I’m Steve and I’m Hijacking Russell’s Account ;)

I’m Steve and I’m Hijacking Russell’s Account ;)

Clickfunnels™ Hacking Challenge – I’m Hijacking Russell’s Account

Clickfunnels™ Hacking Challenge: This Challenge is starting in just a few days and it’s specifically designed to get you over the hardest hurdle in starting or scaling your online business. Let Russell and me HOLD YOUR HAND as we go through so you build it right the first time!

Clickfunnels™ Hacking Challenge: Funnel Weight Challenge

hijacking Russell Brunson’s clickfunnels account Rena or his Facebook account I should say and I wanted make this video real quick here because Russell is taking a needed vacation right so he’s gone right now and I’ll say to myself so you guys got to get the one phone away challenge and I’m super excited if you guys to be in it we have only like two days or whatever it is anyway you guys have to like Sunday at midnight to go get in the the one funnel weight challenge the next that the reason go get in it because the one funnel a challenge is not gonna happen again for

another week calendar like two months and it’s an amazing challenge how many guys have been in it first of all I never live right now how many guys been in the one phone away challenge has it not been amazing okay one fun way challenge is absolutely credible it’s only a hundred bucks and frankly it’s not because Russell needs the hundred dollars and you probably all know that the reason so I was hanging out with him in his office a few days ago and we were sitting there and he drew a picture and he goes to think about this he said think about this he said if you can go

in and see if I can share my I wish Facebook let me freaking flip my camera after I started maybe it doesn’t he doesn’t anyways think about this because if you like how the just crap everywhere it’s all dream 100 campaigns this is where I do a lot of my content creation anyway he said think about this theme and he goes you know what’s funny he goes the difference between this and this $1 so I can’t hold the paper there I’ll crap can you see it wait the diffence between $1 and 0 is ridiculous the reason it’s a hundred boxes so that you guys actually pay attention to it it’s not a

free challenge for that exact reason okay and we want you guys to go get in again and jump in the challenge I learned really quickly that motivation is garbage so many other day oh sweet Lenny has been in the challenge hey I learned to let a while ago that motivation is garbage okay motivation stupid it sucks it’s weak it actually falls out it’s like a muscle it will give out I am NOT here to motivate you I’m one of the coaches that will get on every day with you guys and be like rah rah rah and get you guys moving but someone was like Steven you’re great motivational

speaker and I wanted to throw up okay I’m not a vocal motivational speaker that’s not what I’m trying to do what I’m trying to do is help people realize that it’s not actually that hard to cause a lot of cash and if you guys want to go and actually get your next phone off the ground whether that be your first funnel or the next one go to the one phone away challenge motivation is weak but the thing that actually works is environment okay that’s why the one phone away challenge was created it’s not so much that you could be like Steven road like get you guys moving to

Clickfunnels™ Hacking Challenge: Flash-in-the-pan strategy

stuff which is fun that’s cool and I do like to get a little rowdy every once in a while but their major purpose of it is that you guys go and actually get my marker right here is happening fire what we got I can actually push you so if you guys let us do that it’s $100 it goes right back to a lot of the affiliates or you know whether it’s above or below or to the side swipe up swipe down whatever you know anyways I don’t remember where it happens on Facebook lives

just go to one photo wacom one phone away calm and let us teach you how to launch a funnel when I was sitting next to Russell and was actually his funnel builder for the first few years there it was just he and I you understand we didn’t have all these roles we didn’t have like it was just he and I and we’d stand down and we’d like okay I get a box from Russell like 2:00 a.m. dude I got this sick idea and I’d waken about here it and we go to a whiteboard and and this is what do you draw okay Stephen first we’re gonna build this page right here and you remember that one

thing we did we’re in the other funnel it’s like there’s that section and it looks kind of like this and goes boom okay sweet there we go put that section inside there right there and then we’ll do that really cool seem to not purchase fob secrets so there’s a glare there sucks we’ll do that really cool scene but not purchase sequence boom oboe and seriously no joke like our plans would look kind of just like that by the time we were done and we knew what each other is talking about after about like seven months Kay it took a long time what Russell’s gotten crazy good at right

what everyone else in the clickfunnels community although all the clickfunnels leaders all that what code funnels itself cooked when his H Q’s got amazing at you guys is teaching the patterns that cause success and that’s really what this is about I am NOT interested in teaching something of the flash-in-the-pan strategy I don’t study them myself I don’t want to know how to use them I don’t care about them I never will use them ever well I do want to do though is study the 20% that I just got to do that stuff and not gonna do whatever the heck I want to the rest of my life and that’s what and it works really well so that’s what you guys are learning it’s not a fluffy thing it’s not

something that’s gonna the one for my challenge is not here to make you go some photos like I went and I did the one photo weight challenge not to make any money back oh you and you were brand new and this person had just started is that you have just started and he it took me 17 tries over five years to make this thing work seventeen over five years and I didn’t know about funnels until try twelve okay since try twelve the only resources what they was out there was the book.com secrets literally was they actually think this is the this is one of the original copies that I read right here it’s got all my notes in it totally just slam to shreds but this is all I had is a click photos account and this book that was it took me a few tries after that and then on my 17th oh man I figured it out Bam Bam Bam Bam

Clickfunnels™ Hacking Challenge: Two Comma Club Award

Bam Bam Bam so if you want a sidestep taking years if it gets out on your own it’s a hundred bucks okay hundred dollars right and what I would do is go ask someone else to join with you with your affiliate link and then it’s free for you okay a lot of people do that as well anyway guys we just want to remind you that the one phone a challenge starts in on on Monday June 17th okay you got a few days left swipe up swipe down we’re nervous left right top bottom go to one foot away one funnel away calm go get started and again we want you to do that because of the environment it causes you to be in there are people in the challenge that are already successful funnel builders and

then there are tons that are brand new and it’s a benefit for both sides what I found is that those that are the sixth time we’ve done it now and I personally now been able to bring through like 4,000 to 8,000 each challenge so a lot of people okay I’d be stupid to not see patterns and the pattern is is that if you’re experienced and you come take the challenge it helps you launch your next funnel quickly the next phone on the value adder okay and then those you guys who were like hey I’m brand new at this with cool is that you see a lot of the questions others are asking it actually shortcuts your learning curve because you get to rub shoulders with all these sweet people right so go go

again swipe upside down wherever go to on phone away calm and get signed for the challenge it’s 100 bucks most people do it I find a few times and it’s how we get this game down so well I do it personally the clickfunnels team does it all time knows that Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam and it’s almost every single phone I’ve launched since that seventeenth has been successful because of it it’s not me boasting yeah you understand that it’s just a pattern I got kicked out of college guys right I barely got mercy graduated from high school you guys can learn this alright this is just us it’s a very simple pattern and the problem is that people go get a clickfunnels account they log

and they’re like click photos of the scam it’s like no you just suck at marketing all right you got to get over it we want you guys to get one of these Oh mmm it’s okay if you cuddle with it too once you have one okay go get one of these and when you go get one of these like a two comma Club award understand that there is there’s patterns in all of it and to some people I’m different I’m an entrepreneur I will do it different than everyone else is thought I’m the one to do it different okay you’re not that different it takes it takes certain things and you’re not exempt from them even though we are all different beasts and and we’re very different than the rest of humanity right so anyways that’s all I want to say you guys got a few days left go join the challenge get in the challenge go to one phone away calm and we’re super psyched to have you guys my friends become a capitalist Pig.

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