Ilan and Guy Ferdman, How To ‘Gamify” Your Content Into Sales

– Funnel Hacker Radio Podcast

Ilan and Guy Ferdman are world-class life coaches, passionate entrepreneurs, and motivational speakers, fiercely dedicated to their client’s success. On this episode they share how they are “gamifying” their content to generate millions in sales. Their strategies are unique yet apply to any business who has content that they want to use to generate sales and maximize the value their clients receive from the content.

welcome to funnel hacker radio podcast where we go behind the scenes and uncover the tactics and strategies top entrepreneurs are using to make more sales dominate their market and how you can get those same results here is your host Dave Woodward hey everybody welcome back to funnel hacker radio I’m your host Dave Woodward everybody here you guys are in for a crazy ride today I’m so excited today we have the opportunity to have any Lana guy Birdman guys welcome to the show anybody you shave it so try to find out exactly what these guys do is amazing because they do absolutely everything and they do it all extremely well which is why they actually have a podcast called have it all and so on hundred you guys check it out as far as we have it all podcast it was funny my wife and I work she is actually creating they have it all mom’s podcast so we’ll have that conversation later but again what I said let the little background here these are guys who basically started off one to be coaches in the personal development high performance coaching side and realized to do that they had to get really super good at marketing which they’ve done and now they’ve realized what they really they’re passionate is really helping people achieve high performance and a lot of personal development of creating apps they guys just realized this is going to be a fun show hold on and let’s get going all right let’s do this thing all right guys so real quick Kelly as people first of all I want to talk about the podcast because I think it’s actually was just having this conversation with Russell the other day we work these create a new podcast on a religious topic he’s also has a new podcast or basically just changed marketing your car to marketing secrets I was talking with we got a listen to Gary bein what I think he was talking about with the importance of podcasts you guys been doing this a long time on the podcasting I think it’s really cool what you’re doing so if you don’t mind guys give some people a little idea as far as what you’re doing with zoom how you’re using the podcast the video the audio splicing it cutting up and how you’re driving to a traffic for cool yeah so I’m just real quick we had a podcast before the habit all caught podcast called the performance-enhancing podcast and the whole concept behind that was we were really known in kind of pigeon-holed I guess as Facebook marketing guys so like everyone that would come to us help me with my facebook marketing helping the Facebook marketing meanwhile my brother and I love personal development reading all these books having all these experiences and I just felt like we can never talk about it so I said to my brother I was like what if we just create a podcast and that way we can talk about all these other cool things that we love and do and so we did that and so we learned a lot over the last I think Wow probably like three and a half years now since we started the podcast game so we’ve learned a lot of things that don’t work with the new podcast we’re implementing a lot of the things that we learn that do work and one of those things is like you said we use zoom we actually record audio and video of all of our guests and even now zoom gives you an option where you can Facebook live the interview so that way we also get engagement as we’re live with the interview people going to ask questions like that which is really cool and then we splice that episode so there’s a full episode on YouTube that we launched and then we spliced up certain sections of generally the person that we’re interviewing or if it’s just my brother and I of us with captions and that way you can share things on Facebook on Instagram YouTube things like that and promote them as well which is really helped our podcast grow that’s fantastic so just kind of clarify it’s a zoom video the video is done on Facebook live the zoom video that is put onto YouTube and then the audio is taken off and the audio is then put onto iTunes all right also cut and splice some of that and then put those as Facebook asks out what you’re going direct and and one other thing which we actually haven’t done with this one will but you used to hire a writer to turn to create like little articles about the podcast as well which we haven’t really done with the new one but yeah for us it’s like if we’re going to spend an hour of our day creating some piece of content then to distribute it to as many media channels and as many different forms make the most amount of sense I love it okay for all these guys who are listening right now I you’ve heard me rant and rave about this and this is one of the things I cannot express it enough and that is you have to be producing content no matter what industry you’re in you have to find a way of producing content I don’t care if it’s through videos through audio and podcasts whatever it might be it’s one of the things here at ClickFunnels™ headquarters we as you’ve seen we’re doing a ton of we’ve gotten a frontal hacker TV we’ve got on that YouTube channel we actually have four different channels there and playlists and I highly recommend everyone as you guys are listen to this pay attention to what you on and guy are doing especially from using zoom I think guys actually what dangerously fun hacker radio go to next and that is zoom on our Facebook live channel at getting additional attraction so guys if you don’t mind um Alanna guys tell me kind of as far as one of things you mentioned earlier is that you’re actually getting a ton of podcast traffic how do you actually because one of the things people always ask