day I’m killing it and Billy killing it and Billy got down to zero before noon and live chat one afternoon good live chat that’s amazing what else we got going killing it and billing see what Billy inside is doing over here what’s going on guys new Clayton in the house here got introduced into our fun and acting community so where are you from what’s going on I’m from Boise Idaho so homegrown here I just came from it’s going by pretty quick Shane’s stolen basically let’s see what Kyle’s doing maybe cause even in the office come around the corner here he’s in the office it’s so is what ceilings here oh my gosh Clint this is unbelievable lab both these guys crushing it free lunch this way free lunch Clint drives in for free lunch no matter what so yeah two hour drive just were free lunches Kyle what’s up a budget a budget what that’s scary we got some marketers here that like to spend money we have the philosophy here that basically we can market and spend as much money as we want as long as we get a bigger ROI out of it so for again every $1 in you’re getting $2 out how much you want to spend as many dollars as you got we appreciate what these guys do all the time hey my son Parker here hey how’s it going camera I heard my dad from the other room yelling that’s all works [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Music]

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Inside Our Crazy $1 Billion Online Marketing Planning Meeting for ClickFunnels™ –

Inside Our Crazy $1 Billion Online Marketing Planning Meeting for ClickFunnels™ –