me and that is well Dave you got this podcast but how do people ask what do you do with the traffic and how do you get that traffic to convert so what do you guys doing to convert traffic biryeo means they get checked you wanted okay so um I will tell you how we did it before and why it didn’t work and I think while we’re doing this one so much better so a lot of the times like our podcast previously was very broad we just covered a lot of different topics and we brought on a lot of guests and things like that and it’s great I mean people got a ton of value from it this one is the intention of our current podcast is to give people an idea and a feeling of what it’s like to work with dionyza coaches so our podcast is derived from different coaching calls the conversations that we share things that we would share with our clients and so what’s been working really great with this one is at the end of every episode we just tell people listen you can email us you can reach out to us etc and people do and you know like we will get multiple times a day people reaching out hail of your podcast heard this one how to follow a question or this mess and it just leads to a conversation which ends up leading to them joining one of our coaching programs or hiring us for XYZ we had a woman out of DC hire us or want to hire us to come speak in front of lobbyists like state lobbyists in government just from listening to our podcast I was like you do know that we kind of are up to disrupting government she’s like yeah that’s why I was like okay cool just around the page we’ve also gotten published in a pretty pretty big publication in Australia because of their like an actual the kind of get you magazine that’s also a physical product it’s been it’s been awesome I think you know you get you in today’s world you mentioned it to content is king right and ultimately I think for most people the fear is like putting themselves out there authentically sharing who they are I mean Elon and I are extremely raw in our podcast like if we’re going through health problems relational problems you know whatever it might be we just openly share about the things that most people kind of just either share within their close personal friends or within their family members and then we talk about how we’re perceiving those issues as opportunities to grow from and empower ourselves and this is really what we train on so I really think it’s one of the best mediums especially if you’re in a business like we’re in which is is all about the personal relationship because no one’s paying you ten thousand dollars a month for coaching if they don’t feel like you have authority in an area of life that they want to grow into so you know just just sharing that stuff but for Ilan and I the context really is we see what you mentioned garyvee you know we see with a lot of entrepreneurs even high end entrepreneurs like Gary Vee who are just crushing it and have an amazing following who then might have you know like not a great relationship with his wife or their kids or their health is in disarray and for us it’s like we really don’t separate our business from our personal life from our health from our interpersonal relationships and all that kind of stuff and we really just want balance everywhere and for us that’s just what a quality life is and I love that I think especially guys you’re making mention there it kind of goes back to these you know the old ideas for us people can do business with people who they know like and trust and I can be there’s probably no better way of doing that than seeing them in that raw pure state but you’re actually in and especially I know and you made bitch as far as you guys actually are are having coaches on the call or you actually doing your coaching calls or a sample of that and it’s no better way for a person to actually get a flavor of what you’re doing then actually see you guys in action so I think that’s awesome yeah that was the concept because it’s a lot of times you know someone even if they’re thinking about looking for a coach there’s always this hesitation of well is this the right coach is this the right person for me and I feel like even if you went to our website you’re going to have a really good sense of who we are and what we stand for what our mission what our vision is and then you add on to that speaking engagements that we put together coaching calls that we put on you just get a really good sense and for us we’re only looking to work with people or an absolute yes to working with us if you’re like teetering it’s this that the money at the time I’m like look we’re not the right people because I know that if you absolutely want to work with us you’ll move mountains to make it happen and those are the kind of people were looking to work with that’s awesome so I know this drives to your page which is Satori prime is that right that where yeah check out people – so at Satori prime then what’s the funnel that people are going to go through so right now we’re like a week out from actually launching this this brand new funnel so probably by the time this will be released that will be live we wanted to do something different and unique we were we know there’s a lot of studies being done about gamifying things and so we built an app that creates missions of sorts that people go through because a lot of times people will start a process and I don’t finish it so this app actually allows us to break things up into little missions and then at each mission you take a goal you take an action there’s also a community aspect where you can share the actions you’re going to take follow I’ll have this whole community feels so for people who are always looking to be in like-minded growth minded I should say communities you’re automatically plugging into that and then through that guy and I can just share content exclusive just to that app so the idea is get people give them that app where they get a ton of value for free from the app there’s a lot of different ways that we can communicate with them and one of the ways that we’re going to do is we’re going to actually post live webinars and invite people to take a look at our cooking programs and what that would look like for them and then from there we have a whole bunch of different options that they can go into group coaching one-on-one coaching a hybrid of group coaching and one-on-one coaching so we’re trying to make it as accessible as humanly possible while still still keeping it exclusively yes I think it’s fantastic I actually going through your I’ve got story Prime up here on my computer’s in the talk and Eric’s your site’s great that because right people get to know you guys really fast and they’ve got multiple opportunities as far as opting in so when they opt in kind of tell me what what’s the first thing they’re going to get yeah we’re we’re really soft on our approach when we sold so we’ve sold a lot of like Facebook training programs and we should do a lot of like the launch model so you know people are opting in for a very specific reason again because the nature of our business you know clients whether low end high end mid tier or whatever kind of clients everything is just based on interpersonal relationship so the more FaceTime we can get with people the more they can get on training with us and just kind of get a sense of how we do coaching stuff like that so honestly we we don’t push product very hard at all we do have a new evergreen webinar that’s just launching shortly here that’ll be more directed to you know attaining customers like that but currently it’s really soft like you’re going to get introduced to different trainings that we’ve done like a live Vegas training that we did last year that’s super powerful about creating and sustaining transformation you learn about our podcast and that’s it Nestle and then once in a while we’ll let people know that we have a coaching program you can go after this website check it out and it’s a really really soft sell and we just find that we want to create raving fans essentially I mean it’s really up to them to kind of take that step and say hey look I love you guys are doing I’d love to work with you and we just encourage a lot of personal communication so you know a lot of business people or sales people will tell you to build a huge bridge between you and your clientele and between you and the people that you’re coaching and stuff like that funny enough Ilan and I are like the exact opposite we want everyone to feel like they’re part of our family we hold our events like people are part of our family and we talk to people like they’re part of our family and that’s just what works for us and that’s just what’s true for us so you know for anybody who’s listening to this I know there’s a lot of gurus out there Russell is freaking eat sleeps and breathes this stuff and I think he’s an amazing person to follow and at the end of the day you can always look at what people who are mastering something are doing it of course nearer it and ultimately I will tell you in six years of being online building a pretty big brand millions of dollars in sales it really didn’t matter whose blueprint I followed at the end of the day I had to be true to myself make it my own and authentically share who it is that I am and the passions that lighten me up every single day and I think that if you are sharing your passion from an authentic place you’re going to magnetize people because most people just don’t have an outlet to live a life of passion and they are looking to follow somebody who’s you know traveling the world and has access to time and money freedom and stuff like that and they want to gain insights into how did you empower yourself to become that kind of person and anybody who’s mastered something and some facet and loves what they’re doing it’s just there’s a natural magnetism there now I think it’s fantastic again I said go through your sites one of the main reasons I want to have you guys on because your your approach is different than most it’s a it’s a very soft sale but at the same time it’s very direct and you land on your page very first thing you can see it’s close your tighty whities it’s game time I think that’s awesome because I mean it’s like whoa wait a second here I I got to make sure I this is something I want to do and I get to get right into you know it’s time to pledge your allegiance to your own bed after you’re sexy and you know it from this day forward you call the shots in this moment forward your curiosity and passion optimism or celebrated your search is over you’re not alone you’re home and I think it’s you again even though you’ve got a real soft sale you come out the gate real quick and you’re able to separate those people who are just kind of looky-loos versus those people who really want to make that change which I think guy you’ve been mentioned it’s really what you want him is what people are really going to go all-in with you guys so I think that’s fantastic yeah from the head rise good I was going to say like for us what was important was not so much making the sale when somebody hit the website It was as if you go there you get an emotional sense of who we are again like you said people buy from people they like and trust and that’s got to create there’s got to be some kind of emotional bond emotional connection there we know that if you look at our stuff and you enjoy what you’re looking at you’re going to have an urgency to find out how to work with us anyway and we love that approach so that’s kind of a we’re aiming for I think it’s awesome again your site is fascinated just to see you taking a much different approach than a lot of other sites do it’s not again you suppose to get into Tory SAT or I primed a comment encouraged you guys to go out and kind of funnel Hackett’s take a look at it you’ve got it’s real direct and you have the same time it’s I mean everything from colors in the design and it’s real soft appeal to it and it helps people really find out about you guys without it being a brochure it’s very interactive and I think that’s awesome especially since you’re going into the gamification with just guys one of the things I’d really kind of like to talk to you about next and that is this whole app thing is becoming a huge huge play my only reason saying is we’re actually going around creating one as well and I’d like to find out more about the idea as far as the whole gamification if you don’t mind sure yes so for us I mean I I spoke to a guy that built digital marketer labs gamified sites and don’t hold me exactly these numbers but it was around these numbers they obviously sell ton of info products and they found out that about 8% of people ever complete the product which if you’re in the upsell business that’s a really shitty conversion so they’ve they brought this guy on and he basically studied all this behavior human behavior and things like that and built in a system and got that completion rating up to 40 percent so you can imagine what that did to their back-end sales because now you have 40% of people completing your products there’s a lot of people that would want to continue on and and I remember hearing that and going wow that actually makes a lot of sense and I know and especially in the personal development field people will get triggered right you’re the whole point of being a coach is to take someone to that place where they get that little bit of an electric shock you know they keep buzzing and they run back the other way and we were like okay how do we stay in contact with these people and give them the tools necessary so that they can get past that hurdle in their life and actually see the result on the other side so obviously all of us are carrying phones in our pockets email marketing is not something that’s ever worked fantastically well for us and I think just across the board from everyone that I speak to you know open rates are going down deliverability is hard etcetera etc and meanwhile everyone’s on their phones so we’re like well if you could create an app that you can actually do push notifications to the app and give people real value not like I am here to sell you stuff but you know in our space give them a tool of the day or a motivation a little video to get them excited about the day we do a lot of that stuff on Facebook and it gets really good reply sir like okay if we do that someone’s pocket that makes a big difference and then ultimately we know there’s certain exercises that really push your buttons and we know that if you actually fulfill on the exercise your life will never be the same so how do you get someone through that quote-on-quote resistance to get to the other side and feel the gold of it and that’s to see when they’re not a conflict say they get stuck at level five okay this system allows us to see okay they’re stuck at level five they haven’t checked in for the last two days meaning that they’re confronted by something now we’ve coached tens of thousands of people I know what’s confronting them at that moment because I know what they’re up to so if they got a personal video from me or from guy saying hey so my guess is this where you’re at right now and you do that whole mind-reading thing with them which you know I don’t remember who said it but like if you can describe someone’s fear greater than mayhem they’ll follow you forever so it will seem to them like I am reading their mind at that moment which I kind of am and using that system allows us to really kind of let them progress and if you can show someone progression in their lives whether it’s for free or for a low ticket offer they will literally ascend through your line over and over and over and over again because you’ve delivered on your promise I love that I take that’s amazing egg again it’s one of those things especially the area that you guys are in is really a soft topic which is a hard sale I mean it’s not it’s not like you’re selling money at a discount you’re not you sound like you to read outdated or the best and ah I mean people have heard about you know personal development the importance of you know the mind all that kind of stuff that no one really wants to invest in that because it’s so hard to say well what’s my return on my investment for doing that so exactly the way you guys have done that especially through a funnel is fantastic using the app and and game affine that it’s pretty amazing Thanks so tell me now you got into the app where do they go from the app they get they start getting results how do you send them how do we how do we ascend them so the app starts with just a 10-day kind of teaser series on how to actually create the life of your dreams and then through that process we’re communicating with them throughout the process and then we just invite them to come to a live webinar and then the live webinar basis explains what our habit all Academy is all about who is in it what you can expect from it the level of coaching that you’re going to receive and accountability and that’s it that’s that’s basically the entrance point into our world and at that point you’re going through a hundred day transformation and once you go through that process you will be completely unrecognizable to yourself and at that point those people naturally want to continue the process working with us and at that point we have different programs that they can go to from that are more like 12 months long programs we call you know like us being the Sherpas of transformation taking you through 12 month journey yeah and that’s it and then from there we have one-on-one coaching for four really committed global impact leaders and things like that so yeah super complaints live events yep no I love that just a great sales funnel is terrific sales ladder there so what is the what’s the price point you’re going from a free a basis again on the webinar what’s the price point at the webinar 1497 perfect price weight and again I think you made Mitch you’re working my friend Joel are way on that young realist chef so the shout out the usual which might be listen to this so but I think it’s awesome again my main reason I want to make sure you guys I had you guys on this podcast is we’ve got a lot of our a lot of people who think that they can’t use a soft top or they don’t know how to sell a soft topic and it’s really what I you guys have done such a masterful job doing it primarily because you guys came from much more of a hard topic area of being you know Facebook ads and being the guy to you know help people get the return on their investment Facebook so I think it’s I hope people that you guys are listening this you’ve been able to catch a couple of the ideas and things on how to sell a soft topic that actually converts is through gamification it’s really taking that content and getting a massive return on your investment so you guys are awesome I love which guys good thank you so think about tell me let’s if you don’t mind two guys are the experts at at the mind side of business you guys have obviously been doing this entrepreneur thing for a long time what does what tips and tricks can you give to our listeners as far helping them overcome some of the hurdles they face as entrepreneurs that’s a question our philosophy is it’s been fun super cliche but seriously follow your heart I think there is a way to to push yourself to success and there’s a way to get pulled towards your success you know like so the masculine approach is I’m going to get done I’m going to power through this an industry you hear a lot of terminology like you know hustle thing you make it and stuff like that and like okay I’m not saying you can’t get results doing that but I don’t know about you putting in 10 14 hours a day hustling you know breaking a sweat and by the way you N and I did that for years while it achieves results it doesn’t create a true fulfillment in my opinion it doesn’t actually create a perfect alignment what’s really what’s in your heart it’s just like it tends to put you in kind of this survival mindset and from survival you’re you’re wanting to get yourself out of this hole and it’s just this rigmarole that you go through every day on the opposite side it’s like really following what you’re passionate about and and when I say that people often wonder well how do I know what it is I’m passionate about I would tell people look at actions you would take that are free of some kind of financial gain like if money wasn’t a thing in our world and you could just do whatever the hell you wanted like how would you spend your time or rather invest your time with people in your community with your friends and family like what do people come to you for advice for they come to you for advice on that topic because they see you as an authority figure you’ve probably mastered something that they’re curious about and notice how you’ve done that with a sense of like effortlessness so you know whether you spend time reading books or playing video games or you like music or you’re an artist of some kind you notice how when you take action in that area of your life it’s not like oh my god I have to go create music right now I have to play his guitar right now you love doing that and I think we live in a world today where we finally you know for at least the last 5 or 10 years and it’s only getting better and better have access to tools that make it extremely accessible to go you know get an education for a few months figure out how to build a digital you know even if you just learn how to do baseline marketing and then go communicate with people who are interested about that topic in today’s world that’s a business and for most people who have some kind of digital product where they’re really just sharing their own self-expression trust me making six figures a year is really not as hard as it might sound I don’t know too many industries on the planet today you know even if you’ve been in school for four or six eight years even doctors and attorneys are barely making a buy in six-figure income today or even barely making six-figure incomes the the value exchange in our world is going through a massive transformation and I think for most people you have an opportunity to either kind of get on board retool yourself a little bit in the digital era and really understand that the future economies of the world have nothing to do with you going to be a labor force like that stuff is dead and dying so our value exchange to one another in the future is really us sharing our passion and our mastery with each other so that we can help each other ascend in the areas of life that matter to us and it doesn’t take a huge monetary investment or time investment to get pretty well grounded in these skills and I think a lot of people just avoid it because they’re scared that they’re too dumb or they’ve bought into that they have to be a certain way or that they went to school 10 years ago and they need to use that degree and unless that’s bringing you fulfillment you know invest some time and some money follow some great mentors get yourself retooled and then go live the life that you really want I think that’s just the most beautiful part about this 21st century living Wow guy I don’t know what that I should just end the podcast here on that note or dot I’d say that mic up seriously we were actually if we’ve got kid Mike drops sitting here in our office so that we actually Russell has a new thing we’re doing on Instagram called drop the mic chill I just bought the pot just domain anyways nada drop the mic right there for you guys because guy that was fantastic in fact again I hope everyone is listening you got to go back and read why not to off you guys get so hung up on trying to make the buck and I see people you get burned out real fast after a while eventually you got to find it out what it isn’t you really love to love to do and enjoy I know it’s a thing I I’ve joked around about it a lot with my wife and since we moved from San Diego up here to Boise back in August and she goes you know first of all thought was I was going to work less I’m like sweetheart I if I wasn’t getting paid anything I would still do what I do because I absolutely love it that we’re when your last two nights till after 1:00 in the morning just got stuff going on and I’m just so passionate about the value that we’re providing to entrepreneurs to be able to use quick bundles and other tools and resources to do exactly what you said guy and that is to get their message out the world you know we were joking earlier about that you know Russell just finishes book I know you guys especially in this as far as expert secrets and the whole idea there is you know find a message build a tribe and change the world and you guys have totally totally done that I think it is so amazing just to see the success you guys are having and I love how you guys went from starting off with the idea being you know we’re passionate about personal development being coaches but you know got real good at Facebook and thought that’s where you needed to be and then really just kind of shut things down to focus on what you really love endures the success you guys are having so Tory Prime and now with the app I can’t wait to see the numbers basically it happened here over the next couple months as you get the app going and get the gamified that all the way up to very high end coach I mean what’s the most a person would pay for one on one coaching with you guys we charge 120 grand for the year yeah I just I hope you guys as people are listed if they understand that’s that people are willing to pay that when there’s a value and that’s why not content than what you guys mentioned is so key I just love in case you’re charging those kind of numbers that’s fantastic yeah yeah and if people are sitting there listening and that was like a jaw-dropping number to you again you got to consider it’s funny I have a friend out here it was a really great coach too and he does live events and we were actually talking yesterday and he charges $2,000 a ticket and he wants to get five you know ironically his whole messaging is around being fearless and yet he has you know putting that number out there and because because he sees that people have an issue paying at that level and I said well if you throw it up to five you’re gonna have a completely different type of person looking at that in fact those people are going to have no issue with paying you or someone in that $2,000 range it you know the people who are looking at it are stretching up so you have to get that when you’re when you know within yourself you know I think the number one disease on the planet is self-worth and a lot of times people don’t charge what they’re worth simply because of some kind of cognitive dissonance inner belief that’s been programmed in since they were five years old and it’s up to you to go and do the work so you can relieve yourself with that but also become somebody who can become more valuable in society by going through education and going through different experiences finding what you’re passionate about all the stuff that we’re talking about here and look somebody who’s going to come pay you ten thousand dollars a month for coaching right this is a person who is a high performer in their life already but they know that there are these small little micro shifts that are blind to them that somebody else who’s operating at a high level will be able to see that and the impact on their life on their relationships financially speaking like the gains that they’ll make over those twelve months you know they’ll compress something that might have taken three to five maybe even ten years down into a twelve month period and if they’re making let’s say an additional one to five million dollars a year because of how they’re operating if they’re having a better sex life if they’re happier in their marriage if they’re in the you know best health they’ve ever been in their entire life $120,000 starts seeming like chump change for those kind of results and that’s really where it’s at and then for media and also it’s like looking at who’s coming in our ethos and if people are producing those kind of results and that’s the kind of people were attracting with the level of conversation and coaching that we’re having you know that number is going to go up to 3x over the next year and that’s and that’s how this kind of stuff happens now Grant the guys we didn’t start at charging ten grand a month right you you have to like get the machine moving and build momentum and we did that through the online marketing space and created a brand it took us about four years of working with entrepreneurs and then kind of like back ending them softly into coaching programs to finally be like you know what I think we’re at this point right now where that’s that we’ve no that’s all we wanted to do and we have the skill set we have the people around us we have the network we definitely have the know-how to say hey look we can do this right and that took us a while to and but in the grand scheme of things if you think that’s look it’s four years to get to that place what the is four years in the life college education it’s nothing and I think a lot of people are like well if it doesn’t happen in 90 days for me like forget it mastery doesn’t happen in 90 days you know mastery takes three years minimum I would say closer to seven and you let and I are nowhere near being done in fact where you always have this ongoing joke like we’re just getting started and that’s our feeling for our business and for our life every single day we just keep it exciting by by pushing ourselves into what makes us afraid and in the unknown and dealing with what’s uncomfortable and on the opposite side of that is always just a much more beautiful life oh my gosh another mic drop right there holy cat jeez I’m gonna have to go video just so I can do the mic drop here no I think it’s so bad down oh yeah that’s I need to get at least a sound board or something audience hope yeah I literally Russell was in my office last night and we had this conversation of that friend of his walked in the office and it’s a guy he’s known for years and he’s got a very successful business I mean you know seven-figure business doing well but he’s always asking you for consulting free stuff from Russell and he’s known this guy’s a friend for years and and he came in my office do I even know what to tell this guy it’s like I told him so many different times what you need do is you need to hire a coach you need to do he’s given him all the same advice and no one it came down to is one of things I think you may have mentioned earlier there and that is affected a lot of for most people their prices are too low because they just don’t believe they can charge enough and I think the best way for coming that is the doc I had this conversation with Justin at Terry Williams a while back and that is you can’t charge $25,000 for a mastermind until you’ve paid someone $25,000 per man so true and so right now they buy English listening is if you’re poor if you’re stuck at a low price point then the very first thing you should do right now is you should pay someone whatever price point it is that you want to charge if you want to charge twenty five thousand dollars a year then you better go pay someone twenty five grand a year and go through that course as soon as you paid it you’ll go okay now I can charge it now I don’t know why it’s that way I’ve seen it so many times in Russell’s inner circle I’ve seen it is everything and oh my gosh what you guys are saying is so true we’re going to get together and just hang out that just resonate so well with exercise I’m in San Diego to come back oh my gosh I will be there at the end of first week of August so COUNTA I will be knocking on your door I’m sure you actually know a lot of this we actually know a lot of the same people out here like Russell and I’ve run in the same circles we’ve just never extra spending me quality time together sure thing what guys tell me kind of get close to wrapping things up here any other mic drop advice you want to give our audience here I just want to reiterate what guy said I think a lot of it a lot of times people don’t follow their heart so I wanted to take it one step further people that we coach what I’ve seen the most is they’re building a business based on ego what I mean by that is the building of the business is to prove something to someone that said that they can to get love from their mommy or daddy to show the world that they’re worth it X Y Z and ego pushes people really hard to do really stupid things because ego wants results now it’s not building a long-term what I would call legacy style business it’s just let me get to the top of mountain as fast as I can I’m going to hustle I’m going to grind I’m going to be myself to hope and then they get up to the mountain and they’ve earned it and they look around they go oh I kind of thought this would feel different I kind of still feel worthless and then they look back and their health has gone to over the last three to five year period they’ve busted every relationship if they have kids they haven’t seen them or been to any of their events and they’re like wait was this really worth it and so hopefully this is catching you at the earlier part of your journey and if not you’re at the later part you know we’re here to talk to you but for those that are starting make sure that you’re building the business for you truly like whatever your mission is guys guy and I built Satori climb our goal is to transform the lives of a hundred million people so that’s something that I don’t know we could play the rest of our lives to play that game and every expression of Satori Prime and we’ve evolved multiple times through this process has always been with that in mind yes we could have done Shady black hat gray hat whatever to make a bunch of money yes we could have come up with products that we built in China that would be meaningless for us and we make a bunch of money there are a lot of ways to make money the question is I know for a fact that I’ve coached people who are near billionaires money after the study is after 72 grand that you make and your basic necessities are met money incrementally if not at all increases your happiness and fulfillment in life so if you’re going to spend the rest of your life doing something maybe just maybe you want to spend it doing something that you’re actually passionate about delivering like you know Russell is a genius marketer could he love marketing submit see he lives eat and breathe that stuff and it exudes out of him like he truly believes that marketing will set you free and I love that like that’s his modality find your modality and if that means like your wife you know helping moms find themselves again she could do that for the rest of her life because it’s a calling it’s not like I’m going to make money about this and prove to everyone that I can make a seven-figure business and I think that’s super important because there’s a lot of noise out there that can get you trapped in that ego game and man it is you just find yourself depleted at the end of and it’s absolutely not worth it man I love it well we’re going to end on that note and again guys highly recommend you go back and listen this their mic drop value bombs everywhere throughout it Jenna sky analog thank you so much I appreciate your time again for those you guys are listening bundle hacks to Tory prime calm I highly recommend you guys go there check it out go through the app see how they’re gamifying content into true money and the other thing obviously is increase your prices and don’t believe you can then go pay someone else the amounts you’re one is about did you want to charge so guys thanks so much we’ll talk to you real soon probably work and safe travel another thanks for listening to puddle hacker radio podcast if you’d like to be notified anytime we release a new episode just subscribe over at bottle hacker radio calm in addition to that we’d love to send you a free gift you can find that free gift at funnel hacker radio calm sword slash retrial one last thing is we love giving away cars so if you’d like access to a free dream car all you have to do is go to frontal hacker radio comm forward slash dream car and you’ll get all the details thanks again for listening

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Ilan and Guy Ferdman, How To ‘Gamify” Your Content Into Sales

Ilan and Guy Ferdman, How To ‘Gamify” Your Content Into Sales